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Mad Gerald
04-12-2011, 08:56 AM
Hey I've always been keen on big strong girls in uniform being cornered, used, abused, forced to cum - looking at the number of views on the WPC thread earlier lots of you like them too so I thought I would post some more stories. If any of you have any like wise post them here! Thanks

Lt. Elizabeth Hall (Royal Navy) Pirate adventure.

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Part One.

Royal Naval Ship HMS Brilliant has been in the South China sea for the last few months carrying out anti piracy operations. The duties like those of the blockade around the Balkan states was becoming tedious.

Lieutenant Liz Hall was detailed to lead a four man team from the Brilliant
to the Tanker "Siam Xan Xai" it was early evening. The tanker had departed Singapore the day before and was bound for SongKhla, Thailand.

She hated duties like this. The Captain had an attitude about Women in the Navy, He always made sure the female members of the crew got more than they're fair share of shit duties. Liz knew this but was determined she would never complain, she just took it out on the crew.

Lt Liz hall was a big woman 5' 10" a chest of 46" blonde, wide smile, blue eyes, always smartly dressed, immaculate in fact.

It was the 08-June-1999 according to port officials the tanker was laden with 2100 tons of gas-oil and was a ripe target for local pirates. Lt Hall's orders were clear. Board the vessel. Establish a rapport with the ships captain, give guidance on Anti-piracy operations. Increase the profile of the Royal Navy. Rejoin the Brilliant.

The Non-Com detailed was a Chief petty Officer Pete Bradshaw. There was no love lost between him and her; He'd tried it on with her and other female members of the crew on many occasions. She'd even had him disciplined for drunkenly groping a WREN, something he lost shore leave over and three years seniority. If it wasn't for his language abilities he wouldn't be on her team.
Pete and the others were not too happy with being detailed to work for her.

The male crew called her the Ice Queen behind her back, all of them lusted after her though, literally buckets of semen had been discharged during off duty time over the thought of her big stiff tits bouncing about while she was shafted.
They travelled across in an high speed inflatable.

The weather was so humid and close, she wore her navy tropical whites, a flack jacket, her belt holding her pistol, holstered. The other three men wore similar, but with SA80 assault rifles. They approached the vessel from behind and gained permission to board her.

The ships crew were a mixture of Chinese and Indonesians, there were 16 in total, They were glad to see the Royal Navy, even happier to see Lt Liz Hall and her big breasts. The chief petty officer acted as interpreter. One of the Ratings caught all the operation on video, to help with de-briefing later.

He exchanged pleasantries with the crew, One of them asked if the Lt took it up the ass, he replied "Not yet but she will" they all laughed. She naively joined in.
She set about interviewing the captain and crew, advising them about their security. They didn't seem to have any, The company they worked for had just told them to avoid Pirates, or passively let them have anything they want.
As planned HMS Brilliant continued on to contact a further two vessels, and would return the next evening for the away team. As the evening wore on the weather took a turn for the worst, A Typhoon warning was in force, It looked like it would cross between HMS Brilliant and the Tanker.

The tanker captain decided to steer closer to the Malaysian islands for protection. Lt Hall tried to contact her vessel but found the weather was causing too much interference, she gave up. They were stuck here for the duration.
She sat in the wheel house drinking some coffee, She was so hot, her uniform was soaked with sweat. Under her arms, her back and breasts were dark with it.

She stood and took off her flak jacket, she could feel the eyes of the crew on her as she shrugged it off her shoulders and dropped it too the floor, Her bra and breasts were outlined beautifully her wet service blouse stuck firmly to her breasts. She did her best to ignore them and the chatter and laughter that carried on for minutes after. She sat back down and cradled her breasts to hide them from view. With the change in temperature her nipples were straining against the material, two large bumps, they tingled demanding attention. She swallowed some more coffee and tried to think of something else.

The evening wore on, at about midnight Lt Hall was slumbering in a chair. Suddenly all hell let loose, the crew were in an awful state of panic, running about shouting and yammering in distress. Lt Hall came out of the wheel house trying to find the Chief. She found him outside with the other two ratings.

"They're panicked Ma'am, keep shouting about Pirates!" he shouted above the
din. Lt Hall swallowed in fear, this couldn't be happening. "Try to find out what's happening Chief, the important thing is to stay calm, once they see our Naval uniforms they'll probably turn tail and run!"

He grinned "Do you believe in the tooth fairy as well Ma'am?" Shots rang out, there were screams. The Chief grabbed two of the Chinese crew and shouted at them trying to get information. He turned back to the Lieutenant.

"There's about a dozen of them Ma'am, heavily armed, came in on two high speed small craft, Their on the main deck and coming this way. They say they've killed several of the crew" She was appalled she grabbed for her pistol and checked it was loaded and took off the safety. "I'll get the men to put down some suppressing fire over the rail Ma'am, that should sort the bastards!"

"No Chief you must give a warning, get one of the men to show himself, clearly warn them the Royal Navy are here. They'll soon change there minds and clear off."
"I don't think that's a good idea Ma'am. They'll kill him"
"It's not a good idea Chief it's an order! Now do as your told!" he stared at her, more gunfire came from below closer this time.

"Right, Yes Ma'am! Jones come here!" He turned to the rating.
"Jones, get to the head of the stairs, give a clear warning that were here"
He scurried off. Moments later he cocked his weapon and turned into the open stair.
"Royal Navy stop or I fire!"

Bullets slammed into him he didn't stand a chance, he crashed into the bulkhead behind, dead. The other rating began to return fire through the opening. He screamed and fell back as automatic fire raked his twitching form. Through the opening Asian men with various automatic weapons poured.
The chief swung around and shot two before a boot kicked him square in the face and he slumped back, his rifle tumbled to the floor. Lt Hall fired twice into the throng before a rifle butt hit her in the face and screaming she slammed backwards onto the floor, unconscious.

The captain and the rest of the crew surrendered. The vessel was slowed to a stop the anchor dropped.
The Lieutenant and chief were dragged unconscious into the wheel house and down to the mess deck. They tied the crew up and sat them on the floor. The
Chief's hands were tied behind his back and he was left face down. Her limp form was thrown on the floor.
The pirate leader stood admiring his catch. He was a large Chinaman, broken teeth smiled out from his bearded face, He wore some torn chinos a T-shirt a belt with two holsters. The rest were all similarly dressed, a motley crew of maritime down and outs, all sporting leering grins as they crowded around her. The all chatted excitedly, their imaginations running riot at the possibilities the young officer presented. Tonight would be a good night.

Lt Hall lay were she had been dropped. Her mouth slack blood trickled from her nose. Her sweat soaked blouse still clinging to her breasts. At a word she was slung on her front, two pirates knelt beside her. One forced her elbows together, the other tied them tightly with cord. It bit into her strong arms, making the flesh bulge between the lines of cord. She was turned back over, painfully laid on her arms.

Lt. Hall stirred slowly coming back to consciousness. She started as her vision cleared and she was faced by a sea of grinning Asian faces. The nearest laughed and spoke in pigeon English.

"Yoo Wakee wakee to fun time, Royal Navee bitch!" He had a shiny gold tooth
where one of his incisors should have been.
She stared around in terror. She struggled as they dragged her up and backwards to the nearest mess table, they sat her on the edge of it. One knelt behind her holding her bound arms, Her black Navy trousered legs dangled over the edge. The Leader stood in front of her, he grabbed her face and twisted it to his. Behind him one of the pirates held her ratings camera, he focused it on her terrified face. The red record light glared at her. He grinned and spoke to her menacingly in Chinese. Gold tooth translated.

"Captain want know were Brit ship? You tell him!" She glanced about desperately seeking help.
"I don't know, I don't" He translated. The leader squeezed her sore face harder, and then spat in her face, he shouted at her.
"You not know were is own ship, You lie. Tell us!"
"I don't know the, the storm!" she pleaded.
He spoke meaningfully into her face.
"He say we will make you remember, you like that, us make you remember!"

The leader let go of her face and started to undo her blouse. She tried to pull away.
"DON'T! Stop it, I'm a Royal Navy Officer you'll . . . you'll be in a lot of trouble . . NO NO DON'T!"
He got tired of the buttons and wrenched the rest open, revealing her large
cotton bra encased tits, he laughed and squeezed them. shouting.
"He like those he say you big uddered cow, we all like you big tits!"

"Please leave me alone . . NO PLEASE! GET OFF! NOOOOOO!" she squirmed as he stretched the cups down off both fat jugs, he stroked them and forced her bra further down her chest. Her tits hung free, each time she complained and struggled they jiggled and bounced. He flicked her semi-erect teats making her wince and gasp. As they came up he gripped them between finger and thumb and pulled them.
"NO YOU MUSTN'T PLEASE, it hurts nooooooooooo!" he giggled and let go, then he spoke at length, the others laughed.
"He want more rope, he lash your tits up good, He fuck them yes!"
"We all fuck them, fuck your face yes!" she tried to pull away as more cord

The Leader wrapped it around her chest beneath them, he pulled it tight, tied it off, then more under her arms above them. He yanked it tight.
"OOOWWWW don't please don't!" he made a noose then taking her right teat he yanked her breast cruelly and forced it over it, he snatched it tight around it's base, squeezing her breast into a large fat taut globe. She started to cry.
"Stop please stop, I don't know, the. . the Chief knows, please your hurting!"
He made another noose and forced it over the other breast, he snatched that tight too. The cord bit into her breast flesh deep. Her big white tits were now two taut fat balloons, He lashed the noose ends together, pulling her tits hard against each other, then the loose ends he forced under the ropes top and bottom, he lashed the middle hard. Then both sides he bound together. All the time she pleaded and begged for him to stop. It was music to their ears, by the time her tits were two trapped, bulging white balloons, they all had straining stiff cocks. The leader spoke again.

"He say Chief has no big tits, we ask you yes"
"But I don't know, please NOOOOO OWWWW!!" The guy behind pushed her to the edge of the table, forcing her head forward. Her breasts hung together, her cleavage a deep inviting ravine. She looked up her blue eyes transfixed on the leaders groin as he undid his pants and pulled out a thick, hard circumcised cock, the shaft veiny and a dark olive yellow, the head, fat and purple, swollen with lust. Pre-cum strung from the tip, it was greasy and unwashed, he wanked it slowly savoring the moment.

"OH NO PLEASE! Please don't do this I don't know anything. Pleeeease!"
He grabbed her tits pulling them apart, he shoved his cock into he cleavage. She looked away grimacing as he forced her bound tits to his cock and began to shaft them. He squeezed her breasts to his meat, his fingers biting cruelly into her flesh. The guy behind her held her solidly by the upper arms as his leader raped her bound tits.

She shut her eye's not wanting to see the sea of grinning faces of the pirates and the captive crew as they watched her abuse with glee. Her torso shook and heaved as he fucked her tits. It seemed like ages but eventually he shouted something. She was dragged upright he gripped her blonde hair, shaking her head she opened her eye's just as he unloaded a huge gush of semen straight into her surprised face, She wasn't fast enough, closing her mouth and she grimaced with disgust as his sperm splashed into her closing mouth. The rest splattered across her face and she was held fast as spurt after spurt covered her eyes, cheeks and nose. She gasped for breath as he finished, trying to spit out the foul salty deposit.

The leader was well pleased with himself and she was held as he wiped the rest on her service blouse.
"OH GOD you disgusting creep! Get it off me!" she could feel it all sliding down her face, to drip onto her bound chest.

The man with the camera circled her getting her forced facial on tape.
"You get more bitch, much more!" gloated the English speaker.
Another pushed forward as the leader moved away. He had his cock out ready; it was simply the biggest cock she'd ever seen, not even imagined in her darkest fantasies. He had a knife in the other hand; he pressed it to her cheek. He spoke insistently to her.
"He say you suck cock, you suck now or he cut ear off!"
"Oh god no! I . . I can't please no" another grabbed her ear and pulled it out to be cut off.
"Please haven't you done enough, please don't make me do this, please" The knife went to her ear, she screamed and opened her mouth, her lips had the leaders semen stringing from them. He pulled back his foreskin and pushed his cock in.

Her eyes bulged and she fought not to retch as his evil smelling cock filled her mouth, he wanked it too her mouth. shouting.
"He say suck suck!" she closed her mouth around it and fighting to control her stomach she sucked and felt it swell. He pushed it forward she tried to push it back with her tongue but he was too strong. She struggled for breath as he rammed it to the back of her mouth, and deeper.
She tried to pull away but he gripped her hair and she gurgled as it sank into her throat entrance. They laughed as she struggled.

She gagged and choked but he kept on she felt it suddenly seem to snap past her muscles and surge into her throat. Her lips were taut around his girth as he set too, deep throating her. Her nostrils flared as she caught some much needed air. He began really beasting her face; she was struggling to breathe as his cock jerked in and out of her aching throat. She was nearly unconscious some minutes later when he grunted and unleashed a heavy hot gush of jizz straight down into her gullet.

Lt Hall jerked and groaned her legs kicking as she struggled to be off it. They held her fast as her throat rapidly filled with thick hot sperm. She gagged and coughed drowning, sperm flooded out of her nostrils in a thick flow. Then self preservation took over and she swallowed, more spunk thumped into her open esophagus. Her head swam as she felt her belly fill with heat from his heavy nuts.
He relaxed and let go of her head, she jerked it up off his wilting meat,
Semen flooded from her lips as she drew a desperate breathe before fainting dead away.

They dragged her limp form back over the table, They took her to the other end and pushed her bound arms cruelly under the table surface. Her shoulders were proud of the edge her head lolled backwards. One went beneath the table and tied her bound elbows to the central metal leg.

Her legs were grabbed and her trousers wrenched open and down. Her shoes dragged off, followed by her trousers, they cut her white briefs off revealing her hairy fat pussy. Her strong legs were gripped by her thighs and she was dragged bodily as far down the table as her arms would allow.
She spluttered and began to come too as her legs were forced up and apart and over her head. Two pirates held each calf while another tied rope around each black socked ankle. Then the rope was tied to the leg underneath. This left her bent in double her thick thighs framing her bound tits.

One gripped her hips and pulled her further down the table. She screamed and moaned. Her big white ass was pointing off the edge of the table, her hairy cunt straight up. She lifted her spunk coated face. Straining and struggling to be free.
"Wh . . What what's happening what phphutt" she spat sperm from her mouth
"Yoo tell us were British boat is?"
"Oh God I don't know, it could be anywhere, please what are you going to do?"
"Wee fuck yoo good, you like that yes" She pulled at the rope, desperate.
"NOOO please, don't I don't know were the fucking ship is!"

Two pirates were pawing her ass and pussy, exploring her white flesh, they squeezed and tested her wide buttocks. She cringed and squealed as they rubbed her cunt. They seemed to argue a lot then and some were sent away. The English speaker came to her head.

"We not like hairy cunt Navee, shave you yes" The pirates came back with
some foam and a razor. Water was splashed on her cunt from a cup,
"No don't, don't shave me, NOOO! Please, please" she begged as foam was sprayed on to her cunt. They started to rub it in, covering all of it, their fingers sliding and rubbing and easing the foam into every crease of her pussy.

Lt Hall's cunt was swelling and opening with the attention, her vulva betraying her mounting excitement. One held her thigh tops apart while the other began to shave the hair off, She threw her head back trying to ease the pain in her shoulders, not wanting to see. Hands grabbed her head, twisting it, the knife pressed to her cheek again. Another Pirate held his cock to her lips.
"NO I don't want to please, oh pleas . . .MMMPPHHH!" he pushed it in silencing her, She helplessly let him push it in and out, feeling the thick velvety head slide over her tongue and press to her throat, Her mind was on her cunt as she felt the razor shaving over and round her pubis. She was slapped the knife pressing harder, encouraging her, she sucked.
They giggled. More of his cock slid in, her lips stretched to a thin line around his girth as he forced it into her throat. Nearly all of her cunt was shaved now, all that was left was her cunt lips, Her lower belly was milk white beneath were her pubes had been, They pulled her lips taut to shave them, her ass and legs were shaking as they finished and then toweled her dry. Her now bald cunt looked very inviting. The one who had shaved her fingered her vulva open to reveal her inner lips. The others crowded around to watch. The camera zoomed in.

He roughly pulled her cunt open; she winced and strained unable to see what they were doing. He dragged her lips wide, revealing her cunt entrance. Her clitoral hood now on show, fat and wrinkled, Another rubbed and then dragged the hood up with his thumb, her pink hard nub was revealed, shiny and dry. They laughed and joked.

The cock in her mouth jerked and spewed more semen into her unwilling throat, she coughed and spluttered around it as he dragged it out and squirted the rest across her face. She panted her head lolling back, she blinked trying to clear the semen from her eyes. She jolted and squealed as she felt someone spit on her open twat.

"NO NO DON'T!" she pleaded as they began to prod and probe her cunt with rough fingers. She struggled to lift her head, to see what was happening, her legs flexing as she tried to move.

They watched her internal muscles twitch and spasm as they teased her cunt entrance, running finger tips over and around her lips. The leader came close and inspected her now shaved cunt. He spoke to the interpreter, grinning he swigged some beer from a bottle.
"Our Leader says you have tight cunt, too tight, Fist you he say, so big Asian cocks fit in yes!"
"What do you mean? What are you going to do?, leave me alone NOOOOO!" she stiffened as two fingers were forced into her cunt, they were twisted and pushed repeatedly, slowly opening her up.
"You tell, were is ship?"
"I don't know, I don't know, oh please, I don't know!"

The majority of the others dragged chairs over to watch as one pirate crouched at the end of the table fingering her. The camera man stood over his shoulder, Two others approached her terrified face, dragging they're cocks out, grinning and wanking them.

One grabbed her hair as she blubbed and tried to shy away. He knelt on the floor dragging her head back savagely. The other stood over her and pushed the head of his cock to her sobbing mouth, he shoved it in as she snorted for breath, his nuts slapping her forehead as he rammed his meat into her open gullet. He forced it into her sore bruised throat, unceasingly stabbing deep into her open mouth. He grunted and began raping her face. You could see her throat bulge and pulse as he fucked away.

Three fingers were now rammed into her cunt, her ass and legs twitching and flexing as he made them go in. He grinned and leant forward. He began lapping at her clit, wetly circling and flicking her fattening bud. He forced a forth finger in and eased them up to his knuckles in her gaping cunt. She groaned and shuddered as he started to fuck them in and out.

The guy on her face was really fucking her throat with a vengeance, his nuts slapping heavily on the bridge of her nose as her lips were stretched tight around his girth, he gripped her bound tits and used them for leverage as he pistoned her ruddy face. He rammed deep in her throat and stayed there she struggled and made muffled gagging noises, He gripped and pinched her teats pulling and stretching them, he cruelly twisted them, her nipples now two thick red studs as he milked them. Her throat clamped around his cock hard, he gasped and she jerked and whined as he dumped his load into her. She went grey struggling for air, he pulled back, releasing her teats. She sucked air in desperately swallowing his load, as she did, more spurted in making her choke and splutter. He pulled further out and squirted the last bolts straight into her face, clogging her nostrils and eyes.

"UUURRGHH (Cough, Cough) you dirty bastards (Cough) STOP IT! STOP IT!"
Semen flew from her mouth and nostrils as she cursed.
"OWWWWW! MY CUNT PLEASE, take it out please, your hurting meeee!"
He twisted his hand over and rammed it deep, forcing her cunt wider. Her internal muscles clenched at him.
"It won't go in, it won't, you'll kill me! PLEASE NOOOOOO!!"
"You say were ship is?"
"Please, (sob) I don't know, (sob) I don't. (sob) Please believe me"
He leant back calling to another he came over and gripped her vulva on either side, he wrenched and pulled it wider. She screamed and thrashed, h did it again, the other bent his thumb in and slowly forced it in too, She sobbed and wept begging them to stop. Her cunt walls slowly gave and with a pop his whole hand slid into her vagina.

"NOOOO NOOO STOP! STOP! MY CUNT ARGHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO ARGHH!!" her whole body went ridged as it went in.
"You tell us bitch, we take hand out, TELL US!"
"I DON'T KNOW, please, please, take it out, it's too big please"
She jerked and flinched as he moved his hand inside her.
"OH GOD! PLEASE!!" The fister grinned at her spooge covered features and began to ease his hand deeper, slowly flexing his fingers, He reached over with his other hand, he started to frig her clit. He rubbed it hard with his thumb. She winced and groaned.

"Don't touch me there, I, I don't like it, no, NO! ARRRGGHHH!!"
They all laughed, as he started to fist her, making her take his hand, forcing it deeper inside her aching cunt, her cunt lips closed around his wrist. She threw her head back in agony. The one who had held her hair was there he grabbed her ears and forced her head back down. He forced his cock into her unwilling mouth. She jerked and snorted helplessly as he forced her to take his meat into her slick throat. "MMMMPPPPHHHH!!" she groaned. Her cunt was becoming wetter and wetter, her clit now a hard erect button,

The fister stirred and punched her cunt, pressing and teasing her clit as she fought to clench her cunt to his hand, she was trying to stop him, but it was impossible. Slowly her belly was tightening, her cunt heating as shock after excruciating shock shot up through her belly from her sensitive clit. He laughed and shouted to the others. They gathered closer waiting to see her cum.
The guy in her throat pulled out, spraying semen over her throat and bound tits. She gasped and shuddered. Wincing and jerking with each deep cunt stretching thrust.

The fister rammed his mouth to her clit and clamped his lips over it. Sucking hard on it. He rammed his hand in and out as she slowly arched her back, her whole body trembling with tension, He rapidly fisted her, forcing her to climax.
He flicked and lapped at her clit, feeling her cunt tighten and clamp around his hand squeezing it harder and harder.

She screamed, her belly releasing, contractions unlike anything she'd experienced before thumped through her uterus, her cervix fluttering as hot
insistent juice flooded around his hand, and spurted out around his wrist.
The Pirates went crazy, amazed at the site of this young Navy officer being forced to cum in front of them, her body jolting and squirming as her clit was thumbed and teased until she did it again. She sobbed and pleaded helplessly as they made her do it again. Her bound tits gyrating and wobbling between her snatching legs.

He kept his hand in and stepped to on side, keeping her impaled on it as they crowded closer to watch. The interpreter gripped her hair and shook her face.
"You say where ship now!" she spat at him disgusted with herself.
"I don't know you bastards, I don't know!" He shouted to the leader who laughed and shouted back, at this all the others laughed. He turned back to her.
"We fuck you in ass, you remember when we fuck you in ass yes?"

She grimaced, disgusted, she could feel fingers easing her fat cheeks apart already. What could she do, she tried to clench her cheeks.
"No please, don't do this to me, please I beg you, please" he grinned at her, a moist finger tested her anus.
She couldn't stand it any longer, She'd always swore she would never do that, never! "OK, OK I'll tell you, I'll tell you!"
He grinned and shouted to the leader who came over, he appeared he swigged his beer and stood waiting.
"You tell!"
"In Indonesian waters, we were to meet them there."
He spoke to the leader, he grunted and had a go at him.
"Not good where, where or we all fuck ass!"
"Pulau mubur, Pulau mabur they were to meet us north of Pulau mabur"

He turned and told him he took a swig of beer and laughed then he announced something and turned away. The others all cheered. The interpreter turned back grinning,
"He say he not believe you we fuck ass anyway, hey we fuck you in ass you like bitch?"
"NO! NO! It's the truth, it's the truth, PLEASE NOOOOOOO!!"
She struggled helplessly as they renewed their interest in her ass, fingers pulling and teasing her cheeks apart, the fist in her cunt clenching and unclenching.
"I'll fuck you all , I will just don't fuck my bottom, please untie me and I'll fuck all of you, please I mean it!"

They ignored her pleas. Smearing her own thick wet discharge from her twat to her ass hole, arguing amongst themselves who would fuck her virgin ass first..
"I'll do what ever you want just don't bugger me please, please!"
The interpreter spoke to them they laughed, he turned to her,
"I just tell them you say, you want them all to butt fuck you hard, to make you bleed," she couldn't believe it.

"NOOO, NOOOO!!" she struggled with renewed vigor. The fister laughed and started to hand fuck her hard again setting her contractions off again, her belly cramping hard. She groaned, her ass forgotten.
"But I've told you, pleeeeeeaaaaase!" A finger pressed slowly into her dark stained ring, her sphincter reacted squeezing it tightly.

The Leader changed his mind when he saw how tight the Lieutenants ass was, his cock filled rapidly, he pushed the others out of the way, wanking his rejuvenated meat he grinned down at her pained face. He let spit dribble from his lower lip to stretch out and land in her ass crease, it ran down and over her puckered anus. He forced his finger tips into her cleft on either side of her anus and stretched it wide. She tried to clench it but he was far too strong. His cock stood out straight from his open trousers. He bobbed it against her spider.

The fister stirred his hand she grimaced and went ridged again.

His cock was pressing hard to her bottom hole, he laughed and gripped his meat strengthening it as he strove to feed it into her clenched ass hole.
Her cunt felt so full, her bottom aching as she tried to keep him out, she gritted her teeth determined. They're leader laughed and muttered. The translator smiled,
"He say you have strong ass, feel good" she sobbed in despair as he pushed harder.
"I need the toilet, I need to, to shit tell him, tell him!" she offered in desperation.
He passed it on. The leader chuckled and answered the others laughed.
"He say good, much tighter and hotter, you will wish you had Navee whore!"
"Oh no, oh don't do this please, please OWWW!"

Her anus began to give, The head of his cock bending as it sought entry. He grunted with effort, pressing harder, She kicked against the ropes trying to pull away. He slapped her big ass cheek, complaining, She jumped with the harsh slap her skin rouging immediately.
"He say open up, you open ass now" insisted the translator.
"Nooooo!" she managed determined to resist.

He pulled his cock away . he wetly licked his thumb and pushed it to her ass hole, turning and pressing, twisting and forcing it. Until it slowly gave. He slowly eased his thumb into her tight rectum, slowly, very slowly, her muscles fighting all the way. She shuddered and groaned not giving an inch.
"We open it up baby, we ass fuck you good yes!" he gloated.
"Piss off you bastard, get it out, fuck off you slant eyed cunt, ARGHHH NO!"
His thumb sank in to her ass up to the first knuckle he started to push the head of his fuck meat into the now slightly enlarged opening.

The camera man watched intently as the muscled ring started to unfurl, much to her distress. She was trying so hard not to let him in, forcing her ass closed against his awful intrusion. Soon both his thumb and cock head began to ease into her dark hole. She winced as her ring burned and ached as he forced it. He paused a moment before slowly drawing out his thumb. The head of his cock now held in the entrance to her fat ass the muscle of her forbidden place began to close around the mushroom shaped head of his tool as he eased it into her, forcing it deeper just a millimeter more, just beyond it's widest circumference until his long veiny shaft protruded from her tight twitching shroud of Sodom. He bent the head and let spit dribble from his mouth onto the space where his cock was entering her bottom

He started to ease his slimy cock into her bowels, slowly, fighting her muscles all the way. He gripped her magnificent womanly bottom with both hands, pulling her back on to him as she reflexively tried to escape her defilement.
More of his rod entered her clenching bowels. Still more.
"OH GOD YOUR KILLING ME!!" she yelled arching her back.
The fister continued to hand fuck her rubbing her clit. Still more cock slithered up her ass. Eventually he grunted in satisfaction his cock buried almost to the hilt in her ass. His large, hairy sac caressed the cheeks of her bottom.
He slowly eased his cockmeat back out of her, very slowly, The fister still rubbing her clit, savoring her moans of pain. When it's length was nearly unsheathed from her, he slid it back in, a little faster now. Now with every stroke out he paused to enjoy her sphincter squeezing and choking his helmet. Before he thrust it back in making her jolt and snatch at her bonds.

The fister started to flex and fuck her cunt as his leader picked up the pace, ramming her tightly clenching shit chute, hard deep thrusts which made her ass muscles spasm and grip his girth. He pinched and frigged her clit making her howl in pain as he began viciously butt fucking her. LT Hall couldn't believe the terrible stretching pain she was going through, and now how her ass burned and stung as his manhood thrust in and out of her bottom, while they teased and tortured her clit,. They were going to make her come again, she could feel it, she hated herself, but couldn't stop it. The shocks from her clit were awful pleasure.
She could hear herself grunting as he buggered her, her belly tightening getting hotter and hotter, and her cunt squeezing the fist inside her.

She screamed her body going wild as his fingers became a blur on her ridged clit, she felt as if she would split open, she was thrusting her own ass down on to his cock feeling it impossibly expand and sink higher into her rectum. Her belly exploded into a blinding rush of heavy contractions, her body heaving as her forced orgasm ripped through her. Her mouth stretched open in a wide silent scream of anguish, eyes rolling back in her head.
The fister laughed and yanked his fist from her cunt, Lt Hall howled in frustration.

Her pussy lips quivering with released tension the muscles snapping back reflexively, her cunt emptily squeezing nothingness, robbed of the aching fullness of his hand. There began a frenzied cycle of contractions which rapidly built to ejaculation, cunt juice jetted from between her swollen piss flaps on to the Pirate leaders belly as he heaved into her throbbing ass hole. He groaned in pleasure and she squealed in shock she felt the head of his cock rammed impossibly deeper it swelled making her rectum spasm and clench Then hot semen spurted into her bowels, searing throbbing heat, making her rectum flood with strangely exciting sensations.

Spurt after spurt deep into her virgin ass. Her legs kicked her whole body stiffening as her ass was pumped full, eventually with a sigh he pulled back his cock the head pulling free of her sucking rectum with a loud fart, it was coated in semen blood and shit, more semen dribbled from the end on to the floor. He stepped away.

Lt Hall's body stayed ridged, she sobbed with disbelief as her orgasm waned.
Two others argued who would be next, the winner a large Indonesian with a scared face crammed his cock to her gaping ass and brutally forced in. He rammed deeply into her knocking the breath from her. He began viciously reaming her poor ass, cursing and slapping her legs and tits making her cry as he raped her ass. He forced his coarse haired belly to her splayed cunt, rubbing her sensitive clit, making her writhe and sob as he forced more and more of his cock solidly up her butt, pulling her inner ass walls in with it's girth as he stabbed it deep and stayed there while he gripped her still erect teats and cruelly pulled them. She squirmed and frantically tried to pull away inadvertently fucking his meat with her tightly clenching rectum.

He began buggering her hard forcing her to take all his meat into her stretched full rectum. Thankfully he was too excited and moments later he suddenly came thumping her bowels full of more hot seed. He pulled out, leaving her anus gaping open, They're combined semen gushed out flooding her crack and running down her lower back. She squealed in shock and horror thinking that she had shit herself.

"OH NO, MY BOTTOM, MY BOTTOM, you bastards, bastards"
The cameraman caught it all flooding out on video, her face red with humiliation, her pleas as another readied himself and then shoved himself deep into her ass.
"NOOOO leave me alone, UNNNNNGGGGHHHH!" her hands and feet snatched at the ropes as he filled her ass.

The other Pirates crowded closer, one from either side grabbed a breast each and squeezing them up, they started to gnaw and suck at her thick teats. Another grabbed her hair and forced her head back, as her mouth gaped he shoved his cock in, she struggled as he forced it hard into her throat. She gagged and choked, snorting air through her flared nostrils. Hands gripped her thick thighs just below the back of her knees, she grunted as another thick hot cock was forced hard into the depths of her narrowing rectum. Her body bucked and jolted as she had her ass slam fucked.

From the floor the chief's eyes flicked open, he watched silently as his officer was gang raped, he suppressed a grin as her grunts and groans filled the room. His eye's settled on the Pirate with the camera. He had to get out of this alive, alive and with that tape, he desperately tried to form a plan.



04-18-2011, 07:52 AM
i love it....
pls more :skull-big

Mad Gerald
04-20-2011, 06:06 AM
I thought no one would ask thanks aussie2603 here you go Part two and three Enjoy MG

Lt. Elizabeth Hall (Royal Navy) Pirate adventure.
Story By Mad Gerald
The contents of this story is of sexual nature and
does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to
anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.
The attached story may be shared with others and
freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet,
provided no money is charged to read this document,
or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment
and no part of this document, including the notices
and attached fiction are modified, and the original
author is given proper credit for their work.

Part Two

Lt Liz Hall is an officer off a Royal Navy Frigate HMS Brilliant.
Currently engaged in anti piracy operations in the south china sea.

Lt hall crossed to and boarded a Tanker “Siam Xan Xai” The tanker had departed Singapore the day before and was bound for SongKhla, Thailand. the tanker was laden with 2100 tons of gas-oil and was a ripe target for local pirates.

Lt Hall’s orders were clear. Board the vessel. Establish a rapport with the
ships captain, give guidance on Anti-piracy operations. Increase the profile of the Royal Navy. Rejoin the Brilliant.

The weather took a turn for the worst, A Typhoon warning was in force, It looked like it would cross between HMS Brilliant and the Tanker.
The tanker captain decided to steer closer to the Malaysian islands for protection. Lt Hall tried to contact her vessel but found the weather was causing too much interference, she gave up. They were stuck here for the duration.

During the night the Tanker was chased and boarded by Pirates.
In the ensuing fire fight the two rating that were with her were killed.
Her chief petty officer and herself knocked unconscious and captured.
Now the Pirates are enjoying they’re new found play thing to the full.

Her arms are bound painfully behind her, her service blouse open to the neck, her large breasts bound tightly with cord into too tight balloons. She’s on her back on a table on the mess deck, her wrists secured to the central metal leg of the table, The rest of her uniform has been stripped from her, her legs forced up over her head, her ankles tied with rope to the same leg. Her mouth, cunt and ass open to anything.
To continue . . .

The pirate throat fucking the poor lieutenant groaned and grunted, viciously cramming all of his thick tool into her unwilling throat, her neck throbbed and bulged as he emptied his seed into her sore forced throat. He pulled out the rest of his semen spurting across her neck, Her head lolled back unconscious, she spluttered a desperate breath and went limp. Her body shuddered and flinched as the pirate raping her ass heaved deep into her bowels and his cock spewed it’s seed too, flooding her rectum again, he pulled out satisfied. she laid there unmoving in a dead faint.

They talked excitedly and then hurried to untie her legs, then her arms from the table leg, Scar face lifted her up and held her to his chest. They undid her arms and then another produced some thick duct tape. They taped her arms to her sides, the tape sticking to her lower back and across her belly, pulling her skin s they yanked it tight.
One of the others dropped his shorts and sat on the edge of the table One grabbed a leg each and they lifted her up, her head on Scar faces shoulder her slack mouth ran sperm down his back. The one on the table gripped and spread her white butt cheeks, he guided his meat to her butt hole, He forced the head in and they lowered her on, he moved his hands to her hips and dragged her down on to it, forcing her rectum to take his full length. Then she was lowered back on to his chest.
Her legs were lowered to either side of his, he started to thrust up
into her tightly clenching ass, She groaned and began to come too,
she coughed and spluttered again, another pirate a big Indonesian
got between her thighs and wanked himself hard then he forced it
into her cunt, he grabbed her hips and began to stab up into her
pussy. she came too,
“WH . . God! what . . what are you? OH GOD MY BOTTOM! NO!!”
she coughed and spluttered again, her sore throat aching. she strained with her taped arms, they ran with pins and needles from her enforced bondage. Her legs closed around his legs, then she started to kick, trying to get off the length of cock buried deep in her cramping ass.
“OH PLEASE!! your, your hurting me, oh don’t NO!”
They laughed and fucked harder making her buck and squirm as they sandwich fucked her. The pirate up her ass brought his hands up and gripped her bound tits squeezing and milking them. Her cunt rapist leant forward and gripped her teats between finger and thumb and began to cruelly pull and twist them.
Her back arching. She couldn’t believe the full hard ache from her cunt and ass as they started to fuck up into her in unison. The others cheered them on as she tried to find the floor with her feet, desperate to ease up off the ass stretching meat impaling her.
Her nipples were throbbing and sending jolting shocks through each tit as he pulled them, the shocks making her belly start to tighten. Her bound breast flesh taut as he yanked on them. He was thrusting deep up into her cunt, his belly rubbing her sensitive clit, rubbing her still splayed lips, her hips were starting to fuck back, grinding her bottom down on to the thick hot meat filling it, inside she could feel they’re cocks slip and slide over each other squeezing the thin membrane dividing her rectum and virgina.
As the head of one cock slammed into her cervix, the other slid over the back of it, causing excruciating pleasure to shoot up into her belly, her cunt muscles clenching in time, exciting his cock further making it swell and force deeper. She threw her head back a groan of animal pleasure escaping her cum streaked lips as they sped up, slamming up and down into her smothering her body, her legs wrapped about his thighs as she started to hump back at them.
“YOU BASTARDS, BASTARDS, UHHH,UHH,UHH” she cried. suddenly the cock in her cunt seemed to thicken and grow. Painful short vicious thrusts making her gasp and wince, until with a hard hot jet, semen shot up into her cunt, the head of his cock jerking and throbbing against her clenched muscles.
“Noooooo tooo sooon no, NOOOOO!” she complained as he wrenched his cock out and spurted the rest over her taped belly.
“Put it back, put it in!” she pleaded groaning as the cock up her ass rammed hard up into her, making his come flood out of her open pussy.
Another stepped forward and thrust straight into her cunt, she kicked and flailed as new meat started to pound up into her.
She squealed as her legs went straight squeezing her new
assailant as the sensations in her cunt exploded and
she bore down on the meat up her ass as her belly
released hot juice in a fit of heavy contractions, she
writhed and yelped as she came, cunt juice flooded
out squirting out of the sides of her rapists cock as
she came and came causing the pirate in her cunt
to spew his load deep into her sucking twat.
He pulled out laughing as she pleaded for him to
stay, squeezing her thighs hard together.

They forced her legs open and held them wide,
as one began to frig her erect clit. She howled and
flinched as hot chills stabbed up through her still
spasming cunt, she fucked down on to the cock
up her ass, moaning in pleasure and aftermath,
almost delirious with pleasure. They laughed
and frigged her forcing her to grind and press
butt fucking herself to orgasm.

The Pirate up her ass heaved up, his shaft
stretching and forcing deeper into her twitching
rectum as she impaled herself hard down on to
it. His hands came down to her hips and he
pulled her harder to him.

With a spasm she stiffened and grunted her
belly tight as a drum as the fingers on her clit
became a blur, she strained with her legs as
her face contorted into a scream, as her world
exploded into thrashing bucking orgasm again.
Her ass squashing down taking his meat deep,
her rectum gripped his cock pulsing around it.

Cunt juice squirted from her pussy lips, as she
ejaculated again, spraying onto his legs and
the floor, The pirates laughed and jeered as she
writhed and struggled as her tormentors made her
keep going, pinching and teasing her hard nub.
forcing her exhausted body to unwillingly climax.

He came searing semen jetting into her bowels
making her jolt and jerk as he pumped more
and more into her flinching ass hole as she
sobbed and pleaded for them to stop.

“Please, please ooooh uhuh, no more please?”
When her orgasm abated and his deflated cock
slithered from her sore anus, they dragged her
up off him to her knees on the floor.

Gold tooth spoke with the leader and then
gripped her by the hair and blouse he leered
at her.

“We want to know where Brit ship patrol now,
you tell, yes”

“No I don’t know!” he shook her,
“Things they get worse for you yes, you tell”
She just stared at him defiantly fighting back tears
“You know we think you like us fuck you, you tell?”
“Please I don’t know!”
He sighed then he snatched a beer bottle off one
of the others, he pushed it to her face, She pulled
away in fear.

“You tell?” she stared at the floor. He barked
orders and threw her on her back on the floor.

They all burst out laughing and grabbed her legs
twisting and pulling them apart she swore and
struggled. They held her legs wide Gold tooth
between them, he rammed his fingers into her
slick cunt spreading it, she flinched and jerked.

They lifted her legs, Gold tooth pushed the
base of the beer bottle to her cunt and began
forcing it in, she struggled feverishly but they
held her,

“This persuade you, maybe you remember
when you tired of full pussy and want us take
it out eh?”

“NOO! take it out, it won’t fit please don’t NOO!
Your hurting MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

It slid in past her outer lips, they were tight
around it. He twisted and forced it deeper,
she screamed and jerked as it forced her
cunt walls to give, they ached and spasmed
around it’s girth, as he pushed it deeper.

She tried to relax to ease the pain as it
slid all the way in, she winced and sobbed
as her cunt lips squose the neck and he
let go. They let go of her legs she groaned
as her cunt spasmed inside an overwhelming
feeling of hot fullness flooding her cunt.

“Take it out you swine, you evil bastards,
take it out!” she demanded.

They responded by forcing her legs closed and
holding them while they duct taped around her
thighs above her knees. They let her go and
stepped away.

Immediately another kicked her over on her face
and knelt behind her. He knelt over her bound
thighs and forced his cock to her crease easing
into her ass.

“Oh god, please it won’t fit, NO! not with this in

He cruelly gripped the back of her service blouse
and began butt fucking her. The others grabbed
beers and stood about watching talking excitedly
as she stiffened sobbing as he slammed at her
ass making her weep as he cruelly sodomized her
he was at it for ages before she sobbed and
grimaced as more come thumped into her ass.

The leader barked orders, the last three
pirates hauled her over on her back and
knelt over her, she lay there cringing and
begging as they wanked off over her face
and tits, eventually spurting great globs of
spooge all over her sobbing face.

“OH NO, (sob) sphlut, phh, you dirty, sphutt,
(sob) bastards sphuut”

Gold tooth came over and smiled down at her
semen glazed features as she blinked and
shook her head trying to clear her eyes, nose
and mouth of their seed.

“You rest now, we drink, more fun later, yes?”
“No leave me alone, please leave me alone”
“You will tell all about royal ship navee bitch yes
you will get fed up of bottle in cunt, you will
plead for us to take it out and fuck you?”

he laughed and walked back to the others.

End of Part two.

Part Three.

Lt Hall lay there exhausted her cunt aching around the fullness of the bottle, she couldn’t move, semen ran from her mouth onto the floor, her big white battered bum cheeks two bruise marked globes. The deep crease between them slick with thick shit stained semen. She groaned and clenched them, her abused ass hole farted wetly and they’re seed ran out. It ran down to her splayed cunt lips around the neck of the thick beer bottle which was deep inside her cunt.
She repressed a sob, disbelief at her situation, shock at her abuse, and her reaction to it numbed her senses. Tears of humiliation welled in her eyes as she felt her pussy twinge at the recollection of her orgasms, never had she cum so much and so strongly.
Her legs strained against the thick duct tape wrapped above her knees, her muscles bulging around it, as she tried to open her legs, a strange thrill coursed through her as the tape resisted. Her arms strained against the tape, again her pussy twinged, a low moan escaped her. She had to keep quiet.
She didn’t know how long she had been left alone? 20-40 mins. Perhaps if she didn’t make a sound they’d forget about her. She twisted her head to look over at her captors, past the bound crew of the tanker, The Pirates were drinking and laughing, more empty bottles were smashed. Beneath her her bound tits ached solidly, her nipples stiff against the cold floor.
Then she heard them getting closer, suddenly she was surrounded with the feet of the pirates. they poked her sides with their feet, she cringed, they laughed and giggled, beer feeding their lust.
“No please leave me alone, please, don’t NOOOOO!!”
she wailed as hands grabbed her and dragged her up by her eppeletted shoulders her white service blouse open from the neck down flapping around. Her bound jutting breasts teased by her black tie as it swept over them, she tried to fight but she was helpless.
They forced her legs to fold and made her kneel on the floor, she spread her feet trying to stay upright, She jolted as the neck of the beer bottle touched the floor sending excruciating shocks up through her stretched aching cunt.
“AAARRRRGGGHHH! AHH AHHH!! no no it hurts”
The bastards laughed and one pushed her down by her shoulders.
Her cunt spasmed around the thick bottle making her jerk her ass up away from the floor, around her all four were leering at her each had a large erection which they wanked proudly. Behind them another stood focusing the video camera on her defenceless figure. All four were admiring her big bound tit’s. Both sat stiffly wobbling and bouncing as she moved.
“Please, please no more I, I’m begging you please!”
Gold tooth was in front of her, smiling. She swallowed and stared back her eyes full of hate and defiance.
“OK, you tell us where navee boat patrol’s yes?”
She shook her head dumbly ‘No’ his grin widened.
“You remember? no? I think you like it in the ass bitch, oh yeah you gonna get butt fucked now baby, oh yeah!”
One went behind her and slid to the floor, another gripped her hair, he pulled her up by it lifting her. the pirate behind pressed his thick hard cock to her slick crease and began to press in. Lt Hall stiffened as he forced into her ass.
“Not my bottom again please, I’m sore no, no, NO UUUHHHNNNN!!”
“Maybe you remember next time I ask yes?”
Gold tooth laughed and turned and walked away.
She couldn’t stop him, her fingers dug into her own thighs as the burning pain of her sphincter being forced made her grit her teeth, it snapped past her ring and slid in, she groaned in disgust and self loathing as she felt her cunt react squeezing the beer bottle, her cervix throbbed making her belly tighten. He gripped her hips and pulled her back to him. Her thighs on his.
“Slower! SLOWER!! it hurts, YOU BASTARD ARGHHHHHH!!”
The others were in front of her pawing and teasing her breasts
their fingers pulling, twisting and squeezing her firm mammaries
“No no please, don’t I, I, oohh no don’t pull them please”
They pinched and pulled her red thickening teats. Fascinated by her big western breasts, they squeezed them hard making her wince and try to pull away. The pirate raping her ass took hold of the back of her blonde hair and put his forearm around her throat, she was forced further up onto her knees as he began to steadily butt fuck her squelching ass.
Her nipples were two thick studs now, they pulled and stretched them talking avidly as her large globes wobbled heavily. Their fingers bruising her white flesh as they tested how hard her breasts were, They were milking her fat nipples now forcing them out into two aching hot buds. One flicked them making her sob and jolt in pain, shocks making her buck and struggle. The bottle in her cunt pressing and easing against her cervix and G spot, the cock ramming in and out of her well lubed rectum making her cunt throb and spasm clenching around it’s harsh girth.
The rubbing, pinching, squeezing fingers let go. One pushed his cock between her breasts and gripping both began to fuck them. Forcing her hard balloons to his shaft as he grinned down at her pained sperm coated face. Her mouth grimacing with each vicious thrust up her splayed ass.
She blinked away tears as her body betrayed her and began fucking back onto the cruel weapon impaling her ass. He rammed deeply up into her making her squeal and shudder as the head of his cock slid over the rim of the bottle’s base lodged firmly against her cervix causing her cunt to squeeze down slowly forcing the bottle out.
Lt Hall felt it slip and seized with hope that she could dislodge the awful thing she set too clenching her pelvic floor to expel it.
The pirate in her ass groaned and strained as her ass seemed to grip his cock like a vice, sliding down it’s length to rest against his tight ball sack, he began to ream her ass with deep hard thrusts. She gasped and pressed down desperate to be rid of the bottle inadvertently slamming the neck against the floor.
Lt Hall howled and levered her legs against the floor as the bottle slammed back into her over stretched cunt, Her captors laughed and held her there, the pirate on her back pumping into her ass rapidly as he felt her rectum clench and throb as her cunt spasmed around the bottles base. Her tit fucker held on for dear life as she struggled to get away, his fingers biting into her breasts as he used them to hold her to his cock.
she threw her head back spitting and gasping as her buttocks were
slam fucked, his cock forcing deep into her rectum, her bowels cramping
and burning with the assault. She forced her legs up with all her might and
managed to lift, she gritted her teeth and sobbing tried her best to expel the bottle, her belly straining as she worked her cunt muscles. Her ass clamped around her rapists tool and he grunted with exertion as he fought to keep her from shitting him out.
The pirate on her front was slamming her tit’s up and down on his cock. The two heavy mounds a blur as he forced them to his meat. Lt Hall groaned as she felt the bottle easing slowly out, her face was a fixed grimace as she concentrated all her effort on that one accomplishment.
She could feel it giving ground and the awful tension at the head of her cunt began to ease. The bastard on her back tightened his grip and tried to pull her back down. She grunted with effort as her legs shuddered with effort trying to keep her cunt off the floor.
Her whole body straining against his strength. The two pirates talked
rapidly to each other, then laughter. The one up her ass let her slowly
shit his meat out, until only the head of his tool was trapped in her
squeezing ring. Lt Hall gasped in relief thinking she was winning,
She felt the bottle’s girth ripple out of her aching twat, she was almost free of it. She squeezed her abdominal muscles hard she could feel it slide so that it sat in the entrance to her cunt. She was oblivious to the battering her tit’s were taking as she bore down trying to push it that bit further.
The pirate fucking her tits was near to climax he nodded to the other as he began to really pound her jugs, he felt his seed boiling in his sack.
The video man came closer videoing her face as suddenly the tit fucker went crazy and with a yell his cock sent a thick spurt of hot semen out from between her tit’s and up her throat. He let go of her tit’s and grabbed her hair. He yanked her head down and squirted more seed into her face.
Lt Halls attention swapped to that, she spluttered and tried to pull her head away.
The pirate up her ass thrust his hands under her armpits and then
around behind her neck, he locked his fingers there. He gripped her
and rammed her down with all his might. His strength forcing her down,
the bottle contacted the floor,
She opened her mouth to scream as the bottle was thrust viciously back up into her relaxing cunt. More spunk shot into her open mouth. She tried to jerk her head away as her anal rapist shoved his whole cock straight back up her rectum in one cruel thrust. Lt Hall’s back arced as she howled in surprise and protest. Her cunt was throbbing around the bottles girth. She tried to kick her legs to ease of the awful fullness filling her ass and cunt but he held her fast.
The pirate was heaving up into her now determined to cum, his face set, she sobbed and whimpered as he rammed his meat into her with short, hard, deep strokes. Another Pirate gripped her tit’s and thrust up between them holding each hard mammary in a tight twisting grip as he began to fuck them.
His fingers pinched and held her nipples. pulling and teasing her thick sore teats. Shocks like cold chills lanced through each breast with each hard pull.
Lt hall suddenly felt her belly and legs go taut, all she could do was try to keep the bottle neck off the floor as his cock head seemed to swell and ram deeper. Her cunt walls clenched to the bottle, thrills making her belly tighten further.
She realized they were going to make her cum again, she shuddered, self loathing at her own weakness flooded her mind as she pushed her ass down the last centimetre of his cock and felt his rough pubic hairs tickle her stretched sensitive ring.
Lt Hall went wild humping rabidly back on to the pirates cock as her belly released, strong heavy contractions throbbed through her cunt as the pirate up her ass grunted with pleasure and squeezing her to him unleashed a thick bolt of hot insistent seed right into her clenching bowels.
She went stiff her face fixed in a silent scream of pleasure and pain as he
pumped jet after jet of spooge deep into her guts. Her cunt squeezed and squeezed the bottle in a spiral of increasing mind shattering contractions her body jerking and jolting as she had her first multi-orgasm.
She went limp as her tit rapist came between her trapped breasts. Her ass rapist slid out, laughing as he shuffled away, another got behind her and they held her leant forward as he pressed his eager manhood into her sloppy asshole.
“YOU BASTARDS, bastards” she moaned as he slid into her and began butt fucking her rapidly. In moments he came too. and then stayed in her as another two began pawing and teasing her breasts. He held her by her hair as they rubbed the crowns of their cocks over her teats, wanking them to them, pressing the tips to hers.
The pirate on her back yanked her head back and as her mouth opened in shock he quickly forced his thumbs into the sides of her gasping maw. before she could react the two had their cocks in her face ramming them into her open mouth, she tried to close it but his thumbs were stopping her, then both heads were in stuffing her mouth, stretching it open.
She groaned and gagged with the taste as they rapidly wanked themselves off into her open mouth, her eyes bulging as her jaw was forced wide then in unison both cocks squirted thick gouts of hot semen into her mouth and throat. She choked and tried to pull away. They came and came, filling her throat with a hot wad of heavy warm semen, She reluctantly swallowed and drew a gasping breath, they pulled their cocks away leaving her trying to spit the rest out.
Lt Hall gasped with relief as her ass was vacated, She was left knelt on the floor. For a moment she thought they would finish there but minutes later they hauled her up to her feet. Her legs were weak and wobbled but she had to stand or fall face first on the floor, she stood, she felt fresh semen ooze from her ass and dribble down the back of her inner thighs.
Gold tooth stood before her grinning, she stared at him defiantly.
“You remember where Brit ship patrol now navee whore?”
She shook her head ‘no’
“you be sorry, you tell, you tell an save you’re big white ass
He got real close and forced his fingers into her crutch she winced as he found her clit and rubbed it squeezing it between the bottle and his digits. A tremendous jolt of excruciating pleasure shot up through her cunt, making her cringe.
The Pirate leader appeared with a bottle of rum, he spoke gruffly to Gold tooth and shoved it in his hand.
He shouted in Chinese the others laughed, then he was back in her face, another came forward and gripped her face, forcing her mouth open. Gold tooth forced the bottle to her mouth and poured rum down her throat.
She coughed and swallowed as it filled her mouth burning her sore chaffed throat, he kept it there she swallowed and swallowed eventually he snatched it away.
Lt Hall gasped for air her belly heating with the rum. Her head spinning.
“You fucking bastards, that won’t get you anywhere!”
“No but boss want to see you piss, he like you to piss”
“Good grief you disgusting bastards” she swallowed realizing how full her bladder was, and how it was aching now with the bottle pressing against it.
“You tell us patrol route!”
“Please I, I don’t know they change it, all the time they change it!”
“You lie whore! maybe I put bottle in ass too?”
“No not that, please not that, you’ll kill me”
“You piss for us, you piss yourself then navee bitch!”
“NO! no I won’t!”
“Oh you will, boss want to see you piss with bottle in
pussy yes”
“No, no you can’t make me do that NOOO!”
He ignored her pleas, he produced a knife and another gripped her neck from behind while he guided his cock into her cleft and shoved deep into her rectum. Then he held her by the hips while Gold tooth slit the duct tape between her legs at the front, he used his knee to force her legs open, Lt Hall groaned in relief as gravity began to drag the bottle out of her aching cunt.
Two others gabbed her knees and held them open. Gold tooth studied her features as it slid out, when it was half way he gripped the neck and fucked it in and out. Lt Hall went up on tip toe shuddering. Her face betraying the awful pain and pleasure he was bringing.
Her bladder was so full the rum extenuating her need to piss, he was pressing the bottle up squeezing it. The Pirate leader knelt close waiting a big grin on his face.
“NOOOOO don’t please it’s awful you perverts! please I don’t want to, please AHH AHH UHHHH!”
“Piss bitch, piss now!”
“I won’t, I WON’T!!”
He forced the bottle deep and began stroking her belly teasing her bladder, her body was trembling as he stroked down to her pubis, her lips splayed around the bottle neck.
She didn’t want to piss, she must not, not for them,
but she couldn’t stop it, she felt she would burst,
Piss spurted out from her urethra coursing down the
bottle neck in an urgent squirt, then a flow pouring
on the floor, Gold tooth let his boss watch then he
started to frig her making her cringe and squirm
as she pissed, The bastard up her ass pumping in
hard as she pressed back. They’re laughter ringing in her ears as she went crimson with humiliation.
Then he suddenly drew the bottle out. Lt Hall let out an animal groan of despair and anguish as her cunt sprang closed, Her cunt muscles spasming and contracting as the cock in her ass sank deeper.
Gold tooth moved away laughing as the rest of her pee ran in rivulets down her thighs.
Another big Indonesian pirate was before her, in his
hand was another impressive cock. he dipped it to
her quivering cunt lips and wiped it up and down
then in. She let out a howl of shock as the two
thrust up into her in unison, impaling her on their
stiff tools.

They set too fucking her hard, her legs kicking
and dancing with each thrust.

Gold tooth and the boss watched drinking the
rest of the rum, waiting their turn.

“You think she will tell us?” the boss asked.
“No, but then who gives a fuck!” Gold tooth replied.
They both burst out laughing.

End Of Part Three.

04-21-2011, 11:25 PM
Great story MG, let the PARTY continue!!

04-22-2011, 06:54 AM
Excelent story, what other tortures can you come up with?

Mad Gerald
05-16-2011, 05:15 AM
A short story I wrote an age ago - in Macedonia actually after watching this Female army officer shouting the odds at these local policemen - how different it would have been if all her men weren't there with their weapons to deter them from what was so obviously going through their minds as she hollered and gesticulated - as her breasts bobbed about under her tight T shirt. :skull-big

Army Captain's Language barrier ordeal.

Story by Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Macedonia 1997.

I am a translator with the UNHCR in Macedonia. I've done all sorts of jobs here since things got crazy this was one thing that stopped me being made to fight difficult when you are male and in your twenties. Two days ago I was called to one of the nearby refugee camps to help an army captain who was having some problem with the Macedonian police.
When I got there I had problems finding him as the camps are a mess of makeshift tents, trailers, boxes, you've all seen the pictures on TV it's a mess.

Anyhow after about an hour I managed to get there. Imagine my surprise when the Captain was a woman of about 5`10", a brunette with strong features. She wore British army combats, her sleeves rolled up to reveal her strong tanned arms. She was a big girl. Her dark brown hair cropped into a bob, as I approached from behind I admired her hour glass proportions. Looking at her I thought 'God it was ages since I'd had a fuck'.

She was gesturing and arguing loudly with a Macedonian police man there were another four stood about. There were no other British troops about.
I went over and she turned to me.
"AHH there you are at last, you took your time" she looked mightily pissed off, I smiled
"It's difficult you know the score, these places are a maze, how can I help?" my smile wasn't returned.

"Captain Jill Sheldon 4th armoured. I came here to visit a family who I befriended when one of our doctors treated their daughter here two days ago. I can't find them, and then these bastards turn up and start roughing up the other refugees here" I looked about at the policemen, they looked pretty unkempt and nasty to me, not the sort to upset when you’re a westerner alone.

"I think we should leave, come back with some help yeah?" she shook her head, pulling her face.
"No you translate for me, you tell them this is unacceptable yeah?"
"I think we should just leave" she looked even angrier.
"Listen! YOU! talk to them for me, just translate that's your job yeah! you
tell them what I say then we can leave OK!"
"Ok, whenever you’re ready" I admitted defeat.

She grabbed the policeman's arm that she had been speaking to and span him around to face her.
"Tell him who I am!" she ordered. I obeyed. In the local language.
"This is Captain Sheldon British army, she wants to speak with you sir"
I translated.
"So! tell her to fuck off back to Britain, stupid bitch" he stated

I looked at the Captain she hadn't understood a word.
"He says he wants you to leave" I told her. She looked furious.
"Tell him I'm not leaving; tell him I want his name and the names of his fellow officers!"
I told him, he looked at the others and then back at her, a grin crossed his thick features again.

"Tell Captain Sheldon she is to shut up and fuck off or we show her how to fuck off yes!" the others laughed.
"He still insists that you leave Captain" I told her. She stared at me.
"Right tell him I'm not leaving until he either leaves or gives me his and his men's names!" I couldn't believe how stubborn she was. I translated it for her. The policeman smiled and sighed,

"The Captain doesn't understand our language at all no?" I shook my head, his hand went to his pistol and rested there. Behind him the others already had their hands on their own Kalashnikovs. I was unarmed; the Captain only had a pistol in her holster, probably unloaded. I Swallowed.

"We are bandits with stolen uniforms, here to steal from these people, yes? You trick her to go into alley between tents behind us, so we can rape her fat ass or we kill you and the Captain now. Yes?" my mouth went dry with fear, I glanced at the policemen behind him they all had trainers on.

My mind raced.

"What did he say man!" she insisted. I was frozen, I knew they meant what they said, I had no choice. The Bandit interrupted
"We kill you both, and fuck her while she is still warm anyway, yes?" his face was like stone.
"He says his commander is through there. He is the one you must speak to" my voice faltered as I lied.

"You see, tell them whose boss and you get somewhere, come on!" she turned and walked toward the alley, the policeman grinned "You follow, behave and you both live yes" I nodded dumbly.

He and two others followed her as she strode toward the alley; two more pushed me forward from behind. Captain Sheldon got into the alley almost to the end before she realized it didn't go anywhere. It was full of rubbish and filth, old clothes and cardboard. She stopped and began to turn around her hands on her wide hips.

"This doesn't go anywhere!" she complained.
The Policemen were now between her and me, Two rushed forward to grab her arms. barrelling into her, she cried out in surprise and was thrown forward, crashing into the rubbish and filth, She was a powerful woman and she heaved up and succeeded in twisting over partially on her left side as they landed, the guy on that side punched her in the side of the face.

She grunted as it smashed into her face, her nose gushed blood, her head jerking backwards. At the same time she brought a knee up and rammed it into his abdomen, he gasped and doubled up, he managed to keep hold of her arm though. The one behind her twisted her arm right up her back, making her arch her back in pain.

The other recovered quickly from the blow to the abdomen and punched her again viciously in the face. She reeled back with the blow; the other grabbed her short hair with his free hand and wrenched her head back.

She was mid scream when the one she had kicked punched her again, his fist smashing into her jaw her head slammed back she tried to kick out he rabbit punched her again. Her mouth and nose now a bloody mess. She visibly slumped her legs which were kicking relaxed. She was knocked out for a moment.
They threw back on her front and with practised ease one gripped and dragged her elbows back hard. The other quickly bound them together tightly with thick tape.

They dragged her over onto her back; one wrenched her combat scarf from around her neck and rammed it into her slack mouth.

They held me against the wall of the tents a pistol to my face. The two busied themselves undoing her belt and trousers, they were wrenched down her legs to her combat booted ankles, each grabbed a knee and dragged her muscular but limp legs wide. One of them got between her knees and dragged her combat jacket up out of the way.

She wore white briefs covering her hairy pussy mound. He hooked his finger into the gusset and wrenched them to one side. I could see her cunt, covered in thick brown pubes, her thick lips closed. He yanked his trousers open and freed his cock.

As soon as it was free he pushed it to her pussy. Then he heaved his cock into her dry cunt. He pushed down on top of her and thrust viciously into her forcing it in. He laughed “Big soldier girl!” he spat on her face

Time and time again he heaved until eventually it was home. She groaned and stirred as he started to fuck her. He swore and cursed her as he fucked her, moaning that her cunt was too tight, the others jeered him on. His butt was pounding in and out now occasionally her legs jerked as he rammed deep, He dragged his arms up and gripped her shoulders.

Levering himself up, He started to really fuck her then. Now he had lifted up I could see her face her nose was still bleeding as was her lip, her head bounced and lolled about as he fucked her, her eyes closed. He laughed “Wake up your missing your rape you piece of shit!” He sped up and then heaved into her deep and with a loud grunt came in her. She groaned and gave a feeble kick with her trapped legs.

He pulled out and climbed out from between her open legs. Semen strung from his cock head to her open cunt lips. He grinned
"She has not been fucked for a good while, that was good, her cunt is like a fist!" they all laughed.

The other got between her thighs and with his cock standing rigidly out from the front of him, reached down and wrenched open the front of her combat jacket, she had a olive green T-shirt on underneath. He pulled a knife from his belt and slit it, and then he tore it open to the neck.

The Captain had quite hefty tits clad in a plain white under wired bra. He gripped it at its narrowest point between her tits and tried to stretch it up off them, either it was too tight or her tits too big and stiff, but it wouldn't come off so he cut it in the middle.

He threw the two halves over her arms and watched as they settled.
Two fat white mounds, crowned with wide coral aureole and semi-erect teats. He licked his lips and began stroking and fondling them. He pulled each nipple hard and flicked them with his finger tips.

The Captain came too and began staring about wildly. She tried to lift her legs but he was knelt on her combats which were still between her ankles. She started to shout into the gag, all that was heard though was muffled complaints.

She tried to pull and free her arms to no effect. Although she put on a good display of agitated tit wobbling for her assailant. He grinned down at her and then rammed his fingers into her cunt making her wince and grunt. ”Good you are awake you missed my friend raping you he came quickly he says you have a tight cunt for a fat bitch!” she looked at him in bewilderment not understanding a word he said. He withdrew them and showed her the semen stringing between his fingers, she screamed obscenities’ into her gag struggling as he laughed and wiped and smeared his friends semen all over her face. Her eyes went wide; you could see realization that she'd already been raped sweep across her face just before he bent his cock down and thrust up into her still gaping cunt.

She winced and kicked as he forced into her. She was wrenching at her arms and trying to dig her feet in to push off it as he forced her to take it.

Then when it was in he gripped her tits in both hands and began milking them to his face. Sucking and biting her pink nipples as he fucked her as she struggled and jolted trying to get him off her. He fucked her with deep hard thrusts never retreating very far out of her.

She turned her face away; saw me her pained eyes fixed on mine. Then she screwed them up tight and began struggling again as he fucked her.
He let go of her tits and gripped her hair instead and held her head down while he licked and kissed the side of her red face.

He rammed her harder and harder and then with her legs kicking and dancing a bizarre dance he shot his load deep into her. He stayed on top of her letting her feel every deep hot throb as his seed emptied into her violated cunt.

The leader that had been talking to me stepped forward "Hurry get off her,
You hold her shoulders! You get her legs, twist them over and hold them.
I'm going to fuck her up her fat pompous British asshole." One grabbed her shoulders and forced them down. The other that had just raped her forced her ankles together and twisted them over bending them, so her ass was facing the leader.

She strained to be free. "Leave her alone don't do that to her! that's
enough!" I burst out, One of my guards hit me across the face with the pistol.
"Shut up pig!" I was ignored by the others.

I watched helplessly as they fought her legs over and held them. Her backside was ample, two big stiff cheeks that shuddered as they forced her legs up and bent them her hairy cunt came into view, semen oozed from it, and down the back of her thigh. The leader knelt down in front of it and patted her flinching flank.

"Tell her I'm going to fuck her big fat ass to teach her some manners. Tell her this what happens to stuck up bitches that stick there noses in where it's not wanted, yes?!"

I swallowed unable to find the words. "Tell her!" I repeated the message.

Captain Sheldon went wild desperate to be free. They managed to hold on to her and after another five minutes struggle and two more punches she was held back as she was. Her ass presented to their leader.

He forced fingers into her deep cleft and dragged it open, her buttocks flexing and straining as she fought to keep him out. Eventually he was looking down at her asshole, it looked tight probably virginal. He eased two fingers into her cunt and scooped out some semen which he daubed into her cleft.

She winced and strained to kick as he began to finger it into her clenched anus. He slowly forced his finger in and began to fuck it in and out. She groaned and jerked as he did. She tried to shift her hips away but they held her fast. She snorted and gasped as he forced it in past the first then the second knuckle.

They laughed at her distress and he twisted and pressed it deeper making her squeal and jolt.

"Leave her alone, please haven't you done enough?" I pleaded. I got another pistol whipping that forced me to my knees. They held me there forcing me to watch as he pulled his finger slowly out.

Their leader wanked his cock squeezing it up hard and then he bent it down to her hardly lubed ass. They held her hard and fast as he pushed the tip to her ring, She was shaking her head and shouting muffled entreaties into the gag.

The one holding her legs gripped her right cheek and forced it up, this stretched her ring wide open. He pushed the crown of his cock to the spider of hard muscle and holding his cock hard in his hand began to force it in; the head was about three times around as her ring seemed to be. She let out awful deep moans of pain and grief as it pushed and pushed drawing her inner buttock walls in with it. Her head was thrown back, her face red, nostrils flared, and tears welling in her eyes as it went in with excruciating slowness.

He grunted with exertion, 'It must be hurting his cock' I thought as he pressed and pressed. She began to sob and then wail as he kept it up and then suddenly he gasped and she groaned and went rigid as it snapped pas her ring and entered her rectum. He forced it deeper making her lift her legs and grunt as she felt it force into her.

She snorted and strained trying to get off the thing but he kept on relentlessly until a good four inches of his thick meat was lodged in her ass.
He let go of his cock and gripped her hip and began fucking into her butt deeper. She squirmed and flexed in their grip but the held on as he began to get her reluctant ass to take more and more of his meat.

Now he was all the way in and you could see her whole body flinch with every deep thrust. He grunted and strained as he raped her poor ass, pulling her on to it with her hip as he watched her grimacing face contort with each cruel stab.

"Not so full of your British pomposity now bitch, not with some cock up your tight shitter eh?!" she groaned and shuddered as he butt fucked her with increasingly hard strokes. I could see from where I was his meat going in and out, it's shaft covered in her shit which seeped around it's girth.

He rammed up her deep his balls smashing against her ass cheek over and over he let go of her hip and grabbed her bouncing tits and began to pull and squeeze them so that she struggled more; wriggling and squirming on his pounding cock.

He started to heave into her like a bull at a gate lifting her ass off the floor with each gut wrenching thrust she howled and sobbed into the gag suddenly going rigid again as he gave a strangled cry and she felt his hot searing seed spurt into her bowels with hard insistent rhythm.

He pulled back and yanked his cock from her spasming orifice spraying the rest of his load over her big butt cheeks.
"YESS that was good!" he shouted in triumph as his orgasm abated.
He looked up at his man holding her shoulders "Hold him, so they can have some" he pointed to me, he got up and took over guarding me.

Captain Sheldon lay back exhausted as they released her legs. The two who had been guarding me were well fired up and grabbed the poor Captain by the epaulettes of her shoulders and hauled her up on to her shaking knees.

The one in front slid his legs between hers over her combat's that were still around her shins and the one behind forced her forward on to him. After some struggling to get her to comply, the one underneath had his cock buried deep in her slick cunt and was fucking up into her.

The other one climbed on her back and force fed his cock up her still open ass. She squealed and bucked as they sandwich fucked her. The one underneath wrapping his arms around her to hold her still while the one on her back beasted her quaking ass.

He held onto her shoulders for leverage as he butt fucked her without mercy, hard and fast making her wail and kick. He called out
"HAVE IT, HAVE IT WHORE!" as he shot his load into her sore ass.
He pulled off while the other piston fucked up into her and came too.
She groaned and lay still on top of him.

They hauled her off and threw her on her knees, head on the floor her face to one side ass toward me, her arms looked so uncomfortable tied together like that. I suddenly jerked as my guard grabbed my erection through my trousers.

"Hey he wants a piece of her ass too!" he leered.
"No no i don't I just . . just" he shoved me forward behind her.
The leader levelled his pistol at me. "Fuck her in the ass, come on UN man fuck her in the butt!"

"No please don't make me do this?" I pleaded.
"Fuck her ass or die UN man!" he growled.
I knelt down behind her and freed my cock from my trousers, her big white ass was open in front of me, her asshole still oozing shit stained spunk.
"I'm sorry" I whispered as I pushed it to her open ring.

"No talking! butt fuck her!" She groaned and flinched as I pressed in, I shuffled forward and sank more in it was so hot and tight. I laid my hands on her wide hips and started to fuck deeper into her, I laid my chest on her back and instinct took over and in minutes I was fucking her butt as hard and deep as any of them had.

She pressed back and groaned. I forced my hand around her front between her thighs and began frigging her neglected clit, she shuddered and reacted, I took my time enjoying the hot clenching of her butt as I strummed her clit, surprised at her reaction.

Suddenly she jerked and pushed upright letting out a high pitched repetitive squeal. Her ass slamming back down onto my meat, hot wetness gushed over and through my fingers as I realized she had come. At that I lost my load deep in her sucking pressing ass.

I glanced over my shoulder expecting some comment from our captors but there was none I pulled my meat from her ass and looked about. We were alone, the bastards had fled. I untied the Captains arms and pulled the gag from her mouth, "They've gone, you'll be all right, I'll get help" She winced as she moved.

"Not on you're life I'm getting out of here before they come back with some friends" she gasped. I helped her drag her clothes on and we fled. I took her to a 'Medicines sans frontiers' tent and once sure she was looked after. I fled too.

Mad Gerald
05-16-2011, 05:35 AM
You might have read this before if not enjoy! another story I wrote after shit I witnessed I changed the name but I wrote the description of Jackie down on my notepad as I was looking at her in the back of a Herc (C130) sending a woman that looks like that into a war zone - now that is food for thought - Like I said Enjoy :skull-big MG

Story by Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2000.

Jungle Treatment (F/ Gang Unif. NC Lac.) By Mad Gerald.

This is a witness report filed by Sergeant Michael Sands of the Irish
Rangers. It is compiled concerning the events in Sierra Leone in
September 2000 when he and other UK personnel were held captive
in the village of Masuri in central Sierra Leone.

This concern the treatment during captivity of Captain Jackie Ward,
Jackie is a Territorial Army medical officer with the British Army in
Sierra Leone, a blonde statuesque nurse of 24 years, she is
very polite, kind and gentle, Jackie was a big girl, she was 6 ft
in height, and naturally muscular. She was also quite shy. With
a beautiful face and huge blue eyes, she was definitely pretty with
a wide pouting lipped mouth. It was her truly enormous bust line
that got her noticed. She had got pregnant off another doctor
back home in Lincoln and sadly lost it.

It left her depressed with heavy milk laden tits. Then she was ordered
to Sierra Leone in support of the UN peace effort there. She was relieved
as it meant getting away from it all. A change as good as a rest.

She traveled to Freetown first, the capitol of Sierra Leone. From there
she went on with a detachment of Irish Rangers to Masuri.

There she found an orphanage run by beleaguered locals. The war had
caused lots of Orphans. Especially babies. She had long been teased
over the freakish size of her breasts. ...And now she was wet nursing!
Jackie found herself able to assist as a nurse and wet nurse to the
babies on the ramshackle wards. Her breasts reacted quickly and within
days she was producing gallons of milk which she used to good effect
feeding up as many hungry mouths as there were.

The Hospital and Orphanage are a collection of colonial buildings set
in a valley on the edge of a river tributary, it is between the road from
Freetown and some Mangrove swamp land. The main building is
the hospital, which has a compound to the front. This is surrounded
by an open school house to the right, the Orphanage to the left.

Two store huts face it off set to the right. The compound is
approximately 40x40 meters, with a large light supported on a
thick metal flag pole about 15 Meters from the front of the
store huts, one of which houses the generator for the hospital
and compound. Across the road is dense jungle.

We had three Landrover's. There was Captain Ward, myself
and another seven rangers and two male medics. I set up a
2 hour guard roster with a point of entry guard at the
entrance to the compound. The climate was tropically
hot, really humid and close.

Then in the middle of the night RFU Rebels attacked and
killed the two rangers on point. They quickly overran the
compound and took us prisoner as we leapt from our beds.
They ransacked the hospital, The surviving Rangers and
staff were herded into a hut.

One of the medics quickly told me he had last seen Captain
Ward in the hospital ward she was grabbed from behind,
unaware at first who grabbed her and was roughly pulled
around, her face slammed into the concrete wall. Strong,
powerful black arms had rammed her into the wall twice
to daze her. She had been spun around just in time to
catch a dark blur as a hand came up across her face.

Only Captain Ward was singled out it was obvious why.
I managed to get to a hole in the lower wall of the hut we
were locked in. Outside Three Rebel guards stood. I
looked out between their legs on the compound. It was
the early hours of the morning.

