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05-07-2006, 03:06 AM
This is subgirl's true story of what happened to her. I'm posting it because she does not know how.

My Four Weeks of Hell

By Tina Subgirl


It was not long after my 21st birthday and I was going to meet HIM. I knew I should not go alone, but I did. I got off work early, but I was still getting ready when he got here. I offered him a drink and then I went to back to getting ready. 20 minutes later I was hot as all there was.

He stood 6’3" 230 pounds, long arms, blond hair and blue eyes that you would melt into. He wore a dark suit and a tie. I wore a deep red dress so tight you could see my "puppy" (hehehehe), long 12-inch heels and black stockings. The dress went real well with my long blond hair. Yes, I am a really a blond (hehehe) although I am a brunette now.

We went out to eat at a fancy place. It was wonderful, ohhhh. Then we went to a very hot club that anyone who was anyone went to. But when we arrived and went in the bouncer looked at me funny, but I did not care because I was with HIM. We had a few drinks and danced and it was the best night of my life.

I then went to the restroom and was all alone until the bouncer came in and said, "you want to ride me, bitch!" I ran out as fast as I could and ran to HIM. Crying I told him we must go and then we went to parking lot. He then opened the door for me like a gentleman should, grabbed me and kiss me hard. It was really good. I took a few minutes to get my shit together and told HIM I had wanted him to kiss me all night long. He said "I had been wanting this all night, too" and then he hit me in the belly.

I could hardly breath and he pushed me into the car on my belly. He gagged me with something then he put the radio on very loud. He ripped my dress off, pulled my panties off and then he shoved his cock in me. I tried to scream as much as I could but couldn’t. I then could hear some other people laughing at me and I heard a man say, "ride the bitch like a bull!"

As I tried to yell the catcalls kept coming more and more. Then I heard nothing as they all left. Then he came in me. He said, "You like that you bitch. Oh, yes, you love that." Then he hit me in the face and I saw stars. He took off his tie and then choked me until I passed out. He then must have tied me up and put me into the trunk of the car.


When I woke up it was dark and I was still hog-tied and gagged. It seemed like we had been driving forever. Then he stopped and he got me out and cut my ropes and made me get on my knees outside the car and said, "Suck me, bitch, if you want to live." He took off his pants and just shoved his cock in my mouth. I could not breathe as he just pushed it deep into my mouth. Then I felt a sharp pain on my ass as he hit me with a stick. Then he came all over me as his cum hit my face and mouth and said, "if you do this a little more you would be real good."

He then dragged me into the car and put my head down so I could not see where we were going. As we drove he would hit my ass some more with his hand or the stick until it was real raw. When we got where we were going he got out and opened a gate then he pulled into a warehouse. He said, "this is your new home, slut," then he dragged me over the rocks and glass on the ground. He then dragged me to a table and tied me to it. Then he whipped me with a belt and a whip on my breasts and legs. Then he hit my pussy and it hurt so much I passed out.

When I woke up I was on the floor tied up and he was in me. He said, "Don’t look at me, bitch," and slapped me. "You are not to look at me, whore!" Then he came in me and he got up and said, "You liked it didn’t you, bitch." I was crying too much to say anything. He said, "I asked you, did you like it!!!" He then kicked me in my ribs and said, "I asked did you," and kicked me even harder. He threw off my gag and I said, "Yes, I love it," but I don’t think he heard me. "Louder," he said. "I love it, yes, I love it." I said.

Then he cut the ropes off me and dragged me to a tree. He then tied me face down with my ass up in the air. He got out a paddle and smacked my ass real hard. He then smacked my ass again and said, "When I tell you to do something you do it," and smacked me again. As he was doing this he got hard again. He spread my legs and he placed his cock in me. Then he pulled my ass up and said, "You will enjoy this, bitch!" He then pushed it in my ass hard. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH,MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY,GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOODDDDDDDDDDD.NOOOOOOOOO, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," he moaned. "OHH, OHHHH, Yes, whore, yes. You bitch, yes, yes, Ohhh!"

He came deep in my ass then he ungagged me and made me suck him with my blood and shit on his cock. Then he moved me to an anthill and tied me down on top of it. He put some honey on my ass and pussy and left me there for God knows how long. The ants stung me and crawled on me for a long time.

He came back and threw something in my face that smelled bad and was warm. It was piss. He told me to drink it. I shook my head, no. Then he pulled my hair back and held my nose and I was forced to drink every last drop of his piss. Then he made me pee on the ants and the flies. He then dragged me inside and put a dildo in me to get the rest of the ants and made me stand up and wash off with a hose. He put my new shoes on me and chained me to the wall and left me hanging so I could not see what he was doing very well.

When he came back he was naked holding his cock. He told me to rub it and said, "You like that don’t you bitch," and put his hand up like he was gong to hit me. I yelled, "YES," through my gag. He said, "That is better, slave. You know better than to mess with me, whore. Make me cum, bitch!" He rubbed his cock all over my body and then he put two tacks in my foot. It hurt a lot and he pushed his foot down on mine to make it hurt even more. He then punched me and played with my breasts. He then started to lick them as he pulled my hair hard. It seemed like it took forever to make him cum. Then he hit me as I was falling asleep. He said, "Whore, stay awake or you will know pain!" I passed out around 1 or 2 in the morning.


It was really early the next morning when he came to get me up. He said "Slave, I am horny and what are you going to do to help me." Then he took my gag off and I was asking what he wanted me to do when he smacked me real hard. He said, "Ohh, if I want to hear a woman talk I will still be with my mommy. So don’t tell me what you are going to do about it, bitch." I was about to say something, but he hit me in the belly yelling, "shut up whore."

Then he put his dick into my ass and shoved it deep into me. "Ohhhhhh, noooooo," I said, "Stop!" He would then play with my breasts and start to lick my neck. He then pulled out of my ass and turned me around and shoved it in my pussy dry. "Ohhhh, noooooo, god help me," I screamed, "Ohhhh, noooooo!" The next thing I knew his cum ran down my leg. Then he untied me and I fell on the floor.

I tried to take the tack out of my foot, but he grabbed me by the arm and said, "You want that out, right bitch." I nodded and said, "yes, please, I want it out." He then pulled them out as hard as he could and I said, "ohhhhhhhhh." Then he pulled on my feet and hung me upside down. He said, "I am going to go now and you behave while I’m gone," as he was tying my hands.

He took off for the day and I was alone. I was afraid of how long he will be gone and for how long I will be alone. The blood was rushing to my head and I passed out off and on during the day. He came back late afternoon. I was still passed out when he unhooked me. When I fell down I hit my head and he just laughed at me.

He picked me up and took me outside and threw me into a pond that was close by. He gave me some soap and scrubbed me down to make me clean because guests were coming. He then made me get dressed. It was a black, see-through nightgown and a thong. He told me to set the table and to get some chairs as he got dressed.

When he left I tried to run out the door, but as I did the bouncer got there. Just as he was about to bump into me he slapped me and beat me, too. I did not move after that. They took me to the table and I laid there for some time. By the time I was able to get up the rest of the guests were there.

The bouncer was black, 6’0" 300 lbs, with a bald head and was very strong just like a bull. Rod and Todd were brothers who were as dumb as a stick. Rod was 17 and Todd was 28 and both had blond hair and blue eyes. Todd was taller with a big belly, he was really fat. Then there was Missy, the bouncer’s white girlfriend. She had long black hair and was stoned or high. She had long fingernails that hurt me a lot.

HIM threw me some rags and said, "Clean up, whore!" He slapped me real hard and I cleaned up. Someone would watch me do everything even when I peed which I needed to do since I hadn’t done it in a long time. I was also hungry and needed something to drink. Then I got on the table and started to dance for them like a topless dancer. Then they brought out some food and I ate it in a bowl like a dog.

Then they started to play poker for me and not for money. They had me suck them off to determine the winner. When someone came they lost. Missy was the first to cum, then Rod and Todd next. It was between HIM and the bouncer. This kept going on for an hour or more. While I was sucking off HIM and the bouncer the others would play with my ass or pussy. "Funny" it was HIM who came all over my body and mouth and then they all came again.

Then the bouncer got a needle and while the others held me down he shot whatever it was in me. I think it was something to make me sleep with a little cocaine in it, too. They then tied me up and gagged me, placed me in the back seat and took me back to town to the bouncer’s house, which was in the black and Mexican part of town.


