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11-29-2011, 02:56 PM
It was going to be a great weekend! Connor Wesley looked over at the stunningly beautiful teenage girl sitting in the passenger seat of his Mustang convertible. Hayley Maxwell! Connor could think of only word to describe her. Goddess!
Her long, golden blonde hair whipped around in the wind. With her sparkling blue eyes, full red lips and smooth porcelain skin, she had the face of an angel. Connor’s eyes took in her slender, firmly toned body.

Hayley had removed her sandals and placed her bare feet up on the dashboard of the sports car, showing off her fantastically long tanned legs. She was wearing a pair of tight denim cutoffs and a white Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt. Connor noted the curve of her round, firm breasts, pushing out the top of the t-shirt.
Hayley looked back at him and smiled, showing off her perfect white teeth. Yes, she was indeed a goddess!

Connor considered himself the luckiest guy in the town of Pine Valley. It had been six months now that he and Hayley had been dating. She was the head cheerleader at their school, Parkland Composite High, and the most popular girl in the whole town!
Besides being an absolute hottie, she was also a star athlete on the senior volleyball team and swim team. Her dad was the county judge and her family was loaded! The Maxwells were one of the oldest and richest families in Pine Valley. Her great-great grandfather had pretty well founded the town. Hayley’s dad was also campaigning to become a state senator.

However, Connor Wesley was no slouch either! As quarterback of the football team, he had led them to a state championship, the school’s first in fifteen years. That had made him into a local hero. He was also a star pitcher on the school’s baseball team and was a very talented hockey player too.
His family was very well off too. His dad was a lawyer and the mayor of Pine Valley. Connor was planning to become a lawyer himself too, along with aspirations of getting into the NFL someday.

He stood about 6 ft. tall and weighed around 180 lb. With his curly brown hair, athletic, muscular body and rugged good looks, Connor was extremely popular with all the girls in school. He could pretty well pick and choose whom he wanted. Still, he had been very intimidated by Hayley Maxwell. She was just so… beautiful!
He still had to pinch himself every now and then to make himself believe it was real. He was dating Hayley Maxwell! Sure, at times, she could be your typical little spoiled rich bitch, but Connor didn’t care. She was awesome in the sack! In fact, he had been her first.

That had been a night to remember! As far as he was concerned, he could fuck the hottest Playboy Playmate or Hollywood actress and it still wouldn’t compare with that first night he and Hayley had made love together.
They had started dating just a couple weeks before the school football team was due to play in the state football championship. He and Hayley hadn’t done anything serious except for a bit of heavy petting and a couple blowjobs. Which had been awesome in their own right? She told him she was a virgin and she wanted to have sex but she wanted to wait until just the right time.

Connor could respect that. He knew the longer he was made to wait, the more special it would be when it did finally happen. Then Hayley had told him the night before the big game, “Connor, you win tomorrow, and I’m yours!”
All the motivational speeches from the coach, all the fans in the stands, that was nothing! During the whole game, all Connor could think of was Hayley.
He had even said to his best friend, Austin Rogers, “Aussie, we win this game tonight, and I get to fuck Hayley Maxwell!”

Austin had given him a big smile and slapped him on the shoulder. “Well, then Connor, we have a football game to win!”
Austin, who was a receiver on the football team, scored the winning touchdown after catching a pass from Connor. He came up to Connor and said, “For you, man! I did it for you!”
And true to her word, Hayley had let him take her virginity later that night. Connor could have won the Super Bowl and still not been as excited as he was when he slid her panties down off her legs in the back of his dad’s Escalade and slowly pushed himself inside her for the very first time. It had been heaven! They had fucked like animals in heat that night. Both of them had had a lot of pent-up sexual frustration to let loose, and let loose they did!

Connor smiled to himself as he reminisced. He was woken from his daydream by Hayley’s sweet voice.
“What are you smiling about?” she asked.
“Oh, not much. Just thinking it’s a beautiful day and thinking how beautiful you are too!” he replied.
“Awww, you’re so sweet, Connor,” she cooed.

The gorgeous blonde teen stretched her arms out above her head and arched her back, letting out a yawn.
“Oh! When are we gonna get there?” she asked impatiently.
“It won’t be too much longer,” Connor replied. “It’s only a few more miles to Bear Creek and then only another 6 miles from there to Lake Wannamee.”
“Right on,” said Hayley. “I can’t wait any longer. As soon as I get there, I’m jumping in the lake. It is sooooo hot today!”

Connor couldn’t wait to see her to do that, either. Any time he got to see Hayley in a bikini was all right by him. In fact, he was anticipating this whole weekend with great excitement. School had just finished a few days ago and it was time for summer vacation.
Graduation was over and final exams too. He would be entering state university in the fall on a full football scholarship. But for the time being, it was time to party! And with the hottest girl in Pine Valley at his side, he knew it was going to be an awesome summer!

Hayley’s family owned a large lake cabin at Lake Wannamee, a popular summer resort area about an hour and a half from Pine Valley. She had asked her dad if she could have some friends out to the cabin for the weekend to celebrate the end of school. He had complied. However, what Hayley’s dad didn’t know was that the only people going to the cabin were Hayley and Connor!
Hayley wanted to have a romantic weekend at the lake with just the two of them. Connor was more than happy to accept. Especially after what she had said to him on the phone a few evenings earlier.

“It’ll just be you and I all weekend. You can do anything you want, Connor!”
He jumped a bit as he suddenly felt a soft hand on his leg. Connor looked over at Hayley.
“Hey!” she smiled. “You’re being awful quiet.”
“Oh sorry, Hayley,” Connor said. “Just thinking about the great time we’re gonna have this weekend.”
“Mmmm, so am I,” Hayley said seductively as she leaned over and kissed Connor on the cheek. Her hand slid up a little higher on his leg and Connor felt his cock harden.

“As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to give you a little preview.”
Hayley’s hand suddenly pulled down the zipper of his shorts. Connor let out a gasp of surprise as her fingers slipped inside and closed around his throbbing erection.
“Ooooh, you’re soooo hard!” Hayley whispered. She began to pull his eight ½-inch cock out of his shorts. He could feel the cool wind blowing on him as her fingers stroked his shaft.

“Hayley!” he exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing? I’m driving!”
“I know,” she said playfully. “But this is something I’ve always wanted to do.”
“W-we c-can’t!” Connor stammered. “What if someone sees us?”
“Don’t worry,” Hayley said as she leaned over the console between the seats. “No one will see us. Have some sense of adventure, Connor!”

“I have a sense of adven-ohhhh!” He was cut off in mid-sentence as he suddenly felt the young teen girl’s lips wrap around the head of his cock. Connor felt her warm mouth close around him and her head moved down until he felt the tip of his cock bump against the back of her throat. Her lips tightened around his shaft and she began moving her head up and down.
Connor let out a moan of ecstasy as Hayley’s soft tongue ran along his length.
‘Where did this girl learn to give head?’ he thought to himself. She was exquisite!

Her long, blonde hair fell down across her shoulders and brushed against his bare legs. Hayley had one hand clenched around the base of his cock, slowly stroking as she worked her mouth up and down. Her other hand was down inside his shorts, squeezing and gently massaging his balls.
‘Oh my God!’ he thought. ‘This is the most awesome blowjob I’ve ever had! I LOVE this girl!’

He could feel the tension in his balls getting ready to release and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to cum.
Until the truck horn blasted right beside him! The car almost swerved into the ditch as Connor’s head whipped around. Right alongside them on the highway was a huge behemoth of a pick-up truck.
It was a black Ford 4x4. It had extra big tires and was jacked up so it was almost 4 ft. off the ground. There was a huge steel grille on the front end with a cable winch attached to it and two big chrome exhausts poked up between the cab and the box. The side of the truck was covered in dents and patches of rust.

There were three men in the cab of the truck, leering down at them.
Connor couldn’t make out the driver very well but he had a good view of the man hanging out the passenger window and the one sitting in the middle.
The one closest to him was a man probably in his early to mid 30s. He wore a beat-up baseball cap and had a scruffy moustache. He was wearing a shirt with the arms cut off. The one in the middle, trying to look past the other fellow, was a little younger. Connor figured maybe in his mid 20s. He wore no hat and had his hair cut very short in a brush cut. He had a large bulbous nose and a fat face that reminded Connor of a pig.
“Yeeeeehaaaaawwww! YOU GO, GIRL!” shouted the man hanging out the passenger side window. “You got some of that for us too, honey?” He banged his hand on the side of the truck.

Hayley quickly pulled her mouth off Connor and covered her horribly blushing face with her hands.
The large Ford truck suddenly accelerated and pulled out in front of Connor, passing them in a cloud of black smoke. He watched as the monstrous vehicle sped on down the highway. The man on the passenger side was still hanging out the window, looking back at them.
Connor whipped over to the side of the road and braked to a stop. He frantically zipped himself back up.

“Oh my God!” cried Hayley, throwing her arms around him and burying her face in his neck. “Who the hell was that?”
“I don’t know,” answered Connor. The blare of the horn was still echoing in his ears. “But it sure scared the hell out of me!”
“Oh! I’m so embarrassed!” whimpered Hayley. “I can’t believe those guys saw me doing that!”
“It’s okay, Hayley. It’s okay,” said Connor comfortingly. “It was probably just some of the local meatheads getting their jollies. They’re gone now.”

Hayley began to giggle. “It was kinda funny, you have to admit. The look on your face was priceless!”
Connor gave her a look of mock anger. “Oh funny, huh? You’re gonna get it, girly!”
He began tickling her under the arms. She let out a playful squeal as she pulled away from him.
“NO! Stop it, Connor!”
Connor laughed too as he put the car in gear and pulled back onto the highway.

“Come on, let’s go. We’re almost to Bear Creek. We’ll stop there and get something to drink. I’m thirsty!”
“Yeah, I need to make a stop at the little girl’s room,” said Hayley.
They drove on in silence for another two miles. Connor chuckled to himself. It had been a very embarrassing situation, but he had to admit, it was kinda fun too. One thing with Hayley, there was never a dull moment.

Soon they came over a small rise and there before them was the sleepy little town of Bear Creek. It wasn’t much of a place. The population was lucky if it reached 500. But up ahead, Connor could see an Exxon sign along the highway. A gas station!
They drove past several old run-down businesses and a junk yard before pulling into the gas station. It too, looked liked it had definitely seen better days. As Connor pulled up to the gas pump and shut off the car, a man came walking out of the gas station.

He looked to be in his mid-fifties. He had a large beer gut and a very unkempt appearance. His tattered coveralls were covered with oil and grease. As he smiled, Connor could see he was missing several teeth.
“Howdy there, young folks,” he said in a gravelly voice. “What kin I do ya fer?”
“Fill it up, please,” said Connor.