The compound was lit by the strong electrical light on the
metal pole, it lit it harshly. That and fires that had started
during the looting. I could hear some of the female staff
screaming and sobbing as they were raped in the school

The place was quietening down when I heard a
huge uproar, as a hoard of RFU troops, including 2
officers, dragged someone, a blonde woman, into
the compound. It was obvious that they were all very
excited about this woman. In fact, it took the Rebel
Leader himself to break up the chaos. As he pulled
them away and regained order I realized it was
Captain Ward.

You could see that the soldiers regarded her as
their most exciting trophy. The horde crowded in
on Jackie, Salivating over her impossible figure,
impatient to rape her.

The Rebel Leader stood in front of her grinning.
he was an imposing figure, dressed in army style
boots, camouflage trousers and a black Nike vest.
He wore a pistol in a holster and a large combat
knife strapped to his thigh. He had a riding crop
in his hand which he used to pose with. His hair
was cropped short. His face creased with a livid
scar from below his left eye across his lips to his

Captain Ward was shaking, dressed in her combats.
Boots, trousers, green army t shirt stretched tight over
her huge chest. She looked dishevelled. Her hair still
partly tied up in a bun at the back. a livid bruise stood
out on her cheek.

"Hey bitch take the uniform off! take it off now whore!"

He had a thick south african tainted accent. She
stared at him defiantly,

"I will not I am a British Officer and should be treated
in accordance with the . . "

"SHUT UP YOU WHITE SHIT!!" he screamed at her.

She swallowed the rest of her words and looked
fearfully at him.


She began to pull her t shirt out of her combat trousers... I was almost
deafened by the troopers uproar, they watched as she struggled the
shirt over her head, revealing her straining white cotton bra which cupped
both heavy jugs tightly. Both huge mammaries bulged out over the top.

She went to undo her trousers, her face crimson with humiliation.

"No Bitch get those tits out first, tits first you hear!"

She reached behind her and undid the clasps. As Jackie's ridiculous
breasts spilled out from her nursing bra. The troops went crazy
chanting and whooping. Two soldiers grabbed Jackie, and wrenched
her arms behind her back, making her stiff globes wobble and shake
stiffly. They held her as two others cut her trousers off. she struggled
and screamed "NO!" as they tore her white pants off.

She stood silently now naked but for her boots and dog tags,
Her tall body tanned on her face, arms and in a 'v' down into
her cleavage. Her tits were two massive weighty globes of
hard flesh, her aureole two large coral disc's mounted by her
semi erect pinkish nipples. The rest of her seemed
startlingly white. Her strong legs fattening as the went up
to her chubby dimpled arse cheeks. As they held her arms
behind her back. Her big eyes darted helplessly over to
the hut were I looked out as if she could see me; she
looked at me with nothing other than a face of sheer terror.

Rebel Leader approached Jackie. Now exposed and vulnerable, her giant
milk laden breasts hung down to her groin! With a shaking voice, Jackie
attempted to reason with him,

"Look sir, Hello, my name is Captain Jackie Ward, I work in the hospital
here. I'm a medical Officer, I can help your men, treat them, treat your
wounded, I'll be no use to you once you've, you've . . . (She faltered)
Please, PLEASE let me go! Please!"

"Once we've played with your big udders cow?"

"Don't call me that, I'm a British Army Officer, I demand to be treated
correctly as a Prisoner of War!"

Rebel Officer stood over her, but did not answer her. Instead he
sneered and began comparing her to a cow.

"Well, you don't look like a fucking soldier to me. You
look like a big fat titted cow. Does your British Army
feed it's Officers grass?";

" They should hang a bell around your neck cow! Where is
your bell? a cow with such big udders should wear a bell?
so they can find you at milking time"; the others jeered and

She looked at him with horrified disgust. shaking her head.

"Do you feed the army kitchens with milk each morning for your tea?";

"Now look I . . ." she stammered

"Or are you too busy playing with your udders in bed?";

"Don't be so disgusting!"

"Would you like us to tug on your udders? My men are hungry
would you like to feed them?";

"No I would not!"

"I bet your big fat teats are sensitive huh? when was the last time
you had them sucked, or bitten?".

There was much more like this for a while, each comment being
received with gleeful cheers. It was typical of Jackie that she actually
tried, obstinately, to answer his wicked questions.

Then the Rebel Leader's face took on a more evil look, and the background
laughter eased a little.

"Can you guess what we are going to do with you?" he said menacingly.

Jackie gasped shaking her head, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Can you imagine what we are going to do to those breasts?!!"

Uproar from the surrounding ranks. He prodded each heavy boob
with the riding crop. Jackie was breaking down; tears were
flooding, and after a series of little squeals, she began pleading to him.

"Oh no please don't hurt me, please don't, please; I beg you!"

SLAP!! He hit her once only, then leaned down to her tearful face and
boomed out.

"Hold her hands out!".

Jackie's arms were forced forward, wrists together, the muscles
on her arms stood out. The rope that hung from the metal pole
which supported the light was dragged over and was quickly
lashed around her wrists, in an instant her arms were whipped
up above her head as the troops yanked the rope down on the
other side of the pole.

Her tits bounced and slammed together, the stiff heavy flesh
white and glistening with sweat in the humid jungle heat.

"P-please, oh god... Why? Why are you doing this to me?
Please l . . . let me go."

She was now on her tip toes her army boots lifting from the floor.
her legs kicked and shook as nearly the whole of her weight
went on her wrists. The rope was tied off.

"OH GOD what are you going to do please! PLEASE DON'T!!"

Their leader was given some red cord, 'para cord' from our
stores. He grinned at her concerned terrified face. Then he
slapped her big globes back and too, she trembled and
tried to pull away. He wrapped the cord around the base
of her left breast. He dragged it tight pinching her flesh
as the cord tightened, forcing the breast up into a huge
taut balloon.

"NOOOOOOOO Please, no please don't" she begged.

He twisted it round and round then he passed it around
her back and lashed it tightly around the base of the other.
He yanked it viciously making Jackie scream and kick.
The troops laughed and jeered. them all stood around
drinking and laughing. He tied the rest of the cord around
her waist and went to squeezing each turgid breast.

"Stop it please . . don't! please stop it!"

Jackie sobbed and gasped as he drew his fingers
down each swollen milk laden jug. Her aureole were
now full dark thick circles, her nipples two half erect
thickening studs.

"You're hurting me please don't!"

Each breast was pulled in at it's root making both
into two very fat elongated rugby ball shaped orbs
crowned by her dark bloated goose fleshed teats.
He flicked and pulled her nipples slowly enjoying
the way she squirmed and writhed as he teased
them into harder and harder nubs.

He grinned at her studying her anguished face.
She looked on horrified biting her lip as he
wrapped more of it around the mid portion
of one dragging it tighter and tighter until
she began pleading and sobbing as fore
milk began to seep from her distended
nipple. Then he did the same around the
next bulged area of tense flesh.

"What are you going to do? please no!"

He chuckled and grinned at her as he drew
it tighter and tighter as she stamped and
squealed in pain. grinning he tied it off. Then he
repeated the process with the other. I could see
Captain Wards breasts clearly under the light.
Two bloated swollen slabs of tit flesh, jutting out of
her heaving chest begging to be sucked.

He patted and pawed each weighty globe, admiring
the thick veins which were struggling to support her
deep dark aureole and bloated teats.

I could see the colostrum leak from her breasts
saw the increasing distension of her teats, he
lightly touched each fat stud. She wanted to feed,
desperately, an awful intense need. You could see
it in her face, betraying her. Letting slip that she
was desperate for let down, eager.

"Are they sore Brit whore? are they tender?"

"Yes yes they are!" she spat.

"They are very full, do you want to be suckled
like a big Moo cow?"

He squeezed them hard. She shuddered and almost
feinted from the rush as milk dribbled from each stiff
nipple. He squeezed them cruelly trying to crush her
breasts his thick black fingers digging deep into
her hard white flesh.

"Yes YES! they are, please don't it hurts, HURTS!!"
she complained.

He pulled them harder making her almost lose her footing.
Both heavy jugs stretching cruelly as he grinned into her
pained face. Her nipples were two thick elongated corks

"Moo for us cow, Moo to get your calves to you, like the
big uddered heifer you are!"


He twisted and tugged them, squeezing her tits up
almost to his face. She looked so expectantly as
his mouth neared them and then pulled away.

"Moo for us!" the ranks giggled as she squirmed.

"Moo for us!"

He insisted his fingers pulling and shaking
each bloated hard jug. She swallowed hard, tears
rolling down her face.

"MOO!" she said her face flushing bright red.

He laughed and the others chanted.

"Moo cow, moo cow, moo cow"

"Louder Cow!"

He pulled and twisted her mammaries cruelly
She sobbed and then shouted.

"Moo, MOOO! MOOOO!!"

His fingers squeezing and pulling in turn as he started
to milk her like a heifer.

"That's a good cow, good cow!"

Thick streams of white liquid began welling up from her
nipples, spilling down to run over his fingers to drip from
the undersides of her monumental mounds to run in rivulets
down her muscled belly.

"Moo, MOOO! MOOOO!!" she wailed.

He began to swipe his mouth over each teat in turn, dragging
each teat back and too as he teased her bound jugs. Kneading
them with terrible pressure, dragging the flesh toward his mouth.

"MOO . . OH God, GOD!! . . Suck! Suck them please
you bastard, suck!"

Jackie's breasts erupted, at least a half dozen needle thin
streams of hot milk sprayed out from each thick nipple,
arcing out and splashing across the grinning rebel Leaders
face and chest. bursting between his fingers.

"Moo you fat cow MOO!!" he urged her.

"MOO . . OH God, MOO, MOO!"

He grinned a look of explicit glee in his eyes as he began
making hard milking motions on both swollen heavy streaming
breasts. I could see her whole body flexing and snatching her
hips thrusting out of control as her cunt demanded attention.


His fingers digging deep into the hard flesh of each,
squeezing, twisting, pulling, seeming gallons shot forth.
She struggled and squirmed as he pulled her breasts
making them squirt and squirt as she let out anguished
moan after moan.

"MOOOO . Oh God please please it hurts . hurts so good!"

The torrent continued unabated. She was groaning and
shuddering completely transported by the ecstatic
feelings of sudden release, as she squirted and

"Mooooooo! MOOOOOO!"

While she was in the throes of let down some of the
Rebel troops brought out two poles which they
positioned and then drove into the floor of the
compound on either side of her.

The Rebel Leader let go of her breasts and his men
grabbed her legs and forced them up and wide.

"No don't stop, NOOOOOO!"

She fought madly, her strong legs straining and twisting
in frantic desperation as they tied her knees to each
pole. and her ankles. Subsequently forcing her to be
suspended, sat in the air, legs spread wide, her wide
chubby arse vulnerable. Her blonde haired cunt helplessly

Captain Ward was looking at their Leader with defiance
staring at his grinning visage. You could tell, the way
this filthy animal was looking at her made her feel so
vulnerable... so DIRTY. The fact she was naked,
vulnerable, I'm sure that's what made her shudder.

"You are now going to have your big fat tits milked and
tortured, then you will be raped, both front and back,
if you struggle and fail to please any of my men they
will be cut off!!"

"No please you can't mean that! please I'll fuck you
I'll be good I . . I can suck you off . please .Sir?"

He smiled and nodded, laughing as his troops surged
toward their prize. They seized her bosoms fiercely,
causing a loud squeal from Jackie, and soon came
the first spurts of her breast milk. They viciously milked
both huge glands with their hands, while more Rebel
soldiers attacked her cunt and ass.

Her body jolted and she screamed as rebels knelt behind
her and yanked her big bum cheeks wide open, fingers
seeking and finding her tightly clenched butt hole. Dragging
her cheeks cruelly apart as they wormed thick fingers into
her squirming ass, pushing into her anus. Forcing one then
two fingers in.

"No not my bottom! Please don't! NO MY BUM!!

Milk was now splashing everywhere. Jackie was now
sobbing and screaming freely, as yet more assailants
closed in on her: a mass of frantic hands mauling her
lush breast flesh.

Her bosoms were milked, punched, stretched and
chewed. She was forced to helplessly watch as they
fought to breast feed from her. Her assailants gnawing,
biting, pulling and sucking her fat nubs. Making her
beg and plead, as they made their faces wet with
her gushing milk.

Her heavy bound chest dangled before them vulnerably.
She squealed and howled shaking and jolting her body
quite violently as her asshole was invaded by more
eager digits, thus making those breasts swing about wildly,
inevitably resulting in great slapping wet collisions.

"STOP THEM! no not my bottom, please" she wailed.

Over Jackie's whimpers, the RFU Rebels laughed
uncontrollably. In this position, her vulnerable jugs,
ass and cunt were not safe for long. I watched as
one hauled out an impressive thick long black cock
and began to force feed it up her swerving ass.


As she was sodomized, her hands clenched and
unclenched wildly in the air as the cramps tore up
her insides.

ME!!!!!! HELPMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

She lunged forward screaming as it went in, bending
with her tight reluctance as he viciously made it go in.
Her strong legs straining and twisting against the
bonds that held them to the rigid poles, muscles
standing out as she fought to stop them invading
her butt. She threw her head back her white teeth
gritted as she snorted through the pain as her ring
gave and gave, his fat black snake rippling into her
quaking ass. You could see from their movements
they were forcing fingers up into her cunt. Ramming
them up into her.

There was a soldier raping her big ass, two more biting
and sucking on her bosoms and another roughly fisting
her cunt!!

"OH GOD you dirty black bastards, bastards!"

Soon her muscular frame was being repeatedly
sodomized. One after another big black niggers
shafting her helpless fat ass. The air full of her
squeals, screams, constant begging, with a
background of hard brutal squelching as her
ass was speared time after time.

"Ooooh UHHH my god not so deep please!"

I could see her ass crack was smeared with
her shit. Thick black fingers dragging and pulling
those big white cheeks wide, her anus open, semen
coating the inner walls of her buttocks. It dribbled
out of her. Another pressed the thick pink slab like
head of his cock to it, and forced it in, semen and
shit oozed out of the sides as he grunted with effort
pressing it up into her bowels with his fingers.

"OH please it's too big, TOO BIG!!"

Milk coursed from her tits as they gave up feeding
from her and one stood before her and forced into
her cunt. slapping and mauling her tits as he
pounded up into her helpless form. Another
forced into her ass and she wailed and shrieked
as they packed her full of cock, slamming in
unison up into her snatching sweat drenched

Her high pitched screams grated on my ears at first,
she was very high pitched, but they blended well now
with the more primal lower tones as more and more
of her was opened up and violated.

That was when they made her cum, I could see
by her movements and the way she began to
urgently force back against their viciously
brutal thrusts, getting faster and faster, she
began to curse them as if in a chant

"Bastards! Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!"

Her arms twisting and hands gripping the rope
as her sobbing chant became a shriek of animal
lust as her body stiffened and jolted going rigid
between them as she climaxed, straightening
her bound legs as both rapists simultaneously
jetted their loads up her.

The rebel behind her wrenched his cock out
of her ass, more semen spurting up across
her flexing bum cheeks as shit and cum fell
out of her gaping arse hole. She wailed as
the other pulled out leaving both holes open
dripping semen.

In moments two more were filling her holes
double fucking her with brutal efficiency. I lost
count of how many of the bastards raped her
cunt and ass. Eventually she was hanging
there limply groaning as rebel after rebel
emptied his seed in her.

As the raping frenzy was dying down, there was
a slight hiatus, during which time, Some of them
lowered her arms. One of them grabbed her
shoulders and dragged them forward. I could
hear little sobs and squeaks from Jackie, as
they chatted in there native tongue as if what
they were doing was an everyday occurrence.

He held her bent forward. Another lashed more
rope around one knee, over her back to her
other, he pressed it under the joint and drew
it tight before tying it off. Now she was leant
forward helplessly her cunt and ass open from
the back. Her pendulous breasts hanging
like two great bloated melons, her head hung
down. she groaned as they finished tying it off.

The Leader grabbed her hair and dragged her
head back, he held it while they tied more para
cord to her hair, this held her head back tightly.
He let go of her hair and went behind her.

He felt her reddened buttocks squeezing and
testing them. then he pushed his cock into her
ass too. He took his time slowly forcing his
snake up up her well lubed shit chute. He had
managed to force the head of his cock in her
rear, and he was grunting, trying to ram all of
it the rest of the way in. Slowly it disappeared,
inch by inch inside Jackie's ass. She screamed
and gurgled the entire time it passed through
her asshole, painfully stretching her abused
sphincter until the Leader's forearm thick ten
inch cock was completely buried inside her

Jackie was moaning and grunting in hysterical
panic from being so savagely stuffed up the ass
by this massively thick piece of cock meat. He
forced the last inch or so in and with her gasping
in pain he began to ram deeply into her bowels,
grunting as he sped up.

"Oh shit you bastards" she hissed, panting.

He had hold of her shoulders slamming into
her splayed asshole, viciously reaming her
squelching shitter. he forced deep so his
pubes were against her white quivering
cheeks. then he stayed there rotating his
hips grinning, enjoying the tight heat of her
narrowing guts. He pulled all the way out,
jamming his cock back into her clutching
ass, watching the way it rippled as it
disappeared into her tortured hole.

Jackie was thrusting her hips back to meet every
ass flattening blow from his muscular loins, her
eyes wide, she began to let out a heavy moan.
She sped up slamming back at him, her breasts
banging back and to beneath her as she went
rigid squealing as she came again. Their laughter
stinging her ears as she shuddered to a halt.

"Oh yes, do you like having your ass raped
Captain? My men enjoy your ass bitch, and
so do I, there is nothing like butt fucking some
high and mighty white whore, is there guys?"

They all cheered him on. Jackie lifted her head

"Please I'm sore, it hurts . . please?"

"Oh dear we don't want to spoil our new
fuck toys ass now do we, shall I give her
ass a rest boys?"

They all grinned and agreed.

He pulled his cock out and walked around
to the front of her, his cock was a thick hard
pole of dark meat rearing up at the end,
smeared with her shit and the semen of
all his men.

"I'll tell you what Moo cow you suck our cocks
clean and we'll leave your ass alone, what
you say bitch?"

She looked at him in total disgust and shook
her head, clamping her mouth shut tight.

"Look see, you've got shit and cum all over it
the least you can do is clean it!"

He pushed it to her face showing her the mess it
was in. Her big blue eyes widened it horror and
disgust. she shied away from it, terrified.

"Open your mouth Captain! clean my cock cow!"

She shook her head pulling it away, her mouth a
thin line.

"Looks like we need my persuader, where's my
persuader boys?"

One of them raced over to some packs and
brought back a thick length of rubber hose,
the kind that you have between radiators and
engines. Jackie looked fearfully at him while
he hefted it.

"P-pleaseeeee...I can't" She started to beg, through
trembling lips. She tried to look through her tear
filled eyes at the big man stood before her to
see if he had any mercy for her, but all she
saw was his huge, twelve inch, black cock
aimed at her face.

"You ask to suck my cock cow, ask to clean it!"

"Please I'll be sick, I can't, No!!"

"Perhaps this will change your mind bitch!"

Without warning he began kicking at her
sensitive pendulous hanging tits. again and
again his boot smacked into both weighty
targets. Jackie screamed and shrieked as
he kicked her swollen jugs. Milk sprayed out
with each impact.

He stopped and swung at both bouncing tits
with the hose. The noise it made as it hit her
tits was almost as loud as the scream she
emitted. He laughed in sadistic glee as her
jugs were belted back and too.

Jackie thrashed in her bonds screaming in
agony as he vigorously whipped her giant tits.
Both heavy mammaries started to redden
with the marks he was leaving.

Whapp! WHAPP!! went down on her tender
engorged bags, both volumous balloons
smashing into each other, swinging to and
fro under the blows. He rested panting and
laughing as she shuddered and flexed her
arms sobbing painfully, her tits were welted
grotesquely across both globes

"Ready to suck cock now cow?!"


He lashed her left tit with the hose using a
Vicious sideways swing, then backhanded
her heavy right breast.


Her tits swayed wildly on her torso while she
screamed and twisted, her head wrenching
on her hair as she grimaced in and howled in
pain. Her arms twisting and pulling frantically at
her bonds, as her large jugs were batted around
obscenely. I'm not sure which she hated more,
the pain or the humiliation.

YOUR KILLING ME!" she screamed.

He laughed and beat her tits one way and then
the other with the heavy hose. For about 15
minutes he continued the torture of her tits,
while she screamed and twisted.

Eventually he stopped, she hung there gasping
and wincing in agony. her tits were red raw, and
dripping milk from each swollen bruised teat.

"You're going to suck me, cunt."

She started to gag as he offered the slab like head
of his meat to her face. He grinned down at her, he
held it before her quivering spit flecked lips, The look
of revulsion on her face was delicious.

"Stick your tongue out, that's it, now lick it cunt! LICK

She shut her tear soaked eyes and with her face
betraying her utter humiliation she pushed her tongue
out and lapped at the thick head that had only just
come out of her arse.

"That's it, open wide, there"

He forced it up her tongue and into her mouth, filling it
and forcing her to widen her jaw as she was forced to
start sucking his shit smeared cock.

"That's it bitch... Don't gag, suck like a good cow?"

Jackie was soon drooling out of both corners of her
packed mouth as he forced himself in making her lips
open wider to take in his big tool. He shoved his tool
in her mouth. He made sure she knew that he was
going to make her deep throat him.

"You're going to feel every inch of my cock you whore."

He was brutal to her. Squatting in front of her upturned
face, he jerked his hips, impaling her throat with his fat
ten inch cock. Jackie struggled, but there was nothing
she could do. she was callously throat fucked by his full
ten inches ball deep all the way. Jackie tried to pull
away from the big, powerful black man but all she could
do was hang there submissively and suck cock until he
was satisfied and let her have his cum.

Jackie looked so ashamed as she was made to suck
his filthy cock.

He grabbed her ears like handles and jerked his hips
forward, making her gag and choke, wanting to hurt her,
wanting to make her pay for interfering in his war. Again
and again he rammed his turgid cock against her throat,
her body brutally pinioned between the two poles, until
she gagged violently and he pushed hard into her face.
Seeing his cock slide down her pulsing throat, his hips
slamming into her face, a feeling of power overwhelmed
him as he took this British Officer whore before him.

I could see his cock was completely buried in her throat,
his balls resting under her chin his troops gathered round
watching as she began to struggle and go blue. He gasped
laughing as he must have felt her throat spasm around
his tool.

My cock was straining hard in my pants as I watched
his cock start to stab in and out of her throat, fucking
her face brutally, violently. He looked down at her head
as he slammed his hips into her face again, his cock
throbbing in her throat as he fucked her face. You could
see a a grin of lust and hate twisting his lips as he
looked down at her, bucking and gagging around his

He pulled out momentarily and lunged, driving into her
throat again. He fucked her head like that for ten
minutes or so. Making Jackie choke on his thick veiny
black rod. Eventually he couldn't restrain himself.

"Swallow you bitch swallow!! Ahhhhhhhhh!"

He didn't pull out of her. He left his throbbing, ejaculating
cock buried deep inside Jackie's throat while he emptied
himself into her belly. You could see her gagging and
choking as his hot sperm spurted deep down inside
her. You could see he was loving it. The feel of shooting
his jizz deep in her throat.

He jerked several times as he continued to come; glob
after glob of thick, slimy sperm gushed out of his cock.
The first couple of spurts filled her throat so he pulled
back an inch or so, then rammed forward, Her cheeks
blew out then sucked in as he shoved all that sperm down
in one, almost solid mass straight down her throat.

He came for a long time, and had to "plunge" cum
down her throat three more times.

"That's it, whore. Take my cum down your throat,
ahhh!...ahhh!....yes...yes...swallow it, cunt."

When he finished he extracted his cock leaving Jackie
gasping to breathe and coughing up white sticky sperm,
gooey jism surging out of her nostril's as she tried spitting
it out of her mouth. He laughed at her as she choked,

"what's the matter whore, too rough?"

"UHHH . . UHHH you . . you filthy UGHHH!!"

Another stood in front of her head, pulling it up by the hair
he then forced his entire cock into her mouth with a grunt.
She gags but does not fight him.

"Yeah, whore!" He growls. "Choke on me!"

Her face flushes dark red and she makes a gagging sounds
as his cock shuts off her trachea blocking the air supply into her

"Bitch...fuckin' bitch."

He pounds her face holding her head still as he uses her face
like a cunt, slam fucking her throat, he's at it for ages. Then
he gasps, going on tip toe. He steps back, pulling out of her
as a stream of thick white cum laced drool spills down her chin.

"Oh fuck, yeah, I'm cumming on this whore's face!"

He shouted as jet after jet of semen flew from his spasming
cock, The others all laughed and cheered as gouts of cum
splattered wetly on her cheeks and lips, covering her eyelids,
draping themselves in her hair and down her forehead. Cum
flew into her gaping mouth as she gulped in air.

End of Part One.

Mad Gerald
05-16-2011, 05:36 AM
Part two :skull-big

Story by Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2000.

Jungle Treatment (F/ Gang Unif. NC Lac.) By Mad Gerald.

One of the rebels got behind her and shoved his cock into
her cunt he started fucking her fast and hard. Another pushed
his ass soiled cock to her mouth and he shoved it straight in
her nose was mashed straight into his pubes as they spit
roasted her. Gurgling and squirming, She was trying to jerk
her hips away from the thrusts, desperate to lessen the pain
of the brutal fucking. But it was useless.

The cocks were just too large and the fucking too violent.

All of them were rough with her. Wanting to degrade and hurt her
as much possible, they kept forcing their large cocks full up her
stretched aching cunt or entirely down her throat.

Grabbing the back of her head with their hands and jamming her down
on their cocks until her lips touched the base. Leaving their pricks
lodged in her throat, they cheered as she gagged and choked with
the effort. As each man ejaculated down her throat or in her face,
they cursed her, and swore at her in their own thick dialect.

Roughly grabbing her by the back of her head another began to violently
fuck her face. I could hear the slapping noise of her forehead hitting his
belly and her grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat.

"Suck it you Brit slut! Take it all you whore!"

He fucked it with quick deep stabs. She was gagging and choking, her
nose was mashed tightly against his belly when he finally came. Cum
bubbled from the corners of her mouth and shot from her nose. Thick
strands of it dangled from her lips and chin. The guy kept fucking her
face and seemed as though he'd never stop. Sperm dribbled down
her neck. When he pulled his dick out of her mouth, she fought for air
and coughed up more cum that was lodged deep in her throat.

"No more please please!" She begged hoarsely.

The leader went to her head and dragged her face up, her features were
glazed with sperm, she blinked glaring at his grinning face.

"Ok Bitch, We'll stop, you tell me how many British troops are between
here and Freetown?"

"I . . I don't know, honestly I don't!"

He grinned at her and chuckled. "Joseph?"

"Yeah boss?" said one of his men.

"Do you think the men will enjoy dis bitch havin'a
jog round the compound?"

"Sure boss, sounds fine!"

They quickly untied her legs, arms and hair. They
dragged her to her feet. Joseph and two others tied her
elbows tightly together behind her. Then they forced
her up on her feet.

She stood there her tied back blonde head bowed
her shoulders dragged back, arms cruelly lashed
together. Her breasts stood out impressively two
tightly constrained fat Zeppelins of taut fat flesh.
Her teats two thick ruddy nubs poking out of her
dark coral aureole. They pushed and manhandled
her. As she was shoved her massive jugs shook
and bobbed stiffly, her nipples leaking milk.

Each drop of milk dribbled out and ran down the
pressured expanse of the front of her turgid globe
to sit under the fat shelf and drip from the thin para
cord which bit deeply into her pale breast. The drips
landed on her high leg boots. Her dog tags dangled
between her heavy tits, gangling as she moved.

They all gathered around her, squeezing her tits
and butt, slapping and pinching. Jackie looked
around her in terror as she saw some of them
produce bayonets and machetes.

"Please leave me alone!"

"Run Moo Cow, run or we cut your udders off!"

"Run where? please"

Strong fingers grabbed her fat tits pulling them out
a long glinting Bayonets perilously close, a sea of
malicious grinning faces.

"RUN COW!!" they shoved her and pushed.

Jackie stumbled her breasts bobbing free of their
grasping fingers. She turned desperately glancing
about. Her heavy bound tits bouncing hard against
her ribcage. She began to run as they laughed and
gave chase. They laughed and jeered as she fled.

"Stab her tits! STAB THEM!!"

Jackie wailed in fear and ran toward the entrance to
the compound. Her strong legs quickly picking up
pace. Some of the rebels headed her off grabbing
at her. She wailed and stepped past their outstretched
arms. Now they were surging after her.

Her big tits were bouncing and slapping hard
together as she swerved to avoid two more of
them, a knife slashed alarmingly close. She
side stepped again screaming as a machete
slapped the side of her left jug.

They caught up with her, crowding round as she
waddled as fast as she could, her colossal swinging
bound bosoms were pricked and slapped by bayonet,
and machete, milk dribbling from her nipples.

The rebel leader looked on grinning as she was
subjected to this public humiliation in the compound,
she was encouraged by slaps, shoves and bayonet
to "run" naked around the compound for their
entertainment until exhausted she was pushed in
front of their leader.

"Jump up and down Moo cow, JUMP!!"

Fearfully she complied as they forced her to jump
up and down her big boobs slamming up and down
while she wept and sobbed. Her body was dripping
sweat and she was panting heavily. The rebels
laughed and joked. Each time she slowed they
threatened her with their knives and fearfully she
resumed jumping up and down shaking her bouncing
tits for their entertainment.

The Leader barked orders and she was grabbed
and held. Some of them dragged a table out of the
school house and she was forced backwards over
it. Her arms trapped helplessly under her. Her arse
on the edge of the table. Men grabbed her legs and
fought them open. They held her ankles to the legs
on either side, while they were lashed there.

"I'll ask you again cow! you tell me how many British
troops are between here and Freetown?"

"I . . I told you I don't know, honestly I don't!"

Some of his men were toying with her tits, pulling
and tugging on her stiff nipples, the huge globes
were weeping blood in places from small cuts from
her run. Another man held her backwards by the

He grinned at her and chuckled. "Joseph?"

"Yes boss!"

"See if you can get your hand in her cunt!"

"My pleasure!"

"No please, don't!!" she squealed.

Please, you can't. It'll never fit."

"Oh, It'll fit. Eventually."

"It won't! You'll hurt me."

He knelt in front of her and started to force his fingers into her blonde
snatch. She jolted and swerved her hips trying to avoid his pushing
fingers. Meanwhile the others were sucking and chewing her
swollen teats. A man on either side, their mouths clamped on
suckling her helpless mammaries.

"PLEASE YOUR HURTING!!" she pleaded

He rammed them into her opening, pulling at the tight muscles that
guarded her entrance. His strong digits pushed into her warm
flesh and penetrated up to the third knuckle. His fingers slid in
and out rhythmically, he forced the fingers of his other hand in
and around his knuckles, pulling at her inner lips. Stretching
and dragging them wider.

"God no, NO! don't bite them NO! ARGHHHHH!!"

Jackie's building physical excitement provided copious amounts
of pussy juice, and Joseph soon had all four of his fingers jammed into
her hot box. He began to pay attention to her clit in order to make
her jolt and kick.

He slid his thumb in alongside them and slowly forced his whole
hand in, until it was wedged into the sticky folds of her cunt. All
his fingers wedged just above the second knuckle. Captain Ward
began to groan and grunt no longer able to restrain herself He
spread and pushed his fingers alternately, until the breadth
of his third knuckle was surrounded by the stretched muscles of her

"Oh GOD! I'll tear please it's awful!!"

"How many troops bitch?"

"I don't know please!"

He churned his fingers around for a bit, and began shoving.
Soon, most of his fingers up to the knuckle were buried in
Jackie's stretched cunt. He made a fist, and Jackie let out
a scream that was deafening. With total lust in his eyes the
rebel leader looked on, as Joseph began to shove his
fist in. With a few brutal jabs, and a long slow hard push,
and with Jackie arching her back in agony she began to
let out a low animal sob he got it in up to the wrist.

The men on her tits were sucking and pumping her jugs
to there hungry faces. Jackie's cunt lips were stretched
to the limit, wrapped around his wrist. Pulling almost all
the way out, he punched up into her hard again.

Her cunt lips gripped around his wrist, you could see it
sticking out of her pussy, her pink lips stretched like a
tight seal around the dark flesh of his arm. She was
wailing as he moved his fingers around inside her
hot, wet tunnel.

The compound rang with Jackie's moans, her entreaties
to stop, to end her torment. Her sweet cries of pain and
pleasure as his hand forced its way excruciatingly slowly
deeper and deeper inside her.

She was rigid her mouth wide in a silent howl as he pushed
inwards. Pain and fear abruptly breaking though the haze of
Jackie's shock and disbelief as her cunt throbbed in pleasure.
She started to struggle when he pulled his hand back out
again, easing the juices from her pussy to lubricate his wrist
even more. She squirmed and jolted as he pushed back in,
in earnest, twisting his fingers and thumb in her tight entrance.

Her eyes are huge with shock, her voice a rising wail. Poor Jackie
was in excruciating agony and pleasure her cunt stretched to
capacity. Her tits being fought over, fingers pulling and grabbing.
Her cunt straining around his thick wrist. Pulses of pure pleasure
throbbing up through her uterus as her cunt is forced to give.

She groaned thinking now it was in it was all over, her punishment
complete. Then their leader was over her grinning.

"How many British troops Captain?"

"NUHHGHHHHHH I don't know nnnnnnggghhhh!!"

He nodded to Joseph who grinned. He gave a little tug on his
hand I watched her big blue eyes widen.

"You feel how tightly he's held inside you? The widest part of
his hand and all his fingers have to come out through your tight
little hole again. Just think, Captain. If he holds his fingers apart
and pulls out, very, very slowly, an inch at a time - what might
that do to you?"

"Please I don't know, I don't, GOD MY CUNT!! PLEASE!"

They all laughed as he started to fist her, ramming and twisting
his hand inside her body. The men on her tits let go of her nipples
allowing milk to spray out in a fine spray. They viciously squeezed
the body of each fat breast, kneading and forcing spray after
spray out. Jackie was wailing and writhing in pain and pleasure.

Then Joseph began to lap at her clit, his thick tongue manipulating
and flicking it cruelly as she went rigid groaning. She began straining
and trying to kick as he began to stir his fist inside her.

Slowly, he clenched and unclenched his hand, rotating it back and
forth slowly. He began to suck her now enlarged clit into his mouth.
The air was full of the pungent aroma of her cunt secretions. I watched
her lovely face express total abandonment to their control, as he
started a light, rapid stroking of her clit.

Jackie's body started to heave and push back her face contorting in
pure excruciating anguish and delight. You could see they were
going to make her cum. They knew she would orgasm.

"How many Captain?" he insisted.

"I don . . . don't know!"

He nodded to Joseph who slowly pulled his hand out of her cunt.
Jackie went rigid. The muscles straining in her legs as his spread
hand began to emerge from her. It continued to stretch her wide. He
was pulling with all his might, her ass lifting up toward his face as he
pulled inch by inch her pink cunt flesh clinging to his hand , which were
liberally coated in her slick juices.

He pulled out until you could see his knuckles and then he
pushing it back in with all his strength, she bucked and thrust her
hips back and too throwing her head back howling in agony. He
rammed his mouth down on her clit and sucked hard.


After a long, low scream of pleasure, she began to climax. Thrashing
and heaving pounding her cunt on to his arm. Her vagina opened
completely, a series of pulsing contractions wracking her body.
The oral and facial expressions she made as she orgasmed
excited me so much. Then suddenly a deep scream began
somewhere within her, hissing out at first and rising in volume
as it escaped her. Her body began trembling violently as she
came and came.

He pulled his hand out in one heave and stood up.

"Give it to her in the ass again!" they chanted

"Hurt the bitch."

He pulled his cock out and forced it to her still slick asshole.
Her head was grabbed and wrenched back over the side
of the table, her scream was choked off as a massive
black cock was thrust into her shocked face and into
her mouth.

She tried to cry out to them around the cock pistoning in
and out of her mouth,

"Phease, phease sllhop."

"Don't please...Ahhhhhhhhhh!...Nooooooo!"

She screamed around the cock at the top of her lungs
as Joseph's cock forced her asshole open.

I watched in pleasure as he made her take his meat
up her ass, yet another cock forcing open her anus,
her wrecked sphincter beginning to slide open as he
forced his cock inexorably up into her struggling ass.

She struggled vainly as she felt his prick press into her
ass, his cock popping past her anal ring, a tired moan
escaped her as they raped the shit out of her again.

"That's it, gag her!!"

"Choke on my filthy animal cock!"

"Suck me, bitch. Suck my nigger cock!"

Joseph thumbed her still protruding clit as she
writhed under the vicious thrusts down her throat.
He fucked her ass watching as her body arched
cumming again as he butt fucked her. Others
went to her tits grabbing at them forcing them up
to their greedy mouths as they began to suckle
her cruelly.

Joseph pulled his cock from her ass and spurted
his seed all over her gaping twat and belly. He was
quickly replaced by another who mounted her
shoving his meat into her cunt. The man fucking her
throat stabbed it hard and then came. He pulled out.

Another forced into her coughing mouth gripping her
under the chin as he pushed and pushed until the
whole of his cock was embedded in her mouth. Then
he started to fuck her face slowly, enjoying her gagging
around his girth.

The rebel on top of her brutally fucked her twat, holding
her by the hips as he pounded into her. She stiffened
again, snorting around the cock in her throat as she
came and came.

It was about an hour or so before they stopped. She
was unconscious. Her head hanging back off the table
edge. One forced his flaccid cock into her slack mouth
pushing it in with his fingers. Then he pissed in her
mouth. The others laughed as it burst out of her lips
around his shaft. The rest of them joined him.
Pissing all over her bruised and battered body.

They dragged her over to the hut we
were in and shoved a sack over her head before
dragging her inside and throwing her on her face
on the floor.

They grabbed me and dragged me out. Thank fuck they
were all hetro, they beat the shit out of me, asked me
some questions, I just acted dumb. Eventually they
dumped me back in the hut.

when I got up to my knees, I realized the others had
been taking turns butt fucking the unconscious captain
in her well lubed ass. They stopped looking sheepishly
at me.

"Don't stop on my account" I insisted.

The two medics held her on her side, one fucked her butt
while the other shafted her leaking tits, twisting her fat
mammaries tight to his cock as he battered up into
them. Then they swapped places.

After awhile I got a turn, her shitter was real slack
but tighter deeper in so I mounted her and gave her
a good rooting while I tugged on those big mammaries
from behind. She gasped as I added my seed to the soup
up her ass.

Four hours later the Para's arrived and liberated us.
The rebels cleared off. The last I saw of Captain Ward
was her being loaded unconscious into a Puma helicopter
by her fellow medics.

The End. :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
07-14-2011, 03:30 PM
Now this is based on a story told to me by an ex US military babe it happened in the early 90's :D :

US Army Recruit Medical Exam

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2000.

Part One of ?

Private Atkinson had been in the army for just weeks. Her time at Aberdeen proving ground was far different than anyone had said. She was having a bad time at the moment.

Atkinson was 5’ 6" quite big and stocky. She had a chest of 38DD. Short cropped auburn hair, glasses, quietly kept herself to herself. She was very fit having been brought up on her uncle’s farm near Dayton Ohio. She had no problem with the training as she was very strong anyhow. All she'd known was the farm and local school, her knowledge of the ways of the world was very limited.

She was fine until about four days ago, she had been late for muster and so she was detailed to clean the billet as punishment. When she was alone cleaning and scrubbing the floor near the showers. Her drill sergeant Frank had come over and was watching her.

He was a big black guy about 6'2" well muscled, he looked mean all the time, Atkinson didn't like blacks, especially ones that told her what to do.
"Are you trying to clean that floor or bring it pleasure Private?" She looked up at him with a pained 'fuck off you annoying twat' grimace.
"To clean it sergeant!" She carried on.
"I don't care for your attitude young lady. STAND UP!" she jumped up
"Only my mother is allowed to look at me that way Private!" he shouted into her face. "ARE YOU MY MOTHER PRIVATE!!"
"No Sergeant!" she retorted.
"In that case Private you must still be my recruit, and if you’re my recruit you must owe me, say, twelve star jumps. GET TOO IT!!"

She began the star jumps, he stood in front of her and counted, and all through he leered at her heavy tits slamming up and down. They were real solid and heavy with it. By seven her shirt was soaked in sweat. It clung to her bra outlining it. Panting she came to the end.

"Right get back too it Private, make some effort this time!" he turned and walked off. She watched him go she listened she could hear him on the phone, then went to her locker, she cursed him. She took off her shirt, her bra was hurting her and wet through. She took it off. Her heavy tits swung free, big and pink with exertion. They glistened with sweat; she toweled herself dry with the wet shirt. Her nipples came up hard with the attention. Then she pulled a clean shirt on and went back to cleaning.

She'd been cleaning for another ten minutes when he returned with two other drill instructors another black guy and a short white guy. She worked harder trying to impress they were fascinated by her big tits bouncing to and fro as she scrubbed. He smiled realizing she had taken her bra off leaving the big heavy fuckers to bounce all the more; he walked around behind her and watched her big ass (tight in her BDU's) as it went back and too.
"Have you changed your shirt Private?" she stopped and looked up at him
"Yes sergeant, it was wet and I thought . . ." she trailed off.
“Stand up!” she leapt to her feet, he came really close looking into her face almost touching her stiff tits with his starched shirt front. She glanced past him seeing the others stifle grins she didn’t notice the Digi-camera capturing it all.

"Who told you to change your dress Private?"
"No one Sergeant" He smiled at her.
"Twenty star jumps, GET TOO IT!!" she obeyed resentfully. He watched closely as her fresh shirt became dark with sweat; it clung to her freely bouncing breasts as she labored past 8 then 12. She struggled to leap the last four. Her teats were stiff with the friction, pressing hard to the material of her shirt. It was so obvious that they were staring at them. They pressed to the tight material two fat points. Her face glowed crimson with humiliation and embarrassment.
She finished and stood to attention. Something his cock had already done. He stood in front of her and admired her wet chest. “Your shirt has come adrift from your trousers Private address it!” she hurriedly tucked it in pulling it even tighter across her tits.
He went over to the bucket of water she was using and dipped a finger in it he tutted.
“You can’t clean a floor with cold water ain’t that right Al?” He picked up the bucket “That’s a fact!” the white drill instructor barked. Her Sgt poured the cold water all over the floor in front of her; he grinned,
“Not good enough Private now get down and give me 20 pushups!”
She jumped down and pressed her hands to the floor now lying in 2 inches of cold water she started to do the pus ups. Her breasts were soaked, already goose bumping her nipples were aching as they stood around and watched her struggle up and down.

“Straighten those arms, push up and lock!” she did her breasts outlined beautifully the material stuck to them. They sat on their haunches admiring them “Now this Private is going to make a fine soldier don’t you think?” her teats were rigid hard against the material her face crimson her arms quivering with the strain. “Now down slowly!” she did as she was told until the tips of both teats touched the freezing water “STOP!” she held herself there straining as they chuckled “Now that’s damn fine” the white guy leaned close to her ear “They aching girly? you feel that cold making them titties throb? Well you need them babies warming up you just come and see me yeah” he grinned and moved away. “Carry on!” she struggled to get to pushing up and down again each time her teats hit the water chills coursed through them. She got to 14 and was struggling to force her arms straight her nipples were like two pulsing aching nubs sapping her strength “C’mon get them outa that water Private!” “Now you ain’t tryin!” She forced her arms out and down again out and down crimson with humiliation as they watched her. Eventually she got to twenty. “Stop stand up!” she stood to attention her shirt slick to her aching breasts “Now that was pretty poor but I can think of two reasons to keep you in the army Private” they all chuckled.

"Get back to cleaning Private!" she complied meekly. For another ten minutes they stayed there watching her scrubbing with the brush her tits slamming back and too.
"You thirsty Private?" she stopped and knelt up, her T-shirt slick with sweat and cold water stuck to her big tits.
"Yes sergeant I am sergeant!" she fired off. He grinned at her.
"Good, carry on Private!" she swallowed, pissed at his attitude.
"Yes sergeant!" she carried on, they carried on watching her. After another ten minutes he asked her the same again.
"Yes I am Sergeant!" she replied gasping. He smiled.
"OK you earned it Private, come with me I've some Gatorade in the office"
"Yes sergeant thank you sergeant!" she got up and followed them. In the office her drill sergeant pointed to a jug on his desk. It was half full of green gator. She poured herself a glass and downed it in one.
"Happy now Private? have some more if you want" he sat at his desk smiling at her. She helped herself to another full glass she felt refreshed.
"Thank you sergeant" He sent her back to work. She went back to work, she continued scrubbing and then after about ten minutes she felt faint, she couldn't keep awake. She staggered to her bed.

Her drill sergeant watched from the hinges of his office door as she scrubbed and then faltered. She rested and tried again her eyes looking whoozy then she gave up and with her legs almost buckling weaves down the billet and collapsed on her bed.

He turned and grinned to the other two “Paaaarrrrrteeeee!” he chuckled. They left it ten more minutes before he went over locked the doors. They approached her on her bed. He couldn't remember how many times he'd done this. He looked her up and down. She was impressive. He leant over her and slapped her face repeatedly.

There was no response. He grabbed her legs and hauled her ass onto the floor. He propped her back against the side of the bed. He reached down and pulled her T-shirt up over her sweaty tits. He fondled and squeezed them then pulled and wobbled them as they hung free two big fat hard slabs.
“Now ain’t they pretty huh” the others grinned

Her breasts unlike the rest of her weren't tanned but a lovely alabaster white. Two large round stiff globes that sat heavy on her ribs. Her aureoles were wide dark pink circles centered by semi-erect teats. He undid his BDU's and pulled his cock out. Then retrieved his digi-cam from the shelf where it had sat recording the proceedings and took some stills. He put the camera on the bed and pulled her shoulders straight, her head lolled back; mouth open. He sat astride her hips and squeezing up her tits in both hands slid his cock into her sweaty cleavage. He reached over picked the camera up and took some more shots he put it down. He rolled the firm flesh against his shaft, pulling on them.

"You're a regular fuckin' heifer now ain't you bitch!". He gripped her teats between finger and thumb, pulling them to each other behind his cock. He spat into her cleavage and then began to fuck her tits hard, viciously squeezing her hard full breasts too his cock. His fingers biting in marking her skin as he pumped up between them for ages. Eventually he nearly came and stopped.

He pulled off releasing them, and then he toyed with her nipples rubbing his cock over them. "Nearly, nearly made me cum bitch, now let’s have a look at that big ass o' yours honey, see if my cock fits" He got off her and the others helped haul her up onto her bunk. He threw her on her face and dragged her back over the edge so her knees rested on the floor.
With practiced ease he reached around and undid her BDU's and wrenched them down off her ass. She had issue briefs on which he dragged down revealing her wide white butt. He patted her cheeks and then took some more photos. He parted her buttocks and stretched them open to reveal her amber cleft. Her virgin anus nestling at the depths; He wet a finger and tested it pressing it in.

"Ohh yeah tight as can be baby, I'm gonna have me some o' that"
He couldn't wait any longer. He spat on his fingers wetting the head of his cock, then he forced into her tight resistant star. He managed to slowly force it in and rested glorying in the hot vice like grip of her twitching sphincter. He grabbed her hips and eased into her rectum.

Then he slowly sodomized her enjoying every moment. The billet resounded to the sounds of his grunts of pleasure and her ass squelching and farting as his hips slapped loudly against her broad stiff cheeks. He gripped her shoulders for leverage as he reamed her butt. Then he hauled her torso up. He slung his forearm around her throat and held her upright to his chest. He rammed deeply into her ass and stayed there stirring her guts with his meat. With the other hand he cruelly pulled and stretched her nipples, pinching the aureole between finger and thumb so he could make them big and fat as he raped her ass; her limp head lolling and jerking with each hard thrust. He lost control after about twenty minutes and lay on her broad back slamming up into her unconscious form. Viciously ramming deep into her and emptying his hot seed deep into her bowels. He rested then. After a few minutes laid on her back he got up and slid his cock out. It was streaked in shit, blood and semen.
The other two had waited their turn and Al hurriedly got behind her and sank his meat up her still gaping butt hole he got his hands under her to squeeze and pinch her fat tits as he raped her ass heaving his skinny white cock deep up into her groaning as he came too soon. He clambered off for the last instructor KJ.

He gripped her buttocks hard in his hands and wrenched them apart and spat in her open shitter “This is where you get big brother cock up your fat white ass honey!” he fisted his impressive meat and placed the thick head against her slick asshole he held her by the hips and dragged her butt back on to it in a slow even way he grinned watching it as it slithered in the root far thicker stretched her ring into a straining thin line. He held it there feeling the heat of her rectum bathe his meat then he started to sodomise her slowly climbing on top of her he smiled and spat on her face “Oh yeah Mom and dad will be real proud!” Al laughed as KJ started to really fuck her ass slamming into her unconscious form hard his hips battering her fleshy butt cheeks red. Frank stood at the end of the bed and videoing her slack face as she was ass raped. KJ trapped her legs between his and thrust up into her hard getting faster and faster; heaving into her he gasped and came pumping more hot seed into her already sodden ass. KJ pulled out. They took some pictures of her still gaping ass hole their semen dribbling from it. Then they redressed her and lay her on her bunk as they had found her.

She woke with a start in the evening and didn't remember how she had got there. She'd come too laid on top of her bunk. Her ass really hurt, her tits and shoulders too. She was desperate for the toilet. When she went white goo and blood came out as well as her shit. She was horrified. Perhaps she had something dreadful wrong with her. She told no one. Over the next two days, it slowly got better, but it held her back, running and forced marches were the worst.

More? Enjoy MG

07-16-2011, 06:01 AM
Any chance to see more? :)

Mad Gerald
07-16-2011, 09:11 AM
working on it now thanks I worry i post and nobody says owt so i think no ones bothered :(

Mad Gerald
07-16-2011, 10:55 AM
Her drill Sergeant demanded to know what was up.

"Atkinson what is wrong with you for god’s sake get here NOW!".
She told him “It’s difficult Sergeant, I well hurt somewhere".
"Where is somewhere you useless piece of dumb ass!”
She went brilliant red “My ass Sarge, my ass hurts!". He grinned and sent her to the medical department.
She waited for an appointment for over two hours. Then she was marched into one of the surgeries. Private Atkinson stood at attention, Waiting. Eventually the med officer looked up and asked her what was the matter. She stammered out her voice failing as she tried to say what the matter was.
"You are familiar with the penalty system in operation for recruits at this post Private?"
"Well in that case I'm Penalizing you two demerits for failing to speak clearly to an Officer, do you understand?"
"I have a problem with my Backside Sir"
"What kind of problem Private"
"It's difficult to say Sir, It's painful and when it started I had blood and a white substance which came out Sir"
"Have you had anal sex Private?"
"Anal sex Sir?"
"AHH do you know what that is Private Atkinson?"
"No sir"
"Right, did you get drunk and wake up in this state Private?"
"No sir, I felt unwell went to sleep on my bunk and awoke later in the day like that Sir"
"Oh dear, you are naive aren't you Private, OK, wait here a moment I'll be back in awhile" He got up and left.
He came back after 10 minutes and sat back down,
"The Armies doing a study here, do you mind if we video this examination for teaching purposes Private?"
Private Atkinson swallowed "no Sir I suppose I don't"
"Good, that's damn fine" he leaned forward with a remote and then sat back"
Private Atkinson looked the med officer in the eyes and, in a small voice, asked "What do you want me to do next Sir".
"Right Private Atkinson pull down your BDU's and lean on and over the side of the examination table, That's it, right over." With a quick motion,
Private Atkinson did as she was told.
The med officer readied his instruments and placed his left hand on the small of her back and began to slowly lower her tight, white panties with the fingers of his right hand. He took her panties down very slowly, and with purpose. Slowly, the lovely buttocks came into view. The med officer inspected Private Atkinson's ass with his eyes. He had always thought the butt of a girl was his most favorite part of her anatomy. Private Atkinson had a beautiful, healthy strong looking body. Even though Private Atkinson was only eighteen, she had a well developed body of a woman.
"Private lean all the way over and spread your legs-spread them far apart." She complied.
"Reach back and spread your cheeks so I can examine your anal area more closely." Private Atkinson was slow to respond to this order and the med officer muttered, "Two more demerits." Private Atkinson was mortified and reached back and spread her cheeks wide and moved her legs far apart.
The sight of the virgin anus and pussy were almost too much to bear. She had an almost hairless anus which just begged to be inspected.
"Further, move your legs wider Private!" She struggled to spread them further.
"I'm going to put lubricant on your anus to make the examination easier. I'm going to take a localized temperature reading OK, and then I need to manually inspect you with my fingers first to make sure that nothing will block the thermometer."
He dabbed some lubricant on her hole and on his right index finger. Private
Atkinson had never felt anything like this before. It was total domination of her body. She could not hide anything from her doctor. The med officer slid his finger in past her anal sphincter, then farther in until it was in all the way. Private Atkinson rose up on her tiptoes in her boots and then winced and shuddered. He had found the rectal problems which bothered her when she went to the bathroom.
He slowly withdrew his finger, and with her cheeks still spread, smoothly inserted the clear glass Pym rectal thermometer. "Let your cheeks close around it, that's it." she released her fingers. He held his right palm over her large stiff buttocks so it would not slip out. He asked her "Why did you flinch when my finger was inserted Private?” "It seems sore inside sir" She confessed.
"Good that's a very important detail; I'll investigate this problem in more depth later in the examination." After five minutes the glass tube was removed. The med officer looked at it and noticed that it showed a slight elevation in temperature. "Your temperatures up Private, please remind me to re-take your temperature halfway through the exam to make sure OK".
The med officer took a washcloth and cleaned her anus of the K-Y. He rubbed slowly, giving himself a chance to study her pussy. It was nice and plump covered in a matt of auburn hair. He slowly raised her panties. He told her to jump up onto the examination table and sit so he could begin the second part of the exam. He examined her head, eyes, mouth and neck. He felt her breasts through the service tee shirt. Private Atkinson thought this strange
"Remove your shirt Private." She did so hesitantly, slowly pulling up the shirt, exposing her rounded heavy breasts. She tossed the shirt onto the floor next to the table. He started to squeeze her tits.
He took his time pulling and fingering the taut flesh, he weighed them, then tweaked and teased each nipple. Her left nipple had harsh blue / purple bruising above and below it from her Drill Sergeant. Private Atkinson jumped when he squeezed her left one. He wanted to know why.
She told him the truth, how her drill sergeants made her run everywhere with no bra which gave her sore tits, and of all the star jumps she seemed to get. He gripped it in both hands and squeezed it again harder. She winced and bit her lip.
"That's another ten demerits. More will be given in the future if you
Insist in holding back any other information from me, I need to know everything."
Private Atkinson quietly explained to the doctor
"I'm having a hard time going to the bathroom sir, I feel like I need to go, I strain and strain but nothing happens."
The doctor explained "What is happening is that you're having a muscle spasm in your rectum and you're in need of some muscle expansion in that area, it’s probably due to the intensive training you're undergoing". The med officer continued "This will hurt initially, but it needs to be done otherwise your career in the army will be over."
Private Atkinson accepted this. She was ordered to stand on the exam table facing him. He hooked his fingers inside the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them all the way down. "Right then Private in order for me to properly examine your anal and rectal muscles, I will have to insert my fingers without any lubricant to test the muscle strength OK". She made a horrified face. He ordered her to squat down on the table. The Med officer put his dry hand on her butt and spread the cheeks. He placed his middle finger on her small, dry opening. "Now I want you to press down on my fingers and continue to bear down. Bear down and push, as if she you are going to the bathroom."
Private Atkinson was inducing her own agony for the first time, and she was embarrassed that she could hardly hide the fact that she was getting excited! She slowly pushed her big butt down and little by little, the doctor's finger was inserted. He felt and felt, he just couldn't tell. He told her to raise up a bit and pulled his finger out. He then stretched out both his index and middle fingers and put them to her asshole. He ordered her to bear down on them, just like before. It was almost too much to bear,
Two large male fingers invading her most prized hidden treasures. Private Atkinson winced and pushed, and pushed harder and started to lean over. He was just beginning to feel something in the rectum, but he didn't know what. He began to spread his fingers to dilate her anus so he could feel better, meanwhile watching her facial reactions closely all the time.
She began to whimper, so he had her lift up again and he withdrew his fingers. He allowed her to rise and told her to lie back down on the table.
One day soon she would beg him insert three or four dry fingers into her hole.

He told her "I'm sure I can cure your problem if you will consent to anal-oscupy, which means a long tube with a light on the end inserted into your rectum." She agreed and he told her that a fellow officer was a rectal specialist. They both would do it today. Private Atkinson was aghast! Now, two men would examine her and dilate her anus and insert various instruments into her rectum. He moved over and spoke on the phone.
Moments later another officer came in, a Major. The med officer continued the exam by pressing on her lower abdomen. When he pressed hard, she farted. Private Atkinson went bright red with embarrassment, but they did not seem to mind. The Major told her he had a certain cure for her gas problems. But that meant she would have to become his long term patient. It meant rectal tubes of large caliber and enemas, many kinds of enemas.
Private Atkinson nodded, never a thought of saying no to any of this. The med officer got a paper cup and said "Squat on the table Private I need a specimen to examine." She knelt and he offered the cup up between her legs
"C'mon then pee into the cup," he held the cup up to her pee hole. She was embarrassed, "Sir can I not pee in private."
"Four more demerits," he said. "Also, for as long as you are with me, you will tell me every time you have to pee and either one of us will escort you to the bathroom."
Soon after he began tapping lightly with his index finger on her exposed pee hole, a small stream of urine came down and hit the cup. He got a
Kleenex and started to wipe her off, a man had never wiped her hole before.
He got another cup "Right then we need a stool sample from you now." She was appalled "I just can't sir, I can't".
"Now now private it's all part of the exam you have to do it. You'll stay here until you do shit in the cup!" She strained and struggled and eventually red with exertion and humiliation she had shit in the cup. She looked away while he wiped her off.

Then he spread her cheeks while The Major placed his large right index finger on her tiny anus. He started to insert it dry. Private Atkinson began to cry and beg, but the finger eventually went in to the hilt. “Private try to push it out," She complied. Then after several tries,
“Right Private now try to pull it back in. This will build your rectal and sphincter muscles," he told her. After a long, protracted time, The Major drew his finger out, wiggling it back and forth as he did so.
His finger was quickly replaced with a larger size rectal thermometer with a much larger pear shaped tip. The Major's right hand went across her ass cheeks, holding the thermometer in place between his index and middle fingers. Every once in awhile he would twist it around to see if he could see if there was any change in her temperature.
A few minutes later, he pulled it out, and saw that it still showed a slight fever. She would need the cooling treatments. Private Atkinson got up and was ready to pull up her panties. She stood there between them with her BDU's down around her ankles and her panties just above her knees.

The med officer told The Major of his medical findings and also of the twenty demerits earned.
Then before she could say a word they took her to the exam room. Upon their entry into the exam room, Private Atkinson was instructed to lie face down on the exam table. The med officer placed his hands between her thighs and spread her legs apart, opening her to his intended treatment. Private
Atkinson could hear water running in the adjacent bathroom and could detect a faint smell of soap or detergent.
She knew what was coming and couldn't help but clench her anus in a figurative attempt to protect herself from this newest violation of her most private parts. As the major came back into the room, she turned and saw nothing else in the room but the big red bulging bag with the pink hose and large black nozzle he was carrying. Her eyes followed his every move as he hung the bag on the IV stand next to her. She felt something going on at her ankles and realized that the med officer was strapping ankle cuffs on her, and was securing them to the table somehow.
Her wrists were next, and before she knew it, her arms were extended out in front of her and splayed, fastened to either side of the head of the table in front of her.
"Please...Doctor...do you have to tie me down for this?" she pleaded.
"Yes, Private Atkinson, we do. You're going to have a large cleansing enema before we can perform a more detailed rectal examination, and we can't have you squirming or resisting in any way," said the Major.
The Med officer was spreading her buttocks apart with his fingers now, inspecting her little brown target to be sure it was clear to receive the nozzle. Placing a dab of KY on his index finger, he touched its coolness to the centre of her hole and waited for her first clenching reflex to subside before he pushed the tip of his finger past her first, then second anal sphincters. As she relaxed, he slid his finger all the way up...deep inside her rectum, and proceeded to lubricate her lower canal thoroughly.
Private Atkinson had her head buried on the table the best she could, trying to escape this continuing humiliation. Her large breasts were squashed against the crinkly white paper covering the leather cushion of the table, and her nipples were hardening from the added sensation of a cute man's finger in her bare ass.
After what seemed like an hour, The Med officer's finger was withdrawn. She felt his hands spread her buttocks wide as the Major finished greasing up the black mushroom-tipped nozzle and inserted it into her backside. In, in, in the nozzle went until it was buried to its five-inch hilt.
"I'm going to begin the flow now, Private Atkinson. Just hold still and tell me if you feel any discomfort," said The Major. She heard a click and began to feel warmth spreading through her lower bowels, then up a bit further. The pressure built slowly, and she thought this wasn't as bad as she had anticipated. After a few minutes, though, her lower abdomen had become swollen and the cramps started. "Please stop...it hurts," she whimpered, rocking her hips from side to side. The med officer quickly and out of her view squeezed the bag sharply.

She yelped and cringed "ahhhh-uhhh oh god oh please!". With her eyes squeezed tightly shut she didn't see they're pleasure at her discomfort, they quickly hid their hardly contained grins as her eyes fluttered open. The Major stopped the flow and The Med officer reached under her and massaged her tummy until she indicated the cramps had subsided.
"You've taken only a little over a quart, Private Atkinson," The Major announced. "You have another quart to go. Now hold still and take it like a big girl, and don't be so silly!" She heard the awful click again, and more pressure began. It built slowly until she was just about to cry out again.
Then she heard the click again. "There, that's the whole bag. You did quite well for your first time, Private Atkinson," The Med officer said to her.
"We're going to have you hold it for a few minutes to give it time to work inside you." She felt the nozzle being slipped out of her rectum, only to be quickly replaced by something soft and tapered, but larger around. "I put a butt plug in your ass to help you hold the enema. When we let you up to release, I'll take it out for you over the toilet," The Med officer explained.

Private Atkinson lay on the table in her enforced position and held her enema. It was quite a struggle, but she did the best she could. She began moaning and trying to kick her feet against the table after about five minutes, whereupon The Doctors began unfastening her from the exam table.
"OK, off to the toilet with you," The Med officer said as they hustled her on wobbly legs to the bathroom. The Med officer had her squat over the toilet while he reached between her legs and worked the butt plug loose, then told her to sit on the toilet and expel. Immediately there was a rush of water, and an accompanying sigh of relief from Private Atkinson.
Only after she began to feel better did she realize that she had never gone to the toilet in front of anyone else, much less a man, since she was a toddler. Even though The Major and The Med officer had left her alone to finish after her first forceful expulsion, she felt her face growing hot with the embarrassment of what they had seen her do.
After about fifteen minutes on the toilet, she got up and cleaned herself thoroughly with the washcloth provided for her. Satisfied that she was once again presentable, she slowly walked back into the exam room. She was actually getting used to being naked in front of the two fully clothed older men.
"OK, young lady, hop up on the table. We have to do a quick gynecological examination before we do some more extensive rectal inspections," The Med officer announced. Private Atkinson, who had been standing there with one arm covering her large breasts and one trying to cover her young pussy, hesitantly plopped herself up on the cold exam table.
She noticed that there was new, clean crinkly white paper beneath her. The Major began adjusting some metal arms at the foot of the table that had shiny, smooth curved tops. As soon as they were fixed so they were vertically perpendicular to the table,
The Med officer put his hand on Private Atkinson's shoulder and told her to lie on her back. She obeyed, quickly stretching herself out full-length with her head on the little white cushion.

The Major, who was standing at her feet, motioned her toward him, saying, "Slide your butt down toward me, Private Atkinson. That's it, right to the end of the table. Now let's get your legs up into these stirrups, OK?" Private Atkinson did as she was told.
She quickly realized that The Major was now strapping her legs into the stirrups so she couldn't move them. The Med officer had taken her wrists, which still had the cuffs attached, and was tying each one to the corner of the exam table above her head. She found herself stretched out with her arms extended over her head and her bottom pushed out at the end of the table, legs splayed wide.
Both doctors now began to don the latex exam gloves. First pulling them on tight, they snapped them at the cuffs and the proceeded to flex their fingers to get the translucent coverings to fit tightly.
The Med officer sat on a stool right between her legs, which put his eyes on a level with her crotch. He slowly parted her pussy lips to get a good look at this eighteen-year-olds genitals, and noticed that she was pretty moist.
He smiled, wondering if he would ever bring her to the point where she would be begging him to do this to her. The Major, meanwhile, watched what the Med officer was doing, but glanced up occasionally to observe Private Atkinson's hardening nipples. When The Med officer was done with the external exam, he was ready to perform his manual examination of her pussy.
"I'm going to insert my fingers into your vagina now, Private Atkinson. It seems you're wet enough so I won't need any KY," he smirked. "Have you gotten this wet with any boys yet?" She was embarrassed by her wetness, and his questioning just added to it. She knew that to hesitate would bring more punishment, so she immediately replied, "Only once, Sir." She turned her face to the side to escape their gaze.
The Major dutifully reached over and parted her lips as The Med officer inserted first one, then two of his fingers into her female opening. The light hairs guarding her privates did not present any obstacle to the insertion, and in one smooth motion the Med officer was inside all the way.
She could feel him moving his fingers around, with his thumb brushing her clit. She began to feel some familiar sensations when he did that, and despite herself, tried to bring her hips up to meet his fingers. When he had withdrawn his fingers, she saw The Major hand him a shiny instrument that looked like pliers, only with long wide jaws at right angles.
"This is a speculum. It's used to dilate you so I can see clearly up inside you," the Med officer explained. "But it's a small one, so I won't open it very wide and destroy your hymen. After all, we want to make sure you still remain a virgin." As he spoke, he opened and closed the petals of the speculum to illustrate. The Major dutifully squirted a liberal glob of KY onto the speculum and spread it all over.
The Med officer aimed the instrument dead centre at her pussy opening while The Major once again spread her outer lips apart. The cold metal touching her inner lips made Private Atkinson flinch, but the instrument was inserted without a hitch and turned handle down before being squeezed and locked open. "Ooooh," she breathed as the widening pressure increased.
Private Atkinson felt SO exposed now, and it was made even worse that two older men were looking into her body...a place where no one had ever looked before. As the speculum was being adjusted, The Major shook down a large rectal thermometer. He handed it to The Med officer, who deftly slipped it into Private Atkinson's rectum without waiting for her anus to unclench.
Private Atkinson wriggled on the table at the feel of the cold glass tube being inserted. She felt their fingers prodding and probing, occasionally sliding over her clitoris, and one time sliding back the little hood of skin covering the little pink bud. She was experiencing feelings now that she had never experienced before. Kind of like butterflies in her tummy, but multiplied by a factor of 100! After probing and stretching her for awhile,
The Major and The Med officer discussed their findings. "We don't see any problem in front here, Private Atkinson. We didn't think we would, but we had to be sure. We're going to have to check your bottom now and zero in on your rectal problems," The Major explained. First the thermometer was removed (with The Major reporting a finding of 99.6F, or normal), then the speculum slid out, letting her pussy lips plop back into their normal shape.
The Major had been lubricating his gloved middle finger, and had taken over the Med officer's position between Private Atkinson's legs. "While I have you in this position, I'm going to perform a preliminary rectal exam. Then we'll turn you over for a more complete examination," said The Major in a low voice. 'Oh, no!,' thought Private Atkinson. 'Not this! Anything but this!' She was truly mortified! The Major's left hand spread her large cheeks apart, just below where the speculum had just been.
The touch of the cold KY on her brown rosebud caused her to tense for a second, and as soon as she relaxed, The Major had the tip of his finger pushed into her. He let it remain there motionless for a few seconds to let her get used to it, then he gradually slid it all the way up until his knuckles pressed against the flesh of her bare bottom cheeks. He looked up at her face, and noticed that her eyes were closed, her head was back, and she was biting her lower lip. He could also see that she had her toes curled downward. He liked that reaction, and he spent a few minutes twisting his finger around, pulling it out and pushing it in, as he savored the tightness on his finger. Reluctantly, he withdrew his finger and peeled off his glove.
"I think I felt something inside there, young lady. We're definitely going to have to take a closer look," he told Private Atkinson. "Let's get these straps off you and get you turned over." Private Atkinson didn't know what to think now. She was already thoroughly humiliated, and knew worse was yet to come. But she wanted to avoid another punishment session at all costs.
Private Atkinson obediently turned over onto her tummy and waited for further instructions.
"Get up on your knees and put your head down on the table. You can rest your head on your arms if you're more comfortable," The Major said. "Come on back down towards the end of the table here...that's it." Once she was in position, The Major helped her spread her knees apart, leaving her pussy pouting out toward him and her anus clearly visible between the two quivering cheeks.

The Med officer placed a wide black leather strap over her arms and buckled her wrist cuffs to it. Another strap was placed over her lower legs, and another was attached to ankle cuffs to hold her feet in place at either side of the table. The Med officer went around checking each strap for tightness, made a few adjustments, then nodded to The Major that their patient was firmly secured.
"The straps will help hold you in place for me," The Major explained. "But I need you to keep your butt high in the air, and hold still." Private Atkinson arched her back a little and pushed her buns out as far as she comfortably could while lowering her chest so her nipples were just barely touching the clean white paper below her.

The Major was obviously going to be in charge of her rectal exam, as a follow-up to the one The Med officer conducted when she first entered the med centre. He began smearing KY all over the index and middle fingers of his right hand, then put his left hand on her lower back.
"I'm going to insert my fingers into your bottom hole, Private Atkinson. I want you to remain still and tell me if anything hurts," he instructed. She felt the cold glob touch her brown puckered hole and reflexively clenched her sphincter shut.
Once she relaxed, The Major inserted his middle finger slowly into her orifice, twisting it to and fro as he pushed it inside. After feeling around with no complaints from Private Atkinson, he withdrew his finger, and then reinserted both his index and middle fingers.
This brought a groan from Private Atkinson as her anus was being stretched wider than before.
"Any pain, Private Atkinson?" The Major inquired, as The Med officer held her buttocks apart. "N...no, Sir. It just feels very full, that's all," she replied in a muffled voice, her face still buried self-consciously in her arms.
The Major felt around inside, flexing his fingers. His left hand had gone to her lower abdomen and slipped between her legs, and his fingers were now cradling her clit. He decided to test her reactions under these circumstances, so he rubbed her clit back and forth with his slippery fingers until she began wiggling her hips and pushing back against his fingers.
He and The Med officer exchanged knowing glances; but her first real orgasm would have to wait until the end. "I have to check your muscle tone, Private Atkinson. I want you to bear down on my fingers like you're going to the bathroom, OK? Try to push my fingers out," The Major told her. As The Med officer watched, Private Atkinson clenched her anus around The Major's fingers, trying to push them out. The Major made her repeat the exercise several times before he issued a new command. "All right. Now I want you to try to suck my fingers inside you."

This was a new feeling for Private Atkinson, and she clenched and tightened her anus until she got the feeling of trying to pull his fingers inside. After several attempts at this, she was told to relax, as The Major withdrew his fingers. They both could see her pussy was positively dripping now. "Your muscle tone seems to be normal," he said with a sigh as he wiped the KY from his fingers with an alcohol soaked gauze dressing.
"We're just going to look up inside you to see if there's anything visible that could be causing your problems." The Med officer handed The Major a pre lubricated rectal speculum, which resembled a set of reverse pliers; in other words, they spread apart as you squeezed the handles. The jaws were the same shape as the vaginal speculum, only smaller.
The Major aimed for the centre of her pink target and slowly pushed the speculum inside. When it was seated, he slowly squeezed the handles until her anus was wide open and adjusted the set screw to hold her open.
He aimed the beam of a small penlight into her rectum and looked around. To help him see the lower rectal walls better, he inserted a dental inspection mirror, which tickled Private Atkinson when it brushed the sides of her outer anal sphincter. Every time the mirror or its shiny metal handle touched her anal opening, she flinched and sighed.
The mirror was soon replaced by a long stem cotton swab, with which he poked and prodded her insides. As a parting experiment, he played the tip of the swab around her exposed anal opening. This brought a moan from Private Atkinson, apparently creating sensations she never knew existed before.

The Med officer and The Major smiled. The swab was left inside as the speculum was withdrawn, leaving the little wooden stick poking out of her little hole. The Major knew she probably couldn't feel the thin swab inside. Once she seemed to relax, The Major took the swab and twirled it with his fingers as he swiftly extracted it from her rectum. This brought an immediate twitch and a sigh from the captive teenage soldier.
"There's one more test we have to give you before we let you rest, Private Atkinson," The Med officer said. "We know your treatment here in our little clinic has aroused you. You can't hide it from your doctors. We feel it's our duty to show a young, inexperienced girl like you what a real orgasm is like. It will not only teach you a few things, but may make your bowel problems less severe."
Private Atkinson stiffened at the mention of the word "orgasm." 'Good girls don't do this,' she thought. 'What if anyone found out? Could I get pregnant from this? How could I do this in front of men?' A jumble of thought shot rapidly through her mind. Before she knew it, she said "Go ahead I'd like that, just do it, yeah" suddenly feeling brave. " do what you want, don't listen to me" She felt hands on her lower groin area again.
Then it happened. The fingers pulled out, and were immediately replaced by something hot and wet, the swollen head of his cock. GOD, she though, feeling a twinge of fear. 'That thermometer feels bigger than I remember it.' And then he pushed forward, denting the anal ring inward.
"Is that the same thermometer sir? it feels bigger" she tried to peer around to see. He pressed in harder 'It wouldn't fit; it couldn't!' "It won't go in sir, sir! It’s too big, it hurts, please!"
He pressed forward again; she tensed, preventing him from making any headway. "I'm sorry sir, I guess it won't fit again after all. use the other thermometer again sir" She said, laughing nervously. Hoping he would stop. His hands gripped, spreading her buns even further.
"It's not a thermometer bitch it's my cock!" Then he pushed again, parting the ring with the tip of his cock. Realization hit her like a hammer blow.
"NO!" she screamed, remembering with panic that she had ordered him to ignore all such protests. Just then the big head shot forward, expanding the rectal mouth beyond reason. The protective ring snapped closed behind the coronal rim and onto his thick shaft.
"I am stopped." The Major said, "but not for long." Then he began to press onward.
"OH GODDDD! TAKE IT OUT! Pleasssssseeeee?"

