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06-11-2006, 06:44 PM
The Bank Teller
By Throatdagger

My name is Hank and I’m 6 foot tall with a little pouch of a stomach. The women don’t pay me attention. I guess it’s because I look like a nerd with my glasses. I always go to this one branch of my bank because there is this one teller, Sarah that I really am horny for. She is this little half Spanish girl. Sarah is about 5’6’†„¢ tall with long brown hair that falls just below her shoulders. She has nice breast and a cute little bubble butt. I always try to have something that requires her to turn around or walk to another teller station so I can see her butt wiggle in her tight skirt. Her high heels that she wears even tightens her ass more and make her legs muscles stretch. I’ve decided that it is time to get some of this Spanish treat. I’ve developed my plan and have made a little love nest ready back at my place. I don’t want this to be a quickie: I have fantasized about this hot enchilada too long.

I observed the bank for several days to get the routine down. I’ve decided that I will park my van next to her car. When she comes out to leave, I will give her a little jolt from my stun gun. I don’t want to make a scene in the parking lot. I wait until she leaves the bank and walks across the parking lot to her car. Sarah’s big boobs bounce in her revealing blouse and that nice ass swaying as she walks. As she makes her way between our two vehicles and starts to unlock her car I make my move. I around my van and she is zapped before she even sees me. As she starts to crumple to the ground, I grab her and open the side door of my van. I swiftly scoop her up and lay her on a thin mattress I have in the van. Hopping in I get a cable tie from the side pocket of the van. I roll her onto her stomach and pull her hands behind her back. I secure her wrist with the cable tie. I then take a piece of rope and tie around her ankles and then up to her bound wrist. Pulling the rope tight, I draw her feet almost to her bound hands.

I roll her on her side and strap a ball gag in her mouth. I then slip a cloth bag over her head and secure it below her chin. I have cut a whole in the bag for her to breathe through. It wouldn’t do for her to suffocate before our little party. I can’t resist running my hand over her ass and get a quick squeeze of her big tits. She starts to come around so I give a hard slap on her ass as I say “Just relax. We are just going to a little party. I don’t want to have to kill you; so bee a good girl and lie still.” She cringes as I slide my hand down her bare legs and arms trussed together. I move to the driver seat to make our way to my house. It takes longer than normal since I go out of the way making many turns so she doesn’t easily know where she is. When we arrive at my house, I pull into the garage and shut the door. It is time to unload my precious cargo.

I decided that I should get the rules straight from the start. I have rigged a pulley over the steel beam in the garage. I open the side van door and spin Sarah around so the at knees are facing the open door. I untie her ankles from her wrists and then attach a hook to her still bound ankles. I pull on the robe around the pulley and her feet are lifted upwards. Another few pulls and she is hanging upside down by the van. She is jerking her body as she tries to pull free. This only causes her skirt to fall even farther and her large breast to push against the top of her bra. I give the hem of her skirts a quick tug to reveal her cute bubble butt which is only protected now by her lacy nylon panties.

I give her bottom a few quick hard slaps with my hands. Her flesh turns pink from the smacks. I tell her “You are going to do exactly what I want. Any disobedience will earn you more swats only they won’t be with my hand. Now stay still why I check some things out.” She quiets her fighting down only to resume when I begin sliding my hands down her legs. When I reach her crotch I begin to saw may hand back and forth which forces my hand deep between her thighs. She is really twisting as I probe deeper. I take an old school paddle from the wall and apply two smacks to her ass. She quiets once again allowing me to continue exploring her legs and hips.

I pull on the pulley robe once again lifting her higher. I pull the tail of the blouse from the waist of her skirt and pull the blouse toward her head. Her bra quickly comes into view. I rub my hands over her chest then caress her bound boobs. Her breasts are trying to fall out the top of her lacy bra. I knew a quick tug and the boob show could begin but I wanted to save that for later. I tugged on the pulley’s rope once again and Sarah rose higher in the air. I removed my trousers and underwear. I had a surprise for my Spanish beauty. I untied the cloth bag around her neck and pulled the bag quickly off her head making sure her face was toward my rigid cock. Her big brown eyes almost popped from their sockets as my cock stood erect before her face. I think I had removed all doubts as to what kind of party she was in store for.