“And do you have a ladies’ washroom?” asked Hayley.
The old man looked down at Hayley in the car. Connor noticed his gaze was aimed more at Hayley’s legs and crotch than her face.
“Why shore we do, sweetie!”
He jerked a thumb back towards the gas station.
“Jist go ‘round to the back.”

Hayley opened the passenger side door and stepped out. As she walked away towards the rear of the building, the old man stared, his eyes roving up and down her taut, athletic body. He clucked his tongue as he commenced to filling up the car with gas.
“Quite the girlie ya got there. She’s a hot one!” he commented to Connor. “Bet you young folk is headin’ up to Lake Wannamee, ain’t ya?”
“Yeah, for the weekend,” replied Connor. He gave the old man a look of disdain. You old redneck pervert, he thought. Hayley’s young enough to be your granddaughter!

“Yeah, we git a lot o’ you young folk travellin’ through here in the summertime. Wouldn’t be able to keep the place runnin’ if it weren’t fer the tourists!” The old man cackled.
Connor walked over to the front of the gas station to where a Coke machine was standing. Connor plunked in some coins and got two ice-cold bottles of Coke. He turned around and the old man was standing right behind him.
“Yer car’s full, sonny. That’ll be thirty bucks,” he said, holding a greasy hand out to Connor.
Connor reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out a wad of cash. He gave the old man a $20 and a $10.
“Thank ya,” the old man smiled. “Have yerself a good weekend at the lake. Shore know I would, a pretty girl like that hanging out with me.”
“Thanks,” said Connor. In your dreams, you old pig, he thought as he began to walk back to the car. Hayley still wasn’t there yet. ‘Girls!’ Connor mused to himself. ‘Always gotta take forever in a washroom.’

Hayley finished up in the washroom and washed her hands. It certainly wasn’t the cleanest gas station washroom she’d ever used. She had had to lay some toilet paper out on the seat before she sat down. ‘God only knows what kind of disease a person could catch in this place,’ she thought to herself with disgust.

It didn’t help her assessment of the place when she saw a used condom lying on the floor in one of the stalls.
She quickly dried her hands off on the rough paper towel in the dispenser. She stepped back out into the bright sunlight. And into trouble!
As soon as she came out the door, she noticed the big black truck parked right behind the gas station. ‘That’s funny,’ she thought. ‘I don’t recall seeing that truck there earlier. Must have pulled in while I was in the washroom.’
Hayley shrugged her shoulders and continued walking. She didn’t pay any heed to the three men standing beside the truck either. Until they began walking towards her. One of them suddenly yelled out.

“Holy shit, boys! It’s her! The little blowjob queen!”
Hayley whipped around. Her heart leapt into her throat as she suddenly recognized the truck. It was the black truck that had drove past them on the highway when she was doing….her thing…to Connor! And the guy yelling was the one who had been hanging out the window.
Hayley put her hand up as if to hide her face and tried walking faster, trying to pay them no attention. But to no avail. The three men cut her off before she reached the corner of the building.

“Hey, honey!” said one of the men. “Where you off to in such a hurry? We jist wanna git to know ya a bit!”
Hayley looked up at the man standing in front of her. He was a big brute of a man. Standing a little over 6 feet tall, he weighed well over 200 lb., she estimated. He wore a beat-up dirty cowboy hat and a pair of dirty denim bib overalls. He wore no shirt beneath his overalls, showing off his incredibly hairy chest and thick arms.
He wasn’t exactly fat, but was very broad. He had a round face with a large wide nose and a short black beard and looked to be in his 30s. “Mah name’s Cyrus!” he boomed. “Cyrus Larkin! And these two fine gentlemen are mah brothers.”

He pointed to the first man beside him, the one who Hayley had seen hanging out the window of the truck.
“This here is Myron. And this other one is my baby brother, Eugene.”
Myron was a little shorter than Cyrus, standing about 5’ 10” and also looked to be in his early to mid-30s. He was a little taller than Hayley, who was 5’ 8’. Myron was skinnier, very muscular and wiry. He had very piercing blue eyes and a moustache that curled down over his top lip, along with several days’ worth of stubble. He wore the tattered baseball cap Hayley had seen him in earlier along with a pair of blue jeans and a button-up western shirt. It was unbuttoned almost to his waist. He had a large belt buckle that read, ‘Kenworth Trucks.’

The third man was the youngest. Hayley figured him to be in his late 20s. He was about the same height as Cyrus and built like a tree. He also was well over 200 lbs with huge bulging forearms and hands that looked like small hams. His small pudgy face and head seemed to be out of proportion to the rest of his body.
He was wearing no hat and his hair was in a military-style brush-cut. He had dull, grey eyes and a large indentation in his forehead that looked like part of his skull had once been pushed in. His face also sported several days’ worth of stubble and he had a large bulbous, almost pig-like nose. He wore bib coveralls similar to Cyrus’ except he had a white t-shirt underneath his. Hayley noted it appeared to have the remains of several meals smeared on it. He had a spacey, unfocussed stare that reminded Hayley of someone who was mentally disabled.

All in all, Hayley noted with disdain, a very repulsive bunch of men. And they were blocking her way!
Myron spoke up. “So there, sweetie. What’s yer name?”
“I-it’s Hayley,” she said nervously as she backed away from the men. “P-please just l-l-leave me be. I don’t want a-any tr-trouble.”
“Oh well, we don’t want any trouble either, Hayley,” said Cyrus.
“We jist seen such a pretty girl and figured we had to say hi. Don’t see too many young pretty girls like yerself ‘round this town. And you are definitely a pretty one!” Cyrus licked his lips.

“I’d say, “said Myron, his eyes roaming across Hayley‘s body, taking in her long tanned legs and the tight denim cut-offs. “You got a body, would make a grown man cry!”
“Speakin’ of young, how old are ya? You a college girl?” asked Myron lasciviously. “I sure do like college girls!”
“I-I’m eighteen!” said Hayley. “I-I just graduated high school.”
“Even better,” gloated Cyrus. “From the way you was shovin’ yer boyfriend’s cock down yer throat, I’d a-figured ya to be a bit older. But 18 is jist perfect!”

“WH-what do you want from me?” asked Hayley, her voice quavering.
“We was jist kinda wonderin’,” said Myron as he continued to stare hungrily at Hayley, “maybe we could git some of what ya was givin’ yer boyfriend? Looked like you was shore enjoyin’ it. Mebbe you could enjoy it with us!”
A knot of cold terror began to form in Hayley’s stomach. What were these vile men planning to do to her? Where the fuck was Connor?
Cyrus’ hand shot out, grabbing her left arm and twisting it up painfully behind her back. With his other hand, he grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back, forcing her down to her knees. Hayley squealed in shock and pain.
“Jist give us what we want, and we’ll let ya go,” Cyrus growled.

“That’s it, Cyrus!” Myron said excitedly as he stepped forward, beginning to unzip his pants.
“Open yer mouth, little city girl! Time fer a good throat-fuck!”
Hayley was panicking now. Tears began to stream down her cheeks and she opened her mouth and screamed.

Connor was sitting in the car waiting for Hayley. Jesus Christ, he thought. It’s been almost 15 minutes. What is she up to? He decided to go and bang on the door of the washroom and hurry her up. He knew she hated it when he got impatient, but he wanted to get going. It was getting late. Then he heard the scream. It was Hayley!
In a flash, he was out of the car and running for the rear of the gas station. He rounded the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. Immediately he saw the big black truck. It was the same one that they had had the run-in with on the highway. He saw the three men gathered over by the washroom doors.

A feeling of sick fear washed over him as he suddenly saw Hayley on her knees on the ground. The large man was holding her by the hair and twisting her arm behind her back. Another man was standing in front of her. He appeared to be pulling down the zipper on his pants. Hayley saw Connor out of the corner of her eye and screamed again. Her eyes were wild with terror and he could see the tears running down her cheeks.

“HEY, MOTHERFUCKERS! LET HER GO!” yelled Connor as he lunged at the men.
Eugene turned and swung one of his meaty arms, catching Connor across the throat. The teenage boy dropped to the ground clutching his throat and gasping for air.
Still holding his throat with one hand, Connor clambered to his feet and tried taking a swing at the massive man with his other hand. Eugene sidestepped Connor’s swing and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, lifting his feet off the ground.
“CONNORRRRR! HELP MEEEEE!” Hayley screamed frantically.

“Looks like yer boyfriend ain’t in no position to help you, girlie!” laughed Myron.
He had pulled the zipper all the way down and was reaching inside his pants to pull out his throbbing erection. Hayley could see it jutting grotesquely through his underwear. It looked massive!
Myron suddenly whipped around as he heard the short, sharp blast of a siren. A blue and white police car whipped in off the street, sliding to a halt just a few feet from the black truck, the tires throwing up a cloud of dust and gravel. A police officer jumped out of the car before it had even come to a complete stop.

‘Lucas County Sheriff’s Dept.’ was printed on the door of the patrol car.
The three men immediately released Connor and Hayley and stepped back away from them. Connor ran over to Hayley and embraced the bawling, terrified girl.
The officer strode toward the men. He was an older man, in his late 50s. He stood around 5’ 10” and had an ample gut. A product of too many burgers and pieces of pie at the local diner. He had thick white hair poking out from beneath a white cowboy hat and a thick handlebar moustache. The badge on the front of his uniform read, ‘Sheriff.’
“I just got a call of some kind of disturbance behind the gas station,” he said. “And surprise, surprise! I find you three idiots!”
“Sheriff Webber, we was jist havin’ a bit o’ fun,” smiled Cyrus.

“Yeah,” the sheriff commented dryly. “I’m well aware of what you Larkin boys call ‘fun’. Problem is the people you’re usually havin’ ‘fun’ with, don’t look at it much that way!”
The sheriff looked over at Connor and Hayley. “You two kids all right?”
“These sick bastards were going to rape my girlfriend!” yelled Connor.
“She’s the one what started it all,” said Myron accusingly. “Lookin’ all sexy and everythin’! What’s a guy s‘posed to do?”
The sheriff stood with his hands on his hips, glaring at the three men with an exasperated expression.
“When you morons gonna get it in yer head, just because some girl flashes you a smile, don’t mean she’s looking fer some action?” he asked.
“I’m surprised there’s any people stop in this town anymore, what with you three harassin’ everyone you come across!”
“We’re sorry, okay Sheriff?” Cyrus apologized.