"Scream all you want, Private Atkinson." He whispered into her ear, relaxing onto her back. "But We've got what you said to me about not stopping no matter what on video tape. "Do what you want, don't listen to me" isn't that what you said, so that's what we aim to do yeah! That's right, we're making a porno tape all of our own . So don't even THINK about crying 'rape' after we're done. I have evidence of your unconditional consent."
They both laughed. With that, he thrust forward viscously, burying his huge erection in the tight, rubbery confines of her bowels. "Oh GOD." She wailed as humiliation began to merge with the pain. "Oh yeah bitch I'm gonna cum right up your tight fucking ass! So many times!" A feeling of total helplessness washed over her like a tidal wave as his rod sunk to the hilt, his balls slapping luridly against the splayed open gash of her hairy vaginal cleft.
"UUUUNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!! ….PLEASE, you have to stop. I can't do this. I can't. If you take it out, we can do anything else you want. ANYTHING!" "OK whore recruit, say, Please take it out of my ass major sir"
"Ohhh yessssss, Please take it out of my ass major Sir!"
"Louder bitch, louder!"
"No that just didn't sound right Private, say please take it out of my fat ass Major Sir"
"Oh please, please" she whimpered.
"Say it!" he barked.
"PLEASE TAKE IT OUT OF MY FAT ASS MAJOR SIR!" She heaved on the wrist restraints trying to ease the awful full pressure.
"NO" they both had a fit of giggles. she groaned in pain and humiliation.
The Major already had what he wanted most in the world: His thick cock raping its way into a tight, unwilling ass. And so he began to screw in and out of the narrow passage, bringing further cries of distress to her trembling lips.
Her muscles collapsed, and Private Atkinson went limp as he began to brutally lunge into her soft buns, sheathing his throbbing bone again and again. Hot tears of agony and despair streamed down her face as she pushed her torso up with her hands in a feeble attempt to pull away; Straining against the straps. He took advantage of the arch of her back to slide his hands from her buttocks and up her sides, scooping up the full womanly mounds of her breasts. He mauled them roughly, adding to her pain. Finally, she lowered herself down onto the table, flattening her tits into his palms so he could not abuse them as freely.
Now that his hands were trapped beneath her, she was also able to clench her buttocks together, slowing his cock thrusts. This was OK with him. He liked the feel of her boobs in his hands. And he really liked the feel of her naked ass cheeks squeezing tightly on cock shaft like a pair of huge, fleshy lips. His monstrous cock pistoning deeply between the humid cheeks, pumping relentlessly faster and faster into the very core of her soul.
"UH…Uh…Uh." Private Atkinson panted, hyperventilating, her eyes bulging as the impaling tool began to swell. It bloated out so hugely she thought her intestinal walls would give out. She was going to come apart at the seams, her very person hood torn from her in the intensity of the inhuman penetration. The Major gasped, tightening his grip on her lush breasts. Suddenly, amazingly, inexplicably, the feeling was back! The feeling she had felt when he first fingered her ass. The feeling she felt when she masturbated with her own finger back there. The feeling she had right before she was about to…
"I'm COMING! Cumming up your ASS, TAKE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!!" Announced her rapist, as he skewered his enormous cock to the hilt with one final, buttock-flattening lunge. She felt the hot come bathe the brutalized walls of her rectum, falling just short of the ecstasy that had been almost within her grasp. Another tear, this one a tear of frustration, rolled down her cheek. She knew now, knew again for certain that she could get to the fireworks via this route.
She glanced over her shoulder as he got off her and slid his tool out. Her ass farted disgustingly as he pulled out. Private Atkinson sobbed as she watched the other officer wank himself ready to mount her. His cock was far bigger than the others. The shaking, trembling Private moaned lowly as The Med officer pulled her ass cheeks apart, whining and groaning in anxiety and fear. She gave a short cry as she felt his cock head pressing against her anus, then gritted her teeth and gasped in pain as he put more and more pressure against her sphincter. His cock head slowly forced her asshole open and sank down into her. She groaned and moaned and mewled in pain as his log sank deeper and deeper into her rectum. Her ass stung and ached as his giant cock slid further inside.
"OOOOhhhhhh . . .PPlease no ohhhhh aahhhhh . . .Nooooooooooooo!" she cried.
"Yeahhhh," he sighed. "Nice recruit ass meat." He gripped her hips and thrust hard, drawing a cry of pain from the tormented girl as his cock drove deep. He drew back then thrust again, burying his cock in her tight anal tube. With hardly any hesitation, with no time to let her ass become accustomed to his girth, he began to pump, tearing his cock up and down inside her. At least the others cum made it easier. Soon he was pounding his cock with savage force and speed, sodomizing the weeping, shaking Private with no regard to her pain. His cock skewered her with terrible violence, ripping in and out of her tight, aching tunnel. His cock head pumped like a piston in and out of her anus as his hips rocked the girl again and again.
It caught her by surprise -- her orgasm. She could not fight it. It came in waves, like shock waves from an explosion. And as she came, The Med officer fucked even harder, reaming out the inside of her ass, plunging his long, thick cock deep into her asshole. She bucked against him and cried and screamed. As she came, she felt jets of wet juice splash down her trembling thighs --All nerve endings were supersensitive from her recent orgasm and his cock was really bigger than she could take. But he stretched her as he went.
She screamed several times and each time, she heard the approving grunts and even that, added to the depth of her orgasm. Then he came, dropping thick, white loads of jism down her asshole, sighing in pleasure as he felt the sperm shooting into her trembling, spasming guts. The pain was awful. But again, her body seemed to be out of her control. She shuddered in relief as he slid his tool out of her aching asshole. She felt semen ooze out and run down her pouting cunt lips. Her cunt ached for attention. She knew she'd do anything to be touched there again.
She couldn't look at them through humiliation her face glowing red as they released her and let her stand up at the end of the examination table. They turned her around and pressed her back on to the table again. The Med officer had taken her wrists; he guided them back into the cuffs and was tying each one to the corner of the exam table above her head.
She found herself stretched out again with her arms extended over her head and her bottom pushed out at the end of the table. Her legs were splayed wide by the Major and lifted back up into the stirrups. She lay there shaking with excitement and fear as he did the straps up tight on her slick thighs. Eventually they stood before her, the video lens behind them staring at her blackly.
"Since you seemed to like your examination so much, here's what we're going to do," The Med Officer began. "The Major is going to insert this 14-inch colon tube into your bottom. While he's manipulating that, I'm going to take this dildo and insert it into your vagina. Don't worry; although it's shaped like a boy's penis, its small enough so you'll remain a virgin. When it's inside you, I'm going to turn it on so it vibrates your insides."

Private Atkinson was shocked and mortified at what she was being asked to endure. She knew if she resisted or even protested, the consequences would be more demerits, more demerits meant being back coursed, which meant longer here in their clutches. She'd be in worse shape than she was in now.
She also had the conflicting feeling that she was going to enjoy this...even want it. So she just lay there in position as The Med Officer inserted the vibrating cock and turned it on.
A flood of sensations began to course through her entire genital region. Then she felt the familiar cold feeling as the 3/8-inch diameter colon tube was inserted into her rectum and began its journey up past the first flexure and up the descending colon. The Med Officer was now rubbing her clit back and forth between his fingers, and her smooth ass cheeks were dancing from side to side as much as the restraints would allow. The Major was pushing, pulling and twisting on the colon tube as The Med Officer manipulated the vibrator inside her once secret female parts.
Soon Private Atkinson's hips began bucking forward with increasing intensity, and the two doctors renewed their efforts. With the simultaneous stimulation of all three of her sensitive regions, it wasn't long before her body began jerking and convulsing.
Suddenly they pulled away, the vibrator yanked from her cunt entrance, the tube from her ass the fingers from her clit. "NOOOOOO No please don't stop please please oooohhhh please!" she begged struggling in her bonds. "Oh dear would you like it back inside you?" they teased.
"Yes . . yes please sir please!" the Major reinserted the colon tube.
She bucked and kicked as he forced it up into her wet rectum, he twisted and flexed it sadistically. "AAAHHH NOOOOO AH AH OOOOHHHH!" she groaned as it sank all the way in. Behind him the Med Officer had moved the video camera to get some close up shots of her.
She thrashed and strained on the table as the Major made her take all the tube up her aching ass, now there was only a few inches of it sticking out. The major grinned down at her sweating frame. she squirmed excited on the table beneath him. "Would you like my fingers back inside you Private?"

She nodded avidly, he patted her pussy and then rubbed the heel of his hand against her pubis. She stiffened a guttural moan bursting from her lips as he pressed against her over sensitive clit.
"I asked you a question Private!" he insisted he ran his fingers down either side of her swollen vulva. Her legs twitched and snatched at the restraints.
"Yes. . . yes I would, uh please yes please sir!" She was trembling. The Major pushed his fingers to either side of her pussy and drew it's moist folds apart. He slid two fingers up and down her quivering pussy lips.
"Would you like one finger or two Private?" she writhed and tried to press her pussy to his teasing digits.
"One or two?" he gripped the exposed colonic tube and twitched it. She jerked and arched her back. "Two! TWO!!" she cried. He pressed two fingers together and slowly eased them between her pouting lips, he twisted and probed with them until they were in the entrance to her cunt, Private Atkinson tried to kick her body jolting and squirming.
He turned his fingers over until his hand was palm upwards, Her vulva and inner lips were pouting and soaking with her juices, he inspected her cunt, her clitoral hood was drawn back exposing her stiff bud. He extended his tongue and slowly circled it. The effect was electric, she moaned and thrashed trying to press her cunt to it.
"Please please ooooooohhhh please!" he dipped his head and locked his lips over her clit, sucking hard, his fingers pressed up inside teasing the never before teased soft pad of her 'G' spot. With his other hand he flexed the colonic tube. "OH GOD, GOD, AH AH AHHH!" she cried her ass lifting and her whole body going ridged.

He flicked his tongue over her clit making her whole frame twitch and shudder. He felt it withdraw as she suddenly let out a scream of pleasure. Her belly released like she'd never believed possible, a surge of hot contractions that made her writhe stiffly, he snatched his fingers from her cunt. Private Atkinson ejaculated, hot cunt juice squirting from her gaping twat over and over. The Major got out of the way so the Med Officer could catch each squirt on tape.

She groaned as it subsided to an awful excruciating ache. The Med officer stepped forward and reinserted the vibrator into the mouth of her soaking cunt. She cried out with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm overcame her again. She bucked forward, then back to force the colon tube and vibrator farther inside her, then she slid forward again to get the sensations nearer her openings. Cunt juice sprayed out around the vibrator, gush after gush.

She thrashed and bucked, her belly contracting over and over as she squirted more love juice across the table her legs dancing helplessly as she came and came.

Finally, drenched with perspiration, she relaxed, still breathing hard as a result of her exertion. "My, my, Private Atkinson; It seems as if your first orgasm was a hardly a whole one! Now you know what the other girls have been talking about when they discuss orgasms. And you now should realize why women want to experience those feelings over and over again," the Med Officer said as he stroked the hair away from her eyes. Private Atkinson lay silently, ashamed of her nakedness, of her having Her ass raped by her doctors and an orgasm in front of them.

She felt completely spent as the waves of pleasure subsided. The colon tube and the dildo were removed, her pussy and anal areas cleaned off, and her restraints unfastened. Her wrist and ankle cuffs were removed, and she was allowed to sit upright, "I think that's enough for one session, Private Atkinson," The Med Officer said facing her. "It seems like your problems are more digestive than anything else. A treatment regime of proper diet and special enemas should bring you back to normal. You will report here for a few days so we can continue your treatment."

As she sat naked on the table facing the two men, she was so tired that she wouldn't think of questioning them on their decision. "Yes, Sir, I understand," she said in a small voice. "Good. Uniform on! Then get to your barracks and get some sleep. Tomorrow will probably be another long day for you," The Major said with a smile.

Enjoy MG.


Mad Gerald
09-08-2011, 06:23 AM
A matter of time By Mad Gerald
Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Off the shore of the new Islamic state 04:16.

Just over the horizon off a deserted beach lies a British amphibious landing craft. The waves lazily slapping the sides, all is quiet in the pre dawn light. On board are two Royal Navy sailors and their Officer Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy, 5'10" a brunette with 38D tits and a strong well shaped body the two ratings shared a cigarette and watched her leaning against the front of the control deck peering out toward the shore with binoculars. She's wearing desert combats and life jacket, Her combat trousers tight around her wide well rounded ass. She is watching the coastline with NVG's she is waiting to snatch an SBS claw back from a mission but so far none of the expected comms contact has happened. Just as she decides the window is closed and she's leaving there is a signal from the distant shore. She sighs in relief and checks the coded flashes against her orders satisfied she orders the pilot to guide the landing craft in to the beach.

The craft powers into the sand and the ramp drops. Dark figures swarm toward the boat across the beach. Emma realises to late there is too many figures. One of her ratings shouts in alarm and begins firing as rounds start to strike the bulkhead around her. She shouts at the pilot to withdraw but his head is gone, she turns horrified to see the other rating riddled with rounds she stuffs the order card down the front of her combat trousers into her briefs as she heaves her pistol out and shoots one, two, three, of the swarming figures, She tries to back toward the controls.

A rifle butt hits the side of her head men leap over the bulkhead she spins with the blow struggling to bring her weapon to bare as a boot slams into her guts. She screams falling forward as four or five enemy soldiers swarm over her grabbing her arms wrenching them behind her, she yelps feeling her arms cruelly yanked backwards her shoulders almost dislocating as her elbows then her wrists are bound tightly almost instantly with zip ties. She is dragged roughly to her feet and thrown face first over the bulkhead to the floor of the craft.

More hands grab her and drag her to the ramp and hurl her toward more waiting figures. She screams and struggles in shock as more hands grab her and drag her up the sand to a waiting truck, she is dragged to a halt her shoulders dragged back and a foul smelling hood is shoved over her face, it stinks. Some form of collar is dragged tight around her neck trapping her in the hood she struggles to breathe in total darkness as they pick her up and throw her into the back of the vehicle.

After a short bumpy ride it stops she is hauled out and dragged across flags and through a door by two strong men holding her up by her bound arms. Sue struggles and kicks but she is forced into the brightly lit room. The room is in a Security blockhouse off it are other doors leading down some steps. She is hauled down them through another door into a large cell. In the middle of the room a large desk and a sort of upright bench, the corners have harsh lights mounted on stands and a video camera on a tripod stands by the desk. Three men stripped to the waist are already in the room; one busies himself with the video camera and then prepares another hand held 35mm camera with flash. The tallest motions to the bench silently and she is dragged to it and her hips are slammed into the front, quickly her booted feet are forced into two manacles and held fast on either side of the base. She is panting in fear in the hood as she tries to pull her feet away but she is held forward against the waist high wood. A thick leather strap is fastened across the backs of her desert combat clad thighs and dragged tight.


"Wh…what are you doing? I am an Officer in her majesties Navy You're hurting me… STOP IT ARGHHH!!" her hooded face is slapped hard shocking her to silence.


She is sure that is a camera? A voice penetrates the darkness of the hood

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


There was a grunt from outside the hood and then she felt fingers tugging the buttons undone on her Combat jacket, it is wrenched open and back off her shoulders revealing her desert drab vest bulging with her 38D breasts, hands roughly feel them testing their weight and firmness.

"Don't touch me! I am a prisoner war and demand UGHHHH!"


A fist slams into her hooded head dazing her.

She feels the vest dragged out of her trousers and wrenched up over her head covering the hood. Rough hands squeeze and manhandle her breasts through her white sports bra before she feels it stretched out and cut. She shudders as her breasts pop free and she feels their eyes on them feasting on both heavy jugs. They are a soft pink white, both full round globes capped with light coral aureole and darker toned dimpled nipples. Her flesh is covered in goose bumps.


"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

Fingers lightly touch her breasts tracing the outline of both before pawing and patting them, stroking both concentrating on her nipples as they react and come up stiff and her aureole become thicker and wrinkled.


"Please don't do that to me!"

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


She stiffens as fingers pluck and tease her teats dragging them out and pulling them hard before releasing them and brushing them rapidly with their fingers.

"Why are you here?"

"OHH! My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


"You have very beautiful breasts Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H can you imagine what could happen to them, what my men would do with their teeth to such delicious full white breasts?"

"M… My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"How they will fight to suckle and bite your thick nipples, gripping them and pumping them to their faces, bruising and twisting them sore with their eagerness to abuse your two helplessly trapped breasts?"

Emma stood silently her breathing was a pant now of rising fear and anguish. She heard them moving about, the clunk and scrape of things unimaginable. She strained with her legs finding them helpless she tried to free her arms feeling the zip ties drag tighter around both her wrists and her elbows. She jumped as a wooden pole was shoved up under her arms across the middle of her back and secured there forcing her forward at the waist. A hand gripped the front of her hood and another wooden pole was pressed under her chin, forcing her head up and back, making her bend she heard a metal click as it was secured she could hardly breathe through the hood as it was, but now with the pole under her chin pressed to her windpipe it was almost impossible. Now with her thighs secured to the upright bench, her jaw resting on this thick pole and her back pressed forward by the other pole she was utterly helpless, the whole method forcing her chest out so that her breasts stuck out fat and stiff from her ribs. She was sweating now, goose bumps coming up in fear as fingers toyed with her jutting tits then bounced and jiggled them.


"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She stayed silent feeling tears well up in her eyes inside the hood.

"Do you have you're men suck your big tits Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She gritted her teeth determined not to react.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"


The hands bounced and then slapped her breasts experimentally, she felt them slap together and winced, as they were playfully slapped up, down, left and right. Then they were gripped and tugged out and released so they sprung back to her chest.


"Why did you let your men die Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She gritted her teeth and tried not to listen as her nipples were rubbed and tugged between finger and thumb.

"Did you let those men play with you're big fat tits Lieutenant-Commander Blake or were they worthless? Below you? Hardly worth thinking about?"

She shook her head feeling emotion rising in her throat as two sets of hands pawed and fondled her breasts.


"I bet they thought of you Lieutenant-Commander Blake, I bet they thought of you're big fat tits all the time, about sucking them and fucking them and coming on them. About gripping them while they stuffed your cunt full huh Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

She tried to shut it out to think of something else, anything else other than all those eyes that would always track to her tits, to her ass.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Was it worth it? Why you are here?"


She stifled a rising sob as they suddenly slapped her breasts harder making her wince and snatch at her bonds as one harsh stinging blow after another rained down on both pushed out boobs making them bounce and slam up and down.


The officer in charge of the interrogation was Ushu the defence garrison Commander a hero of the Islamic revolution, 6' 4" heavily muscled with a strong featured dark face split by a thick black moustache and topped by a shaved head, he had four days to get all he could out of this whore before he had to hand her on, four days that he had planned in his head years hence in the hope of ever capturing a western whore soldier. He grinned as he formed the next question. Watching her breasts bounce and wobble as they were struck by his faithful aid Hassaf.

Hassaf was a stocky 5' 6" tribesman, his face gnarled and leather like belying his age, his grin was made up of only three teeth at the top and four at the bottom, a livid scar ran from just under his nose to under his left ear. His bare black haired chest was sheened with sweat and his hard muscled arms could deliver much harder blows than they were delivering now. On the wall in the office Hassaf would cut out and pin up pictures of western female soldiers and pilots that he found in magazines to fantasise about, he never believed he would ever get his hands on a woman like Blake.

The other man was Nizer an East German ex-Stasi agent who had fled to avoid jail at the end of the regimes rule and the fall of the wall. He amused Ushu with his interesting techniques to get the most from an interrogation and his extreme perversity and violent nature. He was pale and bald with wide staring ice blue eyes and a thin frame, which belied the size of his cock that was truly out of proportion to his physique. He was the man with the camera he liked to photograph his subjects for his collection and it added to the whole humiliation of the captive and their feeling of helplessness.


At a signal from Ushu Hassaf stopped slapping her breasts, they were streaked with red finger marks her teats now rigid, both breasts juddered to a halt. Leaving them rising and falling rapidly with her breathing.


"What was it that led you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Emma blinked back tears and shook her head in the hood.

Ushu signalled to Nizer who put down the camera and picked up a sheet of thick black neoprene. It had two vertical slits in it close together and straps and buckles at both sides. Him and Hassaf busied themselves grabbing a breast each and roughly stuffed them through the slits in the neoprene and dragged it up hard to her chest then they stretched it around her body and buckled it tightly. Now her breasts were trapped in the thick elastic material, which forced them up and together into two jutting American football shapes crowned with her rigid teats. They left her panting fearfully.

"There that's better now we can really enjoy them!" Ushu stated.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Again she shook her head in defiance.

Ushu grinned he loved the arrogant self assured ones more than any others, he nodded to Hassaf who began tugging and pulling her nipples again. Twisting and pulling them stretching them out and pumping each thick nub like a child with a toy.

"Your mission Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Emma gritted her teeth determined not to cry out as her nipples were wrenched and tugged.

Hassaf released her nipples and cupped each heavy tit in his hands gripping and pulling them, squeezing them together hard as his cock strained against his pants.

"Who were you waiting for Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"M… My name is…is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Hassaf had her breasts squeezed up hard his thumbs swiping each nipple back and too, as Nizer photographed them.

"What was their mission Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Are you married slut!"

Hassaf released her breasts and slapped them hard his big hand swiping viciously across both nipples slamming her tits to the left then he back handed them to the right.

"How many men have you slept with Lieutenant-Commander Blake!?"

"I am a prisoner of war and should be…arghhh!"

Hassaf slapped her tits hard back and too watching as they bounced and quivered to a halt. He pinched her left teat hard twisting and pulling it out so that her breast stretched out behind it.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

He gripped the other and dragged that out too, stretching the both of them out to their full extent. Nizer selected a thin birch from the quiver at the side of the bench and swished it about before bringing it down expertly just shy of Hassaf's gripping fingers. Emma snatched in shock suddenly throwing her head back and releasing a surprised yelp through her teeth as pain like lightning shot through each of her breasts leaving them burning and tingling. Before she had time to brace another struck them and another and another criss-crossing her stretched out tits with streaks of fiery agony.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

Time and time again the birch came down just on her aureole sending brutal shocks thumping through her breasts. She felt as if it was cutting her breasts open, slitting her flesh she writhed and jolted in agony with each practised blow.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


Suddenly Hassaf let her nipples go and her breasts sprang back against the neoprene both were marked with thin red to purple lines her nipples thick and rouged.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"EMM…EMM…EMMA… Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Nizer let five of the men in!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" she managed through the hood as she heard the door heard excited Arab voices and then she was surrounded by bodies, hands plucking, squeezing and pawing her trapped breasts.


Pinching and tweaking her teats then they were fighting over them like mad men hands grabbing and pulling, mouths biting, tongues eagerly lapping at her teats, sucking them slurping and gnawing at them as she howled in pain and anguish inside the hood. Fingers biting into each heavy breast bruising and pinching, as her interrogators watched.


As soon as it began it was over she heard them barked at and leave her breasts throbbed and ached.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

She stood there silently stifling her sobs suddenly she felt something cold on her teat, cold and wet being smeared on, then on the other, worked into her nipples greasing them thick nimble fingers wanking her nipples like small cocks into long thick studs.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Suddenly she felt something snap closed on her right nipple. Pain shot through her tit lancing up through her as it then happened to the other nipple she let out a sob as realisation hit her then electricity belted through her bruised jugs making her dance and jerk. It stopped.


"Oh GOD you fuckers…You Fuckers!"

Again it screamed through her senses, white fire making her see colours and her teeth chatter as she splattered the inside of the hood with saliva.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"


Ushu laughed watching her big tits shake and bounce, her nipples almost crushed flat by the cruel crocodile clips Hassaf had snapped onto them.
The electricity stopped she gasped and groaned inside the hood.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She made a little noise and waited for more electricity.

"Are you wet Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy?"

"Is your cunt wet? Hassaf check for me will you"

Emma felt rough hands wrench open the front of her combat trousers from behind and then drag them down to the thick belt around her thighs. She felt cooler air on her white brief clad arse then the waistband was gripped and they were torn down revealing her big white bottom cheeks. She cringed as she felt their eyes on her butt. Ushu snatched up the order card grinned and shoved it in his pocket,she squirmed as his fingers delved between her trapped thighs pushing her gusset away from her cunt, she braced herself in shame and self hate as his fingers slid against her slick cunt hairs discovering her sopping twat. He pulled his fingers out holding them up she heard them chuckle.

"My…my Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake you have a very wet cunt don't you. Do you like our little games because there's much more fun in store my officer slut. Put her filthy cunt away!"

Hassaf gripped her briefs and wrenched them back up her arse, dragging them right up into her arse cleavage and cunt so that the gusset was dragged up into her wet cunt making her pump her hips and sob.

"Now Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

He threw the switch and Emma spasmed and shrieked as the current lanced through her tits making her whole body fit and strain until it snapped off leaving her nipples throbbing and her muscles aching with effort.

"Now you were just about to tell us why you are here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake?"

"Please I…I…don't know anything…Please!"

"Oh but you must know your orders now mustn't you? You are doing very well Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake we are enjoying this but now it is time for us to take a break while my aid takes a piss"

Emma sighed in relief until she felt the hood being yanked up and round, she felt it tugged up hard and felt something against her back then felt some knees on her shoulders, she began to panic wondering what was happening now?


Hassaf put the steps near the POW's back and climbed up them, he grabbed the hood yanking the top toward him and placed his knees on the captured sailors shoulders, he tugged free the ties on the hole on the top of the hood, he yanked out his semi-erect cock and pushed it into the hole. With a grin he began to piss into the hood.


Ushu watched her body as she reacted to the piss, her shoulders bucked trying to dislodge her assailant as she spluttered and gagged inside the hood her wired up tits bouncing and shaking from side to side as she writhed in disgust.


Emma felt the heat on her head first as it hit her hair and soaked it but then as the piss started to stream down her face and neck she went wild spluttering and gagging as the stinking piss smothered her face going in her mouth as she fought for breath. What was worse was it was filling up the hood faster than it was draining terrified she begged him to stop.


"No splut Noph you filthy pigs stop please stophhhlut!!"

Hassaf finished pissing into the hood and climbed down he grinned evilly watching the piss soaked up by her clothing and streaming down her body.

Ushu asked again she sobbed and spluttered within the hood.

Nizer put the camera down and stood in front of her wired tits and hauled out his cock and began pissing on her bound tits inside the hood she found her voice shrieking and shaking her tits in horror as she felt the hot stream of piss hammer on her stinging tender tits. When he had finished they threw the switch laughing as her whole body jolted and jerked her shrieks juddering and stammering with the current. They shut it off watching her slump. Ushu nodded to Hassaf and he gripped the wires and yanked them off her tits making her scream in agony as his hands went to her soaked breasts, He swiped away the piss and grabbed some thick duct tape off the desk he ripped a strip off and holding her breasts together with one hand he plastered it over her nipples hard and then dragged the two sides out and stuck them to the neoprene. Then he pulled out his cock wanking the length and stuffed it up between her crushed together boobs.

Emma realised what was happening as the thick hot cock bludgeoned its way into her cleavage, forcing her flesh to give as it was rammed in and then began to fuck her helplessly bound breasts.

"Please your hurting…PLEASE…AHHH…AHHH…NOOOO!!" she begged

He fucked them in a frenzy holding the body of each and really beasting her trapped tits enjoying her fruitless pleadings as he slam fucked her sore tits up and down until with a gasp he gripped them cruelly and pumped them as she wailed in pain and he spurted jizz in a thick stream up into her hooded face, it pumped out like a geyser huge blobs landing on her striped breasts and sinking into her tight cleavage making her already stinging tits scream out in agony.


"Now Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

"You know why I'm here!!"
"Enlighten us?"

"I…I..I can't Please I can't"

Hassaf began rubbing his semen into her striped tits easing it into every stinging weal. She shuddered and groaned.

"We are waiting, why are you here?"

"OH GOD Name rank and Number that's all you will get name rank and number!"

"I am not convinced Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander, Whip her tits some more!"


Nizal grinned with excitement as he brought the birch down on her semen coated tits, he sped up literally beating the fuck out of her helpless tits as she wailed and shrieked in the hood for him to stop. His arm a blur as he expertly whipped her held fast jugs until at a signal from Ushu he stopped gripped the duct tape and ripped it off her breasts so they sprang free her nipples almost being torn off by the adhesive. Emma screamed her lungs out eventually ending in a hoarse sobbing within the hood.

Ushu smiled and nodded to Nizer who retrieved the crocodile clips and grabbed one heavy breast after another and clipped them on to her still distended teats.

"Now again why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake?"

"No! no more please no more I won't talk you bastards I won't!!"

Nizal stood behind her and dropped his trousers and began to manhandle his 14 inch, fat girthed cock, peeling back the foreskin and spitting on the head of it as it reared up so that he could wank it slowly, he pulled out a thick strange looking condom and rolled it onto his manhood. Satisfied he stroked it and handled his nuts before gripping the back of Emma's briefs and wrenching them up into her ass and cunt hard over and over until they tore off.

He threw them on the floor and tested her ass cheeks with his hands, squeezing and spreading them before placing his thick cock against her ass crack. He stepped back and grabbed the conductive gel and squeezed a blob out onto his fingertip.

He thrust it up into her ass making her yelp and flinch in shocked horror as his finger rammed deeply up into her never before pierced shitter. He withdrew his finger and sniffed it then put on some thick rubber gloves. He tried to spread her ass again, she groaned and desperately clenched it shut her big round butt cheeks hard and tense as he pushed and pressed at them trying to get his digits into her squeezed shut crack to lever them. She wailed and fought harder to keep him out, his fingers clawing at her straining flesh, her muscles quivering as she struggled to resist his insistent fingers as they pried and teased the tips into her clamped buttocks, worrying his fingers between her rigid globes into her deep butt cleavage.

She ground her thighs together trying to keep them out working her ass hard, her hips gyrating slowly as she began to lose the fight.
"Arghhh leave my bottom alone, please don,t, stop it! STOP IT!!"

His fingers slowly wormed their way in and began to drag her straining cheeks apart she jumped as he slid his digits deeper almost touching her ass hole as he fought to lever them wider. He over came her effort and to her horror stretched them apart and shoved the thick head of his rubber-sheathed cock into her deep crease so it sat against her amber stained puckered ring.

"Tell us your mission, who were you waiting for! What are your orders!!"

"Oh God I can't tell you! Please what is he going to do to me? Don't do this to me! Stop it, STOP!! I can only tell you my Nam…ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Ushu shocked her hard across her semen coated tits making her jolt and dance as Nizer held her hips tight He began to press against her virgin anus, loving the way it bucked and pressed back as she writhed and gyrated. Her body slowly forced itself back onto his meat, her butt hole painfully spreading and spasming around the tip of the thick blunt head as the electricity jerked her back onto it.

Nizer grinned in pleasure his glaring face taking on a look of pleasurable effort as he slowly dragged her hips back force-feeding his cock head into her spasming anus. Nothing ever had felt this good, she flinched and her hips tried to lift away as her ring was spread wider and wider. Suddenly it gave with a excruciating pop and the whole head of his cock snapped into her virgin rectum her ring clasping tightly the back of his bloated crown. The power cut and Emma slumped like a puppet and then jerked upright again with a agonising moan as she came to her senses and tried to stand on tiptoe to get off the awful thing up her ass.

"Is that good Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake? Better than telling us your orders?"

"OH CHRIST! UHGNNNNN! Take it out, please take it out!!"

Nizer was in ecstasy never had he felt a ass so tight and reluctant, now he was in her ring was almost strangling the head of his meat and her rectum was almost chewing his cockhead as she fought to shit him out.

"Oh Please take it out you filthy rapist bastards please it…it's so big too big
oh Christ please! please take it out!"

"Did you hear that she wants it taking out, and it's hardly in at all, Oh well, take it out!"

Nizer grimaced and then did as he was bid slowly dragging his meat from her aching ring. He left it at the entrance as it slowly closed against the tip. He felt her clench her ass tightly to stop him entering her again. He looked down seeing her big white bum cheeks press closed tightly around the crown of his cock. It made him want to press in all the more but he resisted waiting instead for the next shock to let her do it herself.

"Is that better Lieutenant-Commander Blake are you going to tell us who you were waiting? For what was their target? Their strength?"


He shocked her again her body arching trying to bend the poles as she flexed and spasmed. Nizer stayed still letting her slowly press her ass back onto his meat, feeling again her ring spread wider and wider. Before snapping around his meat to suck and chew it as he grinned and brutally forced it deeper into her quivering butt, His face lit with a terrible glee as he tried to split her, wanted to hurt her. He began to grind it into her ass feeling her hips flex, hearing her scream change in pitch as the pain in her ass over shadowed the electricity. She was almost fitting now as Ushu switched it off.

Nizer,s cock was embedded about an inch up her ass; he stirred it slowly making her groan in disgust and pain.
"Oh…OH Fuck! Hell! Shit it hurts! GOD IT HURTS!! Take it out, I'll tell you. I'll tell you anything just take it out!"

Nizer grinned at Ushu over her shoulder and pulled her hips down and back his rubber glove clad hands biting deep into her fleshy hips as he pressed it deeper making her grunt and jolt and then try to pull away.


"Ha you need the toilet? You will tell us anything?"

"Yes…yes anything just please make him stop! Stop hurting my bottom!"

"Where did you go to school?"

"Wh…What! I thought you wanted UHHHHGGH!!"

Nizer pressed and stirred his cock making her hips flex in agony.

"We ask the questions we only want you to answer the questions we ask you"

"UGHHH AH Oooooh fuck what I…I went to Bristol University"

"Good, Now what do you masturbate about slut?"

"You sick bastards You…ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

She jolted and danced shrieking into the hood as Ushu threw the switch again her
Breasts shuddering as the current slammed through them. Nizer eased her hips
Back feeling his cock slithered deeper.

End of part one.


Mad Gerald
09-08-2011, 06:28 AM
A matter of time By Mad Gerald

Part Two

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Emma screamed to a halt her teeth still chattering her breasts on fire as the shocks dissipated. The pressure up her arse was excruciating. It was a nagging aching burning pain her guts spasmed and griped her bowels grumbling. She needed to shit needed to shit now.

"Oh please I…I need the bathroom I do, it hurts please, PLEASE!! I'll have an accident"

"Ha! You will have an accident? When do you masturbate"

"Every day a couple of times!"

"About your men? About your men fucking your filthy hairy cunt, and your mouth making you drink their seed?"

"Oh God my bottom please yes! YES!! If you will stop this!!"

Ushu clicked on the setting and threw the switch, Emma's tits bounced as the power hit them making her body arc harder than before the wooden poles rattling as she flexed against them. Her ass jolted and bucked eating more of Nizer's length. He was in ecstasy her rectum was so narrow and tight his dick felt as if it was being crushed. She wailed and thrashed, gripping her hips hard he powered another inch and a half into her butt, her hips bucked making him press harder, then harder again but only another inch would go in. Her breasts were almost stood out rigid as the power coursed through them.

Ushu switched off enjoying the way she snatched at her bonds as she realised how deep Nizer's cock was up her backside. Her head lolled in the hood almost unconscious.

"What do you masturbate about Emma?"

"Please don't! don't! Arghhhh…all sorts of things…being made to strip in front of the men…being made to give them head…letting them fuck me!"

Ushu grinned, he tugged the wires out hard dragging her tits out, her swollen nipples extending painfully, he manhandled her breasts squeezing and tugging them further through the neoprene. She shuddered and Nizer stirred his cock in her butt making her wince and sob.

"Why will you not tell us your mission Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"You know why!"


"You're the enemy!"

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

She stood in silence panting waiting for the electricity, it didn't come.

"Do you get made to give your men head Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Nooooooooooooooooo!! Please my bottom make him take it out!!"

"No. It is hardly very deep inside your bottom Lieutenant-Commander Blake his penis is fourteen inches long and only 2 and a half inches of it is inside you. You have a long way to go Lieutenant-Commander Blake. Don't you agree?"

"Please you will kill me please I can't take that in my arse you bastards I've never done it before…Sob!!"

"But you have fantasised about it haven't you Lieutenant-Commander Blake, fantasised about your men holding you down and making you take it in your ass, one after another using you, making you take it, making you come with their cocks pumping in and out of your filthy hole?"

"No you perverts it's not true!"
"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Ushu threw the switch she screamed stiffening and arching as Nizer gripped her hips tightly and his muscles straining he began to force more of his meat into her spasming ass. He only got it a little way her rectum so narrow it was like forcing his cock to a wall. Her hips jerked and she wailed through gritted teeth at the pain.

The power went off panting Emma threw her hips forward as much as she could trying to drag her ass of his meat.

Ushu picked up a syringe and drew up a drug.

"We all want to rape your big round white arse Lieutenant-Commander Blake, we don't want you to answer our questions about your mission because I have a lot of men, a lot of men and I have promised them all a turn on your sorry ass bitch, they all want to rape your mouth and ass and use you as their whore. So I am going to inject you now in your ass so that my man can feed all his cock up into you and then we can question you some more"

"NO…don't do this to me!…No I will tell you NO! NOOOOOO!!"

She felt his hands dragging her ass cheek to the side felt the needle against her flesh then sink in to the inner wall of her buttock, felt the pressure, cold pressure, she tried to clench her ass closed again but it was really difficult, she felt it relaxing, felt the hot hard blunt pressure up her ass increase, felt it easing deeper.


She heard them laughing "Eventually!" he gloated the switch was thrown.

Her tits jolted and jiggled her body arching and thrashing as Nizer began to stab it up into her slowly relaxing ass, she wailed and spluttered as he drew back and then pounded it into her battering his way deeper and deeper into her helpless ass hole. In minutes it was almost six inches in, he swapped one of his gloved hands to strengthen his cock by supporting it's length to stop it bending as he made it go in.

The power went off Emma sobbed and gasped trying to pull away from his cock it was filling her now, she felt as if it had opened the whole of her ass up it was splitting her open, Strangely the feeling of it pushing around inside her guts made her cunt hotter and hotter she felt every vein in his meat as it slithered in, it seemed way up inside her, each time it shifted she felt each bump and ridge it felt like a mammoth never ending shit and her cunt tightened with each thrust of it, she felt ashamed and disgusted of how excited she was now, how close she felt to orgasm.

The bastard raping her ass was making her feel so very full her arse hole felt so stretched open now she must be bleeding, she groaned in horror as she felt it slide deeper and it hit something inside her she felt her cunt contract, it seemed to stab at the back of her cervix to make her cunt react, she felt her hips press back, betraying her as she suddenly felt her womb and cunt contract hard she sobbed gasping as she felt him ram her ass hard and then she was coming. It was a heavy thump inside her like nothing she had ever experienced before; deep up inside her she felt her guts react sucking and tugging on her rapists cock.



Ushu laughed watching as the western woman stiffened and hump obviously orgasming, he gripped her tits and pulled them thumbing her swollen teats as she wailed and bucked.


"Yes you whore come with a real mans cock inside you cum!…CUM!!"



He released her tits and as her orgasm waned he threw the switch enjoying the way she went from orgasmic pleasure to contorted pain as Nizer ground and forced against her twitching ass.


He watched her writhe and jolt then switched it off again.

"OHHHH…I need a shit I do PLEASE!!…PLEASE!!"

Ushu nodded to Nizer who dragged her butt cheeks wide and slowly withdrew his meat from her sucking ass. She gasped and groaned feeling her guts gripe and cramp as cool air rushed up into her just vacated rectum.



Emma wailed pitifully as shit poured out of her ass, down the back of her thighs and all over her combats to splatter on the floor. She moved her hips helplessly trying to contain herself but with her ass drugged it was hopeless and another load dumped out. She was mortified sobbing and wailing as she shit herself.

Ushu motioned to Hassaf who uncoiled a water hose from the wall walked over and hosed her ass down.

"You are one stinking whore Lieutenant-Commander Blake, have you finished shitting yourself?"

"God oh GOD!!…I don't know…what have you done to me it's awful!!" she wailed.

Smiling Ushu threw the switch again watching her scream and oscillate. More shit spewed from her ass and piss soaked the front of the torture bench as her bladder emptied.
Hassaf washed her down again as the power was cut leaving her shuddering and spluttering.

"My… my… Lieutenant-Commander Blake now you have pissed yourself like a child whatever next? It's a good job my men are not fussy, luckily they will still fuck you even though you stink of shit and piss, what a stroke of luck huh Lieutenant-Commander?"

"NERGGHHH…Go fuck yourself…ARGHHH!!"

Her big white ass was covered in wet goose bumps as Nizer gripped and spread her butt before forcing his big rubber sheathed cock back up inside her helpless ass.


Ushu watched as Nizer forcefully buggered the captive Lieutenant-Commander ramming his meat brutally up her. He gripped her cheeks and his rubber encased fingers bit into the inner walls of her buttocks and dragged them back onto his length. Cruelly stretching and forcing her ring so that his meat could slide deeper into her so she jolted and jerked impaled on his mammoth tool. Emma wailed and shrieked into the hood as the sadistic bastard wrenched her butt back on to his meat. Satisfied with it's depth he transferred his hands to her shoulders and drew him self deeper making her cry and beg like a wounded banshee as he began to butt fuck the hell out of her. The cell resounded to the slapping of his hips on her spread cheeks and her wails of anguish as his meat squelched and swished in and out of her still shit slick crease.

"How many men will rape your fat arse Lieutenant-Commander Blake before you tell us your mission?"


Ushu nodded to Nizer who deftly lifted his hips away as he threw the switch. Emma screamed and thrashed impaled on his meat butt fucking herself back and forth like a bronco her tits bouncing stiffly as Nizer enjoyed the ride his cock throbbing and jerking in pre climax up her tightly clenching sheath. Ushu cut the power. With a grunt from Emma Nizer started to really beast her ass slam fucking her helpless butt trying to kill her with his cock as she jolted and squirmed. His rubber-clad hands went around to her tits gripping and pumping them as he banged the fuck out of her. His fingers pressing and kneading her poor burning teats as he bit the back of her neck rutting like the crazed animal he is. Emma whined and bucked trying to throw her hips forward to ease the incredible pressure up inside her guts.

Nizer suddenly tore the crocodile clips from her teats and wrenched his meat from her ass, he dragged off the gloves then the condom grabbed her ass again and mounted her bare back shoving his full length right up her gaping shit-box. His hands gripped the hood on her head as he really grudge fucked the poor POW's ass, slam spreading her cheeks with his groin as he rammed full length up her and released a huge wad of semen right up into her intestines.

Ushu and Hassaf laughed at her screeching sobs as Nizer came in the stupid whores ass. Ushu grabbed the top of the hood wrenching it from Nizer's grip and yanked her head forward and down bending her at the waist. Hassaf grabbed her head and Ushu dragged the hood around located the tube in it and forced it around to the front. As she struggled and screamed he located her mouth and forced the tube in, stuffing it into her mouth with his fingers while she gagged and tried to bite. Hassaf held her head in a vice like grip as Ushu hauled out his thick semi erect cock and shoved it through the tube into her mouth.

Ushu sighed in relief as he released a heavy gout of piss down her throat enjoying her struggles and splutters as Nizer finished in her ass and pulled out with a disgusting squelch.

End of part Two.

Enjoy :skull-big

Mad Gerald
09-08-2011, 06:36 AM
Part Three.

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Part Three.

Emma gagged up some of the piss and gasped in disgust as her head was held, try as she might she couldn't get the sack tube from her mouth. Behind her Nizer hurriedly thrust a stoppered plastic funnel under her ass pressing the rim into the backs of her thighs as his load and more of her pounded shit slopped out. Emma wailed as she felt her ass shit again.

Ushu let Hassaf hold her head as he readied a thick hard wood neck stock about 2 foot square, as Hassaf held her sobbing head he clamped it around her neck and locked it shut.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Oh god you filthy fuckers, my ass oh god!"

Hassaf gripped the stock around her head twisting it and yanking her further forward as Ushu and Nizer quickly unclamped the manacles around her boots leaving the strap around her thighs. Emma wailed and struggled as Hassaf twisted the stock as Ushu and Nizer manhandled her around until she was turned around. Ushu reached out and slid out a chunk of the plinth and snapped it into place. They lifted her bodily until she was face up Hassaf struggled her neck stock onto the top of the bench plinth she had been strapped to.

The stock slid into a wide groove in the top and Hassaf slid two heavy bolts in to secure it. Now Lieutenant-Commander Blake was totally disoriented within the stinking sack she began to realise she was facing the ceiling. They released her legs and her body fell toward the floor her upper back coming to rest on the slid out chunk of the plinth. She grunted in pain and shock her back arched painfully her toes just on the floor.

Ushu took a wide bladed knife and began to slice her desert combats off her lower legs. He tore the rest of them off leaving her desert boots her now bare well-muscled legs straining to ease the pain. Hassaf with practiced ease dragged out two wooden blocks and positioned them on either side of her feet in grooves to locate them and keep them from sliding.

"What are you doing? Please don't you bastards!!"

Ushu sliced through the strap holding her thighs together and he and Nizer lifted her now kicking legs up and let her booted toes rest on the wooden blocks.

Now her legs were wide open giving them a wonderful view of her long strong legs up to her dark bushed pussy. Her whole body was straining beautifully every muscle standing out as she fought to ease the pain of being arched so with all her weight on her neck. Nizer and Ushu licked their lips appreciatively. They grinned at each other and Ushu nodded to Hassaf who wheeled over a surgical trolley to the plinth her head rested on

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Please I can't tell you anything…what are you going to do? What have you done"?

They remained silent, Nizer prepared implements on the trolley as Ushu slid two blocks of wood up from the sides of the top of the plinth. The blocks were on metal adjustment brackets, he put them almost up to but not touching her sack covered features as they turned and desperately tried to make sense of what was going on.

Hassaf was tearing off a long strip of duct tape off a wide roll. He put the roll down on the trolley and folded one end of the tape over to make a tag, he held it in one hand while he walked around the blocks and stood between her legs. Her cunt by design was at groin level he began to stoke her cunt bush appreciatively smiling as she cringed and tried to drag her thighs together but couldn't because of the precarious grip she had on the blocks. His fingers drew her lips apart and rubbed at her pubis making her hips pump and squirm.

Ushu gripped the cord on the base of the sack and undid it dragging the hood from her piss sheened face. She blinked and screwed her eyes up in shock as he thumbed the clamps pushing the blocks to her temples trapping her head in one position. Tears ran from her eyes as she pleaded to know what they were doing. Silently Ushu gripped her chin forcing it down trying to open her mouth resolutely she clamped her jaws shut sobbing as Nizer gripped her nose stopping her breath until with a sob she tried to grab a breath and Ushu's thick fingers dragged her jaw down long enough for Nizer to slip two dental spreading prongs into the sides of her mouth. Her eyes went wide in horror as he levered them open wrenching her mouth wide he latched them.

Emma was terrified she tried to bite down but the prongs were far to strong she tried to move her head but it was fast. She tried to discern what was happening her eyes darting from one black grinning face to the white mans leering features a cold shudder went through her.

"WHAPHHHH OOO DOHHHPHHH!" she managed he tongue lolling in her open mouth as she tried to speak.

"You had the chance to tell us your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake now we will enjoy ourselves and then we will ask you again you stubborn bitch!"


"To late whore, unfortunately my men will not touch your filthy cunt covered in all that hair so we will have to get rid of it"


"Oh don't worry we are not going shave your bush bitch, my friend here has far better more enjoyable methods that is enjoyable for us not of course so much for you" he laughed nodding past the stock where Emma's vision was obscured.

Hassaf began pressing the sticky duct tape over her pubes plastering it over all of her pubis so that only the tag was sticking out.

"Fast or slow"? Nizer asked grinning.

"Slow I think" Ushu answered.

Hassaf gripped the tape and began to rip it off slowly lifting it up hard until all her pubes were taut dragging the skin up and then increasing the pressure until her hairs began to snap from the skin.

Emma began to wince and then lift her cunt as much as she could before jumping in shock as the first hairs were torn out, then she began to sob and plead as more were torn free, then shriek as a whole swathe of pubes were ripped out, she screamed and jolted as he tore it free ripping a lot of her pubes out. Her cunt was still far from hairless though so as she babbled entreaties he put the pubic hair covered tape to one side to add to his collection and prepared another piece of tape. In moments he was plastering it to her cunt again moulding it to her vulva.

"Fast this time I think" Ushu ordered.

Gripping the tag Hassaf ripped the tape off wrenching most of her hairs from her cunt lips so they dragged out and snapped back. Emma's scream was deafening. One of her legs came up to kick she struggled flailing with it before regaining her footing on the block. Again Hassaf plastered more duct tape to her now much deforested twat. Tears were streaming down Emma's pain wracked features now as Nizer leant over her he traced his finger around her spread mouth, dipping it in messing with her tongue, she tried to blink away the tears he had something in his hand, a tube? She screamed in agony as the tape was torn off her cunt again making her ass buck and her legs pump as she tried to stay on the blocks.

Nizer started to lipstick her lips, carefully painting her mouth with some bright pink lipstick he had taken from another victim. Emma sobbed trying to plead with him trying not to look at his cruelly mocking eyes, she felt more tape being applied to her cunt. She tried to brace herself as she felt his fingers press and mould it again to her vulva and pubis before slowly beginning to tear it off with excruciating slowness.


"My friend likes your mouth Lieutenant-Commander Blake, he likes your mouth almost as much as your hot tight shit filled ass, he has collected all the shitty come that you let fall out after he went to great lengths to stuff it into your bowels"

Nizer was stroking her face now, his features very close to hers she sobbed as he grinned at her and then dragged up some spit.

"He is very displeased that you let it all out, he some much wanted you to keep it"

Emma went cross-eyed staring at the spittle that Nizer pushed out to hang from his lower lip over her gaping helpless mouth.

"NOPHHH…PHLEEESHHHE!!" she howled as the tape was torn off.

Nizer let the spit drop into her mouth, he dragged up more and spat on her face, it landed beside her nose and slowly slid down her cheek.

He showed her the stoppered funnel, filled almost a third full of shit stained semen, she strained trying to turn her face away her features filled with horror and disgust. She could feel tape being applied to her ass crack and cunt. Helplessly she watched as he suspended the funnel over her open mouth.

"What were your orders one last time Lieutenant-Commander Blake"

She looked at him pleadingly and went to speak but Nizer pulled the stopper free and his semen began to glob thickly into her mouth. Emma spluttered and choked her tongue trying to force the mess out of her mouth. Nizer chuckled, sliding the drops that she managed to force out back into her maw with his finger. Hassaf ripped the tape from her cunt and ass ripping the pubic hairs she had left free. Emma screamed in agony choking down the mess in her mouth, gasping and spluttering as Ushu barked orders and she heard the door opening and lots of booted feet as the guards hurried in.

She was still coughing and choking it down as lots of hands began to grab, paw and fondle her all over hands gripped and kneaded her bound tits, fingers roughly forced into her sore sex spreading her cunt lips

Her breasts still trapped in the thick elastic neoprene, which forced them up and together into two jutting zeppelin shapes crowned with her thickened and bruised rigid teats were slapped back and too before mouths bit and suckled them as hash fingers dug in pulling them like udders.

Emma tried to fight them off her legs coming up one at a time to try and kick them away as fingers dragged her cunt lips wide, others were stuffed into her still aching ass hole. Ushu and Nizer watched as Hassaf got two men to hold her kicking legs up and wide as he knelt between them and forced his fingers into her cunt from either side dragging her twat open, his thick fingers dragging her vulva painfully open so he could stuff his long wet tongue inside, making her jolt and hump as he slid his thick probing tongue deep into her slick cunt tube.

Emma looked up into the faces of two big Nubians who grinned expectantly as they undid their uniform trousers and manhandled thick long cocks into the open they began to slap the heavy dongs over her face wanking them as they did talking and laughing as they swiped them over her open mouth, leaving trails of pre cum over her face.

Hassaf had his tongue deep inside Lieutenant-Commander Blake's cunt thrusting it in and out and then sliding it up over her clit hood to stab and swirl around it as her hips squirmed, He stuffed three of his fingers roughly into her ass twisting and stabbing them in as he thrust his tongue back into her cunt fluttering it in and out.

One of the others grabbed his head and pulled him away forcing his hips between her legs and roughly swiping his thick hard meat across her cunt lips before stuffing it into her so that she wailed and lifted her butt in shock. The others released her legs allowing her to kick and strain trying to force him away as he gripped her hips and began pumping into her cunt really hard. Other men were sucking and biting her helpless tits. One of the men stood over her face grunted and pumped his cock fast into her gaping mouth and a thick hot spurt of jizz squirted into her defenceless orifice while the other beat her face with his meat slapping her hard as he got closer and closer to orgasm.

The man raping her slammed up into her cunt his hands going from her hips to grip her big squeezed up tits, pulling them like fuck as he pumped his load deep into her belly. He dragged his cock out another stepped forward and shoved his meat into her still gaping cunt thrusting into her hard making her take every inch into her wincing form.

Emma's face was a picture of horror as the second man let loose a huge wad of sperm across her face the thick blobs splattering her chin, he squeezed his cock up forcing the rest of his load to drain in a thick stream into her mouth, her lolling tongue swamped in it as she fought to eject it gagging as she inadvertently swallowed the first globs. Three others eagerly stood around her trapped face pumping their cocks their eyes concentrating on her painted pink-lipped mouth and her wide fear filled eyes as she watched them fist their thick cocks into her face. The three of them began to slap their dicks down on her face swiping the heads around her lips, rubbing them all over her face so it was slick with pre cum, strings of it stretching from her skin to their swollen members.

Two guards were forcing as much of her breasts into their mouths as they could and sucking on them cruelly making her buck as the second of her rapists force fed her cunt a heavy wad of cum. He withdrew laughing and Hassaf stood in his place looking down at her just raped cunt her cunt lips splayed open sperm dribbling out to clump at her ass and then drip. He yanked out his cock it was nine inches but was almost five in girth his fingers would hardly reach around it.

The thick heavy head of it slid out of his gnarled foreskin as he drew up some spit and spat on the end of it before slapping her thighs wide so he could cram the blunt head into her gaping cunt, it was too wide, that had never stopped him before, he forced his digits into her lips and cruelly dragged them wider, the head of his dick filled the opening and he brutally forced it in. His hips strained as Emma wailed and tried to lift her hips her body jerking as he slowly pressed it in making her cunt walls accept his pole. She was trying to squirm away and he grabbed her hips and powered up into her grunting with effort and then laughing as he felt her muscles give and the terrible width snapped into the mouth of her aching twat.

The men stood over her face came in unison spurting great gouts of seed over her gaping face, thick ropes of it strung across her cheeks and into her mouth, her eyelids were coated her eyelashes thick with blobs of semen which she tried to blink away, She winced and yelped as she felt something large hot and blunt being forced into her pussy. She cried out in agony as her cunt felt as if it were splitting, three loads of jizz splattered down on her face and neck soaking her hair clumping on her cheeks, she tried to breathe through her nose but one of them caught it and held it fast as she gurgled and spluttered and then swallowed a large quantity of their seed, still he held on and she swallowed again spluttering and gasping a breathe as they laughed and one wanked the last of his jizz into her maw.

Hassaf was ramming it deeper pounding it in hard until he had sufficient inside to begin fucking the poor Lieutenant-Commander he bent over her looping his arms around her hips and under her ass lifting her pelvis to him as he rutted into her, beneath her his finger sought and found her ass sliding into it stabbing up as he gloated and forced them in twisting and pressing them in making her squirm delightfully on his tightly held cock.

Four guards were fighting over her tits biting and sucking them, then releasing them and slapping them too and fro as Hassaf pounded her helpless cunt, harder and harder he fucked as if he was trying to kill her, her hips were reacting, Ushu noticed and grabbed a thick leather strap from the floor, he barked at the guards on her tits and they backed off leaving her bound breasts bouncing and shuddering with every massive thrust into her powerless body.

"Are you going to cum bitch? Are you? You are I can see, Cum Lieutenant-Commander Blake Cum like the western whore you are!"

He nodded to Hassaf who lifted his head rutting hard and shallow into her stuffed full cunt his fingers still stabbing and stretching her flinching anus. Ushu lifted the strap and brought it down viciously 'CRACK' across her bouncing tits the massive crack noise was almost drowned out by her gurgling scream of torment. He brought it around and slammed it down across both juddering peaks again, she heaved and bucked screaming through all the jism clogging her throat. Again it slapped across them 'CRACK' over her throbbing teats squashing them cruelly against the neoprene her legs pressed and then came up clamping around Hassaf's ass.

He pumped like a madman driving the whole of his thick manhood deep into her splayed cunt, making her hump with him as the strap came down again forcing a bloodcurdling scream from her as Three more guards began wanking over her face slapping them to her features and shoving the heads into her gaping mouth as she wailed and thrashed helpless as Hassaf drove her toward orgasm, forcing her cunt to grip him tighter and tighter 'CRACK' as his thick blunt headed cock seemed to snag inside her hard to her cervix, 'CRACK' Her belly tightened and tightened until it released with a huge cresting wave of contractions as she came wailing horribly as they laughed and goaded Hassaf on to greater heights as he slammed into her bucking cunt 'CRACK'

Two of the men over her face rammed the heads of their cocks into her mouth together and pushed them in and out of her face, she wailed around their meat as Hassaf wrenched his cock from her cunt gripped and spread her ass lifting it and expertly thrust his meat into her slippy butt hole forcing it as deep as he could in one thrust, her legs went out in total shock as she felt as if her ass had split, quickly others grabbed them lifting her thighs so he could pound his meat deep into her drugged ass hole making her take it right inside so that it was trapped in her rectum like a huge bloated moving turd as he screamed at her and brutally rammed up into her straining ass. Hassaf groaned in delight as he surged into her empting his heavy balls into her narrowing hot ass making her legs strain against her captors as the most awful hot pressure forced up into her searing intestines, Emma's mind screamed as she felt as if a hose was spurting up into her bowels, Ushu dropped the strap and hooked his fingers into her squelching twat frigging her clit hard; dragging her cunt up as Hassaf beasted her ass.

"CUM YOU WHORE CUM!! That's it! With a big Arab cock in your slut ass, you love it, love it slut! THAT'S IT CUM!!" Ushu screamed at her as her ass began to jackhammer again, she wailed through another forced climax as she felt Hassaf's meat seem to swell and throb within her ass, suddenly his hot searing seed was spurting up into her bowels, Emma yelped and jolted feeling his cum thump up into her with an incredible pressure her guts cramping and griping as more and more gushed into her so that she fought to be off it until with a sigh Hassaf dragged his sodden meat out and laughed as she wailed feeling all the cool air rush into her sodomised ass as she lifted her hips and groaned in horror as a huge fart resounded from her just stuffed bum.

Another fought his way between her thighs and as the others held her legs tight he rammed himself into her shitter, out, into her cunt, out, up her shitter, out, into her cunt where he shot his load. He was dragged aside by another eager guard who shoved his meat deep into her ass and laughed and spat on her as he butt fucked her viciously, full of hate and malice as he slapped and punched her tits. The two men stuffing her face pulled out and shot two streams of wet juice all over her face allowing the third to cum into her open mouth leaving her gasping face a cum sodden mess. Nizer watched amused, another six guards to go. He chose a big round ribbed dildo and attached it to a large rod ready for when they had finished for him to have some more fun.

End of Part Three.

Enjoy MG :skull-big

09-20-2011, 09:08 AM
Wow! A previously unread chapter of Lt. Elisabeth Hall's Pirate Adventures!

I can't even begin to say how much I've appreciated your writing through the years. Your stories are simply the best, and I hope there are many more to look forward to in years to come.

Is Chapter 30 the latest we heard from poor G I Jane, by the way? I miss her terribly... :)

Mad Gerald
09-21-2011, 04:13 AM
andersbac Thank you nice of you to say - there were 34 parts to GI Jane when i get time i might even finish the story who knows Regards MG :skull-bee

09-21-2011, 04:49 AM
If at all possible I would love to have all parts after #30!
As long as a story is unfinished there's still suspense and hope for a continuation, so an ending should be carefully considered (and possibly leave room for continued abuse, at least in the mind of the reader?). :)

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Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Captain Kelly MIA.

Part One

Iraq 2006 Nasiriya - It had been a quiet day until we were ordered to close by the local militia leader I put up the shutters and we watched from a gap in them as the American convoy went by out of site was the first explosion then lots and lots of gunfire, screaming more shots.

The explosions and gunfire outside died away smoke filled the air. The front doors of my café burst open one of the local boys ran in "They have a woman from one of their trucks, an army woman" then Fayadeen fighters burst in three of them had a tall American female officer with them struggling with her another threatened me with his Tubuck I grinned and raised my hands they went through into the bar, dragging the kicking screaming woman, she was at least 6ft, blonde, not athletic looking but broad shouldered, she seemed very strong. The men were struggling to control and force her along. She stamped and heaved suddenly bringing her knee up into one of their groins making the man collapse in agony releasing her arm. She swung her fist into another’s face, twisting and then kicking the man on her other arm, more fighters burst in whooping and laughing as she looked from one to another in horror and shock she howled in rage and head butted one with her helmeted head and punched the man on her arm in the side of the head so that he staggered back struggling to keep hold of her.

Another man ran at her and jumped up kicking her hard in the abdomen, yelping she span with the blow lashing out as they threw themselves at her she punched one then another. One lunged forward and grabbed her around the neck, quickly swinging behind her, she stood struggling with them all as another threw himself at her legs she over balanced and crashed into the wall.

That was when I saw the film crew from Aljazeera they were right in there catching it all on tape.

They yelled in excitement all lunging forward, I struggled to stay were I could see as the man forced his forearm under her chin and dragged her head back hard. He held her by the neck as they punched and kicked her as she screamed obscenities flailing with her arms kicking with her powerful legs as they fought to control them. Her hand scrabbled for a pistol in a black holster at her waist as one of them grabbed it and wrenched it away.


The man holding her neck gripped harder pulling her helmeted head back into his chest choking her as two men on either side gripped and twisted her legs down and out slowly overcoming her strength forcing her booted feet down as her hips bucked and twisted
"Get the fuck offa me you pieces of shit!!"
More laughing men joined in. I watched as hands went to the waistband of her trousers struggling to undo the belt and yank them open as her hips bucked and swerved.
"No don't I'll kill you you shits I'll fucking cut you to bits!!"
I heard tearing material and drew my eyes from their struggles to watch them drag her trousers open. I saw hands ripping and clawing at her jacket, tearing material away as she fought, then her sand colored vest was torn and I glimpsed her very full white bra clad breasts as she fought to slap their hands away "NOOOO YOU FUCKS STOP IT!! GET THE FUCK OFFF MEEEE!!"

There were too many hands grabbing snatching and gripping for her to fend off and soon her trousers were being yanked and wrenched down her legs showing her bare white thighs her desert boots twisting and kicking as they strained to pin her pale legs down and drag them wide, knives hacked at the material cutting the woman’s trousers apart. Hands gabbed her bra covered breasts gripping the material and stretching it until it tore she lunged and bucked.

"You fuckin sorry shits NAARGH!"

In moments I could see one of her breasts bouncing free as she shook and twisted, it was big, and wobbled stiffly. Hands slapped and gripped her face laughing at her distress telling her what they planned to do to her in Arabic spitting on her shocked face as other hands gripped her pants and tore them up into her cunt lifting her ass from the floor.

"Don't do that NARGHHHHH FUCK! My pussy don't do that don't ARGHHHHH! Your hurtin me you fucKKKERGGGGHHHH!"

Her pants were right up into her ass and cunt splaying her cunt lips and showing her blonde bush as the material strained. They laughed and drew them tighter and tighter forcing her ass up her hips arching as they all leered at her spliced cunt. The camera crew got in there filming her distress up close.

"Oh Fuck who are they don't film me help . . HELP ARGHHH!! . . .GET HELLLLLP!! Shitt my pussy nooooooooooooooo!!"

A big man pushed the others from between her legs and unwrapped his face mask revealing a massive evil grin on a rugged scarred face he drew up a big wad of spit and spat it on her helpless groin

"It's not your pussy American whore, its ours!"

With that he kicked her in the cunt hard his booted foot slamming up into her most sensitive flesh. She shrieked in agony and horror her legs kicking out straight against their grip lifting her ass from the floor. They roared in laughter as she bucked and strained to pull free of their grip as they fought to hold her down.


He laughed with the others waiting for her pain to abate and as she sobbed and panted writhing in agony she slowly lowered her butt. Her open legs displaying her red swollen cunt he grinned allowing the camera man to focus before he kicked her helpless twat again, his boot squashing and dragging her vulva under its harsh rough tread forcing her ass up higher before her straining pants ripped revealing her big blonde haired cunt she screamed


She thrashed in agony, squirming as hands gripped and wrenched open her straining thighs, hungry fingers driving into her painfully bruised sex as more men gathered to pin her down, her legs being slowly forced wider as thick fingers dragged her raw cunt lips wide while others were shoved and driven deep up into her squirming cunt.


They shoved their faces into hers grinning and speaking harsh and fast in Arabic you could tell by her face she didn't understand

"You filthy bitch whore, stupid dog fucking slut!!"

"we're going to rape your stinking twat, you worthless American whore"

They spat on her face laughing at her shocked face

"you are fucking ours now we're gonna fill your belly with Arab babies make you breed our brethren you stupid cumbucket"

They laughed and spat on her face big globs of spit strung from her eye and nose as she gasped and tried to turn her face away.

"Nooo! Don't rape me please don't don't rape me you filthy bastards don't ARGHHHH!"

The first got between her thighs he wrenched open his pants letting his swollen cock free he pumped his meat in his hand. They gripped her thighs hard pulling and struggling them open as he bent his cock to her blonde haired pussy, the head nudged her swollen pussy lips making her wince and try to pull away but she had no where to go they all looked on as she heaved and strained as he forced the thick swollen head to her bruised sex. I watched her grimacing pained face as he pressed it in her eyes staring at him intently tears welling up as he thrust it into her.


He dragged up more spit and gobbed it onto her shocked face. They all leaned forward looking as her thick cunt lips were speared by his fat meat slowly pressing into her dry cunt as she flinched and tried to lift away straining as it sank deeper, out then in again then the spell broke and there was a frantic fight as they fought over slapping and gripping her fat tits biting and sucking her big bouncing jugs as he began to really fuck the poor bitch. You could tell by his face he was trying to hurt her really slamming her cunt as she strained and squirmed horrified.

"Don't, don't bite them your hurting me arghhhh no Jesus NOOOO!!..UHHHH...Oh fuck no NOOOOOO!!!...UHH...UHH"

The men holding her legs were struggling to control them as she heaved and shook as her rapists pubis ground to her cunt as he cursed and spat on her hammering into her while she wailed "You Filthy fuck! You fucking shit ARGHHHHHHHH!!..no don't cum in me don't no don't cum in me URGHHHH!!" as he stiffened cumming deep in her cunt, chuckling he was heaved out of the way and another fought his way on top of her stabbing his manhood into her cunt as she got her hands free and beat at him screaming "NOOOOO!!" as he grudge fucked her viciously and then came in moments.

He got off another spat on her and punched her face hard before ramming his cock up her so hard her ass left the floor and she shrieked in agony as he fucked up into her slapping and mauling her bouncing breasts gripping them and tugging them as he grunted in satisfaction pumping his load deep up inside her. He pulled out and her cunt farted loudly sperm spilling from her.

"Please don't rape me again please ARGHHH!"

Another did taking his time easing his cock into her wet hole

"You like that big Arab meat in your stinking cunt slut, yeah you better start to enjoy it because were all going to do you bitch" he continued talking dirty to her in Arabic. The big man who spoke English stood over her.

"He is telling you what a cumbucket you are, how they are all going to rape the shit out of you until Arab sperm is flooding out of you, how he can't wait to butt fuck your big American ass".

"Shut up shut the fuck up shut the fuARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she wailed

Her rapist gripped and pinched her nipples as she fought to slap his hands away as his meat sawed in and out of her, he got faster slamming up into her cunt her legs jerking and squirming as he really beasted her suddenly thumping a heavy load up into cunt he gasped and then spat on her face pulling out.

"you filthy son of a bitch I'll UGHHHH!" one of them punched her hard in the face again stunning her and making her lip bleed. He dragged his pants open and thrust his cock to her face slapping it to her lips and cheeks as she struggled to pull away as he wanked it to her shocked and terrified face suddenly spurting a thick heavy load over her features she screamed in horror sperm stringing from her lips as she wailed and tried to shake it off as he slapped the still oozing head across her lips laughing at her disgust.

Another had shoved three fingers up her cunt ramming them deep and dragged out a thick mess of semen he grinned at her just jizzed face and smeared it all over her heaving tits, he scooped more out and did it again spreading it all over her nipples as the other rubbed his cock across her lips and nose as she sobbed and twisted trying to pull away in disgust.

He rammed four fingers right up her cunt almost punching it in making her jolt and shriek; he started to thumb her clit with the other hand. Now that got her hips moving she began to struggle to pull her clit away as they giggled and frigged her hard forcing his fingers ever deeper into her gaping cunt. His other digits rubbed and spread her lips forcing the hood back off her clit until her bright red shiny nub was revealed he laughed and shoved his mouth to it.

She wailed and stiffened he chewed at it with his teeth making her weep and buck. I watched their strong hands gripping her white flesh as she strained and her big leg muscles stood out as she tried to break their grip. Hands gripping her wrists, thighs and hips as they held her down as he sucked and chewed making her sob and beg as he forced the rest of his fingers up into her twat.

"OOOOOHUH don't do that! YOU MUST STOP!! please don't do that UHH HUHH No NOO please ARGHHHHH don't oh god, OH GOD PLEASE ARGHHH!!"

Three of them now had their cocks out and were slapping her around the face with them as she tried to pull her helmeted head away.

He pulled his hand free and slapped her tits hard with it and then mounted her. Slapping the other men away from her face he gagged her with his sperm sodden hand, holding her mouth and nose closed as he raped her enjoying the way she squirmed and bucked unable to draw breath as he heaved up into her

"Take it you fucking slut whore, you pig sucking piece of shit, you like that huh, in your fat fucking cunt, take it! take it!! . . . there!" he released her mouth as he came deep inside her.


He got off her and she got her legs free taking advantage kicking out hard at any and all of them as she fought to be free. They struggled to grab her legs and arms as the man holding her neck held on for dear life after about five minutes they had her held fast. Two men on each leg a man on each arm, she was panting and straining as they forced her legs up higher then the guys on her arms pinned them under themselves and gripped a knee each wrapping their elbow around and behind them trapping her strong muscular legs leaving her ass and cunt helplessly exposed.

She groaned and gasped straining to be free as fingers tested and squeezed her big ass cheeks then prodded and tested her exposed ass

"Please oh please . . . LEAVE MY ASS ALONE!! haven't you done enough! not my ass please not my ass WAAAAGHH NO NOOO!"

One spat into her crease and began to worm a finger in, her butt lifting as she tried to be free of it, she jolted as it eased in and he twisted it pressing as others gripped and spread her big cheeks

Her anus was tight and yet his finger slid in with ease I could see her big butt muscles clench she started screaming

"No please don't put your fingers up my bum". "STOP, STOP, STOP OHMYGOD YOU EVIL BASTARDS!!"

They laughed and spat on her ass more fingers slowly stretching her bum wider as her butt jerked and shook sperm spilled from her gaping cunt and ran down into her butt crease. One of the men gripped her big white butt cheeks and stuffed his face into her asshole licking and eating her butthole out
"No . . . NOO! That's dirty please arghhhh!" she screamed and bucked in shock and disgust as he slurped and sucked at her shitter. He pulled his face away and they bent her legs back even further as he knelt before her and pressed his thick hard meat to her reluctant flinching wet spider.

"Don't rape my ass please . . . Listen more Americans will come you can't win I . . . I will say you didn't rape me I will not say anything Please . . . Please if you don't rape my ass please ohh shit you fucks they'll kill you if you rape my ass they will NOOOOO please NOOOOOOOOO!"

All the eyes in the room were on her puckered amber ringed hole as the thick blunt head of his cock pressed it in. He held it forcing it as she strained to keep it out, slowly it pressed deeper and deeper suddenly snapping past her stretched thin ring into her rectum. She let out a shrill wail as they all laughed jeering and urging him on as he made it go in fuck she went crazy swearing and begging as he powered up into her ass.

"Please no its hurting please its too big arghhh oh fuck shit please my ass my ass!"

She was straining to lift her ass away as they laughed and their hands gripped her tighter forcing her legs back further. Fingers rubbing her clit and teasing her cunt as he heaved his meat deeper into her struggling butt.

She screamed and swore as he made it go deeper their fingers stretching her shuddering cheeks wider as his cock sank in and out of her forced ring, I moved to get a better view you could see streaks of her shit up his meat and her ring was tight and thin around his fat shaft

"OH god you fucks you dirty fucks take it out take the fucking thing out ARGHHHHHHH NO OH YOU SHIT MY ASS YOU'RE KILLING ME, KILLING ME!!"

She screamed as he forced it real deep slamming it into her colon so her eyes went wide and she shrieked in shock he stirred it in her rectum her face was a picture of humiliation and pain tear streaks cutting through the dirt and sand down her cheeks as he pulled it almost out and then slammed it to the hilt again her eyes went wide and darted about in desperation as he made his cock bottom out in her ass


One of the others translated for them which got a round of laughter as her rapist set to really fucking her ass, he was real mean and powerfull slamming into her straining ass so his pubes smashed her cunt over and over as they struggled to control her kicking legs until with her howling in agony he grunted and heaved his load deep into her bowels.

He waited and then lifted off and yanked his cock from her now gaping shitter, she gasped and moaned as cool air flooded her ass and shit and semen flooded out of her butt hole

"Oh dear god you filthy fucks my ass oh my ass"

Another got his meat ready and crammed it into her hole making her fart loudly and wail in shame and horror as he shoved the whole length right up into her rectum he spat on her face and cursed her as he gripped her knees and began banging the shit out of her doing his best to hurt the wailing cringing bitch as he sawed in and out of her helpless ass.

One of her legs came free and she kicked and stamped with it sobbing and begging as he raped her ass suddenly stopping and pulling his shitty cock out to spurt his load up her belly into her startled face, she watched his shit streaked cock in horror as he pumped the last dregs onto her pubes and wiped it off on her gaping cunt lips.

Now they crowded close ramming fingers into her ass making her squirm and jolt as they forced two then three fingers into her ass spreading it wide to spit into her ass then shoving their shitty fingers into her cunt.

"Stop it stop please no its filthy, arghhh please don't no please"

She complained, they slapped her big cheeks with their shitty fingers leaving filthy fingerprints as more fingers dipped and prodded and were viciously stuffed up her ass and cunt. One of the men got three fingers up her cunt and started to really grind them in and out so that she fucked with her hips helplessly they goaded and teased her as another pumped his meat and then fed it into her still gaping arse. The man with his hand in her cunt kept frigging her as the other force fed his cock into her butt, you could see the tension in her as they frigged and buggered her.

