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Part 8

Harrison let Diana sleep on the bed for about a half an hour while he took some more pictures and uploaded them to his computer. He figured another 30 minutes would be enough time to let the second dose of Rohypnol kick in.

After finishing with the photo files, he put the camera back on the night stand (within easy reach) and walked to the bed, standing next to it while he watched Diana continue to sleep. Her chest gently rose and fell with each breath and the saliva that had coated her tits, half an hour earlier had long since dried. Her gold crucifix lay against her chest just above her breasts and as he looked it he smiled sadistically. As he listened to her breathing, she emitted an occasional whimper and appeared to be resting quite comfortably.

Looking at his watch, he saw it was after 11:00 PM. It had been six hours since they met at the Horn Towers lobby and an hour and a half since he had carried her into the room. She was physically and mentally exhausted from what she had been subjected to, so far. Yet she hadn't been subjected to anywhere near everything he had planned for her. And while he had all night with Diana (and longer if he wanted) and didn't need to be in a hurry, there was one thing he wanted to make sure he had accomplished before midnight.

Moving around to the end of the bed, Harrison reached out for the small cold clasp that secured the thin black patent leather belt around the waist of her dress slacks. Once the belt was opened he quickly moved his fingers to the button of her slacks and nimbly opened it. Then, working the zipper down, he grabbed her slacks by the waist band and quickly yanked them down her firm, athletic thighs.

As Diana continued to sleep in her drug induced slumber, completely oblivious to what Harrison had just done, Harrison quickly grabbed the camera again and clicked some more pictures of Diana lying on her back with her blouse torn open, her bra missing and her dress slacks down around her knees.

Putting the camera down, he took off her high heels and set them on the bed, to allow him to get her pants all the way off. Dropping her slacks onto the floor, next to her ripped bra, he then looked down at her wearing only her torn blouse and panties and felt a stirring in his groin beyond anything he had experience since he had first laid eyes on her.

Her panties were a pair of white, satin and lace, French cut, bikinis that matched her bra. Deciding this pose was also worth a picture or two, he picked up the camera and clicked off several more. Then, reaching out to touch her he rubbed her mound through the satiny material that covered her crotch. As he rubbed her, she momentarily stirred but didn't open her eyes.

As he touched her, he felt his erection straining against the zipper of his pants, causing him some discomfort. Eager to explore the part of her young body which he most hungered for, Harrison began to undress. Taking off his jacket, tie and shirt he folded them neatly and set them on top of his briefcase, in the chair. Then he quickly removed the rest of his clothing and placed them neatly on top of the others items.

The way he removed his clothing was just one other thing that (in his mind) set Harrison apart from the rest of the sex offenders in the world. It showed was still closer to the world of the high powered East Coast attorney than to the sociopathic sex offender. Except, of course, for that one nasty little personality flaw that gave him the uncontrollable desire to stalk and rape young women.

Now, standing naked at the foot of the bed (his erection protruding outward like tree limb) he set the camera down and picked up Diana's black high heels. Holding them in his hand he looked at her small feet and decided to put them back on. He felt that wearing the four-inch pumps, she was being violated would give her a slutty, porn star look that ran completely counter to her pure, virgin, innocence.

Replacing the heels back on her feet, Harrison pushed her legs apart and clicked off a few more pictures. Then, he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and tore them off in one, vicious tug! Tossing them onto the bed, he stared at Diana's sweet cunt and smiled a look of insatiable lust.

Her tight pink slit, was partially concealed by a "˜bikini trimmed' muff of dark brown fur. "Obviously" Harrison thought "she spends a lot of time at the beach. Certainly don't want those "˜nasty boys' seeing more of her off-limits little body then necessary would we?" Quickly moving his face to her crotch, he opened his mouth and ran his tongue across her mound and licked her opening. He got no response from her.

Sitting up, he reached out and slapped her hard across the face, striking her right cheek with a forehand and catching her left cheek with a returning backhand. "Wake up, Diana!" he said. Slapping her again with the same sequence of blows, her eyes flew open with a start, revealing dilated pupils, showing that she was fully feeling the effects of the Rohypnol.
Staring at him, but not speaking, Harrison reached out and rubbed his fingers roughly against her mound. Suddenly she responded with a loud shriek of protest, "No! Noooooooo! Don't touch me!" Harrison noticed her response to his touch was somewhat delayed, confirming that the "˜roofies' were affecting her motor skills and her reflexes, just as he had intended.

