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trouble-shooter 03-24-2017 03:25 PM

Raping Lesbians

Lately, I can't seem to stop dreaming of raping a lesbian.
And not just any lesbian, one of those very out, very open
Celebrity/sports Lesbians

Specifically Megan Rapinoe
American Professional Soccer Player.


That firm, lean athletic body that still sports a huge pair of tits.
The short hair, just long enough to grab and hold onto as you ride her.
We all long Taking a Pussy that does want our cock in it;
But there's something special about taking a pussy that doesn't want
ANY cock inside it.
The thought of riding that incredible body, forcing her to submit to my
invasion of her every orifice, even planting my seed where no man has gone.

And just look at her body


Anyone else have a celebrity lesbian they want to introduce to the
world of cocks and cum?

Jody Foster?
Portia De Rossi?

Lets rock 'em!

FuckingRotter 03-24-2017 05:10 PM

Men siingling lesbians out for rape never made sense to me. If a person doesn't want to have sex with you, what does it matter what their sexual preferences are beyond the person that is raping them?

Gilf Hunter 03-24-2017 06:02 PM

Right on the money FR.

bigal 03-26-2017 05:31 PM

I agree with FR and GH. Women are women I'm not picky, lesbians or not I'd fuck them.

grants70 03-27-2017 12:28 AM

Knowing they are lesbian does make it a bit hotter of a fantasy for me.
In South Africa, there is a trend for gangs to abduct and gang rape lesbians. It's called "corrective rape" and is supposedly to "cure" the victims of their lesbianism.

trouble-shooter 04-02-2017 07:11 PM

Raping Lesbians
I'd like to "Cure" Jodie Foster till she's bowlegged, and can't walk


Manhandle Her 08-14-2017 09:37 AM

I absolutely love the idea of raping a lesbian! One of my favorite fantasies has always been Sue Bird, who just came out of the closet and is dating your soccer player bitch!

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