Her big wide white ass was shuddering and quivering as they made the bitch take it. She looked like she was going to cum her straining and humping as they rammed fingers in and out of her sloppy twat, her legs were jerking and her noises had changed as her legs strained and her ass humped feverishly as they frigged her clit hard. Her rapists cock slithering in and out as her belly tightened and she went crazy as they pulled their hands free and she went stiff suddenly letting loose a huge squirt of cunt juice from her all over her rapists belly when the man up her ass came deep up her shitter while she squirmed and jetted more and more out to their shouts of excitement and glee, laughing and slapping her with that he pulled his meat free she farted loudly and let out a wail of humiliated disgust as she realized she had cum for them, they all laughed and tried to drag her on her side her legs twisting and kicking.

Another man gripped her throat tightly forcing choking gasps from her as the man who had been behind her struggled his hard cock from his pants and sliding down as they held her on her side he forced it into her shitter she arched her back in agony making them strain and struggle to hold her as he powered up into her ass, he gripped her hips and dragged her over on top of him stuffing his cock deeper up her ass as her legs flailed and she gasped in agony as the man holding her throat got on top and savagely forced his meat into her cunt, they sandwich fucked her hard making the bitch kick and wail jolting and jerking as the rapist on top of her slammed into her splayed wet twat spitting in her gasping face as he spewed his seed up into her.

He rolled off another mounted her slamming ball deep in her just vacated cunt, The man under her wrapped his forearm around her throat and held her fast as he jack hammered up into her butt. The noises the slut was making was incredible, they let her legs go and she scrambled and kicked trying to get him off as he beasted her twat hammering her cunt raw he gripped her tits and wrenched and mauled them as he pistoned her as he came deep in her depths.

"Please stop,...please,....please..no more." She begged sobbing as men gathered between her legs and stuffed their fingers up into her cunt, spreading her fat swollen lips twisting and forcing them in, twisting his hand over to frig her hard as another pressed and rubbed her clit in small tight circles.

The guy under her was heaving up into her shitter hard making her squirm on it as it slithered in and out in deep shallow thrusts, her big white bum cheeks framing his dark cock as it hammered up into her. Her legs were trying to get a footing so she could push herself up off it her muscles standing out hard as her whole body began to jerk her ass pressing down. He gripped her throat tighter as men gathered around her helmeted head stuffing their fingers in her mouth as she sobbed and pleaded, "No stop your going to . . . Going to oh fuck fuck no arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IIIIIIEEEE!!" her whole frame shook and went stiff as the men frigging her dragged their hands away as she went rigid her ass slammed hard down on the cock up her butt as a sudden gush of juice squirted from her spasming cunt, then another, they frigged the wailing GI more forcing her to squirt again as they laughed and jeered at her struggles as they forced more fingers in and frigged her viciously so that she shrieked and gushed more and more so that her cunt and the cock up her butt was awash with her hot juice, coating his nuts and thighs as she still pumped her hips moaning as another man mounted her and stuffed his meat right up her open soaked cunt in one hard stroke and raped her has hard as he could keeping the poor jolting and squirming woman cumming. Another grabbed her chin pushed it back and stuffed his cock in her mouth and heaved it into her throat as the other savagely stuffed his cock hard up into her cunt all three rutting in her jerking and flinching body for about ten minutes before screaming and slamming her as they came in her as one. I stood and watched semen burst from her ring around her rapists cock with the force of it as he heaved up into her straining ass.

The whore was almost unconscious as they pulled out of her and manhandled her so another three could beast her groaning form. They really fucked her viciously eager to hurt the American bitch making her kick and release muffled screams stamping as they humped the fuck out of her straining body.

They finished and hauled her over on top of another man who shoved his tool deep up into her cunt and gripped her around the waist as another got behind her and stuffed his meat into her gooey ass gripping her shoulders as he butt fucked her big cheeks shuddering as he slam fucked up into her rectum. her face was a mask of horrified pain as he stirred his cock deep up inside her fat white ass.

Another man knelt before her and punched her face hard dragging it back to his cock and making her take it in her mouth forcing her to gag and moan around it as he held on to her helmet and viciously fucked her head as the others pumped her fast. They really were trying to kill her she was like a rag doll as they heaved and slammed into her whining cringing frame until in a huge effort they all filled her holes with gushes of jizz. They all pulled out and began handing her over to three more men.

She got her arm free and punched the man nearest her, her leg coming free as she fought and kicked screaming in rage she slammed her helmeted head back into the face of the man holding her throat and dragged herself free, kicking her knee into another’s face. She got her heel under her and powered up smashing her hand into another mans face, turning and screaming in rage as she head butted another kicking a forth turning she dragged her other leg free and stamped on a fifths face she leapt toward the door.

The large man from before who had kicked her cunt stormed in and punched at her she blocked it with her forearm and kicked at him as the others gained their feet he grabbed her foot dragging her off balance suddenly and viciously slammed his fist into her face jolting her head back He expertly grabbed her around the throat as she slumped her whole body going limp. He shouted at the others grinning as they rushed to grab her arms and haul her upright between them.

The American whore was almost unconscious she struggled to gain her feet as two men on either side yanked her arms out straight twisting and locking them as they expertly wrapped one leg each around hers and braced her upright.

He dragged a heavy rope noose from his leg pouch as he moved behind her and stuffed it over her helmeted head, he drew it tight around her throat and gloating undid his pants taking out an impressive cock, he
Gripped her big buttocks and spread them cruelly pressing his thick shaft to her gaping butthole she whimpered and he took hold of the rope and forced his cock up into her slowly she came too, groaning as he speared her, he dragged the rope back throttling her as he buggered her ass, She went on tiptoe in her desert boots her head back choking as he cruelly impaled her, she began to strain with her arms trying to pull free as he thrust hard up into her grinning as she thrust her hips forward clenching her ass in desperation.

Try as she might she couldn't stop him and it slowly slithered in stretching her asshole wider and wider as his fat girth forced her ring to give and give. She was gasping and a low whine came from her as he sank further and further until he was all the way in.

He snatched the rope tighter and began to cruelly slam up into her big ass, she moaned and began to sob as his hips battered her bouncing butt cheeks squashing her big meaty globes up and down as he took his pleasure. He rammed viciously up into her and stirred his thick pole deep up inside her bowels.

Her feet were hardly on the floor her face blue creased in agony as he held the bitch there trapped on his thick manhood making her feel every inch of it then he began to slam up into her again, like a man possessed as as she sobbed and choked and then stiffened sobbing "NO!" as he grunted and heaved his load deep up into her aching guts.

Smiling he stepped away another took his place slamming up into the whores ass as she tried to pull free, he gripped her wide hips and slammed the shit out of her enjoying making her scream and beg until with a hard jack hammering of her ass he came in her and let go letting her fart out his seed in sobs so that it ran down the backs of her legs. Another two took her like that before she fainted dead away.

They dragged her limp body over they helped tie her wrists together behind her back then they ripped the rest of her uniform off leaving her boots and helmet.

One of the Fayadeen fighters got his cock out and dragged her on her front he spread her big white butt and slowly force fed his thick girth into her ass pinning her legs together he started to butt fuck her with slow hard strokes. She lay there limply as he flattened her butt with deep thrusts. Minutes later he was slam fucking her viciously then with a deep groan he stiffened coming deep in her ass. He lay on her back grinding enjoying stirring his meat in her slick hot butt hole, he slowly got up and drew his cock from her sniggering as her ass let out a loud wet fart.

Another got on quickly force feeding his length up her just vacated shitter, he began pumping her butt, she let out a low groan and began to stir, he took hold of the thick rope around her neck and pulled it taut using it as a handle as he slid his meat in and out of her slick ass chute. Her eyes flicked open then went wide, her face grimaced in pain "Oh god my ass please leave my ass alone ooooooh ah ah arghhhh!" her bound arms struggling under him as he laughed and stirred it deep inside her stuffing her butt full that she wails and struggles as he grudge fucks her ass rapidly before dumping a huge wad inside her. Her legs straightening and booted feet squirming as he made her feel every throb deep in her straining asshole.

They sat back happy with their handy work, some crowded around her wide ass dipping fingers in her cum sodden cunt and weeping anus. She was an impressive site a big woman well muscled her whole body well toned. Others, foreign Arabs had arrived and gathered around her helmeted head.

"Brothers you have done well we have fought hard to capture one of Bushes whore soldiers, Abu Musab Zarqawi is proud of your bravery and will use this slut to further the cause and bear his children. Now we will take her to our base and there we will show her how real men fuck!"

This got a cheer from all those present and the poor American bitch looked about in bewildered fear as they picked her up bodily and carried her toward the back of the shop they shoved a sack over head and dragged her out and threw her on her face in the back of a truck, two guards got in the back the first immediately getting on the whores back and thrust his meat into her ass fucking her butt slowly as she grunted and groaned.

They all got in I was threatened and ordered into the back I told them I had my shop to run but they just grinned and shoved me in. we drove to a suburb of Fallujah and arrived at a yard covered in reeds and corrugated iron. The truck stopped and with guards posted they dragged her out and down some steps then through a door.

I was taken in we went through a ordinary looking kitchen to where the fireplace was dragged from the wall they dragged her through the opening and down more steps we followed, I heard the fireplace grind closed behind us as we went down a corridor and down more steps we were now in a bunker with electric lights on the walls rooms off with bunks and men. She was taken to a wide open cell were she was thrown on the floor.

Jeering laughing men filled the room she struggled wildly as they pawed and groped her body her arms were released from behind her and they struggled her wrists into thick metal cuffs attached to a bar and chain suspended from the ceiling. Four men hauled the chain through a block forcing her to her feet screaming and flailing as her whole body weight was suddenly on her arms as her feet struggled to find the floor.

They grabbed her booted feet attaching another metal cuff on a spreader bar to one ankle they forced her legs out wide to snap the other closed around her other leaving her legs spread uncomfortably with her just on her toes she panted and groaned within the sack as men tested and squeezed her breasts, slapped her ass and laughed and talked rapidly of what they would do to the whore.

She kept softly begging. "I'm a prisoner of war...I'm a prisoner of war...please don't rape me again please don't fuck me...don't fuck my ass anymore, please... please just don't fuck me in the ass."

Suspended like that her well muscled body was extremely attractive her well toned leg muscles standing out her curvaceous hips and big round stiff butt cheeks just drew the eyes her heaving chest making her large stiff breasts shudder and bob around her dog tags as she hung there still hooded with the sack trembling with fear.

A hush descended as two big men stripped to the waist came forward, the first one punched her viciously in the belly she howled in pain thrashing in her bonds as as the other punched and slapped her tits back and too as she tried in vain to pull away sobbing and screaming in the sack as they took it in turns to punch and slap her. The lights went out a single harsh lamp came on directed right at her as one of the men ripped the sack from her helmeted head.

"Your name?"
"Huhh ughhh huhhh Kelly captain number S...URGHHHHHHH" she was punched in the guts again.
"what are you doing in Iraq"
"I'm a medical officer a medical officer arghhh you can't treat me this way you ughhhhh!!"
One of her interrogators laughed and slammed her right tit up and down he dragged up some spittle and blew it straight into her face. The other slapped his hand right up into her cunt making her ass lift as he forced his fingers between her smarting lips forcing her ass and hips to squirm as the other man gripped her nipples between cruel fingers and wrenched her tits toward him making her scream and sob as he viciously twisted and wrenched on them laughing into her screaming face "Can't treat me like this!! HAHA!!" The other joined in "Hey guess what American whore you are going to be real surprised how bad we can treat you slut"

"Please . . .Please don't" more of the men began to crowd around her all their hands pawing and testing her body hands squeezing her ass and hips fingers dipping between her butt cheeks and testing her still sloppy ring making her cringe and sob. Captain Kelly was looking around in terror as the man gripping her tits twisted them cruelly making her scream in agony too late she saw the large rubber ring on straps as it was forced into her screaming mouth.

Hurriedly they did up the straps tightly she sobbed helplessly as other hands snatched thin coarse ropes around the bases of her yanked out tits pulling them tighter and tighter then wrapping them around so her poor breasts were two fat balloons of stiff flesh.

They dragged forward a carpenters trestle and stood it before her, her arms were lowered so her belly pressed to it and three of them quickly tied her waist to the wooden bar now she was trapped over the bar her ass and cunt vulnerable she stared about at their glaring lust filled faces as her main tormenter pressed a thick rubber cock to her ring gagged face, it was huge and strapped to a thick pole with duct tape he spat on her face and grinned at her evilly she felt fingers gripping and spreading her cunt lips roughly as he walked behind her so he could force the thing in she jolted in agony as he made the fat head go in past her straining vulva and without pause shoved it deeply up inside her still sore cunt.

Captain Kelly wailed and bucked as he twisted and thrust it right up inside her unwilling twat until her outer lips were spread cruelly by the wide base, he wedged the wooden pole against a stay on the floor and fumbled with the base of the dildo until it strummed into life. Captain Kelly went wild trying to be off it her legs jerking out straight as the fat hard thing began to oscillate deep up inside her cunt.

Men knelt by the sides of her toying with her hanging bound breasts plucking at her stiffening nipples and then fighting over biting and suckling her helpless tits as she yelped and struggled her hips flexing as the awful strumming inside her belly made her stretched cunt muscles contract and send shocks down into her aching clit. A wide low stool was placed behind her the first man stood on it watching fascinated as her big butt yawned and flexed as she helplessly fucked the huge cock up her cunt. He spat into her butt cleft making her wail in horror and realization as he stuffed two fingers into her asshole and twisted them in and out she shook her head jolting and moaning "NOOOOOOOOOOO" as he pressed his cock head to her bum hole and slowly forced in

They all started to get their cocks out.

As she was saying it one of them began rubbing the head of his big dick on her lips smearing his precum all around her held open mouth.

She sobbed "Oh fuck you filthy bastards...uhhhhggggkk...Christ my ass ooooh fuck uhhh uhhh arghhhhuphhh" He grinned down at her and gripping her helmet framed face hard He pressed his fat bloated cock-head against her quivering lips and inserted the tip of his prick. She tried to jerk back, but her helmeted head was being held firmly in place by many hands. He rammed his cock into her gaping mouth forcing it in past her gagging tongue

"shut the fuck up you dumb piece of shit and swallow my cock, pig!" she choked and heaved trying desperately to pull off it. He drove his cock-shaft even deeper between her lips, and you could see her strong jaws stretch open to accept his monstrous girth. "That's a good soldier whore. Just take it open wider, that’s it you stupid piece of cunt." He commanded,
"Come on, whore! Give me your throat!" as he thrust even more of his huge prick between her straining lips. Drool began cascading out of the corners of her mouth, triggering her gag reflex. They laughed as she spewed up another gurgle of saliva, which dribbled uncontrollably down her neck as she struggled to accommodate even more of his manhood.

The Arab on her back had her by the shoulders now and was ramming his fat cock right up her straining ass as he pounded her squirming butt he was screaming at her in Arabic and doing his best to hurt her as she fought to lift her ass away. Captain Kelly was wailing shrilly "Take it down slut," he cackled. "You're going to take all of it bitch. Wider, you fucking cunt wider! take it you fucking slut."
He jabbed another two inches down her throat, you could see her esophagus constricting around his tool, squeezing and milking it as he plunged another inch down her windpipe.

Her face impaled on his prick, you could see she was unable to breathe. Struggling against the men holding her down, the man in her mouth began fucking into her throat ...another inch ... then another. He ploughed the remaining inches into her throat, she was making awful gurgling and gagging noises as he picked up his pace, choke fucking her throat while she helplessly bucked about.

With one deep hard thrust, he shoved his big cock three quarters of the way down her throat again. He slowly began to force it deeper, Cpt Kelly didn't have any choice but to try to swallow.

"That's it face fuck the American whore."
"Ram fuck her throat."
"Face fuck her...Face fuck her...Choke fuck the bitch."
He thrust hard in and out of her mouth viciously. The outline of his bulbous cockhead could be seen working in and out of her throat. The man started really fucking her face in to the hilt.

"You love my Arab cock, don't you fucking piece of shit?" The man raping her mouth boomed.
"I know you do, you white whore. All you sluts do." For emphasis, he pulled out of her mouth, grasped his dick at the base, and slapped it against her cheek.
"Yeah, you love it, you cheap slut. Your face shows it." He wrapped his hands in her hair and pushed forward with his hips again, the huge cock ramming into her mouth to the top of her throat.
"Deeper...Deeper...Ohhhhhh...You fuckin' nasty whore." With another push, he forced his cock back through the narrow opening, his pubic hairs smashing against her lips, causing Cpt Kelly to gag, her face impaled her on his full ten inches of hard meat. Cpt Kelly's throat spasmed around the hard intruder, her lungs heaving for air, as her mouth opened even wider in a gag reflex. Her feeble efforts only made the sensation to his dick greater and he held her jammed tightly on his cock for almost a full minute, reveling in the convulsing of the helpless white woman's throat muscles on the shaft and head of his cock.

Capt. Kelly grunted, as yet another animal thrust his cock inside her leaking ass. It was the eighth or seventh, she was beyond keeping track. She wanted to push away, to wriggle off the invading cock, but she couldn't get any leverage with her arms pinned behind her back. Bent over the table, legs spread and mouth stretched around a huge cock, she was a helpless target for whoever wanted to fuck her ass or pussy. The guy behind her started fucking her so fast and hard, her nose was mashed straight into the pelvic bone of the man whose ten-inch cock she was deep throating.

Gurgling and squirming, the sweat and cum soaked woman tried to relax her straining ass as much as she could, desperate to lessen the pain of the brutal butt fucking, but it was useless. The cocks were just too large and the fucking too violent. Despite her best efforts, each thrust drove a wave of pain up from her ravaged asshole and through her body. Suddenly, she felt a stinging pain on her ass. Someone had delivered a slap. "C'mon you little whore," the man behind her growled.
"Shake your whore ass." Every plunge of his cock made a wet, squishing sound in her sloppy ass as the invader displaced the thick globs of sperm left from the previous rapes. Capt. Kelly felt the jism boil over into her ravaged pussy as the guy fucking her from behind pulled out. Sperm was now running out of her gaping asshole and down her thighs in big, slimy ropes.

The men laughed and gripped her big red butt cheeks forcing them wide so they could see her open ring they all spat in her ass adding to the mess. You could see her hips jolt as they spat in her, her ass flooding with cool air as they forced her twitching ring to stay open. The big foreign Arab was viciously raping her face now holding her helmet fast as his hips hammered his seed down her forced throat. He held her face to his pubes gasping as he spurted down her throat, She let out distressed gurgles as he jolted the last dregs into her. He pulled out she dragged in a deep ragged breath coughing up globs of semen.

Another foreign Arab got behind her fisting his impressive meat and shoved it to her gaping ring impaling her in one long thrust he gripped her hips and forced it about half way up her ass, "UHHHH GOD OH GOD MY ASS PLEASE MY ASS UHHH..HUHH...HUHH UH!!" she wailed as he grabbed her shoulders and levered her backwards dragging her back to his chest, he quickly threw his fore arm around her throat and held her there as he tried to force the rest of his meat up her straining butt. Her large stiff breasts were now standing out from her chest very white with dark coral aureole and semi erect teats hands were all over them feeling and testing them then mouths sucking and biting soon there was a crowd of eager men sucking and biting on them as she looked on in horror shrieking and sobbing as she tried desperately to shake or pull them free as her latest rapist slam fucked her shuddering butt.

He held her upright like that impaled on his cock as they frigged her cunt and sucked her poor tits, bruising and leaving teeth marks until they sat back and watched as one man gripped her nipples and heaved her tits up together cruelly pulling them taut so he could spit on her shocked terrified face as he sank his cock into her cleavage and fuck them hard, another to her side held a cruel looking blade to her face grinning at her.

"Please...please don't don't kill me please"
"Good whore that's more like it now suck my cock you cunt" he forced her head down to his meat and pressed it into her mouth sobbing she accepted it and gagging began to slurp on it as the others gathered around.

End of Part one.

Mad Gerald
12-29-2011, 09:04 AM
Oh and I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year Regards MG

Mad Gerald
01-19-2012, 03:18 PM
Silent Approval Part One (M/F NC Humil Anal Unif (US Navy))

Story By Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Part One.

I'm a Lieutenant in the US Navy, my names Sarah
Wilson, I'm a tall brunette, well 5' 8" actually.
I'm quite cuddly. With 38D breasts and I usually
wear a size 14 (US) clothes. I wear glasses most
of the time as I don't get on with contacts. I suppose
you could say in and out of uniform, I'm quite a plain

Since joining the Navy I've worked hard. To
the deficit of my personal life, No one ever seemed
to make a move on me. So I kept myself busy. Got
to work with some damn handsome guys in smart
uniforms. Some of them so damn handsome I
would give myself wrist strain in the evenings.
Just imagining them out of uniform. The higher the
rank the better the orgasm. I suppose this is why
I got myself a post on the pentagon staff.
Talk about repetitive strain injury, do you think
I could sue?

Anyway I ended up adjutant to an admiral, I worked
hard, did my best, after I'd been on his staff for
about eight months. He invited me and some of
the other officers to assist him at a reunion party.
I was part of his entourage. We stayed in a hotel.
Our first function was that evening at eight. I went
straight to my room and got ready.

I showered, Then started to get into my dress
uniform, Black panty hose, dress blouse,
Nicely pressed, sharp creases down both arms,
it was tight around my breasts, but it felt nice,
the way it pressed them together, made me feel
restrained, delightful.

My skirt was tight too. The stiff material seemed
to fight me as I dragged it up my legs. I always
liked the way I couldn't open my legs fully in it.
Sometimes just opening my legs till the skirt
restrained them, it was enough to get my pussy
to warm and moisten. I would get away with that
at meetings. If only some of those guys knew.

Occasionally I would excuse myself and frig myself
stupid in the toilets. Smug with myself after,
sitting there. my pussy still twinging.
I was just doing up my dress Jacket fastening the
buttons over my tightly encased breast's. when the
room phone went.

"Lieutenant Wilson, it's admiral Cartwright."
"Yes Sir!" I replied.
"Yes, Now get finished dressing I need you in my room
in ten minutes Lieutenant!"
"Yes Sir!" he had put the phone down.
What the fuck I thought, why so early? I hurried
Put my hat on and straightened it in the mirror.
I looked myself over, it gave me a thrill seeing how
smart I looked. I promised to frig myself off at the
first opportunity and then minutes later I was in the lift.
I spread my legs again against my skirt Imagining
him ordering me to suck him off and then fucking my
wet pussy in uniform. I shut my legs taking a deep
breath 'I've got to stop this' I reprimanded myself.
The lift doors opened. I got to his door. I knocked.

"Enter!" he barked. I did. the room was well furnished
but mostly in darkness.
"Sir?" I queried looking about.
"Shut the door Lieutenant, and stand in the light!" I did
he was sat in a chair facing me.
"Sir, you requested my presence Sir"
"Yes I did, Stand to attention Lieutenant." I snapped to
attention. I waited.

"You have been actively seeking promotion, have you not?"
"Sir yes sir"
"If I was to tell you you had succeeded you would be
"sir yes sir"
"Well lieutenant you have succeeded, pending my approval,
would you like to know whether or not you have my
approval Lieutenant?"
"Sir yes Sir"
"Well to achieve my approval Lieutenant, you would need
to be the kind of officer who was loyal, duty bound, put
the Navy first. do you get the picture Lieutenant?"
"Yes sir"

"Tell me lieutenant do you really want this promotion?"
"Yes sir"
"I've noticed something about you Lieutenant, do you
want to know what that is?"
"Yes sir"
"You have a big ass lieutenant"
"I'm sorry sir, a what sir"
"A big ass!" I stood there in stunned silence.
"Now why do you think you having a big ass would
have anything to do with your eligibility for promotion

"I . . I'm sorry sir, I guess I need to work out more?"
"No bitch! If you want this promotion your going to have
to do far better than that! I'm talking about spreading
that big butt of yours and being very accommodating to
your superior officer, That is if you want me to
approve it?"
I couldn't believe what he had just said.
"I'm sorry sir, I'm not sure I understand?" I swallowed
nervously. I'd heard of shit like this happening,
just rumours, I felt myself trembling.

"I don't need to spell it out do I? I guess I do . . I've
passed your reports, I've taken a personal interest
in furthering your career Lieutenant. What I want now
is for you to ease that uniform skirt up off your big
round ass, lower your prissy little pants. Ease those big
stiff cheeks apart, and stand there to attention while I
butt fuck the shit out of your worthless ass . . or,
you can turn around, leave and kiss your promotion
and place on my staff goodbye as you go! does that
make it clear Lieutenant?"

'I couldn't believe my ears, all the work I'd put in, the
plans I had for the future, all of it hung here in the
balance. I stared straight ahead as he sat in his chair,
smoking a cigar, savouring my hard to hide humiliation,
and distress. I knew he was a bastard, it was one of the
things I admired in him. I'd never even contemplated
the perverted act he had just described.'

'I felt naive, did others do this, how many times had
he suggested such things to other subordinates.
My mind went back to files I'd poured over on joining
his staff.
Lieutenant Brooks who had resigned from this position
three years ago and had been transferred to an island
off Korea. She, she had said no! she was still there?
oh sweet jesus!'

"Is the proposition to difficult to understand Lieutenant?"
he asked his voice full of meaningful threat.
"No sir, not at all sir" I heard myself say. I swallowed again.
I felt sick. I realized what I was going to do then, self
loathing rose in me, I swallowed again.
"I'm sorry sir, I . . I would like to remain on your staff sir,
and accept gratefully your approval for promotion sir!"
the room was silent.

My heart was pounding as he took the cigar from
his mouth again.
"Good, good decision Lieutenant, you accept the terms
on which my approval is based?" his voice had took on
a urgent aspect now.
"Yes sir" my voice was a whisper.

"Good bitch, now you roll that skirt up and we can take
a look at that big butt of yours!" I shuddered, 'Did he
have to call me that?' my hands went to the hem and
I pulled it up my thighs to bunch around my hips.

He stood up and walked around me, I could feel his
eyes following it's progress.
"Now those hose and panties" his voice was behind
me, strong and compelling. My fingers fumbled for the
waist band of both under my skirt, I drew them down.

I felt the gusset of my pants leave my pussy. I stopped,
leaving them around my upper thighs. I felt so strangely
excited and terrified, I shut my eyes.
"Just as I imagined Lieutenant, when I interviewed you
for a place on my staff, I chose you for your nice full ass,
I like a woman with big firm cheeks. Clench your butt

I did drawing them together hard, I felt my pussy react,
I was getting turned on, I felt my face flush, I relaxed
my backside.
"Put your hands back, spread it open!" I slid my hands
back and gripped my buttocks and drew them slowly
apart. I felt so depraved stood there holding my ass
open for him to inspect. I heard him move behind me.

"Very nice, you ever had it in the ass before bitch?"
"No sir . . do you have to . . well can we not . . do do
something else Sir?" my voice wavered and stammered
as I admitted my anal virginity.
(For that matter I'd not had it much anywhere else either)
"No we can not! I'm going to enjoy this Lieutenant, I'm
going to force all my meat into your tiny, tight virgin anus,
and you're going to put it in bitch, you're going to put it in
and your not going to make a sound."

"You make a sound you have to take it up the ass again,
and again. When you take it up the ass without a murmur
then you get promoted. You understand?"
"Yes sir" I uttered my whole body tense as he came
around to the front of me.

He had his cock in his hand, erect, his trouser flies open.
He slowly wanked it. It was about eight, nine inches and fat.
Fatter than any cock I'd seen before. The head glistened
with pre cum, he worked the thick foreskin back and to.
It was laced with thick veins. I swallowed feeling my heart
begin to speed up. It was far different than I'd imagined
I'd never take it. It just wouldn't go in? How could possibly
silently take that in my butt?

"Like it bitch? I wanted you to know what you'd be feeling.
So you'd know how wide your stuck up ass was being
stretched." I shivered as he called me that, I could hear
my own breathing now, was I really such a slut.
He smeared some gel over the head of it, it glistened and
twitched as he smoothed it in, I felt my pussy twinge again.

The times I'd fantasized about him fucking me over his desk.
In his uniform, holding me down and shoving his older cock
deep in my cunt. I squeezed my thighs together inadvertently.
my nipples were pressing to my bra desperate for attention.
He walked back behind me.

He traced the head of his cock across the back of my hand.
I tensed as he slid it up and down my open cleft.
"Put it in whore, take it and put it in your ass, not a sound."
I released my left cheek and wrapped my fingers around his
girth, it was hot and rock hard.
I bent it down and felt the tip against the inner wall of my cleft,
I bit my lower lip, and pressed it to my butt hole. I pulled it to me.

My hips were shaking as I went up on tip toe and pressed down,
'God he felt so hot against my anus.'
I felt my ring begin to give, it began to hurt, it was burning,
an ache that was awful.
"That's it, put it up your tight stuck up ass bitch! Get your fat
butt on my meat, come on, that's it get on it"

I shuddered and suppressed a groan as he pressed forward.
I gripped his meat and tried to pull it back, I couldn't take it so
fast, my ass felt like it was splitting. He wouldn't let me so I
tried to rise off it.
"Stay fucking still bitch! I bet you haven't had a shit yet have you?
It's going to be so hot in there, I'm going to ram it all back up you.
Your going to hate every minute. My cock reaming your full ass!"

His strong hands gripped my hips and forced me back on it.
It was too much he was going to kill me, I couldn't pull it back
so I let go of it and tried to pull my ass wider to ease the pain.
I pulled each at each cheek and had to force my digits down the
side of his cock to get my fingers into my full crease,
I began teasing and stretching the inner walls of my butt wider.
The hard muscles around my sphincter resisted stoutly against
them, but they soon began to give.

He increased the pressure and I went rigid on tip-toe and suddenly.
I felt my ass snap around it and he was in me. There was a
moment of relief and then he pushed again and it sank deeper.
My bowels were on fire, I was going to mess myself.
"There! got you! it's in bitch, ooh that is fucking tight, can you feel
that? . .(he forced deeper) can you? oh yeah I'm going to fuck your
ass now."

He wasn't joking, he slammed up into me, I put my hands back trying to
stop him but he was so strong. I felt more of it ripple in. I panted with
exertion. He stopped and I felt his meat pulse inside my rectum. my
bowels clenched to it making my belly ache, then he pulled back and
rammed back in, deeper, then again, I couldn't believe the burning
pain as he forced in and out. he stopped again.

"Stand to attention Lieutenant!" he barked, I straightened, pulling my
legs back together. I pulled my fingers free and placed them at my sides.
The bastard chuckled. "Good bitch" he breathed.
Then he started to fuck my ass making my buttocks shudder and wobble
as he slammed against them.

In front of me behind the chair he had sat in, on the wall. There was a
large mirror. In the reflection my face was a mask of hardly contained
anguish. I watched myself wince over and over as I let him rape my
aching ass. From the front my dress uniform looked immaculate but
for his fingers gripping my skirt up around my waist.

He let go of my hips and gripped my shoulders and began forcing me
to take it deeper with each hard vicious thrust.
"I'm going to enjoy gripping these when they have Captain bars on
too, what do you think, promoted on how many times you take it
in the ass, I should start making note Lieutenant" He chuckled and
heaved into me. I nearly lost my footing, biting my lip hard to stop
from crying out.

Suddenly something inside me seemed to give and his cock head
was drawn deeper up my spasming rectum. A wave of hot thrills flooded
my senses I felt my belly tighten, my cunt alive with sensation, I heard
myself groan as I pushed back seeking more of the same incredible
feeling. He laughed.

"That's another butt fuck I win whore! at this rate you'll be a commander
by the end of the month." I didn't care my belly was as tight as
a drum now and I pushed back feeling his groin splay my arse cheeks.
His balls bobbing against my quivering pussy lips.

His fingers were biting deep into my shoulders now as he picked up the
pace. I threw my head back pressing myself onto his pounding cock.
With a hard spasm I felt my rectum squeeze his cock and it be forced
slowly out. he grunted with pleasure as he battered back in.
"That's it try and shit it out you fat bitch, Go on try!" I squeezed
again and felt it slowly ease out. He let me force it almost all the
way out. The thick swollen head trapped by my aching expanded
sphincter, it burned and stung as he rested there. Then he forced it
back in.

I had to reach back again, I needed to drag my cheeks wider, to ease
the pain as I tried desperately to get my rectal muscles to relax again
as he forced it all back in. Once in he groaned and squeezing my
shoulder. He insisted I did it again. I squeezed and felt him force
back not giving an inch, I squeezed harder and felt it ease back

"That's it shit me out cunt! Come on, work that fat ass, Lieutenant!"
I gritted my teeth and bore down trying to expel his meat, slowly
it started to give. I grunted with exertion, forgetting myself.
"Another you owe me bitch, now shit me out!" I tried but he
forced it back in gasping with pleasure.

My rectum suddenly pulsed and throbbed, spasming around
his cock strange shocks of pain and pleasure shot up through me.
I went on tip-toe arching my back, He held on and began ramming
my ass hard.

My belly released my empty cunt squeezing and contracting around
nothing as I came. My whole body went mad fucking him with my ass
as he suddenly held still enjoying my helpless thrashing.

Suddenly he spat "Cunt!" and I jerked rigid as the first hot jet of his
seed spurted deep into my ass, it was like a heavy hot hammer as
he emptied his balls into my spasming bowels, each pulse sending
my cunt into a fresh flurry of contractions. I felt my thighs soak as
my juices flooded out. I stood there gasping as he pumped more
and more of his load up my aching asshole.

Eventually he'd finished and his cock slid out, quickly he yanked my
pants and hose back up into my ass. and yanked my skirt down.
I watched myself grimace in the mirror as I felt my ass let his just
deposited semen seep out. He stepped away,
" Now that's what I call a butt fuck Lieutenant" he breathed walking
around me.

I stood there appalled at myself, my orgasm waning, my raped ass
still ached as if he were still in me. He stood in front of my flushed
face, studying my features enjoying the humiliation I felt. I swallowed
I didn't know whether to relax fearful that I'd shit myself. I felt tears
fill my eyes as he faced me. I glanced down he was holding his
semi hard cock the head streaked with sperm and shit. I couldn't
see any blood. I felt relieved.

"Don't cry Lieutenant, Navy officers don't cry now do they?"
I stared at him trying to control my emotions. He was enjoying
my distress almost as much as the anal rape.
"No Sir" I managed, he smiled callously and put his cock away.
He turned and walked to the desk and flicked the lights on.

I blinked and trying to focus as he walked to the video camera
tripoded to my left against the far wall. He switched it off and
turned back to me as he retrieved the tape.
"A little insurance goes a long way in this business" he gloated.
My heart sank as I realized he'd recorded the whole thing.
He really was a bastard.

"Time for the reunion Lieutenant, shall we go" he came back
over and retrieved his hat from the desk and straightened
his tie."
"Can I just go to the toilet sir?" I asked finding my tongue.
He smiled "Say please"
"Can I go to the toilet please sir?" 'If I didn't go soon it
would all just drop out' He smiled.
"When we get there Lieutenant, when we get there!"

I swallowed, anger swelled inside me, but I controlled it.
"Yes Sir" I managed as he led me from the room on
wobbly legs.
I forced myself to ask "My promotion Sir?"
He smiled, "When we manage silence Lieutenant, when
we manage silence".

Inside I wondered if I'd ever afford the price.

End of Part one.

:skull-bee Enjoy MG

Mad Gerald
01-19-2012, 03:25 PM
Silent Approval Part Two (M/F NC Humil Anal Unif (US Navy))

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Silent Approval Part Two (M/F NC Humil Anal Unif (US Navy))
Part Two.

I'm a Lieutenant in the US Navy, my names Sarah
Wilson, I'm a tall brunette, well 5' 8" actually.
I'm quite cuddly. With 38D breasts and I usually
wear a size 14 (US) clothes. I wear glasses most
of the time as I don't get on with contacts. I suppose
you could say in and out of uniform, I'm quite a plain

Since joining the Navy I've worked hard. To
the deficit of my personal life, No one ever seemed
to make a move on me. So I kept myself busy. Got
to work with some damn handsome guys in smart
uniforms. Some of them so damn handsome I
would give myself wrist strain in the evenings.
Just imagining them out of uniform. The higher the
rank the better the orgasm. I suppose this is why
I got myself a post on the pentagon staff.
Talk about repetitive strain injury, do you think
I could sue?

Anyway I ended up adjutant to an admiral, I worked
hard, did my best, after I'd been on his staff for
about eight months. He invited me and some of
the other officers to assist him at a reunion party.
I was part of his entourage. We stayed in a hotel.
Our first function was that evening at eight.

The evening didn't go as I expected at all . . .

Part two.

He led me across the hall to the elevator. He pressed the button
we waited, it seemed to take an age, I was clenching my
ass trying not to let all his jiz out. It felt like a heavy hot load
in my ass.

"Sir if I could just use your toilet Sir?"

He smiled at me, and shook his head.

"Sir . . please I'm going to have an accident"

"Good" he smiled enjoying my predicament.

"Now the last Lieutenant I did this too only lasted two floors
and then she made one hell of a mess, is that you Lieutenant
or do you feel you can make it to the casino floor?"

"I'll try my best sir"

"Good girl, I hope we stop at some floors and people get on,
I want to see your face when that semen starts heaving up and
down in your guts bitch"

I felt my face flush red as he used that word, my pussy throbbed
as he spoke it.

"Please don't call me that Sir"

"I'll call you what I like BITCH! understand."

"Yes Sir" I couldn't look at him I could feel my heart beating hard.

The bell went and the elevator doors opened, there was no one in it,
thank god, he strode in, I managed to walk as normally as I
could. my legs were still incredibly wobbly.

I turned to face the doors. My guts cramped, God I needed to
let it all out. I looked down and straightened my uniform. The elevator
doors closed, my rectum spasmed I let out an involuntary groan.

"Up or down what do you say Bitch?"

"Down Sir"

"We could go all the way up and then down?"

"Please Sir . . down" I was sweating my voice breaking.

"Down it is then" he grinned.

The elevator started to go down. My guts ached and my bottom was
beginning to sting now. The ache receded I was almost
comfortable, and then the elevator began to slow. My guts flipped
the hot weight in my ass seemed to slam down into my ring
like an express train. I clenched my ass hard.

"Ooooh UHH GOD ooooh" I let out.

"Hey Lieutenant if your gonna shit yourself you better be
quick we got company!" he smiled drinking in my discomfort.

I was grimacing I knew I was, The elevator stopped the semen in
my ass surged back up it was like him shooting his load up
me again. My pussy cried for attention. I stifled a moan as the
doors opened. Two Navy Officers came in.

Captain Knight and Lieutenant Jeffries. My heart skipped a beat.
Captain knight was the most handsome officer I had ever seen,
I spent weeks frigging myself stupid each time I met him, usually
at high level meetings. I felt my pussy twinge and wetten. The
urge to open my legs against the restraint of my dress skirt was
like a craving, but I daren't what if I farted or some of the Admirals
seed spilled out. I would die of embarrassment.

They both saluted the Admiral, I came to attention and saluted
too. The elevator set off again, My guts cramping all over again, it
was seeping out I knew it. What could I do. what if I smell god!
My face was burning, I could feel it.

"So how are you Sarah?" Captain Knight asked.

"Fine sir, just fine." I managed stumbling over my words. He smiled.
I could have swooned right there.

"I've just been discussing promotion with Lt. Wilson John"

My belly cramped my bowels aching I squose my legs tight together.
'Don't tell him don't' my mind screamed.

"Really well it's about time, I've always found Lt Wilson's attributes very
pleasing." he looked me up and down grinning.

"Yes I feel the same, Sarah's agreed to take on some new tasks to prove
her capabilities, haven't you Lieutenant?"

"That's correct Sir!" I managed, He smiled at John.

"A new inject which you're still working on, are you not Lt. Wilson."

"Yes Sir that's right" I looked at the floor knowing he was enjoying my
humiliation, each time my ass ached my pussy ached too.

"I feel that an end result can't be far away? am I right Lieutenant?"

"Yes sir, not long now sir, not long at all!" If I didn't get out of this
elevator my thighs were going to be an awful mess.

"Although I did point out one attribute that the Lieutenant possesses that
is particularly pleasing" I was shocked and looked quickly at all of their
grinning faces before locking my eyes firmly on the floor.

"Tell them Lieutenant"

"Sir please . . . do you mean my administrative . ."

"No Lieutenant the physical attribute"

"You mean my er my . ."

"Yes that's right!"

"My ass the Admiral admired my ass Sir" I was almost choked with
humiliation as I mumbled the words.

"And what was it in particular I admired about your ass Lieutenant?"

"Yes what is it that he likes about your ass Sarah?" Knight asked.

"How big it is Sir . . I have a big ass Sir" 'Oh god I felt tiny as I
said it'

The elevator stopped the pressure against my ring was hot and hard as his
semen was thrown against it. The Admiral held his finger to the door
closed button.

"Turn around I'm sure Captain Knight and the Lieutenant would love to see"

"Sir! . . but sir I don't think I can . . "

"Nonsense show them!" His voice made me shiver I turned.

I leant against the wall and went up on tip toe pressing my face to the
elevator wall. I could feel their eyes on my ass tightly held in my dress
uniform skirt. I only hoped that the seep I had felt hadn't stained the
outside material.

"Very nice, very nice indeed" Captain Knights gravely tones made me
shudder, my pussy was demanding attention now, I was sweating and
my breathing made my excitement so obvious. I started as the two of
them ran they're hands over my butt squeezing and pressing my globes.

Unconsciously I rubbed my thighs together squeezing them together tight.

"Lieutenant Wilson has been so looking forward to this evening, she
loves to dance and can't wait to get on the dance floor, can you

I swallowed hard, they took they're hands away. "Yes that's right sir but I
just need to visit the restroom first Sir"

"Of course but first you'll dance with Captain Knight won't you!"

"Yes, yes sir"

"Good" The elevator doors opened and the music and voices of the reunion
flooded in. Captain Knight took my hand and guided me to the dance
floor. I followed meekly feeling every other woman's eyes in the room
on me. Me plain old Sarah!

I danced with him struggling to move, my ass bursting he kept pushing
his body hard to mine, my legs were trembling god I was so turned on.
My nipples were two aching studs under my uniform. he pressed his
chest to them. Smiling at me his gorgeous features and cold eyes
drinking in my flushed features. The track ended and he took me
back to the Admiral.

"You'll have to excuse me for a moment Captain I just need to . ."

"You'll come with me Lieutenant!" He took me straight to the Admiral.

"Well did you enjoy that Lieutenant?" the Admiral handed me a drink.

"Yes, yes thank you Captain." He smiles that smile.

"It was a pleasure Sarah" I went all goose bumpy.

"Sir I'm just going to the restroom"

"No I don't think so Bitch!" The Admirals voice held quiet menace.

"Oh please Sir, I need to go, please"

"You'll go when I'm ready Lieutenant, not before."

I grimaced my bowels cramping. He leaned toward me real close.

"It turned you on didn't it you little whore, me forcing up your tight
little asshole"

"Please Sir don't" I felt myself go crimson.

"Making you stand there accepting my tool up your big ass"

Tears of shame and humiliation came to my eyes "No" I stated.

"Those big butt cheeks of yours spread open, my cock sinking up
your hot, humid, dirty hole" He grinned watching my reaction closely.

I felt my cunt twinge and my belly tighten as he goaded me. I
remembered glancing down when he had finished raping my ass
he was holding his semi hard cock the head streaked with sperm
and shit. My shit, My ass was full of an empty sort of dull throb that
stayed, it was still there now. Whenever he talked dirty, my ass
wanted to feel him in me again. Filling me up. Making me take it.

"Please don't Sir" I looked about terrified someone would hear.

"Standing there, squeezing my cock with your hungry clenching
rectum, trembling as you tried to shit it out, Your face betraying
your excitement, You're cunt was soaking wasn't it, dripping as you
stood there letting me rape your ass, you loved it you little bitch,
say it admit you loved having your butt fucked"

"Oh please Sir I'm going to have an accident . . a bad accident .
ooohh . please" I pleaded trying to dodge his demand.

"You didn't answer my question Lieutenant . answer the question."

"Yes, yes I . I loved it now please let me go Sir!"

He grinned enjoying his dominance "Why should I?"

"Oooh Sir, because it's seeping out Sir, I . I can feel it"

"What does it feel like Bitch, tell me"

I stared into his cold hard gloating eyes. "You're cum Sir it feels
hot and heavy inside my ass Sir, and I can feel it oozing out into
my pants Sir . . oooooh Sir please!"

I clenched my ass hard "I can't help it sir I need to go Sir"

"OK" 'Thank god' I thought.

"Captain Knight! John, take Lt. Wilson to the men's restroom to
relieve herself will you"

"With pleasure Sir" With relief I let him take my arm and guide me.

Suddenly I realised what he had said "The ladies surely" he ignored me.
In moments I was in the men's restroom faced with a row of cubicles and
five other officers.

The Admiral followed in through the door,

"Lieutenant Wilson is desperate gentlemen. but before she relieves herself
she wants us all to see her big wet twat, don't you you little bitch!"

Captain Knight thrust me forward into one of the cubicles. I turned as they
filled the entrance holding the door open.

"Please Sir I just need to . . please Sir I don't want to please."

"Shut the Fuck up Bitch, pull that skirt up and show these men your cunt!

I trembled my hands going to the hem I pulled it up and showed them my
pantyhose clad legs. I found the top of them and rolled them down to my

"To your ankles cunt!!" Knight insisted, I complied.

"Pants whore hurry it up!!" The Admiral urged.

My fingers went to the waistband and I drew them down, my belly ached and
cramped again. The gusset was wet with my juices, the back of them had
traces of his semen and my shit, I was mortified I couldn't look at them.

"Sit on the edge of the toilet bitch, that's it spread your legs, . .
well, well that's one juiced up cunt you got there Lieutenant."

I sat there my head bowed my face burning, tears in the corners of my eyes.

"Look up, look at me bitch!" I did. They're lust filled leering faces made
my heart lurch and my cunt twinge again.

"Frig yourself whore, C'mon we want to see you cum" before he finished
speaking my fingers were spreading my cunt lips.

I watched they're faces as I spread my wet pussy lips and stroked two
fingers over and between my pouting vulva. A tremor went through me, my ass
throbbed. I parted my slick lips revealing my throbbing, achingly hard pink

clit I felt it twitch as I brought my hand down to it. My pussy began
drooling cream heavily as the sexual tension grew more extreme.

My clit was a bloated button sized shiny wet hard stud covered in my
copious juices. A small stream of pussy juice was already drooling from
my hole. I became braver and I lewdly fingered open for display my pink
slit which had slick strings of cream smeared on it. I slipped my fingers
down to my pussy entrance and began to massage it.

The Admiral and his men watched avidly as I worked my fingers over in
and around my swelling lips smearing the creamy froth around to better
lubricate myself.

"Stuff your fingers inside cunt!" The Admiral ordered.

I dug four fingers into myself, making a loud squelching sound as they
penetrated my tight tunnel. I began bucking my hips back and forth,
rocking on the toilet edge. I heard myself groan, I continued bucking,
expertly manipulating my cunt and soon my juices began to flow from
my pussy and spill onto my thighs. The more I bucked the creamier
I got and soon cream was streaming from my pussy covering my hand
and spilling down the outside of the toilet.

They watched astonished as I got wetter and creamier, my pussy
letting out more juice as I bucked. I spread my legs even further apart
and felt the cream begin to spill from my overheated pussy.

"Pull on your clit you little bitch! PULL IT!!" Knight urged.

I began pulling on my clit, gasping as more thick globs of girl-cum
drooled out of me, slowly dripping down past my bursting ass, down
the toilet bowl to puddle on the floor. I began slapping my pussy and
clit. Spreading my knees wider. Slapping my clit with a loud "smack"
each time, globs of my juices started flying everywhere, splattering on
the floor. My stomach grew tight and my nipples had become really
hard. I knew I was going to cum.

"That's it cum for us then you can shit you dirty whore! C'mon that's
it, Frig it you bitch! GOOD GIRL!"

My pussy was trembling my fingers a blur as my belly went
excruciatingly tight, Then my legs went out rigid, my eyes rolled
up inside my head as my uterus exploded in white searing pleasure
as the first spray of cum ejaculated from my pussy showering the
floor with jizz. I bucked again and sent a fountain of girl-cum spraying
toward the fascinated men in the doorway.

A literal torrent of white creamy girl jizz erupted from my cunt with
such force that it splattered between my gripping fingers and began
to gush out uncontrollably, it felt as if pints of my cream flowed from
my neglected pussy. My cunt contracted hard and then it suddenly
spewed out another thick stream of cream. One...then a second....then a
third squirt. I wanked my clit with abandon trying to heighten and keep
climaxing as my straining body continued to squirt pints of cum all
over the cubicle.


They watched as my ring suddenly pouted open and with a
sudden hideous splattering fart the admirals cum gushed
from my ass in a heavy hot jet. I tried to pull back to put my ass
over the bowl but I was too late. I sobbed with realisation as I lost
control and they watched me shit out his load. my heart stung as
they laughed and jeered. watching it all slide out.

I've never felt so horribly humiliated as I did then, cumming
and shitting myself in front of my fellow officers like this. I
felt so terribly ashamed. But excited. Slowly the tidal wave
slowed to smaller squirts as I came down from my
momentous orgasm, eventually it slow to a dribble.

"Sir I gotta have a piece of this bitches ass! Any whore who
can hold on to that much jizz for that long must have one tight
ass chute." Captain Knight enthused.

"Help yourself!" the Admiral grinned.

Captain Knight grabbed my hair and pulled me to the floor
in all the mess he span me around and forced me to my
knees. He gripped me around my neck and made me
crawl forward. The cold porcelain of the toilet touched
my chin. Still his grip insisted that I crawl forward. I could
hear my own breathing in the bowl of the toilet now, as I
was pulled forward until the lip of the toilet was at the base
of my neck. The toilet seat was brought down so that it
rested on the back of my neck.

I was on my hands and knees, with my face in the opening of the
toilet, below me inches away from the water. The sharp odour
of male urine filled my nose. He released my neck now, but I
didn't move a muscle. I got the message. This was how
unimportant I am, I belong on my hands and knees, with my
face in a toilet. just for they're pleasure. I could imagine what I
looked like, My dress skirt up over my ass head down the pan.

All of these bastards with a sexual agenda for me all of their own

'God it only increased my arousal.'

There was a slap on my inner thigh, and then to the other. In response,
I spread my knees apart. Fingers rubbed along the sensitive lips of my
wet pussy. I arched my back, and pushed out my rear end desperate to
get fucked and feel that strange fullness again. I felt so deliciously very
open in this position, with my body exposed in this shameful position.

As the fingers continued to tease I began to whimper softly. Captain
Knight was deliberately bringing me close to climax, and then backing

" Please... " I moaned, the words reverberating in the porcelain bowl.

" Please, I need it so badly."

My body jerked back and forth involuntarily, trying to extend contact with
his unseen fingers. The sensations were just too arousing. Even the
smell of the piss, made my cunt twinge. A finger slipped inside of
me now, then two.

The other hand of the Captain continued to stroke my swollen clitoris.
The combination of the sensations was driving me wild. My arm
slipped on the wet floor, and before I could recover, my face was
briefly immersed in the water of the toilet. My face splashed with
the vile liquid.

" Oh god, I love it... I love to be used by you bastards... that's all I'm
good for..."

Somehow, the words seemed necessary. If Captain Knight wasn't
going to tell me what a slut I am, then I'd have to say it myself. The
smell of urine was overpowering now. A third finger slipped into
my wet hole. my whole body was convulsing now. The thought of
them all looking at my big spread ass and my tiny puckered messy
asshole made me shudder.

Captain Knight leaned forward and grabbed a handful of my hair
with his left hand and wrapped his hand in it, so that he had a
tight grip. He placed his shaft at my puckered asshole, I whimpered
a little bit, He grabbed my right hip with his right hand and gripped
me hard. He pushed slowly forward, meeting resistance immediately.

"Be still bitch put your hands back and hold your big butt wide, Then I
want to hear you ask for cock up your big fat ass Bitch! Ask to be butt fucked

I put my hands back and struggled to pull my ass open. I felt cool air in
my crease.

He tightened his grip on my hair, "ASK!!"

"Fuck my ass Sir!" I mumbled humiliation making my face hot again.

"Say it louder and say all of it!" sniggers from the others.

"FUCK MY BIG FAT ASS SIR!!" my voice reverberated from the bowl.

"That's better your gonna make one good whore."

Seconds later I gritted my teeth as he pushed against my anal rim.

I heard myself beg, "oh god that's big please, it hurts, it hurts slowly

It was much bigger than the Admirals I felt tears stream down my face.
The mushroom head of his penis was painfully large as it tried to force
inside me. I tried to pull my ass wider. Whimpering as it burned.

'God he's painfully big' I thought trying to push back.

I whimpered and he pressed forward. He felt less resistance than he had
moments before, so he grabbed my hips and rammed his penis into my
slowly stretching anal ring forcing it until with an gut wrenching snap it
plunged into my still slick rectum. I yelped as it tore in listening to his

moans of pleasure. He stayed buried in me and started to rub my
big ass cheeks. I let out a sob as he heaved it deeper, but he ignored
me as he set to forcing his cock in, I could feel every vein as his girth
rippled into my taut smarting ring until it was buried in my warm asshole.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them further apart and buried
himself deep into my spasming bowels. I felt my whole body tremble
as my guts clenched around his tool.

"Tell the bitch to shit you out she hates that" The Admiral stated.

"You heard the Admiral whore you shit my cock out, C'mon slut shit me out!"

He viciously forced it deeper up my ass, I groaned my ass hole felt as if
it would tear.

"C'mon if you want this cock out of you, you're going to have to shit it
out. Come on, I know you can do it. Bear down and shit it out. That's
the only way it's comin' out of you."

They sniggered and watched as I grunted and whimpered, trying desperately
to force it out.

"Uuuuuuhhh I . . I can't . . I can't . . Oh god fuck my ass!"

"Shit it out first!"

"please I can't please just fuck my ass!"

"Shit it out!" he wrenched back on my hair, hurting my neck.

I whimpered a moment, took a breathe and tried again. I grunted hard
my entire body tensing as I started to force his cock out of my burning
ass. His cock slowly started to emerge from my battered asshole.

"Come on, Lieutenant, it's almost half way out. Shit it out. Come on."

I gasped for breath tensing again and felt his cock give and start to ease out.
He let it slide out out of my asshole for a second, I hesitated to push again and
to my horror it was sucked back in. He kept his hands mashed forward on my
ass cheeks so that they were pulled apart, allowing him an unrestricted view
of his deep penetration into my bowels as he watched me slowly squeeze his
thick cock out of my aching butt. I pushed grunting feeling it slither
out. Now only the bulbous head was trapped in my ring.

I whimpered and paused taking a shuddering breath. He took advantage and
sank back into my rectum. God it felt amazingly wonderful. He started out
slow, thrusting deeply up into my offered butt.

It was then I felt this sensation of having a deep need in my belly filled.
it was like scratching the itch the Admiral had placed there. It felt so
good to feel so full. Feeling stretched open and packed full inside . . and I
realized I just wanted it to go DEEPER!

He was beginning to savour the feel of me milking his cock with my rectal
muscles, He quickly sped up. He was moaning and sweating and I relaxed
a bit beneath him, letting him butt fuck me hard enjoying the building
orgasm in my belly.

The only sounds I made were short grunts when his thrusts would bottom
out inside my intestines and his balls would slap my cunt sending hard thrills
shooting up into my tightening belly. He held my hips with both of his hands
and fucked me brutally. He lengthened his thrusts to the limit, pulling his cock
so far out of me each time that sometimes he'd nearly pull it free of my
sucking gripping anal sphincter, making my ass burn and throb. Then
he'd ram it back down deep into my bowels making me grunt and jerk.
My grunts seemed to egg him on and he never paused his brutal rape
of my asshole while he moaned and told me,

"We're gonna start doin' this every day, do you hear me you little whore.
Everyday I'm gonna bury my big dick up this big ass of yours and have
this tight sucking ass hole of yours suck me off. Everyday, you little

I felt him grow even harder inside me and she felt him swell a little
as well. His thrusts quickened to a speed that I wouldn't have believed
possible. His thrusts became animalistic in his need to spurt his seed
into me. He was fucking me faster and harder and deeper my belly
was tighter even than earlier, I was grunting loudly with each powerful
thrust and he was moaning and tightening his grip on my hips. I felt him
freeze deep in my rectum I heard him scream out.


I felt his cock spurting searing hot semen deep into my ass. He pulled back
a little once, then he thrust back up even deeper into me, he cried out again.


More and more of it thumped up my butt making me kick and groan. At last
he pulled back and his cock came popping out of my ass. I could feel my
asshole just gaping open a dull throb coursing through my rectum.

'Oh my god...I feel so empty now, my insides aching for more.

His cum starts dripping out of my open asshole and running down my legs.
I shudder realising the others are all stood there watching and waiting their
turn to add their semen to my blasted open ass. Now that DOES turn me on.
My clit throbs sending a flurry of thrills deep into my belly. I twist
my neck and glance back catching a glimpse of Captain Knights shit and semen stained
cock. Another thrill ran through me.

"Hey Admiral shall I make your Bitch lick it clean?"

"Plenty of time for that later!" he replied I cringed as another knelt
behind me.

End of part two.

Dedicated to Sexy Jen (She Knows who I mean) with grateful thanks.

:skull-bee Enjoy MG If you like it please say so - be brave i need some encouragment here people!

01-19-2012, 08:33 PM
MG, I have read many of your stories. You're a sick - sick man... and so am I. Wish I had your talent for spinning a story. Keep it up!

Mad Gerald
01-20-2012, 11:13 AM
Spacer thank you so much for your kind words glad you like my work thank you so much matey!! :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
01-27-2012, 12:31 PM
Slightly away from topic but it's new so count your blessings!

Child Minders surprise Inspection

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2012.

A village in England around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Amanda hadn’t expected the ofsted inspector but his pass seemed genuine although she hadn’t looked at it too closely embarrassed as he was a big black guy in a suit, now she wish she had he had asked her if he could video the interview and had put the camera on the floor on a little tripod. Amanda is 32yrs old 5’6” Stocky, strong Mother of two, large 36DD Breasts, a brunette her hair dragged back in a pony tail to below shoulder length. He opened his briefcase took out a file and started asking her lots of questions “You are a wet nurse too?” “Yes” then he started asking about breastfeeding and such. She was just beginning to feel uncomfortable when he produced the knife. “Keep fucking quiet you piece of shit!” the blade right in front of her face she nodded yes a tear coming to her eye he grinned. He made her put her arms behind her and taped them together “That’s a good bitch” he breathed coming closer, his arm was around the back of her neck the blade against her face as he knelt to the side of her and stroked and squeezed her large breasts through her thin top and bra, he stroked her nipples feeling them come up stiffly under the material, looking down at her big hard jugs making a show for the camera once they were semi erect he began to pinch them up so that she winced and struggled so her fat tits bounced for the camera “Please! PLEASE, no they hurt!!” she begged as he squeezed them viciously twisting them in his big hands enjoying hurting her he wrenched down the neck pulling and tearing it the knife pressed to her face keeping her still as her big sensible nursing bra came into view, he gripped the clips in the centre and dragged them apart so her hard stiff tits bounced free he palmed them and then squeezed up the teats her aureoles thick and dark her teats fat and erect – this was the best one yet, since he stole the car of the inspector his laptop full of appointments with child minders in the last two days he had raped two others but this was the first described as a wet nurse she was the first one that had really fired him up – chunky big overripe tits a big ass – honest and trusting – she wouldn’t make that mistake again. He gripped her hair holding the knife to her face “That’s a good Mummy look into the camera” she sobbed and did “that’s a good girl now lean forward and shake them big titties for the camera” she sobbed and twisted her torso her big jugs hanging from her torn bra jiggled and bounced from side to side, her thick aureoles and teats looking delicious he slid the knife down and stroked each teat with the flat of the blade she sobbed and tried to pull away he let go of her hair and gripped her left tit twisting and squeezing it until fine drops of milk appeared, he sniggered and then slowly began to squeeze and press in a milking motion until more squirted out, his concentration full on her teat the knife away from her face Amanda leapt up and launched herself toward the door, as she got straight he gripped her lower leg and dragged her back dropping the knife but twisting and punching her in the belly she let out a strangled grunt and doubled over as he punched her face hard – Amanda hit the sofa he had her hair he punched her face again swearing at her he gripped her by the throat “You wanna live you piece of shit huh?” he shook her violently “Be a good Mommy do as your told yeah!” Amanda nodded slowly crying “You kneel on the floor and milk those big titties and you don’t get hurt yeah otherwise” –Smack he slapped her face, he held her by the hair still grinning at her dragging her up to her knees her right tit bobbed heavy and fat he slapped it hard making the stiff hard flesh bounce she winced and sobbed as he held her by the hair and slapped them both viciously forcing them to slam up and down Amanda’s teats were up rigidly he rubbed them sniggering watching them seep milk “You gonna do as your told whore?” “Yes!” she managed. “Kneel up milk them fuckas for the camera! Do IT BITCH!” Amanda started and did as she was told holding her heavy tits and milking them toward the camera sobbing; milk started to seep from both teats then squirt out of both fat thick rigid teats “That’s a good Mommy whore!” He let her do it for some minutes and then kicked her ass “Pull your pants down cunt show m your fat ass!” Amanda struggled her black trousers down showing her white sensible pants beneath “Roll them down off them big cheeks you piece of shit! That’s it good girl” she rolled them down to just below her buttocks “Stop!” she knelt there shaking her big butt cheeks quivering, milk dripping onto the wooden floor. “Hold your fat ass open cunt!” Amanda struggled her cheeks wide pulling her deep ass crack wide open “That’s a good fat assed Mommy slut!” he knelt beside her and bent to her ear and whispered her face crumpled into a pained sob he slobbered over three finger tips and pressed them to her open butt hole twisting and pressing them in she tried to pull away “Say it!” she looked into the camera “Fuck Mummy in her shitty ass-sob-please fuck my shitty ass . . I’ll hold it open” He pressed and forced his finger tips deeper forcing her ring open “Ask again whore!” “Fuck Mummy in her shitty ass-sob-please fuck my shitty ass . . . please” He began to fuck his fingers in and out making disgusting squelching noises then he pulled them out and shuffled around to her face and then got his fat rigid cock out and wanked it into her face so she could see the size of it. He grinned at her “I had a white fat titted foster mum when I was a kid she turned me on real bad, but she never let me touch – I hated that she would beat me when she saw me looking at her tits, then I got real big and I used to beat her and rape her and fuck her tits whenever I liked –until they put me in prison – you don’t want me to beat you now do you? Amanda shook her head her face horrified he went behind her and spat into her held open crease. Her face was a picture of terrified pained grief as he forced the thick head of it to her ring she flinched and he grabbed the back of her neck while he force fed the thick helmet into her virgin asshole “Please . . no please . . ARGHHH!” He snapped the thick head into her shitter and sank in that’s a good mommy keep still you fucking cunt that’s it open your ass up wider good bitch that’s it take it you fuckin piece of shit!” Amanda bucked as he started to rape her ass fucking up into her tight shitter cruelly making her take every painful inch he pulled her back as he forced it deeper Amanda moaning loudly as it slithered deeper. She scrabbled with her fingers to pull her cheeks wider, he started to fuck her ass wrapping his forearm around her neck and heaving her back and more upright - making her wail and beg as he solidly humped up into her fat ass. “Milk your titties into the camera whore!” he barked. She let go of her cheeks and balanced on her knees gripping her hanging heavy stiff tits she sobbed and started to milk them squeezing her teats between finger and thumb so that milk dribbled out then dripped then jetted out as he gripped her hips and thrust viciously up into her ass. “That’s a good Mommy, taking it up your fat shitter like a good girl!” she sobbed and jolted her head heady with the let down of her milk and the terrible sensations of having her ass forced to take his thick meat. He laughed with each hard thrust as he stirred his cock in her bowels slowly picking up the pace slamming into her fleshy buttocks hard. Amanda yelped as he forced her on her face and vicously slam fucked her ass with long hard strokes holding her down as he cruelly sodomised her he gripped her hair and wrenched her head back so her disgusted weeping face was on camera as he beasted her ass suddenly ramming deep up her forcing her to yelp in agony as he came deep in her rectum. He seemed to cum forever holding her by the hair and the throat as thump after heavy thump of hot jizz jolted into her ass “Oh God!” she managed through gritted teeth “Oh God! You filthy bastard” he sighed “That’s a good Mommy now say thank you! SAY THANK YOU!” she sobbed out “Thankyou” “Good Mom – now I am going to pull my cock out of your shitter and you’re going to be a good Mommy and not let any of my sperm leak out – you understand?” Amanda nodded he slowly withdrew his cock from her butt. He moved back and pulled her up by her hair “Now on all fours – that’s it good Mommy – hold it in – KEEP IT IN CUNT!” Amanda struggled to keep his load inside her but managed to kneel on all fours he let go of her hair and retrieved his camera he went behind her and adjusted her white briefs so they were just below her ass and the gusset was stretched between her chunky thighs “Please it’s coming out!” “Keep it in!” “But I can’t” with a sob she let out a loud wet fart and her ass gaped and his jizz streamed out into the gusset of her pants “That’s a good Mommy” he breathed filming it all sliding out of her in thick globs she farted again groaning as more slid out “Hold your ass open whore!” she pulled her cheeks wide there was more farting and more splattered out he wanked his hardening cock “OOOH this is awful – please I need the toilet!” “No you don’t” he zoomed in catching it roping out into her pants, “Pull your pants up cunt!” Amanda cringed and then reached back and drew them up he smiled videoing it as the mess was pulled back up into her crease “That’s a good Mommy!” he put the camera down, grabbed her pants and tore them down again forcing himself on top of her and rammed his refreshened cock into her violated ass as she fought and kicked screaming “NOOO!” as he thrust up into her gripping her shoulders and holding her down.
It was going to be a long afternoon.

Enjoy MG :skull-bee

01-27-2012, 01:55 PM
Your idea is very good

Mad Gerald
02-26-2012, 04:03 AM
Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to DP10

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

WPC Dock Green by Mad Gerald.

WPC Helen Green was a police woman with the Metropolitan police, she was stationed in central London, at the Ethnal green station.
It was a warm summer evening, WPC Green sat with the other coppers in the briefing room, It was the start of another night shift. She was a big girl 5`10” black hair, green eyes, a deliciously pouty wide mouth. Fair complexion. Large 40D tits crammed into her taut white blouse.
She looked about at her collegues, Dave Brooks, fat sexist oaf. John Davies, stupid bastard, Tony Smith smarmy git, and Al Hoskins her sexist Sergeant.
It was just after the racist murder of Steven Lawrence. In the local area there was an increase of tension and police hate.
The others watched her shift restlessly in the plastic chair, they sat behind her. Her big firm arse filled the chair, tightly constrained by her service skirt. Her white crisp pressed uniform blouse pulled tight across her wide eppeleted shoulders. Dave made a fuck motion at her the others sniggered. She sighed and turned in the seat to give them a disapproving look. Her big tits shifted under her blouse drawing their gaze.

“What you up to smart arse?” She said in a threatening manner, looking directly at Dave.

“You’ve been lookin` again ain`t yer” he replied.

She pulled her face at him “Fuck you!” She turned back.

They all grinned at each other. The door opened and the station officer came in. They all made an attempt to come to attention. He went to the dais deep in thought.

“Tonight, men, oh and ladies, we have a tip off that a major scam is going down on the deserted quay side at the docks. I plan to have an increased presence there as a deterrent. That deterant is you. We have two problems down there. The first is a gang of muggers operating in that area. And the second being this tip off. They may be connected they may not! So we go down there, patrol, stay in profile and hopefully achieve some good. Sergeant Hoskins you will be in charge of the operation. Any questions? Right have a good . . .”

“Sir, I have a question sir.” Helen said,

He smiled at her“Well what is it constable?” He drank in the veiw of her tightly constrained tits, as they pressed against the edge of the desk and then rode over the top as she leant forward. Behind her the others glanced wantonly at her arse as she bowed forward.

“With the situation as it is, should we be in riot gear Sir?”

‘You should be in a ball gag and handcuffs’ he thought.

“NO No we would send the wrong signals to the public, you’re uniform as it is will be adequate.” He grinned and picked his papers up and left.

“Sir Sir!” Dave mimicked.

She scowled at him her face reddening. “I notice you don’t ever ask any questions dork face, stringing words into each other a bit beyond your capabilities!”

“Just fuckin` watch it fat arse!” He stood up threateningly

“Cut it out Dave!, In the van in five OK” Al growled.

She put her hat on and strode from the room smiling winningly at the Sarge.

After she left Dave rounded on him “Why do you let the bitch act so fuckin` high an mighty, what’s the deal? Huh!”

“Because, that way she trusts me, yeah?”

“Meaning?” Tony asked.

“Well she doesn’t trust any of you lot, an you’ve all done your best to get a sniff ain`t yer. This way WPC Big Jug’s won’t suspect anything untoward when she has a fall.”

“What fall?” John asked.

“Put it this way, WPC Big Jugs is a big girl yeah. She can look after herself?”

Dave snorted “She fuckin` thinks so!”

“Exactly, so when we’re out she’s so fucked off with all of you, she patrols on her own, and then she hides and has a fag, Yeah (They all nod agreement) So the Officer neglected to mention a little something in his brief. Something I left out when I prepared it.”

“Well tell us then!” Dave burst out.

“OK keep your hair on, The gang he mentioned are a bunch of Rapist bastards who’d fuck their own mothers given the chance. An of course when WPC Big Jugs comes across them they ain`t gonna take fuckin` no for an answer. An then while she does her best to get `em to fuck her to death. We get to watch, an maybe get a piece. Do I plan a good shift or what huh?” They all grinned broadly. Al produced a map of the quay side and put it on the table

“Tony I`ll put her with you all you have to do is get her to stick with you until you get here (He points to a place on the map), Then let her do her own thing OK”

“What about the radio traffic she’s bound to alarm. Every copper in London will pitch up” asked Tony.

“You all put your radios in to be routine checked with me last night didn’t you? Well I made myself quite busy with `em, we can only speak to each other now but only I can speak to HQ. You get the picture?”

“ So only we hear her radio?” Asked Dave.

They laughed and clapped him on the back “ Yes Dave wins a prize!” Said Al

“I`d best get the Cam-corder then” said Tony.

They all set off to go out. When they got out to the van she was sat in the passenger seat as normal, she had her hat on her knee, night-stick in the other hand. They all got in Dave drove. The evening was well into dusk and the shadows were spreading into night by the time they reached the dock lands. They passed through the security gate and drove through the bustling London dock to the area at the far end which was inhabited by the cheaper companies that sat on the outskirts of the deserted older quay sides.
As usual they drove along listening to Al laying out how he wanted the patrol to go.

“Dave you patrol along the waterside with John. Tony you patrol the loading bays with Helen. I`ll stay with the van and patrol the roadways.” Al paused.

“Do I have to patrol with Tony, Sarge?” Helen pleaded

“You know the rules, we patrol in twos, It’s safer that way.” He replied.

She scowled and accepted it without argument. Al nodded knowing she’d fuck off on her own anyway.

Al parked the van on a deserted siding and they all got out. WPC Green climbed out and pulled her skirt straight. She noticed her black lycra tights were twisted and she dragged her skirt up to mid thigh to straighten them.

Dave watched enjoying the veiw. She noticed.

“Dream on Flub!” She said pulling her skirt down. He turned away biting his tongue. She put her night-stick in its belt loop and tapped her helmet straight on her head. They stood around Al.

“Right we patrol for two sweeps, then pop for supper and back again OK” he told them.

They set off. Tony walked in silence through the first wide roadway. As usual WPC Green lagged behind him. It was dark now the street lighting casting long shadows. Deserted boarded up wherehouses lined the road. Gantries and fire escapes hanging half illuminated above them. Traffic noise was a low hum in the distance. They got to the first junction.

“Tony, you carry on I’m just going to catch a smoke OK?” She said.

“I don’t think so, the Sarge will see from here anyway, You gonna do the usual again eh?” Tony turned to her.

“What do you mean?!” She said curtly.

“Oh nothing, we’ll get down the next one yeah an then I`ll leave you there and come back for you OK” He smiled.

“Your a honey Tony, cheers” they set off again.

“Don’t mention it, C`mon lets get on, all right”. They carried on.

They got to the next junction, and went a short distance down it, to the side was a deep Cul-de-sac partially lit.

“I’m going to wait here OK Tony” Tony couldn’t believe it, it was the place Al had shown him on the map.

“OK I’ll get you on the way back, see you later.” He strode off.

WPC Green walked to the wall opposite and leant against it, She lit a cigarette ‘Sucka’ she thought.

Tony went around the corner and legged it around the next building. He found the stair way he’d been told of and lightly made his way to the top. At the end of a walkway a door met him he opened it and entered. The others were in the deserted load control office. Al turned from the shuttered window, in the darkness.

“WPC Green’s where we arranged then.” He said.

“Worked like a charm” Tony replied. Dave sniggered.

“She should have some company soon” he looked at his watch and twisted his hand mic. to his mouth.

“Mike Echo four one to Mike Echo four four, everything normal? Over”

Down below they watched WPC Green reach for her mic. Blowing smoke from her lips. “Mike Echo Four Four to Four One, Confirm patrolling, nothing to report out.”

They grinned at each other. “Mike Echo Four One Copied out”.

“Crafty cow” said john. Then they settled down to watch. After five minutes. She got on the radio again.

“Mike Echo Four Four, Mike Echo Four One message over” she sounded hushed.

“Mike Echo Four Four Pass message over” They could hear voices further down the road.

“Mike Echo Four One, group of approximately twelve youths, black approaching this location, over” a hint of fear sounded in her voice.

“Mike Echo Four Four, barely readable, repeat over”

Dave sniggered “Ha! you bastard”

“Mike Echo Four One, repeat, group of approximately twelve youths, black approaching this location, over” outside they watched as she crouched behind a crate. They were real close now.

“Mike Echo Four Four, You and Four Three approach and investigate, backup soonest” he replied

Tony`s radio crackled as she changed channels, “Mike Echo Four Three, Mike Echo Four Four, message over” Al shook his head Tony made no move to reply.

“Mike Echo Four Three, Mike Echo Four Four, message over” she sounded really panicked now.

Helen looked around in desperation she was trapped in this Cul-de-sac the gang members were heading toward her, between her and the only route back to the van. ‘Why didn’t Tony answer?’ She’d have to brave it, they’d see her soon anyway. `Fuck, fuck’ she cursed, pulling her night stick out, she quickly did up the chin strap on her helmet. And stood up stepping into the street light. One of them saw her immediately.

“Hey a Fuckin` Copper!!” They all looked around quickly expecting more. They were all between 16 an about 25 she estimated. Dressed in normal gang attire. A couple of them had crow bars, which they brandished menacingly.

“S . . .Stay where you are. State you’re business?” She tried to sound unafraid.

One of the eldest ones a bald guy, big and muscle bound came to the front.

“We could ask the same, Bitch!” He growled.

“I’m a police officer, you don’t speak to me like that, you understand”.

