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pegasus70 03-09-2017 05:06 PM

older M seeking modest F for Home Invasion Roleplay.
M searching for a nice modest demure intelligent woman interested in on line roleplay of home invasion. Unlike many here, I am not, even remotely, into the "rough stuff". For me, it's about the emotional aspects. Nervousness, fear, embarrassment, maybe even the tears. I suppose I prefer scenes of coercion or the use of threats to get coperation. And, perhaps even more oddly for thos forum, I am not into anything particularly kinky either.... well, as if the whole scenario isn't a bit "kinky". But you know what I mean. Routine acts in a very nonroutine situation.

So how about if I propose a specific plot. A respected and dignified Mom and her shy 18 year old daughter return home from a shopping trip to find an evil stranger waiting for them in their home. He uses the gun he is carrying to threaten his intended victims into complying with his demands.
I used to hang out on yahoo messenger. But with its near complete demise, I now use Skype. Feel free to send me a message there or leave one here and I will respond. My Skype ID is way2shybutwants2.

Mei from China 10-25-2017 07:57 AM

As a newcomers to America me and my daughter are careless about locking the doors. We are very modest but too naive.

Will you to on email?? Thanks.

pegasus70 02-07-2018 12:19 AM

It has been almost a year, I suppose I could rewrite this ad or I can simply bump it. If that is too much of a rule violation, let me know and I will not do it again. Otherwise, perhaps I can find some interested women.

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