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TheWriter 11-08-2009 07:36 AM

Raped Teens
Hello All,
I have a rape fantasy, which was why I joined this forum. I would never harm a girl in real life, but I don't think its bad to dream about it. So here I'm writing about one of my many rape fantasies. It turns me on every time I read it, and I still haven't gotten to the good part. Hope ya'll like it.

Forced to Rape My Cute Young Friends

Chapter 1. Christian Girls
The two girls were impossibly cute. You know the type of girl I’m talking about. Those innocent little beauties who are sweet little “Christian” girls. They won’t even think about going out with a boy. They watch a scene which includes kissing, and turn away because they believe its something they shouldn’t be seeing. Beautiful little girls, the type you dream about, the type you stay awake at night thinking about, the type you can’t get out of your head at school or work, but the type... who you will never be with.
Typically, these types of girls are young, because by the time they get old enough, they understand the enjoyment of intercourse. These girls were no different. I still have never asked them how old they are. I know the older one is around 19-20, and the younger girl... I think... 18.
The younger girl, Kendall is her name, has dark hair, a sweet, yet slightly sassy personality, small tits, a tight ass, and the second cutest face I have ever seen. I say second cutest, because the most adorable face I have ever seen, is that of her older sister Hayley.
Hayley is the definition of gorgeous. She has long wavy golden hair down to the middle of her back. Her legs are long and slender, portraying the elegance of her profession, a ballerina. Her breasts are large, but not so large as to cause her to look weighted by them. No, she is slender as a supermodel, and 10 times as cute. Because she has without any doubt, the cutest face the world will ever see.
It was this face, that I was privileged to behold once every seven days, because these two gorgeous little girls are the best friends of my younger sisters, and they would meet at ballet class, and usually carpool to get there. I love ballet, and not because of the movements, because of “THE MOVEMENTS!” Young, beautiful girls spreading their legs in front of me, showing me their curvaceous bodies.
The girl’s ballet classes take place every day, but its on Wednesday’s that they carpool, and on this particular Wednesday, I “didn’t have anything to do” so I went and watched. Afterwards, my parents drove the 5 of us back, and when we arrived, I couldn’t help myself, I walked (rapidly) back to my room, laid down, and jerked off. The girls were still talking to each other outside, so occasionally I would walk to the window and take a quick peek at the girls, and then walk back and go at it again.
Finally, I realized that I needed to do something else, so I pulled out my cell phone, and started talking to my friend Mike. Seriously, I felt like it was the only thing I could possibly do to avoid running out of bodily fluids! But as I talked the urges continued, and so our talk naturally focused on: What else? Girls! We found that we both knew girls in the ballet group, and we were both going to be going to the girls ballet performance on Saturday. He told me about a beautiful brunette ballerina named Ana, who he just wanted to see nude, he didn’t even care about doing her. We continued the talk far into the night, long after the girls had gone home.

Chapter 2. The Party
It was Saturday, and the ballet was over. The fun was completed, there would be no more dances to behold. But at least we still got to see the girls, there was going to be an after-party at the pizza parlor. Mike’s family, my family, Mike’s crush Ana’s family, and Hayley and Kendall’s family would all be attending.
I overheard Mike telling his parents that he wouldn’t be able to make it. It didn’t matter much to me, I had enough on my plate just gazing at some gorgeous ballerina’s. They had each changed, and all of them looked absolutely adorable.
Hayley and Kendall were each wearing skirts down to their knee’s, and Ana (Mike’s crush) was wearing some sexy slacks. I saw now why he had noticed her. She certainly was hot!
We had the place pretty much to ourselves, it was around 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon, so noone else had any urge to be in a pizza parlor until around 6:00. I was getting a boner as I watched Kendall carefully, she was so close to showing what was up her skirt!
Suddenly, my careful attentions were interrupted by what sounded like a gunshot. I looked up, and 4 men in ski masks were coming in holding guns in front of them like a SWAT team. The lead man said in an obviously disguised hoarse voice.
“This is a holdup! I want all of you to stand up and follow my directions exactly.” I could hear one of the girls wimper slightly.
“Shut up!” yelled the masked attacker. The whimpers increased, as now several of the little girls were starting to feel the terror.
“Don’t make a sound or I shoot!” shouted the man. But the girls were too frightened to obey, and the pitiful sounds of fear continued.
“All right, I warned you! Each of you little brats get over here. I want all the adults over to the left, and all you young ones to the right!”
I wasn’t going to have this, all this time I had been edging my youngers sisters closer and closer to the door. The lead man with the ski mask didn’t seem to notice me... yet. Then with the perfect timing I threw my sisters out the door toward safety. But then I heard them start to scream, and they were each dragged back into the restaurant. My sisters were each being held by two men.
There were 8 assailants against us, and all of them were armed! What could we do? The man in charge seemed to know exactly what to do, and he had already had one of his men pull the chef and the cashier out and forced them to stand against the wall with the rest of the adults. He looked at my sisters, and spoke again
“These girls… who needs them, put them with the adults… and you know what, this boy brat here could give us some fun.
“What?!” I shouted.
“No, not that sort of fun, some extra fun. What do you guys think? Have you got the camera?”
It was then that one of his cronies pulled out a high definition camcorder. There were 3 girls on the side of the room designated for the younger people, (Hayley, Kendall, and Ana) and the camcorder was pointed directly at them.
“No!” cried Ana, who seemed to pick up on what was going on. Hayley and Kendall looked frightened, but nowhere near as frightened as they would have been had they realized what was going to be done to them.
“Yes!” cried the masked assailant with undisguised excitement.
“All three of you, stand up straight, and get the boy to stand next to them. I was grabbed and dragged over toward the girls, and thrown against the wall.
“No! Nooo!” Wailed Ana, as she was roughly forced to stand up straight. I heard a voice from behind me,
“Don’t you touch my daughters!” I wasn’t allowed to turn around, but I knew the voice. It was Hayley and Kendall’s Dad. Then I heard the sound of gunshots, and screams from girls, and Mother’s over on their side of the room.
“Next time we won’t miss!” yelled a voice I hadn’t heard yet.
“All of you, empty your pockets now!” A few seconds later: “all right, got all their cell phones. We can start now.”