Her long dark brown hair swept against the garage floor in lazy circles as I spun her around brushing my cock against her face on each revolution. I decided I had better let her down before she passed out. I wanted her conscious for the entire event. When she had been let all the way to the floor, I bent forward to remove the hook from her ankle bounds. She tried to kick me with her high heels. She barely missed a direct hit. I grabbed her and slammed her upper body back into the van door opening. Her skirt was still firmly above her waist so I yanked her panties of her hips and applied several swats with the paddle. Her ass turned a bright red from the stinging smacks. She dropped her ass lower trying to avoid the punishment only to have me angrily say “Get that ass back up in the air. If you don’t I’ll get the belt and use that on your bare ass. I wonder how leather sounds when it hits your bare ass. Will it leave pretty little stripes?”

She quickly jerked her ass back into position. I guess she wasn’t a leather person. I told her “You ever try to kick or fight me again; your ass will be more than bright red. You are not to fight, kick, or scream. Do I make myself clear?” She nodded her head yes. I think I had finally got the rules clear in her pretty head. It was time to take my honey in the house for some more fun.

I picked her up by her elbows and stood her by the ban. I turned her toward the door leading into the kitchen. I nudged her forward steadying her as she hopped along. Her large breast really bounced as she slowly made her way towards the door. We finally made our way into the kitchen. I led her to a chair and then spun her so she could sit.

I lock the door behind us then move back to my hot captive. “I’m going to remove your gag and untie your ankles. Remember what I said about fighting and screaming.” I untie her ankles then release the strap holding her gag in place. Sarah stretches her jaws trying to get feeling to return to her mouth. “Why are you doing this to me?” she asks in a pleading voice. I ignore her question as I pull her to a kneeling position. “I think you know what you need to do.” I tell her as my cock dangles before her mouth. She shakes her head no as she clinches her jaws tight. I slap her hard. “Open your fucking mouth and suck my cock. I had better not feel any teeth, or I will pull every damn tooth out of your mouth.” I yell. Still she clinches her mouth, so I snatch a large clear plastic bag from the counter and pull it over her head. I tighten it around her neck shutting off the air supply. She jerks her head wildly trying to jerk free from my grip but without success. Her eyes widen as she realize that she is slowly suffocating. A panic look spreads across her face as she gasps for breath.

I watch as she fights for air. I ask her “Are you ready to comply?” She nods her head yes. “Well, that stunt is going to cost you. I did want you to suck my dick; now I’m going to rape your mouth and throat.” I tell her as I slowly release the bag. When I pull the bag from her head she immediately opens her mouth to accept my waiting cock. I make her lower her head and scoop my dick in her mouth. I wrap my hands in her long brown hair to hold her head snug. My hands are tight against her skull not allowing any slack. She seals her lips around my already growing erection as I begin to move her head slowly back and forth. Her eyes bulge as my cock disappears in her mouth. Before long the strokes are making my cock hit the back of her mouth. There is still more of my dick for her to envelop. I pull harder forcing my cock to start down her throat. She begins to gag but I keep the process up. Drool is oozing around my cock as I pull out only to ram in again. She is breathing rapidly which only increases my excitement. I’m thinking if Sarah’s lips are performing this good wait till I get to her pussy and ass. I know she has got to be an anal virgin.

Her head is really being snapped back and forth by my hands. I felt my cock pulsing as her lips slide on the slimy member. I can tell she is starting to anticipate the impending ejaculation. I figured she would try to spit my spunk out so I informed her “Swallow. I want you to swallow all my juices.” Just as I finished speaking, I started shooting my load. Sarah jerked her head back so hard that she almost pulled some of her hair out. I held firm and clinched her mouth close to my balls. I continued spewing as she twisted her head trying to avoid the salty fluid. She was choking so hard that spunk was coming out her nose. When I had finally finished unloading, I released her head. She quickly pulls her mouth from my spent cock and coughs rapidly. She spits some of her puke and my spunk onto the kitchen floor. “That is going to cost you.” I say angrily as I look at the mess on the floor.

I grab her by the hair as I yank a chair close. I sit down and tell her to get bent over my lap. Pulling her hair, I force her to lay bent over my lap with her bubble ass sticking up. Holding her head down with one hand, I jerk her skirt up above her ass once again. Her panties are already riding below her hips so her bare ass is now exposed. I spank her several times with my hand. I stop long enough to run my hands over the reddened flesh and slide my fingers between her hips. I then apply several more swats before telling her “Clean that mess up.” As she slides off my lap, she asked “How? My hands are tied. I need you to untie my hands and give me a towel.” I laugh as I tell her “You have a rag. It called your blouse and use your tits; you don’t need your hands untied.” She looks at me with an expression of hate and disgust. I was going to force her to wipe the nasty mess up by rubbing her big breast in it. She meekly lowered her chest to the floor and began smearing the front of her blouse in the mess. Before long her blouse was a nasty wet mess but the floor was almost clean.

