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Part 4

At 4:30 on Friday afternoon, Harrison pulled his Mercedes into the parking ramp, across the street from the Horn Towers Corporate Center. Stepping from his car, he adjusted his tie and suit jacket. Then he reached inside and removed his leather briefcase. Pressing the button on his fob he locked the doors and activated the alarm system, He walked to the elevator and descended to the street level.

Traffic was heavy, typical for a Friday evening rush hour. The traffic light was out of order, meaning he was at the mercy of the motorists. He waited several minutes before a group of drivers stooped to allow him to cross the street. Having made his way, safely to the front entrance, he pushed through the revolving door and walked into the elegant lobby.

The lobby was richly appointed and clearly the tenants were willing to pay what Harrison imagined were "outrageous lease rates" to be in such a prestigious office building. He felt truly in his element here and started looking around the lobby, in case Diana had been early.

Near the elevators, he saw a security post that was staffed by a very large and intimidating looking security officer. Harrison apparently spent too much time looking around the lobby, because he drew the attention of the security officer. Suddenly, the guard called out "Can I help you with something, sir?"

Not wanting to draw anymore attention to himself, he walked immediately over to the guard's station and said "I'm Michael Johnson. I'm an attorney with Kleinendorst, Henderson and Mears, up on the 17th floor. I'm supposed to meet a client here in the lobby at 5:00 and I was just looking to see if she's here yet." Relaxing, the guard smiled and said "No problem, Mr. Johnson. Sorry about that. I'm fairly new here and I don't know most of the people who work in the building, yet." Holding his hand out towards him, Harrison shook his hand and said "Pleased to know you and thanks for being so conscientious in your duties. I appreciate it."

Suddenly the phone rang on the guard's desk. No longer concerned about Harrison's presence in the lobby, he answered the call and turned his attention back to more pressing matters. Meanwhile, Harrison found a strategic location near the entrance, in a comfortable leather sofa, from which to watch for Diana and to prepare for their appointment. Opening his briefcase, he took a few seconds to examine the contents. After re-assuring himself that everything was there, he glanced down at his Rolex. It was 4:45.

From his vantage point on the sofa, he scanned the street through the large lobby windows. At 4:50 a mini-van, with a dark haired female passenger pulled to the curb and stopped. "Damn!" thought Harrison "she ended up getting a ride after all!" As he watched the passenger exit from the vehicle, he relaxed when he realized it wasn't Diana.

At 4:52, an SUV pulled into the spot vacated by the mini-van a few minutes before. Harrison watched as another female passenger exited. Again, it was not Diana. He was relieved because he had based his entire plan on his belief that she would come alone.

At 4:55, Harrison's attention was suddenly drawn across the street to a lone female, exiting on foot from the parking ramp. As she stepped to the curb, he could see her long brown hair. It was Diana!

As she waited for a break in traffic, he saw her place the orange parking ramp ticket into her purse. He smiled as he realized that possession of the parking ticket meant she had driven the car into the ramp, and since there was no one else within sight she had come alone! Smiling he thought, "She took the bait, now all I have to do is set the hook and reel her in!"

As a break in traffic finally materialized, Diana stepped from the curb and quickly made her way across the street, to the sidewalk in front of the building. At precisely 5:00, she stepped through the revolving door and into the lobby. As she walked in she did not see Harrison, because she was too busy reveling in the ornate furnishings and splendid decor of the lobby. As she looked around, still oblivious to Harrison's presence, he was busy giving Diana the once over.

Her clothing selection for the meeting with Harrison showed that she took it seriously and appreciated the important impact it could have on her future. She had chosen an outfit that was surprisingly conservative for an 18 (almost 19} year old high school cheerleader, yet completely appropriate for a meeting of this type.

On top she wore an expensive, white silk blouse with pearl buttons down the front. It was contoured to hug her upper torso and it accentuated the shape of her bust line. Harrison noticed that feature immediately! At the top of the blouse, (between the top button and her neckline) there was a gap that allowed the swell of the tops of her breasts and her cleavage to be, ever so slightly, visible.

Below she wore a pair of cuffed, navy blue dress slacks. They were neatly pressed with crisp pleats and were tailored to fit perfectly around her hips and tight little rump. On her feet, she wore a pair of shiny black, patent leather pumps with (what Harrison estimated to be about) 4-inch heels. The heels were much higher than would have been practical for business wear (or walking around a college campus) but they were very attractive and certainly not inappropriate and just about what you'd expect from a young woman who was more concerned about fashion than practicality. Harrison approved nonetheless.

Physically, Diana could pass for a young woman, a few years older. But her reaction to the splendor and elegance of the lobby (surrounded by the bustling crowd of business professionals, rushing past to begin their weekends) made her look less like a woman and more like a soon to be high school graduate, who seemed out of her element. That was fine with Harrison. Keeping her out of her comfort zone, would take away some of her confidence and make her a bit more vulnerable. "That" he thought, "Is exactly how I want her."

Getting up from the sofa, Harrison walked across the lobby and greeted her, with an outstretched hand. "Hello Diana! I'm very happy to see you!" Turning towards him, she accepted his handshake and returned a somewhat weak handshake and said "Hi, Mr. Johnson." Harrison observed that very few young women, especially of Diana's age, appreciated the positive first impression that a firm handshake could give. He smirked inwardly, as he thought how he planned to give her ample opportunities to strengthen her grip, later in the evening. Harrison was almost giddy, at the realization that he was so close to having his way with Diana's sweet young body.