Chapter 3: Ana's Humiliation
“All right now,” whispered the attacker in a sensual voice as he pulled himself up against Ana’s back. I watched in fascination out of the corner of my eye as he started rubbing himself against Ana’s back.
“What’s your name you gorgeous brunette.”
“Oh! Oh!” moaned Ana in torment, “No, NO! Stop it! Let go of me!” She tried to spin around to face him, but he grabbed her waist, and shoved her against the wall. Her long brown hair fell over her beautiful face, mixing with the tears starting to spill out of her pretty hazel eyes.
“I asked you what your name was girl.” He said in a cruel, controlling voice.
“If you don’t tell me, my friends here will have your body to themselves…” His voice trailed off, letting the victim envisage the terrible tortures that would be inflicted if she didn’t submit.
My name is… Ana, she gasped.
“Good girl,” he said like an master would congratulate a dog. His hands then slowly pulled their way up to the young woman’s tits.
“Oh!” she cried with humiliation.
“Stop it! Stop it! Don’t touch me!” But the hands slowly found their way in and out of the charms of the young girls body as he groped her through her long sleeved shirt. So slow, so deliberate, so cruel. Then he pulled his hands away from her breasts and began searching for a new target.
“Ana” he murmured, “Ana. Ana. Mmm.” Suddenly, his left hand shot out, grabbed the young girls long brown hair, and flipped her body around so she was facing him.
“AHH!” she screamed as her hair was wrenched backwards. Sobbing, she tried to push him away from her, but she could do nothing. He put his right hand behind the girls back, despite her sobbing and wimpering, and began to squeeze her gorgeous ass.
“Uhh! Ahh! No! Stop!” she begged, but her attacker ignored her pleas, and continued with his play.
I took a quick peek at the guards. The 4 guarding the parents were all rigidly standing guard, while the three others stood with their hands between their legs watching their leader grope his defenseless subject. And they weren’t the only ones. Secretly, I was more than turned on watching this, so I had to really struggle to keep from jerking off myself.
I turned my attention back to Ana. Her rapist was now putting his right hand inside her shirt. She screamed with anger and started slapping his hand.
“Guys!” shouted the rapist, and quick as Usain Bolt, there was a man on each side of the girl pulling her arms back. This was too much for Ana. Being publicly sexually assaulted was bad enough, but being held so that she couldn’t even defend herself was more than she could bear.
“AHHHHHH!” She howled in torment. Now that she couldn’t use her hands, she began to wriggle and writhe like a pretty little pussy-cat who doesn’t want to be held. Unfortunately for her, the sight of her body squirming, and writhing back and forth was such a turn on to her masked attacker, that he couldn’t help himself any longer. He lunged forward, and pressed his mouth onto hers.
“Mmmph!!!” Shrieked the defenseless girl as she was passionately kissed. Then he gave an evil grin, and slipped his hands back into her shirt, and this time pulled the shirt up, so that the girls body, from her waist, almost to her breasts, was exposed. Then the three men holding her stroked her smooth white skin.
“Alright fella’s,” said the leader with an excited sounding voice. “I think its time we got to see her panties.” Poor Ana started to sob again. The leader put his hand behind her back, and slipped it into her pants.
“Oh, Oh, oh… wimpered the helpless victim.” Slowly, enjoyably, Ana’s pants were pulled down. First all that was visible was a streak of light pink alternating with green. Then it became apparent that that was just the outline, and as the panties became more and more visible the coloring was seen to be white, with a line of pink and green lace lining the top.
“Wow!” exclaimed the rapist, this is hot, and with that he grabbed Ana’s shirt, and pulled it off revealing her light pink bra. Dressed in nothing but her bra and panties, Ana tried to cover herself with her hands, but the men on each side of her just pulled her arms away.
"All right all right!" shouted the masked attacker. Boy!" This last statement was directed at me "You see this hottie? You are going to get with her on camera, or we will gang rape her and then kill her."