Then, leaning forward, he put his mouth to her crotch and hungrily licked her. As his tongue slurped along the length of her slit, a place he was hoping no male's tongue (or any other body part) had ever touched on her Diana screamed "NO! STOP! STOP!" Stopping momentarily and lifting his mouth, Harrison looked up from between her thighs and asked "What's the matter? Don't you like it?" Diana yelled "No! Nooooooooo!" Smiling, he lowered his face and resumed his oral exploration of her crotch.

As his tongue slapped against her cunt opening, soaking her muff fur with his saliva, Diana thrashed and lurched under him, banging her crotch against his face and screaming "Stop! Stop!" Continuing to eat her, Harrison held his elbows out to the side, using them to pin her thighs against the mattress. As her screams of protests continued, Harrison felt his erection begin to throb. His desire to take her innocence from her had become too powerful to ignore any longer.

Lifting his head, he got up onto his knees and stared into her eyes. Then, reaching towards her, he took hold of the crucifix hanging round her neck and held it between his fingers. Looking at it, he smiled at her and asked "You're Catholic aren't you, Diana" As she slowly shifted her eyes towards him, trying to focus on his face

After a long pause, Diana finally answered his question, but the look on her face showed that she clearly couldn't understand why he felt compelled to ask it and responded, with hesitation, "Y-Yes!" Smiling, Harrison said "That's good! " Then, positioning the engorged, lubricated, head of his dick inches away from her slit, he looked at her with the same smile and asked "Are you a virgin, Diana?" The look on her face was blank, but somehow Harrison knew she had comprehended the question and simply chose not to answer. Staring at him in silence, Harrison continued to watch her and was waiting for an answer. He suspected he knew the truth, but he wanted to hear it from her lips to reassure him of what he had only previously dared to hope.

Silently, shifted her eyes away, as if she was afraid to look at him, Harrison asked her again "Are you a virgin?" Again, she lay there silently. The Rohypnol had certainly slowed her faculties, delaying her responses to his questions, but Harrison could tell that she just didn't want to answer. Grabbing her hair, he stared into her dazed eyes and asked a third time "Are you a virgin?" Slowly, haltingly, she whispered her answer "Y-Y-Yes!
An evil grin suddenly spread across Harrison's face as he heard her response. Then, without warning he grabbed her hips with his large hands, held her down against the mattress, pushed forward with his hips and said "Not anymore!"
Slowly, as his cock entered her, Diana screamed for him to stop. As the head of his cock pushed only a short way into her slit he suddenly did just that. Looking down at her crotch soaked with his saliva, he smiled as he evaluated the large circumference of his cock and the size of his meat compared to the tightness of her virgin tunnel.

He was fairly certain that his shaft was significantly larger than that of any of the high school or college males who might otherwise have ended up taking her virginity. He imagined that they would have been slow and gentle as they awkwardly slipped their shafts into her for the first time. Quickly, he that imaginary image vanished.

He laughed when he considered how it could have been for Diana's first time, compared to how it would be. She would not lose her virginity to an awkward, clumsy teen, who would be as guilt ridden by it as she would have been. She would lose it to him, and she would lose it, now!
Placing his hands along the inside of Diana's firm, athletic, cheerleader, thighs he pushed them forcefully apart. Then shifting forward he grunted and pushed until on the third thrust, her pelvis shifted and her tight slit spread open, allowing him to enter.

As her tight slit opened, and then closed around his cock Harrison rammed his hips forward and groaned as his cock tore through her hymen. As her membrane tore and blood flowed down his shaft, Harrison pushed deeper, until he had slammed into her cervix causing her sweet young body to convulse and shake.

It was just before midnight when she lost her virginity. She had not lost it in a memorable encounter between two lovesick, teens. She had lost it in one violent thrust of pulsing cock, from a sadistic rapist. As he pounded her violently, Harrison smiled as he thought of the young jock she had shot sown at Starbucks. Harrison knew that he was doing to her what every male who had been a victim of her "teasing" secretly wanted to do her. This was for every male she had ever met while she was in high school.

As Diana lurched under him she screamed in agony, and shrieked at the top of her lungs as her precious virginity became just a memory. Then, as blood dripped from between her legs, collecting on top of the bedspread, Diana's screams turned to sobs. Then, as her eyes closed and she threw her head from side-to-side, she whimpered "Daddy! Daddy! Help me!"
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