She knelt erect once again. Tears formed in her eyes as she glanced at the front of her once crisp blouse. I stood up and taunted “Look at that dirty blouse. What have you been playing in?” I grabbed her elbow and forced her to the kitchen sink. “Get those tits over the sink. Stick those boobs way out.” I ordered as I grabbed the spray nozzle. I turned on the water and began spraying the front of her blouse as she pushed her breast far over the sink. I move the spray under her breast to get the entire front of her blouse really soaked. She continued to stand still until I had rinsed the nasty mess from her blouse. I shut the water off and pulled her by her hair away from the sink.

I gazed at the thoroughly soaked blouse which now showed her breast even more than before. “Not as good as a wet T shirt: but passable.” I joked. “How are we going to get that dry? You can’t fit in the dryer and I can’t very well hang you out back on the clothes line. I guess we’ll have to beat it dry.” I slapped her breast and the wet blouse made a loud smacking sound. Sarah gritted her teeth at the prospect of having her breast beaten until the material was dry. I enjoyed the look of fear in her eyes. I backed her up against the kitchen table and told her to bend her head back and stare at the ceiling. She hesitantly leaned her head back expecting more swats to her breast. Instead I grabbed the neck of her blouse and ripped it open in a sudden jerk. Buttons flew across the floor as the material gave way. I shoved the wet material to the side of her large breast. “What size are those melons of yours?” I inquired. With quivering lips she replied “36C”. I told her that I was going to untie her hands but that she should remember what I had told her before. I pulled a pair of wire cutters from the kitchen drawer and cut the cable tie binding her wrist. She started rubbing her wrists where the tie had dug into her soft skin leaving a red welt.

“Get the blouse off and then lose the bra.” She slid the torn wet blouse down her arms and then slung the wet garment slapping me in the face as she bolted for the back door. I threw the garment to the floor and managed to snatch her hair as she flew by spinning her around. As she spun, I delivered a hard blow to her stomach which dropped her to the floor. I immediately followed with several smacks to her face, shoulders, and back. Yanking her head up by her long hair again, I grabbed her bra and jerked it off over her head. I squeezed a breast tight in each hand till Sarah yelped in pain. “I ought to squeeze these right off for that stupid trick. Now get on your back on the table. Stretch those arms high over your head and lay still if you don’t want me to rip those breasts off of you.

Seeing that further resistance now would be futile she slowly climbed on the table and reclined on her back. Meekly she placed her arms above her head which fully exposed her breast. She lay trembling in fear at what her attacker would do next. I moved to the side of the table and began sucking on her nipples which had become erect from the slapping. I moved each breast in a circular motion as I sucked its nipple hard. Sarah’s arms trembled as she held them above her head. I moved my lips to meet hers and forced her to kiss. Her lips quivered as she almost was hysterical from the breast mauling. I swung her legs around and off the edge of the table. I told her to stand up and remove her skirt. She slipped off the edge of the table and stood on wobbly legs. Reaching behind her back and undid the button on her skirt. Slowly lowering the zipper she let the skirt fall to around her ankles. She stood in her high heel shoes only wearing her panties.

I pulled a chair close and sat down. I then told her to lay bent over my lap. She moved to besides me but then suddenly bolted for the door again. I jumped to my feet and caught her just as she reached for the door handle. I twisted her right arm high behind her back as I spun her to the end of the kitchen cabinet. “You just don’t learn; do you?” I asked. I grabbed a large wooden spoon from the counter top and began whacking her scantly attired bottom with it. She jumped each time the spoon made contact with her delicate ass. After sever swats, I led her to the chair. I sat down and then twisted her arm till she bent over my lap. I told her to pick her feet off the floor as I laid the spoon on the table. I then started spanking her ass with my hand. Her hips were turning red from the slapping. I pulled her panties off over her legs and feet. Her bubble ass now stood in all its glory before me. I lifted her up and then I stood up and moved her to the side of the table. I forced her to bend forward over the table.