End of part one. I'll write Part 2 in a day or so.

breeze2 11-08-2009 03:29 PM

great start. Love the humiliation. Hope you get all the girl and some parents humiliated
and gang fucked

captdsulu 11-08-2009 08:40 PM

Great start.


Looking forward to part 2

Shocker16 11-08-2009 10:51 PM

Very nice beginning makes appetite for more

Bad Man 11-09-2009 01:03 AM


I would hate to think how many of us would be willing to hunt you down if Part 2 isn't posted quick...lol...

+rep - GREAT START !!


ghyt 11-09-2009 03:14 AM

great start, can't wait to see part 2, 3, 4 ... ;)

TheWriter 11-09-2009 08:47 PM

Wow! Thank you all for commenting. I have part 2 finished now. One person wrote that they wanted the parents to be assaulted as well. Does anyone else want that? I personally only fantasize about younger girls (becuz they're cuter) but if enough people want it, then I could add in parental assaults as well.

Anyway, here's part 2.

Chapter 4: Ana’s Body

Slowly, trying to contain my excitement, I walked over to where Ana stood. She didn’t know me well, but she had seen me before.
“Please Kevin, don’t do it” she said in a quiet voice.
“Ana” I replied in an even softer tone, “these men will hurt you, and me, if we don’t do what they say. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”
“No!” she wined. “Stay away from me!”
“Ana” I said in a calm, quiet voice. “They’re going to make you regret this if you don’t come with me.”
“I won’t!” she cried. And almost instantly, I felt my hopes dashed, as one of the masked men swept in, and caught the young girl in his arms, and swept her off her feet. She started to kick and scream. Her attacker made sure to squeeze each of the private areas of her body as he held her. Then he put her down on the ground, and shoved the screaming young girl over toward another of the attackers. She was caught, fondled, and then thrown across the room to another masked rapist, who would feel her, and then throw her, screaming and wailing, to another man, and the process would continue. After enjoying her in this way for about 5 minutes, one of the men (The leader) grabbed her bra, and started to pull each of the cups up.
“NO!” She shrieked and desperately tried to push his hands away. But it was no use, Her attacker was far stronger than her. He pulled each of the cups up, exposing the girls breasts, which he proceeded to squeeze. Needless to say, she didn’t exactly consent to this.
“Uhh… Oh! Stop! Please!” she moaned, but this only provoked her attacker, and he started roughly squeezing her boobs. Then he reached around to the girls back, and undid her bra, and pulled it off. Then his hand reached down, and started to feel her through her panties. His left hand slipped between her legs, and squeezed her womanhood, while his other hand reached behind her, and felt her butt through her cute panties. Making sure to keep the left hand on her pussy, his right hand started to tug at the panties, and with one quick motion, his hand was inside of that small strip of cotton. With an energetic tug, the panties were removed, leaving the girl completely naked.
The man just stood there for a moment, drinking in the sight of her gorgeous body, completely uncovered. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I grabbed my manhood, and started squeezing. The sight of her was too much. As I grabbed myself, one of the masked rapists whispered something to his partner, and I was thrown back against the wall again.
The man holding Ana wasn’t going to wait any longer. He violently threw her to the ground and lay down on top of her. His gasps of sexual anticipation mingled with Ana’s helpless cries of humiliation. He unfastened his jeans, and pulled out his manhood.
“I’ll do anything,” Ana sobbed, “anything! Just don’t rape me”.
“It’s too late for that young beauty.” The man said devilishly, as his body forced its way into hers.
I watched in fascination, as the young woman was raped. Her moans were so unbelievably engaging, and his gasps were so exciting, that I couldn’t help but feel jealous for him. Maybe it was the jealousy that finally made my dream a reality. I heard him grunt.
“Ahhhh! Well done little bitch!” And I knew that he had came inside her. “Okay, next up! Now its time that you learned to really submit Ana.” He waved his hand and I was grabbed by two of the men and dragged over to Ana’s prostrate figure.
“Alright dude, undress, and do her. Now!” My hands were all thumbs as I pulled my shirt pants, and briefs off. Then I lay down on top of her. I looked into her eyes. They were the eyes of a lost individual, completely without purpose, other than the occasional tear which escaped them. I pressed my lips onto hers, and still she didn’t struggle. Her body was like a corpse. A living corpse. She was so stunned by having been penetrated, that she wasn’t even going to protest me. I was a little disappointed, but I went ahead anyway (not like I had much of a choice). So I put myself over her pussy, and I shoved in.
“Oh! Oh!” I moaned with pleasure.
“Wow! Oh Wow!” She felt so good. I pushed myself in and out, and in, and out. I grabbed her tits and squeezed, and squeezed. I pushed hard into the young girl, and pulled out just as hard. I felt her start to shiver. Oh this was so exhilarating! I gave one last final shove, and I felt myself explode inside of her, and almost at the same time, she came as well, shooting her feminine juices out and mixing with mine. She coughed, and looked up at me with tired eyes. At least she seemed to be awake now.
I wasn’t sure what would happen next, if they would take me away from her, so I decided to go right ahead, and continue the assault. So I flipped her onto her stomach, lay my face in her hair, and started to rub myself against her nude ass. I heard her moan, and start to struggle with me. I continued to rub. Oh her body was so smooth!
“Okay Ana” I said with conviction, I’m getting inside your ass now.
“No, she gasped. No Kevin no.” Her voice was barely a whisper, she was to exhausted to scream anymore. I grabbed her buttcheeks, and pulled them apart, and inserted myself.
Ah! She cried. It was such a helpless sound. It was a shriek of utter pain, that came out as a relatively quiet sound because of her exhaustion. I slipped my manhood back and forth, pulling her little asshole apart. Her hands tried to push me away, but they were like little fairies. Adorable, but useless. After ripping her young ass apart for about 2-3 minutes, I felt my erection start to come again, and I shoved myself all the way into her ass, and I came inside her.
“Whoa that was well done Kevin.” Said the masked leader. “If that really is your name. I think you will be just perfect.”
“Perfect for what?” I said with feigned defiance.
“These adorable little girls need to lose their virginity. You are going to take it from them.”