However, he needed one last measure of reassurance that his best laid plans would not suddenly go horribly wrong. Glancing out towards the street, as if he was expecting someone, he looked at Diana and asked, "Aren't your parents joining us?" Without a moment's hesitation, she responded in an almost snotty tone, "No! Were they supposed to?" Ignoring her somewhat biting tone, he said "Certainly not. In fact these interviews tend to go much better when the parents aren't present. Parents always seem to interfere and distract from the original focus of the interview. I imagine you know all about that", he said with a smile. Rolling her eyes in acknowledgement (showing she was still not as mature as she wanted everyone to think she was), she replied "Boy, do I ever!"

Still smiling Harrison continued, "Frankly, I'm a little surprised that your father didn't come with you. It seemed like he wasn't comfortable with you coming to meet with me, alone. I sort of expected", he said "that he'd insist on coming with you at the last minute. I didn't really get the feeling that he trusted me being alone with you."

Sighing, dropping her head, and shaking it in embarrassment, Diana said "You noticed, huh? Oh," she continued, "that was soooooooo embarrassing! I wanted to punch him!" she continued. "I swear, it's like he thought you were some kind of pervert who was going to rape me or something." Smiling discreetly, Harrison had to give her dad credit for being a keen judge of character. "Besides", Diana said "he couldn't have come anyway. He and my mom are out of town this weekend."

Suddenly Harrison's ears perked up. Trying not to look too obvious, he asked "So you're alone this weekend, huh?" Failing to pick up on how interesting Harrison found that little tidbit, Diana rambled on "Yeah! Of course, I wasn't supposed to tell you that. God," she continued, "my dad doesn't trust anybody. I'm surprised he didn't hire a babysitter to stay with me, or something.

Suddenly, Diana stopped in mid-sentence. As Harrison watched her, her face flushed slightly and she looked genuinely embarrassed, as if she realized she had done something wrong. Suddenly, she blurted out "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Johnson. You must think I'm so immature, complaining and going on and on about my parents like that. I'm so embarrassed!"

Smiling at her, he said "That's okay Diana. Sometimes parents can be very frustrating. Especially for a young woman like you who wants so badly to show that she is a woman, and not a child. I know exactly how you feel. It's no problem." Diana smiled softly and looked relieved that he was so understanding.

Reaching out and gently touching her shoulder, he nodded towards the lobby sofa and said "shall we get down to business?" As they sat down on the sofa, Harrison ran through a set of preliminary questions that sounded as tough they were part of a legitimate college-admissions survey. Then he opened his briefcase and removed a manilla folder, took out a sheet of paper with several general information questions and handed her a pen.

As she filed out the questionnaire, he removed a small notebook computer from his briefcase. It was already powered up and as she finished the form, he logged onto the internet. Then, surfing to the FaceBook log-in screen he looked and Diana. "That form you filled out is just some preliminary demographic and contact data that will enable me to track your progress in the admissions process. I like to do that for the students I give referrals to.

After handing the sheet back to him, she said "I have a question. Why do you and the university want the address for my Face Book page? I thought that was a wierd thing to ask for. "Harrison noted the suspicious nature of the question.

Patiently he took the time to explain the realities (good and bad) of social networking sites and how he and the university use them to review candidates for admission. "We want to make sure that our candidates meet the high standards we expect. Sometimes Face Book pages reveal a lot of unflattering things about a candidate", he said.

Diana nodded understanding, and said "Gee, I've never thought of that!" He then handed her the notebook computer and said, "I've sent a friendship request to your Face Book address. It will be the easiest way for me to communicate with you during the process. I'll also paste info about Georgetown to your wall, to keep you up to date with what's happening on campus during the summer. It'll also help me to learn things about you that I can't find out during an interview. That will help me write a better letter of reference for you. Are you okay with me contacting you through Face Book?" "Sure" said Diana as she effortlessly logged into her Face Book account and accepted his friendship request. After logging off, Harrison took the computer back, powered it off and put it back into his briefcase.

Closing the briefcase, Harrison looked at Diana and said "Okay, we've finished all the preliminary information for my applicant tracking file. Now its time for me to find out more about you, and why you want to go to Georgetown." Looking at his watch, he said "I see its 5:45. I don't know about you, but I'm getting kind of hungry. Would you be uncomfortable if we did the interview over dinner, like two mature adults? Or would you prefer that we stayed here in the lobby?"

Pondering his offer of dinner, Diana said "My parents told me that if you asked me to go to dinner, I was supposed to say "No!"" In spite of her parent's instructions, Harrison could tell that she secretly wanted to defy her parents and go to dinner. So he decided to help make her decision easier.

"I understand you parent's concerns." Pausing briefly, he continued "Here's an idea. How "˜bout if we each drive separately? You can follow me to the restaurant in your car. Then, you can leave anytime you want. How could your parents possibly object to that?" Smiling, Diana responded "You're right, let's eat!"

As they stood up to leave, Diana suddenly remembered she needed to get her parking receipt validated. Harrison said, "Sorry. It's after 5:30. There isn't anybody upstairs to do that for you." Quickly removing a twenty dollar bill from his wallet, he handed it to her and said "Here, this should cover it." Smiling ear to ear, Diana took the $20.00 and said "Thank you, so much, Mr. Johnson!"

As they crossed the street together, Harrison smiled at how perfectly his plan was coming together. In fact, it was going even better then he had hoped. The unexpected revelation that her parents were out of town meant that he had the whole weekend to do anything he wanted to do to her, and not just the few hours he had originally planned on.

Also, the fact that she had so freely shared her irritation about how much her dad distrusted him, showed that she was completely naΓ―ve as to his real intentions for her. That meant she considered him harmless and had no reason to be on guard with him. As he looked ahead to what he had planned for her, he smirked as he thought, "A few hours from now, she'll wish she had listened to her parents!"
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