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I've told strippers and rub and tug girls. When role playing with them I was reluctant at first, I started with terms like slavegirl, had them tell me how much they like being my slave, to much they like being my property, to getting them calling themselves my slut/whore, light spankings, to rape fantasies, to adult incest fantasies, drinking my pee, her fucking horses (all role playing). I've had any freak outs, and I've shared this fantasy with alot of strippers and MPAs (Message Parlour Attendants for those of you who aren't hobbyists, which btw is the term many johns perfer to call themselves). I shared rape fantasies with at least at least 7 strippers, and I shared it with at least 7 MPAs. Slavegirl fantasies I've shared with even more women. Its nice to have place to go where you can be yourself. And wow where all of them hot too, many with big tits. Fun times.

Advise dip your toes in first, see how comfortable with dirty talk they are and warn them.that taboo topics may come up so it won't be a shock to the system.
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