Shocker16 11-09-2009 08:58 PM

This is getting better and better

Bad Man 11-10-2009 06:28 PM



Keep it going, bro !!


TheWriter 11-16-2009 06:24 AM

Next Installment
Hello all, sorry it's taken so long to make this installment. Here it is, it's setting the stage for Kendall's rape, (probably tomorrow). Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 5: I Really Meet Kendall
I stood behind Kendall and examined her sweet, nubile body. She was wearing a white t-shirt and an adorable pink skirt which reached down to her knees. I heard Hayley’s sobs, but I shut them out. I forced myself to focus on Kendall. She was so young looking. Maybe it was her innocence, her adorable cuteness; but for some reason she looked even younger now that I was up close to her. I was almost sure she was 18, but she looked like she was 12-13 as she shivered in fear against the wall. Her pretty legs were shivering in helpless anticipation. I just stood there, drinking in the sight of the adorable little girl, completely defenseless, standing against a wall ready to be enjoyed in the most exciting way possible. I just stood there studying her, until one of the masked men next to her shouted:
“Come on boy! Get with her!” Awakened from my stupor, I took a step forward, and placed my hand on her leg. A sweet little cry escaped her tiny body. It sent chills up my spine. I had planned on slipping my hand up her skirt, but the cry stopped me. I thought about it for a moment, and then I realized what it was that was so surprising me. It was the first sound I had heard her make. I had seen her shivering, I had sensed her terror, but I had not heard her voice. I wanted to feel those shivers, that excitement again, so I determined that I was going to make pretty little Kendall scream before this was over. Spurred on by this thought, I stepped up behind the girl, and placed my naked body against her backside. She pulled away, like any innocent little girl would do, but I put my hands under her armpits and whispered in her ear.
“Kendall, you need to submit. You need to be a little dog, who can be played with like a toy. It’s your only chance of living.” I knew that her sassy personality would flare up at the word submit, so I repeated it again, this time a little louder.
“For both our sakes, submit… submit… Submit! Submit Kendall! Don’t Fight!” This tactic received the intended response. Enraged, the little brunette shouted:
“No! You can beat me! You can torture me! You can hurt my friends, but I will never give in to you!” It was so cute, a small young virgin telling her rapists that she won’t submit. Now I was ready to really have some fun! But first I had to make sure it didn’t look like I was enjoying this. I let go of her armpits, and reluctantly dragged myself away from her tight little ass, and I said:
“I… I can’t. Please don’t make me do this! She’s my friend! It was a very convincing performance. Kendall bought the ploy, and she shouted even louder than the last time:
“Let him go! He didn’t hurt you! Let go of him right now!” She started to turn around, but she was roughly thrown back by the masked attackers on either side of her. The main masked man said in a cruel, even tone (yet still a disguised voice)
“You don’t want him, and he doesn’t want you. You make a perfect match!” And I was thrown back against Kendall’s body.
“I want to see you feeling every inch of that girls skin, and you are going to enjoy it to!” Shouted the leader. He certainly was right about me enjoying it, far more than he knew.
“All right boy” he said quietly enough for just Kendall and I to hear it, I want you to hurt this little babe, and if you don’t… then WE will.
“I’m sorry Kendall” I said in a winy voice “But I have to do it, otherwise… they’ll do it to you.”