The sheriff reached down and helped Connor pull Hayley back up to her feet. The young girl was shaking like a leaf.
“What’s yer names and where you from?” Sheriff Webber asked.
“Connor Wesley,” Connor replied. “We’re from Pine Valley. On our way up to Lake Wannamee.”
“H-Hayley Maxwell, “Hayley said, still wiping tears from her face.
“Maxwell? From Pine Valley?” asked Sheriff Webber. “Why, you wouldn’t happen to be related to Judge Maxwell, would you?”
“Y-yes. He’s m-my dad,” stammered Hayley.

The sheriff turned around. “Well now, you boneheads! That would have got you in a nice heap of trouble, goin’ after a judge’s daughter!”
“We didn’t know!” Myron protested.
“You kids gonna wanna press any charges?” asked Sheriff Webber.
Connor looked at Hayley. She slowly shook her head.
“N-no, I just wanna get out of this place,” she said.

“Okay then,” the sheriff said, shrugging his shoulders. “As long as yer all right. You two get goin’ on yer way and be careful. Really sorry ya had to run into these three. I’m gonna have a little talk with them.”
“Thank you, Sheriff,” said Connor as he and Hayley began walking back to their car.
They sat in the car for a few seconds. Connor gave Hayley a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh God, baby! I’m so glad I got there when I did. I don’t even want to think about what those pigs were planning to do to you!” he said to her.
She smiled weakly. “Thank you, Connor. I was s-s-so scared. Those….those men.. they were s-s-so gross! Let’s just get out of here and go to the cabin!”
“Okay, sweetie. We’re outta here!”
Connor started the car and they roared away from the gas station, spitting up gravel.

Behind the gas station, Sheriff Webber stood cross-armed, glaring at the three Larkin brothers. He slowly shook his head.
“It’s gittin’ pretty tiring, ya know. This can’t keep goin’ on forever. One of these days, you boys are gonna do something and I ain’t gonna have any choice but to arrest yer asses. And when that happens, y’all gonna be goin’ to prison. Again!”
“S-sorry, Uncle Tobias,” muttered Eugene sheepishly, finally speaking up. “But she was soooo purty! Got our dicks all hard and everything, you know?”
“Eugene, I really wish you wouldn’t hang around with these two! I don’t care if they are yer brothers. They’re nuthin’ but trouble. And you’re on probation. That girl was Judge Calder Maxwell’s daughter, for Chrissake! If she woulda decided to press charges, he’d a-thrown the book at you dummies!” Sheriff Webber lectured to the three men.

“We’re sorry, Uncle!” snapped Cyrus. “But like Myron said, that little slut was just askin’ fer it! Dressed like a whore and struttin’ around. Them city girls always gotta think they’s better than us.”
Sheriff Webber levelled a finger at Cyrus.
“Like I said before. You idiots gotta stop thinking with yer dicks all the time, or yer gonna git yourselves in a lot of trouble! So far, I been able to keep ya outta jail, but there’s gonna come a time when even I ain’t gonna be able to help you! Y’all understand!”
The men nodded their heads in agreement.

“Okay, now git outta my sight. Go hang out down at the bar or something. Jist stay off the highway and quit harassin’ people!” ordered the sheriff.
He turned around and walked back to his car. The three brothers watched as he drove away.
“Judge Maxwell’s daughter, huh? Holy fuck!” mused Myron. “Weren’t it a Judge Maxwell that Eugene had at his trial?”
“The one and the same!” sneered Cyrus. “Still remember that arrogant prick telling Eugene he had a sick mind and needed some serious help. It weren’t Eugene’s fault. It was those boys that was eggin’ him on! Little pricks!”
“They’s headin’ up to Lake Wannamee. Probably goin’ to her old man’s cabin. I know where that is! What say we drive up that way and pay that little rich bitch a visit?” said Myron, an evil smile creeping across his face.

“Myron that is a fine idea!” laughed Cyrus as he slapped him on the back. “Li’l Hayley Maxwell is gonna rue the day she came across the Larkin boys!”
“Goddamn, ain’t she something?” exclaimed Myron. “Bet she’s got one fuck of a tight little cunt! And I wanna fuck that mouth of hers until her fuckin’ tonsils bleed!”
“Yep, we’ll make sure that little tramp can’t walk after we’re done with her,” growled Cyrus. “And her piss-ant boyfriend is gonna git to watch!”
“He’s purty too!” piped up Eugene. “Think I can play with him, like I used to with Kenny? Huh, Cyrus?”
Cyrus put his arm around Eugene’s shoulder.

“Little bro, you can do whatever the hell you want with him. He’s yours!”
Eugene let out a giggle like a 6-year-old boy. He patted his crotch and looked down at it.
“Ya hear that, Willy? We gonna get some fuckin’ today!” he said excitedly.
“Goddamn, Eugene! That creeps me out when ya talk to yer dick,” said Myron.
“Leave him be,” snapped Cyrus. “If it’s what he likes to do, let him do it. Now let’s git goin’!”
The three men began piling into the truck. In a few seconds, they were out on the highway and heading for Lake Wannamee.

The Mustang convertible sped down the scenic road on its way to Lake Wannamee. Tall, stately pine, spruce and fir trees lined the sides of the winding road. Occasionally, there would be a break in the trees and the sparkling blue lake could be seen off to their left. The sun was hanging low over the mountains on the horizon as evening approached.
“Oh, it’s so beautiful up here. I just love it!” gushed Hayley. As they had gotten farther away from Bear Creek, her spirits had picked up and they had put the traumatic event at the gas station behind them.
“Not much farther to go,” smiled Connor.

They rounded a corner and saw a sign along the side of the road. It read , ‘Paradise Point’ with a big arrow pointing to the left off the road.
“ Paradise Point! That’s it!” said Hayley excitedly.
Her grandfather, Hunter Lewis Maxwell, had given their lake property that name way back in the 1940s, when he had first purchased it. Connor turned off the main road and headed up a wide gravel road also lined with trees. Up ahead they could make out the silhouette of the cabin.
The cabin sat on a high bluff overlooking the lake. A winding path made its way down the hillside to a long wooden pier. Connor came up the wide driveway, sprawling lawns and flowerbeds on either side of them, and parked in front of the cabin. He chuckled to himself how the Maxwells called this a ‘cabin’. To anyone else, this was a bloody mansion!

Hayley grabbed her bag out of the back of the car and bounded up the steps to the huge veranda that stretched along the front of the cabin. Connor was right behind her.
She dug in her bag for the key to the front door.
“Let’s hurry!” she said. “There’s still enough sunlight for us to go for a dip in the lake. As soon as we get inside, we’ll run up to my room and change into swimsuits.”

Hayley leaned over and kissed Connor on the cheek. She whispered in his ear, “I am going to give you the time of your life this weekend!”
“I can’t wait!” he replied.
She inserted the key in the lock and swung open the big oak door. It was dim inside and she fumbled for a light switch. As she flicked the light on, large hands suddenly appeared out of nowhere, grabbing her and spinning her around. She was slammed against the wall face first, the impact knocking the air out of her lungs!

“WHAT THE FUCK?” yelled Connor as something came swinging towards his head. It looked like a baseball bat. Connor tried to get his arm up to deflect it, but too late. The bat cracked against the side of his head and everything went black! He collapsed unconscious on the floor of the foyer at the feet of Eugene and Myron.
As Hayley struggled to catch her breath, a heavy body pressed against her. She winced in pain and tried to scream but a sweaty hand was clamped over her mouth.

A face leaned in close to her and she could feel hot breath on the side of her face.
“Hello, Hayley Maxwell!”
That voice! She knew it! Cyrus! From the gas station!
“Oh my G-G-God!” she whimpered. “Don’t h-hurt me! P-p-please!”
“We’re not gonna hurt ya……yet! But I will tell you this, I am going to FUCK you soooo hard!”

11-29-2011, 03:06 PM
Cyrus ran his slimy tongue along Hayley’s left cheek. She shuddered with revulsion.
Behind her, Myron and Eugene were busy trussing up Connor. His wrists and ankles were secured together tightly with rope and he had a rag wadded up and stuck in his mouth for a gag.

Cyrus pulled Hayley away from the wall and for the first time she was able to see Connor. She tried to scream but Cyrus kept his hand firmly clamped over her mouth. He had her left arm twisted up behind her back.
Cyrus motioned toward the huge living room. “We’ll do her in there! Eugene, you bring the boy along!”
Hayley frantically struggled, her body twisting and thrashing as Cyrus dragged her towards the living room. She screamed and cried. There was a large bearskin rug laid out in front of a massive fireplace.

“Perfect!” said Cyrus. “Ya was probably planning on yer boyfriend fuckin’ ya right here anyways. Well, then we ain’t gonna disappoint ya!”
Hayley screamed as Cyrus pulled his hand away from her mouth.

Cyrus threw her down roughly onto the rug. She was wildly kicking her long legs. Cyrus looked over his shoulder. Eugene and Myron had carried Connor into the living room and propped him up on a couch right in front of the fireplace, giving him a front-row view of the goings-on.
Connor was slowly coming to and suddenly his eyes came wide open. He began to frantically kick and tug at the ropes binding him. Muffled yells and cries could be heard from behind his gag.

Myron and Eugene grabbed Hayley’s arms and pinned them down above her head.
Cyrus moved up her body and straddled her waist. He pushed his hands up underneath her t-shirt and squeezed her tits. Hayley squealed in pain and fright.
“Yeah, those babies feel nice,” he said, running his tongue across his lips. “Let’s have a good look at them!”
Cyrus reached into a back pocket of his overalls and produced a large hunting knife with an eight-inch blade. Hayley’s eyes grew big and she screamed.

Cyrus grabbed the front of her white t-shirt and pulled it away from her body. With a downward motion he sliced the t-shirt open right down the middle.
He pulled the two halves of her shirt away, showing her black bra and flat, firm stomach. Sliding the point of the knife under her bra, he cut it open with a small flick of his wrist, exposing her exquisite 34B breasts.
“Holy shit! Them are nice fucking titties!” gasped Myron.

Cyrus moved down Hayley’s body. He dragged the point of the knife along her heaving stomach.
“OH PLEASE! OH GOD, NOOOOOOOOO!” Hayley continued to scream.
Cyrus slid the blade under the left leg of her shorts and began to slice up the side. Hayley desperately bucked and twisted.
Cyrus stopped for a second.

“I suggest you take it easy,” he said. “This knife is sharp enough to gut a hog. One little slip and I could do the same to you!”
Hayley ceased her struggles, tears streaming down her cheeks. Cyrus continued to slice up the side of her shorts. He did the same to the right leg. Grabbing the front of her shorts, he yanked them away from her body.
Hayley was wearing a pair of black thong panties that matched her bra. Setting down his knife, Cyrus reached up and ripped them off with one strong tug.
Hayley let out a scream. “AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!”