They all found that amusing. “Oooooh are you now, well as your only one stuck up cop bitch. Surrounded by Niggers! I’ll talk how I like. Do you understand Cunt!”. Howls of laughter. She swallowed her face reddening, she tried to keep all of them in view.
Three leapt past her, she turned, to keep them off her back. She stepped back.


“Fuck you!” One of them taunted. She reached for the mic.

“Michael Echo Four Four code Red,Red. require immediate assistance!”
There was no reply. Up in the control room the other officers looked on with mounting excitement. She was back to the wall now with the youths in a tight ring around her. She let go of the mic. And swung her night-stick up under her arm to protect herself.

“NOW BACK OFF!!” She shouted.

(Up in the control room “They won’t fuckin` kill her will they?” Tony asked concerned.

“With tits like that, they may be black but their not stupid” Al replied.)

WPC Green glanced about, they were too deep between her and the road her only hope was to hurt some and then go for the door at the far end of the cul-de-sac, and hope its open. Sweat was forming on her brow, some of them had knives and chains, she poised on the balls of her feet. Ready to run

“You wanna be careful with that stick bitch it could hurt up your arse!”

“NOW LOOK JUST LEAVE!” She ordered.

“No you leave” the bald guy said.

“Arrhh what’s up? No where to go!” He signalled with his hand.

One of the ones with a crow bar launched forward, Helen swung the stick and it slammed across his face he yelled and sank to his knees. Another went for her his arms out to grab her while her stick was occupied, She kicked him hard in the mid drift suprising them all. He doubled up. Another jumped at her from the side she hit him with the stick on the arms. As the stick came back full of momentum the guy on his knees struck her elbow with the crow bar WPC Green screamed as her arm rang with pain her limp fingers dropping the stick to it’s wristband. Another from the side dived in and brought his foot around behind her legs and up. Her legs were swept from under her and she crashed to the floor. One launched himself at her and she kicked him away twisting and rolling she leapt to her feet again. Her hand caught hold of the stick again as one of them grabbed her around the waist, she struck him in the head and he fell away. She swung the stick around as a sword keeping them at a distance. She sprinted for the door. A second of hesitation and they were after her.
She hit the door at a run, grabbing the handle, it didn’t give she rattled it helplessly and turned back against it as they slid to a halt.
( now she was directly under the load control window. Her colleagues had an excellent view. Tony trained the Cam-corder on the scene unfolding below.)
She brandished the stick, they came at her again. She kicked one and struck another. As she swept the stick down leant forward. One darted in from the side his crowbar stuck her helmeted head hard. She yelped in pain pitching forward her legs buckling she landed on her knees her vision blurring. The one she’d struck on the arms earlier kicked her in the belly she doubled over and crashed forward on her face groaning.
Another kicked her in the side and then she was grabbed and hauled over on her back.
WPC Green’s mind swam, the noise around her was a cacophony of laughter and hissed voices.

“Get her arms”

“just stand on the fuckers”

She felt pain through her arms as someone did, on either side.

“You fucked her head good an proper, Leon!” Laughter.

Her vision was tunnelled as she tried to remember what was happening.


“Get her legs, lift em,”

“ YOU TWO! Go stay lookout you get your turn later, now go”

She felt her legs being dragged and lifted, she tried to lift her head but it swam. She felt her skirt being dragged up.

“AAHH Fuck she wearin` tights, I am disappointed” (Giggles)She managed to lift her head and see their hands gripping the material of her black tights around her groin, stretching it up so another could cut them with a knife. They tore them then wrenching them open, apart and then down her thick legs.

“C`mon man I wanna piece! Fuckin` hurry!”

End Of Part One.


Mad Gerald
02-26-2012, 04:06 AM
Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to DP10

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

WPC Dock Green by Mad Gerald. Part Two.

WPC Helen green`s in trouble. She was a big girl 5`10”. bobbed black hair, under her Police helmet. green eyes, a deliciously pouty wide mouth. Fair complexion. Large 40D tits crammed into her taut white blouse. Her uniform black skirt tight across her hips. Set up and secretly watched by her colleagues, She is trapped by a large gang of black youths in a deserted quayside in Londons docklands.

Helen looked around in desperation she was trapped in this Cul-de-sac the gang members were heading toward her, between her and the only route back to the van. ‘Why didn’t Tony answer?’ She’d have to brave it, they’d see her soon anyway. `Fuck, fuck’ she cursed, pulling her night stick out, she quickly did up the chin strap on her helmet. And stood up stepping into the street light. One of them saw her immediately.

“Hey a Fuckin` Copper!!” They all looked around quickly expecting more. They were all between 16 an about 25 she estimated. Dressed in normal gang attire. A couple of them had crow bars, which they brandished menacingly.

“S . . .Stay where you are. State you’re business?” She tried to sound unafraid.

One of the eldest ones a bald guy, big and muscle bound came to the front.

“We could ask the same, Bitch!” He growled.

“I’m a police officer, you don’t speak to me like that, you understand”.

They all found that amusing. “Oooooh are you now, well as your only one stuck up cop bitch. Surrounded by Niggers! I’ll talk how I like. Do you understand Cunt!”. Howls of laughter. She swallowed her face reddening, she tried to keep all of them in view.
Three leapt past her, she turned, to keep them off her back. She stepped back.


“Fuck you!” One of them taunted. She reached for the mic.

“Michael Echo Four Four code Red,Red. require immediate assistance!”
There was no reply. Up in the control room the other officers looked on with mounting excitement. She was back to the wall now with the youths in a tight ring around her. She let go of the mic. And swung her night-stick up under her arm to protect herself.

“NOW BACK OFF!!” She shouted.

(Up in the control room “They won’t fuckin` kill her will they?” Tony asked concerned.

“With tits like that, they may be black but their not stupid” Al replied.)

WPC Green glanced about, they were too deep between her and the road her only hope was to hurt some and then go for the door at the far end of the cul-de-sac, and hope its open. Sweat was forming on her brow, some of them had knives and chains, she poised on the balls of her feet. Ready to run

“You wanna be careful with that stick bitch it could hurt up your arse!”

“NOW LOOK JUST LEAVE!” She ordered.

“No you leave” the bald guy said.

“Arrhh what’s up? No where to go!” He signalled with his hand.

One of the ones with a crow bar launched forward, Helen swung the stick and it slammed across his face he yelled and sank to his knees. Another went for her his arms out to grab her while her stick was occupied, She kicked him hard in the mid drift suprising them all. He doubled up. Another jumped at her from the side she hit him with the stick on the arms. As the stick came back full of momentum the guy on his knees struck her elbow with the crow bar WPC Green screamed as her arm rang with pain her limp fingers dropping the stick to it’s wristband. Another from the side dived in and brought his foot around behind her legs and up. Her legs were swept from under her and she crashed to the floor. One launched himself at her and she kicked him away twisting and rolling she leapt to her feet again. Her hand caught hold of the stick again as one of them grabbed her around the waist, she struck him in the head and he fell away. She swung the stick around as a sword keeping them at a distance. She sprinted for the door. A second of hesitation and they were after her.
She hit the door at a run, grabbing the handle, it didn’t give she rattled it helplessly and turned back against it as they slid to a halt.
( now she was directly under the load control window. Her colleagues had an excellent view. Tony trained the Cam-corder on the scene unfolding below.)
She brandished the stick, they came at her again. She kicked one and struck another. As she swept the stick down leant forward. One darted in from the side his crowbar stuck her helmeted head hard. She yelped in pain pitching forward her legs buckling she landed on her knees her vision blurring. The one she’d struck on the arms earlier kicked her in the belly she doubled over and crashed forward on her face groaning.
Another kicked her in the side and then she was grabbed and hauled over on her back.
WPC Green’s mind swam, the noise around her was a cacophony of laughter and hissed voices.

“Get her arms”

“just stand on the fuckers”

She felt pain through her arms as someone did, on either side.

“You fucked her head good an proper, Leon!” Laughter.

Her vision was tunnelled as she tried to remember what was happening.


“Get her legs, lift em,”

“ YOU TWO! Go stay lookout you get your turn later, now go”

She felt her legs being dragged and lifted, she tried to lift her head but it swam. She felt her skirt being dragged up.

“AAHH Fuck she wearin` tights, I am disappointed” (Giggles)She managed to lift her head and see their hands gripping the material of her black tights around her groin, stretching it up so another could cut them with a knife. They tore them then wrenching them open, apart and then down her thick legs.

“C`mon man I wanna piece! Fuckin` hurry!”

They all stood around her watching as Joe patted her white panty clad pussy, he pulled the leg edge up and slid his finger underneath, lifting the material. The other guy cut them with a blade, on both sides. They yanked them off her and Joe put them to his face.

“UUUUUMMM White pussy! Smells fuckin good!” He handed them round.

Then she had them stuffed in her mouth. Hands gripped her thighs and held them wide open.

“Whose first boss!” She heard asked.

“Joe you`re there, you do the cunt! No one have her ass though, that’s mine!”

Joe leant forward undoing his jeans with his other hand. He slapped her face rousing her. WPC Green blinked at him her vision clearing. She felt strength returning to her legs.

“Wake up Copper it’s time to get fucked!” He grinned at her wanking his substantial hard on.

WPC Green tried to kick with what strength she had. They held her fast two on each leg. Lifting them and forcing them apart. She started to shout into her pants as he fingered her dry cunt open and then spat on his fingers spread it on her cunt lips. He got his cock head to the entrance and began forcing in.

Helen screamed into the gag in outrage as she felt him enter her. She bucked and tried to squirm off it but they were too strong. He pressed deeper and then lay on top of her his face next to hers. All spotty and glazed with sweat. He started to rape her grinning into her anguished face. She looked away at the sea of faces watching her rape, she shut her eyes tight and hoped he wouldn’t last long. She gasped as he rammed her hard and began pistoning into her tight cunt. She was right he only lasted a few more strokes and then he groaned. She swallowed in revulsion as she felt his seed throb into her unprotected cunt. He pulled out.

“OOH shit, she’s tight for a white cunt” he moved away, another got between her legs. She strained to drag them closed. Her thigh muscles bulging around their tightly gripping fingers.

“Oh no you don’t. You got plenty more black cock to cum yet bitch!” She struggled desperately as the next one helped force her thighs apart and then eased into her. He slid in and then on his knees started to unbutton her service blouse.

“Looks like you got pretty big udders. You like to have them milked?”

She tried to twist away as he undid it up to her chequered cravat and pulled it open. Her large 40D tits were bursting out of her tight lace bra. The white plump flesh bulging out of the cups. He grabbed the cups and dragged them inside out spilling her firm tits out. They were met with a cheer of appreciation.
WPC Green’s face flushed deep crimson as he started to pull and maul them. He brushed and pinched her nipples into hard studs. Her aureole were large and light coral her nipples, pink and fat.

“You are lucky whore, I like to eat while I Fuck”

He pulled them up into two big fleshy mounds and began to cruelly chew on her left nipple. She bucked and groaned as he started to get on with fucking her deep and fast.
Her legs jerked and kicked as each hard thrust was forced home. He had his mouth locked around the base of her right teat sucking deeply on it. She shook her head, trying to spit out her pants, as he began to ram faster and more solidly up her moistening cunt.
WPC Green strained against their grip pulling her arms and legs, desperate to be free. Suddenly her right arm came free and she started to pummel at her rapist’s head. They quickly restrained her and forced it back so he could resume fucking her with vicious ferocity.

“You’re gonna wish you ain’t done that, CUNT!” He threatened
He made her groan into her gag as he held himself deep in her cunt and kept stabbing it deep. As he did her legs danced and twitched, in pain.
He let go of her breasts so they sat back on her chest as two heavy globes jiggling as he grabbed at her skirt pulling it higher so he could grip her wide hips as he grudge fucked her cunt. With a gasping sob he suddenly shot his load deep into her. The held WPC arched her back trying to be off the awful thing as his seed thumped hotly against her cervix. She let out a barrage of stifled abuse as he pulled out and shot the rest across her white belly and pubes.

“oooooh Fuck bitch, that’s better!” He panted as he lifted off.
She stared at him in hatred. She struggled as a young lad was encouraged to fuck her next.

“Yeah do it! Fuck her! C`mon give her it man” he grinned around at them shyly, and then clambered between her legs. He didn’t look at her as he pushed his cock into her slippy twat. He got in and started to shaft her slowly his cock started to saw in and out she could feel him trembling as he set to fucking her then he groaned and shot his load. She shut her eyes tight as they began taking the piss. His cock slid out, she felt his semen follow it, and run down to her arse.

“Shit, I didn’t know you were after the fuckin` landseed record man!”

“Aww look what you made him do bitch, your gonna have to have another go now, how could you do that to one of our brothers.”

“Eddy your going to have to show him how it’s done now.”

The lad got shoved out of the way and another older guy pulled his hat off and knelt between her knees, he hurried to undo his half slung jeans. They lifted her head and forced her to watch as he pulled this monstrosity of a cock out of his pants. She couldn’t believe her eyes as he wanked the thing, it was just a huge! Penis. His girth was greater than his fingers could fit around and it was a good ten to eleven inches. She shouted complaints into the gag helplessly as he got it to rise and thicken he tried to put it to her spunk dribbling cunt but she fought and kicked her legs free and twisted away. She couldn’t go far with her arms stood on. And so after a hard fought struggle they settled for forcing her legs up to her shoulders and two on either side holding them. By twisting her feet out they forced her to give in. They watched panting with exertion as he got back to her snatch. Her cunt was more exposed now and they all watched intently as he spread her pussy lips with his fingers to display her pink slick inner lips he pushed the head to them nudging them apart.

Above in the load control room her colleagues watched as he prepared to spear her exposed cunt.

“She ain’t going to walk away from that Sarge” said Dave

“Ten quid she cums with that up her” John breathed.

“I knew there was a reason why God gave her a fat arse, it’s so she’d have room for that fucker!” They all fell about at Dave’s remark.

Down below WPC Green’s face contorted in pain as he started to force the thick head in. It dipped between her piss flaps, and found the tight opening of her cunt tube. She went frantic trying to stay off it. They held on forcing her to stay still by sheer weight of numbers. She let out a cry and then moaned as it found purchase and he started to force feed her aching cunt centimetre after centimetre.

“OOOOOH YEAH TAKE IT BITCH!!” He shouted excitedly as her cunt slowly accepted it.

WPC Green couldn’t believe her eyes as it sank in, she felt as if she were being slowly torn in two. Her poor cunt lips were stretched tight around it, as he forced it in her she felt her insides spasm and ache around it. He rammed it deeper she winced in pain as he did, again and again she grunted in pain as he made it go in. Eventually he was home. She was overcome with the most amazing feeling of fullness, She jerked in shock as they started to frig her clit. They’re fingers peeling back her cunt lips to find her button. She was so filled with his girth it was pulled in to touch the girth of his cock. She tried to plead with them not too as they flicked and pinched it making her groan and flex her hips in shock as bolts of pain and pleasure shot up through her poor impaled cunt. They laughed and did it more. She was almost instantly sent into a state of excruciating ecstasy. Her hips inadvertently starting to fuck his meat as he held still enjoying the spectacle.

“OH Fuck man she digs that!”

“Yeah c`mon fuck him bitch!”

WPC Green was oblivious now as she felt his cock head seem to impossibly expand against her cervix. She was heaving up and back with short sharp jerking strokes.

“Fuck man her clits up like some midgets dick!” One burst out causing more hilarity.

Eddy started to fuck into her feeling her cunt spasm and suck on him as he met her with hard pushes. They started to frig her again. She let out a guttural moan and began to twitch up on it. She couldn’t believe the heat in her belly as she felt pressure build, her uterus slowly building toward release. It was easier now and his cock was shafting in and out of her trembling cunt.

“UHH UHH UHH UHH UHH UUHH UUHHH!!” She started to sound off each thrust into her panty gagged mouth. One of them started to spank her exposed arse in time with each cunt stretching impalement.
Suddenly she went rigid, releasing an awful anguished cry. Her belly began to let loose a flurry of small contractions which quickly became a torrent. She arched her back, her legs kicking and stamping as hot cunt juice forced out of the sides of his pumping cock.

“YEAH! YEAH! FUCKIN` YEAH! That’s it that’s it oh oh Yeah!!” He announced as he viciously fucked his meat into her convulsing twat.

WPC Green was thrashing about under them as she orgasmed over and over, she was totally lost in it. Then he came. She stamped the floor with each hot thick jet that shot into her still ejaculating cunt.

He pulled out and shot the rest in a great spurt up her belly and chest. They held her as he backed off. Pulling her legs up and back so they could frig her helpless gaping open cunt. She jerked and shuddered as her cunt released again. Hot juice spurting from her, time and time again as they teased and rattled her rigid clit. They fought to taste and lick it up, fingers dipping in and out. As she groaned in humiliation. And defeat. She’d never cum like that before. She lay there in shocked aftermath. Her legs stretched wider so they could take it in turns to taste her delicious cream.

“WOW!” Breathed Dave in the control room above.

“All this time we were working with a secret squirter” grinned Al.

The big bald guy came back, They had just finished each having a taste. He looked down on the Exhausted WPC.

“Let the whore up!” She was released. She looked about defiant but humiliated by her overwhelming orgasm. She stared up at them.

“Get up on your knees cunt!” He growled.

She struggled up to her knees. The floor cold to her bare legs, her large breasts bobbed about invitingly inside her gaping blouse. She pulled her panties from her mouth. Gasping for air. One of them went to stop her and he waved him away.

She watched him warily, he was framed on either side by the rest of them.

“They wanna kill you, you Pig bitch. They wanna fuck you to death. I’m a reasonable man though. I think . . If you can be a good whore, an do as your told. We can have lots of fun, and we’ll let you live. What d`yer say?”

“F . . Fuck off!” She spat defiantly. She was startled as one from the side stuck a knife under her chin.

He grinned at her “OH dear. . Now that ain`t the attitude is it?”

“Lets slit her fuckin` throat an fuck her up the arse anyway!” The one with the knife said.

“N . . No please!” She blurted. Tears coming unbidden to her wide eyes.
“Then your gonna be a good whore then?” He gloated.

“Y . . . Yes” she mumbled. They all sniggered.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” More laughter.

“YES I SAID YES . . .YES!!” She spat.

“Say yes I want to be your whore.” He insisted.

She swallowed, “Yes I want to be your whore” her eyes cast down her cheeks burning. Their laughter stung as she knelt there.

“Put this on, Cunt” he fished out a small tube and handed it to her. It was bright red lipstick. She took it hesitantly.

“PUT IT ON!” She startled and then wound it up the tube and started to paint her lips with it. When she’d finished her lips were a garish vivid red. Clashing with her pale complexion and black hair. As she finished he barked.

“Get her arms” Her arms were grabbed and twisted up her back. Leaning her forward. Her breasts bobbed freely through her blouse.

“Ask for some cock, cunt, ask nicely!” She cringed and shuddered.

“Can I have some cock?” She mumbled.

“As much as you want. When you say please!” She pulled her face in disgust.

“Can I have some cock . . .Please” They laughed and the first stiff black cock was offered to her lipsticked mouth. He wanked it excitedly working the thick foreskin back and too. She went cross eyed watching as his pink glans was bent to her mouth. With great mirth he wiped it around her open mouth. Then sank it in. They watched as she accepted it, her eyes closing tight. Cheeks bulging.

“Suck, Suck, Fuckin` SUCK!” He slapped her helmeted head hard, she obliged, her cheeks drawing in. The others started to play with her dangling breasts. Her nipples came up rigid as their fingers started to pull and twist them. His fingers went behind her helmet and he stopped her pulling away as he started to face fuck her. She balked and gagged as he forced into her throat. They watched for a good five minutes. His hips jerking it with hard stabs into her hot tight throat. She snorted for breath as he suddenly climaxed and she struggled to pull away as he spurted thick hot globs of semen into her unwilling gullet. She was choking unable to breathe but he didn’t relent. She swallowed and groaned in disgust as it slid down into her stomach. He pulled out. Another replaced him she managed to take a breath before he was ramming into her spasming throat.
While she was held on her knees. One after another raped her throat. After five or six had made her swallow their cum. They paused. Her face was covered in smeared red lipstick and thick wads of spunk. She panted for air as the rest spoke in hushed voices off to one side.

End Of Part Two.


Mad Gerald
02-26-2012, 04:09 AM
Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to DP10

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

WPC Dock Green by Mad Gerald. Part Three.

WPC Helen Green`s in trouble. She was a big girl 5`10”. bobbed black hair, under her Police helmet. green eyes, a deliciously pouty wide mouth. Fair complexion. Large 40D tits were crammed into her taut white blouse. Her uniform black skirt was tight across her hips. Set up and secretly watched by her colleagues, She is trapped assulted and raped by a large gang of black youths in a deserted quayside in Londons docklands.

After being raped by some of the gang she was held on her knees. One after another raped her throat. After five or six had made her swallow their cum. They paused. Her face was covered in smeared red lipstick and thick wads of spunk. She panted for air as the rest spoke in hushed voices off to one side.

Two stayed with her one holding her arms the other teasing her swollen nipples. He started to milk them cruelly, twisting and stretching them.

“Please no, please please don’t! AHH please please noooo!”

“You fuckin` hold them then while I shag `em yeah?” She looked at him with disdain. She nodded and they released her arms so she could cup her large stiff globes she pressed them together for him. Her fingers trapping her full teats. He pressed his cock into her cleavage and began fucking them hard. They quickly became slick and bruised as he pounded her fat tits. The one behind her held her wrists with one hand, he pulled her skirt up. She stiffened in shock as his cock pressed against her ass and then to her wet twat. He slid in and started to fuck her from behind. His cock burying deep into her still gaping twat. She was helplessly trapped between them. Both pounded her trapped body. The rapist on her back slamming against her big strong ass cheeks. He rammed her hard and deep and she shuddered and winced as she felt his load shoot into her tender bruised cunt. The other took ages and she was grateful when he eventually pulled back and sprayed semen across her startled face and helmet. As he did she felt the others soft cock slid from her.

She was still held on her knees, her face dripping cum as the rest came over.

“Fuck! you leave her for five minutes and she fucks everyone she can. What a slag!” Their boss said. More laughter.

“We’ve decided, what we want you to do to stop us killing you copper!”

“What . . What now?!” She said dejected.

“NOW NOW be nice . . Yeah!” He threatened.

“OK OK I`m sorry” she countered not wanting to rile them further.

“Right . . Are you listening? . . All you have to do is fuck me and make me cum.” He smiled.

She brightened, relieved. “OK Yes I`ll do that”.

“With your arse, Bitch!” He laughed.

“NO NO NOT THAT NO!” She pleaded.

“There told you she wouldn’t. Just do her!!” Said Eddy

“Shall I Boss?” The guy with the knife asked.

He went to speak but she interjected. “ NO . . Look . . Look I`ll do anything else . . Anything. . . Please . . Anything!” They all grinned down at her.

“ But not up the ass?” He asked.

“No I can’t, I just can’t. . . Please” she said hopefully.

“Yeah . . . You’re right Leon! SLIT HER!!” He barked. Leon stepped forward his blade glinting in the street lamp.

(In the load control room, Tony and John pulled their Night-sticks. Al held his arm up to calm them. “They won’t believe me, they won’t, they’re all noise.”)

“NO NO NO . . YES YES OK OK YES ALL RIGHT!! . . I WILL!” She cried out.

“Put it away Leon” he said. Leon hesitated then put it away.

WPC Green knelt there an anguished look on her face. “WH . . What do you want me to do?” Tears rolled down her blushing cheeks,

The boss got his cock out and began to wank it slowly. “ Lick your fingers make them real wet”

She brought her fingers up to her mouth and began to lick them, her tongue gliding over them, her eyes drawn to his stiffening member.

“Now turn round. Put you’re face on the floor and show me that nice big arse whore!”

She looked shame faced as she struggled around on her knees. She pulled her skirt up. And bending forward put her face on the cold floor.

“Open your legs. Lift that booty up babe” the boss growled.

She slowly did as was told. (Above in the control room Tony zoomed the camcorder in on her big white arse.) The gang members feasted their eyes on her wide fleshy buttocks. Her deep crease closed. The cold making her skin goose bump as they looked down on her. Her cunt was still open her lips pouting. Semen clinging to her black pubes.

“Hold your Bum open whore. Show me!”

“Oh god . . You bastard” she sobbed as she put her hands back and fumbling found purchase and drew her stiff cheeks apart. Her furrow was deep and slowly revealed her amber ringed virgin anus. She knelt there trembling as she showed them her most intimate place.

“Wet it, wet your asshole with you’re fingers whore!” He ordered.

She pulled one hand away and dipped it to her mouth again. Then cringing with humiliation she pushed her fingers back to her crease. With true amateur fumbling she managed to slowly ease them in against her ass.

“Now finger fuck your cunt whore! That’s it good bitch!” She sank her fingers into her twat, grateful for the respite from her ass. She moaned lowly her fingers automatically pushing toward her swollen G spot inside. She pressed against it, feeling her belly react, tightening reflexively.

“Now scoop out that cum and put it in your ass! He ordered.

She scooped some out and eased it against her bottom hole. She felt her cunt react, and she couldn’t understand why these bastards abusing her made her feel this way.

“Finger fuck your ass, cunt” he barked. She pushed and eased them feeling her anus give slowly and accept her digits.

“Push them in!” He ordered.

“I can’t . . . I’ve never . . Never (sob) done this before” she complained.

“Push them in! Make them go in cunt!” The Boss watched as she did. His cock was hard and full now. Her fingers were dipping in and out, her ring clinging to them tightly. He wanked it. He was ready, he moved forward and stood over her.

“Hold it open, hold your bottom open, cunt.” She did, her fingers biting into her quaking cheeks as she spread them. Her moistened ring gaping slightly.

“Ask me to fuck you in the arse, whore”

She swallowed hesitating, there was no way out. She had to.

“Fuck my arse” she stated. Her voice faltering.

“ASK NICELY CUNT!” He barked.

“Fuck my arse . . Please . . . Please fuck my arse” she begged her face crimson. She couldn’t believe the words as they tumbled from her lips.

The gang looked on as the big white police woman knelt on the floor. Her ass in the air, the remnants of her torn black tights clinging to her muscular legs. Her uniform skirt swept up over her waist. White blouse hanging open. Her fat tits brushing the cold floor. Her helmeted head turned to one side. Face flushed with humiliating submission. Mouth smeared with lipstick and sperm. She gritted her teeth waiting the first touch of his cock to her open ass.

He made her wait, trembling as he savoured the moment. Then he touched the thick glistening head to her moist ring. Enjoying the way she flinched. Her fingers spread herself wider.

“Push back on to it. C`mon you police bitch make me bugger you’re fat arse. Do it! That’s it, DO IT!”

She pushed back feeling it hot against her sensitive ring. It felt impossibly big.
“Please . . . I . . I can’t . . Please” she pleaded pulling away.

Leon knelt near her head. Knife in hand. She stared at it her face full of fear.

“Oh you can” he breathed behind her. She pushed back, he guided it to her ring. The hard knot of her spider pressed to his glans, she flexed her hips and pushed again. This time it gave. She grunted in pain as she felt her anus forced slowly open.

“Oh God you bastard . . . OH OH UHHNNNN!!” It gave and she was overcome with awful burning pain as she felt her sphincter snap closed around the girth behind his thick helmet. Her fingers scrabbled to draw her cheeks wider. To ease the burning. He pushed. She groaned loudly.

“WAIT . . Wait oh oh Wait . . Nooo!” He pushed deeper. Her rectum squeezed and pulsed around him. She tried to ease off it.

“Get back on it cunt!” He barked. She screwed up her eyes and with gritted teeth pushed back. She shuddered as it slid deeper up her narrowing ass. She panted and trembled impaled on his thick shaft.

“OK now get on and sodomise yourself whore! C`MON DO IT CUNT!”

She swallowed in disbelief and disdain as she heaved back on it, it felt huge, she would be ruined. Unbelievably she felt it ease deeper. She eased off and back again. Her rectum spasming as her internal muscles were forced. She felt it ease over the back of her cervix making her cunt pulse and feel strange. He suddenly rammed forward spearing her on it. She squealed and slapped at her own arse. In surprise and awful pain as her guts ached with fullness his meat lodged deep in her bowels.

“Yeah! Take it cunt!” He announced as she moaned in pain. Pressing her head to the cold floor. Her face set in an anguished grimace. He was full in her now her ring stretched unbelievably around the hilt of his cock.
He reached under her and began to finger her pussy. His fingers seeking her semi erect nub. He found it and he started to frig her hard and fast. She moaned and bucked as shocks rippled through her cunt.

“Fuck me with you’re ass. I wont tell you again. NOW DO IT!!” He insisted.

She complied starting with solid jerks back on him and then she began to slide up and down it, groaning with relief as it got easier, and easier as her virgin ass opened up to take him. Her buttocks shook with each hard blow as she began battering his groin with her splayed ass.

Up in the load control office They watched her first ass reaming with fascination.

“Fuck I want some of that! Are we gonna get some?” Dave complained

“All right keep your hair on, your not the only one Dave” Al responded.

“John go down to the van when I signal on the radio, set the siren and lights going. Yeah, and then come and meet us an we can all give Big Jugs a go OK” They all grinned, John went out the door. The rest went out the other door, down some steps to the rear of the door Helen had tried to get through earlier. Al pulled the key from his pocket. They waited.

WPC Green was almost in delirium now. Her poor cunt was on the brink of Orgasm again. Her ass was pistoning back on his meat hard. His fingers were rubbing her hard clit back and too as he slammed harder and harder at her shuddering cheeks. She let go of her buttocks and grabbed at the floor. Lifting herself. He grabbed her wide hips and butt fucked her hard. She wailed and kicked as her cunt suddenly contracted and released. She came squirting more hot juice as she felt his cock head expand and then throb and jerk jetting spurt after spurt of hot scalding seed into her bowels.

“OH GOD OHH OHH BASTARD YOU BASTARD!!” She groaned as she collapsed forward on the floor. His cock popped out the last of his semen jerking into her crease.

Behind the door Al sent the signal and in the distance the vans siren burst to life.

The boss started as he heard the siren he jumped to his feet.

“OK Get the fuck out go go!!” He shouted as his gang members sprinted away. He hurried to put his cock away.

WPC Green took her chance and rolling on her side scrambled to her feet. On the floor feet away was her Night-stick she grabbed it and swung around bringing it down with all her might on the back of his head. He crumpled to the floor as behind her, her colleagues piled out of the door.

She gasped for breath, relieved as she dropped the night-stick to the floor. His semen gushed out of her just vacated ass. Making her groan in disgust as it ran down the back of her thighs. She was shaking. She just realised the others hadn’t gone after the gang when a hand held cloth was forced over her mouth she tried to struggle. Everything went black as she too crumpled to her knees.

“Chloroform, we don’t want her spoiling things now do we” Al put the bottle back in his pocket. The others looked at him shocked.

“Well you didn’t think she was going to say, hey boys I’ve just been gang raped you want some too, did you?” They shook they’re heads.

“Right get her over that crate.”
They dragged her over to it and put her face down on it.
Al yanked her skirt up out of the way, he undid his trousers and pulled his cock free.

“I’ve waited fuckin` ages to do this.” He spread her spunk and shit coated cleft. The others got close to see. Al held her big bum cheeks wide, her recently forced ring was still partly open and slick with sperm the sphincter muscles twitching as he forced her cheeks wide. More semen oozed out and dribbled down to her twat. They backed off as he got his cockhead to it and forced himself into her limp body.

“Oh yes, she’s still pretty tight. Oh fuck yes” he started to shaft her big arse. Tony pulled her head around and shoved his cock into her open mouth. Holding her face as he started to fuck into her slack throat.

Al was heaving up into her ass, feeling her big stiff buttocks slap to his groin. ‘How often he’d wanted to do this up her fucking big bum. Teach her place. Fucking stuck up bitch, the times he’d wanked about doing this to the prissy CUNT!’ he shuddered as he felt himself ejaculate into her hot bowels.

Dave watched as Al finished and pulled out. He was next. He got behind her and pushed up her cunt and began fucking her hard. Then he pulled out and forced his almost bursting cock up her still resistant asshole he grabbed her full hips and ground slowly in and out. Savouring the tightness of her rectum. Then he set to shafting her ass with viscous deep strokes. He grudge fucked her for ages before hammering his load into her clutching, spasming rectum. As he did Tony pulled out of her throat and with a strangled gasp sprayed semen all over her comatose face. He sat back relieved.

John butt fucked her next, he couldn’t wait to shove it in to the hilt and ride her hard, He gripped her shoulders and just piston fucked her big arse for all he was worth until with a cry of “BITCH” he shot his load up her ass too.

Meanwhile Al had gone for the van and as they tidied themselves up and Tony videoed her semen sodden cunt and ass. He backed it up and they lifted her into the back. They dragged the gang boss in too. Handcuffed. They needed someone to blame of course. And then they drove off.

“Where we taking her Sarge?” Dave asked.

“To the Nick Dave, The police surgeons going to have a look at WPC Green. No doubt he’ll have something soothing to rub on that nasty fucked arse she’s got.” The laughed.

“What like his cock as well?” Dave asked.

“Exactly, exactly only he’s said he’ll pay fifty quid a time to shovel WPC Green’s shit uphill for her!” They all laughed and joked as they drove back. Tony patted her spunk coated face. Maybe he’ll even get another go, he thought.

Later that morning.

WPC Green slowly came too. Her vision swam. Bright lights hurt her eyes.

‘Oh God, the gang they’re still raping me’ she could feel a cock sliding in and out of her sore bowels. She was semi upright her legs lifted wide apart, restrained as if in stirrups. She couldn’t move. She heard voices.

“She’s coming too! Give her some more chloroform. There’s more paying customers waiting. The day shift will want some too.”

A cloth went over her face again and she began to doze off her body shuddering with the butt fucking it was receiving. She could have sworn she heard her Bosses voice, the inspector saying it was his turn next. Then it went black.

End of Part Three

More?? MG.


Mad Gerald
03-24-2012, 06:46 AM
Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2012.

Part Four

Lt Comdr. Blake's face was now a mask of dripping cum her mouth and nostrils struggling blowholes of semen choked distress. She made low moans and grunts as the latest guard to mount her had his colleagues fight and control her kicking legs up and holding them to either side of her bucking torso as he forced his bobbing cock into her flinching ass. His fingers dragging her straining cheeks to the side as he made it go in with cruel determination. His hard muscled belly slapping her cum sodden cunt as he rammed it home. Laughing as she yelped and her body flexed in agony with the full length of his meat wedged in her rectum, the others fought her legs as she strained to dislodge him as he began shafting her butt with long hard deep strokes. Hands slapped and pinched her trapped bouncing breasts tugging her red swollen teats into painfully throbbing nubs. Nider moved to her spluttering face and reached below it undoing two metal latches so that a section of the beam beneath her head slid out. Her head now supported by the plinth beneath it which the blinkers and dental spreaders were attached. She moaned in fear as Nider grinned into her terrified cum saturated eyes and began to lick and then tongue her choked mouth as his fingers deftly worked to release hidden hinges, which dropped her head down at a sharp angle. Now her head still trapped in the blinkers was looking into the groins of her attackers. Leaving her cranked open mouth wide. Thick blobs of semen began to slide down her face from her mouth as she spluttered and coughed around Nider's probing tongue. Through the semen sliding into her eyes she could already see the next cock being wanked hard in readiness to be plunged into her mouth.

Nider pulled his face away savoring the smell and flavor of all the semen bubbling from the helpless prisoner's mouth. She gurgled in shock and horror as her mouth was slammed full of meat, which barreled, into the slick entrance to her throat and was, heaved in. The guards holding her legs gripped them tightly as their colleague began really grudge fucking up into her making her ass lift as he went on his toes bellowing in delight as he emptied his churning balls into her tightly clenching rectum. At the last moment they released her legs so she could kick and batter at him with her thighs and booted feet as he heaved his last into her ass. Her long legs squirming and flexing as he finished and wrenched his cock from her tortured ass chute allowing her to let out a humiliating loud wet fart.

She fought with her legs as another tried to mount her, slapping and gripping her thighs before forcing his meat into her slick cunt. The man raping her face viciously fucked her throat not even noticing when she lapsed into unconscious.

Nider allowed them to continue and then ordered them off her, he checked her ragged breathing, and satisfied he shouted orders at them hurriedly she is released from the stock and manhandled on to her face. Nider lays out a thick leather belt over a D ring in the floor and attaches it with a heavy clip. They lift her bodily and place her on to it and Nider straps it tightly about her waist. Nider busied himself removing the rest of her uniform (except for her boots) with a knife. He dragged the neoprene off her and with help from the guards and they tightly tie her wrists to her booted ankles and then both to the belt at her waist. This left her hogtied her back arched.

He hauls her head up and rams a wide ring gag into her sperm coated mouth dragging the thick strap around the back of her head and fastening it. He then attaches a chain to the back of the ring gag strap and hauling her head back clips the chain to the belt at her waist, now her back is really arched her face now facing forward her big breasts just resting on the cold floor. He orders one of the guards to grab her shoulders and drag her back higher. He selects some rough thin rope and roughly grabbing one tit begins to loop it tightly around its base.

Lt Comdr. Blake moaned as she came too her head lolls as she tries to focus; she could not bring her head forward. The bastard white guy was just finishing tying her tits up into two trapped rugby balls, he pulled he ropes away with him and dragged them over to two rings on the wall opposite, he fed one through one ring and drew it tight, then began yanking it tighter wrenching her bound tit out hard, stretching it alarmingly as he put his foot to the wall and yanked t viciously making her scream, he tied it off satisfied and dragged the other rope through the other ring.
He yanked that tight too, he grinned at her "Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
"Noh phuk oo u ick astard!"
he chuckled and nodded to someone behind her, she felt her knees pushed wider, hands gripping her booted feet and then a cock against her ass again. It began to press in, then it snapped in past her slick ring she shuddered in her bonds as her rapist began to bugger her helplessly bound form. She watched wide eyed trying desperately to shake her head as Nider lifted his foot and then slammed it down on the two ropes, Emma shrieked in agony pain slamming through her as her tits felt as if they were almost torn off.
The bastard on her back slammed up her ass viciously making her grunt in agony as his meat bottomed out in her aching butt.
"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
"Peaze shtop ith urts peaze!" she wailed as he laughed and slammed his foot down again. She went rigid her tits agony as the fucker up her ass pounded her fast and deep, he stopped suddenly his meat full up her helpless ass, he came deep up her straining shitter. He pulled his cock free her ass let out a loud wet fart her ring a big open 'o' air rushed in making her gasp as the cool air flooded her burning asshole. Another knelt behind her and pressed his meat to her gaping anus, he held her boots using them to lever himself into her as she tried helplessly to lift her aching ass away.
'Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
She stared at him pleading as he slammed his boot down, she screamed in agony the guard on her back laughing and viciously butt fucking her as she jolted and jerked her tits stretched out taut.
Nider quickly got to his knees and knelt on the ropes he gripped her hair and guided his cock to her helplessly gaping mouth, she gurgled and choked as he sank in. Nider made it go into the entrance to her throat and holding her head hard he began to thrust viciously into her throat until with a snorting glug it snapped into her throat and he set to grudge fucking her face with shallow deep thrusts as she snorted for air and moaned pitifully as he sped up slamming her face with his belly as he gripped her blonde hair tight making her take every inch into her bulging throat. The squelching farting coming from her sodden butt and the muffled wincing moans from her stuffed throat filling the room as they both raced each other to orgasm. As one they came in her the guard on her back slamming her ass flat as he unleashed a heavy thumping hot load up her shitter. As Nider heaved into her face thrusting his hips forward holding her head tight as he slammed a thick stream of jizz down into her heaving belly. He held onto her head enjoying her stifled moaning as he slowly humped her face until his cock softened and he released her head and got up looking down as she coughed and spluttered his sperm streaming from her nose and chin onto her stretched out tits.
The guard got up pulling his meat from her just fucked asshole her buttocks flinched as her rectum flooded with cool air and her ring pulsed still open as semen ran out over her sore raw pussy lips making her try to close her tied open thighs to no effect.
Ushu watched as Nider got up and retrieved the pole with the large dildo on the end he went behind her and grinned looking down on her helplessly bound form, her still open thighs, her tightly bound arms her gaping pulsing anus he nodded to Ushu who stood in front of her and stood on both ropes stretching her tits out like they were going to tear off. Nider placed his boot toe to her cunt making her flinch.
'Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
She shook her head about to answer, Nider pulled his boot back and kicked her cunt viciously laughing as she screamed and writhed in pain,
'Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
Again he kicked her cunt making her ass lift her whole body going rigid.
Nider bid two of the guards to hold her legs wide while he presented the thick blunt dildo up to her swollen bruised cunt. The head was massive. He pressed it to her aching cunt lips and the two guards had to drag her cunt lips out from under it, prizing them wide. She began to yelp and complain as they stretched and dragged her cunt lips cruelly out of the way so Nider could twist and force the thick dildo into her neglected twat. The pole was a meter and a half long and Nider levered the massive thing into her making it go in enjoying her yelps and pleadings as it slowly filled her cunt to the brim, Emma forced her knees to the floor and her chest trying to lift her hips to be off the awful thing but the strap around her waist gave little and soon she was fully impaled on the fat thing.
'What is your mission Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"
she shook her head wracked with pain, Nider leant on the pole making her writhe in agony he twisted it and fucked her hard making her grunt and gasp.

"Do you like to cum Lieutenant-Commander do you stuff all your fingers in your cunt and dream of all your men using you as a fuck toy, getting all those fingers gooey as you think of all their cocks"

"Pease No, stop ith"

"Do not worry we will make you cum again will we not Nider"

Nider chuckled and fucked her hard with the dildo enjoying watching her writhe and strain, he suddenly withdrew it and leant it against the wall leaving her poor stretched cunt hole gaping. He retrieved a large well-used smooth topped vibrator from his trolley and plugged it into the wall he switched it on the room filled with its loud strumming as he knelt behind Emma and pressed it to her cunt forcing it down to her clit. The effects were immediate she shrieked in shock trying to pull her cunt away as massive waves of oscillation pounded up through her pubis making her butt clench hard and her hips swerve trying to drag her clit away from it they laughed as she let out an awful pained sob lifting her ass her face contorted with pain and pleasure

"Oh I think you will cum for us Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake I think you will cum like a whore in heat humping and begging and squirting like the slut you are!"

Ushu stepped from the ropes allowing her tits to spring back a little flooding with sensations as he knelt and began to tug and tease her big nipples watching her face as Nider ground the heavy vibrator into her swerving clit, you could see the tension building in her body as she writhed and her hips began to twitch.

"Oh uu shick phukkerz ooh eye kunt ahh ahh Noh u irty phuks stop stop it STOP!!"

Nider stuck his face into her ass ramming his tongue into her freshly fucked butt his tongue darting in and around her sore sensitive ring slurping and teasing it as she wailed and lifted and spread her ass to his face as the vibrator tormented her clit. Grinding and pressing it so that her cunt was throbbing, contracting her whole body shuddering with tension she could feel her belly taut beginning to strum inside to the heavy vibrations from her aching clit. Ushu twisted her teats studying her face intently waiting for that moment, he grinned.


Nider pulled his face from her ass and yanked the vibrator from her cunt laughing, Ushu stood away as she wailed "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" bucking helplessly as all the sensations disappeared leaving her shuddering on the brink of orgasm, her hips pumping desperately as she thrashed and moaned in despair, sobbing and then weeping as they stood and smoked watching her desperately trying to finish herself off by humping her hips at the floor until with as sob she came to rest.

"Oh dear Lieutenant-Commander did your poor cunt nearly cum? Were you so close? Would you like the nasty vibrator back on your clit whore?"

Emma sobbed and then whispered "yes"

Ushu grinned "See I told you, you would cum I just didn't say when" He nodded to Nider who went back behind her and switched the vibrator back on and traced it up her inner thigh chuckling as she widened them and lifted her cunt groaning as he pressed it to her cunt slowly circling it and then grinding it to her clit. She moaned and pressed back gasping as Nider stuffed his face into her ass his tongue worming into her butt as she
Shuddered her cunt instantly beginning to contract again, the muscles in her legs tight as she began to hump moaning lowly as Nider ate her ass out.

Emma's whole body was shaking her bound tits wobbling as she was driven to the brink again her belly getting tighter and tighter as the vibrations pounded up through her cunt her face again a mask of excruciating ecstasy as she humped against the humming hard vibrator. Ushu knelt before her and began roughly manhandling her stiff jugs swiping her turgid teats and tugging on them as she struggled to reach climax her body going stiffer and stiffer to that point again. Hassaf waited behind Nider his heavy hard tool in his hand slowly stroking it in readiness at a nod from Ushu Nider moved away leaving the vibrator against her pubis, Hassaf leapt in there pushing the thick crown of his massive cock to her gaping cunt and with a savage thrust impaled her twat on it Emma wailed in horror and pain as her cunt was viciously stuffed full just as she was about to cum. Hassaf reached forward to grab her shoulders and heaved himself into the bound lieutenant stirring his fat meat deep inside her aching cunt, thrusting long and deep into her as her belly exploded into hammering contractions as she came her twat contracting and fluttering around his thick veiny tool as snorting and heaving she climaxed like a bitch in heat milking his meat so that he went wild hammering up into her like a man possessed as he slammed a huge hot wad up into her cunt.

Grinning Hassaf pulled his meat from her and Nider thrust the huge dildo into her cunt again , grinding it into her straining whimpering body. Then he slid it to the floor and forced the end behind an embedded D ring so it was trapped deep up inside her.
'I am going to leave you with my men now Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake when we come back you will tell us what your mission was?"
'Noh pleash eye ill ell ou! Eye ill!'
They got up and left behind them all the guards descended on Emma whooping and laughing as they fought over her face and ass.
Hours later her helpless unconscious body was slowly rocking as the last man filled her ass with jizz and got off her cum soaked body.
Ushu came in and ordered her untied, she was dragged outside and he supervised them pressing her back to the wall a thick metal collar was fixed around her neck her arms snapped into manacles to either side. A stretched piece of canvas was fixed over her in which were two slits Ushu pulled her tits through these he squeezed and fondled them then soaked them in some oil leaving them exposed to the sun and left the sun to do its work.

Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake came too with a start she felt hot, not just hot but roasting, she couldn’t see she couldn't move! She tried to ask for water her mouth bone dry, low voices spoke around her then something was ripped from her she was blinded by the harsh sunlight, hands were all over her, gripping her arms her neck and wrists were released. She was dragged across the floor and up some steps she fought feebly as they dragged her over a stone floor and then forced her arms behind her; where they were snapped into manacles again. The manacles were suspended on a chain from the ceiling. Her breasts were burning in fact on fire she looked down at them to see them bright red with harsh sunburn. The chain was snatched taught yanking her arms up and forcing her forward, she was now on tiptoe struggling to keep her footing as Ushu stood before her admiring her sunburned breasts. He smiled then drew up some spit and spat on her left breast, Emma jolted in pain as it hit pain ringing through her.

End of Part Four

Enjoy MG :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
03-24-2012, 07:18 AM
Aerligus Stewardess Gambling debt

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


After her flight landed she made her excuses to the crew and hurried through arrivals – she mustn’t be late. She rushes from work to the Holiday inn goes to the lift up to floor 6 along the corridor to room 613 and knocks the door clicks open she goes in. Sat on the bed is Mr Blue the owner of the online Poker she owes shit loads of money too. She swallows "You got the money?" "Some of it" she stammers she hears the door click shut the room is really dark. "Not good enough you Irish cunt - where is it?" "In the bag I'll get the rest I just nee . ." "Shut the fuck up you stupid Fuck hole - Do her boys!!" The light comes on, she starts realizing there are about 10 men in the room, one immediately grabs her hair from the side as another punches her full in the face, she yelps her hands coming up as another kicks her in the ass, someone has one of her wrists twisting it, a knee comes up into her cunt as she starts to scream.
She is head butted and starts to fall back as her senses dim, She is held up by her hair as hands grab her blouse ripping it open, her breasts bounce free her uniform jacket dragged down her arms. Someone grabs her around the legs lifting her bodily struggling and throwing her face up on the bed as hands smother her face gagging her as others yank and pull at her skirt stretching it up her strong thighs she hears it rip she kicks feeling her knees gripped and held forced and wrenched open she yells "NOOOO!" into the hand over her mouth as her tights are ripped and torn she struggles her thighs together as fingers tear at her briefs the hands lift from her face as a fist comes down smashing into her face knocking her senseless for a moment her legs are dragged wide and the first rams his meat up into her unprepared cunt, her knees are gripped and held as she stirs beginning to kick as it thrusts deeper hard fast and urgent as they laugh and cheer him on in moments she feels the hot pounding rush of his seed into her he pulls out another climbs on as hands grip and twist her bewildered face two cocks are thrust into her lips one spearing her mouth the other is slapped against her lips as her mouth is raped viciously. The cock in her cunt is rammed deep and pounds into her she tries to pull back from it helplessly as hands pinch and pull her breasts teeth bite and mouths suck greedily at her teats as the man fucking her face forces his cock down her gagging throat and groans pumping his seed right down her throat she chokes and splutters forced to suck it down for air as her poor cunt is hammered full of more semen. Another cock is stuffed in her mouth. she kicks and heaves and manages to twist on her side they laugh and hold her there dragging her knees higher as fingers grip and spread her big butt cheeks she chokes "NOOOOOO!!" around the meat in her throat as fingers test and explore her butt hole then force in "Lets fuck the mick bitches ass then lads, hold her!" Mr blue fists his meat and then spits on her held open ring she jerks and strains as he forces the head of his cock to her virgin ring and presses slowly in. Her throat floods with hot jizz and she coughs and swallows going rigid and kicking as his cockhead slides into her straining butt "There take it like a good girl that's it, TAKE IT!" he thrusts deep up her ass and she wails in horror as he starts to viscously rape her ass as the others cheer him on. “It’s is going to be a long night fucking night whore!”.

He holds her hip pinning her in place as he fucks into her virgin asshole spearing her making her legs kick franticly as he laughs, she tries to hit him shouting “No your hurting!!” but he grabs her hair and shakes her head viciously. She fights kicking her thick strong legs back and out trying to dislodge him the other men laugh and grab them. Their strong fingers arresting her straining partially nylon clad muscles. They drag her feet off the bed gripping the back of her thick knees and holding them fast as he gets right up on top of her and rams his cock into her shitter to the hilt “That’s it you fucking Irish piece of shit fight me huh? Huh!! There right up your fucking shitter you stupid Irish whore!!” One of them grabs her crying face “Arhhhh don’t you like it in your dirty fat ass? does it hurt?” she sobbed as he spat on her face.

Mr Blues hands grab the sides of her face fish hooking her mouth on either side and jolting her squirming form back on his rearing meat She wails and yelps as the cruel rapist in front of her grips her hair and forces his cock into her held open mouth thrusting into her choking throat and fucking her helpless head hard and fast. The laughter is cruel and harsh as Mr blue draws his meat back and laughs “hey looks like you should’ve taken a shit before you came here with your sorry ass excuses – nice and tight and hot just right!!” He rammed his shit slick cock right back up her making her held legs strike out rigid her AerLingus issue shoes pressing into the carpet as she bucked against his every thrust. His belly flattening her spread butt cheeks as he forced her to take every painful inch. He sped up the rest of them egging him on as he butt fucked her like a rag doll her gagging choked cries filling the room as her oral rapist yanked his cock out and spurted thick jizz all over her nose and eyes laughing as he slapped it across her weeping face as Mr Blue banged her faster and faster coming to a deep shuddering halt as with a deep groan he unleashed one heavy thump of semen after another up her hot wet pulsing rectum he pulled out his jerking cock spraying the last dregs of cum over her shuddering buttocks. They laughed and clapped, she was off she jumped upright twisting around and launched herself at the doorway a hand caught her shoulder but she shrugged it off dipping forward, stepping around one of her assailants to take a fist straight in the nose she yelped her head snapping up and back her body slumped forward limp they grabbed her and dragged her back to the bed, they threw her on her back and one kicked her legs open tearing more of her tights apart he mounts her hard thrusting up into her limp form he grips her stewardess turquoise neck scarf wrenching it tight around her throat, hands grab and pinch at her tits mouths find her nipples as she moans and starts to come too as her cunt is filled with another rush of hot semen. Her knees are gripped and lifted and another rapist leers down at her as he forces the head of his cock up into her gaping anus she yelps complaining as he thrusts in making her take it as two others garb her head and slap her thrusting their cocks against her face making her suck them “Please . .Please don’t” she begs as they ram both cocks into her mouth. The rapist up her ass fucks her solidly gripping her tits hard as he grunts his load up into her bowels. He pulls out she kicks and struggles as another mounts her filling her blonde snatch with his meat. The two men raping her face cum covering her face and pull away the man raping her cunt grips her by the throat and drags her up and over with him. she lands on top startled as he heaves up into her. Another is behind her she begs them not to as he forces his thick cock head into her sore leaking ass her thick legs strain and press to the bed as they both heave up into her. “That’s it you dumb Mick cunt take it in your shit box! -now fuck! be good – BE GOOD!” he slaps her hard until she starts to fuck her hips sobbing as she feels their hard cocks slide over each other inside her as the man behind her grips her shoulders and forces his meat to the hilt in her straining ass. “No –Nooooooohh-uhh-uhh!!” she grunts as they fuck her suddenly stiffening and shuddering wracked with orgasm letting out a pained sob as they realise and laugh as they keep on humping her hard through her sobbing pleas until with hard brutal strokes they both cum in her cunt and shitter forcing her over the brink again her hips jerking in short hard pumps as she cums again. She is grabbed by the hair and dragged off her ass letting out a loud wet fart as sperm splutters out their giggles stinging her as she is thrown on her face over the edge of the beds corner her legs are grabbed and fought together someone tapes her thighs together hard with gaffa tape just above her knees. Then another is on her forcing his meat into her butt hole her feet slip and straining against the carpet as he heaves up into her ass gripping the waistband of her uniform skirt as he starts to feverishly anally rape her. She glances at the bedside clock over seven hours before her return flight she stifles a smile grunting as the latest cock is ground deep up her bowels. She hears Mr Blue on the phone "Yeh you know I said I would get you that stewardess you wanted? Yep, I know, I have her here now so come over with your boys - yeah while she's still tight - see you soon Bye" "Hey whore! looks like those seven hours are going to fly by!"

Enjoy MG


Mad Gerald
03-24-2012, 07:28 AM
New pictures in my album - enjoy

Mad Gerald
04-23-2012, 12:27 PM
Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Part One

In the British forces homosexuality of either sex is not tolerated and as such has been dealt with and used by the military police even in the present day to achieve their own goals or even to have some fun at others expense.
The tri-service Netball squad had just finished their tour and the all female members had returned to their perspective units. The officer in command Flt Lt Sue Miles ( a nursing sister in the P.A.R.A.F.N.) had just returned to her flat unaware that her antics with Sgt Joan Smith and Private Sarah Todd of the Staffordshire regiment, had been noticed by a Wren who had only heterosexual interests and bearing a grudge had reported her suspicions to the military police at her unit, they then passed it on to the Security Intelligence Branch at Rudloe Manor. it took four days for it to hit the case book of staff sergeants John peters and Dave Bishop. They were detectives with the Armies Royal Military Police and were based at Rudloe Manor.
They acted fast arranging a pre-dawn raid on Flight Lieutenant Miles's flat. The next morning they took along a WRAC Cpl. RMP as chaperone. They were well versed in every aspect of their jobs and both had a well developed interest in female domination and humiliation. Flt Lt Miles came to the door in her dressing gown. She blinked bemused at the torch lit I.D's that were shown and then let them in Sgt John Peters cautioned her, she remained cool and collected. While the others ransacked her flat, looking for any kind of evidence.
Sgt Peters finished cautioning her. He was balding and about 6 inches shorter than the female officer. Then came to the bit he loved. "Under Queens regulations you are requested to dress in your No 1 uniform ma'm, without hat, do you understand?" she just glared at him defiantly. He escorted her to the bedroom. The Cpl. WRAC followed. In the bedroom the other Sgt was just sifting through her under wear draw. "Oh there you are Ma'm just in time I've selected some under wear and stockings for you" "You are kind Sergeant, now if you'll leave me to dress!"
"I'm sorry we can't do that Ma'm, Regulations I'm afraid"
She glanced at the WRAC Cpl. who nodded to confirm the truth in his remark. Her face began to flush as she went to the bed and retrieved her No 1. dress uniform and shoes.
She reluctantly took her dressing gown off and accepted the offered underwear off the grinning Sgt Peters.
Flt Lt Miles was a big stocky girl, 5' 10" a brunette with green eyes and about a size 14, her breasts were large and stiff 38DD. her full hips wide and ample. Well muscled through hours of training and hockey her legs were deliciously strong. The WRAC Cpl. looked away as they closely watched the Officer roll on her black stockings, and attach them to her suspender belt. They noticed she had a closely trimmed bush. she struggled to hide herself from their prying eyes, her face now a brilliant red as she pulled her pants up and fished for her bra.
Her backside was a wide firm alabaster expanse, Dave Bishop licked his lips appreciatively. She did up her bra and then pulled her uniform blue blouse on stretched taught across her large tits as she did the buttons up. Then her black tie, she pulled her skirt up over her strong thighs, did her belt up and then donned her uniform jacket. By the time she pulled her shoes on and smoothed her tightly gripping skirt both her and the WRAC Cpl. were both a brilliant red.
Sgt Bishop handcuffed her picked up her hat and escorted her to the police van outside. Flt Lt. Miles stayed calm even though she knew that there was more than enough evidence in her flat to convict her of Lesbianism and strip her of her commission and throw her out of the service. She just didn't know who else had been caught.
At the barracks of the Staffordshire regiment WRAC Sgt Joan Smith was sat in a similar van on her way to the prisoner holding cells at Rudloe. She was a large blonde, tears ran down her face as the two RMP'S on either side of her teased her about how she was going to find out what a cock felt like inside her, once she was there.
The Private Sarah Todd was a tall thin brunette with a model figure, she hadn't been in long and she was terrified and really nieve. she sat in another van on the same route.
They arrived at different times and were put in different cells and left to soak. The two detectives meanwhile sifted through the evidence they had collected, before deciding who to interrogate first.
There were letters damning them all, but the Private had kept a diary were she had foolishly written all the blow by blow details. By the way they were written you could tell she used her notes to masturbate with. It had names places everything.
They decided to start with her, she was very fragile and within minutes John and Dave had reduced her to tears. She admitted to all the stuff in the diary and more. Dave cruelly deceived and cajoled her into describing how after a post match drink she had finger fucked the Flt Lt until she came. By this time they both had major hardons and the WRAC Cpl. was bright red with silent embarrassment.
Due to the corrupt regime the ranks of the Military police section and the belligerence of the MOD to Lesbians and Gays in general, the investigators were given a free reign over the detainees. A blind eye was turned to their abuse as long as the heir-achy received videos of the proceedings for their own enjoyment.
The WRAC MP's said nothing for fear of persecution themselves. Those that did make a fuss were got rid of fast.
Sgt Bishop sent the WRAC Cpl. and Sgt Peters out for a break while he went in on the offensive. He told Private Todd that he could make it look like she had been abused by the others, who had used their ranks to make her do these things. That if she were to be a good girl she'd come out of this as the victim and save her career. She naively and tearfully agreed, he stood up and pushed the alarm button on the edge of the desk to signal that it was "game on" to the others outside.
Outside the room on the other side of the one way mirror the other RMP male officers gathered to watch. Through the mirror could be seen Private Todd on her knees in her No 1 uniform. Her face a picture of fear and humiliation as she watched the policeman get his hard manhood from his flies and wank it toward her face. He moved closer and clamped his hand around the back of her head and wiped the head of his cock around her lips.
The speaker above the mirror let them hear
"Please do I have to?"
"If you want a deal yes . . now say arhhh" the others giggled.
She opened her mouth and he pushed the crown in.
"now lick it you whore, that's it and suck . .good girl" He started to face
fuck her, hard. Her lips clamped around his shaft as he forcefully began to
rape her throat. He held her to it. He made her gag as he rammed it home,
groaning with pleasure as her poor throat constricted about the swollen
head. Her tear streaked face red with humiliation and exertion, her eyes
bulging as he made her jerk and struggle for breath as he rammed in and out
of her tight throat. He pulled out she gasped for breath. He pulled her up
by her hair and forced her over the desk.
"Get your fuckin skirt up twat! let me see your arse!!"
"What are you going to do?"
"You think a deal like that can be paid for with a crap blow job? oh no minimum price is anal sex you dumb bitch!"
"Anal sex? you mean in my bottom? but I've never . . ."
"Good then you'll find out, you want a deal or not?"
" What choice have I got you bastard!"
"Good point, now cut the crap and do as I told you, YEAH!!" She reached back pulling her service skirt up over her thighs and ass, revealing her stocking tops and suspenders, he gripped the hem of her panties and dragged them down. he pushed her face down, hard. "Hold your ass open!"
"Please no, no please can we do something else, I don't want to!"
"Fuckin' shut up with the theatricals, hold your ass open you stupid cunt!"
Her fingers went back and gripped her cheeks spreading them. he was behind her in a flash his cock against her open cleft. She held herself stiffly, face pushed against the wood as he pressed it against her virgin asshole. From outside she looked a picture laid in her dark green dress uniform, Her hands pinning the crumpled skirt against her waist as she held her buttocks open. Her interrogator forcing his cock into her unwilling ass. Her face a brilliant red as she grunted and strained in pain as he began to force in. She let out a cry as it popped into her ass. "OH FUCK NOO OHHHHHH!" he started to bugger it deeper. She slammed her hands on the desk top in frustration and pain. then she grabbed for the edge of the desk as he rammed deeper, her forehead pushed to the desk top as he started to butt fuck her hard. "OH UH UH please don't be long please I can't stand it ooh ahhhh oh FUCK!!" her legs kicked and straightened as he set to reaming her tight rectum. He grabbed her shoulders and fucked up into her ass with rapid deep strokes. making her whence and jerk with each merciless thrust. He took his time enjoying her helpless disgust at what she was being made to do. He rammed her deep and with a guttural moan shot his load deep into her spasming bowels.
The pained open mouthed expression changed to a look of disgust on her face telling them all outside that he'd cum. He pulled out moments later and pulled her pants back up into her crease. He dragged her skirt back down and pulled her up off the desk. He pushed her down on to the seat. He stood in front of her putting his cock away. She glared at him in hatred. He pulled her arms behind her back and cuffed her to the chair back. "Now don't go anywhere, someone else is sure to find a use for you !" he laughed and left the room. she was left there sobbing sat on her smarting ass his cum slowly dribbling out to pool in her panties.
In the cell across the corridor Sgt John Peters was interrogating the fat Sergeant.
Flt Lt Miles paced in another cell, desperate for a cigarette.

End of part one.

ENJOY MG :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
04-23-2012, 12:30 PM
Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Part Two.

In the cell across the corridor Sgt John Peters was interrogating the fat Sergeant. She was crying again.
John smiled at her across the desk, "We found your letters to Flt Lt Miles . . Quiet an interesting read."
She stared at him.
"I can still feel your fingers inside me, I thought I'd never stop cumming.
I can't wait to feel your tongue . ."
"Shut up! Shut up! You bastard!"
"Oh dear tetchy aren't you, must be love." she sobbed and stared at the floor.
"look the others haven't seen the letters, I pocketed them. I know these rules are shit you know there shit. Your a sergeant , I'm one. We're the only bastards that do any work yeah?" She looked at him fixedly.
" Sob. . So what . . are you saying eh?"
"What I'm saying is if we can't help each other who can?"
She looked around warily " So what's the meaning here?"
"Look Dave's a bastard yeah he fuckin' hates everyone. me I'm out for me. If we can swing some thing here what I'm offering is, you found out about Private miles and that stuck up WRAF Officer, threatened to expose them. They dirty your name too in vengeance. I expose that you were the informant. Hey presto they go down you stay in your career. What do you think?" He leant back smiling.
She leant forward over the desk "But I love Sue, You don't understand do you?"
"Oh I understand OK, but at the moment there ain't no way your ever going to get her face in your twat again. You'll get plenty of discips cock up your arse in military prison. But no Flt Lt's licking your cunt. Yeah! Outside there's plenty more fish sniffers in the ocean, you get the picture? is reality knocking on that fucking head of yours yet?" She sat staring at him tears rolling down her cheeks.
"So what do I have to do?" He grinned at her.
" Well I really like the look of that smart mouth of yours, I never was a back door merchant myself. So what do you say a couple of blow jobs a week until I get bored? Meanwhile I keep the rapist bastards off your back. What do you say?"
She looked really pensive. "I suck you off in return for freedom?"
"Well it will take awhile of course but we'll get there in the end" His hand inched along the underside of the desk and pressed the bell once. Outside Dave took his cue. he burst in through the door.
" Hey how's it going with you, John?"
"Oh just fine Dave, and you?"
"Very well, where's the briefcase?" John pointed at the floor behind him.
Dave grinned and went over and opened it, he fished out a tube of KY Gel.
" Private Todd's tight as fuck, this should help" he laughed and left.
John grimaced "Convinced yet?" Sgt Smith nodded stunned.
"Right then get on your knees. there's no time like the present"
The blonde Sgt slid to the floor still crying, John stood in front of her and undid his pants pulling his semi-erect cock out and wanking it slowly. He looked down at her drinking in the view. The blonde Sergeant kneeling there in her No1's her short blonde hair framing her plump face. her mascara run cheeks bright red. Big breasts pressing against her tight uniform jacket. The brass buttons straining. Handcuffed wrists atop her service skirt. her chubby black stocking clad knees pressed to the cold concrete floor.
"Lick it Whore!" She shut her eyes and complied, he wiped it over her face making her chase it, then he pushed it into her warm mouth. He gripped the back of her head and forced her to take it deeper.
"Good bitch, good bitch" he groaned as he started to fuck her mouth. her tongue fighting his cockhead as it pressed in.
"Suck, suck, there, yeah" her cheeks drew in as she sucked. she tried to pull back but he wasn't having it and he gripped the back of her head with both hands as he forced it into her throat. she gagged and tried to struggle free. he rammed her throat enjoying it's tight constrictions. She snorted through her nose as his hips pounded it as deep as he could force it. Her lips were stretched thinly around the base of his manhood now as he fucked himself with her head. She lifted her bound hands trying to push him away. he had her head fast and she had to keep swallowing to stop from choking. Suddenly he went on tiptoe and she felt it expand in her throat, and then he was cumming. Hot thick jets of semen filling her throat. she swallowed over and over feeling it's heat sliding down into her belly. he pulled back and out shooting the rest over her gasping face. He relaxed patting her head "Good bitch" he muttered.
Outside the one way mirror Dave and the others laughed.
"Did you see her face when he shot over it. Fuck John gets em every time!"
They watched as John scooped up the rest of his wad off her face and made her lick it off his fingers. Leaving her face a sticky tightening mess. He got her to sit back down then. while he smoked a cigarette. After about ten minutes Dave came in.
"You finished with this shit head yet?"
"For the moment yes, She's been very CO-operative, haven't you Sgt Smith or should I call you Joan?" She just scowled at him.
"Right I've left Private Todd with a couple of corporals, she's been very
accommodating" they both laughed "A few of us are going to see if our Flt
Lt is game for a good ass reaming" he held up the KY tube "I've still
plenty left"
Sgt Smith couldn't stand it "You leave her alone you BASTARD!!" she spat leaping to her feet.
"Now you'll get you're turn don't be so eager!" he laughed.
"YOU filthy twat I'll fucking kill you" she rushed him head down. Dave side stepped and grabbed her shoulders twisting her into the wall. She hit it hard and crumpled to the floor. She struggled to get up. Dave put his foot on her shoulder and pushed her back down.
"Never mind would you like to come and watch?" he leered.
She'd started to cry again "Sob . . don't touch her please. .don't"
Dave grinned "But she's got such a lovely big arse" he looked over his
shoulder " And you know how I like a big arse John"
John drew on his cigarette "You've got a big arse haven't you Sgt Smith"
Dave grinned down at her "yeah you have ain't 'yer"
She stared wide eyed at them pleading " Leave her alone please . .sob"
"Well you see I'm desperate to bugger some bitch and Private Todd's ass aint up to much . . .so that leaves Flt Lt Miles or yours?"
Joan swallowed shutting her eyes "You bastards, bastards" she said under her breath.
They left her to contemplate.
She sat on the chair in the interrogation room and wept.
" OK You Twats what do you want me to do?"
Dave said nothing he crossed to her and threw the used tube of KY gel on
the desk top. She stared at it and sobbed biting her nails They left her
for another ten minutes. Then he went back to her
"You gonna be a good girl then?". She nodded slowly tears welling in her eyes.
"Your not going to regret this Sgt . . . .Much!" John laughed. and pressed the alarm button.
Outside the mirror the two RMP's there switched on the video camera and trained it on the rooms interior, then focused it on her tear streaked face.
Inside Dave's tone changed "Right then Joan, get over the desk you fat bitch, let us see those big buns! arms out in front!". Hesitantly she did as she was told.
John grabbed her wrists and re-cuffed them to the draw handle on the other side. She sobbed and muttered "Please . .don't".
They callously ignored her and set to yanking her uniform skirt up over her fat ass and hips. They then tied rope around each thigh, just above the knee. They struggled to force her strong legs wide open. They won and she lost her footing, She slumped to the desk top.
"Please what are you going to dooooo aahhhhh please nooooo!"
When her legs were uncomfortable wide they tied them off to the desk legs. They stretched her tights down off her arse to mid thigh and then dragged her pants down.
Her backside was big and round, her globes tight and white as alabaster. Dave ran his hands over her trembling cheeks. She clenched them protectively showing how strong she was. Her pussy covered in short blonde hairs, the lips closed and dry with fear.
Dave spread them harshly with his fingers and then eased two fingers in. The big Army Sergeant groaned and tried to pull away. John pulled her cheeks open to take a peak at her asshole, she strained to keep them closed.
"She's strong, lets give her something else to think about while we get up her chuff!" john remarked. she struggled more "NOOO NOT my ass please no!" "Oh we'll go see Flt Lt Mile's then, shall we?"
Sgt Smith hung her head in submission "no no don't" she groaned John produced a vibrator from his briefcase a thick long monster "This should do the trick!". Dave withdrew his fingers. John parted her lips and began forcing it in. he got it almost half way in and then turned it on. Joan groaned and flinched as it began to strum through her belly. he rammed it deeper, forcing it into the poor woman until the whole thing was buried in her snatch. Her lips closed around it possessively. Her hips twitched. She strained helplessly against her bonds.
"And now for a little something to keep you interested" Dave pulled a tube of muscle heat ointment out of his pocket and took a dab off onto the end of his index finger. with his other hand he parted her cunt lips around her hood and teased it back then he smeared the salve on to her partly protruding clit. Joan screamed and went wild trying desperately to rub her clit on anything. Dave put his finger on the end of the vibrator and forced it back in as her cunt tried to spit it out as she struggled.
John produced two strips of duct tape and they stuck it to her belly across her cunt and on to her ass cheeks. Both formed a cross holding the vibrator inside her but leaving her clit and asshole still exposed. "YOU BASTARDS ARGHHHH!! Please OHH Please!"
John laughed "Yeah I'd say that got her attention!"
He busied himself smearing KY into her deep ass crease moistening her amber rimmed dimple.
"Looks nice and tight!" Dave licked his lips appreciatively. He stood and drew his cock out. Joan was so busy trying to rub her cunt on the edge of the desk. His cock head was between her cheeks against her ring before she noticed. He started to press in "Oh God NOO Please ah ah ah noooo! don't don't" "To late a deals a deal bitch!" even so John had to lean over and drag her cheeks open so that Dave could press in. She sobbed and bucked putting up an almighty fight. It was wonderful to watch as she writhed and squirmed helplessly in that tight fitting No1 uniform.
Outside the one way mirror the other RMP's crowded around the camera to watch the blonde bitch Sgt get sodomised.
Dave was enjoying the struggle to hold her down as she bucked and jerked her bound legs. Dave's cock was thick and long, circumcised. Johns fingers bit deep into her stiff globes holding them wide. The blunt tip of his cock began to spear her tightly clenched hole.
"ARHHHH Fuck you cunts!" she swore and strained, moaning and flexing her hips as her clit burned, she had to rub it. at that instant her ass relaxed. Just enough Dave found purchase and shoved hard it took three goes but eventually with him holding it and pressing it in viciously. She howled and jerked as the head slowly eased her ring wider and wider until his helmet popped into her furtively resisting hole. She let out a bellow of rage and flung herself about wildly. She collapsed jerking as he inched in. She sobbed and buried her face in the desktop, He rammed deeper and deeper up into her cramping bowels.
Dave relaxed letting her rectum spasm and throb around the head of his cock. John spread her cheeks wide so the camera could see her big ass impaled on his meat. He let go of them so Dave could get on with buggering his prize. He started to force up her big stiff quaking ass. She grunted with exertion and re-clenched her cheeks to stop him but all that did was to increase the pleasure as he began to really fuck her ass. He could feel the vibrations from her cunt ass he slid over the back of the vibrator. Her whole body shuddered and she let out a deep groan as he forced it deep. John looked on feeling his cock rising again as he watched, wishing it was his turn soon. He smiled to himself enjoying every line of her pain wracked face. 'Be late home tonight' he thought. Her feet kicked the floor. Dave had hold of her ample hips pushing her service skirt higher as he forced her to take it deep and hard. She cried out and went stiff each time it slid home. His balls slapped against her duct tape covered twat. He began to bugger her with hard deep strokes building rhythm. Sgt Smith groaned and lifted her ass to him, sobbing less with each gut wrenching stroke. Her mouth open in a frozen yell as she began to heave back with abandon.
yanking on the cuffs. she was fucking back now hard. driving her hips back in a slow circle. She stiffened as he shoved up her ass hard. Suddenly she cried out and jerked rigid four or five times. Her belly exploded into shattering orgasms. She rammed back madly. Dave held on for dear life "Fuckin' hell the bitch came!" He began really cruelly butt fucking her then. Slapping her big cheeks and ramming deep in her pulsing asshole. Moments later with a heartfelt grunt he let loose an enormous spurt of hot seed deep into her clenching rectum. She groaned as she felt it shoot into her. After a few more stabs he pulled out and moved away. John pulled his trousers open and released his rock hard cock he hurried behind her and plunged it into her slippy chute. She lay there unmoving as he started to bugger her. after awhile he got pissed off and grabbed her short blonde hair and wrenched her head back. Now he could really butt fuck her hard. His cock tearing in and out of her sore anus. She quickly started to react again. Struggling as he bore down on her.
He leant close to her ear "Flt Lt Mile's is really gonna love this, do you think? now we've practiced on your arse she's gonna love each of us reaming her bum, and then all the others are going to have a whale of a time with that stuck up bitch!" Sgt Smith went wild with anger. He just laughed and held on as she thrashed and struggled fucking his cock with her hot tight ass, enjoying the ride. He let go of her hair and grabbed her big bum cheeks. he pinched them up like two great fleshy handles cruelly. Viciously making her take every inch, until just as he was about to cum he pulled back until just the tip of his cock was gripped by her ring. He let himself go, so she could feel his hot semen jet into her just vacated bowels. and his helmet jerk and twitch in her sore ring.
"AAAHHHHHH YOU BASTAAAARD AH AH AHHH You fucking cunt oooh oooh!!" He let his cock slide out, semen ran out of her abused ass hole. He slapped her arse in appreciation.
Minutes later they were stood in front of her smoking. She couldn't look at them.
" Well, I suppose we should untie her legs as she was such a good bitch, what do you think, John?"
"Yeah I agree, then we can leave it for today. Do you think we should Sergeant Smith?" She nodded dumbly in relief she was desperate for the toilet now and felt degraded and filthy. They quickly untied her legs and she found her footing. They manhandled her over onto her back. The cuffs pulling painfully. she expected them to release them if only from the desk. One grabbed her face and before she had a chance the other thrust a hard ball into her mouth. They hurried to fasten the straps around her face. She snorted for breath through her nose biting on the awful thing. "MMMPHHH UHHHNMPHHHHH" she moaned through it. The door opened and more RMP's came in. she watched terrified as they set up two metal poles attached to the desk legs, then two rests with straps. She realized they were Gynecological stirrups. she started to struggle feverishly. They grabbed her legs and fought them up into the thigh rests. She strained and twisted but they were far too strong. Eventually her thick thighs were located and two straps held each firmly in place. They tore her tights to get her legs wider, then her pants, they passed them around sniffing them.
Then Dave and John adjusted the rests so that her thighs were up parallel to her body, her ass and cunt lifted up open and inviting. she tested with her legs. she was helpless. the vibrator still oscillated inside her taped up cunt. Dave wrenched the tape off. Her stifled howl as each was torn off was met by silent indifference. He withdrew the vibrator and played it over her sensitive clit, She felt her hips fuck on their own as he and the others grinned down at her helpless form.
"Right then Sgt Smith we're going to leave you in the custody of these men, sure you'll keep them entertained." She could only stare pleadingly at them. He told the mp's "You are to fuck this whore all night, either hole, just don't spoil her. I want you to keep her like this, by morning I want her cunt full to over flowing with semen! you understand?" "Yes Sarge!" they chorused. Dave and Pete grabbed they're things and left. Outside they stopped and watched through the mirror as the first one (of eight) eagerly mounted the helpless Sergeant. Another was pulling her Uniform jacket and blouse open to reveal her large bra clad breasts he pulled it down and two of them set too gripping her breasts and mouthing her filling teats. Her whole body shuddered and writhed under them. The two Police sergeants turned and went to form a plan of attack for Flt Lt Miles.

