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Part 3

Harrison pulled his Mercedes into the underground garage at his leased condo. His opulent wealth was just one more thing (in his mind) that made him different than all the other slime ball sex offenders out there. In spite of his long fall from his ivory tower, Harrison had maintained ample financial resources.

As the founding partner of his former firm, with a majority stake in it's ownership, he received a seven-figure salary during most of his years as a practicing attorney. Thanks to a shrewd investment consultant, he had succeeded in sheltering a significant portion of his annual earnings into various, high return, investment portfolios that performed well, even during economic downturns.

Thanks also to a substantial corporate and personal liability insurance policy (also recommended to him by his investment advisor) he was able to shield the bulk of his personal fortune from seizure in the event of a civil suit filed against him, or his firm. In spite of the outrageous annual premiums, the policy turned out to be the best investment he had ever made. He appreciated just how valuable it was after it paid out a multi-million dollar (out of court) settlement on the civil suit filed against him by the law intern he had raped.

Thanks to the excellent financial planning advise he received, he had amassed a vast network of financial resources that would certainly outlive him. It was these resources that would enable him to continue his charade and allow him to get into a position where he could get his hands on Diana, or any other young bitch he lusted after.

After dinner, he sat down in his La-Z-Boy to read a book. Suddenly his cell phone rang. Picking it up from the table next to his chair, he glanced at the call screen and noticed it was a local number that he did not recognize. Placing the phone to his ear, he connected the call. "Hello?", he said.

The caller on the other end was a male. Judging from the sound of his voice, he guessed him to be about his age. "Hello", said the voice on the other end. "Is this Michael Johnson?" Harrison responded, without hesitation, "Yes! Can I help you?"

The caller identified himself as Diana's father and told him he had a few questions about the conversation he had with his daughter, earlier in the day. Harrison, immediately shifted gears and moved easily into the persona he had used on Diana, at Starbucks. "Certainly, sir!" he responded. "I understand that you'd have questions. That was why I encouraged Diana to have you call me. I'm so glad you did."

After confirming that what he and Diana had discussed was true, he asked Harrison several very direct and very pointed questions. It was clear that her father was, more than just a little suspicious of Harrison's intentions and did not trust him. "Why do you want to interview Diana? There is nothing in the Georgetown application packet that mentions anything about a pre-admission interview being required. And furthermore", he continued "you don't even know my daughter. Why would you offer to provide a letter of reference for a young woman you've never even met before?"

Harrison could see that he needed to formulate his response, very carefully. Barely hesitating, he said "I truly appreciate your concern, sir. And you are absolutely correct! There is no requirement for an interview or an alumni reference as a condition of admission. However," he continued, "due to Georgetown's highly competitive admission standards, and the limited number of spots available in each freshmen class, the admissions committee always looks for something that sets each applicant apart from the competition when they make an admission decision. In my experience, a reference from an alum (especially one who is heavily involved in the alumni association) he lied, "is given a great amount of weight by the admissions committee. A reference from me, would certainly help to set Diana's application apart from many of the others."

Pausing to consider his next comment, Harrison continued "I don't blame you for having concerns about me speaking to your daughter. And I admit that it seems highly suspicious that I would make an offer like this to a young woman I have never met before. However, as a member of the alumni association, I am committed to see that Georgetown continues to maintain the highest standards and admits students who are as committed to the principles of the university as I am".

"Frankly sir, when I overheard your daughter talking to her friends at Starbucks, I saw the gleam in her eye when she talked about Georgetown and could see how much it would mean to her to go there. That is precisely the kind of devotion that makes Georgetown the fine institution that it is. And that is just the type of attitude we look for in our incoming students.

Harrison almost laughed as he realized how thick he was spreading it, but he knew he had to keep it up if he was going to get past her father's defenses. So, he continued. "As I listened to your daughter this afternoon, I saw something in her that made me feel as though it would be a loss to Georgetown if she were not admitted. So, as unusual as my offer seems, I felt compelled to approach her and discuss it. I guess it was just my, sensitive side coming through" , he said with a chuckle.

He contemplated his next remark with great care. Because he knew it could backfire on him and destroy any chance he might have to get Diana alone. But he felt he needed to offer something to show a sign of trust. "Sir, if you're at all concerned about my intentions with your daughter, you're welcome to accompany her to the interview, In fact", he continued, "I'd encourage it. Or, if you prefer, I'd be happy to meet you, your wife and Diana at any restaurant you choose, if that would make you more comfortable."

Harrison paused to let her father consider what he had proposed. When he responded, her father appeared to have changed his tone and let his guard down, somewhat. Laughing sarcastically, he said "I appreciate your offer Mr Johnson. But somehow, I doubt an independent young woman like Diana really wants "mommy and daddy" tagging along on her college interview. We'd never hear the end of it."

It appeared to Harrison that he had won her father over, but he wasn't yet convinced. Suddenly, her father asked a question and Harrison knew he was being tested. "Where is your office located downtown, Mr. Johnson?" There it was! He was trying to trap him.

Since he had called him, he obviously had the business card that he had given Diana. The business card showed a New York City address, so he was betting that Harrison would slip up and give a local address. "Good try," thought Harrison, "but not good enough!"

Without missing a beat, Harrison responded, "Sir? My office is in New York. I'm only in town on business. I don't have a local office." His response clearly caught her father off guard and knocked down his last defense barrier.

Harrison then told him about his fictitious friend, who was an attorney at Klienendorst, Henderson and Mears, and had an office downtown. The firms website had provided him with just enough information to make his story believable. "My friend has already told me I can use a vacant office if I need a place to work, any time I'm in town. So I thought I could interview Diana there." Harrison added that there was ample parking across the street, in a patrolled parking ramp and that the firm would validate. "Or," he said "if you prefer, there is a short term parking area in front of the building, available after 5:00. You could drop Diana off there and wait for her, if you wish." He had cast out the bait. Now he just needed to wait and see if anything bit.

Suddenly her father said, "Sorry about the inquisition, Mr Johnson! I hope you understand." Harrison smiled, he had won him over. "No reason to apologize! A man with a beautiful young daughter needs to be careful. You're only doing what any responsible father would do." Apparently, that was the final blow against his protective wall. Because seconds later, Diana picked up the phone.

As she confirmed the location of the office and got directions, Harrison was mesmerized by her pleasant and melodic voice. As he listened to her questions, he momentarily drifted off, thinking about the sound of her angelic voice, screaming in agony as he fucked her brains out.

Quickly refocusing on the phone call, he reviewed the details of the Friday appointment with her. He scheduled it for 5:00. He then told her that her parents were welcome to accompany her, if they wanted to. He was fairly confident she would decline his offer, at least he hoped she would, but he felt he needed to make the offer to try to convince her father, one last time, that he had no ill intent.

Just as he'd hoped, her response gave credibility to her independent attitude, when she giggled and made it clear (in no uncertain terms) that she did not need, or want, her parents to come with her. Harrison smiled at her obvious attempt, to show she was a mature woman who didn't need her parents interference.

As he thought of her he felt a bulge in his pants as he envisioned how on Friday night, he intended to knock that independent spirit out of her. By the time the night was over, he'd have her pleading for mercy and begging for her "mommy and daddy to save her!
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