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Part 5

Harrison pulled out of the parking ramp and merged into the evening traffic. Two blocks away, he pulled to the curb and waited in the open parking lane for Diana. Approximately five minutes later, he saw her pull out of the ramp in her dad's Lexus.

As she pulled in behind him, he put his Mercedes into gear and merged back into traffic, with Diana following close behind him. As he drove the 10 blocks to Altobellis' Italian Bistro (Diana said she "loved Italian food") he realized how perfect a plan it had turned out to be, to have Diana follow in her car.

With the parking ramp entrance and exit points monitored with 24 hour security cameras, any video that was reviewed (should that ever occur) would show them walking in together, but leaving in separate vehicles, from separate floors, over five minutes apart. It would be impossible to conclude that they were together again at any point after they walked into the ramp. "No wonder I was such damn good defense attorney" he said.

15 minutes later, the valets had parked their cars and they were seated at their table, in an out of the way corner of the restaurant. As Diana looked at the menu, he suddenly noticed something he had not noticed before. Around her neck she wore a delicate, yet expensive, gold necklace with a gold crucifix hanging from it. The crucifix hung down to just above her cleavage, which made him want to look at it all the more. As he admired the crucifix, he suddenly realized "She's Catholic!" As that thought settled in his mind he felt that oh so familiar bulge form under his pants. "Could I be so lucky" he thought "as to have her be a virgin? Oh God, I could only hope! But I guess I'll know soon enough!"

A moment later, the waiter arrived and brought Harrison's thoughts back to the present. As he took their meal orders, Diana also ordered a "cherry" Coke. Harrison laughed to himself, at the irony of her ordering something cherry. He was looking forward to the "cherry" he hoped he would be getting later. "In fact" he thought, as his bulge continued to grow, "I bet I'll get two cherries!"

After the waiter left, Harrison asked her a series of questions about her future plans and why she wanted to attend Georgetown. She answered them with such enthusiasm and sincerity (making it obvious how badly she wanted to go to Georgetown) that Harrison almost felt sorry for perpetrating this cruel charade on her. But his sympathy for her quickly disappeared as he suddenly pictured her screaming in agony as he forced her to take his cock in all of her tight little holes.

As she finished her cherry Coke, and the waiter quickly brought her another, Diana excused herself to go to the restroom. As she walked away, Harrison watched the swing of her tight ass and noticed the faint outline of panty lines under her tailored dress slacks. "HMMM!" he thought "No slutty thongs for her, I see!"

As Diana disappeared into the restroom Harrison removed, from his pocket, a small medicine bottle that he had transferred from his briefcase in the parking ramp. Looking around to make sure he was not observed, he quickly poured a pre-measured amount of white powder into Diana's beverage. He then stirred the powdered Rohypnol until it dissolved, leaving no trace that it was ever there. A few minutes later, Diana returned to her seat and took a sip of her cherry Coke.

Over dinner, Harrison continued the charade with Diana. Suddenly taking a fairly serious tone, Harrison said "One of the major reasons that freshmen fail in their first year of college is because of difficulty in their personal relationships. Since I want you to succeed, I want to ask you: How does your boyfriend feels about you going to Georgetown? Will you have trouble focusing on school with him being so far away?"

Diana, who was now starting to show some minor effects from the "˜Roofie' said, "Oh, that's no problem. I don't have a boyfriend." Surprised, Harrison said "What about that young man in the letter jacket, I saw you with at Starbucks? He certainly looked like he was attracted to you."
Thinking back to that afternoon, Diana suddenly laughed, and with a tone of annoyance in her voice said "Oh, him? He's not my boyfriend, but he wishes he was. He's more like a pet," she said with a childish laugh. The Rohypnol was starting to kick in now and Diana was clearly losing some of her composure. "It won't be long now" thought Harrison.

Continuing, Diana said, "His name is Brian and he's a football player who thinks he's pretty special. He thinks I like him because I flirt with him so he follows me around like a puppy. Its fun for me to tease him, into thinking I'm interested, but I'm too focused on college to be bothered with him."
Diana had clearly lost her focus as to why she was there with Harrison. The roofies were kicking into high gear now and she had transformed from a seemingly mature young woman who was focused on her future, to a spiteful little tease who seemed to like tempting boys and then declaring herself off limits. Harrison smiled as he thought "This little bitch deserves everything she's going to get!"

As Diana finished her cherry Coke, leaving her food mostly untouched, she suddenly seemed to have trouble focusing her eyes. She appeared somewhat disoriented, and had now completely forgotten why she was there with Harrison. Harrison, however, still knew exactly why she was there. And he decided it was time for Diana to learn the real reason she was meeting with him.
Harrison immediately called for the waiter and asked for the check. Leaving cash and a sizeable tip on the table, Harrison then assisted Diana to her feet and held her up as she stumbled through the restaurant.

Once outside, Harrison called for a valet. He then handed him the key's to Diana's father's Lexus and three crisp $100.00 bills. Along with those he handed him a note with Diana's address on it and said "Please take this Lexus to this address. Then leave the keys under the floor mat and lock it" Then, handing him a fourth $100.00 bill he said, "Here's cab fare for your trip home." Grabbing the money and stuffing it in his pocket, the valet smiled and said "Right away, sir!"
As he watched the valet disappear with Diana's dad's car, he held her up while he waited for his own car to be delivered. One it arrived, he gave another $100.00 bill to the second valet and quickly deposited Diana in the back seat of his Mercedes.

As he pulled out of the lot, he looked at his watch. It was almost 9:00. Looking into the back seat, he watched Diana thrashing, trying to clear her head from the unexplained sensations she was feeling. Smiling with sinister delight, Harrison turned north and drove towards the place he had seleced for tonight's main event.

A place that, after tonight, he would forever remember as the location where a sweet, Catholic cheerleader got to visit Hell!
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