I do not remember a thing after he took me back to town. When I awoke the bouncer was in me and his girlfriend was taking pictures of us. He called me whore and bitch a lot and then he came in me. "Ohhh, yes," he said. He then asked he girlfriend, "Will the baby look like her daddy or this white skank whore." Then he shot me up full of drugs and I passed out again.


Around midnight, I woke up. Then the girlfriend forced my mouth open so I could suck her off. She said, "Suck you little white trash whore bitch." She came and then she beat me in my face and nose until it bled and I passed out. The bouncer then threw me in the tub with very hot water. It burned my whole body and he laughed at me. Then he made me suck him off in order to let me out. He put his cock so deep in my mouth that I could not get any air since my nose was broken. He pulled on my nose and made me get dressed. He then took me to a hotel room where there were ten of the biggest black men I have ever met. They each took turns with me and that lasted for two days until the bouncer came back to pick me up.


They fucked me so much I could not walk for days afterward.


The bouncer and his girlfriend then took me to the hotel room again and threw me down. He said, "Have fun with the white bitch," He left me there with the black men again and said, "I hope you enjoy yourself you white bitch."

Then they ripped my dress off and threw me on a bed. They all groped me and played with my breasts and one then put his finger in my pussy. Then he took off all his clothes and punched me. I screamed out loud and he slapped me once and said, "Shut up you stupid whore." Then he gagged me with his cock as one of the others held me down. One poked me with a hot iron on my legs. I moaned out loud as each one took turns one after another. Then one flipped me over and put his cock in my ass while I sucked another one off. They then shot me full of something. I could hear them call me names as one would cum or when I came they would whip my ass until it was raw.

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The bouncer and his girlfriend then took me to the hotel room again and threw me down. He said, "Have fun with the white bitch," He left me there with the black men again and said, "I hope you enjoy yourself you white bitch."

Then they ripped my dress off and threw me on a bed. They all groped me and played with my breasts and one then put his finger in my pussy. Then he took off all his clothes and punched me. I screamed out loud and he slapped me once and said, "Shut up you stupid whore." Then he gagged me with his cock as one of the others held me down. One poked me with a hot iron on my legs. I moaned out loud as each one took turns one after another. Then one flipped me over and put his cock in my ass while I sucked another one off. They then shot me full of something. I could hear them call me names as one would cum or when I came they would whip my ass until it was raw. I then lost track of what was happening and must have passed out.

Later that day I woke up in the bathtub laying face down in a small amount of cold water. Just as I lifted my head up out the water a man pulled my hair yanking my head back and said, "arch your back more," so he could fuck me in my ass. "Ohhh," I yelled as he pulled harder and kept yelling, "arch your back more!" I tried the best I could, but I couldn’t get my ass in the proper position for him so he bent my back enough to allow him to enter me.

In a short time he came in my ass just as the bouncer came in. He immediately noticed the man was not wearing a condom and he freaked out, "What the hell are you doing? You know better than to fuck a whore without a condom. Now clean her up the best you can." The man looked at the bouncer and said, "Ok, ok, I will, but don’t worry about it." The bouncer wasn’t having any of that and hit the man, "Don’t tell me what to do. Now fix it." The man backed down and tried the best he could to clean me up. He turned on the shower and cleaned me with soap and water. He then dried me off and dressed me in some boxershorts and a tee shirt. He then put a burlap bag over me head and closed it. He had tied it so tight that it was hard to breathe in it, but I managed to get enough air to stay conscious.

I sat around in the dark until it was late. He and a friend then took me to their car. As one drove the other was in the back seat with me yelling at me, "Shut up bitch and don’t move whore." I guessed they were taking me back to HIM at the warehouse, but halfway there they stopped and pulled me out of the car. The driver then put a condom on and laid me on the trunk. He pushed my shirt up and yanked my boxers down around my ankles. He then raped me as he licked and played with my breasts. The other guy pleaded with him, "Don’t be too rough with her. We don’t want HIM to know we fucked her some more, but she is a such a great whore." The other one agreed, "yeah, she is the best I’ve had in a long time." The guy then continued fucking me. Even with the bag over my face I could see a little of his dark face and noticed a scar over his eyes. He kept fucking me faster and faster and despite my situation I came. Both of them got great joy out of that and the other one said, "yeah, she is enjoying you, buddy." My rapist said back, "yeah, yeah, she is, hehehehehe." They then slapped hands as he continued to fuck me faster and faster until he came. He didn’t pull out of me for a long and when he did I fell hard on the ground.

The other guy then dragged me to the front of the car and put me on the hood. I could hear him putting on a condom and then spitting on his finger. He then probed my ass for a while and then shoved his cock in it. "Oh, ohhh, ohhh," I started to moan, but that only made him happier. I kept moaning and he kept fucking my ass until he came. He then pulled my tee shirt down and pulled my boxershorts up. They then started to put me back in the car. One of the guy must have looked at his watch because he said, "we should have been there hours ago, hehehehe." They both high-fived again before shoving me into the back seat of the car to take me back to HIM.

It was not too long before they got to the warehouse. They dragged me out of the car and turned me over to HIM. He took my arm and said, "You’re late." One of them answered, "We got lost." HIM responded, "Lost, huhhh," but he knew from the looks on their faces they were lying, "at least you got her here." After they left he took me inside where it was cold. He took the burlap sack off my head and looked at me, "Ohhh, what a lovely face you have." He then slapped me so hard that I fell back and hit a table. He then hit me again and said, "Well that will teach you to make them late whore." He then pulled my boxer shorts off and whipped me with his belt until my legs were black and blue. Then he flipped me over onto my belly on top of the table. He took out a condom and put it on as he played with my ass. As I was crying and wishing he would stop he jammed his cock into me hard. As he fucked me from behind I tried to hide the pain because he took great joy in my pain. As he fucked me hard he reached under me and played with my breasts trough my tee shirt. When he came he slapped my ass with his belt and left a big ugly welt on it. He then took off my shirt and dragged me to the corner where he handcuffed my hands in front of me and then attached the handcuffs to the wall. He then chained my neck and handcuffed my legs in the back. When he was done it would choke me and hurt when I either moved even a little bit forward or backward. He then jammed a ball gag into my mouth so deep it hurt my jaw. As he got dressed he said, "I hope you had a good time whore because this will be the last time you get any for a few days." Then he left me naked and chained to the wall the whole night.


The next morning he came back. He took the chain off and I fell forward on the floor. He then uncuffed me and took me to the table where he threw a sandwich in front of me. It was ham and cheese with a little mustard and I ate it fast. You could tell I hadn’t eaten for a few days because I had lost weight. When I was done he took me to another table and strapped me on it. He then turned something that made my legs open wider and wider until it started to hurt real bad. I started to cry in pain until I finally reached my limit and passed out.

The next thing I knew he was waking me up by waving some smelling salts under my nose. I was sitting in a chair with my hands handcuffed behind my head. For the next three hours he would shock me with a lamp he had broke. When he was done there were burns all over my breasts and thighs. He then took me outside and started to pour hot rocks and sticks on my naked skin, which burned me some more. When he got tired of that he whipped me some more. Then he dragged me back to the warehouse and tied me again with the choke chain and my hands tied behind my back and my legs tied up too. Then he left me that way for the rest of the day and night.


The next morning he came back and fed me some tuna and apple. Then he put in a box that was open but somehow my head was placed where I couldn't move it. He then plugged my nose with something and put something in mouth to keep it open all the time. So there I was not being able to move my head with my nose plugged up and my mouth wide open. He then poured some water in my mouth. It was hard to breathe and swallow the water, but somehow I managed. So for the rest of the day I was stuck in that box unable to move my head or close my mouth or breathe through my nose while water kept slowly pouring into my mouth. It was his version of the Chinese water torture, I bet. And since I was trapped in the box and unable to move I had to pee where I lay. It was very uncomfortable to lay in your own pee.

Then he came back and watched me for a long that day. When he got tired of seeing my gag and pee he took me out of the box and chained me again to the wall upside down with my hands chained to the floor. He put a vibrator in my ass, which made me shake and I would pass out off and on as the blood rushed to my head. The last time I woke up I found myself on the floor on all fours all alone. He had left me something to read. It was the newspaper with my picture on it and it said, "missing girl presumed dead," and a note attached that simply said, "You will be soon." Never in my entire life was I more afraid.

