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11-14-2007, 12:33 AM
Coffee House Girl

The day started like almost any other. I walked to a nearby coffee house. This shop, a storefront location, was located on a busy street but was completely empty when I walked in. I had been there before and it seemed a fine place to while a way a few hours on my day off from work.

I had never seen a young woman working here, and today, behind the counter, stood a vision that overwhelmed me.

She had to be about 18. She was about 5'11", maybe weighed about 120 lbs or so, was either Hispanic or a very tanned white girl. She was wearing a short sundress with thin straps that were easy to see were not supported by a bra. The dress was short enough to show off her awesome legs. This was a girl who took care of herself, who took pride in her appearance.

She told me. Her name was Wendy and that she just started working at the store. I told her mine was John. We chatted about how empty the place always was and how she liked working there. I carefully elicited information from her so as to find common ground and use the information in a clever enough way so as to keep the flow going. When she told me she had just graduated from a local high school, I recalled the principal's name and told her I knew him. Her eyes lit up as I told her I had a substitute taught at her school several times, and as she asked me if I knew certain people I gathered more and more info to establish more rapport. She was sharp, but naive as to men's ways.

When I told her I was 37 years old her eyes opened wide. Almost as old as her father, she told me. I told her that older people have more wisdom, and she agreed. Then she dropped the bad news. She was engaged. We talked about her fiancé, who was in the military stationed in Iraq. I realized then that the soft approach wasn't going to work here. She was very committed to him, she said, and even showed me his picture. All this time no one had even come into the store.

I looked into those stern eyes of a brave soldier serving our country and silently said to him, "If you had any idea what is about to happen to your girlfriend, you'd swim across the Atlantic to save her..."

I ordered a bagel and cream cheese, knowing that it would require her to go to the rear of the store. She said, with a big sexy smile, "I'll be right back," and left. I walked to the front door, locked it and flipped the closed sign over. I noticed no one was around. I walked back to where she was cutting my bagel. "Hi, uh, I'll be right out..."

She appeared slightly nervous at me being in the back of the store. She was holding a long bread knife with a serrated blade. She set the knife down on the counter and I pushed her against the counter and grabbed the utensil. I needed to take control as soon as I could.

She just stood there for a minute,” Why are you doing this? What do you want?" She cried. I grabbed her by the waist knocking the air out of her and held her tightly.

Once she had caught her breath I told her,” If you make any loud noises or try to get away. I'll use this on you." I threatened her as I waved the knife near her face. She shook her head in compliance. I loosened my grip on her body,

"Take off your clothes Wendy." I ordered. She was still sobbing, but she shrugged the one-piece outfit off her shoulders and it fell to he floor.

Now she had only the bra and panties to cover her from my eyes. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. As she stood there I could see that her long black hair reached the middle of her back.

Her breasts stood firmly from her chest. Her skin was creamy, with a few freckles. Her ass was firm and round inside her outfit.

Now she was crying harder, "Please don't do this to me. Please...Please. Just take the money and leave. I won't tell anyone anything. I promise."

"If you don't keep going I will kill you."

Her face turned white as she nervously reached up and slid the shoulder straps of the bra down her arms. The bra fell to the floor, wrapped around her feet. My jaw dropped as I saw her lithe young body. Her breasts were perfect. Large, but not too large for her figure, with pink, fear stiffened nipples. Then she pushed the panties off her hips. Between her thighs was a small forest of black curls, which she tried to hide with her hands.

I slapped her hands from in front of her, so she stood with her arms to her sides, completely exposed to my eyes and hands. I roughly grabbed one of her breasts, and she began to moan .I placed the knife under her neck. She was crying now. I pulled down my pants and stroked my cock a few times. Then I reached out to touch her neck. My hand moved slowly over her body, squeezing her breasts and ass.

“Oooh…oooh… please...please stop!!"She protested

I shoved my hand between her legs, doing something that made her jump. Then I started pinching her nipples, making her squeal. This went on for a few minutes until I could no longer stand to wait.

