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Olivia Blu in Mom the Unwilling Slut HD

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Sleeping Beautifully
My Mom is a real bitch. She could care less about me...Always going out with her friends and not taking care of me...Tonight was no different...She already had a couple glasses of her favorite drink and she had not even left the house yet...

She tells me no internet, no cell phone, no friends over and does not even leave me anything for dinner...She finally leaves and does not come back till tomorrow morning... She stumbles into her room, dress half off and without a care about how her Son is doing...

I walk into her room, she her in bed, her tits are hanging out and she is not even wearing panties. That is an invitation to fuck her if I ever saw one...I lifted her arms, squeezed her tits, grabbed her ass and there was no movement. She is stripped and exposed while I work up the courage to stick my cock inside of her...

Once I shove my cock inside, her eyes explode open...Before she can scream, I cover her mouth and fuck Mom like the whore she is...She tries to kick me out but is still hung over from the night before...It's okay, I will get up and leave once I am finished...

Cornering Mom
Mom is reading the paper in the kitchen. I sneak up behind and begin to rub her shoulders. She thinks I am Dad and starts bitching about what happened last night, she had no idea it's me. After a minute of so, I am tired of her bitching...I lift her up and bend her over the table. I shove my cock in her tight milf pussy and fuck away. Mom yells at me, but I don't care. I fuck inside out and shut her up. When I am finished, I unload in her mouth and leave her on the floor to think about what just happened...

Fucking Mom on the Couch
Mom is thrown to the couch. She is barely wearing anything and pull that off. I shove my cock in her tight milf pussy as she puts up minimal resistance. She must be starting to like this...I don't care if she likes it or not, I am getting mine. I spin her around, onto all fours, fucker her doggie style till I am about to cum.

I take her buy the hair, put her on her knees, and jerk off all over her face. She takes the facial like a champ...Next time, I will cum in her eye!

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Olivia Blu in Mom the Unwilling Slut HD.mp4
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