06-28-2006, 03:46 AM

It was early in the morning before I fell asleep I think. A few hours later HIM returned. He uncuffed me and tried to pull me up to my feet, but I was numb from being on my hands and knees all night. It took me a few minutes to get back to normal because I was dizzy from having my head down and nauseated from that damn newspaper article, but when I finally gained control of my head and stomach he threw an outfit at me to dress up in. It was a white button-up long sleeved shirt, a thong with a short skirt that only went down to my mid-thigh and a pair of black stockings and shoes. He then taped my mouth shut and my hands together before he put a dog collar around my neck and dragged me to the car. When I was in he put a blindfold around my eyes so I couldn't see where we were going.

I didn't make any noise as we traveled. I couldn't tell where we were going and he didn't stop too much. When he did finally stop he took me inside a home. Once inside he pushed me down on a chair and went to get someone. I listened and could hear a female voice in another room, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. Then I hear footsteps and HIM walked over to me and dragged me off the chair and took off my blindfold. It took me a few seconds to acclimate my eyes to the light and when I finally could focus I saw a cute jet-black haired girl who couldn't have been more than 13 or 14. She was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes and was looking at me and then said, "Ohhh, yeah. She is perfect." HIM then introduced me, "This is Tina, my subgirl." He then addressed me and said, "Ok, you will be here for a few days. And if I hear you got of line then we will take a one-way walk in the park." He then slapped me on the ass and turned to leave. The girl said, "I'm sure she will be fine."

I was standing there looking at this young girl when she started talking, "Ok, let's get down to it. I am Amy Booth, but it is Mistress Amy to you. I paid for a whore and the bouncer told me I've got the best. So you will do what I tell you to do since I bought you as a gift for my brother, Saturday is his 18th birthday. He is the quarterback at his high school. I had you brought here a day early, so I could get to know you better. Come here." I did not move, so she slapped me down to the floor with a blow to my face. She pulled on my leash and said, "COME HERE!" She then took off my gag and asked, "How old are you Tina?" I said, "21." She asked again, "Ohh, How big are you?" I said, "34c." She said, "Ohh, you have nice breasts Tina," as she rubbed her hand through my shirt, "Mmmmmmm and sweet lips too." She then kissed me, but pulled away suddenly and slapped me some more, "Don't try to take advantage of me whore." She then asked, "How tall are you?" I stammered, "ahhh, ahhh, 5-9." "How much do you weigh?" I said, "I'm not sure." She backed me up some as I said, "I am not sure what I weigh Mistress Amy. I am sorry Mistress." She smiled, "That's better, hehehehehe. Do you cook?" I said, "Yes Mistress Amy." She smiled again and simply said, "Good. Come on."

She then took me outside to the pool area where there was a box. "This is where you are going to sleep tonight. My brother will unwrap you during the party." She then gagged me again before I could protest and locked me in the box. Thank goodness it had an air hole in it even though it was small. Once the box was sealed I found I couldn't move at all, which not only kept me from banging on the box, but also made it difficult to sleep. In addition, my legs fell asleep very quickly causing them to feel like I was being stuck by thousands of needles. So instead of sleeping in that cramped little box I spent the night thinking of my friends and family.


I guess the party started sometime in the afternoon. I could hear a lot of girls and guys having fun all around me. I tried to move again, but it hurt too much. I also heard Amy saying, "No, no. Not until later," when her brother obviously wanted to open her gift to him as he was opening all the other gifts. I also could tell they had cut the cake and played party games just like any other family birthday party, but this was obviously not a normal birthday party.

The party kept going all afternoon until it was late and there was only few select guys left. Then it was time and Amy opened the top of the box and then the sides and everyone almost fell over when they saw me inside. The brother, a tall guy with black hair like Amy, then cheered, as did the other guys. Amy then said, "This is Tina. I bought her from some guys I know. I paid two grand of Daddy's money for her and she will do anything you ask." One of the guys yelled, "Yeahh!" while I was having a tough time getting up since my legs were still partly asleep and wobbly. "I know you like school girls, so that is why she is wearing my school uniform," Amy announced. "Yeahh, that is exactly what I want," shouted out one of the guys. "Me, too," all the rest chimed in.

The brother then picked me up and took me into the house as the guys were shouting. He then took me to his room and threw me on the bed. He ripped off my shirt and started to lick my breasts and played with my pussy through my thong. Next he took off his shirt and his pants and I could feel how hard he was as his cock pushed against my thigh. He then ripped off the thong and placed his powerful arm around my back and pulled tight causing my back to arch as he fucked me. He lasted only a few minutes before he came. As he came inside me I kept thinking when was this going to be over.

He then got up and walked out the door. I tried to get up, but before I did two guys came in. They were tall with brown hair and must have been twins because they looked so much alike. "She's hot," one of the twins said and asked, "What would you prefer?" The other one said, "I have never done anal." So they flipped me over and the one shoved his cock into me as the other one opened my mouth so I could lick his cock. Lucky for me they were inexperienced and didn't last long with one cuming in my ass and the other came on my face. They then walked out of the door.

Next a fat one with blond hair came in and he was different. He gave me a tissue to wipe the cum off my face and some water. I said, "Thank you," as he tried to play with my pussy. I could tell he was nervous. I told him, "You don't have to do anything you don't want to," but another guy yelled through the door, "HURRY UP YOU FAT FUCK!" He looked at me and I said quietly, "you don't have to take that." But he took out his cock and held it in front of my face, so I licked it a little even though he was very close to me and very heavy on my shoulder. I then deep throated him and in just a few strokes made him cum on my face and in my eyes. He took out some more tissues and I wiped all of it off again as he kept saying, "I am sorry, I am sorry." He then left the room.

Then the last one came in and he was the meanest of them all. He rushed in and started to slap and hit me as he took off his pants. He then forced his cock into my pussy and I yelled, "ahhhhhhhhh," but he covered my mouth and squeezed very hard. He started to lick my neck and breasts and then let go of my mouth. I yelled, "IT HURTS!" and he said back, "That's the way I like it," and he started to bite down on my nipple. I yelled again and he grabbed my mouth again, but this time Amy heard me yelling and she ran in. She beat him with her hand and told him not to hurt me because HIM wanted me back alive. He just said, "Who cares. She is just a whore." She yelled at him, "Don't kill her. You don't fuck with these people they fuck with us."

"Awwwwwwwwww," he snorted and stormed out the door. "I am sorry about him," Amy said. "I'll make sure you don't have to deal with him again. At least not without me in the room. Now let's get you cleaned up." She took me into the bathroom and I took a long hot shower where I washed away all the blood and tears. Amy then got me a robe to wear as she went somewhere to get a maid's outfit for me. Amy explained, "This was Mary's and she no longer works here. Put it on so we can get back to the party."

When I was dressed we went back to the pool area where I was forced to serve them dinner and blow all the guys and swallow some of the "sweet stuff" as one of the guys called it. When I finished they all went inside to watch TV and drink beer while one guy was left outside to watch me clean everything up. I then was told to wash the dishes and went into the kitchen to do so. When I got there and started to do the cleaning the mean one came in. He bend me over the sink and shoved my face into the water. He said, "You think you got the better of me whore." I tried to fight back, but he only shoved my face back in. He held me under for a long time until I managed to get out just enough to get some air. When I did his grip slipped and I was able to get away from the sink and bite him as he yelped, "ahhhhhhhhhh." He then slapped me and took a knife from the dish rack. He growled, "I am going to cut your eyes out." Then the brother said from behind him, "Dude, stop it. Don't hurt her." The mean guy said, "I intend to Stan. Fuck you. She is going to die." He then held the knife close to my eyes, but Stan stopped him before he could cut me and they fought for a few minutes. Then the mean guy stormed off, "Fuck this."