He, Myron and Eugene gazed down at her beautiful shaved cunt.
Cyrus quickly undid his overalls and pulled them down to his knees revealing his thick nine and a half-inch cock. Dark purple veins stood out along the shaft. A tangled mass of black pubic hair covered the base and his large dangling ball sac.
Hayley’s eyes grew wide with terror as she looked at the grotesque thing between his thick hairy thighs. The smell of his sweat and unwashed genitals was almost overpowering.

Cyrus looked over his shoulder. Connor was still fighting to break loose but to no avail. His face was beet-red and tears ran down his face in frustration.
“Hey, schoolboy!” hollered Cyrus. “You ready to watch me give your sweet little girlfriend the fuckin’ of her life?”
“Mmmmummamitches! Mmmmeterrrrmmmmoooo! Mmmmmuffffferfuuummmmmerrrrs!” he tried to yell through his gag.
Cyrus laughed as he turned back to Hayley.

“Ya know, I ain’t never fucked a judge’s daughter before! This oughtta be fun,” he sneered. He paused for a moment to gaze down at the beautiful naked teen girl. He admired her long blonde hair bunched around her shoulders and across her face, her silky tanned skin, her round, smooth breasts and flat, taut stomach. His eyes moved down across her curvy hips and long athletic legs.
“Girl, you are smoking fuckin’ hot!” he muttered. “Flip her over, boys and you can let go of her. I’ll take over from here!”
Myron and Eugene rolled Hayley over onto her stomach and let go of her arms. Cyrus pushed her golden tanned thighs wide apart. Hayley screamed hysterically as he lifted her up at the waist and guided the monstrous head of his cock towards her tight pink slit.

Cyrus let out a loud grunt as, with one savage thrust, he impaled her on his huge cock! Hayley’s eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed in agony. Her body felt like it was being split in two!
She was extremely tight and dry and Cyrus was only able to drive in about halfway. He pulled back and slammed his hips ahead again. Hayley let out another agonized scream, but this time he felt the walls of her pussy reluctantly spread apart and he sunk his cock, all nine and a half inches, into her to the hilt. He looked down with a satisfied smile as he saw the lips of her vagina stretched tight around his girth.
“Yeehawwww!” he hollered. “She is motherfuckin’ tight, boys!”

He pulled back until just the head of his cock was inside her. The shaft of his cock glistened with her blood. Cyrus let out another grunt as he slammed his hips forward, driving his whole length into her again. He moaned in ecstasy as he felt Hayley’s incredibly tight cunt wrap around his thick cock.
“UUUUUGGHHHHHAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!” screamed Hayley. Her entire lower body felt as if it was on fire.
Letting go of her waist, Cyrus grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms straight back, causing her back to arch. He began to drive in and out of her like a madman, shoving her body across the bearskin rug. The powerful muscles in his thighs and buttocks rippled and sweat beaded on his forehead from the exertion.

Myron kneeled in front of the screaming, sobbing girl and began to pull his pants down. His thick eight and a half-inch erection jutted out from between his legs, curving grotesquely upwards.
He looked down at her, running his tongue across his lips.
“We’re gonna finish what we started earlier, you little cock-lovin’ whore! Gonna feed this cock down yer throat, and I better not feel any teeth or I’ll knock every one of ’em out o’ yer fuckin’ head!”
“OH GOD, NOOOOOOO!” she cried.

Hayley was powerless to stop the repulsive man as he hooked his fingers on her bottom lip and forced her mouth open. With his other hand he began to guide the slimy head of his cock between her lips. She recoiled from the taste of his sweaty unwashed penis. Myron grabbed big handfuls of her long silky blonde hair and rammed his hips forward, his cock hitting against the back of her throat.
“GGGAAAAACCKKKKKKKK!” Hayley violently gagged.
A small dribble of slobber ran down his chin as he felt the hot teenage girl’s mouth contract around his shaft.
“Oh yeahhhh!” he moaned.

“Now, gonna give ya a mouth-rapin’ ya’ll never forget,” he growled.
Wrapping her hair tightly in his fists like horse reins, he began to smash his cock in and out of her mouth. He would pull back so it was almost to her lips then drive it in again. Hayley choked and gagged as Myron tried to push the head of his cock into her throat as far as he could with every thrust. His balls slapped against her chin. Her face turned red as she fought for air and tears and slobber ran down her face.

Hayley’s body was being rocked and shaken relentlessly from the assault of the two men. Cyrus kept her arms pulled back as he mercilessly ploughed his cock in and out of her cunt. He revelled in the sensation of tightness, her vaginal muscles contracting around his thick shaft as he spread her wide apart.
Cyrus suddenly yelled out, “Holy fuck, I am ready to blow!” Hayley could do nothing as she felt Cyrus slam his hips hard against the backs of her thighs. His cock jerked and erupted inside her, flooding her insides with cum.

Just a few seconds later Myron ground his crotch into her face as his cock spasmed inside her mouth and a deluge of cum splashed against the back of her throat.
“SWALLOW, BITCH!” Myron shouted as he continued to hold her head on his cock.
Hayley frantically worked her throat muscles as she tried to swallow as much of his large load as she could. She fought the urge to vomit. Hayley had performed oral sex many times with Connor, but had never actually swallowed. She could feel some of it running out of her mouth and down her chin.

11-29-2011, 03:11 PM
There's more on the way!!!!

11-30-2011, 03:02 AM
Your Rape-Fu is very strong. Can't wait for more!

11-30-2011, 06:11 PM
The two men pulled out of her, both of them spent. Hayley collapsed into a ball on the rug, sobbing uncontrollably. Cyrus looked down at his cock, smeared with cum and blood.
He turned toward the couch. There was no one there.

“Hey, where the hell is Eugene and that boy? So busy, didn’t even notice they was gone!”
They looked around the room. Eugene was gone and so was Connor off the couch. Suddenly they heard an ear-splitting scream coming from upstairs. It was a male scream! Cyrus looked at Myron and they both nodded knowingly.
“I would say Eugene got hisself a little worked up watchin’ us. Somethin’ tells me that high school boy’s ass ain’t gonna be so tight no more!” Cyrus let out a loud laugh.

They heard another loud scream followed by a banging sound. It sounded like something striking against a wall.
“Jesus Christ, Eugene,” Myron chuckled. “Take it easy on the furniture up there. Gonna put that headboard right through the fuckin’ wall!”
“Ah, well, he likes his fuckin’, that boy! And he ain’t had none in a while. Can’t fault him fer his enthusiasm,” said Cyrus.
He looked back down at Hayley on the floor.

“Damn girl, you is one fine piece of ass!”
“She got a mouth just made fer suckin’ cock, Cyrus!” gushed Myron. “Jist knew from the first time we saw ‘er, she’d be a good one!”
“That’s good then,” said Cyrus. “Cuz I need my dick cleaned!” He reached down and grabbed her by the hair. He yanked her to her feet.

Cyrus dragged Hayley over to the large couch and pushed her down onto it. He positioned her so her head was hanging over the armrest at one end. His hips hovered over her face.
Forcing her mouth open, Cyrus began to push the large head of his cock past her lips.
Myron climbed on the couch, pushing her legs wide apart. “Git ready fer a poundin’!” he said, looking down between Hayley’s thighs. She tried to scream around Cyrus’ cock in her mouth as she felt Myron’s erection brush against her leg.


Don’t talk with yer mouth full,” laughed Myron.
Lifting Hayley up by her slender hips, Myron looked down at her as he rammed up into her brutally. He grunted with pleasure as his thick shaft spread apart the walls of her tight cunt.
“Oh little girl, I’m gonna fuck you hard,” he gasped as he began to hammer in and out of her.

Hayley had her head tipped backwards toward Cyrus. His legs were on either side of her head and he had his thumbs hooked in the corners of her mouth. Her eyes bulged out as he pushed the head of his cock to the back of her throat. She gagged and choked, as she tasted her own blood and vaginal juices smeared along his cock.
Then, his big meaty hands gripping her, he began to move her head back and forth, her lips stretched wide around his shaft.
“MMMPPHHHH….. MMMMPPHHH….MMMMPPPHHH!” Hayley made muffled choking sounds.

“That’s it, you little princess!” Cyrus panted. “I’m gonna feed you all my cock down that pretty little throat.”
Myron had taken Hayley’s legs and placed them on his shoulders. Her knees were pushed back to her chest allowing him to penetrate her deeper. Myron watched as his shaft, glistening with blood and pussy juices pounded in and out of her exquisite cunt. Sweat ran down his face and back as he hurled all his weight into every thrust, driving Hayley’s body down into the couch cushions. The couch creaked and groaned.

“Sumbitch….ain’t felt…..like fuckin’…. a girl….so…hard in…all my life….as this…..little angel!” grunted Myron between thrusts.
Hayley felt as if a metal piston was being driven in and out of her. The backs of her thighs felt raw from Myron’s rough legs slapping against her. She felt his hot, fetid breath against her neck as he panted and grunted like an animal.

Her jaw muscles ached fiercely and she desperately fought for air as Cyrus’ monster penis assaulted her mouth. Slobber oozed out of her mouth and ran down her chin. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

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Awesome as usual, can't wait for more

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I hope there is more to this story soon...its great

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Can't say I'm a huge fan of VB. Shame. I like your stories.

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Your mention of another board of the same kind as RB by name is a violation of the rules of RB! Consider this a friendly warning not to do it again.

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WOW ..

new here but love the story. its has pretty good detail to it

I hope there is more to cum :cool:

02-01-2012, 02:37 PM
Well I decided to come back. So I will be posting more instalments to my story. Stay tuned!

02-01-2012, 10:56 PM
“Ughhhh…..ugghh….uggghhhh……uuuugggggghhhhhhhh h!” Myron grunted fiercely as he finally came. His whole body shuddered with the force of his orgasm and spittle flew from his mouth. He continued to drive his cock in and out of Hayley even as his balls dumped their load of warm gooey cum into her.

Cyrus also let out a whoop as he felt the pressure build in his balls. He moved his hips faster, his large balls slapping against her chin. His butt cheeks clenched as his cock exploded in her mouth. Hayley coughed and gargled as a stream of cum shot down her throat.
Cyrus pulled his cock out of her mouth. Her chest heaved as she fought to catch her breath. Cum and slobber ran from her mouth and down her cheek.

Myron had collapsed on top of her, her legs still propped up on his shoulders.
“Oh my Gawd!” he said, still trying to catch his breath. “That was fuckin’ unbelievable!”
“Yep,” agreed Cyrus as he refastened his overalls. “She is a good one!”