“Spread you legs. I want you legs spread wide.” I ordered. She cried as she slid her feet apart. I retrieved the paddle from it resting place. Standing beside her I slowly started sliding my hands over her bare ass and down the outside of her legs. When I brought my hand back up, it was on the inside of her leg and soon it was rubbing her upper thigh. She squeezed her thighs together trying to block my hands progress only to have a swat with the paddle hit her ass. She knew instantly that she should part her thighs. My hand moved higher and soon was nestled between the folds of her cunt. I work a finger till it is rubbing her clit. Sarah twinges from the embarrassment. She moves her feet as if she taking a lot of really fast small steps. As she continues to cry, she mumbles “I need to go to the bathroom. I really have to pee.” I thought to myself that this is a hell of a time to have to pee. Since I didn’t want her pissing on my floor, I took her by her long dark brown hair and led her towards the bathroom.

When we reached the bathroom she went in and then reached for the door. “No you don’t. I’m going to watch you pee.” I kept hold of her hair and even though she was protesting, I shoved her toward the commode. As she started to turn to sit down, I shoved her forward telling her just to straddle the seat. Looking at me with disgust, she stepped forward to straddle the seat. She lowered herself to sit on the seat backwards. I yanked her head and told her I had better hear her peeing. Quickly I heard her pee splashing in the toilet water. When she was done, I pulled her by her hair and led her towards the bed room. I had already secured ropes from the bedpost to tie her wrists and ankles with.

When we entered the bedroom and she saw the restraints, she began pleading for me know to tie her. I ignored her protests and shoved her closer to the bed. When we reached the bed she had resigned herself to being tied. She crawled onto the bed and lay on her back with her hands towards the headboard. “Not that way; hands towards the foot of the bed and lay on your stomach.” I instructed. She looked puzzled at my instruction. She started to comply, but the stopped as she realized what I must intend to do. “Please don’t sodomize me. Please don’t rape my ass.” She begged. I grabbed a belt that hung over a nearby chair and raised it into the air. Knowing that failing to comply was going to result in another whipping; this time with a leather belt, she moved the rest of the way into position.

I secured her wrist to the bed post and then went to her ankles. Yanking them toward the headboard to stretch her body tight against her bonds, I secured each ankle. She now lay face down in a spread eagle position. I went to the foot of the bed and fondled her long hair as she lay bawling. I told her I didn’t want to gag her unless I had to. She mumbled that she would be quiet. I patted her on her nice round ass as I left the room. I wanted to give her time to contemplate her fate.

When I returned, she began pleading “Please don’t sodomize me. Please, that will hurt too much. Don’t rape me in the ass.” I pulled a dildo from a dresser drawer and began to rub it on her lower back and hips. She was really crying hysterically as she continued to plead. I continued moving the dildo around her back and hips and then I turned it on as I slipped it between her hips. As I slip the vibrating dildo closer to her ass, she jerks wildly as she begs “Please don’t do this. Please don’t use that thing in my ass. I’ll suck you again; but, please don’t rape my ass.” I just laugh as I continue to torment her thrashing body. I ask “Should I go slowly or should I just ram it all the way in?”

She continued begging as she thrashed about trying to dislodge the dildo from between her hips. “I think I’ll just ram it in.” I laughed. “No! Please don’t. Please go slow. Please.” She begged. I moved the dido to in front of her face. “Open your mouth and get this nice and juicy if you don’t want me to dry ram you.” I ordered. She immediately opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and began licking the vibrating object. As I inserted it in her mouth she slurped saliva over the moving head. I moved the dildo in and out of her mouth as she worked to cover the entire length with saliva.

I pulled the humming device from her mouth and as I spread her hips, I placed the giggling head against her sphincter. I slowly begin penetrating her virgin ass with the toy. Gulps of air were escaping her mouth as she tried to adjust to the intrusion. As I pushed the dildo deeper, she cringed with pain making me more excited. I turned the speed to high as I began working the device in and out of her stretching ass. My cock was throbbing wildly as she twisted and moaned from the combination of pain and pleasure. After a few minutes, I couldn’t stand it anymore. My cock was throbbing wildly. I moved directly behind my stretched taco. It was time to put some real meat in her shell.

I pulled the dildo from her ass and quickly rammed by thick pulsating dick in. She screamed as the toy was replaced by my much larger dick. “Please don’t rape my ass. You’re going to tear me open. Please stop!” She begged. I just laughed as I shoved harder and deeper into what just a few minutes ago had been her virgin ass. I could feel her anal canal starting to pulsated in sync with my throbbing penis. As I continued my relentless anal assault, her begging stopped and she started to pant. She gasped for air as I shoved in and out. Her pleading was replaced by soft moaning which quickly grew louder as I continued. Her legs quivered as I grabbed her hair and pulled her head far back. Soon her entire body was in a spasm.