"Thank you, Thank you," I said. "It was nothing, Tina," he said as he took my hand and made me play with his crotch. He came within a few minutes and he said, "You better clean this mess up fast." I did before Amy came back and took me to Stan's bedroom. She put my leash back on and tied my hands together to the bedpost. She said, "Get some rest, hon, he will be up soon." But I couldn't sleep, so I looked around the room. It was after midnight before Stan and Amy came back. Amy asked him, "Do you like your gift?" Stan said, "She's perfect, Amy," and then they kissed. Amy then took off his shirt and licked his chest as she unzipped his pants. She then started to suck his cock before they went to Stan's bed and began fucking. Afterwards, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

06-28-2006, 03:48 AM

It was 4:30 in the morning before Stan woke up. He untied me and took me to the bathroom to pee. He then got dressed and took me downstairs to the workout room. He then tied me to the workbench with a 500-pound weight, so I could not move while he ran on the treadmill for about an hour. Then he untied me and as he got back on the treadmill he tied me again so my head was right at his crotch as he stood. "Lick me as I work out with the weights," he said. I licked and sucked him for a long time with the weights just missing head as he pumped iron before he came in my mouth.

Then he took me out of the workout room and put my leash on again and pushed me into the pool where we swam together for about 50 laps. I tried my best to keep up with Stan but it was hard to do so and when I did fall behind he would drag me by the leash.

When he was finished he toweled me off and told me to get dressed and cook him some food. I cooked some ham and eggs and toast. While Stan was eating Amy came in and ate some before taking me back to her room. She then tied me to a chair, gagged me and turned on the TV before leaving for the day. I think she went to school, but I was not sure.

It was about four when Amy came back. She came into her bedroom and jumped on me and kissed me hard. After that she took off my gag and said, "I hope you weren’t too bored, hehehehehe," she giggled and untied me. She then took me downstairs and to the backyard where she stripped me. She then stripped down to nothing and led me into the spa that was next to the pool. It was warm and felt good to my body. Amy giggled again as she kissed me some more. I loved it because her tongue felt good. She then started to play with my breasts, but was about to start kissing my nipples when she stopped. I said, "Anything wrong Amy?" She looked at me with a smile, "I like you Tina, but I’ve never been with a female." I giggled, "hehehehe. You are not the first girl I’ve been with." I kissed her and took hold of her before making love to her. After we were done we went back upstairs and she fucked me like I showed her in the spa.

I like Amy. She and I became friends and are still friends today. I know it is hard to believe, but it is true. I don’t talk about her a lot, but she is. Don’t ask me why I feel the way I do about her. Only a few of my friends even know that is how I feel about Amy.

After a little while, Stan came in and joined us. He fucked both of us before they passed out. A little later I cooked dinner for them. Amy then took her to her room for the night.


In the morning Stan woke me up and put me on the treadmill. He turned it on slow at the start until he worked me up to top speed. When he turned if off I fell into his arms. He laid me on the floor, spread my legs and fucked me like a wild man. Amy then came into the workout room and tied me to the weight set. Then they left for the day.

Amy didn’t return until four o’clock again. She untied me and took me up to her bedroom and said, "Help me, Tina. I have a date tonight and I want to look good for him. He is rich and is going to be famous. You will see." We went through her outfits and we picked out a pair of pants and a nice t-shirt with shoes that felt comfortable. I then asked her, "why do you have a date on Thursday?" Amy answered, "Ohh, we have 3 days off from school. It is some teacher’s days off thing." I said, "Ohh, I wish we had that when I was in school." She smiled, "Yeah, it is sweet." She then got ready to go out.

I put on my maid outfit and then got dinner ready for her and her date making hamburgers and homemade mashed potatoes. Then the doorbell rang and her date was waiting at the door. He was a nice looking young man, but I wouldn’t have dated him because he was snob I think. It looked like to me he thought he was hot stuff cuz he had money and others didn’t, but Amy liked him and that was all that mattered.

They went into the living room and made out most of the time as Stan watched. While they were doing that I finished preparing the rest of the dinner and set the table. I then called them for dinner and they ate it all up. When they were finished they went back to the couch and made out some more while I cleaned up. Stan then took me to his room and made me suck him before he fucked me. It was not too long later I heard Amy fucking the snob. I will tell you this that she had more fun with me. No brag just fact. I then fell asleep in Stan’s arms as did Amy with the snob in her room.

06-28-2006, 03:50 AM
Stan woke up early as always, but this time he got dressed in his fishing outfit and got his gear together. I asked if I was going with him. He thought for a minute and said, " I don’t think there will be room in the boat for all of us and if you went I wouldn’t get much fishing done over the weekend, so no. Anyway Amy will be needing you this weekend." He then left me tied to his bed.

It was about nine when Amy came in. Her date from last night had left about the same time Stan did. She laid down next to me and told me how wonderful he was and how he asked if he could see her again this weekend. She laid on the bed for a long time before she untied me. I then put back on my maid’s outfit and made her a breakfast of pancakes and eggs. After we ate we started to watch some TV when she got a phone call. "Ohhh, yeah. This stayover will be great," she said to the person on the other end of the phone. Then she told whoever it was to come right over.

In a little bit Amy’s best friends Erin and Amber arrived. Amy pulled me aside and said she wanted me to show them a good time this weekend. In a short time they decided to go to the pool to swim, so Amy put my leash back on so I wouldn’t run away. When we all got outside Amy got naked and I did the same. In a short time Erin stripped down and got in the pool with Amy and me. She was not too tall with brown hair and the biggest breasts I have ever seen on a girl and they were real. It seemed that many of their friends thought she was fat, but I didn’t think so. I think her big breasts made her look fatter than she really was.

About an hour later Amber got in the pool. She had black hair and was tall, but not taller than me with good-sized breasts, but not as big as Erin’s. All of us swam for a few hours until they got tired. They then went upstairs to rest while I made dinner for them. I made meatball soup, which is one of my favorites, and they ate it all up.

After they were done they went to the living room and sat down on the couch and starting to talk about boys. While they talked the doorbell rang and I got up in my maid outfit and opened it. It was Amy’s date from last night who asked if he had left his wallet there. So Amy took him upstairs to look around. They were up there a few minutes when I heard a noise and Amy saying, "Stop it please." Then the door burst open and it was the mean one. He stood there and looked at me for a few seconds before he grabbed me and dragged me upstairs to Stan’s room. While he was doing that two other guys wearing masks grabbed Erin and Amber and tied them down.

I tried to fight back as the mean one was taking me upstairs, but he was too strong. When we got inside Stan’s room he pushed my head into the mirror and broke it cutting my head. He then took a swing at me and punched me in the side of the head making me fall backward onto the bed. He then jumped on top of me and slapped me in the face making my nose bleed. He ripped off the top of my maid’s outfit as if it was made of paper and tore my bra off exposing my breasts. He played with them and squeezed them hard, very hard. He then moved his attention down and ripped off my little skirt and then my panties. He unzipped his pants and let them drop around his ankles. He shoved his cock inside me and it hurt as pushed deeper. I screamed a little and could hear Amy begging the other one to stop. He started moan and pump faster and as he did as he took hold of my breast and tried to twist it off

I closed my eyes and tried not to think about the pain, but then I was out of my mind. He finally came inside me and fell onto of me. As he lay on top of me he said, "You’re not so stuck up now are you?" He then left me laying there on the bed. I did not move at all hoping it was over. It was all I could do to keep from passing out and to keep me conscious I sang a song in my head from Jungle Book, "The Bear Necessities," as I heard Amy begging the snob to stop.

A little later I could hear he had stopped whatever he was doing to her. I tried to move, but found I couldn’t. A few later one of other guys who were wearing masks came in and he was drunk. He was carrying a beer and he offered me some, but I did not move and kept my eyes closed hoping he would go away. But he opened my mouth and poured some into it and I almost choked as it went down my throat. He then poured some on my face before shoving the bottle up my pussy like a dildo. The cold bottle felt a little better, but he pushed it a little too hard and I moaned a little, but he kept on fucking me with that bottle. He then took out his cock and rubbed it on me as continued bottle fucking me. After what felt like an hour, he pulled it out and licked some of my juices off of it and thew it away. He then pushed his cock inside me and was more gentle than the mean one, but not by much. After he came inside me he left and passed out.