Myron pushed himself up off Hayley. His cock made a sucking sound as he pulled out of her. Cum and blood oozed from her onto the couch.
The two men high-fived each other. “Let’s find something to drink around here, said Cyrus, spotting a large liquor cabinet along one wall. “Betcha Judge Maxwell’s got some good shit!”
“Yeah, we’ll rape the shit out of his hot little daughter and drink all his booze!” Myron and Cyrus burst into laughing.

“That’s quite the view,” Cyrus commented, pointing towards the huge windows on the west wall of the living room. They gave an expansive vista of the lake at the bottom of the high bluff. Tall, tree-covered mountains surrounded the lake. The sun was setting behind the mountains and the hillsides around the lake were dotted with dozens of twinkling lights from the many cabins and campgrounds that populated the area. The lights of houseboats could be seen on the calm surface of the lake.

“Not near as good as the view we got in here, though,” smirked Myron as he leered at Hayley. “Sonuvabitch, can’t git over what a fuckuva hot body she got!”
The blonde teen was curled up on the couch with her knees pulled up to her chest. Her arms were wrapped around herself as she sobbed quietly.
Cyrus opened the liquor cabinet doors and let out a low whistle.
“Mah good Lord! There’s enough booze in here to last us all fuckin’ weekend!” muttered Myron.

“That’s good, cuz we gonna be here a while,” said Cyrus. He spotted a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and cracked it open, taking a large swig of JD.
Myron was sampling some vodka when they heard a sound. They looked up and saw Eugene coming down the stairs. He had a grin on his face a mile wide. Connor was following him. The teen boy was nude from the waist down.

His hands were still tied behind his back. Eugene had a homemade noose fashioned out of an electrical cord wrapped around his neck and he was holding the other end of the cord like a leash as he led Connor down the stairs.
The boy had a glassy look in his eyes and he walked unsteadily. Myron and Cyrus noted his left eye had a large black and blue bruise around it and he had a couple other dark bruises on his face and neck. There was streaks of dried blood on the backs of his thighs.
“Eugene, what you been doin’ to that boy?” asked Cyrus jokingly.

Eugene put his arm around Connor and pulled him close.
“He’s really good fuckin’, Cyrus! He don’t suck cock that good, though. He choked a lot when I put my dick in his mouth. And he called me a fag! That was when I had to get mad at him and hit him. But I ain’t no fag, Cyrus! Tell him I ain’t a fag!”
Cyrus walked over to where Eugene and Connor stood. He grabbed the teenage boy by the hair and yanked his head back.
“Ya don’t be bad-mouthin’ Eugene, ya hear? Eugene might like fuckin’ boys, but that don’t make him no faggot! He’s more of a gawddamn man n’ you are!”

“Y-yes sir!” said Connor with a hoarse whimper.
Cyrus let out a harsh laugh as he slapped Eugene on the shoulder.
“Can I keep him for a girlfriend? Huh, Cyrus? I ain’t had a girlfriend since Kenny!” Eugene pleaded.
“I don’t care,” said Cyrus shrugging his shoulders.
“Just go easy on him. Remember what happened to Kenny!”

“I-I won’t do that th-this time, Cyrus!” said Eugene, an excited look on his face. “I’ll look after him good!”
“Wh-what have you d-done t-to Hay-Hayley, you sick b-bastards?” Connor suddenly asked.
Cyrus grinned, showing off his yellowed, rotted teeth. He put his arm around Connor’s shoulders.
“Oh, we been havin’ a lot of fun with little Hayley. Me n’ Myron, we fucked her good from both ends! She was callin’ fer ya, ya know? But ya likely couldn’t hear, what with Myron’s dick shoved down her throat and Eugene’s dick up yer ass!”

Myron and Cyrus burst into laughing at Cyrus’ joke.
“Ya know, youse a pretty lucky boy to have a hot girlfriend like that. And ya prob’ly thought ya was gonna git to fuck’er all weekend, din’t ya?”
Cyrus suddenly grabbed Connor by the back of the neck and squeezed hard. The boy winced and yelled out in pain. Cyrus had his face right beside Connor’s.
“Well it ain’t gonna happen. Yer little honey belongs tuh me now!” he hissed. “Ah’m gonna fuck every hole she’s got as many times as ah want! She’s gonna git pretty used to havin’ my dick inside her!”

Connor glared at Cyrus with a look of pure hate! Cyrus pushed him backwards so he fell down into a big armchair facing the couch.
“Eugene!” barked Cyrus. “Ah want ya to git Hayley to clean your dick and little school-boy here can watch. He can git to see his girlfriend clean the dick that jist fucked him up the ass!”
Eugene had an excited look on his face.
“Ah-ah can, fer real?” he asked Cyrus.

“Of course ya can,” Cyrus belched as he took a big swig of JD. “Why couldn’t ya?”
“Oh gawd, Cyrus! She’s soooo pretty!” Eugene said as he looked at the naked form of Hayley on the couch. He rubbed his growing erection through his overalls. “Can I fuck her too?”
“Do whatever the hell ya wanna do!” said Myron. “Not like she can say no.” He let out a laugh.
Eugene walked over to the couch and began pulling his overalls down. His cock was not really huge, only about seven inches but it was extremely thick. The large purple head oozed pre-cum out the tip.

Hayley suddenly came to life as she saw the towering man approach her. She pushed herself up and tried to scoot to the other end of the couch. She held her hands up in front of her and screamed.
Eugene reached out and grabbed her by the hair. He yanked her off the couch and onto the floor. He forced her onto her knees in front of him.
“Yer gonna suck my cock, girl!” he growled.

“Get your fucking hands off her, you fucking animal!” Connor suddenly yelled. He kicked and thrashed, trying to get out of the chair.
Cyrus pushed him back down.
“Settle down, Poindexter, er ah’ll have Eugene fuck ya up the ass again! Ya jist sit there and watch, mebbe you’ll learn some lessons of how to suck dick!”
Eugene grabbed Hayley’s head with both big massive hands and roughly jammed his erect cock into her mouth. His hips bucked as he pushed into her throat. She put her hands against his thick thighs, trying to push away. Tears streamed down her bulging cheeks.

Eugene moved her head back and forth on his shaft, his big ball sac hitting against her chin and his large sweaty gut pressing on her forehead. His mouth hung open and a string of slobber ran down his chin and onto his stained shirt.
“Ya likin’ that, Eugene?” asked Myron as he watched his younger brother fuck the pretty teen girl’s face.
“Oh yeah, Myron. She feels really good,” moaned Eugene.

Suddenly though, he stopped and pulled out of her mouth. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to the couch.
“NOOOOO! NOOOOO!” Hayley protested, her eyes large with terror. She knew what was coming next.
“Ah wanna cum in yer pussy!” panted Eugene as he pushed her down onto her back. He pulled her wildly flailing legs apart and grabbed her wrists, holding them down above her head. He tried to ram his cock into her but his aim was off and he jabbed it against her inner high.

Pulling back, he attempted again but missed the hole once more. Eugene was getting mad and frustrated now. Hayley was twisting and thrashing and screaming under him and making it hard for him to concentrate. Letting go of her wrists, he wrapped one meaty hand around her slender throat and began to squeeze.

He reached down with his other hand and used it to guide his thick shaft. He drove his hips forward, burying his cock deep into her and driving her body across the cushions. He continued to grip her tightly around the throat as he began to pump in and out, his thick shaft spreading the walls of her tight cunt.
Hayley’s eyes bulged out and her face was turning a bright red as she fought and struggled for air. She grabbed at Eugene’s wrist trying to pull his hand away from her throat.
“STOP IT! YOU’RE KILLING HER!” shouted Connor.

Eugene ignored him as he continued to drive in and out of the teen. He had no rhythm at all, his big body flopping and bouncing on top of the slender girl. Each thrust pressed her down hard into the cushions of the couch. Slobber ran from his mouth and dripped down onto her chest.
Eugene finally relaxed his grip on her throat and grabbed her wrists again. He pushed her arms down above her head, his face only inches from hers. She could feel his hot, fetid breath against her as he panted and grunted like an animal. He took his tongue and licked along the side of her face. She turned her face away from him.

Connor could see her, the look of torture and anguish in her eyes as the big oaf pounded away at her. The sound of his meaty thighs slapping against her was loud in the room.
“H-h-help m-me, C-Connor,” she sobbed.
“I-I’m sorry, Hayley,” Connor replied, his own eyes welling up with tears. “I-I love y-you!”
“Awwww, ain’t that sweet,” scoffed Cyrus. “They love each other.”
“Got news fer ya, boy,” laughed Myron. “We all love ’er too!”

Eugene’s breathing grew heavier and his ass cheeks clenched together as he released a load of cum into her. He collapsed on top of the crying girl, still holding her wrists above her head. He was panting and sweat ran down his face.
He looked up at Myron and Cyrus.
“Boy, she’s really good fuckin’! I like her. Did I do good?”
Cyrus slapped Eugene on the shoulder.

“You did great, little bro! Fucked that girl good! I’m proud of ya.”
Eugene pushed himself up off Hayley. He looked over at Connor who was still sitting in the chair. The teen boy had a look of utter contempt on his face.
“What’s yer problem?” asked Eugene.
“You fuckers are a bunch of demented sick bastards!” yelled Connor. “You’ll all pay for what you’re doing!”
Cyrus laughed. “Didn’t like watchin’ Eugene bang yer girlfriend? Hell, that was nuthin’!”
He leaned down so his face was only a few inches from Connor’s and spoke in a low voice. “It’s jist gittin’ started!”
Connor glared at the large man but said nothing.

“I’m fuckin’ hungry!” Myron blurted. “We need to find some food ‘round this place. Come on Eugene. Let’s find us some grub.”
He and Eugene wandered off towards the kitchen. Cyrus walked over to where Hayley’s t-shirt was lying on the floor after he had cut it off her. He tore the thin fabric into long strips and pulled Hayley’s arms behind her back. Cyrus tied her arms together at the elbows with one strip and used another strip to tie her ankles together. He pulled her up into a sitting position on the couch. He looked at her with a sick grin.
“That’ll keep ya from runnin’ away.”

Suddenly, he spotted Hayley’s purse where she had dropped it when the two teenagers had been ambushed at the door. Cyrus could see her cell phone had fallen out and was lying on the floor beside the purse.
“Well, well. What do we have here?” he said as he sauntered across the room and picked it up. A small red light on the front of the phone flashed and on the screen it read ‘You have 14 missed calls’.