End of Part Two

:skull-bee Enjoy MG

Mad Gerald
04-23-2012, 12:32 PM
Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Over dinner in the mess, they talked at length of how to go with Flt Lt Miles. Once they had the act together they went back to work. Flt Lt Sue Miles paced in the interrogation room she'd been there all day. Her mind was racing she couldn't see a way out of her predicament. Was she the only one under suspicion, who else would they have picked up?
It was half seven in the evening when the door opened and Sgt's Dave Bishop
and John Peters came in. Followed by their token chaperone Cpl. Jane Wright
who took up position to the left of the door. They placed a heavy briefcase
on the desk and John dragged over a plastic chair and sat down. Dave remained standing.
She stood on the other side of the desk looking deliciously smart in her Officers No 1 Uniform, her hat was on the desk. They both looked her over she was very conscious of they're attention. She was truly a gorgeous woman. Tall, Powerful looking, large breast's, wide hips. She filled her grey/blue uniform to the brim it fitted like a glove (as it should it had been tailored only weeks before). Her collar was undone, her black tie loosened. Her uniform jacket presented her large breasts beautifully extenuating the curves of her Amazonian femininity. The brass buttons holding it closed over Her 38DD tits. Her thick skirt taut over her wide hips and strong legs, which looked wonderful in the black sheer stockings they had chosen for her that morning. Her court shoes gleamed. Their thoughts went back to her humiliation as she dressed before them that morning and her awareness of her intense sexuality. "Sit down Ma'm, we have some questions for you."
"I need the bathroom Sergeant ".
"Not now later Ma'm"
She sat down showing no sign of stress as she faced them. Her black hair framing her beautiful face, her body relaxed, she put her still cuffed hands on her lap before her.
"We have received a complaint levelled at yourself, concerning homosexual
behaviour contrary to Queens regulations, are you aware of the seriousness
of these allegations"
She swallowed slowly maintaining her composure "I'm surprised, and yes I am
Dave grinned "Of your homosexuality or the seriousness" She stared at him blankly "Of the seriousness Sergeant." "Do you know who would make such an allegation against you Ma'm?" John asked.
"An aggrieved subordinate perhaps?" she smiled.
"More like a spurned lover". Dave goaded.
She ignored his remark. "May I go to the bathroom now?" John glanced at Dave's darkening face and thought 'god that'll cost you', "No not Yet! Ma'm". he said.
They questioned her at length about her private life, she gave careful
guarded answers. After about an hour the started talking about her sporting
interests and then about her role with the Tri-service Netball squad. They could feel her mood had changed. She was increasingly careful of her words.
They loved this playing cat and mouse with the stuck up bitch, not letting her know what they knew. Letting her talk her way into a corner. She had no boyfriend because of the pressure of work.
"You go out drinking with the girls in the Netball squad though?"
"I'm expected to I'm they're OC" She countered.
"Are you expected to sleep with them too?" Dave asked.
She faltered going crimson. "No I'm not"
"But you do?" asked John bluntly.
She stared at him swallowing "No I don't"
John Smiled "But a letter at your flat refers to when you were in bed with someone. was that one of the team members?"
"No" she looked uncomfortable now.
"Who then?" said Dave quickly.
She fell silent.
"One of the letters says that you made someone feel special" "Merely sporting encouragement" she smiled confident. "Perhaps you supplied the service woman with drugs to get that effect?"
She laughed "Oh come on Sergeant, you can't be serious?" the looks on their
faces said that they did. She swallowed nervously.
"Oh we are, we are" John smiled.
Dave produced a specimen bottle from his pocket and placed it on the table.

"If you could supply a sample, we can have it tested, and that avenue of investigation at least can be forgotten."
"Not here surely, it's intolerable" She looked to the WRAC Cpl. for support. She stood by the door silently staring ahead. "You are chaperoned, regulations demand that an investigating officer visually supervises the sample production. I don't see a problem, do you?" He leered.
"You're doing this on purpose, you perverts!" her face was burning red. Dave grinned " You are of course able to enter a written complaint if you are unhappy with the way you have been treated."
"How does that help me now?!" she blurted.
"oh it doesn't. Failure to produce a sample will be administered as an admission of guilt at your trial." Got you bitch he thought. Dave went under the desk and pulled out a bucket he placed it on the floor to the side of the desk. "Here we are" she stared at him filled with anger.
John pushed the paperwork across the desk.
"It's all in order, you just sign at the bottom, we sign as witnesses. when
your ready Ma'm."
She stood up and walked to the bucket. She was so embarrassed. She couldn't
believe the Bastards were going to make her do this.
The two of them came close enjoying her unease.
"I can't do this with my hands in these" she motioned with her cuffed wrists.
Dave smirked "well you have to Ma'm would you like help with your skirt?".
She couldn't look at him "What choice have I got then?". Dave and John pulled her over the bucket and drew her skirt up her parted legs. Her legs were gorgeous in the sheer black stockings she had on. Her white thighs contrasting beautifully with them. Her naked thighs were goosebumped either with cold or excitement.
They both knelt down admiring the sight. Her face was crimson tears welled in her eyes.
She crouched really uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. The men's hungry faces made her shudder.
"Are you going to piss through your pants? or would you like me to pull them out of the way?" Dave grinned at her discomfort. She lost her voice she nodded and swallowed. trying to think of something else.
Dave ran his hand up her thigh and to the hem of her panties. He pulled them to one side. Her pussy was framed in trimmed black hair her vulva slightly swollen and parted. Both men grinned at her she shut her eyes. "Whenever your ready Ma'm". john said.
She tried but couldn't even though she was desperate to go.
"Just think of a waterfall" Dave sniggered.
her eyes flashed angrily at him. she constricted her muscles and a thin
stream of piss spluttered out. the first drops ran down her inner thigh and
were absorbed by her stocking tops. The rest strummed into the bucket. John
pushed the bottle into the flow as it began to pour out. once full he capped it.
Dave let go of her panties they snapped back over her twat immediately becoming soaked. "OOPS!" he joked.
"Nooo!" she tried to stop but couldn't. The rest of her piss fell through the cotton of her pants into the bucket. Eventually she stopped. her pants and thighs were slick with her piss.
"You bastards" she croaked mortified.
They let her skirt drop and stood up. She stayed crouched over the bucket.
"You bastards! I need to clean up where can I go?"
Dave chuckled "Hey now it's not our fault if you piss yourself, is it now?"
they both laughed. Flt Lt Miles glanced at the WRAC on the door she looked appalled then looked away.
"Sit down Ma'm, we have lots more to ask you"
"You can't leave me like this!" she gasped.
"Sit down or we'll make you sit. SIT DOWN!" Dave shouted.
She jumped and after glaring at them for moments went over and gingerly sat down. Her piss soaked pants squelched as she sat. Her skirt started to soak up the wetness.
John thrust the pen at her and motioned her to sign.
She grabbed the pen and began to sign then she read the first line. 'I Flt Lt Susan Miles have been engaged in lesbian activity throughout my service . . .' She dropped the pen they grinned at her.
"You really are arseholes aren't you"
John smiled "Oh yes, it's what we're paid to do"
She sat back appalled at their attitude.
The questions started again.
It was Two in the morning that eventually she let slip by inadvertently referring to Joan Smith as 'Sexy' and damned herself. She was almost in tears they welled up but she kept control.
They excused the Cpl. WRAC.
John and Dave stood over her now as she struggled to maintain her composure.
"I feel I must inform you that we arrested Sgt Joan Smith earlier in the evening( He lied) and a Private Sarah Todd". She looked crestfallen. "Is Joan all right where is she?" she asked.
"She's down the corridor she's fine, we haven't spoken with her yet" (Down the corridor Joan was jerking stiffly as a police dog handler emptied his load into her sopping cunt, he pulled off and another started to ease into her asshole. making her grunt into the ball gag and wince.)
Dave motioned to John and the WRAC, He took the hint and ushered the chaperone out of the room.
"So your worried about Joan then?" he said.
She nodded and stood up to get off the wet seat, walking to the wall.
"Yeah and that would mean anything to you?"
Dave drew out the letters from Joan's flat "I know how much she means to you, I've read your letters" She turned staring at him questions forming in her mind. "The others haven't seen them. I thought maybe we could strike a deal and without these the MOD would have no evidence against you." She brightened visibly "You devious little man, So it's all an act! I didn't have you down as a gay I must admit" she grinned getting the wrong idea.
"I'M NOT! I just know what I like and You've got the body of a fuck bunny in that Uniform" "oh" her face fell.
" So if your a good girl and do as your told, then these letters get a trip
to the shredder, I'm sure we can then exonerate you and make out it was just soar grapes on the part of the grudge bearing subordinates. you get the picture?"
She smiled now seeing a way out. " and what does this being a good girl mean exactly Sergeant?"
He grinned broadly and threw the almost empty tube of Ky on the desk in front of her.
The Flt Lt stared at it for a few moments "My my you are a filthy disgusting little man aren't you Sergeant . . .You still haven't told me what you expect of me . . . to exonerate myself? . . . Its obviously perverse" He leered at her " Oh yes it is Ma'm, you see I want you to bend over the desk pull your skirt up over your nice round arse and hold it open for me while I shove my cock up your tight snobby asshole . .Ma'm" "And what about your friend?" she asked hard faced.
"Oh I'll expect he'll want the same too"
"You disgust me you maggot!" She turned away for ages then looked back.
"Can I trust you Sergeant?" her voice breaking.
"Of course you can Ma'm" his hand edged to the alarm bell.
"Like I did with my pants when I went to the toilet, sure?"
"That was humour, yeah?"
"Very funny, What about Joan?"
"You be good and do this for me, and depending on how good you are, well put it this way we can be very lenient when it suits us. I'm sure we can sort something for her too."
"Can I get to see her?" she asked.
"I can arrange that too" oh you'll see her all right he thought.
He pressed the bell.
She held her wrists out. Then he unlocked her handcuffs. Outside John had just stood the WRAC Cpl. down he turned to watch through the glass. He glanced at the video camera pointing into the room just to ensure there was plenty of tape left.
The Flt Lt had just pulled her skirt up her thighs showing her long, strong legs.
Her wet pants clinging to her ass her thighs and stockings still damp with piss. The uniform material bunched at her waist. Dave walked around behind her. admiring her athletic stocking clad legs. Her ass was deliciously chubby.
"Bend over the desk Ma'm!" his voice taking on a dominant edge. Outside the mirror a group of RMP's were gathering with John. They watched as Dave drew down her wet pants to mid thigh. He ran his hands over her big round goose bumped cheeks. He turned his head to grin at the mirror. "Hold yourself open!"
Her hands hesitantly went back and cupped her globes, she slowly drew them apart. she could feel his eyes drinking in the view of her stiff round spread ass, admiring her deep crease and her amber ringed anus. She tried to destroy the mood for him "I'm afraid I haven't been to the toilet today, apart from that pee earlier" she said her voice full of arrogant triumph as she imagined his disgust at the prospect. Behind her he smeared KY on his index finger and then began easing it against her tightly closed sphincter. She winced beautifully.
"That's OK, but I think your gonna wish you had" he remarked as it eased in up to the first knuckle. She looked crestfallen again as then inadvertently groaned as his finger slid deeper. Her fingers clutched at her flesh drawing it wider.
Her ring clinging to his finger as he slid it in and out. She was unbelievably tight.
He couldn't wait any longer he pulled it out she flinched. She was trembling.
Flt Lt Miles held still as he stood behind her and she heard him undress.
He wanked his cock slowly as he approached her wide rear.
"WIDER!" he barked. She fumbled and managed to spread them wider. He pushed the head of his cock to her puckered greased hole. She shut her eyes tight gritting her teeth, as he began to press in. It started to give and she gasped as she felt the pressure build, her ring began to ache and burn as he forced in stretching her virgin ring.
Suddenly she jerked rigid her face contorting as it popped past her ring and it sat hotly in the entrance to her rectum. He began to push, She let out a cry of anguish as he inched it in. her fingers fighting to keep hold of her splayed butt.
"OH GOD . . OOH stop please OHH . I . . I need the toilet. I do ooooh stop please. OOOOHHHHHH!" Her bowels cramped as he forced in. He backed off and then in again, "OOH UHH" she groaned. He almost pulled out she felt as if she would shit herself and she clenched her cheeks around his girth. He grabbed her uniform skirt clad hips and drew her back onto it. She arched her back in pain as he slowly crammed it in. Her head lifting from the table.
"OHH GOD! just get it over with, OHH YOU BASTARD IT HURTS! OH UHH please
please just OH OH UHH UHH!!" she felt as if she was about to shit each time
he pulled back, but his thick cock head stopped her. He started to butt fuck her then slowly building up into deep hard thrusts that went deeper and deeper forging a furrow up into her narrowing rectum.
She staggered forward on to the desk top. "THAT'S A GOOD WHORE, TAKE IT
CUNT!!" he shouted as his excitement started to build. his balls slapped
her cunt as he pistoned her arse. She cried out and clutched desperately at
her ass cheeks trying to widen it's path and ease the pain. He looked down on his new found prize an RAF Officer in her No1's her body jerking in rhythm with his cruel strokes up her held open ass. He rammed hard and grinned as her head shot up her back arching in pain again. he grabbed her hat off the desk top and thrust it on her head. He stayed deep in her feeling her poor stretched rectum spasm around his cock her heat almost bringing him to the brink. She made lovely grunting noises as he reamed deeply up her bowels. Her strong wide buttocks opening and closing with each hard stab.
He pinched her fleshy hips forcing her hard against the desk edge. He battered against her ass, her cheeks juddering back and too. She grunted and moaned with each solid thrust. Her face lined with pain as he took her harder and harder, her legs stamping and straining as she struggled to accommodate his swollen tool. She let go of her arse and grabbed at the opposite edge of the desk. Then her right hand went to her face and she began biting on the back of it. He was fucking her ass with a savage pace now. Her court shoes slid on the floor as she kicked and stamped in anguish. He brutally raped her ass. she sobbed hoping he would finish soon.
Outside the mirror John and the others were watching enjoying every grimace
and entreaty the poor Flt Lt went through. They all had a look of sadistic glee on there faces.
Inside Flt Lt mile's tear streaked face changed to one of open mouthed
horror, She went rigid as he speared her viciously, her feet lifting from
the floor as she felt his cock expand and pulse trapped in the tight sleeve
of her rectum. She yelped as she felt his hot load spurt into her guts, over and over he came as she writhed under him. Her belly aching as his hot seed filled her colon. She lay there exhausted.
John decided it was time to make his entrance as Dave pulled his shit covered cock from her still spasming asshole. The Flt Lt groaned in relief as he pulled out. She startled horrified as John walked in seeing her like this. Dave yanked her briefs back up into her ass, and pulled her skirt down. She went to get up bright red with humiliation. "Oh don't stop taking it up the shitter on my account Ma`m" John said enjoying her obvious distress. Dave moved away and she stood up and then immediately regretted it as her ass let out a loud fart and shit and spunk soiled her knickers. They both laughed. She cringed and shuddered staring fixedly at the floor.
"You better sit down before you shit on the floor Ma`m!" john grinned at her shocked face.
"You've obviously struck a deal, am I in on it?" john turned to Dave and winked.
"Sure john, would I leave you out?"
Flt Lt Miles was still stood up. shocked at her predicament. "I SAID SIT DOWN!!" John shouted at her. She complied her face an image of disgust as she sat on the mess in her pants.
"So what's the deal?" John asked.
"We become very lenient, she gets exonerated the others are cautioned and in return, You tell him Ma`m" said Dave.
She looked daggers at him and swallowed nervously. "NO" "Oh go on, you tell him" She looked away at the floor, bright red "You get to bugger me" she said quietly.
"Sorry what was that?" John said putting his hand to his ear.
"YOU BUGGER ME" she forced out tears rolling down her face.
They both smirked, John walked over to her and stood in front of her.
"Very nice, though it seems too easy, Did you agree to be a good girl?" She
nodded yes.
" Oh good. Get up come here!" She stood and walked over. "please not in my bottom again so soon I . . I can't stand it" "Exoneration's an expensive business Ma`m" Dave gloated. "sit on the edge of the desk Ill clean you up." She looked at him with disbelief.
"Do you want to stay covered in shit and spunk or not? get back on the fucking desk!" She saw he had some wipes in his hand. She sat on the edge.
Next minute Dave had her upper arms and wrenched them behind her holding
her elbows fast. She struggled as John reached around and he handcuffed her
arms just above the crook of her elbows painfully.
"YOU BASTARDS YOU SA . . . . UMPPHHHHH" John was shoving a hard ball into
her thick lipped mouth. He busied himself doing up the straps for the ball
gag at the side of her terror stricken face. Once done they switched
places. John pulled her skirt back up around her waist so that her soiled
panties sat against his crotch. Dave wrenched them down and off and threw
them to one side. Then he grabbed her ankles one at a time and tied them to
the desk legs spreading her strong legs delightfully. She struggled straining with her legs testing the rope he'd used. John put his arms around her front and undid her jacket buttons then her blouse. Then he pulled each bra cup down off her fat stiff tits. he started to fondle them squeezing and pulling them. Her nipples soon came up, thick studs, her aureole wrinkled and dark as they filled. He brushed and teased them. Dave left the room.
John pushed her upright the poor Flt Lt teetered on her bound legs. Behind her he pushed his pants down and wanked his cock admiring her large inviting butt. She struggled to keep her footing. She glanced about unsure what was going to happen.
Before her the door opened and Dave came in with Private Todd. She was blindfolded her arms pulled back behind her. She was dressed in her army No1 dress. Suddenly John grabbed the Officers hips and dragged her backwards so that the thick head of his cock sat between her bum cheeks. She protested uselessly into the gag.
Dave forced the helpless Private to her knees in front of Flt Lt miles. He
held her by the hair. "Open your mouth bitch!" she did " Stick your tongue
out!" hesitantly she complied. He pushed her tongue into the Flt Lt's pussy
she shuddered as Todd immediately began to explore the unseen cunt offered to her. "Good girl, that's it you lick it out good, make her cum or it's anal games with the Police dog of your dreams yeah" She began to lap and tease avidly with more vigour.
"UHH . . MMMMMMPH . . UHMPH" came from the officer as her neglected cunt began to respond. She jerked with a groan as Johns cock began to enter her slick anus. His hands came up and started to grip and pull her teats, milking them slowly. Todd's tongue fluttered over her clit hood and she shuddered and eased back against the cock in her butt. Her eyes rolling up into her head with the new found combination of pleasure and burning pain. She eased her hips up and down letting it slip deeper. Todd's tongue slid up between her inner lips, Flt Lt Miles groaned and began to slowly butt fuck herself back onto Johns thick manhood. She pressed down accepting it all the way up her just busted ass. She twitched and jerked impaled on it. Feeling the Privates tongue dip over and over into the entrance to her cunt.
John held her to him letting her do the work. He squeezed her teats pinching and twisting them. He breathed in her ear " That's it you lesbian whore fuck me with your tight ass, good girl, good girl, try and shit it out, go on, ohhh yeah and again uhhhh, I'm gonna fill your belly with hot spunk, you cunt, uhh uhh" Her buttocks pressed down at him as she took him full length up her rectum.
She pumped her legs enjoying it's fullness, Todd's tongue was circling her
protruding clit, her belly ached and tightened, it flicked over it, and
again, then her lips sealed over it and she started to suck. Flt Lt Mile's
legs jerked and danced, then she went wild heaving up and down on his hard
pole. She threw her head back howling into the gag as her uterus burst into
hot contractions and then the heat burst from her cervix and she came.
Private Todd released her clit and hurried to lap up the hot juices that
sprayed out of her cunt lips. Dave wrenched her head away so he could watch
as love juice gushed over and over from her quivering twat. John couldn't believe how her arse squeezed his cock as she came. It was just hot humid suction he held on waiting his moment.
Dave pushed Private Todd to the floor and pulled his rigid cock out again. he quickly got in front of her and forced himself into her dripping twat.
He heaved it in feeling Johns cock slide behind his. Only her thin internal
wall between them as he started to fuck her helpless cunt. Fuck she was tight. Flt Lt Miles was in ecstasy hardly aware the bastards were making a sandwich of her.
She jerked and shuddered between them her breath snorting with force from
her nostrils, with each heavy shove she took. They picked up the pace
getting in sync as they fucked up into her. Suddenly Johns cock exploded up
her arse. His cock pulsing seed up into her sucking ass. The throbbing of
his cock set Dave off and he grudge fucked seed deep into her cunt. Flt Lt
Miles came again her belly releasing excruciating pleasure in waves through
her abused cunt and rectum.
Dave pulled out and went over to Private Todd he wrenched her up by her
hair and forced her mouth down on to his slick cock "Clean it you cunt" she
lapped at it obediently until it was clean. then he dragged her over to Flt
Lt Miles who was laid back on top of John in the throws of aftermath. He made the Private lick her semen dripping cunt out. Then around her ass as Johns cock slid out.
Dave lifted the limp officer up so that John could get up. They released her legs and then lay her face down on the desk. Dave forced Private Todd to start licking out her spunk and shit coated ass hole. They left them like that while they smoked watching as they thought about what to do to the bitches next.

End Of Part Three.

Sticky fingers yet Enjoy MG :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
04-23-2012, 12:37 PM
Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Part four.

Once Private Todd had finished cleaning out Flt Lt Miles's ass crease, Dave
pulled her away and forced her to kneel in the corner. John meanwhile went over to the exhausted officer. He grabbed her shoulders and dragged her up the desk so that her head overhung the end. He undid the ball gag and pocketed it. Flt Lt miles gasped and panted relieved at it's removal. She blinked and tried to focus as he crouched down near her face.
"I suppose you want to see Sgt Smith now don't you Ma`m?" "Yes . . The other Sgt said I could it was part of the deal" she said hopefully.
"No he said you could see her if you were a good girl. Now didn't he?"
"Yes, yes he did"
" Do you think you've been a good girl Ma`m?" he grinned cruelly.
"Well . .(sob) I thought after all that? I'd been good"
"Do you call leaving me with a shitty cock being a good girl huh?"
"B . . But you said . . Please(sob)"
"I'll tell you what you clean up this mess, and then you can see your precious Fat lez again. What do you think" he stood and offered his limp cum and shit coated cock to her face.
"Oh God you disgusting creep I . . I couldn't possibly no." he waved it in front of her grimacing face.
"Dave she doesn't want to see Sgt Smith! Tell the others they can start" "No, No I will I will, Oh god you bastard!"
"Tut, tut, swearing is not very officer like now is it Ma`m. That's not being good now is it?" he leered
"I'm sorry I'll be good, I'll be good!" she shut her eyes grimacing as he offered his cock to her mouth, She gagged as he pushed it in, then recovered. "Clean it! Clean It Ma'm" he barked. She began to lick and suck his limp cock clean. Dave watched grinning as she went about this degrading act. Once John was happy she had done a thorough job he put his tool away.

Flt Lt Miles spat and sobbed desperate to get rid of the awful taste. Dave came over "Now you get some rest Ma'm while we get some paper work done, and then maybe you can see Sgt Smith" he patted her face. They collected Private Todd and left. Leaving her face down on the desk.

End of part three

Part four.
Once Private Todd had finished cleaning out Flt Lt Mile's ass crease, Dave
pulled her away and forced her to kneel in the corner. John meanwhile went over to the exhausted officer. He grabbed her shoulders and dragged her up the desk so that her head overhung the end. He undid the ball gag and pocketed it. Flt Lt miles gasped and panted relieved at it's removal.
She blinked and tried to focus as he crouched down near her face.
"I suppose you want to see Sgt Smith now don't you Ma'am?" "Yes . . The other Sergeant said I could it was part of the deal" she said hopefully.
"No he said you could see her if you were a good girl. Now didn't he?"
"Yes, yes he did"
" Do you think you've been a good girl Ma'am?" he grinned cruelly.
"Well . .(sob) I thought after all that? I'd been good h . . haven't I?"
"Do you call leaving me with a shitty cock being a good girl huh?"
"B . . But you said . . Please (sob)"
"I'll tell you what you clean up this mess, and then you can see your precious Fat lez again. What do you think" he stood and offered his limp cum and shit coated cock to her face.
"Oh God you disgusting creep I . . I couldn't possibly no." he waved it in front of her grimacing face.
"Dave she doesn't want to see Sgt Smith! Tell the others they can start" "No, No I will I will, Oh god you bastard!"
"Tut tut swearing's not very officer like now is it Ma'am. That's not being
good now is it?" he leered
"I'm sorry I'll be good, I'll be good!" she shut her eyes grimacing. He offered his cock to her mouth, She gagged as he pushed it in, then recovered.
"Clean it! Clean It Ma'am" he barked. She began to lick and suck his limp cock clean. Her tongue lapping up the brown stained semen which clung around its root.
Dave watched grinning as she went about this degrading act.
Once John was happy she had done a thorough job he put his tool away.
Flt Lt Miles spat and sobbed desperate to get rid of the awful taste. Dave came over "Now you get some rest Ma'am while we get some paper work done, and then maybe you can see Sgt Smith" he patted her face. They collected Private Todd and left. Leaving her face down on the desk.
About six or seven hours later Flt Lt Miles awoke with a start. She was still laid on the desk her arms ached terribly still cuffed behind her. The door opened and the two Sgt's came in. "Wakey, wakey Ma'am!" They grabbed her and dragged her to the edge of the desk. "You could have put your knickers on now couldn't you Ma'am" Dave collected them and the both of them dragged them up her legs John pulled her to her feet as Dave yanked them right up into her ass. Sue grimaced as she felt her ass leak their semen from the night before. Dave smoothed down her Uniform skirt. They produced some wipes and cleaned her face up. Then they sorted out her uniform so that she looked smart again.
"There that's much better isn't it Ma'am" she stared at them in defiance.
"Can I see Sgt Smith now Sergeant!" She said regaining her assertiveness. "No, no you can't Ma'am" he grinned at her, brushing down the front of her Uniform jacket.
"But why not! I've played your perverse games! I've done everything you dirty bastards wanted. What more do you want?" she burst out in her delightful upper crust accent. John sniggered.
"You haven't got your hat on Ma'am" Dave grinned at her enjoying her helpless distress and anger. She stared at him as he pushed it down on to her head.
They dragged her to the door and into the corridor. Flt Lt Miles did her best to walk with dignity down the corridor.
It was uniform grey with curtains at intervals on either side.
She passed the female corporal that was her chaperone earlier.
She looked at her with pleading eyes, but she just looked away.
Eventually they came to another cell door.
Inside Joan was still on the desk in an exhausted daze, she'd lost count of how many RMP's had raped her cunt and ass. They had stopped a couple of hours ago now and then she'd been tidied up.
They had washed her ass and face and the outside of her pussy, but she could still feel all their semen still inside her aching cunt. She was on her back, hands cuffed above her head, her lower chest restrained to the desk top by a thick leather strap.
Her legs were strapped to some Gynaecological calf rests which were attached to the desk legs at the other end. This forced her thighs up parallel to her chest leaving her cunt and ass open to abuse.
She groaned remembering how she'd watched cock after cock force
into her bruised cunt lips as one after another of the Military police had
fucked her helpless form. How each had come inside her, adding to that left
before. Until it had been spurting out of the sides as she was fucked.
She heard a noise, the door opened Sgt's Dave Bishop and John Peters
ushered Flt Lt Miles in. She tried to shout to her but couldn't through the
harsh rubber ball in her mouth.
Flt lt Sue Miles was so glad to see her beloved Joan again. "Joan what have they done to you? you awful Bastards!" She strained on the cuffs holding her elbows together. John held her still.
Dave went to the head of the desk and stroked Sgt Smiths hair.
"Oh nothing yet, We just got her ready in case you didn't want to, what
was it you said? Play our perverse games. but as you can see here she
is safe and sound." Joan stared helplessly at Sue unable to tell her he was
"So what now? I suppose you want us to sign confessions. probably written by you" Sue spat.
"Oh no, we have all the evidence we need in that regard. What we need now is mitigating evidence to prove that you are lesbians. You see her Majesties government has been fooled before into thinking that it was getting rid of Homosexuals from the ranks only to discover it was an elaborate ploy to allow people like yourselves to end their service and get out for free" "You can't be serious Sergeant?" Flt Lt miles uttered. "Oh but I am Ma'am, I am" He grinned slyly.
"So what would the book call mitigating evidence Sgt peters?" Dave asked.
"Oh isn't that the bit about intimate knowledge of the stimulation required to satisfy a homosexual partner Sgt Bishop?" "So if you could kneel down Ma'am and lick out Sgt Smith we'd be happy, wouldn't we John" Dave gestured for her to kneel.
Flt Lt Miles smiled smugly "No I won't do it, I won't" she stated looking defiant.
Dave's face clouded "That's not good now is it, not good at all Ma'am!"
"I won't do it Sergeant, not for the entertainment of you and your perverse
colleagues. There is no such requirement I'm sure!" She glared at him. "Oh you will Ma'am, you will, because we can be far more perverse than you could imagine." She swallowed trying to maintain her composure. "John go give Sgt Willis a call from the dog section. Tell him to bring eight Alsatians up with him." Dave smiled at her.
"You wouldn't dare!" she insisted.
"It would be a shame to waste a well prepared bitch like this, her arsehole's just at the right height too wouldn't you say? Think of the money we could get for the video" he patted Joan's distressed face. John turned to leave. "No don't . . OK OK I'll do it. God you disgust me!"
Flt Lt Miles conceded.
"Oh good, KNEEL DOWN!" he barked she did. He grabbed her shoulders and dragged her to the desk between Joan's open thighs. Sue stared at Joan's blonde haired twat. She decided this may be the last time they get to please each other in along time, so she had better make the most of it. Dave and John quickly Un cuffed her arms and forced them to the front of her where they attached her wrists to, two manacles on the desk edge. Now she was trapped, knelt at the end of the desk, Joan's cunt before her.
Dave produced a thick leather collar, which he secured around Sue's neck. There was a D ring on the front which he clipped to another between Joan's buttocks with a short chain. This made it impossible to move very far away from Joan's cunt.
"Start licking it Bitch" Dave ordered. Sue tried to pretend they weren't watching and started to gently lick her cunt from the join at her ass up around her lips toward her hidden clit. Joan moaned and shook her head, but Flt Lt miles couldn't see her warning. As Sue teased and licked. Joan's lips slowly parted revealing her inner lips, Sue started to force her tongue into tease the folds of her cunt. The two policemen watched expectantly. Behind them the imperceptibly the mirror on the wall changed slightly as someone peeped through the curtain on the other side.
In the corridor Corporal Jane Wright looked on in horror at the scene inside.
She couldn't believe what they were forcing that poor RAF officer to do. As she watched another RMP came down the hall, she jumped and pretended to be stood on guard. As he got closer he grinned, "I wouldn't make a fuss, you don't want to be suspected as well now do you?"
She just stared ahead, he chuckled and strode off. Once he was gone she peered back in again.

Flt Lt Miles teased her tongue around and over Joan's clitoral hood, The fat sergeant's legs quivered as she did. She drew her tongue back down her lips and pushed her tongue into her cunt entrance she wormed it in and it opened nicely, she was very wet and Sue pushed it deeper. Suddenly she realized it was very wet indeed she withdrew her tongue.
Tasting the saltiness she suddenly realized it was semen, lots of it. She tried to lift her head away to protest But Johns hand was on her hat pushing it back in.
"YOU BASTARDS! SHE'S BEEN RAPED!! You bastards!" They both laughed.
"Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that, now be good and lick it all out!"
Her face was pushed into Joan's awash cunt. she spluttered and fought.
"Fuckin get on with it you stupid whore!" Dave cursed her.
"I'd better get those dogs then, Dave" said John.
"Yeah they'd lick all that out in no time".
"NO . . no it's . . it's ok I'll do it" Flt Lt Miles sobbed and began to lap the semen up. Joan writhed as she felt her tongue slide in and begin.
John came around to Joan's side. He undid the strap holding her abdomen down by three or for holes. Joan sighed in relief. John then adjusted the two calf plates so that the weight of her legs brought her hips down. Dave grabbed Sue's chin and wrapped his hand around her forehead, yanking her head back and her mouth open. He forced her mouth to Joan's cunt entrance. As he did it all the semen in Joan's cunt flooded out.
Flt Lt miles struggled and spluttered as it flowed into her open mouth "Swallow! Swallow you bitch!" Dave ordered.
Sue had no choice she had to, just to breath. She choked it down.
Eventually she gasped for air, having swallowed most of the semen.
The rest had flowed over and down her chin.
"That's a naughty girl you missed some" said John.
Sue gagged and was almost sick.
"You fucking waste that whore and we'll make you lick it up again" John threatened.
"She's not been good has she John" queried Dave.
"No not at all" John smirked.
"I think I'll fuck her ass again to remind her"
"That's a good idea Dave. You agree don't you Ma'am" "Please I'm so sore . . . please!" She felt him drag her skirt up and wrench her pants back down her thighs.
She struggled, bucking as he forced the head of his cock to her ass.
John forced her face to Joan's cunt as Dave eased into her slick rectum. She jerked and kicked as it forced home and he dragged her hips back to him, impaling her on it with a grunt of satisfaction.
"Oooh yeah still hot an' tight bitch" he gasped as he slapped his thighs to
the back of hers. He started to thrust solidly into her.
"It hurts!" she complained as he buggered her.
"Lick her out. Do it! Do it!" John ordered she struggled to comply.
That was enough for Cpl Wright, She was appalled. what could she do.
She turned and ran off up the corridor.
Joan was in ecstasy Sues face was covered from her nose down in semen as she still lapped and sucked at her cunt. John wouldn't let her pull her face away and so she was struggling to breathe. Dave was really taking it out on her shuddering arse. He rammed up her viciously time after time making her grunt and groan in pain.
Flt Lt Miles was still trying to make Joan cum even with this bastard man fucking her ass. She clamped her mouth around Joan's clit and sucked hard flicking her tongue over her thick bud. Joan's body writhed and strained as she approached orgasm. Her breath snorting through her nose as she sucked on the ball gag, her back straining against the strap holding her down. Sue wished her hands were free, she forced her tongue as deep as she could into Joan's cunt and eased up trying to find her g spot. Joan went wild letting out a stifled scream of pleasure into the ball gag. Hips fucking madly as her empty open cunt contracted, and released letting out a jet of forced pussy juice. Sue raced to lap that up, savouring the delicious musky taste that she knew so well.
Moment's later Dave savagely pumped her arse and came deep in the poor Flt Lt's aching bowels. She flinched beautifully as each jet shot into her. Mercifully he pulled out. He quickly wrenched her pants back up into her ass, and pulled her skirt back down. He stood and did up his trousers. He grinned at John who was watching Sue lick at Joan's still twitching pussy lips.
"Fancy a smoke John?" inquired Dave.
"Not yet I might just get this bitch to suck me off first"
Suddenly the door burst open and Cpl jane Wright barrelled into the room followed by Major Lewis the unit commanding officer. Instantly The two staff sergeant's leapt to attention. "Here as I told you Sir" blurted Cpl Wright. The Major rounded on them his face full of anger. "What the hells going on here Sergeant!" John stammered "Interrogation Sir" In the doorway were four more RMP's "I see, Cpl Wright here has complained to me that you were raping this detainee" he gestured at Flt Lt Miles. She was trying to peer around to see what was happening.
"Th . . that's right sir they were assaulting me sir" "BE QUIET!" he turned to the RMP's in the doorway. "Right two of you lot take Cpl Wright here to another cell and secure her there!"
They grabbed her. "But Sir . . wait Sir . . Sir . . Sir!" They struggled her from the room. The door shut behind them. The other two took up positions on either side of the door.
The Major looked over the situation "Sergeant Bishop get that officer up from there!" Dave undid her cuffs and collar and helped her to stand. She pushed him away. The major looked her over as she rubbed her wrists. Admiring her well proportioned frame.
"Can you prove that these SNCO's assaulted you Flight Lieutenant?" She looked aghast at him. "Didn't you see what they were doing when you came in?" she blurted, He smiled.
"No I didn't. Tell me, has the airforce strayed away from such traditions and acceptable behaviour that Flight Lieutenant's no longer salute. or for that matter refer to they're superiors as Sir!" "Well no Sir, I mean yes Sir. I mean oh I'm sorry . . SIR!" She stood to attention saluting smartly. She winced her arms and ass hurting. Dave and John kept their faces deadpan. "That's better, now Flight lieutenant, can you prove what you say?"
She swallowed her mouth still full of the taste of semen and Joan's cum juices.
She felt her ass slowly ooze Dave's Spunk into the soaked gusset of her panties.
"Yes Sir I can, You see his semen is still . . . well it's still . . It's in my pants Sir" She glowed red with humiliation.
"AHH I see right get them off then. Let's see the offending article!" She was shocked and then stammered "Yes Sir" and sheepishly she drew her skirt up her stocking'd thighs and drew them down. She stepped out of them. To her shock the gusset of her pants were a mess of semen and shit and blood. She offered them to the major. "Put them on the desk woman!" he snapped. He turned on the others.
"Right this is clear evidence that more than substantiates her complaint."
The two Sergeant's looked uncomfortable.
"Flight lieutenant Attention!" The Major barked. She came to attention stunned.
"Enlighten me, You are under arrest yes?"
"Yes sir!"
"For what?"
"Suspected inappropriate activity SIR"
"What kind of inappropriate activity?"
"Well Lesbianism Sir"
"Lesbianism? is this right Sergeant Bishop?"
"Yes sir, we were just gathering evidence of intimate knowledge of the stimulation required to satisfy a homosexual partner, SIR!" "And presumably this requires the Flight Lieutenant to be closely supervised?"
"That's right Sir"
"But Sir they . . ."" Sue interrupted.
"Shut up Flight Lieutenant!" the Major barked.
"And presumably that's what you were doing wasn't it" "No Sir they were assaulting me Sir!" Sue couldn't believe what he was saying.
He grinned. "I do not remember asking you a question Flight Lieutenant.
When I'm ready to ask you a question I will, until then BE QUIET!"
"The evidence that you gathered, was it conclusive?" "No, not yet we will have to continue our investigation Sir" Dave assured him.
"Sir I'm sorry but I must say something please Sir I insist!" "Right Flight Lieutenant. I've had enough of your insisting! Understand Now SHUT UP!!" He turned on her.
"But SIR!"
"Right guards! Hold the Flt Lt!" They immediately grabbed her arms and twisted them up her back immobilizing her. She was forced forward. The major grabbed her nose in a vice like grip. Twisting it he pulled until her mouth was forced open. Then he scooped up her soiled pants and rammed them into her mouth. stifling her complaints. She struggled uselessly in their grip as he crammed them in. She tried desperately to spit them out only to find him holding her jaw shut. Tears rolled from her eyes. One of the RMP's offered him some adhesive tape which he sealed her lips closed with.
"There that's much better, now isn't it" he patted the side of her face.
"You see men when when your going to abuse a slut like this.
You need to ensure she can't substantiate any complaint she makes.
Therefore any anything she does say can be dismissed as just soar grapes. Yes?" He let her head go. and walked over to Joan,
He admired her splayed open cunt and presented ass,
He prodded her anus testing its tightness. Joan flinched and groaned.
Sue complained into the gag.
He withdrew his finger. and walked around the back of Flt Lt Miles.
She struggled in the grip of the two RMP's
"Right you two get a leg each, I think I'll have a piece of this WRAF's ass!"
They scrambled over to grab Sues stamping legs. She struggled feverishly. They managed to hold her still as the Major dragged her skirt up and pawed her firm arse cheeks. She still had a lot of strength left and struggled and kicked her fury rekindled by her betrayal by what she had thought was her saviour. Eventually they had her pinned against the wall.
Then he had quiet a fight to spread her ass open again. Even with her mouth filled she let out cry after muffled cry. The Major feasted his eyes on her large well muscled ass. She clenched it tightly. he had to drag her cheeks apart with his finger tips. The major pushed his cock to her well lubed crease. She flinched and kicked as he found her sore ring and began to press in. His cock was much thicker than Dave's and her Anus burned and ached as he forced into her still seeping ring. Flt Lt Miles fought hard to be off it.
Dave and John's fingers bit deep into her straining thigh muscles holding her still. With now where to go and her feet on tip toe she let out a loud animal yelp of distress as it's crown popped into her rectum. "AHH there that's better. Nice and tight, Now relax bitch or I'll rip your guts out." She shuddered and groaned as he forced it in. Slowly it gained ground and she felt her bowels spasm and throb as it forced her rectum to accept its girth. He eased back and then thrust forward. She jerked rigid as more slid in. making her belly ache and cramp. She tried to ease off it but he just forced it deeper. He let go of her buttocks and gripped her shoulders. forcing her down onto his meat. "It's been a long time, too long since I butt fucked a bitch like you".
He breathed into her ear.
Sue had never been in such agony she sobbed and pleaded into the gag. He grunted in pleasure and began to butt fuck her solidly. His hips slammed her wide white ass cheeks making the flesh oscillate.
Her ass squelched and farted obscenely as he took his pleasure.
Each hard thrust taking it deeper into her narrowing ass chute. She thought it would never end. he took his time taking her deep and long. her cunt felt strange as the head of it rode over the back of her cervix. She couldn't believe the shocks that strummed through her belly. She began to press back, feeling her ass burn as the base of his cock splayed her ring even further. He butt fucked her like that for an age, eventually she desperately wanted to frig herself. To ease the built up tension in her belly. She was panting like a dog.
He started swearing at her right next to her ear.
"That's it you fat arse'd cunt! Whore! All your fit for! yeah take it. FUCK YOUR ASS BITCH! FUCK IT! FUCK IT!". His fingers were like a vice gripping her shoulders, forcing her to the wall. His cock pistoning her cramping bowels. He grunted and forced hard up into her making her yelp and snort as he heaved against her splayed ass cheeks.
Suddenly her legs kicked and danced, her head throwing back. Her breath shuddering snorts. Flt LT Miles's world descended into a mad fury of explosive thrusts and sobs her ass and hips a blur as she impaled her ass back on his cock. Her mind reeling as her belly released with an aching snap into a flurry of hard rippling contractions. Cunt juice flooded from her throbbing empty cunt.
She stamped her feet. screaming into the her own soiled panties as she came with more intense ferocity than ever before. Her legs went rigid trying to close as she writhed in their grip. Her thighs became slick with her juices, soaking her sheer black stockings. He rammed into her rigid body with vicious stabs of increasing power and length. He let out a choking cry and she jerked in shock as the first hard jet of his hot seed shot into her clutching rectum. followed by spurt after spurt of the same. She let out a low groan as she felt her colon quickly fill with his insistent heat.
He let go of her shoulder and pulled something from his pocket.
Then he fumbled at her ass as he retreated from her back. His hard cock slid out and she started and groaned in discomfort as something big and rubbery was forced in to replace it. Her anus clenched around it. Whatever it was she realized, it would keep his seed inside her bloated back passage. He stepped away "Yes very nice gentlemen, very nice, I can see that your going to be answering our questions for a long time Flight Lieutenant." he redressed himself. She had collapsed against the wall in a near faint. Held up by the two RMP's. Dave and John stood up.
"Right then gentlemen lets sort out little miss voice of the moral majority then shall we?" he gestured to the door. John held it open for him.
"Oh bring the Flt Lt she'll be pleased to see her new found friend, I'm sure and any way you have a present for her don't you" They strode out into the corridor, the two RMP's dragged and carried Sue after them.

End Of Part Four.

Enjoy MG


Mad Gerald
04-23-2012, 12:41 PM
Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Part five.

"Right then gentlemen lets sort out little miss voice of the moral majority then shall we?" he gestured to the door. John held it open for him.
"Oh bring the Flt Lt she'll be pleased to see her new found friend, I'm sure and any way you have a present for her don't you" They strode out into the corridor, the two RMP's dragged and carried Sue after them.
Down the corridor Corporal Jane Wright had been wrestled into another cell. The two RMP's that had dragged her in here were off the other shift than her and she didn't know them.
They lifted her struggling on to the desk in the interrogation cell. They were great big blokes, even though she struggled she couldn't get free. One pinned her down on her back by the shoulders his fingers pulling and yanking at her camouflage jacket while the other forced her kicking legs down and then into two manacles. Above her boots. She strained and twisted. Her wrists were quickly attached to straps at her sides. "NOO look the Major just wanted me out of the way, I'm not a prisoner you dick heads!"
"That's not what he said!" he replied.
"Look I'm a fucking copper like you!"
"Oh no, your a copper with a big mouth! and it's gonna get sorted bitch!"
Now the other had her head in his hands. Forcing her head down against the side of the desk. The other stretched a leather strap from the desk edge, across her throat, and attached it to the other side. This pinned her head over the edge of the desk. She struggled to shake her head free. To no avail. Another strap was put over her forehead and tightened. pulling her head back hard. "ARRHHH you bastards You fucking twat's get the fph uphhhhUhhhh!" Her mouth was open wide now and the grinning RMP over her was ramming something between her back teeth. He was so fast she hardly had time to bite. It was some sort of clamp with wood or similar on the ends. whatever it was it stopped her closing her mouth "UHMPHUN-uhhh-uhnnuhh!" she complained "There that's fucking shut you up ain't it!" he grinned down at her. She saw the other one undo his trousers and pull his semi erect cock out, he wanked it slowly stretching the foreskin back off the pink helmet beneath. Pre cum glistened on the tip. She swallowed nervously. As she watched it became thicker and lengthened. He stood over her. "NNOHHWW" she tried to plead her tongue flailing as he bent it down.
"Now, now The major says you have to be put in your place. and he seems to think a good throat reaming should sort you out." She strained and fought trying desperately to be free. he smiled down and traced the glistening tip of his cock around her lips. "Lipstick madam?" they both laughed. She could smell his musk.
"NOH . . NOHHH" she pleaded helplessly.
"Or would you like a facial? HA HA!"
"Unlucky, looks like the facial comes free, or would madam prefer to swallow?"
"NOHH OWWUHH-UH-UHUHHH" she complained. "Oh really, looks like you haven't a choice BITCH!" He pushed it in cutting off her complaint, and began fucking into her open throat.
He moaned enjoying the tight hotness of her throat muscles as it convulsed and squose his meat. He watched her fingers clawing at the air and her legs jerking and writhing as he filled her mouth. "I think we need to get her tits out mate. Might improve the view, what do you think?".
"Good idea, She might enjoy having them pulled."
"Fuck that I just want something to giz over!" they both laughed
She felt them undo her jacket and pull her T-shirt out of the way. They pulled her bra up off her tits, She couldn't see but the other was pawing and wobbling them. He was pulling her nipples up to hardness. She cringed helplessly.
That was when he decided to give her a good deep throating. He held her head tightly as he began to push his eight inch cock deeper into her mouth. The other RMP watched as his thick cock sawed in and out of her salivating mouth.
He had four inches firmly in. She tried to force it out with her tongue. No matter what she did it was not going anywhere. He was up against her tonsils she could feel his cock pressing to them. She started to gag. He pushed, and then lunged forward she felt another two inches slide in.
He now gripped her around the throat refusing to remove his cock from her heaving mouth, he rocked his cock back and forth going further each time. By now her whole body writhed on the desk, struggling for breath and freedom. He grunted with exertion as he tried to pile drive another inch into her windpipe.
"There I knew it would fit!" he groaned as he rammed the last of his cock into her throat. He could feel her choking on his prick, but the sight of her lips drawn tight around the base of his cock sent shivers of pleasure through him, he let it rest there, lodged in her throat for a few seconds.

"That's shut the Bitch up, You can't fucking grass now can you bitch!" he yelled as he began to fuck her face violently. He shoved his prick in until his balls crammed against her upturned nose his cock shoved down her throat. He stayed in, enjoying the hot tightness of her throat muscles. Then he started short hard thrusts which gave rise to muffled complaints, from her. Her nostrils fluttered as she fought for breath around his meat.
This only served to increase his enjoyment, and he began, harder solid stabs. he went up on tip toe and took his hands from her neck and grabbed her breasts. He gripped them painfully. Fucking her throat as if it were a slack cunt.
In the middle of one of these plunges he began to cum. He rammed
his thick 8 inch prick as far as it would go and let it spurt out his first
great glob of spunk.
She arched her back fighting to pull away. Her windpipe rapidly thumping to capacity with his hot seed.
"Swallow you stupid cunt," he told her, "Swallow! Swallow! you'll choke you thick bitch."
Suddenly with a groan of disgust she started to gulp down his load. Mouthful after mouthful he fed into her. All of a sudden he pulled out of her throat and mouth and sent this last jerks of spunk directly into her face.
He moved away and slouched against the wall as the other RMP came around the front fumbling with his trousers. His prick was rock hard and he was almost on the verge of coming. She was gasping for breath as the other offered it to her open mouth and rammed his five inch pecker as far as he could go. He grunted in satisfaction as he started raping the WRAC's face with sadistic gusto. His cock was smaller than the other but he was determined he was going to make her choke just the same.
"You've needed this for ages, you cunt!," he said as he violently throat fucked her.
He began doing quick vicious thrusts, pushing his whole body into the lunges that pushed hard into her throat raping the breath out of the policewoman.
"Suck," he gasped, "Suck you bitch suck!"
Suddenly he screamed an inarticulate sound and his balls lay on her face, his cock buried deep in her throat, shouting, "She's swallowed it! Swallowed it!"
WRAC Wright must have swallowed because Her throat was bulging where he had forced it in. He face ruddy.
She was struggling for breath as he rapidly shunted her face. He sighed as his seed spewed into her gullet. Slapping her tits with his hands as he shuddered in the throws of orgasm. Moments later he withdrew it and then slapped her face with his cum stained prick. She gasped great gulps of air.
The door opened and the Major came in with the two
Sergeants and Flight Lieutenant Miles. Corporal Wright's face was covered in semen. Her open throat was on display strung with they're giz. Her throat was choked with it. She took a shuddering breath.
The two RMP's came to attention. Both with sheepish grins on their faces.
"Ah! that's what I like to see two men who follow orders to the letter, well done men." The major took a good look at her open throat.
"Looks well reamed to me, what do you think Sgt Peters"
"Yes Sir well reamed, Always thought she looked like a swallower what do you think Dave?"
"They're all swallowers when it comes to it Sir"
"I'm sure you're right Sergeant. I'm sure your right"
Cpl Wright glowered at him from her trapped position.
"Right get Flight lieutenant miles over here!" The two RMP's dragged her forward. She was stood before the trapped corporal. Her arms still held up her back.
"Get her skirt up, her new friends going to introduce herself, won't that be nice," the Major gloated.
As they pulled Sue over she shuffled with difficulty as the butt plug the Major had inserted took some getting used to. John helped pull her skirt up and they forced her forward, until she was just in front of the trapped WRAC's face. One RMP twisted her arm viciously reminding her to behave.
"Open your legs Ma'am let your new friend see her dinner" Dave requested.
Another twist convinced her and so she was stood her pussy inches away from Cpl Wright's face. The Major leant close to the struggling cpl's face.
"Now Flight Lieutenant miles is going to sit on your face Corporal, I want you to lick her out, understand?"
She glared at him "PHUCK OOO!" she gasped.
"Oh no bitch, you will lick her out, otherwise if you look back under there, as you can see she has a plug fitted up her nice tight ass. So you lick her cunt out or you drink my spunk out of her arse, it's up to you?"
She stared at him her face a mask of disgust.
"No?, oh well turn her round," They went to pull the officer round.
"HO Kay ess ess" Cpl Wright insisted. Tears welled in her eye's.
"Oh good, that's better. Push your tongue out cunt" the Major insisted. She hesitantly did. The RMP's shoved the Flt Lt forward over her face and then Dave forced the Officer down by her shoulders. John lifting Jane's head from underneath, behind Sue's ass. Cpl Jane Wright tasted cunt for the first time. Flt Lt miles groaned as she felt the Cpl's reluctant tongue push between her neglected cunt's lips.
"Grind your cunt on her face bitch!" The major ordered. Flt Lt Miles had always harboured a secret fantasy of raping a straight woman, in the situation she was in, with her suprise forced orgasm still fresh in her mind. It took little encouragement to get her to comply.
After about five minutes, Flt Lt Miles needed no one to force her down on to Cpl Wright's face. Her eyes were closed tight, head back. Her hips jerked and ground down at Jane's helpless face. Her breath came in pants noisily through her flared nostrils.
Dave left the room, moments later he came back with a Polaroid. To the prisoners shock he took pictures of Cpl Wright lapping at Sue's pouting cunt lips.
Jane couldn't believe what she was being forced to do.
The officer on her face was becoming very excited. It was all she could do to gulp breaths, as her cunt pushed at her mouth. The woman's clitoris was very hard now and she found that by teasing it with the tip of her tongue, her whole body would stiffen and her cunt would quiver. giving her leave to grab some air.
The Major leant forward and pulled the cork wedges from between Cpl Wright's back teeth. Freeing up her mouth.
"Now Suck her Clit Corporal or it's shit chute time!" he threatened.
Cpl Wright shuddered with revulsion and clamped her lips around her pubis. She sucked and was suprised with the results.
Flt Lt miles groaned her legs clamping around the trapped Cpl's face. She started to fuck her head with wild abandon. Cpl Wright now found she couldn't get her breath without sucking it in past the Officers swollen pussy lips. She tried to push with her tongue which only excited her further. Her trapped face was now being humped. Hard. Flt Lt Miles was now oblivious as the tension in her belly came to a head. (no pun intended) She stiffened her whole body trembling, she moaned into the gag, and pushed down.

Cpl wright fought for breath. Her air came in with a spluttering gasp, Sue's thighs flexed solidly as Cpl Wright sucked her clit. Sue felt her belly ache with the impending climax. she opened her eye's looking down at the bound cpl's body writhing under her. She felt her tongue push at her clit again and she tightened her grip on her helpless face. Cpl Wright fought for breath her head struggling between her slick thighs.

The men watched fascinated as the Flt Lt went up on tip-toe rocking her hips back and too on the trapped Cpl's spluttering face. Her black stocking tops framing her red straining features. The Officer began to buck ramming her cunt down in a fast circle against her unwilling mouth. At a gesture the RMP's let go of her arms. Dave and John stepped back. Flt Lt miles lurched forward her arms coming around to grab the poor WRAC's exposed tits. She fucked her face viciously grunting into the gag with animal passion as she
Suddenly went rigid her legs straightening with force. Her back arched up. Her fingers pulling the Cpl's teats out painfully as she jerked her cunt against her mouth. With a stifled squeal her hard uterus released and she came. Her cunt lips pressed to the female RMP's mouth.

Cpl Wright struggled to pull away as she felt the first hot gush of cunt juice flood against her lips. She could go nowhere, and the Officers thighs held her in a vice like grip. "NOOuhflfluuuph"
she complained as it began to fill her unwilling mouth. She desperately tried to spit it out but there was too much.

Above her the Flt Lt shuddered again and another hot gush poured out, In despair she swallowed.The taste of the lesbian officers cunt juice filled her senses. She spluttered and fought but her struggling mouth was hard against her hot open twat and all she did was force another groan of pleasure from the woman and more hot juice gushed out, her mouth was full. It overflowed and ran down the sides of her face.

Sue was in absolute ecstasy her cunt throbbed and shocks rippled up through her. Her mind reeled as the Cpl's mouth moved against her so sensitive, pussy. She felt her ass squeeze the bung up her ass. She jerked and moaned as her belly contracted again and she stiffly shuddered and squirmed as she her cunt squirted more juice. She let go of the poor Cpl's teats and her fingers went to her clit, strumming it as her last climax waned. Her other hand squose her left thighs stocking top.

Cpl Wright spluttered after swallowing another mouthful of warm cunt juice and took a deep gulp of air, just as more squirted into her twisting face. At last it stopped and the Flt Lt staggered back from over her face. She tried to shake her head, but it was impossible. Her face and hair were soaked with cunt juice.

The two RMP's grabbed hold of Sue and forced her forward over the cpl face. They forced her face down on to the her and held her down. Her wet open twat was over Jane's neck, her legs on either side. They twisted her arms back up her back to force her to stay still.
The Major came forward and admired Cpl Wright's soaked face. Then he undid his trousers and pulled his hard cock out.

"Please no, no more please," Cpl Wright pleaded as he wanked his cock. Then grinning slyly he got over her face and shoved his meat deep into The Flt Lt's still quivering twat. She jerked and moaned as he grabbed her hips and pulled her back on to it. Now all Cpl Wright could see was The Majors ball's swinging back and too as he fucked the struggling Flt Lt's still clenching cunt. Flt Lt Miles tried to get off it as he forced into her. She gasped as his cock filled her in one deep thrust. He rammed and rammed her making her kick and squirm in the grip of the RMP's as he took her hot wet twat. Her cunt squelched noisily as he fucked it. It only took minutes before he grunted and heaved into her.

She jerked and kicked as she felt the first bolt of hot gism shoot against her cervix. He pulled out. Cpl Wright was looking straight up at the major's balls when he suddenly backed off and sprayed hot semen across her suprised face. "OOH God NOO!" she complained as his thick wad splattered on to her face. He shot glob after glob on to her features. Leaving her gasping with a thick white glaze sliding slowly down toward her forehead.
"Fuck I needed that" he gasped. "Right don't waste the rest get the Flt Lt back up"

The two RMP's dragged her upright so that his recently deposited semen could run out of her cunt into the struggling Cpl's mouth.
"PHHHfut uh uh You bastard, bastard" she spluttered.
They dragged the limp Flt Lt away and held her against the wall. She complained into the gag as the butt plug hit, making her hips jerk.
The Major leant close to her face. "Now this Cpl Wright is your situation, We have photo's of you licking cunt, I have 5 witnesses to that. A lot more witnesses to your disgraceful S&M session with this known lesbian. now unless you decide to promise to keep that mouth of yours shut. I don't think that your career is worth shit, do you?"
Cpl Wright stared at him still gasping for breath.
"No sir I don't"
"Do you promise to keep your big mouth closed in future?"
Her eye's welled with tears, she looked away and let out a sob.
"What choice have I got . . none yeah?" she stared at him.
"None" he assured her.
"I . . I promise Sir" she looked away disgusted with herself.
"Good, I do hope we don't have to teach this lesson again Corporal, don't you?"
"Yes sir" She spat as he turned away.
Flight lieutenant Miles was against the wall held by the two RMP's. Staring at the proceedings.
"Right Sergeants you carry on with your investigation. I want you two to track down every les this bitch knows OK! You two release Cpl Wright and escort her to the Police dog section. where she will start her new Kennel maid duties" he turned grinning at her, "Effective immediately." He then left, followed by the two Sergeants who dragged the Flt Lt after them.
As the door shut the two RMP's walked over to Cpl Wright.
"Shame to waste a nice open hole, don't you think Chris?"
"Yeah, a shame" they got they're cocks out.
"No . . No not you asweph . .uhh ..uhhh . . uhh!"
The door slammed shut.

End of Part Five.

Enjoy MG


Mad Gerald
04-23-2012, 12:45 PM
Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Part six.

Flight Lieutenant Sue Miles was dragged along the corridor of the prisoner holding centre. Her pussy still ached with it's recent fucking. The butt plug the major had secured in her ass, made her feel as if he were still in her.
They reached a secure door, Sgt Bishop unlocked it and they ushered her inside. The room was cold and clinical, brick walls white washed, hard tan linoleum covered the floor. There was a plastic chair an unscreened shower cubicle. A low bare bed and a sink. light came from a single caged light bulb.
John released her arms, "Get undressed!" he ordered.
They watched as she slowly undid her uniform jacket, she put it on the chair.
She tried not to look at them as she undid the RAF blue grey skirt and let it fall down her aching legs. Her breath still noisily snorted through her nose, as her mouth was still full of her own soiled panties, secured with adhesive tape. Now she undid her black tie and threw it down. She undid her light blue service blouse and let it fall. She was left in ruined black stockings, black suspender belt. Butt plug. Her breasts two large free stiff mounds. She undid her torn bra and placed it on the chair. She let her arms drop and faced them defiantly.
"Take the rest off!"
She kicked her service shoes off. They watched as she unhooked then
rolled each soiled stocking down her strong shapely legs. This left her in
her impromptu gag and butt plug
John walked over and tore the tape off her mouth. She stood still as he grasped the end of her pants and drew them out of her mouth. She took a deep breath. relieved.
"You will shower and rest. The interrogation will continue later."
John gathered up her clothes. They turned to leave.
"Wait! please what about this thing in my bottom?"
Dave turned smiling. "Well I think the Major will be very angry if we or you, remove it, I don't think we want to make him angry do you?"
"N . . no" she muttered.
"Well best leave well alone then. See you soon."
They left. she found shampoo, soap and tooth paste and brush in a plastic
bag. She felt exhausted. The first thing she did was brush her teeth to get
rid of the awful taste in her mouth. She thought of Joan and hoped she was Ok. The shower was hot and refreshing. She washed around the butt plug. She desperately wanted to take it out. She remembered the orgasm she had had when the Major had analy raped her. She shuddered as she touched it. No man had made her come before, No woman had made her come like that.
Part of her ached to come like that again. She shook her head in disbelief.
What was happening to her, how could she be turned on by any of this abuse?
Her mind flashed back to Cpl Wright struggling beneath her. Thrills coursed
through her. Her soapy hand strayed to her pussy. She was becoming depraved, she was sure. Her thighs gripped her hand. Water coursed down her heavy breasts and off her now rigid nipples. She suddenly thought 'perhaps they're watching' she wouldn't put it past them. She withdrew her hand. No she wouldn't give them the pleasure.
Sergeants Dave Bishop and John Peters went back to the office, They had some coffee and a smoke. They sifted through all the letters they had gathered from Flight Lieutenant Mile's flat. John opened one.
. . . Anyway things are going well now I miss you and the other girls.
a lot actually, my thoughts are always with you. though when I wake up damp
and Franks not around. My thoughts are defiantly with you.
The Babies 6 weeks old now. I'm all milk and hormones.
Franks happy I haven't told him he's not the dad, it would ruin everything.
Who knows it could have been him? do you think? no not really. oh well. I'm sure when it comes he'll be too over the moon to notice. I'll write again soon. my love as always Liz.
He looked at the date, four weeks ago. He found the front page. No address, he sought out Sue's filofax, he went through the address section. Bingo.
Lt. Elizabeth Hall, Culdrose Medical centre, RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall.
He showed it to Dave they had a chuckle. Dave picked up the phone, "I'll get some transport" he stated.
Two hours later at Culdrose Medical centre Lieutenant Liz Hall put the phone down herself.
One of her old friends from the Tri service hockey squad had just told her of the arrests. She desperately tried to think how she could be caught up in this. Suddenly she remembered the letter to Sue. She turned to one of the other Naval nurses she worked with.
"I have to Pop out a minute Ok?" She nodded.
Outside Liz made her way to the phone by the Naafi. She phoned Joan, No answer. She tried Sue no answer she was sweating now. She went back to work. Then excused herself. and went home.
Liz was 5'6" with a chest of 42" since the baby. She was 34 years old and kept herself very fit, I suppose you would say she was stocky. She had auburn hair cut quite short.
She picked up her 10 week old son from the crèche and hurried home.
She got to the front door of her Married quarter, got the key in the lock.
"Lt Elizabeth Hall?" a mans voice from behind her. She turned. An Army Royal Military Police Sergeant was stood there offering his warrant card for her to see. She inspected it carefully, her hands were trembling.
"Yes?" He smiled back at her question.
"Ma'am, I must inform you that you are hereby under arrest under suspicion of improper sexual misconduct under the Joint Service regulations concerning appropriate behaviour." he continued to caution her. Another Sergeant had appeared and was stood behind the first, behind him was a shore patrol WREN.
"If we could go in Ma'am then people don't see and hear?"
She nodded dumbly more in shock than anything. They all entered the house.
Her son was asleep in her arms.
Once in the living room she regained her composure. "What is the meaning of all this Sergeant?" they grinned at each other.
"Evidence has come to our attention which implicates yourself Ma'am in an investigation we are currently involved in."
"What sort of evidence Sergeant?" she could feel her face blushing. "All you need to know Ma'am is that we have sufficient grounds on which to base this arrest. You understand I'm sure? Where is your Husband Ma'am?" "In the Falklands Sergeant, why?"
" I was worried about child care Ma'am, have you anyone who maybe able to look after your child while we conduct an interview?"
She smiled at him "No, no I haven't"
"Never mind if you would pass the child over to the WREN Ma'am" "Is that really necessary?" she was getting angry now.
"Yes I'm afraid it is, now hand over the child to the WREN"
"He"ll be fine Ma'am" the WREN reassured. Liz reluctantly handed him over.
"Ma'am I must request you proceed to dress in your No. 1 dress uniform without hat, at once." Dave insisted.
"Oh very well, I must say this seems ridiculous though for a few questions"
"It's regulations Ma'am" She went to go upstairs they followed. She turned on them "I can get dressed Sergeant".
"Regulations Ma'am" She sighed and went upstairs.
In the bedroom they watched as she undressed from her nurses uniform.
Her breasts were far too big for her nursing bra, they bulged over the top.
She struggled to maintain her composure as she tried to keep them out of view.
As usual Dave and John made things really difficult enjoying her humiliation.
She put on a black suspender belt, black stockings. Then she pulled her white blouse on. She struggled to close it over her breasts, when at last she had it done up, it gaped, the buttons straining. She stepped into her dark blue skirt pulling it up her legs, Downstairs her son woke and cried. Almost immediately her blouse dampened over each hardening teat. She went to the dressing table and opened a draw retrieving some breast pads.
"You won't be needing those Ma'am!" John barked.
"Look He's overdue a feed, I'll be soaked unless I . ."
"You won't need them!" Dave insisted.
She looked at them in disgust and threw them back in the draw.
He cried again, she felt her nipples react, swelling and aching. She picked her jacket up and quickly put it on, she could feel her blouse wetting beneath.
"Can I feed him before we leave?" she asked, Dave grinned.
"Collect your baby equipment from downstairs, Do you express Ma'am?"
Her face was brilliant red now. suffused with barely contained anger.
"Yes . . yes I do!"
"Bring that stuff as well, is there any prepared?"
"In the fridge, from this morning." she admitted.
John went downstairs. Dave picked her hat up and insisted she turned around.
"Turn around Ma'am, wrists together!" he urged.
"Your not going to cuff me are you Sergeant surely?" He did.
"Regulations Ma'am" ha reassured.
He cast his eyes over her now in her Wren's No.1. Her jacket struggled to contain her laden breasts. She saw the hunger there and swallowed in apprehension as she was led from the room.
When she got downstairs the Wren was feeding her son, The suckling noise made her breasts ache and throb.
"Look I can feed him, it's no problem"
"I don't want you to feed him. I want you to be quiet Ma'am!" Dave said menacingly.
They took her outside and put her in the police wagon, The WREN brought her son and all the baby equipment. They left for the Rudloe Manor detention centre.
At the detention centre. Flight lieutenant Sue miles, Sergeant Joan Smith.
and Private Todd had all been left to shower and rest. They were woken in the evening and supplied with Dinner and they're Uniforms freshly dry cleaned. Stockings and underwear laundered. As each cell only had a coarse blanket on the bed and a towel. They all quickly dressed again for warmth and modesty. Then they were left to ponder on what was to happen next.

End of Part Six.

Enjoy MG


Mad Gerald
04-23-2012, 12:49 PM
Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Part Seven.