06-28-2006, 03:52 AM
As I woke up I saw Amy sitting next to me trying to wake me up. “Ohhh, my poor, poor Tina. What did he do to you,” Amy asked. I looked up and tried to talk, but I only could manage, “ohhhh.” She held me tight as the mean one came in with the snob and yelled at Amy, “Clean the whore up now,” as they threw her some rags and Band-Aids and then they left. She took her time to get the glass out of my head and to clean up the blood that was still pouring out of me. She then gave me a t-shirt and shorts of Stan’s and held me again. I answered her finally, “I am fine now.” Then I asked her, “What happened with the snob last night?” She said, “Well, I went to my room and Iooked around my bed for his wallet and found it on the floor. When I gave it to him he kissed me and pulled my t-shirt off. He then threw me on the bed and slapped me hard. I begged him to stop, but he didn’t and ripped my shorts off and licked my pussy to make it wet.” I interrupted, “I heard you begging him to stop.” Amy continued, “Then I heard a loud crack. I guess that was the mirror breaking. I kept begging him to stop licking me when he suddenly entered me very roughly. As he fucked me he licked my breasts until he came inside me. While he was raping me I could hear the other guy moaning as he raped you. That was the last thing I heard as they tied me up and took me downstairs where the other two guys were raping Erin and Amber. I saw Amber being fucked from behind and Erin being titty fucked. I felt very bad for Erin because she was a virgin and was saving herself for when she got married. They kept me tied up and made me watch for hours as they took turns raping Erin and Amber. Sometime during the attack the one of the guys wearing a mask went upstairs for a long time. When it was all over they dragged me to your room and left me there with you and one of the guys guarding the doorway. They then ripped out all the phones so we could not call out. You know the rest.”

A few minutes later the snob and one of the masked guys came in and asked, “are you ready for more fun whore?” as he laughed out loud. They then rushed to us, tied us up and took us downstairs where Amber and Erin were tied and gagged. They placed me next to Amber while putting Amy next to Erin. At that point one of the guys said, “We have some time before our guests arrive for you whore,” As he looked at me I closed my eyes and thought, “ohhh, no. HIM is coming back.” They then lined up to play a musical blowjob game where the one who cums last wins. What he wins I wasn’t sure so I guess he just wins.

They then lined up in front of us. The snob got me, one of the masked guys got Amber, the mean one got Amy and the other masked guy got Erin. Then they started to play rap music as the snob shoved his cock into my mouth. It was average size, but in his eyes he had the biggest cock I could tell. I tried to make it fit comfortably, but that was hard because my hands were tied behind my back. As he shoved his cock deep down my throat I could feel his pubic hair on my face. While he was deep throating me I glanced at Erin. She was having a better time of it with the guy who beer bottled me even though he was a little bigger than the snob because he was standing still and letting Erin do all the work. I noticed she had a horrified look on her face and realized she had never seen a cock before much less given a blowjob. So he began to shove his cock faster and faster in her mouth and slap her around a lot because she couldn’t keep up the action. Then I looked over at Amy. She was with the mean one and, of course, he was worse than the one with Erin. He kept slapping her the whole time as she tried to lick his cock the best she could.

Then the song ended and they each moved to the next girl which meant the mean one came to me, the snob to Amber and the two masked guys were with Erin and Amy when the next song came on. The mean one did the same thing to me that he was doing to Amy even though I was licking him better than Amy did, but not by much. Amber was getting deep throated by the snob and was having a hard time getting air as he choked her. Erin was also having a bad time with one of the masked guys. Amy got the hang of it and was sucking the other masked guy like a pro and he started moaning and moaning more. Then the song stopped and they changed again.
I got Amy’s moaner, the mean one moved to Amy, the snob went to Erin and the other masked guy ended up with Amber. I didn’t have to lick at all because he was ready to cum when he moved over and once he put his cock in my mouth I felt his cock twitch before he came hitting my face and t-shirt. He then dragged me out of the line and I could see everything going on better. The snob was playing with Erin’s breasts through her t-shirt and the mean one was doing his thing with Amy and she was trying hard to get him to cum, but the song stopped before she did.

So they started over with Amy getting the snob, the mean one getting Erin and the other masked guy getting Amber with my masked guy sitting out because he came. The mean one was then trying to make Erin cum, but he couldn’t get the job done. Amy was sucking the snob off and made him cum, so she was placed next to me. Then Amber made her masked guy cum, so Erin was the last girl sucking. So they dragged her out of the room, stripped her naked and threw her in the pool. They then tied her to the diving board by her arms with her head just out of the water. From the look on her face it was obvious that her arms were hurting a lot. They then dragged us outside to watch her suffer.

The snob then grabbed Amy and stripped her naked while the mean one stripped me. They took us into the spa and told us to fuck each other or Erin would not live through the night. So Amy and me fucked each other as the four guys and Amber watched. I looked out the door and could see Erin whimpering because the ropes were making her arms bleed. We were there most of the day. After Amy and me were finished they took us to the table and strapped us there, so they could swim. I could hear Erin begging someone to stop as one of the guys raped her. He must have been hurting her very much from the way she sounded.

After a little while Erin stopped begging whomever it was to stop. They then untied her and the rest of us girls and took us to the living room where the guys sat down to watch TV. One of the masked guys took me into the kitchen to cook something for them. I decided to heat up some of the spaghetti and meatballs that was leftover from the other night. When it was hot they all came in with the girls and tied me down next to Amy, Amber and Erin on the floor. Erin didn’t look too good because she was white as a ghost. I could see they had tried to clean her wrists as best they could with some rags, but the blood coming out anyway. When they were done eating there were no leftovers this time. I thought, “ohhh boy, I bet the food is great.”
They then dragged us back into the living room to watch more TV and wait for their special guest guy or guys. An hour passed before the doorbell rang and when they opened the door there was one guy standing there. I looked up and couldn’t believe my eyes because I could see it was Dan, a guy I babysat for a year. I then dated his brother when Dan was a freshman and I was a senior in high school. During that time he kept asking me out, but I kept letting him down gently. I don’t think he recognized me because I was naked when he came in. When he saw me he immediately jumped right on top of me. The other guys pulled him off, so he grabbed my arm and dragged me upstairs to Amy’s room.

He threw me down on the bed and then got naked himself. When he was nude he jumped on me again and uttered, “Ohhh, yeah.” As he entered my body with his cock it hurt a little bit. He took off my gag and kissed me pushing his tongue deep down my throat. When he stopped he laughed at me as he played with my breasts. He then started to lick them as he pushed his cock back into me again. As he was raping me I glanced back at the doorway and saw one of the masked guys watching us and playing with his cock through his pants. Suddenly Dan pulled my face to his and he had the biggest smile in the world on his face. He then put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on the bed as he fucked me faster and faster. Then he came inside me and held my legs apart for a long time. Finally he said, “Yeah, I knew you were the best whore. I knew all along I was going to eventually fuck you.” I looked at him and said, “I bet your mommy could do me better than you.” He then hit me in the face causing some blood to spurt out of my lips. Suddenly the masked guy at the door got on top of me and pushed his cock inside my pussy while holding my head still. Dan then made me lick his cum off his cock as the masked guy continued to rape me. Thankfully he didn’t last long and shot his cum inside me. He then pulled his limpening cock out of me and made me lick it clean too. Then the snob came into the room and raped me as well. When he was done he fell asleep on top of me.

Early in the morning Dan came into the room and made me lick his balls as the snob played with breasts and licked my pussy to make me wet. When he was satisfied I was wet enough he raped me again followed by Dan. When they had finished they dragged me down to the kitchen to cook some food for all the guys. While I was cooking one the guys grabbed me ass and laughed at me since I was totally naked. I made them eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice. While the guys ate they gave the girls some scraps to eat.

When they finished they took us to the weight room, so they could all play with us. Amber was the first one they attacked. They made us watch as each guy took a turn raping her. She begged them to stop but they kept going until each one had raped her. Then it was Erin’s turn and they were rougher with her than the rest of us. They beat her and raped her for at least an hour before they were done. Then they took us back to the living room to watch TV.

06-28-2006, 03:54 AM
It was 5 a.m. when the two masked guys came and dragged all us girls out into the livingroom and threw us some new outfits to wear. Amy got her cheerleading outfit, Amber got some black boots, shorts and a t-shirt, Erin got a t-shirt, but no bra or skirt and I got a blue button-up shirt, skirt and a pair of patent leather shoes with three-inch heels. Once we were dressed they took us to the van under the cover of night so that there no witnesses on the street. We drove around for at least two hours until they parked in a private parking lot owned by the snob. Then all the guys left leaving Dan with us in the van. They had left us in the back of the van tied up, so we couldn't move at all. It looked like they had prepared for transporting us because the back window was blacked out and there was a cover drawn just behind the front seats. Dan stayed up front most of the day sleeping and eating some sandwiches he had made before we left the house.