“Yer a popular girl,” laughed Cyrus. Pressing a couple buttons, he checked her call history.
“Looks like yer parents called ya a few times. They ain’t gonna be comin’ here, are they?” he asked suspiciously.
“N-n-no,” said Hayley. “Th-they’re away. They probably ju-just wanted to kn-know if we m-m-made it here o-o-okay.”
“Hmmmm, I see,” said Cyrus thoughtfully. “And who the fuck is Sierra? She sent ya a bunch of text messages.”
“Sierra is my fr-friend,” replied Hayley.

“Friend, huh?” Cyrus raised an eyebrow. “Is she as hot as you?”
“I-I don’t know. I gu-guess so,” said Hayley.
Cyrus stuck the phone in a pocket of his denim overalls.
“I’ll jist hang onto this,” he said. He rummaged through the rest of the contents of her purse. He pulled out a small circular plastic container.
“I figured as much,” he chuckled. “Birth control pills! Guess ya wouldn’t want Jughead there to be gittin’ ya pregnant, would ya? That’s good to know. We can have all kinds of fuckin’ now!”

Hayley’s face went white.
Cyrus found Hayley’s wallet. Inside he found some money and a couple credit cards. He shoved the money and credit cards in his pocket.
He walked past the couch and blew a kiss to Hayley. He continued on to the kitchen to see what the other two men were up to.
As soon as he was gone, Hayley looked over at Connor.
“Oh my fucking God! We have to get out of here, Connor!” she whispered to him tearfully.

“Yeah, well as you can see, I’m a little preoccupied myself at the moment,” he said, motioning to his tied-up hands. “I know we have to get out of here, but how?”
“These people are animals!” Hayley sobbed. “You saw what they did to me!”
“Hey!” hissed Connor. “You never saw what that fuckin’ over- grown retard did to me!”
“Why, Connor? Why are they doing this? We never did anything to them. We have to escape and get to the police!” pleaded Hayley.

“Listen,“ said Connor. “They’ll slip up eventually. Cyrus and that other moron are getting drunk. As soon as we see a chance, we’ll take it. The keys are still in the car. We just have to get to the car and we’ll be out of here.”
“I’m really scared, Connor. We have to get away!” said Hayley.
“Don’t worry, we’re gonna get out of here,” reassured Connor.

It wasn’t much longer and the three men suddenly came back in the room. They had heated up some frozen pizzas and garlic ribs in the oven. They also had a large platter of crackers and cheese and sausage. Hayley’s parents kept the pantry of the cabin stocked up so there would always be food anytime they came there.
The men sat down in the living room and turned on the big screen TV that sat along one side of the room. Myron began flipping through the channels.

“Pretty sweet,” he remarked. “Ain’t everyday I git to watch satellite TV.”
Cyrus had sat down beside Hayley. He offered her a slice of pizza. He had to hold it for her as she took a couple small bites.
“Better eat up there, sweetie. Ya gotta keep up yer strength!”
She began to devour the slice of pizza, being hungrier than she realized. Cyrus fed her some more and let her wash it down with a glass of water.
Eugene did the same for Connor, feeding him some cheese and crackers and garlic ribs like a mother feeding a baby.

The three men began watching a movie. They also continued to drink heavily, quickly becoming quite inebriated. It didn’t take too long before the combination of their full stomachs, the booze, and the comfortable furniture began to take its toll. Myron and Eugene both passed out.
Cyrus, however remained awake. He pulled the naked teen girl closer to him on the couch and began to run his hands along Hayley’s bare thighs and across her stomach.

“I’m gittin’ fuckin’ horny again. Goddamn girl,” he slurred, the smell of alcohol heavy on his breath. “Yer a goddamn angel. You oughtta be in Playboy. This body of yer’s, it just don’t fuckin’ stop! I’m gittin hard as a fuckin’ rock sittin’ here.”
“Please mister,” whimpered Hayley, “I really need to go to the washroom.”
“Okay,” he said. “I guess I can let you do that.”

He reached down and untied her ankles. Then taking her by the arm he walked her down the hallway to the washroom. He untied her arms and let her do her business. He stood in the doorway and watched over her.
For a second Cyrus turned to look down the hallway. Without even hesitating, Hayley took advantage of the distraction. She grabbed a can of deodorant spray from the shelf above the bathroom sink and aimed it to spray at Cyrus’ face.

He caught her movement out of the corner of his eye. With a swipe of his big hand he batted the can of spray away from her.
“You stupid bitch!” Cyrus roared. “What the fuck do ya think yer tryin’ to do?”
He wrapped a big hand right around her throat and lifted the girl off her feet. Her hands grabbed at his and she kicked her legs frantically.
“Yer gonna pay fer that, cunt!” Cyrus growled.

02-03-2012, 10:14 PM
Letting go of her throat, he grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled her behind him down the hallway.
“NOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Hayley.
As Cyrus dragged Hayley through the living room and towards the stairway, the other men awoke.
“What the fuck’s goin’ on?” muttered Myron.

“This little cunt tried to attack me,” said Cyrus. “I’m gonna teach her a few manners!”
He began pulling her up the stairs towards the bedrooms.
“Hot damn!” whooped Myron. “I’m comin’ to help ya!”
“Sit the fuck down,” barked Cyrus. “This is between her n’ me.”

“Awww, what the fuck, Cyrus?” whined Myron. “Don’t be goddamn selfish. What the hell am I supposed to do all night?”
“Listen,” Cyrus gestured angrily at Myron. He continued to hang onto Hayley by her hair. “Ya got all day tomorrow. Tonight, this bitch is mine! We gotta fight about this, or what? You know I’ll kick yer ass, Myron.”
Myron glared at the older man. Reluctantly, he sat back down on the couch.

“All right!” he spat. “If yer gonna be a prick about it. Ya kin have her tonight. But tomorrow night, I GIT HER!”
“Whatever!” yelled Cyrus. He started back up the stairs, dragging Hayley, screaming and struggling, along with him. At the top of the stairs he turned to the left and pulled Hayley into the large master bedroom. There was a large king-size bed in the center of the room. Cyrus threw Hayley onto the bed.
“Ya pissed me off,” growled Cyrus angrily, his dark eyes glowering down at her. “And now yer gonna find out what happens when ya git Cyrus Larkin pissed off!”

He began peeling off his coveralls, exposing his whole massive body. Coarse black hair covered his chest and stomach. His thick erect cock jutted out in front of him, the head swollen and purple.
Hayley frantically tried to crawl away from him.

“PLEASE NOOOOO! LET ME GO!” she bawled. As he climbed onto the bed, he grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her back towards him. Hayley dug her hands into the bedspread, dragging it along with her. Cyrus flipped her over onto her back. She tried to clamp her legs together but Cyrus grabbed her by the knees and wrenched her legs wide apart, pushing his body between them. Hayley felt his rock-hard erection brush across her stomach.

“AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed throwing her head from side to side.
He gathered both her wrists in one big hand and yanked her arms above her head. Cyrus dug his knees into the bed for leverage. Glaring down at her with pure malice and then, with all his strength, savagely entered her in one powerful thrust. Cyrus grunted with pleasure as he ripped into Hayley’s tight teenage cunt.

Hayley felt blinding pain as the massive head spread the outer lips of her pussy and his cock drove up into her. “AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed, as the air literally exploded out of her lungs. Her squirming, twisting body was pushed down into the mattress with incredible force and the entire bed shook.
Cyrus released her wrists and reached under her. He gripped her ass cheeks in both hands as he pulled his hips back and slammed into her again.

He dropped his large body onto the hapless girl, pinning her down to the bed. Her long tanned legs were spread wide apart on either side of him, kicking at the air helplessly. Hayley could feel his hot, alcohol-laden breath against her cheek.
Hayley’s eyes stared straight up at the ceiling as her mouth hung open. Unable to scream, small gasps of pain escaped from her.
“UNNNHHH……UNNNNNHHH……UNNNNNHHH….UNNH!” There was no other way to describe it but to say it was a vicious, brutal, animalistic raping of the beautiful blonde teen. Cyrus felt one thing and one thing only towards this young girl. Pure, unadulterated animal lust. She was a hot blonde teenage girl who, as far as Cyrus was concerned, just needed to be fucked and fucked hard! A hole for him to dump his cum in.

Cyrus grunted like a wild beast with each thrust, the exertion causing beads of sweat to run down his face and back. He pounded mercilessly into Hayley, driving his entire length in and out of her, feeling the head of his cock smashing against her cervix, The sound of his meaty thighs slapping against her was loud in the room.

Underneath him, Hayley felt as though she was ready to pass out. His heavy body pinning her down to the bed made it hard for her to breathe and her entire body shook with the impact of him driving in and out of her. It felt as though he was literally trying to drive his cock right through her body into the bed below. She was absolutely revolted at the sensation of his hairy, sweaty body pressed tight against hers. The odour of his unwashed body filled her nostrils and slobber from his mouth dribbled down onto her cheek.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled his hips back and drove into her with even more force, once, twice, three times, her whole body arching. Hayley suddenly felt the shaft of his cock go rigid as he prepared to cum. Cyrus shoved his entire length up into her as he felt himself explode, his semen flooding her insides.
“UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK YA!” He loudly groaned and his whole body shook with the force of his orgasm. Hayley’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she let out an agonized shriek as Cyrus shot his loathsome seed into her.
He continued to grind his hips against her, his thighs shaking and quivering.

Cyrus collapsed on top of Hayley’s body, his hands moving down along her sides and caressing her thighs. He could feel the walls of her cunt still gripping him tightly along his entire length, the large head of his cock throbbing and pulsating inside her. His breath was hot against her face and slobber dripped from a corner of his mouth onto her neck.
“Now you know what a real fuck feels like, you little princess!” Cyrus panted as he struggled to catch his breath. “Next time ya try something stupid, it’ll be worse. I promise ya that!”

Cyrus finally pushed himself up off her. His cock made a slurping noise as he pulled out of her. Cum oozed out of her pussy and dripped onto the bed. Her inner thighs were reddened and sore.
“Shit, that was one hell of a load I blew!” Cyrus laughed as he rolled off her. “I ain’t pounded a girl like that in fuckin’ ages!”
Hayley was barely able to move. Grabbing at the bed spread, she tried to pull it around herself.
Cyrus walked over to the large walk-in closet. He came out wearing one of her father’s silk bathrobes. It was too small for him but he was able to get it wrapped around himself.
“Yeah, ya just take a little rest, honey. I’m gonna git a drink and I’ll be right back,” Cyrus said as he left the room.

