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Default Looking for Mystique story

I'm looking for a Mystique (X-men) story that I remember reading, but can't track down. Various search engines have not been helpful. If you know of it, please PM me or post the story here. Do not post a link or post any other identification of the site it is on as they are not allowed in posts.

Mystique gets hired to steal something from a company, but it turns out to be a trap. She is gassed unconscious and then trained as a slave by someone who wants her in her blue form. He has no powers at all and I don't think he uses any kind of mind control devices, just things that work on her physically. I don't think he has her shift to anyone else. She ends up broken/willing. I think there was a followup where she captures Storm for him. Does that sound familiar at all?

It is similar to a story called "Wonder Woman and the Man" in that: a normal human not using mind control devices sexually breaks a heroine. Actually, any stories fitting that description are of interest, so please PM me if you know of any.

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