Sometime in the afternoon Dan came into the back and sat next to me. He fed me part of his sandwich and then licked the mustard off my chin. He kissed me and said, "You are going to have fun at this new place, but that is all I am going to say,” and then fell asleep next to me. I glanced around and looked at the other girls. None of them looked very good, but I was more worried about Erin. She looked terrible and in a bad way. It looked like to me she might be sick. In the corner Amy was crying softly so that she wouldn't wake Dan I guess. Amber was sleeping and she looked like she was in pretty good shape considering. I was not sure how I felt. I just wished it would end here and now with a cop rescuing us and getting Dan. But they never came.

As I was praying to get out of this horrible situation the back door swung open. "Ohhh," I said hoping it was the cops, but it was one of the masked guys. He had taken off his mask and I could see he was clean shaven with brown eyes to go with his tall strong body. When the door opened Dan woke up and as he rubbed his eyes he asked, "What time is it?" The brown-eyed guy said it was almost three and the rest would be there soon. As he looked at us girls he went over to Erin and started to rub his hands all over her breasts. Dan then moaned a bit, "mmmm" and started to rub his cock as he turned to me. He lifted my skirt up, took my panties off and rubbed my thigh before he entered me. As he pumped faster he rubbed my breasts through my shirt and kept moaning. I glanced up to see the brown-eyed guy start to tittyfuck Erin. She was crying too much so he yelled at her, "SHUT UP and take it like the whore you are!" Meanwhile Dan was fucking me and when I grunted through my gag that made him very happy. Finally he came again and then he rested with his head laying on my breasts.

The other guy was having trouble with Erin because she wouldn't stop crying so he hit her in the face but that didn't do any good. So he got up and came over to me and started to finger fuck me. When he was satisfied I was ready he entered me while Dan watched. For some reason Dan seemed pretty happy that someone else was fucking who he thought was his girlfriend and he said, "Wooooo. Fuck her good man. Fuck her good. My baby likes a good fuck." It didn't take him too long before he came inside me. Dan then went to clean Erin up before the rest of the guys got back.

It was not too long before they arrived. The snob got in up front to drive while the mean one sat shotgun. The other masked guy, the one who had bottled fucked me, got in the back with us and he had also taken off his mask. He turned out out to be a tall blond with blue eyes. He then sat next to Amy and started to play with her breasts. Dan sat next to me and tried to comfort me saying, "It will be ok honey. You will love it where you are going." The brown-eyed guy sat next to Amber, who was pretending that she was still asleep. We drove a long time and it seemed we were just wasting time as we kept going around and around until they stopped at a McDonald's where they each got a Big Mac, apple pie and a coke. They ate as they kept driving, but this time we ended up where we were going. It must have been about 8 p.m. because it was dark out.

They drove around the back it seemed and I heard the snob say some kind of password. Then the back door opened and two men appeared. As they picked up Erin and Amber one of them said, "the boss is waiting for you." Then the guys took me and Amy out the back too and into the elevator up to the boss' office. When the door opened there were two men standing there and one man sitting in a chair looking out a one-way mirror. He then turned his chair around and said, "ahhh, Dan my nephew." Dan said, "Uncle Jack," a really fat man that smelled awful. "What have you brought me?" Dan answered, "The girls I told you about Uncle." Uncle Jack said, 'Ohhh, yes. let me see them."

One of the men at the door took Erin in first. They stripped her naked, "Not bad, Dan. Mmmm. Rocky she's yours." Rocky then took Erin to another chair and raped her there. Next they took Amber inside and stripped her down as well, "Skip she's yours," said Uncle Jack. He pulled her down on the rug and raped her on the floor. Then Amy was next looking so hot in her cheerleading outfit. Fat Uncle Jack said, "Sam you take her." He ripped off her top and ass fucked her all the while she was begging him to stop.

Then it was my turn as Rocky was finishing with Erin cleaning his cock off on her breast. Uncle Jack asked Dan, "Bring her to me." Dan dragged me over to him as he opened his pants. I could smell something bad as I got closer to him. He ungagged me and kissed me like Dan had done earlier. He then ripped my shirt and bra off so he could lick my breasts. I almost passed out from the smell of this disgusting man. He then took my skirt off and ripped my panties off and entered me with his big cock, which was almost as big as HIM's. When he started to pump me I heard Dan say, "ohhhh, ohhhhh," as he put his cock into my mouth. I was having trouble breathing with Uncle Jack's weight on top of my stomach and chest and Dan's cock in my mouth. They both were pushing in me as I tried to breathe. Soon they both came at the same time and finally got off me letting me catch my breath. Uncle Jack said, "Yeah, she is very good. Take our new guests to their rooms, except those two." He was pointing at me and Erin. "Take them to the cock room."

When they lifted me up I saw through the mirror it was actually a club we were in. They then took me and Erin to what they called the cock room. It was a room with pictures of animals on the wall. There was a rabbit, a cow, a dog, some cats, a donkey and a bull. They put me next to the rabbit picture and Erin next to the bull one. They then put a chain around our necks and hands. It was then I noticed that there was a hole in the rabbit picture and it was not too much longer when a cock was thrust throught that little hole. It hit my face and one man hit me in the back with a whip saying, "you know what to do with it. Suck it if you want to live." So I sucked on it as I saw another man pushing Erin's face towards a cock sticking out of the bull. He held her jaw open as he pushed her mouth over that hard cock. I closed my eyes and took the cock into my mouth and started to blow him.

We were in that room for about four or five hours and I sucked at least 20 to 25 cocks during that time. My knees were killing me and my back hurt too from being whipped if I tried to move too quickly from cock to cock. I looked over at Erin and she had cum plastered all over her face and hair just like me.

06-28-2006, 03:55 AM

It was at least after 3 a.m. when we sucked the last guy. We then were there for about another half-hour before one of the guards came in and undid the chain around my neck and the one around my hand. At that point I fell down on the very cold cement floor. I lay there for a few seconds before he turned me over so I could face him. He was an older man about 35 or 40 I guess with blond hair with tattoos all over his arms. He had that just out of jail look. You know the one where he hadn't seen a woman in years. He then said, "You like," as he opened his pants and grabbed my hair to pull me up off the floor. He said it again, "So you like," as he revealed his cock which was big about 10 or 11 inches big. He then jammed it into my mouth pulling my hair so he could get it all deep down my throat. As I started to gag he laughed at me, but he did pull it out so I could get some air. I
managed to take three deep breaths before he jammed it back into my mouth. "You like that don't you cunt? You love my cock don't you? No girl like you can resist it." He then bobbled my head a few times as his cock got harder. He did this a few times taking it out in between until he finally came. It seemed like a mountain of cum was shooting into my mouth. I did my best to take it all down, but I couldn't as some dribbled out of my mouth and fell to the cold cement. He made me swallow what was left in my mouth and then lick the rest off the dirty floor.

He then took up one floor to a room like the one I was just in, except it was wet with a drain hole and a chain in the middle. He attached me to the chain and got a water hose out and sprayed me for a good six minutes or so. After I was soaked he took out some soap and lathered me up mostly in my pussy area and didn't miss a spot. When I was all soapy he sprayed me again and then got some shampoo and washed my hair. Some of it got into my eyes, so he had to unchain me. He then put me on the table and put a towel on me before he handcuffed me to the table. He then left the room.

He was gone only a few minutes before he returned with Erin. She was begging him to let her go and when she wouldn’t shut up he slap her. I tried to help her and said, "Ok, Erin, it’s alright," but he yelled at me, "Shut up whore," and took out a knife and put it to her neck. When he did that she shut up and started to whimper, so he said, "That’s better," and then he took her to the middle of the room and spray her like he did me, but looked like he enjoyed washing her pussy more than he did when he washed me. As he did she just continued to whimper and then began to cry. When he finished with her pussy he washed her hair and then led her to another table in the room where he helped her dry off, especially her breasts. When he finished with Erin he came back to me since I was still wet and was getting cold. He warmed me up as he rubbed me dry and loved drying my breasts.

When I was dry he got a chain and attached it to both our necks and put another chain around our wrists and led us to the next room where it much warmer. There he got our some clothes for us to wear. He put a bra and panties on Erin and then turned to me. He gave me a black see-thru top and matching panties and then took my neck chain off so I could put it on. He then grabbed Erin and put his knife to her breast and said, "Put that on real slow." So I gave him a slow show as I got dressed and I evidently did a good job because it looked he enjoyed it.