I knew that she was getting turned on by not only the anal rape but the inability to prevent her attack. I was reaching exploding as I lunged a few more times to ensure that I planted my seed deep in her bowels. With a last thrust I ejaculated sending my sperm shooting deeper in her bowels. She laid sweating and gasping for breath as I pulled my deflated cock from her still throbbing ass. When I knelt behind her I could see a giant wet spot on the sheet. “You slut, you got so wet that you soaked my bed.” I slapped her ass repeatedly. I grabbed a nearby book and began spanking her bubble ass with the closed book. Her hips turned bright pink from the whipping. I told her “Arch your ass in the air so I can have a better target.” She quickly thrust her hips upwards to accept several more swats.

I untied her ankles and told her “Pull your knees up and keep them wide apart.” She slowly drew her knees up which raised her ass in the air. I walked to the foot of the bed and told her to suck on my cock. She opened her mouth to accept my dick. I took her hair and guided her mouth back and forth rapidly until soon my cock had sprung back to life. I walked to the side of the bed and climbed behind her once more. Giving her still pink ass a few more slaps as I reminded her “Keep that ass up and your knees wide apart.” I scooted between her bent legs and positioned my dick in the still wet folds of her pussy. Once I was firmly situated, I lunged forward and up burying my penis in her wet vagina in one swift motion. Once again I heard a rush of air from her lungs as I almost lifted her knees off the bed with the sudden thrust. She was trying to protest my violent penetrating but was unable to utter more than a few faint sounds in between my quick sharp thrusts.

She braced herself against the footboard to prevent being knocked over the end of the bed. After several deep thrusts, I changed to a more rhythmic pounding of her vagina. Her wetness made a sloshing sound as I pushed in and out. Soon I felt my cock start to pulsate as her vagina muscles tightened around it. Her gasping soon turned to shallow panting as I felt more of her juices flowing. In another minute as my dick was ready to explode she let out a scream as she tossed her head wildly slinging her hair from side to side. I felt a gush of wetness as my cock exploded deep in her vagina. Her body trembled as my fluid continued to shoot. Her vagina tightened and began rippling milking every drop of sperm from my cock. Sweat pored from her body as it continued to shake.

I withdrew slapping her ass a few more times as I told her “You are really a great fuck.” Her face was red from both exhaustion and embarrassment of her orgasm. I rubbed my hands over her bright pink ass and then down under and felt her breasts as they dangled underneath. The damp spot on the sheet was now a giant pool of wetness. I crawled off the bed and untied her hands. As she rubbed her wrist trying to get the feeling to return, I told her “Spin around and lay on your back. I’m not done with you yet.” She crawled to face the headboard and then rolled onto her back as she stretched out on the bed. “Pull your knees up tight to your big tits but keep your thighs spread open.” I instructed. Reaching her hands down to grasp her legs she lifted her knees tight to her chest.

I again climbed on the bed and scooted between her dangling feet. As I moved forward I asked “What do you think I’m going to do?” She meekly replied “Fuck me again.” I rammed in once again. As I positioned for another thrust she asked “Do you have to be so rough. I gave you want you wanted. I had an orgasm for you; please be easy this time. I will do what you want me to.” “Okay. I want you to pump those legs while I fuck you and I want you to have another orgasm. You had better not try and fake one either.” I said. As I began slowly moving in and out of her, I could already feel her vagina working to pump my cock. It was like a terrific massage.

As I continued fucking her, she moved her legs up and down which only increased the excitement that I felt. She was moving her head from side to side as she tried to breath deeply. Her chest rose and fell; shoving her large boobs up and down in sync with my penetrating. Suddenly, she wrapped her legs tight around my upper waist and started arching her back hard. She was shoving herself harder and deeper onto my cock. Her hands first jerked and her boobs before she wrapped them around my shoulders. It was like she was trying to devour me. She began shouting “Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. I want to cum for you.” I quickly fulfilled her request by shoving deep until my balls were tight against her ass. Again I felt a torrent of liquid as she began gasping for air while slinging her head like a mad bull. I felt my cock once again shooting sperm deep into her squirming body.

Soon we both lay collapsed on the bed. Our bodies a sweaty mass. Once we regained our strength and composures, I crawled from the bed and asked “Are you ready to go?” She replied “If I must.” I led her into the kitchen to put her clothes on. When we were both dressed, I took her to the garage where I covered her head. I slapped her bubble butt a few more times as I loaded her in the van for the drive back to the bank.