At the Detention centre in the cell next door to Flt Lt Miles sat Royal navy Lt. Elizabeth Hall, from Culdrose Medical centre, RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall.
Liz was 5'6" with a chest of 42" since the baby (She was a new mum and had just returned to work.) . She was 34 years old and kept herself very fit, I suppose you would say she was stocky. She had auburn hair cut quite short.
In the her bedroom the RMP Sergeants had watched as she undressed from her nurses uniform. Her breasts were far too big for her nursing bra, they bulged over the top.
She had struggled to maintain her composure as she tried to keep them out of view.
As usual Dave and John had made things really difficult enjoying her humiliation.
She had put on a black suspender belt, black stockings. Then she pulled her
white blouse on. She had struggled to close it over her breasts, when at last she had it done up, it gaped, the buttons straining. She stepped into her dark blue skirt pulling it up her legs, Downstairs her son woke and cried. Almost immediately her blouse had dampened over each hardening teat.
She had gone to the dressing table and opened a draw retrieving some breast
"You won't be needing those Ma'am!" John had barked.
"Look He's overdue a feed, I'll be soaked unless I . ."
"You won't need them!" Dave had insisted.
She looked at them in disgust and threw them back in the draw.
He cried again, she felt her nipples react, swelling and aching. She had picked her jacket up and quickly put it on, she had felt her blouse wetting beneath.
"Can I feed him before we leave?" she had asked, Dave grinned.
"Collect your baby equipment from downstairs, Do you express Ma'am?"
Her face was brilliant red now. suffused with barely contained anger.
"Yes . . yes I do!"
"Bring that stuff as well, is there any prepared?"
"In the fridge, from this morning." she admitted.
John went downstairs. Dave picked her hat up and insisted she turned around.
"Turn around Ma'am, wrists together!" he urged.
"Your not going to cuff me are you Sergeant surely?" He did.
"Regulations Ma'am" ha reassured.
He cast his eyes over her now in her Wren's No.1. Her jacket struggled to contain her laden breasts. She saw the hunger there and swallowed in apprehension as she was led from the room.
When she had got downstairs the Wren was feeding her son, The suckling noise made her breasts ache and throb.
"Look I can feed him, it's no problem"
"I don't want you to feed him. I want you to be quiet Ma'am!" Dave had said
menacingly. They took her outside and put her in the police wagon, The WREN brought her son and all the baby equipment. They left for the Rudloe Manor
detention centre.
At the detention centre. Flight lieutenant Sue miles, Sergeant Joan Smith and Private Todd had all been left to shower and rest. They were woken in the evening and supplied with Dinner and they're Uniforms freshly dry cleaned. Stockings and underwear laundered. As each cell only had a coarse blanket on the bed and a towel. They all quickly dressed again for warmth and modesty. Then they were left to ponder on what was to happen next.
Liz was worried about her son. she hadn't seen him since they had arrived. Her breasts were aching now, they were heavy and hot. She desperately needed to express or feed her son. She pulled at her cuffed wrists. The door opened Sgt Bishop and Peters came in.
"Where's my Baby! I want to see him, where is he?" "Lieutenant, Lieutenant, calm down he's safe and sound with our medical staff".
"This is deplorable! I demand to see him sergeant! I know my rights!" "He's safe Ma'am, believe me. Now you co-operate and I'm sure you can see your son" Dave grinned at her distressed flushed face." "You Bastards, Bastards!" she spat.
"That as might be Ma'am, but you are in a serious position. The quicker it is resolved the quicker you get out of here, understand?" he gloated. "What exactly is my position Sergeant?" she glared at him. Dave went in his pocket and pulled out some paper, he unfolded it and placed it on the desk in front of her. It was a photocopy of her letter to Sue. She read it and then looked up at him tears welling in her eyes.
"What can I say?" she said
"Do you think we should contact your husband and discuss the contents of this with him?" she shook her head no.
"What do you want Sergeant, a statement saying I was a lesbian and now I'm cured?" She winced as her breasts ached solidly. "Oh that would be nice, are you all right Ma'am" he asked. "No Sergeant I'm not! I'm a nursing mother, I need to feed my son. to feed him I need to see him."
"Oh I'm sorry, are they full?" he asked with mock concern. "Go get him Pete" Pete left. leaving Dave alone with her.
"Do you get turned on when he feeds Bitch?" Dave asked watching her reaction.
"I'm sorry what did you say?" she looked at him stunned. "You heard, did you feed your girlfriends? did it make you cum when they suckled you?" he grinned at her.
"You disgusting man!" she flushed deep red.
"It did didn't it, I bet you frig yourself stupid each time, remembering all those mouths you've fed. He enjoyed her discomfort as she stared at him. "Stop it!" she demanded.
"They look fucking heavy, I'm going to fuck them, Fuck all the milk out of them and I'm not going to stop till you cum!" he licked his lips. "Leave me alone!" she pleaded.
"have you ever had them tied up, tied up and milked?"
"No please" she turned away.
The door opened Pete came in with two male nurses one carrying her son.
The other had her bag.
"Thank heaven is he all right?" she saw he had almost finished her expressed milk from earlier. The nurse held him close for her to see. She kissed his face.
"Right not so close" Dave motioned them back. Her son began to cry. Liz felt her tits throb hotly, and then she could feel her fore milk Seeping from each teat.
"I need to feed him, please I do," She looked at them pleadingly.
"We brought her breast pump and bottles" the nurse offered. "Good put them there. We'll bring you the milk OK" Dave pointed to the desk.
"NOO!" she complained.
"Take him out corporal we can manage" The two nurses looked at each other and then grinned at her.
"I'm sure you can, I'm sure you can" he said they turned and left.
"Please he's said awful things to me don't go NOOO NOO!" she insisted.
The door shut, Pete went after them.
Outside in the corridor Pete stopped them and then recorded the babies Cry with a Dictaphone. Then he returned.
Dave was teasing her again. Pete interjected.
"I think we should let her alone to express some milk for her kid Dave?"
"Do you think?" Dave replied aggressively.
"Please, just let me do that and I'll answer all the questions you want!" she pleaded. Dave glanced at Pete who stared fixedly at him.
"Ok you get some time, but you only get one wrist free"
"But I can't manage with one hand!" she pleaded, her breasts aching.
"Oh well we won't bother at all then" Dave decided.
"NO, no I'll be all right I will!" She looked at them pleadingly. "Ok make it fast, we'll be back in 30 minutes" They released her left hand . Dave unbuttoned the front of her jacket, he opened it. Beneath her white service blouse was soaked in great patches over each breast. She sat there in pensive humiliation. Dave unbuttoned her wet blouse and folded it back revealing her milk soaked nursing bra. Pete came over with the pump he had put together from the bag. Dave undid the hooks on the front of her bra cups and released each heavy mammary.
They popped out solidly sitting large and round on her chest.
"Makes you thirsty just looking at 'em Dave " said Pete. Her teats were large thick semi erect nubs, surrounded by deep coral aureole. Fore milk seeped from each running down to drip from the underside of each full breast. Pete gave her the breast pump. Lt Hall waited until the door had shut behind them. She struggled with the on switch but got it going. Hours of practise juggling her son had trained her well.
Her milking sessions were always so stimulating and erotic. With her husband away so much it was the only stimulation she got now a days, Her pussy warmed she tried to think it away.
Her nipples seemed so much more sensitive as of late and milk seemed to flow so easily from them. She had to focus more on keeping the milk in now than previously, she focused on her let down and letting the milk out.
She pushed the mouth of the pump to her right breast. Her teat wasn't quite hard enough and she had to swipe the collar of the cup back and too to bring it up. Then she pushed it firmly on and thumbed the suction control. She groaned in relief as she felt it draw her nipple, hot tingles of pleasure spread through her breast, Her teat expanded and was pulled in to fit the insert of the pump, The first jet of her warm milk squirted into the pump. It pulled on her breast and sucked it into the bowl slightly. As usual it made her hips jerk as the milk released.
Outside the mirror on the wall Dave and Pete watched transfixed as the Naval lieutenant milked herself.
Milk was squirting in strong jets into the pump now as she desperately tried to concentrate on controlling it. The cup was half full. She switched to the other teat to get that going too.
She looked about, at home she would have used a towel to stem the flow but here cuffed to the chair she had to just let it flow down to soak her blouse and skirt.
She let the fore milk begin on the left and then had to put pump down on the desk while she pulled and milked herself to get the back milk to flow. She didn't want to give him just a drink now he needed feeding. She felt her breasts swell and throb as it started to flow, she swapped to the other. In minutes she had rich white fluid pouring from both.
She put the mouth of the pump to the right and felt a thrill course through her as her breast reacted strongly to the pull of the pump and started to jet squirt after squirt into the hungry pump. Her cunt twinges, warm and wet now but she desperately tried to think it away again as she swapped breasts. She felt that ache and throb and she squeezed her thighs together with the sensation as the pump did it's work. The flesh of her breast was pushed in by the collar of the pump as she watched it fill. Her mind went to the military policeman's taunts and she shuddered as she remembered his words.
Outside the mirror both the sergeants had raging hard on's.
"We'll wait until she's filled it and then we'll help her out, a' Pete?" Dave couldn't wait.
"Sounds good to me mate" he replied his voice full of tension.
"You got the rope?"
"Do bears shit in the woods?" they both smiled.
Inside the cell the pump changed it's tune as it became full Liz knew she had loads more to express, but she had no more bottles. She pulled the pump off. milk still squirted out. She tried to concentrate on controlling the flow. She pinched and rubbed each teat. The flow didn't abate. Her dark blue skirt was becoming soaked with her milk.
The door opened the two sergeants came in grinning. The door slammed shut behind them.
"Having fun Lieutenant?" Dave asked. She tried to cover both her tits with her free arm. Embarrassed.
"I need another bottle for the pump!" she insisted.
"What filled it already? you have been busy" Pete gloated. "Look it's not funny! There should be another bottle in the bag, can you fetch me one?" she could feel more and more soaking though her skirt to her stocking'd thighs.
Pete smiled and went through the bag. Dave grabbed her free wrist and twisted it away, then behind her.
"OWWW your hurting!" she cried out in surprise. He quickly forced it back into the cuff.
"It's our turn now bitch! Your in for the milking of your life lieutenant" Dave breathed into her ear.
Her breasts shook and jiggled as she struggled, beads of milk flew about, her rigid teats still squirting. Pete knelt in front of her "You have got fucking big udders Lieutenant" he brushed her teats with the edge of his finger as she tried to twist away. "Fucking hold still, listen! Hold still, we'll milk you and hand it on to the medics" Dave insisted.
"Don't you dare touch me you bastards, I'll Fucking kill you!
They ignored her struggling and cries. Pete put the spare bottle on the desk and produced the cord he had in his pocket.
Lieutenant Hall screamed and kicked as they forced her legs back around the legs of the chair. It was a struggle but they managed in the end. She strained and panted as they tied her strong ankles to the rear legs of the chair.
Once finished her legs were pulled back quite harshly. Her dark blue skirt taught between her knees. Her jacket was pulled down off her shoulders, leaving her heavy milk laden breasts framed by her damp white service blouse and separated by her black tie.
"Let me go! you won't get away with this you twat's! let me go!!" she swore and strained helplessly.
"What do you think Dave shall we gag her?" Pete asked as if she wasn't there.
"No I think it'll be more fun once we get going, don't you?"
She looked at them her face full of fear and loathing. "Remember what I said earlier bitch? well this is where you get your great big jugs tied up and we get to fuck the milk out of 'em!"
"NOO please don't do this, please they get sore!" she pleaded.
John knelt next to Dave and handed him some more cord. Dave pushed his hands around her under her blouse, tying the first length tight around her lower chest just beneath each heavy breast. Pete tied a similar length around her upper chest. under her armpits, over her jacket and blouse. He pulled it tight.
"OOOOOWWWW" She complained as it drew tight. They both made lassoes of cord and fed them over each breast. drawing them too at the base of each full jug. Liz helplessly watched as they busily bound her chest. The cord bit into her flesh making her wince as the lasso's ends were tied behind her, as Dave tied the two hoops together in her deep cleavage. It wasn't long before her overflowing breasts were forced into two bloated taut balloons.
"Oh god what are you going to do? please not so tight, ARGGHH! Nooo! please! please!" Dave chuckled as Pete pulled the cord tighter from behind, squeezing them up harder, milk fitfully jetted out of each. "OH God you bastards, they hurt! STOP STOP!!" she begged.
Dave grinned at her, "oh dear are they tender Ma'am?"
"You know they are!!" she screamed at him.
"Oh dear that's not very nice is it Pete? screaming and causing a fuss I think you should pull it tighter, teach Lieutenant Hall some manners".
"NO NO! I'm sorry please don't, please"
"That's better you be a good girl now and may be we won't hurt them, what do you say?" Pete breathed in her ear.
"OK OK, just don't please" she pleaded.
Dave ran his hands down both making her cringe, her breasts were covered in goose flesh at his touch. his fingers gentle circled each teat making her breasts ache. Milk seeped out and ran down each. "Pete put the other bottle on, I think we're going to need it" Pete went and replaced the bottle putting a lid on the other. he came back over.
Dave examined her large brown aureole and thick protruding nipples.
Little bumps of thick goose flesh were around the nipple and aureole.
Little droplets of milk had formed at the end of each nipple. "Do you liked to be milked lieutenant?" she swallowed and nodded slowly.
"I bet you do, eh? your nothing but a big uddered cow, waiting to be milked are you?" he gripped each breast cruelly and squeezed them making milk ease out.
"Please don't, you horrible man" he laughed at that. she looked away embarrassed.
"It's milking time bitch, do you come when you feed? I bet you do, in private, with no one to see, once that hungry little mouths suckling, you've got you're hand down your knickers frigging that hungry cunt of yours, I bet you can't get enough, can you?"
"leave me alone, don't please, noooooo!" Dave gripped each fat teat and twisted. She jolted and writhed in the seat.
He let go and then began gently pulling and teasing her right nipple, slowly it got bigger and thicker, she watched unable to take her eyes from it. Liz could feel her breast ache, hot insistent shocks shooting through her full mammary, the cord somehow amplifying the sensation. He flicked and tweaked her fat stud, enjoying the way her hips reacted as he teased her.
"Pete's got something for you lieutenant, haven't you Pete?" "Oh yes I nearly forgot, you'll like this Ma'am" he went in his pocket and retrieved his Dictaphone.
"Are you ready?" he asked grinning.
"Look I can't be bothered with your stupid games!" he switched it on, her sons cry sounded loud and clear from the speaker. Lieutenant hall cringed her face a awful grimace as the cry made her teats ache and her breasts flood with hard pressure. "Stop it you bastards, stop it!"
"I think she likes it Dave, I'll play it again" Pete rewound it and played it again.
"No please, no! oh god put the pump on, put it on! please" she insisted, struggling in the seat as they enjoyed her distress. She felt as if her breasts would burst, the aching, burning pressure was awful.
"Ask to be milked whore!" Dave growled.
"OOH milk me, please milk meee!"
"That's a good bitch, Milk her then farmer Pete" they both laughed.
Pete switched the pump on and Dave held her breast as he pushed the cup over the teat she groaned as the suction gripped it and pulled it into it's collar.
"There is that good?" Dave leered as she shuddered. Pete let it suck a few spurts of milk and then roughly pulled it off, her engorged teat throbbed and spurted more, she let out a disappointed sob "NOO don't stop, put it back on! I need you to, please" they giggled as she squirmed on the seat, her big tits wobbling and sending milk everywhere.
Dave flicked the other one. "Who did you feed on the net ball squad Ma'am?"
"No one! Please they hurt!" her breast's were aching and throbbing the let down begun.
Pete played her sons cry again, she writhed and pushed her chest forward. "PLEASE, OH PLEASE, don't, don't, it . .it makes them . ." (he played it again) " OOOOH, OHHH NOOOO!" She writhed beautifully. Her back arched, pushing her heavy bound balloons forward. Her nipples were now huge thick dark brown studs, her whole breast's shook, and trembled.
Dave grabbed the other tit and squeezed it up. Pete pushed the pump on and set in going. Lt Hall groaned her legs twitching and pulling in as her other breast throbbed and shocks shot through it as her thick teat was drawn into the mouth of the collar and began squirting into the waiting bottle.
Dave squeezed and pulled her breast forcing the milk out, Lt Hall tried to pull it away but there was nowhere to go.
"ARGHHHHHHH! NOO NOO don't please don't squeeze it ahhhh!"
"Oh dear I thought you wanted you big fat udders to be milked?" "Yes but . .but not like th. . . .ARGHHHHHH!!" she squealed and writhed as he squeezed and pulled her bound tit. The nipple at full extent inside the collar of the pump, milk jetting from the end. The other breast had milk streaming out flowing down the curve of the bound mammary gland. Soaking her abdomen and skirt.
"We want to know who you fed on the team? c'mon tell us!" she shook her head and groaned as Pete began teasing and pulling her free teat.
"Right stop!" Pete pulled the pump off roughly leaving her nipple firing jet after jet of creamy white fluid out of the pulsing teat.
"Please no it won't stop, please oh god! please! she wailed as her breasts milk flowed out in spurts and jerks.
"Shall we suck your big tits for you lieutenant?" Dave gloated.
"Oh yes! yes please oohhhh!!" she thrust them forward groaning.
"Who did you feed?" he asked.
"Please, please oh god! please, no one no one!"
"Play the tape Pete." he did. She shuddered and wrenched at the cuff's.
Her tit's spraying milk about.
"Looks like we'll have to leave her here until she changes her mind Pete" Dave smirked. she writhed as her tits spurted again the awful heat and pressure inside them, was too much.
"Sue, Sue miles! and . . Joan. oh god please!"
"That's better anyone else?" he flicked and rubbed her nipples making her jerk and press forward.
" Any one else?!" he insisted. he raised his hand and then slapped her engorged breast hard making her yelp and wince, he started to slap them cruelly, milk spurted out each time.
"CHRIST STOP! STOP! ARHHH ARHH ARHH NOOOOOOO! she complained as he rained blow after blow on her tender shuddering breast's.
"Any one else!" he demanded.
"An army private and a PTI a RAF PTI I don't know their names Please, please stop!".
He slapped them again making them slap together hard. "What are they're names!" slap after stinging slap made her breast's patterned with harsh red fingers marks.
"Please, I don't know! I don't know! ARGHHHHH, ARGHHHH!!" his hand arrested mid blow. he grinned down at her red tear streaked face.
"There that's better Lieutenant." The both of them sank to there knees and rammed there mouths to her dark thick nipples. She gasped and arched her back groaning with pleasure as she felt both begin to suck hard. The pleasure from her tits was incredible as her milk started to flow, filling their hungry mouths.
Dave and Pete swallowed and swallowed but it kept coming. Both could feel it jetting into the backs of their mouths as they worked her teats with their tongues. It was overflowing Dave's mouth and ran down his chin soaking his uniform.
Her nipples became thicker and thicker as they sucked cruelly her body bucking and writhing as they pumped her tits with harsh strong fingers.
They knelt there suckling her for quite awhile, she sat her head hung forward in defeat. Enjoying the release as her milk flowed into her interrogators mouths. She winced and bit her lower lip as they bit and chewed her tender teats. Each suck, bite and chew making her pussy wetter and wetter.
Dave pulled off for breath and tapped Pete's shoulder he pulled off too. Lt. Hall groaned in disappointment as her nipples twitched and springed inside. milk still flowed from both. Dave stood up and yanked his trousers open.
"Now I'm going to give them a good fucking lieutenant!"
"Nooooo please, no!"
His meat was really hard and full as he held it in his fist and wanked it.
Lt hall only had a moments notice before he swung his leg over hers and grabbing her heavy jugs in both strong hands forced them together and rammed his cock into her milk wet cleavage. "Oh yes! I'm going to fuck you're big fat tits bitch! oooh that feels good!"
"Please don't . . please! you're hurting"
"Good! how about this!" He squeezed them hard making milk squirt out in jets.
"NOOOOOOOOOO! ARGHHHHHHH!!" she writhed in the chair trying desperately to pull them away.
"Please please! ahhhhh!" he ignored her complaints and fucked them savagely.
He fucked her tits hard and fast making her sob and gasp as he forced her still squirting tits to it. He dug his fingers in hard feeling her milk jet against the palms of his hands as he began stroking up into them with vicious slamming thrusts that made her jerk and squirm.
"That's it you big fat cow, oh yeah I'm gonna cum all over your udders bitch uhh, uhh, uhh,!"
She turned her face away in disgust as he cruelly beasted her aching tits.
He groaned and let go of them yanking his cock from her cleavage he grabbed her hair forcing her head to face forward and down.
Lt. Hall was about to complain when his cock spurted hot thick semen straight into her surprised face.
"Oh yesss have that you cunnnnnnt!" It hit her forehead and eye. Then globs flew all over her mouth and nose, she tried to pull away but he held her there until every drop had been deposited on her face or tits.
"YOU DIRTY BASTARD!" she complained as he stepped away. his spunk slowly eased down her face, stringing between her lips. She went to shake it off. He caught her hair and held her still. "Hold her still!" Pete threw his leg over hers and while Dave held her head he wanked himself off over her disgusted face. "NOO UGHH UGHH NOO!" she spat and squirmed as he shot his load all over her face too.
He stepped away she looked an amazing sight bound as she was. Her face glazed with thick globs of hot spunk. her bound breasts seeping milk.
"OH God you dirty bastards, you came on my face! wipe it off! get it off me. AT ONCE!" the laughed at her demands. Dave turned to Pete, "You take the milk to the medics, I'll go fetch Flight Lieutenant Miles" he turned back to Lt Hall.
"You'll get your face cleaned up OK but it won't be us that do it!" They both did up their trousers and left leaving her there her breasts still achingly full and dripping.
"Don't leave me here like this! come back Sergeant, sergeant!!" the door slammed shut.
"But I didn't cum" she moaned disappointedly.

End of Part Seven.

Enjoy MG.


Mad Gerald
04-23-2012, 12:52 PM
Queens Regulations By Mad Gerald.

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Queens Regulations

Part Eight.

Dave slid the peephole open and looked in, Flt Lt Mile's was asleep on the bare bed in the shower room.
Her strong well muscled body was relaxed, half on her side. Her black mane stark against the mattress. She had redressed herself In her light blue service blouse, Dark grey skirt. No underwear as they hadn't returned that apart from her stockings and suspender belt. Due to the temperature her large breasts were crowned by her thick hard nipples, they pressed hard to the thin material her aureole thick, dark and goose fleshed clearly showed through.
It wasn't surprising as the room was cold and clinical, brick walls white washed, hard tan linoleum covered the floor. There was a plastic chair an unscreened shower cubicle. The low bare bed and a sink. light came from a single caged light bulb.
She started when she heard the door lock, She sat up, Dave and Peter came in, grinning. She straightened her legs, the large butt plug which protruded from her stretched ring, pressed to the back of her skirt she winced as it caught the mattress, reminding her of it's presence.
"My you do look refreshed Ma'am, good sleep" She stared at them not giving the satisfaction of an answer.
"What's the matter Ma'am, cat got your tongue?"
She cradled her breasts in her arms, hiding her erect teats from their eager gaze.
"Never mind we'll find it for you, I bet you'd love some breakfast?"
They both suppressed smiles.
"B R E A K F A S T?, I asked a question Ma'am?"
"Yes, yes I would Sergeant" she uttered.
"That's better c'mon then on your feet!" he barked, she got up from the bed, carefully avoiding sitting on the plug.
"If you could get dressed Ma'am, Stockings and shoes"
"What for! your own perverse delight?" she spat.
"Regulations Ma'am, you must wear correct uniform, Now get them on!"
She turned to pick them up as she bent to the chair Pete flicked the end of the butt plug through her skirt. She groaned and immediately sprang up on tip toe as it flexed inside her aching rectum.
"Don't AAHHHHH!" she cried.
"Wh . . when will I see the Major, I need the toilet" she begged.
"When he wants to put some more in there I would think Ma'am"
"But I need to relieve myself sergeant, I'm getting quite desperate"
"Oh good he'll like that" they both chuckled.
"Now if you want to see the Major you'll put your shoes and stockings on!"
She lifted her skirt and put her suspender belt on, then she struggled to pull the barely black stocking's on without sitting. eventually the last clip was done up and she lowered her skirt. and pushed her feet into her service shoes.
Pete produced some handcuffs.
"OH NO, do I need those, please" He ignored her and roughly forced her arms behind her and cuffed her wrists.
"Procedure Ma'am, you know how we like procedure"
He straightened her blouse and brushed off her epilated shoulders. Then they dragged her from the room, out into the corridor. To the next door. Pete stood with her while Dave went in.
Lt Hall looked up from the chair as Sgt Bishop came in, she was cuffed to it, her ankles tied to the back legs. Her Royal Naval Officers uniform jacket pulled down off her shoulders. Her blouse gaped open around her Bound engorged breasts, Milk still seeped from her solid teats forming a large damp patch on her taut service skirt. Her face still covered in drying semen.
He went straight up to her, grabbed her blonde hair and wrenched her head back, she instinctively opened her mouth to complain. He rammed a hard rubber ball into her mouth, his thumb forcing it home. It filled her mouth stretching her lips into a thin line around it's size. He let her hair go, before she could move he was strapping a tight rubber belt around her head, across her gaping mouth, stopping her from forcing it out.
"There that's better, oh dear doesn't milky cow like her gag? No never mind. Someone specials coming to clean all that nasty semen off your face, won't that be nice" he traced his finger around each sensitive teat. he grinned at her discomfort.
"And then if you're a good girl you get milked" he laughed.
He went away and came back with a bar with straps on, she watched in dismay as he buckled one strap around her leg just below the knee, then he bent the bar in half and buckled the other around the other leg. Then he untied her ankles, she tried to pull her legs away but he pulled her lower legs out to the front and snapped the bar straight. She couldn't move them they were spread wide. The straps bit into her black stocking clad legs making the flesh bulge on either side.
He went behind her and lowered something from the ceiling, She stared around twisting trying to see. He shoved her back round and then he was lashing her elbows together, she struggled to no effect. Once he'd finished he undid he cuffs and began hauling her up off the chair by her elbows.
He kicked the chair away, as he went to the wall and tied the rope off. She was now suspended on tip toe her service shoes fighting for contact with the floor. She was now bent forward her bound breasts pointing at the floor. The weight of he milk made her breasts ache and thump the seep forced into fitful thin spurts each time she moved. She lifted her head glancing about in fear of what was to happen next.
Sgt Bishop patted her wide ass through her skirt, she flinched her cheeks tightening beautifully.
"There all ready, comfortable? no, good!"
Outside in the corridor Flt Lt Miles grimaced her bowels cramping, her ass squeezed the butt plug.
"I need to see the Major, I need to go to the toilet, please"
"All in good time Ma'am"
The door opened Dave beckoned him to bring her in. He grabbed her arm and took her in. Her face paled as she saw who was in the room.
"Flt lt say hello to Lt hall or have you met before?" they're
eyes met, Sue looked away,
"No who is she?" they both laughed.
"Why Flt Lt she's breakfast!" Liz looked confused
between them she made muffled entreaties into the hard ball
"See all that semen on her face, lick it off Ma'am!"
"Why should I you filthy perverts, what have you done to her UNNNGHHHH!" she cringed her belly cramping.
"It's quite simple Ma'am, you lick her face clean, do a good job
and I'll give the Major a ring, then perhaps you can get that
nasty bung out of your ass Ma'am"
"And if I refuse?" she stared at them defiantly
Pete grabbed her neck savagely, his other hand grabbed the butt plug through her service skirt, he jerked it deeper, twisting it. Flt Lt Miles screamed her full bowels cramping and spasming, she struggled to lift away.
"ARRRRGGGGHHHHH OOOHHHGGOOODDD NNOOO, ok ok I'll do it I will, I WILL!" he let go of it chuckling.
"Kneel there, lick her face clean bitch!"
She stared at them in disgust, then she went over and knelt down, Dave gripped the Wren's hair at the back and held her head still. Without looking at Liz she began to lick the semen from her chin.
They watched closely as she licked around Liz's stretched lips, her eyes closed. Liz groaned as Sue's tongue sensuously slid over her features. Her breasts were aching awfully, two hot hard fat balloons, Feeding was well over due and fore milk oozed from each thick teat, coalesced into droplets and dripped onto the floor below, Lt Hall's mind was singularly full of Sue's soft wet lips and her hot tongue as it pressed to her cheek and began to lap up the seed they had left there. she desperately wanted to push her nipples into that willing mouth and feed her.
"Is that nice slut eh? can you imagine this whore suckling you, your big fat teats brushing her lips, them closing around your nips and sucking all that hot milk out?"
Lt Hall groaned and tapped her shoes in frustration, her twat felt on fire, she could feel it's wetness, she wanted to squeeze her thighs together, they strained against the spreader bar instead.

Flt Lt Mile's licked her eyelids clean, then her forehead.

End . . .

Enjoy MG


Mad Gerald
07-21-2012, 10:48 AM
One night hand

Story by Mad Gerald

Dedicated to CONWIC

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2011.

Washington DC is as shit as anywhere else when you're broke.
It's even more shit if your broke and been busted by the cops
and just got away.

Me and Eriq were about to do a deal when we were bounced.
lost our money and the goods. We dumped the auto.
Now we were here in this motel,

I booked a room with a stolen card, It was accepted so some luck was
holding out. When I turned to go This big brunette in a Navy uniform had
just dumped her bags outside. She looked flustered and pissed. She was
definitely worth a squirt. I smiled my best smile "Hey doll you look real
sexy, you feel like sharing a drink?" She looked me up and down with real

"I beg your pardon?"

"I'm at a loose end this evening, I wondered If you favoured a drink and
perhaps a meal with my good self."
She looked me up and down like I was some piece of shit.
"No! get real, just leave or I call security!".
"Hey I was only asking, calm down yeah, I was being friendly honey, what do

you say could be fun."

"Look don't you get it, I don't associate with your sort, just leave me
alone yeah!"
"What d'you mean, My sort?"
"You know exactly! now back off Nigger!" She shoved her hand in her bag as
if she had a gun. I backed off hands up.
"You got a problem with socializing lady, you need to chill, I'm leaving,

I left stuck up honky cunt. I managed to hear which room he gave her
though, right across the hall.

We sat on the bed desperate to think our way out of our situation.
Eriq put the Tv on. I sat dejected, Fuck I was angry and bored! The
silence was broken by the door down the hall banging open. I snatched my
gun up and went to the door I relaxed as I heard the night porters voice.
"Your rooms just here miss" my ears pricked and I rammed my eye to the
security eyepiece in the door. In the hall was the porter and the Navy
woman in her military uniform, fuck she looked hot. She was some kind of
officer. about 5`10" big tits under that jacket. I listened intently.

"The conference yes. I'm late, I couldn't get in the navy lodge so I'm

"So you driving there in your car or taking a cab?" asked the porter.

"Oh a cab I think Ill be drinking you see, quite a lot by all accounts,
should be a hoot."

"We have a courtesy bus. it could take you"

"really that would be fine, good good"

"What times so I can tell the driver?"

"Oh about 10 minutes and then back at 1130" she was outside the door her
back to me. Her ass was wide and her uniform was tight across it.

She went in to her room.

Five minutes later she was back out. She looked up and down the hall and
looked at her watch and was off. As she went around the corner
I snatched open our door and caught hers just before it shut.
I closed it behind me. her bags were next to the bed. still
closed. I walked over and rang our room across the way .

Eriq answered.

"Hey my man come and play." he was at the door in seconds.

I let him in. We went through her bags. We got some good stuff no
money though. She had nice underwear. especially the worn panties
they smelt good. hidden in a toiletry bag was a vibrator, a realistic
one smelt used. That gave us a real buzz!

We settled down to drink her mini bar and watch tv until about eleven and
then we shut everything down and waited.

We heard the courtesy car. From the window I saw she was alone. heard the
hall door and her heels the key in the door. I stood behind the door Eriq
was in the bathroom. The door opened light spilled in. she came in. The
door swung shut as she fumbled for the light switch. The light came on she
was in front of me I had the gun levelled at her face. her eyes widened in

"Scream I kill you bitch!" I stood with my back to the door.

"W . . What do you want" she stammered, she was drunk. I kept the gun
levelled at her face.

"We're gonna have some lessons in how to be more friendly . .

"I've money y . . you can have it"

"I know. Shut the fuck up!" she knelt in front of me I locked the door. She

was white, her brown hair tied back her dress uniform was tight all over.
Eriq came in he stood behind her.

"Hands behind you !"

"No please!" she pleaded as Eriq wrenched her arms behind her and tied her
wrists with her own pantyhose. once they were secure I grabbed her hair
wrenching her up to her feet.

"Please please" I dragged her to the end of the bed and forced her back
down, and face down over the end of it. I held her by her hair while Eriq
grabbed her spare pantyhose from her bag and wrapped them tightly around
her kicking and struggling legs. just above her thick knees. Then he
dragged one away, threw the trailing end around the bed leg and yanked her
leg out wide, he yanked again, and tied it off. Then he did the other,
forcing them wide open. She struggled like fuck screaming and hollering but

I held her face in the mattress until he finished and she was bound on her
knees over the end of the bed. I let her go. she lay there panting. her
legs were uncomfortably wide. The hose biting into her thigh muscles, she
strained but couldn't shift them. she let out a strangled sob of

"Hey whore the parties just started!" Eriq shouted and grabbing her
shoulders yanked her upright. She knelt there unsteadily her uniform skirt
stretched to full extent between her bound thighs her dress jacket was
bunched under her breasts the brass buttons straining. her white blouse was

visible through the gaping jacket. her face was tear streaked she sobbed
looking at each of us.
Eriq sat in front of her on the bed. He began to unbutton her jacket.

"Please . .don't" she sobbed as he pulled it open. Her breasts were stiff
fat mounds her blouse hardly containing them with her arms tied tightly
back. He felt them through the blouse, squeezing each. She shut her eye's
still blubbing. I grabbed hold of her hair again pulling her head back.

"You're lucky night, cunt. You ever been fucked with black meat eh?"

She shook her head "Please don't do this! no! please" Eriq had found her
semi erect teats through the material and was rubbing and trying to pull

"You got nice big hooters Bitch, You think maybe we should fuck em eh?"
Eriq gloated and licked her face as she tried to twist away.

"What kind of officer are you cunt? I asked twisting her face back so he
could continue"

"N . . Navy, Medical officer"

"No what rank whore what do these bands mean?"

"What's it matter to you you pig!" she retorted.

I grinned at her arrogant face, I grabbed her throat squeezing "Did you say

kill me and fuck my ass! Did you! I said did you!?"

She swallowed blanching "No no I didn't . . I'm sorry" her eyes full of

"What rank are you whore? don't make me ask again."

"Lieutenant I'm a lieutenant." she blurted.

"Lt who bitch, I like to know who I'm partying with yeah!"

"Lt Terri Bonzini, OK" Eriq was unbuttoning her blouse now leaving the

top button and tie just for effect.

"Right Lieutenant you be good and we leave you alive OK. You go hollering

screaming and your gonna be one posthumous bitch! you understand?"

"Please don't do this to me . . please" she pleaded.

"Oh Lieutenant we have to, you see you're a racist bitch who needs some
lessons in manners! oh yeah, an you got big tits and a fat ass."

"An' we need to empty or our balls don't we, an you gonna be our giz

"Nooooo please no!" she started crying again.

"You ain't gonna shut up are you mother fuck. here!"

I forced a pair of her own used pants into her unwilling mouth. Fighting
her tongue with my fingers as she fought to stop me. Eventually her mouth
was crammed full.

"MMMPPPHHH . .MPPPHHH" she added as I secured them in her mouth by lashing
another pair of her hose around her face. Her eyes were big brown pleading
dishes. I picked her camera up and took some pictures of her to remember
the occasion.

Eriq was pulling her tits out of their cups, She struggled beautifully. I
grabbed her shoulders and held her still as he dragged them out.

Her breasts were big white mounds of stiff flesh Eriq pulled and teased her

stiffening teats. Her aureole were dark coral and big. She had some
trainers in her bag so we pulled the laces out and used them to lash her
tits up into two big fat zeppelins. Fuck she didn't like that. We made
nooses of them and fed her fat mammaries into each, then we snatched them
tight. We pulled and pulled on them so that the laces bit in.

Then we pulled and teased the flesh to get as much of her tits as
possible trapped in the noose. Then we tightened them again.
I pulled both laces behind her back and tied them off. I threw the loose
ends over her shoulders. Eriq used them to tie the nooses together
between her breasts that supported them.

Each tit looked massive now. They were stiff as fuck , we wobbled and pawed
them as she looked on.

Once they were tied I dragged a kitchen chair over and stood it behind her
between her legs. We forced the back of it up between her arms so she was
held upright, so we could play with her tits. We both started to lick
around each teat teasing toward each rigid peak once there we flicked our
tongues over and around her nipples until despite her predicament she
groaned into the gag. we kept on nibbling and teasing the flesh and then
began to suck and feed on her fat thick nipples. Suckling her flesh into
our mouths drawing on it and sucking hard on her reddening teats. Our
fingers dug into her tits hard, hurting them. We pulled and pulled them.
She repeatedly shook her head pleading into her own pants.

Eriq laughed and slapped his tit. This made her jerk and howl. I let go of
mine and let him slap the two together. Her tits giggled and bounced off
each other heavily.

She struggled to pull away but couldn't as he rained blow after blow on her

bound jugs. Tears welled in her eyes. Her tits were now covered in red
welts from our fingers. Her teats two thick red nubs. We started to suckle
her again.

She was obviously getting hot.

Her wide hips were tightly encased by her black skirt, It had obviously
been fitted when she was slimmer. I shoved my hand up under the folds of
her skirt and ran my hand up her trembling thigh. I cupped her pussy mound
through her hose and pants. It was hot and damp her hips jerked and
danced as I pressed on her pubis.

"Fuck Lieutenant you've got one hot pussy there."
She stared at me in hardly disguised disgust as I pawed and rubbed her

I pulled her skirt up her thighs and tucked it in it's own waistband. Her
thighs were nice and strong. I stretched her hose down to mid thigh.
Then her white panties.

They were taut between her bound legs. Her pussy was hairy and warm
I shoved my hand down and flipped it over to spread her already pouting
lips. She shuddered. Eriq grabbed both her tits and forced them together
and began sucking both teats at the same time.

"Oh yeah you like that don't you you white piece of shit" I sank two
fingers into her cunt entrance and twisted them round. I shoved my hand
down the back of her big round ass, I squeezed her butt cheeks testing
them, nice and hard. I forced my fingers into the cleft of her ass she
winced and clenched it but I managed to worm my fingers in.

I found her tight little anus and worried a finger in. Fuck she didn't like

that. She went crazy throwing her hips about twisting away. Screaming
at me through the gag.

Eriq grabbed her hair and slapped her face viciously, and shook her head
about swearing and shouting at her in espanol. She abated gasping.

He grabbed the chair and pulled it free, he threw it across the floor.
still holding her hair he circled her and undid his trousers, he dropped
them and his pants.

His black cock was impressive, Thick and veiny crowned with a fat
circumcised head. He wanked it then sat on the bed in front of her.
She was transfixed with his cock. He let go of her hair and grabbed
her tits on either side. he dragged her forward by them and rammed
his cock into her cleavage.

She struggled as he fucked them. He held them on either side of it and
rammed them up and down on it, she grunted and gasped into the gag.
I got behind her and wrenched her hose further down her thighs, her
ass was gorgeous. Big white full cheeks. I dipped my hand under and
began fingering her twat. forcing three fingers in, her ass bucked like
fuck but she wasn't going anywhere. I got them in to the last knuckle,
then started to twist and press them deep.

Eriq asked me to lift her so I grabbed her shoulders and heaved her up. He
kept on fucking her tits, letting the stiff balloons hang together as he
wanked himself off between them. He was close.

She was watching with a look of complete disgust on her face. Then he
came. Her face was a picture as huge globs of semen shot out all over
her bound tits, He just came and came, when he'd finished her tits were
dripping with a thick coating of it. I had an aching hard on by now, which
I rubbed enthusiastically against her squirming ass.

Eriq laughed and gripped her teats between finger and thumb, he shook them
by her nipples. Jism flew off them in all directions. Then he climbed off
the bed. I let her fall forward on her face. I wrenched open my trousers
and released my cock, I grabbed her inner thighs with my hands dragged them

further apart and shoved my cock straight into her cunt. it was hot, tight
and wet she sobbed as I started to fuck her. I lowered my chest onto her
tied hands and gripped the back of her hair and pulled her head back so I
could speak into her ear.

"Oh yeah you liked havin' those big muthers fucked now didn't you
Lieutenant, all that giz on your big pretty white tits. I know 'cos your
cunt's as wet as they are, Shall I fill you with seed too huh?" she groaned

and tried to pull her head away as I forced deep into her cunt, feeling it
squeeze as I jabbed against her cervix.

"That nice cunt full of nasty black cock, All that Nigger seed fillin' up
your belly ooh yeah I'm gonna fuck you all night whore!"

She complained and jerked as I rammed her deep. Then I got down to
fucking her hard and fast I let her hair go and gripped her hips. I
battered her big ass making her wince and sob as I heaved up into
her. Then I shot my load deep into her, she stiffened and groaned
as I came. I pulled out. relieved.

As I moved away Eriq moved in he slapped her ass making it quiver and
redden then he gripped each cheek and yanked them open.
He admired her deep cleft then pushed his face in an began licking
out her ass hole. She struggled and squealed as he forced his tongue in.

His fingers fighting her strong ass muscles as she desperately tried
to clench it. I couldn't help laughing as she struggled helplessly to pull
her ass away. I knelt next to the bed and grabbed her by the hair again
pulling her head up.

"We like your big ass Lieutenant, You know what we're gonna do now
don't you?
( She grimaced and pleaded into the gag) that's right, we're gonna force
feed your fat ass black cock baby! I bet you can't wait huh? you ever
had it in the ass bitch? Thought not! oooh it's gonna be soooooo good,
You ain't never gonna forget the ass reaming we're gonna give you!
She sobbed and struggled with renewed vigour.

Eriq forced her ass wide for me to see. Her anus was slick with his spit,
her deep ass cleavage went from pink to amber around her clenched
spider. He held it open while I tested it with my index finger again. I
pushed the tip into it she jerked and sobbed.

Then I eased it in, fuck it was tight I pressed and pressed, eventually it
was in to the first knuckle. She went stiff and shook as I twisted and
fucked it in and out.

I pulled it free and went to her head again and forced her to smell it.

"Smells nice don't it bitch, That's what our cocks are gonna smell like
when you lick them clean after we've reamed your ass out."

She looked like she was going to be sick. She jerked and groaned as
Eriq forced two fingers into her ass, He began viciously trying to widen
and open it. He shoved the fingers of his other hand into her cunt and
began to force three fingers in. He started to finger fuck her hard.

She was grunting and sobbing arching her back as he made her take his
stabbing digits in both holes. Then she went rigid as he forced a fourth
finger into her cunt, he continued to finger fuck her, she writhed and
thrashed on the bed, gurgling and sobbing, her hips were starting to
fuck back and down. His fingers were a blur as he finger fucked her
now open wet cunt. She was so horny now she couldn't help herself.
He pulled his fingers free. Leaving her thrusting her ass back
desperately trying to find them again.

He stood and wanked his cock then he crouched over her and put
his knees on either side of her hips on the bed edge, He bent his cock
down with his fist and pressed the thick head against her ring, she leapt
forward as far as she could go, braying into the gag, she was pleading
and whining. I went back to take a look. The girth of his helm was about
two to three times that of her ass hole, He forced his thumbs in on either
side and cruelly forced her cheeks wider, pressing the tip into her anus,
her whole body was shaking, He started to make it go in, pulling and
prying her cheeks as the inner walls of her butt were pulled in with it.

I went back to watch her tear streaked face, her eye's squeezed shut she
grunted and moaned in pain as it started to go in.

"Is that good bitch huh big black meat up your butt" I teased.

She arched her back her bound hands clawing she forced her head into
the mattress as Eriq groaned with delight as his cock snapped into her
hot tight rectum.

"Oh yeah we got you now cunt big brothers spear tearing up your ass!" I

Eriq let go of her cheeks and gripped her hips and rammed deep straight up
her butt. She started and jerked as more slid in, He heaved, she screamed,
he heaved again her legs snatched and she kicked at the carpet with her
lower legs.

Eriq had almost a third of his cock up her butt now, he rested and began
smacking her cheeks he suddenly heaved again and groaned as she let
out an awful shout of pain and outrage as it sank all the way in. He
started to fuck her ass hard. He grabbed the back of her neck and
started to beast her ass.

The room was full of her sobs and the squelch of his meat pumping in
and out. Her big white butt cheeks were shuddering and clenching as he
sodomized her. He sped up and kept to deep shallow strokes, flattening her
ass with his weight. He shifted his knees of the edge of the bed and let
his whole weight slam his cock up her.

He yanked her torso up off the bed by her neck and put his arms under
her arm pits and then locked his fingers behind her neck. He really set
about fucking her big butt now. Her tits still slick with semen bounced
and giggled before her face as he grudge fucked her.

I started to pinch and pull her nipples, then I started to slap them making

her teats two hard fat red nubs. She was being fucked like a rag doll now,
her teeth biting into her pants, her head snapped up and her whole
body strained. Her eye's flashed open and then an anguished look
sprang to her features as Eriq let out a loud grunt and his body stiffened
as he emptied his load deep into her forced bowels.

Eriq let go of her neck and let her flop forward on the bed, he pulled his
still hard cock from her ass streaked with shit, blood, and semen. she
moaned and her ass let out a loud wet fart. We both laughed.

We set too having a look at her ass, we yanked her cheeks wide and admired
her still gaping ring semen dribbled out.

I grabbed her vibrator from next to the bed and showed it to her.
"Look what we found cunt, I bet this has seen some action up that quim of
yours huh, Tell you what I feel generous so I'm going to put it back up
there for you"

I went back and fingered her wet cunt lips apart then I thrust it up her
twat hard, making her grunt and cringe, I turned it full on, and then
rammed it deep into her so it disappeared. My cock was straining to go
so I got behind her.

I gripped her big ass cheeks and lifted them wider apart. I offered the
head of my cock to her deep cleft and then forced into her still gaping
ring. It was so hot wet and tight I nearly lost my load right there.

The vibrations from her dildo strummed through her ass muscles,
I was in fucking ecstasy. I grabbed her hips and dragged her back on to it.

I felt her shit chute slither down my meat, Her rectum clenched hungrily
around it making me groan. I pressed forward and felt the heat of her
forced sphincter accept the my hilt. My balls were tickled by her hairy

Now her tits hung off the bed, I grabbed them and started to use them
as handles to heave her back on to me. I pulled on her sore teats.

"C'mon whore fuck me with your big fat ass! That's it take it, uh huh
yeah!" I twisted and stretched them to encourage her to hump
back at me. Her ass was shaking and squirming as I rammed up into
her. I gripped her teats and stretched them down, digging my elbows
into her hips.

She began to buck and complain as I tortured her nipples, My cock
was real deep in her bowels now and it felt like a hot velvet vice had
closed on it. I held her fast to me as I made her butt fuck me.

She was like a bronco, I gave her teats a rest and lifted up to grip her
shoulders. I forced her into the mattress as I began to jack-hammer her
ass, enjoying the way her big white butt squeezed at me as I fucked it.

The vibrations were something else each time the head of my cock rode
over the back of her cervix. I rammed it in to stay and thrust my hand
under her belly to play with her cunt.

It was open and wet, I fumbled with her slippy lips and then began to
rub and frig her clit, I could feel it as a hard little button. I pressed
at it and fuck did I get a reaction, her ass pressed back and
jerked as I teased it.

"Ooooh yeah you like that huh? My big black cock up your ass, oh yeah,
hey what d'yer say should I get some more brothers in here to share
your ass?" She bucked like fuck at that sobbing and pleading into her

"Or should I charge, what do you think say a dollar a butt fuck. . nah
too much, how about a quarter? sounds good. Get lots of customers."
I teased her cruelly.

"We could double the money let two at a time fuck your cunt and ass."
I pushed my fingers into her wet opening and found the base of the
vibrator, each time I slid out I pressed it in. She was jolting each time,
her ass clenching around the head of my meat.

Eriq came over "Lift the bitch up man, I wanna see if she'll squirt"
she whipped her head round, her features betraying her lack of
understanding. I thrust my hands under her and around the back
of her neck again, I pressed my cock home and lifted her up.
Now the whole weight of her big ass bore down on my shaft, I
could feel her rectum squeeze and spasm as it sank deeper.

I held her there as Eriq grinned into her face and used his
hands to feel and spread her twat, he forced her lips wide
with his finger tips. The vibrator slid out and dropped to the
floor. She moaned and jerked as it slid out.

He started to finger her, working them in he forced two then
three fingers in, she begged into her pants for him to stop,
but a forth went in. Her legs were quaking the firm flesh
continually jerking and snatching at her bonds as he twisted
and dug his fingers up her cunt.

I thrust hard into her splayed ass. She groaned and tried
to pull away, in doing so she let him force his fingers deeper.
Her tear streaked face stared imploringly at his grinning
features as he pulled and stretched her cunt lips wider and
with and awful wail from her, her cunt accepted his fifth finger.
She tried to lift off it her ass easing up and down my shaft.

Eriq began to force his hand in, I started to stab up into her
ass with short hard strokes. She was shaking her head and


She threw her hips forward as he began to grind his hand
up into her, her ass was squeezing my cock hard, her strong
butt muscles clenching around my hilt, it was bliss.

"I fist you, big white cunt yeah!" Eriq gloated in broken English.
I joined in,
"How's that feel huh? Big black cock in your big white ass, big
black fist up your big white cunt, you love it bitch! We're gonna
make you cum, make your cunt squirt juice down his arm, oh
yeah, and when you do I'm gonna fill your ass with jizz, so you
can taste it whore!"

She groaned and shuddered as he forced it in and out, I took
his timing and soon we were in synchrony, Fist, fist, butt fuck, fist,
fist, butt fuck. She was getting so fucking hot. Eriq's fist was
in up to the wrist now and her belly was bulging with fullness.

Her bound tits were bouncing stiffly with each thrust, her nipples
still two fat engorged studs, Eriq started to lick and tease them.
She was pressing down on my cock now, her uniform skirt clad
hips slowly taking up the rhythm, Her eyes were shut her teeth
still biting into her pants.

"Your never gonna forget this cunt, your gonna go find you some
niggers when ever your cunt tingles, and you'll beg them to
do this. Shit you'll pay whore!"

She moaned her ass sucking and pulling on me as she fucked
it up and down. Eriq was sucking her left teat now biting and
pulling it. his fist pushing and pulling in her stretched twat.

"That's it bitch you're gonna cum for us, like a good girl, that's
it Lieutenant, that's a good girl, All this meat up your ass, c'mon

Her whole body was tensing, her shit chute was becoming like
a vice to push up into, her belly taught, she flexed her legs
trying to force more of my meat into her, we had her, she was
going to cum.

Eriq started to brush his open mouth across the tips of each
teat, she started to speed up her ass slamming back on to me
as I stabbed and stabbed it deep in her contracting bowel's.
Eriq was shaking and flexing his fist in her. she began to
grunt and heave, her back arching.

"Ooooh that's it cunt c'mon baby C'MON! good girl! good girl!
That's it!!" I urged her.

She threw her head back, humping, she was snorting through
her flared nostrils. I felt her ass grip my cock viciously and
then she went rigid. With a sobbing wail she went crazy fucking
back at me. I held her fast and piston fucked her swerving butt.

Eriq was punching up into her, he felt her cunt contract and then
she came, hard fast throbs squeezed his fist and my cock as she
threw herself up and down on them, Hot juice sprayed down his

"OH MAN!" he shouted as she squealed and thrashed, more
and more cunt juice ejaculating from her. He grabbed the
still running vibrator off the floor and thrust the tip to her pubis,
she went wild sobbing and jolting as she came and came.
He laughed and forced the tip over and around her rigid clit,
making her dance and buck.

I began to really beast her butt feeling my nuts swell to bursting.

I came deep in her, her bowels flinching and pulsing as I
shot jet after jet of scalding seed into her rectum. she grunted and
jerked her legs snatching with each bolt.

Eriq took the vibrator away and kept fisting her keeping her up
there then as I pulled my meat out of her ass he pushed it to her
clit again. she went crazy cumming all over again.

As she climaxed he dragged his hand out making her wail and
beg for him to put it back, He pulled the vibrator free, reached
around and thrust it up her ass. He grabbed her throat and as
I moved away he pushed her over on her back, her knees bent
right back trapped beneath her, still bound to the bed legs.

He jumped between her legs and thrust his cock deep into her
wet open twat, He grabbed her tits and bit and chewed her
nipples as he brutally fucked her soppy cunt, she wailed and
fought helplessly as he raped her hard. Minutes later he pulled
out and sprayed semen all up her belly and over her tits.

We left her there on the floor while we had a breather and
another drink. She lay there sobbing. Her mouth crammed
full of her own pants held in place with some tied hose
Her bound tits two red marked fat peaks sticking out from
her dress uniform jacket and blouse, her uniform skirt
rucked up high around her waist, her flesh coloured hose
stretched and torn still clinging to her trapped legs.

Her vibrator still purring up her ass.


:skull-bee ENJOY MG

Mad Gerald
07-21-2012, 10:50 AM
Anyone got any nice images of women in uniform you would like a story about PM me not promising but you might get a story out of it MG

Mad Gerald
08-07-2012, 06:31 AM
Synopsis: An RAF Female Air Loadmaster in the 90’s puts all her desires in a letter home to her Boyfriend but that information in the wrong hands makes here the submissive plaything of the whole crew NC, GRp F MMMMM+, Anal, Bukake, Unif. Military, Force Org,

Lady Loadie takes a load.

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.



As the RAF C130 Hercules transport aircraft transited between Cyprus
and Kuwait, Squadron Leader John Hughes stood in the freight bay
drinking a cup of tea, sat in the troop seats in front of him oblivious to his stare was a new member of his crew a Trainee aircrew woman called

She was 5' 6" a brunette hair drawn back tight and tied. Big brown eyes,
surrounded with a hint of eye shadow, black mascara emphasizing her long
eyelashes. She had a delicious olive complexion, her chest a was a bulging 42D, which pressed hard against her flight suit. It never having been designed to contain such heavy hard globes.

The suit was stretched taught across her wide child bearing hips,
straining to encompass a wonderfully big arse, the material tight
around her thick thighs and strongly muscled legs. He smiled
remembering how as she’d moved about earlier doing her
flight checks her flying suit gripping her ass cheeks as two
hard quivering globes the outline of her knickers showing.

She was writing a letter, her cheeks were flushed red with arousal as she
wrote. She licked her dry lips; he watched the tip of her tongue trace
along her thick pouting lips. She pulled herself more erect, shifting in
the seat. Her nipples were pressing to the flight suit as two thick
mounds. That was when he decided to have her, not just ask her
out but to engineer her total subservience to him.

An hour later they had landed in Kuwait. The heat was terrific.
The crew bus took them to the hotel in the centre of the city.
At reception John gladly volunteered to take her letter to the
post office. He let them go to their rooms and then phoned

"Clair it’s your Captain, look there's been a change of plan stay
in your gear we may need to go back out to the kite"

"Yes Sir, do I need to come now?" he smiled to himself,

"No stay in your room I'll call you, keep off the phone in case yeah!"

He put the phone down. Grinning to himself. Then walked to the post
office around the corner. There he opened the letter, photocopied it,
and then read it.

I can’t forget how you make me feel, I love you so much. Last
weekend when you tied me over the end of your bed, my knees so far apart
while you teased and spanked my big butt. Then when you drew my
cheeks open and licked between them was so fantastic, my ass is so
sensitive, I don’t think my clit has ever been so hard or my pussy so
wet. and when you pressed your finger inside my ass god it was
amazing, it really stung and ached then when you pushed it right
in and began wriggling it around while you licked around my
bottom hole. I nearly came with each movement. I couldn’t
believe how big your cock felt as you pressed it to my poor
little anus. when it touched it I could feel my clit throb, bliss.
I didn’t mind you calling me all those names while you
forced it in I can imagine it was very tight. Being called a
fat bitch made me strangely excited, but you urging me to
take it up my shitter was a real turn on. God I want it again,
my ass ached for days after and every time I do a poo I
have to frig myself off remembering your fat dick pressing
it open. I can’t wait to be home to you so you can butt
fuck me again, god it makes me cum and cum, my pussies
wet now, I shall finger it for you now imagining you
slamming all that hot meat up my poor bottom, I Love
you so much Carl my love. XXXXX PS god I’m
so randy right now can’t wait to get home. I think if
someone was to tell me to bend over because they were
going to ass fuck me I wouldn’t be able to say no.
When I cum with you in my ass I loved to squeeze it.
I was a good girl like you said and did everything within
my power to get you to ram as deep into me as humanly
possible...I like to feel it pulse way up inside. God I need
to frig myself off but I can’t. I will do my best to hurry home
so you can fuck me there again. Clair.

He put down the letter and grinned. Well, well a real life anal slut here
for the taking.

John went back to the hotel and phoned her. He ordered her to his room.
He had only just gone in the door when there was a knock it was Clair.

"Come in Sergeant sit down!" her face blanched worried.

She came in and sat down on the only chair. She looked very hot and

"I'll come to the point, I took your letter to the post office, The
religious police there opened it and were astounded at the

Claire’s face began to turn red then crimson, tears came to the
corners of her eyes.

"They went crazy, they want to arrest you! I’ve had to promise
them you will be arrested and returned to home. They were
adamant that I hand you over. They were ready to whip you!"

"Oh god I . . .”

"This is very serious, they were insisting on taking you into custody.
I don’t know what the RAF is going to make of this. What made
you pull a stunt like this?"

Clair was bright red her head hung down hugging herself.

"I was missing my boyfriend Sir"

"You'll be missing your career miss!"

"I'm sorry sir"

"Not good enough, this could cause an international incident, be all over
the papers!"

Clair started to cry. She let out some fat sobs.

"Stop that! stay there, don't move. I'll reschedule our departure for
tomorrow, go to Jordan a day earlier."

He got on the phone and after 20 minutes it was all sorted. She didn’t
know he’d phoned a mailbox, his own back at base. It was some of his
best acting worthy of an Oscar at least.

"Right stop crying! it’s not helping. Stand up!"

She stood her face was crimson, tears streaking down her cheeks.

“Stand to attention Sergeant Thompson! What the fuck do you think this is?”

Claire jumped to attention aircrew boots together, chest hard
Against the material of her flight suit, chin up eyes staring
Just beyond his face. She was trembling.

"Right we have two options here, One I hand you over to the
police and get the diplomats to sort it out and cover my ass,
which is fucking easy for me and the crew we just fly off?
– or two, I make out your under my arrest and we go to
Jordan tomorrow and you don’t get your ass whipped,
get your face all over the papers and lose
a very promising air force career -Which would you prefer?"

Claire looked crestfallen, trembling "The second one Sir"
he smiled at her tearful wide eyed face.

"Thought so, here read this bit here, READ IT!!" she took her

"PS god I’m so randy right now can’t wait to get home. I think if
someone was to tell me to bend over because they were going to ass
fuck me I wouldn't be able to say no." she swallowed realizing
the intent in her own words.

"Well if I'm going to swing this for you, You need to keep
Your mouth shut and be a fucking good girl – Yeah?” She nodded
Agreement “You be a good bitch and let me fuck you’re big
fat ass before your boyfriend does, understand?"

Clair swallowed staring at him the whole horrible situation
spinning in her head – she didn’t have a choice.

“Right then if you want it in your shitter you fat bitch! you'd better
get your suit open."

Clair face was a picture of shock and horror as he spoke, her hand went to
the zipper on her flight suit and she tugged it down, the suit opened
Gracefully to reveal her t shirt bound chest beneath. It stopped at waist
level showing her ample belly beneath.

"Get the shirt up let me see those big slammers cunt!"

He grinned at her look of startled arousal as she pulled it up over
her bra clad breasts. She fumbled to drag the cups down and
release them. One large brown jug wobbled free then the other.
Trapped between her bra and the T shirt they stood out beautifully,
her olive skin soft and delicious. Her aureole were two wide
fattened rings of dark coral, her teats two thick half erect nubs.

"Nice, let’s see you give em a Squeeze and pull then!"

Her fingers ran over each fat orb, cupping and squeezing, expertly teasing her nipples into thickness with her thumbs stroking down over her erect nubs, She shuddered as thrills shot through her sensitive teats; watching him admiring them.

Johns gaze took in her two sexy stiff olive breasts following her belly
down through the opening of her flight suit to the top of her white briefs which were fat with pubic hair; dark hairs downing her belly in a line
down into them "Is your fat cunt wet Clair?" She nodded shyly

"Play with it, open your legs and play with it"

She dragged her aircrew boots wider on the tiled floor, running her hand
down her soft belly and pushed it under the waistband of her white cotton
briefs, she cupped her pussy inside her pants and began to tease her
vulva open. Still looking at the floor.

"Look at me Cunt!" She dragged her eyes up to meet his.

They were two smouldering brown orbs of pure frustration. Her fingers
squelched in her twat as she returned his stare.

"Get the flying suit off Sergeant, down to your T shirt, pants and boots!"

She complied, her eyes hungrily watching him in turn feasting on her
Increasing nudity.

He watched her big frame wobble and jolt stiffly as she pulled off the
flying suit until she was stood wearing aircrew boots, socks, extremely wet pants and a bra and t shirt which framed her stiff jugs.

He walked round her, her ass was delicious two great stiff globes of muscle, split by her pants which were dragged up into her crease. He stood close to her leant toward her ear, whispered.

"Have you shit today?"

She shook her head 'No' shuddering as he spoke. He put his hands
around to her front and weighed and squeezed both tits slowly. He drew
her nipples out and began to tug on them.

"You have a really big ass don’t you bitch, a big fat round ass, we all
talk about it. How we'd love to slam against it. Pump our cocks in and
out of that deep hot shit hole!"

"Please don’t say that"

"Does lover boy make you go for a shit before he rams his cock up that?
big bum of yours?

"Yes . . . I have a shower"

"Does he eat you? lick and tease your dirty hole with his tongue?"

"No, no he doesn't"

"Well I'm going to. Lean forward! now reach back and pull those
pants down off those fat cheeks"

The elastic tightness of her big white knickers were straining with the
plump fullness of her rear cheeks, broadened and fattened by
her bent posture, the back of them damp with sweat.

"Hold it open, open, that's it, wider!"

He slid to his knees behind her; her butt was huge two great big
hard mounds of muscle, her fingers reached around and dragged
them wide, Her deep crease opened up to show her cleft and
puckered anus, the white crease between her big cheeks, ending in her pink amber circled star, her sphincter nestled in the centre of her drawn
open spread butt.

She moved her fingers to draw them wider moaning lowly as he
brushed his nose up against her inner cheek. He traced his tongue
around the upper edges of her cleft making her groan.

"Wider slut!" she struggled to draw them further apart.

"Has he told you how much your dirty shit hole stinks?"

"Oh god don't say that it's awful!" she whined.

"Maybe it's because you've got such a fat arse, with it rubbing
together all day, so it stinks of sweat and shit!"

"I'm sorry, shall I have a shower?"

"I didn't say I didn't like it, did I?"


"Well hold it open like a good girl and shut the fuck up then!"

He admired her deep ass cleavage then barked.

"Let go of them!"

She did, he began to handle both big heavy globes, her legs
trembled slightly as she felt his hands fondle the heaviness of
her chubby rear orbs. He bounced them up and down lewdly with
the palm of my hands, each big bottom cheek shook stiffly.
He stared, watching as the fat of her rear mounds jiggled with the
movement of his hands, smiling at the soft protest of this
indignity uttered by Clair as she felt him fondle her bottom cheeks.

He began to nuzzle and kiss her big ass. Clair trembled, feeling her
legs and her plump bottom flesh flinch with each soft burning kiss.
Lost in his lust he began sucking giant mouthfuls of her plump
bottom cheek in to his lips, sucking her hard, and nipping her
rear flesh where her bottom curved under, and all along the
top of her legs. His lips again travelled across every wonderful
inch of the cool expanse of her plump white ass, musing and
nuzzling her soft robust bottom flesh.

"Hold them open again!" he ordered.

Her face was a burning crimson as he began to push his
tongue into her crease, until Clair was flinching her legs
and letting out small gasps. As she felt his lips touching
her dark tight vortex, light, gentle kisses, flicking the tip
of his tongue against her dark petal, shocking her, enjoying
the feel of her bottom cheeks tensing against the side of his
face each time his lips or tongue touched her sensitive ring.

He lapped around it wetly, pushing the flat of it too her
twitching anus, she shuddered, he teased around and round
it with the tip of his pushing twisting tongue.

Claire gasped as he probed the entrance to her ring with it,
testing and tasting her tight hole, flicking it over and around
it so she eased back wanting to feel it go in. He pulled away,
slobbering over the inner walls of her trembling cheeks, then
returning to her ring as she pulled it wider still, gasping as she
felt it hot and wet slowly probe and push at it again.

"Sir, I'm sorry Sir I think I need the toilet before we do this!"

He ignored her and pressed the tip into her anus, using little fuck
motions to ease it in, he grabbed the fronts of her hips so she
couldn't pull away.

"Oh god sir I need a shit, I do!"

His nostrils full of her heady scent as her ring gripped the tip
of his stabbing tongue as she squirmed groaning in humiliation
and ecstasy, the room filling with the disgusting wet squelching
as he tongued her ass.

"Ohh oh I don't think you should! I'm going to have an accident!"

He responded by pressing it in harder and making her squeal.

"NO I am I'll have a dirty accident!"

He pulled her closer twisting and stabbing his tongue in, so that
she went up on tip toe in her aircrew boots.

He pulled his tongue away and bit and licked her big bum cheeks.
He pressed his finger between her bottom cheeks, running his
finger up and down between her clenching bottom. Claire's bare
rear cheeks clenched hard as he found her anus and lightly
traced slow gentle circles around the small ridges of her anal

She gasped as he started to slowly inserted his finger in to her
wet anus and pressed and teased it. Making small lazy half
circles with just the pad of his finger barely inside her anal ring
Her hips jolted and pressed back, he pushed the tip of his digit into
the pulsing hole and slowly eased it in. Her fingers scrabbled to keep
her cheeks wide as she groaned and gasped as he fucked it in and out.

"Ask me to fuck you up your dirty shitbox bitch!" he insisted.

"Please I need the toilet first!"

"Ask me cunt!"

"Fuck me up my ass!" she uttered belligerently.

"Say it properly!"

"Fuck me up my dirty shitbox!"

"You forgot Sir!"

"Ohh . . . Fuck me up my dirty shitbox . . . SIR!"

He stood and nosed his hardened cockhead snugly up between Clair's
big clenched and warm gooey bottom cheeks. He let it rest there for a
moment, feeling the gooey warmth of Clair's big bottom halves
compressed against the side of his cockhead. Clair was flinching her
legs slightly, in expectation. Her discomfort to what she knew was
coming causing her bottom cheeks to compress against the hardened
intruder and sending little tingles of sensation up his spine. He was
going to enjoy taking this smart mouthed brat down a peg
or two.

"Oh God you’re going to make me cum! Ooooooooh!" she gasped

He let his cockhead find the bull’s-eye of her tight anus. She
mumbled a small, unladylike grunt and tried to lift away as
he shifted his weight forward and started pressing his rock
hard cockhead in to her small slick opening.

The tight anal ring finally expanded and he pushed his hard
member forward, feeling her anal ring gripping his dickhead
like a tight glove. He pushed a little further, feeding more of
his cock past her anal ring, exhaling with the warmth and
tightness of her bottom's grip on his thick pole.

The sensation was too much for him. He had wanted to
proceed slowly, to make this haughty bitch feel him master
her inch by agonizing inch, but the tightness of Clair's
bottom, and his excitement at having her completely at the
mercy of his lusts proved to be too much.

With a resolute thrust he impaled Clair on his swelling
manhood, and at once he pressed his cock to the hilt.
He heard Clair's muffled whinny, watched as Clair's
Head shook back and forth rapidly, Clair's hips
dancing in an effort to dislodge this rude intruder.

He looked in the mirrored closet door across from
Clair's head, and smiled at her

"Does that feel rather big in there Clair?"

He watched her twisted red face, biting her lip, eyes
squeezed shut against the pain.

"I think it must...I've wanted to do this to you for a long
time you fat arsed bitch, I can feel all the shit up inside
you, it's all soft and hot! Can you feel me packing it
back up into your guts. Ramming it back up into
you're fat belly!"

"Please don't . . UGHHHH!!"

Clair bit her lip and bore back her eyes going wide as he
drew it out, she struggled to pull her cheeks wider as she
felt the crown of his tool tug at her ring from the inside.

He held it there watching her tremble feeling her rectal
muscles twitch around his manhood. looking down
grinning as her fingers dug deep into her stretched
open arse.

"It's all shitty Clair, when I pull it out there are long brown
shitty streaks along my cock, leaking from you're slut ass!"

"Oh God you dirty bastard put it back in! Nughhhh!"

He slowly shoved his stained pole back up into her
quivering ass. He leant close to her ear, grinning.

"There is that better? when I jam it back in all your shit
juice froths around my girth as I force it into your
tightly stretched anus. Pushing into your shit!"

"UGHHH . . GAWD AH AH Oooooh!"

"Can you smell it? Smell you're plundered shithole."

He pulled back a little and bound forward hard, impaling
Clair once again with the full measure of his hard cock,

"God, you have a lovely tight hot fat arse,"

He kept up the teasing as he rocked his hips back and
forth, letting a little of his cock withdraw from her, then
sending it hard back up Clair's backside. He pulled back
all the way, leaving just the head of his cock in Clair's

"Feel it with your fingers! feel how tight your ass ring
is around my cock bitch!"

She let go of her cheek with one hand and eased her
fingers around it. Lifting her torso so she could reach,
her digits sliding around its veiney girth where it was
gripped vice like by her thin aching sphincter. Her
whole body trembled with arousal as she investigated

"Oh Sir it, oh I . I I'm going to. . . to!"

"Put your fingers in your mouth slut, smell them and
suck on them, as if it was my cock straight out of
your shit!"

Obediently with her eyes tightly closed she sniffed them
and then pushed them into her mouth. Her other hand
dragging her ass wider as she tried to push back down
it's length"

It was obvious she was going to cum, He landed a few
powerful smacks on her quivering tense buttocks. Claire
gasped her big tits wobbling, chest heaving he gave her
few more stinging smacks making her big globes glow
hotly quickly reddening like her face. He smacked her
buttocks again and again viciously making her squirm
on the end of his meat as she tipped over into climax.

She pressed her thighs together hard and slowly walked them
Pressing her ass back in slow hard humps squeezing her big cheeks
To his thick manhood she groaned around her dirty fingers,
Her wet empty cunt clenching tightly around nothing. She felt her
Cunt begin to flutter and pulse inside; Her legs straightening lifting
Her ass easing her hot butt hole up and down the length of his
Hard unrelenting straining cock, the muscles standing out
hard on her well toned thighs as her belly tightened to an
excruciating cascade of tension she slowly pressed back feeling
the root of his cock force her asshole wider and wider feeling the head
of his meat slide over the back of her cervix her cunt tightened hard
and then released with an explosion of contractions.

She wailed and humped with her butt, hard insistent humps
Her legs squirming together and then jolting open her gaping cunt
squirting gush after gush of hot slimy juice. It slapped on to
the tile floor wetly, a hot torrent pouring down her inner thighs
as she bit and sucked on her filthy digits stifling her own pleading

He laughed and rammed up into her ass deeply impaling her on
the full length of his engorged cock, making her stiffen and dance.
As her orgasm peaked again awful bliss ripping through her.

"MY ASS! MY ASS FUCK MY ASS!! Ooh you fucker" she bellowed

Then he started to rhythmically sodomize her, taking hold of
Clair's fleshy hips and very very slowly pistoned his cock
in and out of her stretched anus, watching as her tight shit
chute took all of his cock, then back out, till just the head
was held by Clair's anal ring, and then slowly slide back in to
the trembling sluts pulsing rectum.

She groaned and squeezing her anal ring tight around his meat.
Then began to press back trying or to push her robust big
backside out hard in an attempt to dislodge the source of
her rather too full feeling. The sensation was heavenly to

His cock was held tight all around, her movements sending
wonderful little electrical jolts of pleasure up and down
the entire length of his cock, and making his balls
tighten in their sack.

He watched as Clair's wide well muscled shoulders would
bunch up, Clair's hair, matted and dishevelled, swishing
from side to side, and soft deep, urgent

"Uuugggggs," and "ooohhhhs"

Escaping from her pouted lips whenever he pushed hard
and full up her stretched bottom. Already he could sense a
change in her usual defiant attitude. He pulled almost all the
way out and then started to more vigorously sodomize Clair's
pumping bottom,

" Right up between your big cheeks! Good girl deep in your bum Claire....!"

He was slamming into her big butt now, her ass cheeks bouncing
and clenching as she fought to keep her feet. His cock was right
up inside her aching guts now. His fingers had her hips in a vice
like grip as he stirred it deep in her bowels.

"Ooooh SIR! . . . SIR!"

He started to ream her again deep slamming thrusts making her
howl and buck as he pistoned her jolting hips, faster and faster.


Get ready, ...hhmmmm.....oh jesus.....shooting my seed right
up your tight little hole.... in your fat fucking bottom"

He could feel Claire's rectum contracting each time a gush
Or spurt of sperm was expelled, causing even more wonderful
sensations to his now expanded cockhead, that causing
even more violent eruptions to be jetted up Claire's ass.

"In your fat ass bitch! in your fat fucking ass!!"

He'll admit, he was quite out of his senses really, uttering
nonsense, as he felt his cock exploding and he started
discharging hard, his hot insistent sperm up into to her warm
fleshy backside.

Clair gasped and began heaving back suddenly gurgling as
she came again, humping with the waves of pleasure that wracked
her entire body. Whimpering as it subsided. Her bowels
cramping around his stiff meat painfully reminding her
that her bowels are now full to bursting. He slowly humped
her backside enjoying pushing his hips to her stiff cheeks.

"Sir I still desperately need to have a crap" she gasped

"Yeah I know bitch I can feel it" he eased it deep and stirred it.

"Please Sir!"

"Shall I make you take a shit around it? make you push it all out"

Clair stood there shaking, her face a mask of disgust, feeling
her rectum clench to his softening meat, spasming tightly
around it.

"Please, I really have to go to the toilet now!"

"Yes Ok Bitch, once you squeeze my cock out, like a good girl"

He eased back and allowed the now rather subdued young
aircrew Sergeant, with cautious squeezing, to expel the
now deflated meat.

She was bright red, trembling in aftermath as she felt
a little of his seed ooze out and dribble down to tickle
her cunt.

He came around in front of her. Her eyes where cast
down she looked at his long cock hanging down
glistening and greasy with a mixture of shit, and jism.
A couple of ropey strands of white semen hung
from it. The flanks marked with the odd brown
streak and flecks of shit.

"Go to the toilet then!"

"I can't, help me!" she whined

He smiled and held out his hand and helped her hobble to
the bathroom, Her ass clenched tightly. He smirked as he
helped her through the door. Then swung around in front of
her. He grabbed her hair and twisted her neck forcing her
to her knees.

"I've seen you eyeing my cock, you clean it you can go to
the toilet"

"Please, Sir, afterwards, just let me . ."

There is a massive fart and Claire groans in shock and horrified
She feels an enormous release as her bowels open and the rank brew of
excrement and sperm gush out. The feeling is intensely sexual.
He leaned over her smiling smugly;

“Look what you’ve done you dirty bitch!”

“I . . . I’m sorry” she gasps totally horrified her face bright red her belly cramping She has more cramps and rushes to have to sit on the toilet. Grimacing as she has more of a normal crap, Claire’s face is a picture of humiliation as he stands watching her secretly feeling aroused and somewhat erotic as she clenches and releases her stretched arse a few times.

“Get this cleaned up Sergeant NOW!” he orders and she struggles
Off the toilet to mop it all up with toilet paper as he stands over her

"You . . . You won't tell anyone about this will you Sir?"

"What that you’re an anal slut who can't say no?"

"Well yes I suppose?"

"Oh yes, the crew has to know, as you're our slut now"

"Please don't!" He laughed as her eyes filled with humiliated



Enjoy MG


Mad Gerald
08-07-2012, 06:32 AM
Lady Loadie takes a load.

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.


Part two

Clair was a Trainee aircrew woman in the RAF.

She was 22, 5' 6" a brunette hair drawn back tight and tied. Big brown
eyes, surrounded with a hint of eye shadow, black mascara emphasizing
her long eyelashes. She had a delicious olive complexion, her chest a
was a bulging 42D, nice heavy hard globes, wide child bearing hips,
a wonderfully big arse, thick, strongly muscled legs.

She had just finished mopping up all the shit and sperm that had gushed
from her arse across the floor of the Kuwaiti Hotel bathroom. Her Captain
who's room this was watched her as she moved to the toilet and threw the
soiled paper away.

As she bent dressed only in her green aircrew T -shirt, socks and Aircrew
boots her large hard ass globes gaped open showing her freshly fucked ring, around it was the remnants of her shit and his Jiz. She picked up some more toilet roll and wiped her ass. She winced as her fingers pressed into her deep bum cleavage, swiping her tender ring.

"Finish up and get out here!" he ordered.

She reluctantly followed him out into the room to find
the rest of her crew waiting there. Big grins on their
faces as her face betrayed her shock and horror at
their appearance. Their eyes focused on her taught
T-Shirt, her nipples reacting coming up as two thick
bumps in the material.

Her hand went to cover her big black bush, the other
quickly covered her breasts. Her hips and thighs were
goose bumped even in the Persian heat. Her face
crimson. She glanced from face to face hoping for
someone, anyone who would stop this. There was
none all of them looked at her with lust in their

Glen the Co-pilot, Chris the Air Engineer, Dave
the navigator and Pete and Jeff the two master
loadmasters. All of them a lot older than her.
All with obvious bulges in their flying suits.

"Claire's got a big problem gents, she's upset the
Religious police, and now they want to whip her ass."

Glen grinned "Let them, should be fun can we watch?"

"What’s she done John? Asked Chris grinning.

"Tell them Sergeant!"

"They read my letter to my boyfriend, and well I?"

"Read it to them!" John thrust it in her hand.

"Please I can't!"

"Read it!"

She looked at it and swallowed, Claire’s face began
to turn red then crimson, tears came to the corners
of her eyes.

"You've got to hear this it's no wonder they went crazy and
wanted to arrest her! I’ve had to promise them she's under
arrest and will be returned home. They were adamant that I
hand her over. They were ready to whip her! In the street."

"Well we'd better hear it then"

Carl My love,
I can’t forget how you make me feel, I love you so much. Last
weekend when you tied me over the end of your bed, my knees so far apart
while you teased and spanked my big butt. Then when you drew my
cheeks open and licked between them was so fantastic, my ass is so
sensitive, I don’t think my clit has ever been so hard or my pussy so
wet. and when you pressed your finger inside my ass god it was
amazing, it really stung and ached then when you pushed it right
in and began wriggling it around while you licked around my
bottom hole. I nearly came with each movement. I couldn’t
believe how big your cock felt as you pressed it to my poor
little anus. when it touched it I could feel my clit throb, bliss.
I didn’t mind you calling me all those names while you
forced it in I can imagine it was very tight. Being called a
fat bitch made me strangely excited, but you urging me to
take it up my shitter was a real turn on. God I want it again,
my ass ached for days after and every time I do a poo I
have to frig myself off remembering your fat dick pressing
it open. I can’t wait to be home to you so you can butt
fuck me again, god it makes me cum and cum, my pussies
wet now, I shall finger it for you now imagining you
slamming all that hot meat up my poor bottom, I Love
you so much Carl my love. XXXXX PS god I’m
so randy right now can’t wait to get home. I think if
someone was to tell me to bend over because they were
going to ass fuck me I wouldn’t be able to say no.
When I cum with you in my ass I loved to squeeze it.
I was a good girl like you said and did everything within
my power to get you to ram as deep into me as humanly
possible...I like to feel it pulse way up inside. God I need
to frig myself off but I can’t. I will do my best to hurry home
so you can fuck me there again. Claire.