I thought about the emotions going through Kendall’s head. She was obviously terrified out of her mind, but she was strong enough to hold back from screaming, or crying. She was a virgin, and so naturally, she also had to fear the disgrace of a world where she would be unmarried, and deflowered. Then she had me thrown onto the pile, and onto her. She had to bear the torment of having one of her friends look at her in ways she should never be seen, and feel her in ways only her husband should be allowed to do, and do things to her that… but I didn’t care, I looked at her skirt, and all I could think about was what was underneath that piece of cloth.
I reached down, grabbed the girls leg, and got to do what I had originally intended to do the first time I touched her. I slid my hand partially upwards, over her kneecap, and underneath her skirt.
Instinctively, she reached her hand back, and tried to push my hand away. I easily shoved her hand out of the way, and began to squeeze her inner thighs. I watched her head tilt, and I heard a gasp escape from Kendall’s mouth.
“Oh Kevin… Oh” she whispered. That was enough to turn any man on! I slipped my other hand underneath her skirt. I squeezed, and pinched, and enjoyed the feeling. It was definitely exciting! I knew she was fighting her own brain, it must have been torturous for the poor dark haired cutie. She wanted to scream, and kick, and struggle, like she had read the Saints would do, but on the other hand, I was the one fondling her, and she didn’t want to hurt me. I watched her hands flicker back and forth in spits and spurts, as her brain would constantly override itself. She would flick her hands back in an attempt to stop her molester, but then would flirt back when she remembered that it was her friend she would be fighting against. Poor girl, what could she choose.
All I knew was, it sure didn’t matter to me! I was squeezing her legs like my life depended on it. And she was unable to fight back, or defend her innocence in any way. My hands continued their quest up the little cuties legs, playing and fondling as they went. My right hand felt it first. Then my left. It was a soft, like her hair. I explored it, despite Kendall’s squirms. I pulled my hands up, and laid them on… her panties. My hands adventured all around the girls panties, still groping and squeezing.
“Kevin” she breathed “stop… stop… igh, oh… stop touching me like this. It’s wrong and you know it.” Yes I certainly did know. Yes I certainly should have stopped. No I certainly did not. Now fully turned on again, I took my hands away from Kendall’s little ass, and I grabbed her skirt.
“No!” shouted Kendall “Don’t!” But it was to late for her, my hands lifted her pink skirt higher, and higher…

Shocker16 11-19-2009 12:05 AM

I can't wait to read more. Very good so far.

TheWriter 12-02-2009 04:02 AM

Sorry my posts are stretched out. Life ya know :D

I'll try and add the next part tomorrow night. And thank you all for the 2,500 views! It's very flattering. :)

Edit: To anyone who reads this, I have been struggling with issues of conscience over being on this forum. I have justified it with myself for a little while now, but I can't go on like this. Its dragging on my mind. So I am going to have my account deactified, if that is possible. I'm sorry, but I will no longer write any updates. Thank you for the now 3,000 views, I'm glad you've enjoyed my work, although I'm sorry that I wrote it...

Mulgrath 12-02-2009 08:12 PM

This is very well written, I can't wait to read your next part.

cutosucsuc 03-17-2010 10:01 PM

in this room for child rape stories hả? I have a few stories about the rape of children for post trial amind if that is not the time please do not bannick home!!!

There is NO place for child pornography on this board, you are banned forever for posting this bullshit.

Goodbye and have a nice life.

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