Down in the living room, Eugene and Myron had listened to the goings-on upstairs. They could hear Hayley’s frantic screams and the sound of the bed thumping against the floor.
“What the fuck is that sonuvabitch doing to her?” asked Connor.
Myron grinned. “Sounds to me like yer little girlfriend got on the wrong side of Cyrus. That ain’t a smart thing to do.”
Eugene began scratching at his crotch.

“Goddamn, Myron!” he said. “I’m gittin’ hard as hell listenin’ to that. Cyrus must be really poundin’ her.”
He suddenly grabbed Connor by the arm and pulled him up out of the chair.
“Come on, boy” Eugene said breathlessly. “We got stuff to do!”

Connor’s face turned white as the big hillbilly dragged him towards the stairs.
“Get your fuckin’ hands off me, you sick prick!” yelled Connor.
Eugene lost his temper and punched Connor hard in the face.

Connor fell backwards, unconscious, onto the floor. Eugene kicked him hard in the stomach before picking him up and slinging him over his shoulder like a sack of wheat. The young man was incredibly strong.
Blood ran from a vicious cut across Connor’s lip as he was unceremoniously hauled up the stairs. Eugene looked back over his shoulder.
“Ya wanna have some too Myron?”

Myron shrugged his shoulders. “Ahhh, what the hell? Cyrus is hoggin’ that little blonde sweetie all to hisself tonight. I need something to do. One hole is as good as another.”
He followed Eugene up the stairs. They carried the limp form of Connor into the guest room down the hallway from the master bedroom where Cyrus and Hayley were. Myron closed the door behind them.

Cyrus came out of the master bedroom. He stopped and stretched. From down the hallway, he heard a noise. He looked towards the closed door of the bedroom at the end of the hallway and smiled. ‘Sounds like Eugene and Myron is havin’ some more fun,’ Cyrus said to himself.
Boys had never particularly appealed to Cyrus. He considered himself a staunch heterosexual, but he knew Eugene liked them. That was just the way Eugene was. Myron would partake in boys from time to time but Cyrus knew the only reason for that was because Myron just liked to fuck. He just liked having his dick in a hole.

Cyrus thought about Eugene as he walked down the stairs and over to the liquor cabinet. His little brother Eugene had lived a very hard life and it was always good to see him happy. Eugene had lived a fairy normal life at one time. As normal as life could ever be around Bear Creek. Eugene had never really known his mother. She had died when Eugene was just four years old. With their father gone away a lot of the time and drunk when he was home, Cyrus and Myron had pretty well been responsible for raising the young Eugene.

Then at the age of six, he suffered a horrific farm accident. He was kicked in the head by a horse and the impact of the kick caved in a section of his skull. He was in a deep coma for nearly six months while doctors tried to reconstruct the fractured section of his skull. Cyrus remembered the doctor telling his dad Eugene would likely not survive.
However, Eugene was a tough little boy and he did survive. But he had suffered irreparable brain damage that left him with a very diminished mental capacity. Not to mention he was also permanently disfigured.

The hospital bills incurred by Eugene bankrupted his father and they ended up having to sell their farm. They moved in to a run-down shack on their uncle’s farm just down the road.
For that reason, Eugene’s father always seemed to resent Eugene. He called him “his retard son” and the “family fuck-up”. He was very cruel to Eugene and used to beat him mercilessly, taking all his life’s frustrations out on the poor boy. Cyrus, sometimes fearing for his little brother’s life, would have to intervene. As a result, he became very protective of Eugene.

Eugene wasn’t able to attend school like a normal boy. He ended up staying at home and never did learn to properly read and write. Just whatever Cyrus and Myron were able to teach him.
As Eugene grew up, his mental problems caused him a lot of trouble. One of his biggest problems was he could not distinguish between right and wrong. Cyrus and Myron were constantly bailing him out of some kind of trouble he would get himself into.

A very disturbing aspect of Eugene’s personality as he got older was his deviant sexual behaviour. The first incident happened when Eugene was only thirteen. A neighbour complained that “Screwed-up-Gene” (that was what all the neighbours called him because of his mental disabilities) had tried to rape his daughter who was the same age as Eugene.
Eugene vehemently denied it. Then disturbing rumours began to go around about Eugene trying to attack other kids in the countryside, both boys and girls.

Tobias Webber, the local sheriff, investigated but never found any real evidence. Of course, if he had, he wouldn’t have said anything anyways. He was the Larkin boys’ uncle and was also very protective of Eugene. But he was concerned.
Sheriff Webber didn’t believe Cyrus and Myron were exactly the very best role models for Eugene to be growing up around. They themselves had a bad reputation in the area and were believed to be responsible for several rapes that had occurred around Bear Creek. Sheriff Webber did his best to protect Eugene but he knew it couldn’t last forever.

Sure enough, when Eugene was 19, an incident happened that the sheriff finally couldn’t ignore. Eugene was caught molesting a boy near a campground at Lake Wannamee. Sheriff Webber had no choice but to arrest the young man. Eugene was given a five year sentence in state prison. His lawyer tried to get him sent to a state mental facility but the judge, the honourable Calder Maxwell of Pine Valley District Court, didn’t believe it to be necessary.

Eugene was easy prey in prison. Shortly after he arrived, he was gang-raped several times. However, Eugene fought back. He later beat one of his rapists nearly to death in the cafeteria. It cost him three months in solitary confinement but after that the other inmates left him alone. Eugene however, became a predator himself.
That was when Kenny came on the scene. Kenny Gulliford, a young scared 18-year old, came to the prison to serve a 10-year sentence for armed robbery and attempted murder. The guards put him in as Eugene’s cellmate. It was a recipe for disaster.

The teenage boy confided to Eugene that he was terrified of becoming a rape victim in prison. Eugene told him not to worry, he would protect him. But, as Kenny was to later find out when the lights went out at night, the protection came with a price.
Eugene turned the young man into his own personal sex slave. When Kenny tried to resist, Eugene would beat him and threaten to throw him to the rest of the wolves in the general population.
“If ya stay with me Kenny, ya got one guy fuckin’ ya! If I let them have ya, they all be fuckin’ ya!” Eugene would tell the boy.
Eugene became very attached and protective of Kenny. Wherever Kenny went, Eugene was close beside him. He even began to tell Cyrus and Myron when they came to visit him in prison, that he had a girlfriend and he told them all about Kenny.

Cyrus and Myron found it kind of amusing. Cyrus figured at the time, what the hell? It was sort of twisted but if it was helping Eugene cope with prison life, then so be it.
But Eugene became a little too attached to Kenny. His sexual advances against Kenny increased to the point that he was forcing himself upon the young man 4 or 5 times a day. Kenny tried to get himself put in solitary confinement to escape from Eugene. He attacked a guard one day.
That resulted in him getting 3 months in solitary. Eugene was furious and felt horribly betrayed. He had been spurned. He told Cyrus, “I thought Kenny liked me!”

When Kenny finally got out of solitary, Eugene wanted to get back at him. Kenny was put back in the cell with Eugene. Eugene in his world of twisted logic, explained to Kenny that he belonged to him and the only reason he was going to do what he was going to do, was because Eugene liked him so much. But Kenny had to learn a lesson to not hurt people who liked him.
Eugene then proceeded to rape him horribly and beat him so badly Kenny ended up in the infirmary. Eugene himself was put in solitary for an extended period of time.

Kenny got out of the infirmary after a couple weeks and knowing Eugene was in solitary for a while, figured he was safe. But he wasn’t. A few of the other predators around the prison realized that with Eugene out of the way, Kenny was fair game.
One day, Kenny became the victim of a savage gang-rape in the prison laundry room by eight other inmates. It was the final straw to Kenny’s already fragile mental state. The next morning the guards found him in his cell. He had slit his wrists with a piece of glass and bled to death.
When Eugene found out, he was horribly distraught. Kenny was his and he could not understand why the young man would have done such a thing. Eugene become very introverted through the rest of his prison sentence. He would never forget about Kenny and to this day still talked about him a lot.

His five years were finally up. Even though he had completed a mandatory sexual offender therapy program, the parole board still felt he was a high-risk repeat offender. But their hands were tied. They could not keep him in prison, he had served his sentence. He was given 2 years probation, however upon his release. He had 4 months left on his probation.

Cyrus chuckled to himself. If only those parole board losers could see what Eugene was up to now in the upstairs bedroom. Yeah, that therapy program worked real good! He grabbed another bottle of Jack Daniel’s from the well-stocked liquor cabinet. Then he went to the kitchen and got a bottle of water from the fridge.
He headed back up to the bedroom, feeling his cock growing hard as he thought about what awaited him.

Hayley listened to Cyrus leave the room. She had partially wrapped the bedspread around her and she lay under the blanket, her body racked with sobs. She could still feel the weight of the large man on top of her and his hot breath against her face. The pungent scent of his sweat still lingered in her nostrils.
She knew it was not over. He would be back and ready to do more depraved things to her. How could she escape, she wondered? There was no way she could withstand more abuse at the hands of these animals. And that was exactly what they were. They weren’t men, they were primitive beasts.

Hayley was in the middle of a living nightmare. The kind of thing you read about happening to other people or that you would see in a movie. She regretted ever doing what she had in the car. That was what had started everything!
The day had started out so great. She had been looking forward with great anticipation to her “special weekend” with Connor. They were two teenagers in love, with the whole summer ahead of them. And now they were caught up in a situation of unspeakable horror and depravity that she had no idea how to get out of.

She jumped as she heard a sound coming from one of the other bedrooms. It was a loud thumping sound. She could hear someone laughing. It sounded like Myron. Oh God, she thought! They’re going after Connor again. What sick bastards!
The door to the bedroom suddenly opened and the large form of Cyrus entered. He came walking over to the bed and tossed a bottle of water to Hayley.
“Here!” he said gruffly. “Have some water.”
As Hayley drank thirstily from the bottle, Cyrus climbed back on the bed. He slid up beside Hayley and wrapped a big arm around her slim waist, pulling her close to him. His hand wandered under the bedspread and slid it along the smooth skin of her leg. He kissed her on the neck and brushed her hair away from her face.

“Damn” he said as his breathing grew heavier. “Ya was a good fuck the first time but ya was even better a second time. I jist can’t git enough of that tight cunt o’ yers!”
“Please! No more!” pleaded Hayley in a timid voice. “J-just l-let me and C-Connor go! We won’t s-say anything to-to anybody. I pr-pr-promise!”
“Awww, ya know I can’t do that,” said Cyrus. “Not yet anyways. Me and Myron and Eugene, we don’t get to have fun like this very often. So when we do we like to make it worth our while. I jist couldn’t live with muhself knowing I had a purty girl like yerself and didn’t have a good time.”
“But-but you’ve had y-your fun. And so have Myron and Eugene. Just l-let us go!” Hayley said tearfully.