I looked for a place to have her lay down while I raped her and found a large blanket on a shelf. I spread it out next to her shaking, quivering body,

"Lay down on this blanket. Spread your legs wide so you are ready to accept me.” With just those instructions she climbed slowly onto the cloth, fresh tears falling on the sheet, and lay on her back with her arms at her side. Her legs were spread.

She was not going to comply sexually, which was no real surprise.

"Please, sir..." she whispered, "I have a boyfriend and a family. Please stop. I'll do anything but this... please don't rape me." Her begging, and her soft, raspy voice only turned me on even more.

I could feel my hard cock calling for relief. I looked around the storeroom and saw a container of cream used for the coffee. I opened the carton and proceeded to pour it all over Wendy's lower body. The milky fluid startled her and she jumped in reaction. I placed the knife away from her so she could not reach it. I lowered my head onto her wet stomach and began to lick the cream off. She cried even louder.

She pleaded with me to stop. "I've only been with my boyfriend, please don't!" Her face and eyes were puffy from her wailing, as my hard cock twitched at the sight of her nude, young body. I climbed on top of her body.

"STOP your crying!!! Do everything I say and you will live” I forced my tongue inside her mouth and she refused to respond. She was so beautiful, so young, and so sexy. My mouth trailed its way over ears, down her neck, and then paused at her breasts.

“Oooooooooooooohhhh…ahhhh…ohhhhh hhh.”Wendy whimpered when my mouth sucked on her left nipple then the right one.

I stuck my fingers between her legs and felt that she was wet. Her body was betraying her.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. Without another word I shoved my hard cock into her wet pussy and started pumping. She gasped as I entered her and then began to fuck into her tight passage. Her hands lay near her head, covering her eyes and wiping tears. I needed to watch them when I raped her.

“Open your eyes Wendy! Look at me!!!” I pushed her hands away from her face.

My cock continued to pound inside her and I felt a nice rhythm developing. I wanted to think she was responding to my thrusts, but I knew she wasn't.

She continued to cry, to beg, and to plead with me to stop. I felt her erect nipples press against my chest as I fucked her harder. I was getting closer to cumming. I pounded harder, her laying on a cold blanket on the floor, cream all over her, her legs flat on the ground. Her naked body all mine to do with what I wanted.

"Please...don't hurt me ... I'll do anything just don’t cum inside me I'm not protected..."She said gasping.

"It’s okay. I want you to relax. Don’t fight it. Let your body go.” I ordered.

She nodded her head in reply.

"Ohnhhhh...Ughhhh.ohhhhh" she gasped. Soon, I felt her pussy walls relax then grip me pleasantly, and I began to thrust. In no time her body was moving with mine. He fingers clawed my back leaving long red marks.

"That's it let it go. Cum for me. Cum hard on my cock." I yelled.

"Oohh…I'm cummminggggggg…oh, Goddddddddd…I'm cumminggg!" I heard Wendy gasp loudly as she climaxed.

Suddenly I felt her body contracting. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise. even harder as she knew what was happening.

"Ohhh..myy..gooddd …ahhhh," I heard her moaning louder and I closed my eyes. Closed them, and imagined her taut belly becoming swollen and heavy with my baby. Imagined being at the hospital, in the room with her as she gave birth to my child. Imagined seeing my baby emerge between those creamy thighs. I saw her tenderly nursing our baby at her pink breast. I was certain that she would give me a daughter. With the image of my future daughter clear in my mind, I exploded deep within her, spewing my potent seed forcefully deep inside her.

I looked into her brown eyes and felt sorry for her. I caressed her breasts. I kissed her mouth deeply. This time there was no resistance as she kissed me back. Her will was broken. She was mine to do as I pleased. I gathered our clothing and we got dressed. I looked out to the front of the store and saw that no one was at the door.

I peeked out the back door and we exited. No one saw us as we casually walked away.

The next day I saw the TV news reports about the disappearance of a local girl. She was an honor student from a model family, etc. Her parents pleaded to the public for any information about their beautiful missing daughter Wendy.

Nine month's later Wendy gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. I take care of her and our new family. I make sure she never wants for anything. However there is one thing I can never give her and that is her freedom. Would I do this again? Well Wendy does need some companionship so it would be hard not to.

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Great story. Thanks!