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bigdadyinin 07-24-2020 02:01 AM

The last person
You wake up with your body aching all over. As your senses waken u realse u r lying on a hard floor. As u open your eyes u realise u r in cage big enough to keep.u in croatched position only. As u look around u realise its some kind of judge wearhouse. There are many more cages around with men and woman girls and boys in them some empty. They all are naked except for a collar around their necks. You realise you r in same condirion to. Slowly u learn from others that this is a slavers den were people are abducted from all over land and brought here to be sold in an auction that take place every 15 days. Guards come and feed everyone once a day in bowls like animals. Some of the girls are fucked by the guards but u r surprised as u realise a special guard is allowed to o you. No one allowed to touch you though otherwise u r treated no differently. He is a big black man always keeping an eye on you. On the 4th morning after u were brought here u are waken to a hectic activity guards pulling all slaves out of the cages and handcuffed than a long chain brought out they start hooking the slaves to it by the ring on their collarsu realise there around 50 slaves around 30 woman 20 men. The slaves are housed with cold water to clean the filth than dried by hot air been blown by hudge driers. You hooked to the end of the chain your guard keeping close to you. You all are led out of the large storage area down a passage than up a flight of stairs then though pair of doors as u pile in u realise it a big stage were everyone is made to stand side by side in a line. There is a low area in front of the stage and than big doors on the far wall that are close right now. The black guard takes out a ball gag and place it in your mouth tying it around your head. You realise you are the only slave made to wear one. The big doors are pulled open and you find people walking in rich people mostlyen but there are women to. The look at the line on you slaves than climb on to the stage to have a closer look. To inpect the merchandise before purchasing. Slaves are forced to show their teeth. Muscles checked breasts and asses groped pussies rubed. You mostly left alone. Than a old looking man walks over towards you and start to feel u up as u try to get away from him. Suddenly your black guard who is always presented stops him with a polite but firm hand on his. Saying sir this one iant to be touched u can watch from aback but no touching she won't be up for sale. There are many more beautiful ones around all this shocks u, as you again realise u r being treated differently from others but why. It's a question that's been bothering u since u were brought here. Than a lone person enters from the doors (me). you are shocked can't believe your eyes its the last person you would have expected in this place. Though you know iam very very rich one one of the richest man in the country but here,................
anyone interested in playing this detailed scenario plzzz send me a message

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