When I was dressed he took us up the stairs to what they called the Women’s Lounge, but it looked like a cellblock to me. He put me in one of the cells and put me on the bed and chained my leg to a bolt on the floor. When it was secure he took the chain off my neck and uncuffed my hands, but before he left he gave me a shot in my arm and about 20 minutes later the room started to spin and I passed out. The next thing I knew it was early the next morning, but I didn’t stay awake and fell back asleep.

It was late afternoon when I woke up again. When I opened my eyes I saw Dan standing over me eating a sandwich. When it was obvious I was awake he made me take a bite out of the egg, onion and mayonnaise sandwich and swallow even though it was terrible. As I choked it down I looked around and saw I was indeed in a what looked like a cell because it had bars on the door. Otherwise, it had a small night table with a few cups of water on it and bowl with something smelly in it. Finally I noticed that there was a small window that had bars on it too.

I moved a little bit and found my leg was now chained to the bed. The whole time I was taking inventory Dan was eating his terrible sandwich and when he finished his last bite he said, "I’ve got to go back to work, but before I do," he sat down next to me and kissed me as he took off my panties. He then tore off my see-thru shirt and started to lick my breasts. Then he bit my nipple and when I screamed he slapped me hard and said, "Shut up whore. I do what I want with you whore." He then got on top of me and fucked me until he pulled out and came on my belly. He then got up and went to the table and got out a bra and thong and made me put it on.

After he left I lay on that small bed for a good long time before I noticed someone was watching me outside the cell. "Hello," a short, nice-looking black man wearing a t-shirt and pants said, "Ohh, you’re going to lick me," and with that he opened the door and got on my chest shoving his cock into my mouth. He didn’t last too long and when he came he made drink his seed. He then pulled his pants up and left.

I lay there for about an hour before I got up and tried to look through the bars. I couldn’t see anything, but I did hear a few men and women moaning. I then went back to bed and fell asleep.

The next thing I knew three guys were on top of me. One took his tie off and gagged me with it before they ripped my panties off. I was scared, but couldn’t do anything as they next ripped my bra off and the black one held me down and covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream. The second guy, who had a long dirty beard, started to lick my pussy while the third guy was taking off his shirt. When he was topless he pushed the dirty guy out of the way as I was trying to struggle with the black guy holding me down when I got one hand free. However, he managed to subdue me quickly by grabbing me and covering my mouth once again. When I stopped struggling the third guy entered me slowly and then began to fuck me faster and faster as I worked one of my thighs free. The dirty guy immediately grabbed it and my other leg and held them up before wrapping them around the third guy’s hips and held them
there tight. As the third guy continued to fuck me the black guy was licking my breasts until a short time later he came on my belly and shot some of his sperm on my breasts. At that point the bearded guy pulled the third guy off and got on top of me. I tried to kick him off, but couldn’t so he entered me and pumped a few times before he came inside me. Then it was the black guy’s turn. As he entered me he made me arch my back as one of the other guys held me down. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes before he finally came. They then let me go and left me laying on the bed still gagged with the tie.

Some time later they returned with a tray of food, but I was too upset to eat, so they gave me another shot to calm me down that caused me to pass out again. When I woke up it was dark and Dan came to get me and take me to the blow job room where he chained me again to the bull. Dan sat down next to me and said, "You’ve got one hour to suck off 15 of the boys and if you do before the hour is up you will get a treat. Hell, even if you don’t you will get it whether you like it or not. Get it my love." I nodded. "Well, then let’s begin, my love. Cock 1."

Cock 1 was smelly, but I had to lick it anyway and when he came he shot some of his cum up my nose. Dan laughed at me. Cock 2 then popped out and it was longer than the first one. I licked all around the shaft and around the head and put as much of it as I could into my mouth. I then deep-throated it for a few minutes until he came in throat and I swallowed as much of it I could. Cock 3 was fat, but not as long as the second one so it was easier to take into my mouth.

When I finally sucked off the last guy for the night two of the guards took me to the shower room. As they washed me with cold water one of them got on top of me and entered me. I closed my eyes and just wished it was over. At the same time the other one opened my jaw, put his cock into my mouth and then pinched my nose so I could not get any air. He then jammed his cock deep down my throat and when I struggled to breathe he thought it was funny. Finally he let go and I got two lungs full of air before he pinched my nose again. At the same time the other guard was playing with my breasts by licking them and squeezing them until it hurt. Then the other guy came in my mouth and I gagged on his cum causing it to dribble out of my mouth.

As he got up the other one fucked me harder making me arch my back until it hurt while at the same time he kissed and licked my breasts some more. He then grabbed my legs and pushed them over my head until it hurt too as he fucked me faster and faster. When he came he pulled out and came all over my chest and belly. They then cleaned me up and put a t-shirt on me that barely covered my breasts along with some underwear and a pair of shorts. Finally they took me downstairs and handed me over to Dan, the Snob and the Mean One who put me in the van and started to drive away.

I was so tired I immediately fell asleep and they must have left me alone because I didn’t feel a thing. After what must have been at least a few hours we pulled up to Dan’s family cabin. I knew the place because I had been there many times with Angel and once with her older brother after prom.

As Dan dragged me into the cabin the Snob and the Mean One took off and I guess went back to town. Once inside Dan took me to the main bedroom. Once inside Dan said, "Well, they will be gone for a few hours, so what do want to do?," as he winked at me. I thought to myself, "Ohh, god. How much longer?" as he tied my hands to the bedposts and got undressed slowly. He danced before he climbed on top of me and spread my legs. He then stuck in his inside my shorts as he unzipped them to play with my pussy. Once he had removed my shorts and underwear he licked my pussy for a few minutes while rubbing himself to an erection. When he finally entered me I moaned a little causing him to say, "Ohhh, yeah, I knew you loved sex and I told them so." I closed my eyes as I began to cry wishing he would just hurry up and get it over. But instead of just fucking me he lifted my shirt and played with my
breasts like the other guy did. Thankfully it did not take him long before he came inside me. Once he was done he fell asleep on top of me. I tried to untie my hands, but I was too tired to get them loose. So before I fell asleep I looked up at the clock and saw it was 3:30.

Day 20:

The two men who were holding Angel down then dragged her to Missy, "I hear you are gay," she said. Angel looked up at Missy and with one of the men having his hand over her mouth she still managed to say a muffled, "fuck you." Missy got mad and slapped her so hard she scratched her face causing it to bleed. The two guys then tied her hands and feet together, put a blanket over her head and tied a rope around the blanket so she couldn’t move. They then dragged her to the van and drove her to the warehouse where I was first brought to.

When they got there they dragged her to the center of the main room where Missy cut the blanket off of her leaving her gagged. When she was free she saw HIM and the bouncer standing there naked while the Missy and the two guys who kidnapped her starting to strip. She sat on the floor and stared at both HIM and the bouncer with disgust and fascination because it was literally the first time she had seen a naked man as well as the first time she had seen a naked black man.

The bouncer was the first to move as he came over and grabbed her by her red hair. He dragged her towards him with his cock in his other hand. He smiled as he stared at her 36c breasts before he squeezed them, "Nice. They’re even bigger than Tina’s." When Angel heard my name she tried to stand and through her gag she yelled my name, "Tina, Tina, Tina!!", but the bouncer on pushed her down back on her knees, "stay still whore."

He then ungagged her, "if you suck me and my friends real nice I will let you see Tina real soon." Angel looked up and started to ask, "What have you done with her…", but was cut short as the bouncer backhanded her causing her lips to bleed. HIM, who was standing a few feet away, spoke up, "Sorry about that. He looses his cool some times." He then walked up to place his hard cock in her mouth, but she wouldn’t open up. That didn’t last long as both HIM and bouncer twisted her breasts and pulled her hair until she finally was forced to open her mouth. Once she did he jammed his cock roughly inside.

Angel knew early as a little girl she was gay, but didn’t tell anyone. She didn’t do anything about until Tina became her "first" time. So she never thought she would have to suck a room full of men and found her first taste of cock nasty. However, she did her best to suck it good, so he wouldn’t get mad, but within a few seconds Missy interrupted, "No, no. Like this." She pushed Angel aside and started to suck HIM’s cock like a pro. She sucked on it for a few minutes before turning it back to Angel.

