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Originally Posted by MissyB View Post
This is why I feel it's so risky for us ladies. You don't want the guy to take advantage of the admission but the other side of that would be that they wouldn't understand and might think you're some kind of freak. I had read an article about this subject in a magazine. The woman mentioned to her BF that she wanted him to rape her (fantasy, not for real) and they would have a safe word. Well, one night after they were at a party and returned to their hotel room, he pushed her down on the bed and took it from her. She said no but he thought that was part of it. Afterwards, she told him that's not what she wanted but she took some responsibility over the miscommunication. He became very upset despite her not blaming him. They broke up after that weekend.

So yeah, there's risk for us. But isn't that at least part of the reason we are all here on RB? It's like our safe zone in a way. :-)
That 100% riskier for a guy, at worse people view the female submissive as a victim, you face some public humiliation and being dumped at worst, even if its your fantasy, but as a dominate male, admitting to the wrong person means if they tell other people, peope will look at me like I'm a sex predator, I could face assault or death from White Knights, police harrassment false accusations from soon attention seeking lunatic, job loss extra, so while its bad for you its actually dangerous to my health and survival if anyone found out about my fantasies.

I don't wish to minimize the consquences for women that fantasy about being raped if that goes public, its just that I think its important for you to concider the huge danger being exposed is for a guy.

That being said I've shared the fantasies with strippers and MPAs and had a blast roleplaying with them. I'm shocked at how many sex workers are completely okay with this fantasy and even seem to get into it. It might help that I'm not scary looking, I look more like a cross between a hobbit and an Shrek.
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