Cyrus laughed out loud. “Had our fun? Hell, girl. I ain’t had near enough fun yet. Ain’t gonna git tired of fuckin’ you fer a long time!”
Tears rolled down Hayley’s cheeks and she felt a cold ball of utter terror form in her stomach. These men were never going to let her and Connor go!

Cyrus pulled the blanket away from her naked body. He lay back on the bed and spread his legs apart slightly. His cock was fully erect now.
“Okay, now this is what I want ya to do. I want ya to give me a nice slow blowjob, jist like ya’d give to yer boyfriend. Ya don’t do a good job, I’m gonna hold ya down and fuck yer throat so hard, I’ll choke ya to death! Ya unnerstand?”
Hayley looked up at him and slowly nodded.
He gripped Hayley by the back of the neck and pushed her face down towards his crotch. Hayley looked apprehensively at the large member between Cyrus’ legs. Thick purple veins were intertwined along the shaft.

She recoiled at the smell of his unwashed genitals and sweaty body. Cyrus spread his legs a bit farther apart, so his ball sac was more accessible. It was huge, his testicles looking like two tennis balls.
"Suck my balls!" he ordered Hayley. He pushed on the back of her neck, bringing her face right up against them. Slowly, she took one of the giant testicles in her hand and put her mouth around it. It tasted of stale sweat and urine and she had to fight the urge to gag.

Hayley could feel the roughness of his pubic hair rubbing against her lips. Hayley began to move her tongue in slow circles around the ball, sucking it farther into her mouth at the same time. With her free hand, she began massaging his other ball.
"Ohhhhh yeeaahhhh!" Cyrus moaned. He was laid back on the bed, his eyes closed. He placed a hand on top of Hayley's head, stroking her long blonde hair.

She took the testicle out of her mouth and began to suck on the other one. Hayley rolled it in her mouth, as best as she could, her moist tongue moving around it. After a couple minutes of feeling her warm mouth and tongue on his balls, Cyrus said "Okay, now get on that cock!"
Hayley took both of her hands and wrapped them around the thick base of his penis. Slowly sliding her hands up and down on the shaft, she began to run her tongue in small circles around the massive purple head. She moved down the shaft, licking along the underside, going from the head all the way down to the base and then back up again. Running her tongue around the head again, she brushed her lips ever so lightly against it, just enough so he could feel it.

Hayley felt Cyrus’ whole body twitch in ecstasy.
"Gawddamn, girl!" Cyrus rasped. " You're good! Keep it up!"
She continued moving up and down his hard shaft, running her tongue around it, kissing it, stroking it. She gently ran her long fingernails along the underside of his cock. Then opening her lips slightly she took the head of his cock into her mouth.
Cyrus looked down, watching intently as it disappeared inside the gorgeous blonde teen’s soft mouth.

"Ohhhhh! That's right! Suck that big boy. Git that beautiful mouth goin'!" he said.
Hayley tightened her lips around the head, sucking on it as her tongue moved around in little circles. Then slowly, she began to take more of the giant penis into her mouth. She would take an inch or so, then stop and move her head up and down on it. Then allowing her jaw muscles to relax, she would move her mouth another inch or two.

Still, Cyrus’ cock was very thick and she was finding it difficult to get more in her mouth. Her jaw was beginning to ache. She pulled back and began slowly trying to slide it in her mouth once again.
Cyrus placed his hands on the back of her head, wrapping his fingers in her long tangled hair and slowly began moving his hips up and down. A low moan escaped from his throat as he felt Hayley’s lips tighten around him and her moist tongue ran along the length of his shaft.
“Ohhhhh,” Cyrus moaned. “That’s it! You suck cock good, girl. I think you’re starting to like it, ain’t ya? I jist knew we was gonna have a real good time with you!”

Keeping her lips tightly locked around the shaft, Hayley was able to get more in her mouth, gagging a little as the head bumped against her throat. Cyrus continued moving his hips, his hands on the back of her head, holding her firmly.
Cyrus’ mouth hung open, a small stream of spittle running down his chin as he looked down, watching the beautiful 18-year-old girl's head moving up and down on him. The sensation of her mouth on him was unbelievable. Heaven! he thought to himself, I am in fucking heaven!
He began to feel the tide rising in his balls and he wrapped his fingers tighter in Hayley's hair, pulling her head down on his cock as far as it would go. Hayley felt his cock twitch and suddenly a torrent of cum shot into her throat and down into her stomach.

Wave after wave of hot cum splashed down her throat, as Cyrus’ body shook and his hips bucked. She held her mouth firmly on Cyrus’ dick as she swallowed frantically to keep it all down. Gobs of cum oozed out down her chin. As his climax began to dissipate, Hayley slowly brought her head up, running her tongue along the shaft and licking the head clean. She collapsed, her head lying on Cyrus’ thigh as she desperately tried to catch her breath.

“That was fuckin’ awesome,” Cyrus said as he stroked Hayley’s hair. “My old man is gonna love ya!”
What the hell is he talking about? thought Hayley a pang of fear shooting through her body.
Cyrus began to get up off the bed.
“I think I’ll give ya a shower. Ya could probably use one.”
Cyrus pulled her up off the bed and they walked to the shower just off the master bedroom. He opened the door to the shower and she stepped in.

“I’ll be waiting right outside here. So don’t think ya can try anything funny,” he said.
Hayley turned the water on, letting it run down over her hair and face. It felt great, the feeling of the hot water washing over her body. She shampooed her hair and washed her body trying to get the stench of Cyrus’ sweat from her. She didn’t want the shower to end. She felt like she could stand there under the water forever.

But soon Cyrus was banging on the door.
“Okay, time’s up! Get the fuck out!”
Hayley shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. Cyrus handed her a big white cotton towel and she towelled herself off. They went back into the bedroom.
Walking over to the dresser, he began rummaging through the drawers until he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a couple pairs of nylon stockings. Pushing Hayley down on the bed, Cyrus gathered her wrists together above her head and tied them together. Then he tied the other end to a post on the headboard.

“Oughtta keep ya from gittin’ away tonight,” he said with a satified smirk.
Cyrus then climbed into the bed and shut out the lamp. He pulled the cover over the two of them. He pressed his body up tight against Hayley, one of his hands cupping her breasts.
“Get some sleep, girlie,” he whispered. “Tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day.”
It didn’t take very long for Hayley to fall asleep, despite the fact it was rather uncomfortable sleeping with her hands tied above her head. That and having Cyrus snoring like a chainsaw beside her.

Hayley wasn’t sure how long she had been sleeping when suddenly she felt movement on the bed. In the darkness, she couldn’t see what was going on. She realized she was on her stomach, her arms still stretched out above her head and tied with the nylons to the bedpost.
"Leave me alone!" she whimpered sleepily. "Please leave me alone!"
Cyrus said nothing but she could hear his heavy breathing. Her body tensed as he ran his coarse hands slowly down her legs, over her calves to her ankles, then just as slowly ran them back up. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as his hands caressed the smooth skin of her back. He heard her whimper softly again.

“Fuck girl! You have got the fuckin’ body of a supermodel!"
Cyrus grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up, stuffing a pillow under her hips. He placed himself so his legs were straddling her slender tanned thighs on either side. He lowered himself onto her.
He could feel her trembling beneath him as he guided his cock between the cheeks of her ass and down to her slit and pressed against her.
“Nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ... Nnuuhhh!” she moaned as he pushed the thick head of his cock between her thighs and inside her. With her thighs pressed together, the sensation of tightness on his cock was incredible!

This time he was in no hurry. He slowly pushed his way deeper into her battered pussy, penetrating a little farther with each thrust of his hips.
A long groan escaped him as he sunk himself completely into her. God she felt so good! Warm and wet and tight, feeling like velvet wrapped around the entire length of his fuckpole.
Slowly he stroked his cock in and out of her as his hands roamed over her body. He ran his hands through her hair, that gorgeous strawberry blonde hair. He took two fistfuls and pulled her head back so she was staring straight up at the ceiling. Her mouth hung open as painful moans escaped from her.

His body made a soft meaty “FAP……FAP……FAP….FAP” sound as he slapped against her. Hayley felt her body being rocked back and forth as he moved inside her, the tight lips of her cunt sucking and pulling at his cock as Cyrus stroked powerfully in and out of her.
He was perspiring heavily and she could feel the droplets of sweat dripping onto her back. Cyrus let go of her hair and her head fell down onto her pillow. He gripped her firmly around the waist, his thick sweaty fingers digging into her, and began pulling her back hard against him.
He let out a gasp of pleasure feeling his cock drive up into her with deep, forceful penetrations. Hayley moaned and twisted, her trembling body jerking forward with each thrust.

He could feel her pulling at the nylons around her wrists, trying to break free. Cyrus started stroking into her faster and harder, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.
"Oh, shit!" he groaned. "Oh, shit, you feel so fuckin’ good! That teenage cunt of yers is fuckin’ golden!”
Letting go of her waist, Cyrus dropped his weight onto her, crushing her down into the mattress. The air whooshed out of her lungs. He buried his face against the back of her neck, breathing in the sweet scent of her silky soft hair. Lifting his hips, he continued to pound into her depths. Cyrus felt his balls tighten, felt his dick begin to throb, and then he jammed himself into her as he shot a long stream of cum deep into her body.
Hayley’s body stiffened as she felt the heat of his sperm spreading through her, filling her.

He gave a couple more thrusts into her until his balls were completely drained. With a sigh and a shiver, he collapsed on top of her, panting for air. He allowed himself to soften inside her, then gradually pulled out of her. Sperm slowly drained out of her and down onto the bed.
Her body was limp now. Her head was turned to the side, her eyes closed. He could hear her sniffling.

Cyrus rolled off the girl. Flopping back down on the bed beside her, he placed his hand on her thigh and fell back asleep.

Hayley lie there, staring into the dark. She was still trying to catch her breath, her body soaked in sweat. She didn’t know how much longer she could take this abuse of her body. How many more times was he going to use her? And what about the others? Surely they’d be looking for more “action” too. Then there was Connor. What the hell was happening to him? Hayley quietly cried herself back to sleep.

09-23-2012, 12:40 AM
Will you be updating this story? I very much enjoyed it.

09-23-2012, 10:59 AM
Thank you for the interest in my story. I have not done anything with it in a while but I definitely plan on doing more. I have lots of plans for more abuse that Hayley will go through. Stay tuned!

09-25-2012, 12:55 AM
nice. really liking this one so far. looking forward to more.

06-23-2013, 06:11 AM
Would love to