Angel then went back to her disgusting task before forced to lick HIM’s hairy ball, which almost making her puke. Making matters worse Missy was stroking his cock as she licked when suddenly he forced his engorged cock back into mouth as he came forcing her to take his entire load. She could barely choke it down without puking.

When he was done the bouncer grabbed her hair and twisted her around to suck his big black cock. He was extremely rough and while she did her best she wasn’t doing a good job. Missy took over again and for the first time she got a good look at the bouncer’s cock, the biggest one she had ever seen obviously. This time Missy didn’t turn it back to Angel and kept going until he shot his disgusting load all over her face.

When he was done shooting he laughed as he held his dripping cock in front of Angel’s face, "Hey baby they don’t call me horse cock for nuttin." She was so close to that disgusting dripping organ and wasn’t thinking as she stared at the cum oozing from the hole when he pulled her head closer. She tried to struggle, but he was very strong and pushed the wet tip into the front of her mouth before shoving it deeper causing her to panic as she had trouble breathing. She fought to regain control and managed to relax her throat enough to keep from passing out. She then snatched a breath every time he pulled back, but found her mouth totally filled as his cock got harder making it impossible to even move her tongue. He kept it up and finally pulled out before shooting another load all over her face including in her eyes which stung. Angel spent the next four hours with a cock in her mouth as
each of the guys made her suck him off. Finally they all jerked off on her as she slumped to the floor.

Missy then dragged her away to clean her up. First she dunked her head in a sink of water before rubbing soap over her face and dunking her again to rise it off. When she was finished she dragged her to HIM’s bedroom and dumped on the bed as HIM got undressed. She then spread Angel’s legs wide and tied her wrists to the bedposts before taking her clothes off including my bra and panties she stole from the apartment. When she was naked she climbed on the bed and started to lick Angel’s clit to get her ready for what was about to happen. She twisted her tongue inside her sweet virgin pussy getting it wet from her spit before pulling away leaving her open to HIM’s assault on her virginity.

HIM stood there for a few seconds before pushing his penis against her virgin hole and thrusting it inside causing her to scream bloody murder as she felt pain like never before. It felt like a red-hot poker was stuck inside her most sensitive region. He then began to fuck her.

As he did Missy grabbed her head and made her lick her out. As she was licking Missy’s pussy HIM was licking her breasts. He then bit down hard on her nipples causing her yell out in great pain once again. Her yells were greeted by Missy’s moans as she neared an orgasm. Finally, despite her reluctance, all three came at once with Missy squirting on Angel’s face, HIM shooting on her body and Angel cumming too. When it was over Missy and HIM got dressed and left Angel on the bed crying softly.

Within a few minutes she heard someone talking to HIM outside the door. Then two guys came in with the Bouncer as she was laying on her back. One of them then pulled her to the edge of the bed and jammed his cock into her mouth while his balls slapped against her eyes and forehead. The other guy then spread her legs wide so he could fuck her hard. As all of that was going on the Bouncer started video taping them. As Missy re-entered the room she heard the guy fucking her say, "Ohhh, look at that tongue licking his balls." Missy laughed, "And she is a lez."

HIM then walked in and said, "We found her." The Bouncer asked, "Where?" HIM answered, "Somewhere in a cabin by the lake," Angel was listening despite being two-timed and put two-and-two together almost biting the guy she was blowing as she said, "Leave her alone. Haven’t you done enough to her." HIM looked at her and just smiled. He then took her by the hair, "I’ve invested too much time and money in that whore to let a teenager stop me."

"He’s my brother," Angel said. "All the more better," HIM answered. He looked at the Bouncer and Missy and said, "Bring her back to me and while you’re at it make her brother pay." "No," was all Angel could get out of her mouth before the guy shoved his cock so deep down her throat she gagged and almost puked. When he pulled it out she tried to take a deep breath, but he rammed it down her throat again as he came. She choked it down even though she hated the taste of a man’s cum.

As HIM took over the camera the other guy took his cock out of her pussy and cam on her belly rubbing his cum over her body. Then two more guys came in and did the same thing to her. As the Bouncer and Missy got ready to leave Him said, "Take Ben (a tall man with a goatee who had just came inside Angel’s pussy) and take Meat as well." The Bouncer grinned as he came on her face and then turned her around so he could fuck her. The Bouncer laughed, "I don’t think he’s done yet." HIM pulled Meat out of Angel’s pussy, "Don’t be greedy. Get going."

As they drove to the cabin the van hit something in the road and they got a flat tire. They found out they didn’t have a spare, so they told Meat to walk the five or six miles back to get a new tire while they were going to walk ahead to the cabin. As he started back along the country road the Bouncer knowing he was wanted by the police yelled, "Don’t get caught."

Day 21:

As the sun was coming up they had walked a half a mile while at the cabin (Dan or Ted or Tim) was waking me up. He led me to the bathroom and let me pee. He then took me into the shower when he handcuffed me. He pushed me down on my knees and made me suck him off until he was really hard. He then had me get on all fours where he raped me from behind. Thankfully it took only a few strokes before he came. He left while I laid on the shower floor for a really long time before he came back and dried me off.

He force fed me an egg sandwich before putting me into a bikini of Angel’s which was too loose on me. When I was dressed he took me on their fishing boat where he went fishing. He tied my hands and feet together and took my bottoms off and positioned me so I was sitting spread eagle with my naked pussy and butt sticking up. As he would cast his line he would put his finger in me and to my surprise he did catch a few fish. As he would show me the fish he caught he would finger me some more until I started to moan. I also starting to cry, but he just kept finger-fucking me until I came. After I was done he unzipped his pants and entered me. He took my top off and started licking and pawing my breasts until I came again. He then french-kissed me as I moaned some more for him. At that time the gang arrived at the cabin and started to scout around looking for us. Missy was the one who saw us in the fishing boat, so they decided to break into the cabin and wait for us.

During the next hour (Dan or Ted or Tim) raped me again and after he came inside me he got dressed and slowly drove the boat back to the boathouse. As we walked into the cabin Tim smacked (Dan or Ted or Tim) to the floor. As Missy took me from behind the Bouncer beat the crap out of (Dan or Ted or Tim). Then he looked at me half-naked and took hold of me to drag me to the bedroom. Once inside he ripped off my top and pushed me on the bed where he got on top of me and roughly entered me. He pushed deeper and deeper into me as he put my legs on his shoulders. As he fucked me he licked my breasts and even bit them a little. Once again I couldn’t help myself as I got hot and came when he shot his load all over my face and hair.

Once we had calmed down we got dressed and the Bouncer left. A few minutes later Bill came in. He got undressed and I saw he had a few tattoos including one with a skull and another one with a fireball. He was a skinny guy and not too tanned with red hair and freckles and a six-inch cock. He got on top of me and it was not too long before he came on my tits. He rubbed them together and got hot again, but this time made me suck him off. When he came I took all of his semen. He then got up and left me in the bedroom.

I stayed in the room and didn’t hear a thing until late in the afternoon when Missy came in. She tied me to all four corners of the bed leaving me spread out. She then got on top of me with a wet rag and cleaned me off wiping all the cum and other stuff off my skin and hair and even cleaned out my pussy. She dried me off and gagged me. She then lay down beside me and took a nap.

Missy woke up when the Bouncer came in the room. He asked, "Is she clean?" Missy answered, "Ohhh, yeah," as she got undressed. The Bouncer then fingered me and that made me hot again. Then Missy got on top of me and opened up my pussy as wide as she could before positioning herself so her clit was rubbing against mine.

Then the Bouncer ungagged me and replaced it with his penis. As I was being mouth fucked Missy was grinding me hard. Even though it hurt it also felt good. Then he took his cock out of my mouth and went behind Missy and started to fuck her ass making her move even faster and start to moan. I started to moan myself as Missy sucked on my nipples. She then bit them hard making me scream, which only made them laugh at me. This lasted 20 minutes and then they fucked each other. He then got off her and came on her face before making me open my mouth and shooting some inside.

08-09-2006, 03:21 AM
even thow i close to the end it hard to get thow with what happon so soon i well get done tina
only week left

08-09-2006, 03:39 AM
Take your time subby, you're very brave writing out your tale! :) I'll help you post it when you're done.