"Good girl!" they shouted laughing

"No wonder they freaked!"

"So anyway Claire's very sorry, aren’t you Claire?"

"Yes Sir!"

"And as you can appreciate she's going to be very
accommodating in the hope we get her out of this mess,
isn't that so Sergeant?"

"Yes" she mumbled.

"Right, get on the edge of the bed and show us that fat hairy cunt of

Claire sat on the edge and spread her legs, she was shaking,
her hands slid down her belly to her black hairy gash, she
cupped it. Her vulva was still swollen from her earlier orgasm.
They drew closer as she spread her outer lips. Her inner
lips were very slick and pink. With practiced ease she drew
her piss flaps apart showing the entrance to her snug wet cunt. Her
thickening lips were drawing back her clit beginning to ease out.

"Fuckin' hell what a slut! That’s it get it open!"

"Lift your legs up, that’s it put your heels on the mattress"

She lifted her legs spreading her thighs wider. She was panting now her
face and body betraying her arousal. Her fingers widened dragging her cunt open.

"Finger it, stuff them fingers in cunt!"

"What did she do for you John?"

"She let me fuck her shitty ass, didn’t you Claire"

"Please you . . . you wouldn't let me go to the toilet first!" she complained.

"You loved it you ass slut! She came like fuck didn't you huh?"

She looked away.

"Tell them what you did then"

"No don't"

"Shall I tell them?"

"No! I had an accident"

"The dirty bitch shit herself all over the floor!"

They all laughed as she cringed. Her big bum
cheeks were bulging over the edge of the bed.
Her cunt was really wet now, three fingers
easing in and out, her cunt gripping them
hard. She pushed the fourth in; her hips lifting.

"Do you want it in your fat bum again bitch!"

Clair shuddered, she dragged her fingers out
and pushed them down to her ass. She did,
she couldn't help it. Her fingers teased her
cheeks apart and traced around her twitching
anus. Glen undid his suit and produced his

"Well I'm going to have some of that!"

"Hold your legs up bitch, higher!"

Claire did pulling her knees up and wider, her buttocks
gaping presenting her ass. Her face was still red her eyes
full of hurt at the way she was being treated.

"Oh yeah what a fat ass!"

She looked like she was going to bolt, Dave and Pete
grabbed her hands and held them to her knees. She
struggled. Chris pulled one of the curtain poles free from the
wall and ran back In minutes her knees and wrists were
tied to the pole. far apart.

"You Bastards! Bastards! BASTARDS!!" Claire moaned as they
Stretched and pulled her T shirt up over her head and behind her
neck leaving her big bra encased tits on show. Pete stretched her
bra cups down off her big stiff breasts, the material forcing
them to jut out and press together; her olive skin paler here
her aureole dark coral pink crowned with stiffening thick teats
Pete tested and then groped them testing the pressure in them
And tweaking her teats they all pawed and grinned at her.

They looped the rope under her arms, behind her and to
her other leg and pulled it tight. Now she was trapped in that
position. Still she kicked struggled her strong legs straining.
John punched her face, stunning her.

"You going to behave?" he spat she sobbed as they dragged her
back to the edge of the bed.

Glen grinned at her and spat on his fingers and slowly eased them
into her ring twisting and spreading her butt hole cruelly.

The others were groping her wide straining white thighs
Her big ass was being squeezed and fingers probed her cunt.
Her breasts were being sucked on and mauled, her nipples
were pinched and pulled away from her body until they ached
rock hard.

Their cocks kept slapping the sides of her violated face.
"Whore, "Filthy whore," "Dirty Tramp," "Fuckin’ Cunt"
their voices degraded her as the gang rape began. Jeff straddled
her stomach kneeling on her tied arms and grabbing her nipples, wrapped
her slick tits around his cock, fucking them, grinning at her as he pressed them hard to his meat.

“Oh yeah wanted these for so long, Oh Yeah!”

Claire grimaced twisting her face away as his fore skinned cock
slammed between her aching tits, he gasped and after several quick
thrusts between her cleavage, he showered her neck and the underside
of her chin with heavy globs of sperm he released her tits and wanked his
meat into her face squeezing out the last stings of sperm onto
his fingers and flicked them across her face he climbed off.

She was going to be gang raped and was helpless. Someone yelled,

"Now you are gonna get fucked, bitch!"

She felt someone slide the head of his cock up and down her black haired slit pressing until he found her slick hole with the tip. With a powerful thrust, he buried all of it in her. Hands gripped her head twisting her neck; She tried to scream in shock and pain but her cry was choked off as Chris stiff prick was thrust into her mouth and started fucking her face she struggled helplessly as it was stuffed down her throat.

"Don't you like my cock, slut?"

Dave took his cock in his hand and aimed it at her hole again, burying it deep in her cunt again and again with savage thrusts. He shoved it in so hard that her head was driven all the way to the root of the cock in her mouth, forcing her once more to take it into her throat. Claire Gagged and heaved.

"Come on, cunt, choke on it ... oh yeah ... that's it, all the way down
Your fucking throat, you stupid cunt!" With a malicious grunt Chris forced more of his cock into her face stuffing his thumbs into the sides of her mouth gripping her face as he heaved his meat into her face so his nuts sat on her chin he fucked her mouth solidly; grinning as she snorted and gasped. Dave gripped her thighs and enjoying the strength in her muscles as he fucked her wet twat her fat slick cunt lips surrounded in dark black hair were almost suckling his cock as he powered into her Claire’s hips heaved in time her ass slowly gyrating as he fucked her. Dave stuffed his thumb into her vulva seeking and finding her stiff little clit he started to press and rotate it twitching it with hard pressure He grinned as Claire’s helpless body reacted pushing her cunt down the length of his meat hard her thighs jolting. Chris couldn’t
help himself watching her sexy body humping Dave’s meat faster and faster, He was fucking her face with mounting force he jerked and gasped impaling her face hard as he came hard and fast, his cock buried down her throat.

Claire gagged and snorted for breath he pulled out and began depositing a
tremendous amount of sperm in her open gasping mouth. Shot after shot
flooded her tongue filling her mouth with heavy gobs of cum.

"I'm gonna fill your trashy mouth with my load, whore, drown in it"

And he did. His cock spewed torrents of thick cream directly into her
open mouth so much it dribbled over her lips and chin.

"swallow it, swallow it." "C'mon you whore, swallow it
down." Chris urged pumping his meat with his hand Claire choked,
sure that she would drown from all the hot cum squirting
Into her mouth. She opened her eyes just as more sperm splashed on her face.

Chris and Jeff held her head still as more squirted out of his prick inches from her face. Finally done, Chris pulled her head up by the hair and repeatedly slapped his wet dick on her cum drenched face as they all cheered and yelled at her.

"Now you look just like a real cumslut should!"
"Man! I ain't never seen a slut love so much cum!"
"Look, she's begging for more"
"You're gonna fuck and suck and swallow cum until we can't get it up any more, got that you fuckin' cunt!"

Gasping and choking, Claire felt as if she was drowning in sperm. It was a heavier consistency than the last load she swallowed from her boyfriend. It was so thick and there was so much of it, she choked when she swallowed it. The inside of her mouth remained coated with the residue, sticking to the inside of her mouth, letting her taste the sperm over and over.

There were two long trails of it leaking out of her nostrils and sliding down her cheeks. Thick ropes of saliva and cum drooled past her lips and down her neck.

As she thought of what was happening, raped by her colleagues
the men she trusted - eating their filthy cum. Dave suddenly pulled out
of her and shot a huge stream of cum all the way up to her tits and
all over her belly. She realized the night was far from over certain
they would be making her eat a lot more of their sperm.

She looked up at the evilly grinning faces of the two who were
holding her on either side of her head, their cocks growing thick and hard again. They laughed and started to smack her in the face with their
dripping, half-erect monsters, making lewd meaty sounds as they thudded
against her cheeks, nose, lips, and forehead. She began to sob hoarsely
through her sore throat, knowing that once again she would have her mouth
savagely raped.

Dave sank back his cock wilting Glen took his place his Hands reaching out, pulling her ass cheeks apart. Heaving her butt toward him off the edge of the bed by her hips he slapped her buttocks a few times as she squirmed on the bed, then told her,

"Right you cum faced whore, ready to get your big ass fucked?"
Claire was horrified if there was any of the crew she detested it was
Glen he always put her down, was two faced, he gave her such a hard
Time; she had threatened to report him for sexual harassment a year
before and so he always had it in for her and now here she was
helplessly laid before him her ass and cunt gaping open.

He wrenched open his flight suit letting his cock free Claire’s eyes
widened in horror as she saw his meat it was a monster like nothing
she had seen before at least 10 inches long really fat with a wide fat
circumcised head it reared up to the right covered in thick hard veins
beneath it was a large tight pair of balls he fisted it and bounced it
against her ass crack. He grinned at her lecherously.

Claire wailed and tried to lift her ass away He laughed and stuffed
his thumb up inside her wet cunt and gripped her pubis with his
fingers to keep her still he licked his lips and placed his big
ten-inch cock head on Claire's tiny anal opening, and
pushed. Claire managed “NO . . . NO! you can’t!” before her face was filled with more cock and moaning around the new saliva coated cock
stuffed into her face; she felt the pressure build on her anus.

It grew stronger and stronger as he pushed, trying to insert his
immense tool into something it wasn't meant for. And it was hurting,
hurting like hell. It felt like her ass was being split open.
He was enjoying Claire's pain.

"This must feel good, huh baby?"

"Fucking Big ass whore,"

Glen hissed at her, battering his huge cock into her ass with
no further preparation whatsoever.

"This is what you really wanted isn't it, cunt? A ten-inch cock stuffed up your fat ass."

He shoved harder on Claire's ass. Then, just as the pain neared unbearable, she felt her asshole give way and the fat cockhead penetrated her, slipping through her anal opening. Some gurgling sounds and whining came from her throat. That's all she could manage while having her throat

Claire could actually feel the giant cockhead being gripped by her small
asshole. She felt it begin travelling slowly up her anal chute, into her
rectum, going deeper and deeper. Feeling the big knob of his cockhead
forcing itself up her ass, she thought it hit bottom deep inside her
bowels. She couldn't tell yet, but the fat ten-inch prick hadn't fully
penetrated her yet. And Glen was determined to get every inch inside
Claire's bubble butt. It was hurting her now as he pushed in deeper,
forcing her asshole to expand obscenely to accommodate his girth.
Her insides felt like they were being ripped apart as he grunted, and
Heaved trying to force his cock deep up inside her tender ass.
She was scared, feeling the massive piece of meat penetrating deep
into her.

They all encouraged Glen on as he reamed out her asshole with his big dick:

"That's it. Give it to her."

"Shove it up her ass."

"Yeah, fuck her asshole." "Jam it up the slut's asshole."

"C'mon man, shove it in, she's loving it!"

"Make that whore scream."

"Bust that fat ass!"

He began withdrawing his cock almost all the way, then plunging back in.
Claire felt every inch as the huge cock buried itself in her ass,
Over and over and over. She screamed every time he drove in, Her anal ring hugged Glen’s cock, letting her feel every bump and vein on his massive tool as it passed through her hole into the depths of her bowels. She could only lie there whimpering as her ass was forcibly impaled on his unrelenting tool,

"She's nothing but a whore. Shit, she'll probably get ass-fucked fifty
Times before the night's over."

"Yeah, the little slut's learning her place now."

"How do you like it, cumbucket?"

"Feel good, you cum faced whore?"

Spurred on by their encouragement, Glen piston'd her tight ass, slamming
into her "Well take this!" Glen said as he rammed his cock all the way
into her tight asshole.


"Yeah that's it bitch, squeal like a fucking pig!" shouted Glen.


With his cock buried all the way up her ass, he rotated his hips in circles and widened her asshole even more. Screaming as if a baseball bat had been shoved up her ass, Claire sobbed. "You want me to take it out? Sure baby, I'll take it out," Glen said as he pulled his fat prick back out of her ass.

Claire convulsed as the cock tore back down her ass, and caused her even
more pain and cramps. When he had removed all but the tip of his cock,
he asked her,

"Is this better now?" she nodded mutely at him in relief as her guts
Relaxed, he had hold of the curtain pole hard and he used it to pull
Her toward him as he rammed all ten inches of his cock brutally back
Up into Clair’s ass. Enjoying her tight asshole, he sawed in and out of the helpless woman. With every deep stroke up Claire's ass, she whimpered
in shame and torment.

Listening to the sobs escaping her obscenely stretched lips; Glen made
Sure that every thrust was faster and harder than the thrust before. Claire, Tied to the curtain pole, could only moan in agony as the man violently raped her. She felt her mouth filling up with sperm again. Again and again, she swallowed the hot gooey load as another cock immediately took its place in her mouth.

They barely gave her time to breathe. Cock after cock fucked deep into
Claire's throat, leaving behind their hot cum. Her whole face had become a mess covered in sticky sperm that was running down her cheeks and neck.

Claire's asshole felt like it was on fire as the anal rape continued,
Faster and faster up her chute. His cock actually felt like it had become harder as he kept ramming it up her asshole.

"This ass fucking whore's incredible. She's so fuckin' tight."

He rammed his cock savagely again, slapping his balls against her
splayed butt cheeks as his frenzy grew, and he neared cumming.

"Take it you fuckin' whore, take it up your ass!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she gasped.

"Fuck her, Glenie! Fuck her!"

"Rip that ass apart, Glenie!"

Again he pulled out almost to the tip and rammed his hard meat
brutally back up her ass. Over and over, he butt fucked Claire as hard as he could.

"I'm gonna assfuck the shit out of you, slut." He growled.

"Yes, oh yeah," He grunted in pleasure with every stroke up her butt.

"Take it, you ass fuckin' whore," he bellowed, as he slammed up her tiny
anal orifice again. Claire squirmed in pain, hoping to dislodge the big
cock, but it was impossible. He rammed faster and faster ravaging her
asshole like a madman. He pulled back grinning and stuffed two then
three fingers into her cunt he twisted and pressed them then a forth,
he turned his hand and found her clit with his thumb and pressed and
rubbed the hard nub.

Claire jolted going stiff her legs jerking as one of the others took
to spreading her wet cunt lips and forcing his fingers
in too she wailed horrified as he spread is fingers inside her making
her cunt ache and Glen rammed his cock full up her ass again making
her grunt and strain trying o kick as she felt them drag her poor cunt
lips wider.

Glens thumb was fluttering and jolting her clit making her
poor cunt react her belly tightening two of the others grabbed her tits
and began to lap and then bite and suckle her teats, his cock filled her
ass the root base of it stretching her ring wide as they stuffed her cunt
with writhing twisting spreading fingers, his thumb circling her rigid clit as he pulled his meat almost all of the way out of her ass her ring
twitching and pulsing around the head of his meat, their fingers
pumped up inside her cunt he rammed up her shitter her belly went
tight and laughing they wrenched their fingers out leaving her cunt
gaping open Claire came jolting rigid impaled on glens meat as her
cunt gushed cum juice legs straining against the curtain pole.

"Gonna cum in your ass, you fuckin' slut. I'm
cumming!!!" With a throb, Claire stiffened as he buried his cock deep in her ass.

Hot hard thumps pounded up into her making her jolt as his Jizz
hammered up into her shitter flowing deep inside her bowels.

His hard hot cock throbbed for what seemed like a minute and literally
flooded her ass with cum. She felt his cock stop throbbing and he eventually pulled out of her ass. As he withdrew, she felt some of his sperm dribble from her asshole and run down her back. Claire had hoped that the brutal gang rape was over. But that hope vanished when she felt them grab her and bodily lift her they turned her over and slammed her on her face her wrists still tied to her knees and the curtain pole her thighs wide her ass up in the air, they hauled her to the corner of the mattress so her face was over the edge being invaded again and another cock began ass fucking her.

The cum in her asshole made this next entry easier. He slipped right in
burying himself to the balls. He fucked her asshole for a few minutes,
withdrew, and sank his cock up her cunt. He raped both of her holes,
fucking her hard in the cunt, then ramming back up her ass until he filled her rectum with his load. In the back ground she could hear Dave on the phone;

“Yes do you do room service? Good I need those two strong lads who carried our cases up to do me a favour – they can? Good send them up then Cheers”


Enjoy MG


08-07-2012, 03:25 PM
Another good story MG, Glad you have reappeared.

Mad Gerald
08-08-2012, 05:38 PM
DP10 thank you so much for your kind words nice to have a word of reply - i work so hard on these stories and nobody seems to give a damn - sorry but i was on the verge of giving up 23,000 views plus and as far s i know everyone goes yeah its crap and looks elsewhere so really thank you MG

08-08-2012, 11:56 PM
MG... Love your stories-how about a couple involving NUNs? Nice young 'penguins'? With their their habits slit down the middle... but still on? As a victim of the Catholic School System, I'm especially fond of this scenario.

Mad Gerald
08-09-2012, 04:50 AM
nice idea i ill think on it cheers spacer MG

01-27-2013, 04:08 AM
I really love these stories. I wonder if anyone could help me? Many years ago the UK-based magazine "Mayfair", which, before Paul Raymond took it over and ruined it, ran high-class subtle rather than explicit porn and sometimes featured rape in pictures (not stories or photos) used to have a full-page picture feature called "The Modern Ms", a high-qualitycolour picture lovingly drawn plus a little text. In one issue the text ran: "I don't know what it is about women in uniform, but they really get me going. Remember when that lovely little copper slipped at the demo and we were looking right up her skirt? Talk about a fair cop!" (conversation overheard in a pub in Leicester).

The picture was gorgeous. A plump, blonde English policewoman was on the ground, a look of wide-eyed horror on her face as she stared at something we couldn't see. By her plump arse was a screwed-up lager can. Her chequered hat was stil on, but awry. Her nice crisp white shirt had been ripped open and her bra torn off so one big tit was sticking out. Her pretty hands were planted on the ground to steady her. One leg was flat on the ground but the other was raised, knee well up, as if she'd just been trying to get up. The result of this was to give us a view up her tight, rucked-up skirt. She was wearing black stockings and suspenders. There was a big hole in the stocking on her raised leg. Her panties were white and you could see the enticing little crease of her cunt in them.

You were left with no doubt that she was about to get well and truly raped by some triumphant yobs.

Now unfortunately I lost that mag in a house move and while I've been able to find some old Mayfair material on-line, especially the "Carrie" series in which she often got raped, I've never been able to find that picture! Anyone who could point me to it would be a hero (or heroine). Failing that, amybe someone would like to try to reproduce it!

Mad Gerald
01-28-2013, 02:38 PM
Ambush-predator - Yep I remember that image - very inspirational if I do say myself haven't got it but I would love to see it again too :D

01-28-2013, 03:16 PM
It serves as a kind of template. See a fuckable policewoman. imagine her like that!

Mad Gerald
02-01-2013, 07:06 AM
I like your ideas you should expand on this you were doing so well "I'm following a policewoman, watching her arse cheeks working, thinking what I'd like to do to her, getting excited because she's heading for a shady alley, some waste ground, a car park or whatever. Then she sees someone (male or female) breaking into a car or whatever. She pursues, catches the person and there's a fight. Finally policewoman comes out on top and is just about to cuff her captive when I creep up, thump her and we enjoy her together. Or she's rescuing someone from the river, gets her wet uniform plastered all over her tits, and grateful rescued person rapes her." Love the idea MG

02-01-2013, 09:07 AM
Get writing MG, it has been a while, love to see some more stories

02-01-2013, 03:39 PM
Many thanks, MG. I have written stories along those lines and I'm working on three more, getting quite enthusiastic! One story concerns an idealistic young policewoman on her first day out alone, who annoys a posh woman resident by saying she can't move on a tramp who's done nothing illegal. Posh woman storms off. Tramp rapes policewoman by way of thanks. :rolleyes:Posh woman comes back and, having been deeply offended by policewoman's impertinence, joins in. And so on...

02-09-2013, 04:21 PM
excellent stories. well written. hoping that after the crewmen finish, they'll give her over to the police for that asswhipping anyway. Thanks.

Mad Gerald
02-28-2013, 06:12 AM
One of my older stories I thought you might enjoy - so enjoy :D

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.


Duty medic by Mad Gerald.

Chapter One.

1984 . . .

I'm a Sergeant in the Royal Air Force, at one of the larger bases, I'm a
medic at the medical centre. Part of my duties are to roster the nurses and
other medic's for duty medical cover. For ages now every now and again I roster myself to make it fair. I'm such a nice guy you see. So anyway I used to try it on with the female staff to get some on the side over the duty period. It's all over weekends and nights you see. Only trouble is they're all to stuck-up to put it out so it occurred to me one day as I did the stock in the medicine store, they don't have to. With some stealthy planning I could just have it. I started to read up on the drugs we had and within three weeks I was ready for my first trial.

I selected carefully, and came up with Flight lieutenant Lucy hughes, a nursing sister, a bit plain, full of herself, always a pain in the arse. Chances of her saying "give it to me big boy" less odds than a tin of dog meat winning the derby. And as she would always complain about anything, ideal as if I drug her and she doesn't make a scene then game on.

She was on this Wednesday and then over the bank holiday weekend. I arranged it so I was on as well. On the Wednesday night at about 1030 I offered to make her a hot chocolate drink. She accepted. She was sat all cosy in the staff room, watching the late news when I came back I had coffee she had the chocolate, about ten minutes later she was nodding and yawning.
"I am sorry , I'm so tired suddenly do you mind if I turn in sergeant?"
"No no I don't you go I'll watch the fort, OK" I replied with my best condescending voice.
She stood up her white uniform unfolding deliciously as she stood, she grabbed her hat and waved and left. After checking she'd drunk all of it, I waited another 20 minutes and went to see how she was. I knocked and then opened the door to the duty bunk. She was laid on the bed still in her uniform. I called her name and walked over she didn't stir so I gently tapped her arm and then her face. Nothing she was breathing nice strong if shallow breaths. I ran my hand down over her breasts and cupped one squeezing it gently. Still nothing. I was getting hard. I had to wait. I went to the bottom of the bed and took her ankles in both hands and slowly drew apart her limp, white hose covered legs. Until they were wide apart. Then I drew up her dress so I could see her panties clad groin through her tights. Still nothing. I slid my hand under the material and then under her panties. I could feel her coarsely haired pussy.

I studied her face looking for any indication of her rousing, there was nothing. I felt her twat slowly (If this didn't get me in the shit I don't know what would) her lips parted easily and I slowly inserted two fingers and worked it open. Then I sank them in and finger fucked her until she was getting wet.

The door alarm went and I started terrified. I yanked my hand away so fast the lycra of her tights snapped back on her cunt with enough force to wake anyone. I threw her dress down and started for the door. I turned back she hadn't moved. The door bell went again and still she didn't stir. I smiled happy with myself. As I walked down the corridor I sniffed my fingers god she smelt nice.

I answered the door to one of the doctors A Flt Lt Pete morgan who'd forgotten something or other from his office. I knew I was all right with him as he was quite a sly dog anyhow. I could be ramming Lucy up the shitter over his desk and he'd just wait for a go. I thought about telling him and then thought not. Maybe later. After He left I went back, She was still the same. Yahoo I thought nirvana!

I went over and put my hand back down her tights, I dipped my fingers back in and finger fucked her some more. she let out a low moan of pleasure and widened her legs. She didn't stir though. I pushed another in, Three fingers now, her cunt was so tight and moist, I had to wait I knew but by fuck I wanted to shaft her there and then. She looked gorgeous in her starched white RAF nurses Uniform. Her hips filled it so nicely and her breasts pressed tightly to the material.

My cock was straining in my trousers. I pulled my fingers out and put them to my mouth and licked them clean. Her cunt cream was so tasty. I decided to chance my arm and so I struggled her uniform up and eased her tights down, I gently tugged her panties down to mid thigh and parted her legs further. I pulled her hands over and pressed her own limp fingers into her pouting pussy. the other I placed on her chest. Posing her head I went and fetched my Digi-camera. I took some good shots. Now even if she was suspicious I could blackmail her with the Photo's and just hope she wanked at work some time and it was conceivable that I had these pictures. Her cunt was beautiful her black pubes were trimmed around her neat looking pussy. Hadn't been used much by the look of it, I spread her lips again moving her hand. I could just see her emerging clit.

My mouth was watering. I had to have a taste, so I leant forward and ran my tongue up her lips dipping it into the mouth of her tight cunt. I decided that was enough and so I wanked myself off over her sleeping face. As you can imagine it didn't take long. and I soon sprayed my semen over her chin and lips. I put my cock away and got a couple of pictures of her with spunk on her face before I cleaned her up and redressed her. I left her then. In the morning I gave her a call on the intercom at about 6.30 she responded with a cheery reply. I made her some coffee.

She joined me in the staff room.
"Morning, Coffee great!" she enthused. I smiled, she looked immaculate in her uniform again.
"Good night?" I enquired.
"Oh yes best sleep I've had in ages. How about you?"
"Can't grumble, can't grumble" I said suppressing a smirk." I was looking forward to the weekend already. I planned the duty roster very carefully from then on. There were quite a few scores to be settled.

Meanwhile Flt Lt Pete morgan was just finishing his notes off back at his room in the mess. The patient he was perusing was Leading Aircraft's woman (LAC) Natalie wood one of the medics at the Medcentre. She had got herself pregnant a few months past and had had a termination. Now she was of particular interest to Pete not only as her doctor but as in the fact she was blonde, tall. Quite dim and had the biggest well formed tits he'd ever seen crammed into an airforce blouse. He'd engineered taking her on as a patient. He had already set his plan in motion and now that she was settled down emotionally after the termination. He was waiting to reap his reward. As her doctor he'd been the best caring thoughtful doctor anyone could wish for.

Her boyfriend had fled at the news of her pregnancy and so she was all alone living in a bed sit in the local town. He'd carefully prescribed her Medication post termination and convinced her it was the best thing for her. He'd spun her a tale about hormone levels and blood clots and all sorts to get her to follow his line of treatment. The medication he'd prescribed you see at the oestrogen levels he'd given her would have quite a remarkable effect. The other steroids and anti nausea medicines would make a nice balance and hopefully any day now she should present with some strange but exciting symptoms. He would fine tune the treatment once she presented. He packed his briefcase and set off for the med centre.

When he got there he noticed LAC Wood had made an appointment at 10.30. He then transferred the rest of his clinic over between the other doctors to give him plenty of time with her.

At his surgery he took time to switch the connections over on the video Camera. You see they run video surgeries for training purposes. Now when you switched it off, the little red light came on and with it on the light went off.

At 10.30 he was ready. LAC Wood arrived he called her in and she sat down. Her ash blonde hair was tied back in a bun, framing her beautiful face, her large doe like brown eyes looked perplexed. She stood about 5'8" she wore her figure hugging RAF uniform. Light blue blouse, blue/grey jumper, blue/grey skirt. pewter tights and service issue shoes. Her Jumper was tight across her chest.
"Good morning LAC Wood how can I help?" he asked sincerely.
"Well I . . I seem . ." he held his hand up stopping her.
"Sorry ,do you mind if I video this for training purposes, if you don't it's OK?" he smiled, gesturing to the camera on it's stand. The red light glowing on the front.
"Well I'd prefer if it wasn't Sir it's quite personal actually . . do you mind?" her eyes begged beautifully.
"No no it's OK I understand" he got up and switched it on making sure with a glance the eyepiece was full of her. The red light winked off.
"There it's off, sorry now go on" he sat back down.
"Well I . . I seem to have a problem with my breasts doctor" she replied nervously.
"Oh dear, I see, what kind of problem?" he said sweetly.
"Well they've got a lot bigger. Well a lot lot bigger, they're very sensitive and tender. and well . .well" her face flushed red as she became to embarrassed to go on.
"It's OK take your time, you shouldn't be embarrassed in front of me now should you" he assured her.

She swallowed nervously. " There seems to be milk coming from them" her face was a deep red now.
"I see, all the time or just when you get excited?"
"Well most of the time really" she mumbled.
"A lot or just a little?"
"A lot it keeps soaking my blouses, they just seem to seep I suppose"
"All right take your jumper off lets have a look" he smiled sweetly again.
She hesitated and then lifted it up over her head and off.

While she did he got a delicious view of her large engorged breasts pressed
tightly to her blouse. over each nipple was a spreading wet stain.
"I've had to buy another bra. I just don't know what to do sir?" she said as she put the jumper to one side.
"Blouse as well please" he watched as she undid the buttons and opened it displaying her half cupped white lace bra, which was struggling to contain her swollen mammaries. The breast flesh was squeezed up over the top. She didn't look at him at all.

"I see they do look large, Bra as well please."
She put her arms behind her to undo the clasp, her torso tipping toward him giving a beautiful view of her full cleavage. It came off and she put it to one side. Her breasts were full and stiff standing out from her chest. They looked about a 40 DD now her teats were semi-erect. They sat heavily on her chest, as he watched each teat slowly seeped fore- milk.

"Have they been like this before?" he asked
"No sir, do you think it's because of what I had done?"
"Oh most certainly, have you been taking the tablets I prescribed?"
"It couldn't be those could it sir?" she queried.
"No no they should have the opposite effect" he assured her.
"How do they feel?"
"Well they ache and feel hot, and well they . . well they're so sensitive sir" she admitted shyly.
"Has your Libido increased at all Natalie?"
"Well . . yes yes it has" she admitted
"Do you touch your breasts when masturbating Natalie?" he smiled reassuringly.
"Yes I do" she was very uncomfortable now and really flushed.
"Very much or hardly at all?"
"Well I suppose a lot usually" she shifted about in the chair nervously.
"Can you reach orgasm with just nipple stimulation Natalie?"
"Well . . is it important?" she swallowed nervously.
"It can be"
" Yes . . yes I can" she admitted sheepishly.
"Good . . right what I want to do first is an excreted hormone test, so if you come over here and lean over the couch." he gestured at the medical couch against the wall.
"What do you want me to do? what's an excreted hormone test sir?" she stood
and moved over to the couch.

"Don't worry it's just a small quantity of a solution that is put into your
rectum. It absorbs the hormones excreted by your gut and then when we analyze it we can see if there's anything a miss. Happy now?"
"oh I see, so you want me to lean over here?" she queried.
"yes that's right. If you could lower your tights and panties we can get it
over with OK"

He watched as she struggled her tights down to mid thigh, and then drew her
pants down. She lifted her skirt out of the way and leant over the couch. Her arse was gorgeous, nice and round, alabaster white, her buttocks well muscled. he could just about catch a glimpse of her blonde bush, between her thighs and gusset.
"Now that's it hold still" he took his time putting some latex gloves on
enjoying her humiliating discomfort. he got the kidney dish he had prepared
earlier and placed it on the tray under the couch.

All it contained in truth was a large syringe full of water based lubricant. He put some Ky on his finger and pushed it up into her crease she jerked in shock as his finger investigated her virginal ring. then he picked up the syringe and spreading her cheeks he admired her amber ringed tight looking dimple before he pushed it in. She jerked and shuddered as it went in letting out a gasp. He pressed it firmly home. She groaned and her fingers clasped at the edge of the couch as the cold gel forced into her rectum. He took his time getting a sadistic thrill from her brave attempts to hold still. He pulled it out. She sighed in relief.

"There I'll just get the other one."
"Another one?" she asked perturbed.
"Yes it's in two parts, now hold still" she clenched her arse as he took his time.
"Sir, sir I don't think I can hold it sir!" she complained.
"Well you'll have to or we have to do it again girl!" he came back to her and forced the other in, she groaned and stamped as it forced in. her guts ached and spasmed as he finished.
He took off the gloves. "There all done"
"What happens now sir?"
"While that's doing its job what I want you to do is to try and express some milk Natalie, and then we'll see if that eases it, what do you think?"
"well . . OK I'll try. How long does this have to stay in sir?" she stood slowly cringing as she felt the strange cold bulk up her bottom shift.
"About twenty minutes if you can manage that" he smiled, his cock was bursting in his trousers. She turned and let her skirt drop. He gestured for her to sit back down.
She sat down gingerly, her ass aching inside.

"Lets try expressing some milk then LAC Wood we haven't all day!"
She started to caress them instinctively, her nipples reacted immediately and became thickening studs, She squeezed the left one you could see they were that full they were hard under her long fingers. More milk dribbled out and ran down the underside of her breast. You could see the effect it had on her by the way her thighs pulled in against each other. She was desperate to go to the toilet now.

"That's it try to squeeze them back to front, see if that helps"
She followed his advice. More milk suddenly jetted out of her left teat.
She let out an inadvertent groan as it did.
"I . .I'm sorry it just well it feels so oh well it's hard to explain sir"
"It's Ok, try the other" she did that did the same.
"Ooooh what can I do sir" she complained as milk began to course from both down over her fingers.
"Right we'll have to try Assisted expression and then see how they feel OK"
"Ok are you sure, they ache so ooh they oh yes I have to do something sir
oooh please. I . . I need the toilet sir"
"Right then, hold them together tightly, no press them together" he barked ignoring her toilet request.
"But they are so ohh they hurt sir. I think I may have an accident sir . .
please I can't hold it"

"Well you have too! Look do you want my help or not? Now press them together girl!"
His voice took on an annoyed edge which made her do as she was told.
He produced an elasticized tornique and leaning forward he wrapped it around the base of both and pulled it tight. They ballooned up immediately.
Becoming two large trapped Zeppelin's.
"Oh god oooh please they they ooh"
"Shut up! Now pull your nipples, pull them!"
"Why? WHY Sir" she beseeched.
"Just do it, right now stay still!" he moved over to the treatment table and retrieved a breast pump. her teats were running with milk.

"Now listen! the pain is from the follow on milk that isn't being expressed. Now with this I'll be able to mimic the babies sucking motion and reduce the pressure and pain. Do you understand?"
"Y . .Yes yes please it's awful. just get on with it please"
He pretended to adjust something on the pump making her wait, she was so beautifully agitated now. Her uniform skirt soaked with her milk.
He knelt down and offered the pump to her right breast, she shoved herself against it. He switched it on and watched fascinated as her thick nipple was pulled into the mouth of the pump. She squirmed and groaned as her milk started to gush out. He controlled the flow making her jolt and squirm as he stopped and started it. She had started to lift her hips obviously turned on by the whole experience. H e pulled it off and offered it to the other, then pulled it away noticing the cup was full. He emptied into a jar.

"Oooh Sir please oooh the other ooooh"
He pushed it on and started to milk that too. Her aureole were fat and thick, a deep coral in colour. Her thighs were trembling her breathing fast.
"Is that good Natalie? is it?"

She nodded groaning. He slid his other hand up her thigh under her skirt and began to rub her cunt through her tights and panties. Her thighs clamped tight around his hand and she started to grind against it.

"Are you going to cum bitch? you are aren't you? you're going to come."
She nodded and moaned her back arching. He turned up the pressure of the pump, making her shudder and groan.

He frigged her pressing hard to her pubis, her legs straightened and with a
stifled cry she came. He let it subside then he pulled the pump free. Her teats were large and swollen a ruddy purple, seeping milk still.
She came back to her senses. Embarrassed and humiliated.

"Now that was not what was supposed to happen. now was it?!"
"No I'm so sorry I was just . . I . . I'm sorry" she stumbled out.
"Well I'm prepared to keep quiet about this, so long as you do as you're told and be a good girl" he threatened.

"What do you mean sir"
"Well you let me fuck those udders of yours and we'll keep quiet about you coming in here and getting off on a medical procedure, make interesting discussion in the crew room don't you think?"

"A . . All right, you won't tell anyone will you sir?"
"Depends, now put your arms behind you whore!"
"Don't call me that . . please. I still need the toilet sir wh . . what are
you going to do?!"
"Not until I've finished cunt" before she could move he yanked her arms behind her and lashed her elbows together with thick medical tape. Then to the back of the chair. With her elbows lashed together her still bound stiff breasts stood out beautifully. They were still dripping. He undid his trousers and drew his hard cock out.
"Right then, lets see how much more we can get out of them shall we?"

He pulled her forward and grabbed them on either side squeezing them together hard. He pushed into her tight cleavage. As he did milk squirted out from both teats making her groan.

"Please be careful they're sore" Both breasts ached and throbbed as he started to fuck them.
He ignored her as he started to fuck into them, he pulled the jar over and poured her own milk into her cleavage to lubricate them. She groaned and whimpered as he fucked her trapped tits hard and fast.

Each time he rammed up between them more milk squirted out. He trapped her teats between finger and thumb on either side as he started to really shaft them. Her teats were thick and hard, he pulled and stretched them cruelly. She bucked under him as he stood over her, fucking them solidly. More and more milk gushed out.

Her legs kicked and danced between his as he continued she shuddered and moaned.
"UUHH Uhh please please you're . . ohh you're making me ooowww . . no NO I'm going to . . oooooh AAAHHHH!!"

Her legs kicked out straight and she whimpered and moaned as she came again. He grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her face down.
"Open your mouth whore! Open it. That's it ARGHHHH!"
He came shooting his hot seed up out from her cleavage all over her face and into her mouth, she coughed and spluttered. He stepped away to get her cum soaked face on the tape.

He put his cock away watching as she panted, glowering at him. Spunk dripped from her chin. She tore her arms free and began to undo the tourniquet from around her mauled breasts.
" Use that bowl over there to empty your arse into. Then make an appointment for the same time in two days."
He turned and went over to the video camera and pushed some buttons and pulled the tape out.
He held it up. "Oh I lied about the video, it was on all the time. We'll be playing the same game,
That is . . unless you want this tape in every crew room across the camp by tomorrow"

He smiled.
"You bastard!" she couldn't believe it.
"What about this Hormone test?"
"I made it up, It's just a healthy dose of lubricating gel. I wanted to see how tight your arse was. Also it's a very enjoyable part of the game." he smiled enjoying her look of disdain.
She croodled over to the bowl, and only just made it. She relaxed and let the gel empty into the bowl.

"You bastard" she repeated, her face glowing with further embarrassment.
"You bastard sir! to you LAC Wood" he grinned at her.
"Now get dressed and get out. Oh and keep taking the medicine, if those
jugs dry up I'll know why and the tape goes out anyway yeah"
She tidied herself up as best she could in silence. Strangely excited by the prospect of him using her in this way. She got up to leave her face still crimson.

"Oh, get some breast pads and drink plenty mind. If your a good girl you might get fucked next time yeah!"
She just nodded and left desperately trying to work out a way out of this mess.
She got to the reception desk. "Are you all right Natalie?" Joyce asked from behind it.
"Yes . . yes I'm fine . . Can I have an appointment for two days time please?"
"No the same time please."
"There you are Natalie Sunday at 10.30. should be no problem waiting on a
"No . . no there shouldn't, thanks"

End of Chapter One.

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Mad Gerald
02-28-2013, 06:35 AM
Duty medic Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.


Duty medic by Mad Gerald.

Chapter Two.

It's 1984 . . .

I'm a Sergeant in the Royal Air Force, at one of the larger bases, I'm a medic at the medical center. Part of my duties is roistering the nurses and other medic's for duty medical cover. Every now and again I roster myself to make it fair. I'm such a nice guy you see.

So anyway I used to try it on with the female staff to get some on the side over the duty periods. It's all over weekends and nights. Only trouble is they're all to stuck-up to put it out. So it occurred to me one day as I did the stock in the medicine store, they don't have to. With some stealthy planning I could just have it. I started to read up on the drugs we had and within three weeks I was ready for my first trial.

I selected carefully, and came up with Flight lieutenant Lucy Hughes, a nursing sister, a bit plain, full of herself, always a pain in the arse. Chances of her saying "give it to me big boy" less odds than a tin of dog meat winning the derby. And as she would always complain about anything, ideal as if I drug her and she doesn't make a scene then game on.

She had been on this Wednesday and I had successfully drugged her and cum on her face. It was now the bank holiday weekend.

I had arranged it so I was on as well. I had listened in on every conversation going in the last two days. She had suspected nothing. I was happy and expectant for the weekend. I had a cocktail prepared which would I was assured get her to be quiet co-operative. Flt Lt Pete Morgan One of the medical center doctors quickly caught on when I was asking him about the side effects of some drugs. He had smiled and told me what to use, what effect they had and what measures to use. This varied from comatose and fuckable (won't remember, CFWR) to do anything (won't remember, DAWR) he had grinned and said in trials he had experienced a 98% success rate.

Flt Lt Hughes came in on the Saturday morning in an awful temper. I was quiet happy to do some menial jobs then put my feet up and watch the tv.

She was having none of it.

"Sergeant! Sergeant! Have you seen the medical store? It's a disgrace!" She barged in to the staff room. I don't know why she was shouting there were only the two of us there.
"What's wrong with it? I inquired putting down my tea.

Her face was flushed in anger. She really looked like she would burst. She came to a stop her tits wobbled beautifully trapped in her tight white Sisters uniform.
"It's Ma'am Sergeant, Ma'am! What's wrong with it Ma'am! You need to be more aware of who it is you are addressing in the future sergeant! You and the other staff here are becoming all to lacking in the paying of everyday compliments. I'm going to bring this to the attention of the station Senior Medical Officer. Now try again!"

I sighed "What's wrong with it Ma'am?" I said wearily.
"That's better! not as I would like but better. Everything is wrong with it Sergeant. Everything. Drugs are not labelled. There are hardly any request forms. The bin is over full. I suggest you get in there and sort it!"

"Yes Ma'am" I replied heading for the door with my tea. "And you can leave that here. You can make some more when the jobs finished, understand."
I stared at her hard then put down my tea. "Yes Ma'am" I said begrudgedly.

As I left she sat down in front of the Tv. I was incensed. I managed to control my anger though and I channeled it into planning this evening’s entertainment. I finished the medical store at about 5.30. by that time the sport I'd wanted to watch on Tv was over. I went to the staff room. All day she had sat in there watching an old black and white film. Nothing had happened all day. She had just finished her dinner.

"Fancy a coffee Ma'am" I said all sweetness and light.
"Yes please sergeant. Have you sorted out the store room?"
"Yes Ma'am"
"Right I'll take a look after a drink, see if it's acceptable" I made the coffee, fuck I could have punched her. but instead I added the cocktail I had (DAWR), and smirked to myself. "Seeing anyone this evening Ma'am? anyone popping by?"
"No their all away Sergeant, where I should be. Instead of stuck in here with the likes of you. I'm afraid it's a quiet night in." I smiled inwardly and handed her the coffee. The news came on. We sat and watched it. She finished her coffee and put the cup on the table.

"Right finish that up, lets see this store then." She stood. Her white uniform clung to her wide hips, the skirt staying about mid thigh stuck to her stockings. She straightened it and walked to the door. "Come on Sergeant!" I put my cup down and went with her.
We got to the store she went in I followed. She started to inspect it. She wobbled a bit and grabbed the desk.

"It's not up to my kind of standard Sergeant. Look these drugs are in the wrong order. They are meant to be alphabetical are they not?" She traced her hand over the racking.
"Yes Ma'am they are." She turned to look at me. Her eyes looked glazed.
"Well you'll need to shshort phem out" she grabbed the desk again.
"I think you should kneel down Ma'am" I instructed. She knelt down, I couldn't believe it. She was on her knees looking up at me, Her uniform was taught across her breasts. "Suck your thumb bitch" she did, without question. Her mouth locked around the base of her thumb.

"Undo your dress get your tit's out!" She started to fumble at the front and then pulled the poppers open. Once it was open she pulled each cup off her stiff white tits, leaving them exposed. I licked my lips, "Say 'Yes Sergeant' every time I give you an instruction, is that clear" She looked up at me with those beautiful brown dopey eye's.

"Yes Sergeant"
"Stand up. Lean over the edge of the desk" She stood and complied "Yes Sergeant" "Pull your dress up off you're fat arse" I watched as she dragged it up. "Yes Sergeant" She stood leant forward her white panty clad backside pushed out.
"Pull your knickers and tights down cunt!" I was enjoying this now.
She hooked her thumbs in the waistband and stretched them down. "Yes Sergeant" her arse was delicious two stiff broad white globes her crease a tight line.
"Finger your cunt, make yourself wet" Her hand went to her pussy and she started to finger herself open.
"Yes Sergeant"
Her legs trembled as she rubbed at her cunt.

"Find some KY gel off the shelf!" I watched as she she stood. "Yes Sergeant" she searched the shelves, she soon found some. and came back. She held it out.
"Open it, kneel down!"
"Yes Sergeant" she sank down opening the packet.
"Get my cock out!" her hands went to my trousers and undid them. "Yes sargeant" She stretched my pants down and pulled my semi erect cock out. Her touch was warm and gentle.

"Kiss it, lick it!"
"Yes Sergeant"

She started to kiss the end, she drew my foreskin back and wrapped her tongue around the head, drawing it into her mouth. She started to suck and lick it. I put my hand on her head just behind her nurses hat and encouraged her to take it deeper. Fuck I was in heaven.
"Stop, cover the end in Ky"
"Yes sergeant" She dutifully opened the tube and squeezed some out, she quickly covered the tip.
"Get up, lean over the desk!"
She complied. "Yes Sergeant"
"Fill your bottom cleavage with KY" I watched as she struggled to do as I said.
"Yes Sergeant" Her ass cleft gleamed with the gel as she squeezed it out.

"Stop saying yes Sergeant, hold your bottom open as wide as you can, then stay still." She lay on top of the desk, her fingers biting into her stiff cheeks. She drew them open.
She looked gorgeous in her smart white uniform, the skirt folded up over her waist, white tights rolled down, clinging to her mid thighs. Her white panties just above them, stretched tight between her open legs. Her face pressed to the surface of the desk.

"Stay still" she did. I quickly rushed to the surgery next door. I grabbed the video camera on its tripod from inside the door. In five minutes I had it positioned, plugged in and ready to roll. She filled the eyepiece. I moved back to her. The KY had slid down from her ass and now globs of it clung to her blonde snatch hairs. She still held her ass wide.

"Listen to me carefully Flight lieutenant Hughes. You want me to fuck you in the ass. You want me badly. You must be buggered! you need to be sodomized. It's the only way you can achieve Orgasm. You are desperate to come, You must plead and beg to be buggered. I am the only one who can sodomize you to orgasm. Do you understand, say yes Sergeant if you understand."
"Yes Sergeant".

"If I ever say ' Anal pleasure whore' to you, you will let me, and want me to sodomize you. You will not remember what or why you have done so. - do you understand?"
"Yes Sergeant".
"Anal pleasure whore" her face changed, to a pleading look.

"Oh god! please, please"
"What's wrong Ma'am?" I asked. She gasped and pushed her ass back and up.
"I need you! please." she moaned.
"Need what Ma'am?" I asked amused.
" Oh fuck my arse! please, god I need it, please fuck me in the ass, please!"
I turned on the camera. "What was that Ma'am?"
"Oh please fuck my ass, put it in ooooh come on I need it, fuck my ass!"
Her body writhed and she flexed her hips. She yawned her big butt open.
I wanked my cock, fuck I was turned on.

"Bugger me please! just . . just put it in, oh fuck my ass!" I stood behind her, her well lubed crease yawned before me, she stretched it wide going up on tip-toe.
Her anus was a tight amber ringed spider.
"How many times have you taken it up the ass bitch?" I breathed.
"Oh never, but I want it ooh please make me take it up the ass, put it in!"

She pressed back at me, I slid my aching hard cock up her slick crease, she squeezed it with her big butt cheeks, moaning. She yawned them open again. I put the tip to her dimple and let it rest there. She groaned and bounced back against it.
"Oh Yess push, push oooh!" I pushed. She eased back. Her fingers drawing her cheeks almost flat. With excruciating slowness her sphincter began to give.

I kept up the pressure. She grunted and forced back, She started to shake
with tension as her virgin anus began to reluctantly open. I grabbed hold of my shaft to stop it bending. It was like a hot vice. Slowly it accepted it and with sudden release it popped past her hard ring of muscle.

She stamped and went rigid letting out an animal yelp as it entered her hot
rectum. Her fingers scrabbled at her cheeks trying to draw them wider as my girth began to sink in.
I remembered her bitching and bossing me about earlier and shoved it deeper. She went rigid letting go of her ass cheeks and slapped at the desk top instead. "UHHHH Arghhhh!"
"Not as fucking bossy now are you cunt, eh!" I rammed it deeper, She writhed and danced, her legs flexing.

"Not so high and fucking mighty! Beg for it cunt, beg!" I pulled it almost out.
"Please fuck me in my ass push it back in, please push it in!" I grabbed her hips and viciously rammed into her, trapping her thighs between the desk and mine.

Christ her ass was tight, it was burning hot, making my helmet ache as I forced it deeper. I pinched her hips through her starched Uniform making her stay still as I started to gain ground. It was a struggle but It was going in, Fuck with her attitude it was all going in! I drank in the sight of her in her tight white uniform, it all rucked up around her ample hips, her epaulette’d shoulders trembling. Her mouth was an open silent gasp as I shoved into her, she found purchase on the desk top with her hands and pushed up against my chest, with her back. Her wide hips were a delight to grip as I fucked up into her shuddering ass.
My cock was being squeezed hard by her guts, her internal muscles reacting with kind to my forceful intrusion. I shoved and shoved. She squealed and collapsed forward on the desk. My cock had slid over the back of her cervix and her rectum clenched down hard around it.

"Oh Oh Oh god it it OH OH UHH Uhh Uhhh" she gasped as suddenly she started to ease back at it. Her ass was holding me tight. I could only pull out a short way so I set to fucking her ass with short hard stabs which made her squirm and groan. "Ask me to fuck your ass harder, Cunt, beg me!"

"Fuck my ass UHHH harder Ohh fuck my ass harder OHHH!"
I set to pressing home my cock as deep as it would go.
"Oh make me take it UHH UHH Yes Please fuck my arse OWWW Uhh!"
I stopped my cock buried deep.
"Sodomize yourself bitch c'mon! fuck my cock with that fat ass do it!"

She heaved back shuddering and then lifted and rammed back. It was getting easier, she started to rock back and too impaling her trembling ass hole on my aching shaft.
Now my cock isn't big but fuck that bitch was making it swell like I've never seen it before. I groaned as she heaved back down it's length again. I grabbed hold of her shoulders squeezing her rank bars as I drew it almost all the way out and then slammed it back in. She jerked and yelped, I did it again and then set too fucking her butt hard.

The back of her uniform was wet with her sweat as I fucked her ass.
Her wide cheeks shook and wobbled as I slammed against them.
"Please . . Please Oh I'm . . I'm going to . . . to Uhh!"
"Are you going to cum whore is that what your saying Eh?"
She shuddered as it slid in again, "Please slow . . slow Uhh"

I rammed her hard. Once it was all the way in I dragged her off the desk and and slammed her to the floor. She grunted with the impact. I gripped the back of her hair and I ground my hips into her stiff splayed buttocks. I grabbed her shoulder and twisted her up to one side. " Put your hand down there! Finger your cunt, Do it!" she shoved her hand down and I felt her finger tips tickle my bollocks as I pushed my knees down on either side of hers and slammed them together. Trapping her hand and making her butt squeeze my shaft.
I started to heave into her long slow deep reaming thrusts that made her wince and grunt. I sped up. she was panting like a bitch on heat.

I could feel her ass muscles clench around my girth her insides getting more and more tense with each solid thrust. Her butt was lifting an she had gone quiet I grabbed her hair again and made a meal of butt fucking her squelching ass. Her legs slowly stiffened. Her arse becoming a hard clenched cushion as I slapped against it with increasing force.
Lucy groaned and then her body went rigid.

"Ohhhhhhhhh my assss UH UH UH UH UH UH UHHHH!" She went wild fucking up at my cock her butt sucking at my dick as she squirmed and writhed and kicked under me. She had cum Her rectum became a strumming hard grip around my cock. Throbbing and sucking at me as she sobbed and strained. I lost it and felt the first hard throb in my nuts. Then the jerking solid heat of my seed jetting into her bowels. She seemed to come again heaving back lifting her hips off the floor lifting me as she pushed her face to the tiles and sobbed in release.

I lay there for a moment enjoying the heat of my seed around my cock in her ass. Then reluctantly I slid it out and knelt up over her. Her ass hole was gaping my semen strung from her slowly closing rear entrance. Fuck that was good I slid the head in and out a few times enjoying it's elastic grip. She moaned. Her fingers slid out of her cunt. I hadn't realized she had got them inside. They were slick with her cunt juice. as they slid out her juices poured from the open entrance of her pussy. She smelled delicious. I dipped my finger in and had a taste. Well that's a pleasure for next time.

"Get up!" I ordered she struggled up to her knees. My semi erect cock was covered in my semen and traces of her shit. I thought of getting her to clean it. then I decided to leave it for later.

"Say 'Thank you sergeant for fucking my fat arse'" "Thank you Sergeant for fucking my fat arse" she repeated. "Right go to the toilets, clean your ass and twat correct your dress and then go and sleep on your favourite chair in the crew room. When I wake you up you won't remember any of this do you understand?"

"Yes Sergeant" she walked off as if nothing had happened.
I cleaned up the floor and desk, threw the KY in the bin. Smartened myself up and went to drink my tea in the crew room. While I was in there she strolled in, sat in front of the Tv and went to sleep.

I left her for ten minutes, then I took her a cup of tea, "Ma'am a cup of tea?" she stirred and blinked. "Ah oh good . . thanks, finished the store have you? I'll drink this and we'll have a look shall we?"
"Yes Ma'am"
"Is that the time? days gone nowhere, better get this drunk" she said.

I sat my heart racing as she drank the tea. She finished and stood up. When she had she winced a little and put her hand to her belly.
"Everything all right Ma'am?" I queried.
She glanced at me "Yes Sergeant, indigestion I think. Right lets get on."
We walked to the store, inside she started her inspection.
"These drugs should be alphabetically sequenced Sergeant and they're not, make sure you correct it"

"Yes Ma'am"

She walked past the desk and stopped at the bin, she bent and lifted it, then she showed me the contents. it contained the spent tube of KY and box.
"You could have emptied the bin Sergeant, although God alone knows what people have been up to in here?" "Yes Ma'am" I smiled.
She walked the length of the store, I followed. When we had reached the other end she looked uncomfortable, and went to pull her pants from her arse.
"I'm sorry sergeant, I seem a trifle sore today, It's quite close in here. I perspire, the uniforms gets rather hot you see, not that you want, or need to know though."

"It's OK Ma'am I understand" I smiled sweetly. "Yes quite, right you've done a good job, sort out the alphabetical sequence and it will be fine. Let's try and keep it this way OK. Right I've other things to do I'll get on."

"Yes Ma'am I'll finish off here, see you later Ma'am" She turned and left.

I couldn't believe It had worked. Things were definitely on the up. I felt my cock stirring again. She was going to have a busy night ahead of her.

End of Part Two.

If you enjoyed it please say so - Enjoy MG :D

Mad Gerald
02-28-2013, 06:56 AM
new story in the "WPC James Captured and Raped (Policewoman Story)" wpc thread go and see . . . MG

Mad Gerald
05-18-2013, 06:06 AM
Child Minders surprise Inspection Part two

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2013.

Child Minders surprise Inspection Part two

A village in England around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

He pounded her ass slamming her fat white butt cheeks. Her ass making wet farting noises as he roughly ass fucked her. She wailed and pleaded fighting him as he raped her ass desperately trying to get him off he laughed and grabbed her hair repeatedly punching her head until she stopped fighting and just took it. He dragged her up “On your knees Mummy that’s it good girl!” he made her kneel on all fours while he fucked her ass reaching around and gripping her fat engorged breasts, he kneaded and milked them as if she were a cow cruelly stuffing his meat as deep as he could and just resting on her back milking her she kept sobbing as all her milk jetted out “Fuck with your ass like a good Moo cow!” Amanda humped her ass back on his meat slowly “That’s it that’s a good Mommy Cow” he pulled his meat out of her gaping ass “Pull your knickers up you dirty cow!” she struggled to pull them up shocked, more convinced than ever that he was dangerously mad “You got a nursing bra?” she nodded yes he grabbed her hair again “Lets go and get it then Mommy!” he forced her from the room Amanda led him upstairs to the bedroom she had 3 nursing bras he selected the smallest and forced her to put it on it was really too small and she bulged out of it her breasts hardly contained.
He made her go downstairs when they got to the bottom she sprinted for the front door but he was right behind her she managed to open the catch and pull it toward her as he slammed into her back her head smacked he door hard it went black.
Amanda came too with a start and groggily looked about she was sat the wrong way around on a dining room chair her breasts over the back of it still in the too small nursing bra there was a thick cord wrapped around each ballooning them up, the right cup had been undone and her breast jutted out hard and fat; she tried to move and realized she was tied fast her ankles to the back legs, knees to the front legs, arms taped behind her, He was suckling her right teat his thick lips latched around her breast sucking heavily she could feel him drawing milk from her; she glanced at her other breast held tightly in the other cup her teat was up hard and thick milk was soaking the material her teat it was rigid and dripping through the thin white cotton he had obviously been suckling that too she tried to pull away he looked up at her and released her teat milk dribbled from his lips “you are one fine fucking whore bitch!” “Please . . don’t”. she managed
He started to bite and suck on the side of her big hard left tit leaving big red marks – sucking on her flesh toward her rigid teat it dripped expectantly He lifted his head he gripped her teat and stretched it out pumping it slowly so Amanda’s milk seeped over his thick black fingers “Please don’t . .”
he laughed and stood he was naked his cock was far bigger than she had ever seen before, thick and rigid he went behind her he gripped the back of her soiled white pants and slowly rolled them down he gripped and squeezed her big ass cheeks spreading them looking down at her deep crease he drew up some spit and spat into her gaping cleft Amanda flinched her ass cheeks clenching trying to close them against his fingers as he bobbed the thick head of his meat against her still slick anus, ”Now you want to be a good Mummy slut so you don’t have to go into hiding don’t you?” Amanda swallowed hard “Yes just hurry up and leave me alone!” He glanced at the wall clock 10.24 - doesn't time fly when you’re enjoying yourself he mused and slowly forced the swollen crown of his cock into Amanda’s tightly resisting butt hole, she struggled helplessly as he sank in gasping as her ring stretched tightly around the head of it and then snapped humidly hugging the shaft of his . He grinned at her discomfort and pulled out his Iphone he took a picture of her ass impaled on his meat and then gripped her hair and pulled her head around sharply to take one of her grimacing face and thick black cock his cock up her butt he laughed and sent it to Grid one of his ex con mates, then he started to stir his cock in Amanda’s tight ass her buttocks were quivering with the strain and shock the muscles of her legs standing out as he slowly forced in deeper.
He started to fuck up into Amanda’s ass hard lifting the chair by force and shifting it forward as Amanda wailed for him to stop “Please your hurting meeeeee! Wait no just stop wait just a moment UGHHHH!”. He gripped both of her fleshy butt cheeks in his hands and spread them cruelly watching his cock slide in and out of her stretched thin ring; he pulled almost out the pink head of his meat gripped tightly by her twitching shitter and then bobbed it in and out so her ring snapped over the back of his glans over and over. Amanda’s whole body jerked and snatched against the restraints as he did her face set in a look of painful horror as he abused her recently virgin butt hole. “Is that nice, having your tight shitter stretched open by my nasty cock?” “NO” he sniggered and powered his meat up her ass pulling her butt cheeks back hard so that Amanda groaned in shock as her bowels were forced to take the full length of his meat in one viscous stroke his hairy black nuts slapping her hairy black gaping twat.
“How about that?” “Oh god you dirty bastard – please it’s too much – please my bottom arghhh! Why in my bottom? What about my Pussy” he started to slam it in and out gripping her wide hips and really fucking her ass hard “Because MUMMY DOESN’T LIKE IT!” he grunted out cruelly, Amanda gasped and groaned trapped on the chair as he pumped her enjoying her pain and distress. “Mummy likes it in her CUNT . . LIKES IT TOO MUCH . . SO . . . SHE HAS TO . . TAKE IT UP HER . . SHITTER! Amanda endured his ass rape for what seemed like hours but was minutes. He slammed up into her pressing her big butt cheeks flat, pinching her ample hips back to him, and let out a stained gasp as he emptied his nuts into her bowels again, she shut her eyes gritting her teeth as she felt his meat throb and pulse in her guts it reverberated through her making her hips twitch her empty wet cunt clenching at nothing as the head of his cock rode over the back of her cervix, his cock heaved again “Take it you fat Mummy slut that’s it you piece of shit in your dirty shitter!” he growled.
He then started pumping his cock in and out of her ass. After a few strokes Amanda started grunting with each stroke like she was trying to push out a ten inch shit out of her. The sound she was making was such a turn on and her ass felt so good around his meat. He grinned and started fucking her ass harder and harder and her grunts got closer and closer together and one became one continuous guttural noise. He looked down at her wide hips goose bumps were forming on Amanda's quivering butt cheeks. She was going to cum weather she wanted to or not.
Amanda’s cunt gripped at nothing again feeling the thick head of his hot meat throb and jerk deep up her ass it rode over the back of her cervix, making her grunt and press back her legs going straight, with a strained “Nooooo!” she came. Amanda pressed her ass back stiffly; shuddering, her cunt ached and chills fluttered up through her neglected pussy, her face a picture of determined lust, with a terrible wail of agony/ecstasy her cunt squirted a heavy geyser of hot slick cunt juice. He laughed and held on buggering her hard “Good mummy . . good mummy!” Amanda jolted pressing back hard fucking her hips in short hard strokes she strained head back grunting and gasping with release “That’s it take it up your fat ass you fat Mummy cunt! That’s it you piece of fuckin’ shit in your dirty shitter!” groaning Amanda thrust her ass back shuddering and jerking as she felt his thick heavily veined shaft slither to the hilt in her tightly pulsing butt hole.
His heavy nuts hit her gaping pussy again and Amanda gasped squirting again and again making his balls slick with her juice; so that it dripped to the floor under the chair making a warm puddle. Still laughing he pulled out leaving her still humping, groaning in disappointment, holding her ass cheeks wide, her abused butthole gaping and clenching as she squirmed on the chair. Amanda could feel her asshole gaping wide cool air rushed in making her insides spasm; his semen tumbling out down her slick quivering pussy lips. It dripped into the puddle of her cum juices in her soiled white panties.
The door knocked, Amanda startled tried to struggle free she looked to the window hoping it was her husband or one of her mums someone to save her from this filthy rapist bastard who had made her cum like a cheap whore. The window was full of leering grinning black men her rapist went and let them in. she looked up at them in horror as they all piled in through the front door and into the lounge around her laughing and jeering. Amanda was horrified, they were all around her pawing her; slapping her ass gripping and groping her heavy tits, the rope around their base made them jut out fat and taught her right teat was rigid seeping milk, it dribbled down her bulging breast and dripped slowly to the floor. One gripped it and pulled it hard Amanda jolted and tried to pull it away. Another man gripped her other tit and started to bite her teat through the material of her bra, their hands were all over her, and they slapped and squeezed her struggling body.

They were all over her leering and joking one had her hair his fat hard meat at her face the head fat and pink, slick with pre-cum, Amanda went cross-eyed at it she had never imagined a cock could be so big and thick she felt her hips fuck just looking at it.

Amandas face flushed more with humiliation at the wanton need flowing through her body than the slapping – what was happening to her? He shook her head then slapped her face hard he made her take it in her mouth her tongue lolling over the thick head as he pressed it in; The salty hot head smelt of piss she gagged as he forced it deeper. She jolted and squirmed as fingers pulled her thick hairy swollen pussy lips open, pressing inside opening her wet neglected cunt up making her gyrate her ass; she farted out cum and cringed as they laughed. Amanda snorted around the cock; desperate for breathe as someone to the side and beneath her gripped her big swollen hanging bare tit, he swiped the already thick hard nub, making her jolt and suck hard on the meat in her face.

He pulled her fat jug squeezing his fingers into her hard flesh and dragged the teat through his stubble and across his wet lips making her try to force her breast to his mouth - He suckled her dripping teat she moaned and flexed her hips feeling him draw her teat into his hungry lips quickly approaching let down she groaned with frustrated lust as another grabbed her other heavy tit and manhandled it squeezing and pumping it like an udder.

She tried to pull away as the cock was forced into the back of her throat; her face rapist on tip toe laughing as he raped her throat, Amanda snorted and choked. Her hairy cunt was dragged open thick fingers pulling her wet cunt lips open another sought and then found and pinched and rubbed her clit making her jolt and struggle glugging and slobbering over the thick meat in her face, she forced her tongue against it pressing it out; but he had her nose pinching it closed she struggled sucking air in around his meat and he crammed it into her throat and started to rape her face. Fucking her face like only a rapist would. His hand pressing down the back of her head as he forced the awful thing into her resisting throat.
More fingers invaded her cunt her ass, someone was biting her breast biting and sucking her tit flesh hurting her heavy stiff globe. Amanda stamped her feet as she felt their fingers prying her cunt lips open wide “She’s got a fuckin’ huge clit! Look at this fucka!” Amanda struggled as they found her secret and started to laugh and frig it, her clit stood out between her swollen slick cunt lips like a very short fat cock. She cringed with humiliation as they mocked and toyed with it making her jolt and jerk shouting no around the cock in her face. Her oral rapist yanked his meat out and as she swerved her hips and pleaded “Nooo don’t!” he squirted his load over her gasping face.

They plucked at her stiff clit cruelly and as she went to complain her mouth was rammed full of another length of black cock meat, he fucked her face like a bastard enjoying her struggling and choking around it, holding the back of her head fucking up into her face with rapid vicious strokes, another was sucking her other erect teat through her bra cup sucking and swiping it wetly making her feel let down approaching her breasts heavy and hot, she jolted as a thick dry cock was rammed into her slick cunt with hard deep heavy strokes hips slapping her bum cheeks. She pressed back a relief to have some meat in her desperate cunt, it was thick and hard much bigger than her husband’s cock and made her cunt walls ache as they stretched to accommodate it.

Her original attacker stood back watching them rape her he smiled it was turning out to be quite lucrative he got to toy with the poor bitches then bum fuck them in their own home then as a bonus got a ring side seat while they were gang raped by his ex fellow prisoners his mind went back to two days ago the tall posh blonde woman in the big house she was the nanny to two kids that were at school he had done the usuall interview ending in her crying with a big black eye knelt on the floor struggling to hold her big white ass cheeks open while he butt fucked her tight shitter ATM’ing her as she sobbed around his shitty cock, she was convinced her ordeal was over after he had made her pull her pants up into her shitty sperm filled crack and get dressed again - her face when the others turned up and chased her down through the house fighting and beating her as she screamed and fought as they ripped them all off again minutes later she was on the sofa. she had a cock in her cunt one up her ass and two in her face wailing as they beast’d her snobby ass, he must remember to go back and visit her, (the video was good but it just wasn't the same) – once she thought she was safe of course.

He grinned watching as Amanda’s rapists laughed and abused her. Suddenly at the same time the guy in her face and the on up her cunt came together forcing her to swallow one huge load while her poor cunt was humped full of seed.

He strode over, untied her from the chair “Please stop doing this . . . I won’t tell anyone if you go now please!” “Unlucky Mummy you've got loads more fucking to come whore!” and forced her over to the sofa one of them sat on the edge fisting his meat while he made Amanda stand over him and then lower her ass onto his cock “Please not in my bottom again please it’s sore! No! Please” she went silent grimacing as she was forced down onto it, He had her hips and he drew her down slowly making it go up her aching shitter until he was in her up to his nuts Amanda sobbed as they set too groping and squeezing her heavy tits pulling and kneading the flesh of her one tit through her nursing bra so her teat was fat and hard against the material she kept moaning and pleading for him to stop until one of them shoved his meat in her mouth she continued around the thick cock in her face as he set too squeezing and kneading them until fore-milk started to wet the material of her bra, then he got hold of them both at the base with each hand and milked them hard while she complained and struggled wincing in pain snorting and gagging around the bastard raping her face. He forced his fingers into her stiff tit flesh time and time again so her teats started to flow with milk.

He un-clipped and lowered the bra cup from the right breast and swiped then slapped her tit gripping her engorged teat and tugging it and twisting while Amanda squirmed and jolted on her rapist, he smiled at her distressed face “Ohh has mummy got too much milk? Does she have to pull them while she fuckin frigs herself all day huh? Oh i bet you do you piece of shit mummy whore” He forced his fingers into her tit pulling it hard drawing them down to her wide dark aureole so more milk seeped out of her aching teat and dribbled down the curve of her heavy breast to drip onto her thigh. One of the others swiped his bristly face over her jutting teat making it ache and throb Amanda whimpered. The other cup of her nursing bra was soaked with her milk and she found herself pushing her tits at their leering faces desperate to be suckled. The bastard fucking her face rammed all of his fat meat into her throat and kept it there pressing and pressing hard into her throat Amanda gagged and struggled snorting air through her nose as he laughed and ground his thick shaft into her forced wide lips. Someone was kissing and sucking on the side flesh of her left tit, another was gripping and stretching her right nipple squeezing it hard, now another mouth was biting and sucking her stiff hot flesh of her right breast hurting her she tried to pull away helpless as they bit and sucked on her engorged breasts, they bounced and wobbled stiffly.

Tears streaked her cheeks as he wrenched on her hair up on tip toe the full length of his meat in her face. The man up her ass stirred his cock up inside her guts pulling on her hips as another spread her cunt lips wide with cruel fingers and began flicking and rubbing her stiff clit, Her mouth rapist groaned and shuddered unloading a heavy load of jiz down her forced throat, Amanda glugged and jolted spunk spurting from her nostrils as she strained to swallow it down to grab a breath. He pulled away laughing as she dragged breath in sperm drooling from her abused lips. Her breasts were aching veins standing out as they manhandled them and gripped and stretched her teats as if she were a cow “Please you’re hurting me!” four fingers were thrust up into her slick cunt and fucked in and out Amanda kicked and wailed in shock her legs lifting as they frigged her poor aching clit.

leering at her as they forced her toward orgasm, one of them started to slap her tits shouting obscenities at her as the one up her ass yanked her down on to it over and over harder and harder, they pulled her teats hard biting and sucking on her breast flesh leaving harsh bite marks that made her cry out and struggle “just suck them suck them!” she shouted shocked hearing herself, they laughed and two sets of thick cruel fingers rubbed and frigged her clit as she began to stiffen and thrust her tits toward them the overwhelming pressure in them hot and insistent, she humped down on the meat in her ass.

Two of them latched onto her swollen hard teats their fingers biting deep into her stiff breast flesh their mouths working suckling hard biting and gnawing on her thick teats. Amanda wailed and felt herself go into let down, the feeling delicious as her milk began to fill their hungry mouths fingers gripped and pinched her clit the cock in the shitter jolted and flexed and she went stiff stamping her feet to the floor and lifting herself up off his meat to hump down on to it as she came her cunt squirting jet after jet of hot cunt juice across his legs and onto the floor. They all pulled away laughing as she wailed in desperation her bobbing heavy jugs still spraying milk, her rapist gripped her by the back of the neck and bodily heaved her over onto her face and began slamming her ass hard and fast grunting as he came in her shuddering butt.

The door knocked they all started, Amanda moaned under her rapist, The inspector straightened his clothing and went out in the hall and to the door he looked back they were holding Amanda down stifling her mouth with a hand. He looked through the glass it looked like a woman in a hat in dark clothing, he put the chain on and opened the door a crack, there was a policewoman stood there, no a community police officer about 5’4” 30ish fresh faced brunette clad in her dark blue uniform, jumper , trousers white blouse, wearing a high viz vest, police hat, she smiled “Sorry to bother you sir we had a call one of the people at your house his car is blocking the lane” “Sorry I will get it moved” “Is everything alright sir I heard a funny noise just now do you mind if I come in” he smiled disarmingly “Well it’s difficult at present I am trying to conduct an interview you see” he showed her his ID.

She looked at it looked at him - he was sweating “It won’t take a minute sir” “Sure no problem” he opened the door wider to let her in she seemed to be alone, street was clear, no car, “You know what it’s like people see someone strange worry call us all for nothing” she passed him into the hall and went toward the living room, he shut the door quickly turned she went into the doorway stopped suddenly. Sarah had been a community police officer for a couple of years now single with a daughter of 7 it was quite a good job she had never seen anything like this though in front of her was a woman face down on the sofa, arms tied behind her, a large black man on top of her who had his trousers down and his cock up her backside he was holding her quiet with his hand over her mouth there were other naked black men in the room a toppled over dining room chair with ropes dangling from it it stank of cum and sweat in the room. Sarah said “Oh my God” as she was tazered just below the ear she screamed and jerked and fell to the floor, the room was silent Sarahs radio buzzed and beeped.

“Well this is a turn up for the books!” “Fuck you're crazy man!” “Shut the fuck up all of you, Daz keep control of the cow the rest of you help me” “What we gonna do man?” “shut up! chance of a life time this!” The grabbed hold of Sarah and hauled her over he quickly undid her belt and undid her trousers and dragged them down her thighs, she was chubby about a size 14-16 her legs were well muscled he wrenched her white briefs down off her hairy pussy; they were wet she’d pissed herself when he tazered her, He wrestled her trousers to mid thigh. He wrenched her belt tight around her thighs, clamping them tightly together above her knees. He turned her back on her face, he went in his pocket and pulled out a zip tie and tied her wrists behind her with it. He went in his suit pocket and took out a ball gag on a rubber strap, pulling her mouth open he forced it into her slack mouth and did it up tight behind her helmeted head, she moaned slightly and flared her nostrils her teeth pressing into the ball. He pulled out another zip tie and dragged it tight around her calves, another around her booted ankles.

They helped him drag her over toward the camera he got his meat out and fisted it hard “Always wanted one of these shit heads” he gripped her wide round ass and spread her big white cheeks he looked down into her spread crease; her tight amber stained hole looked real tight. He grinned and spat into it, it pooled in her butthole. He straddled her legs bending his cock down he drew back his foreskin and pressed it to her tight small asshole, squeezing her big hard fleshy ass cheeks he started to press in slowly making it give until it gripped half of his thick cock head, then he gripped his cock hard and slowly forced it deeper until the head snapped in past her ring. He felt the heat drown the head of his cock in sensation her pink taught sphincter squeezing his shaft behind the head of his cock “Fuck that’s tight” the others all sniggered. He started to press in making it give delighting in forcing his meat into her hot humid virgin asshole he started to fuck it deeper straining to make it go in, He forced it in one slow push making her ring give. Satisfied he settled on her back and holding her uniformed shoulders began to slowly bugger her in deep long strokes looking down on her unconscious face.

Enjoy :D

05-18-2013, 08:17 AM
Richly deserved! Thanks!

Mad Gerald
05-21-2013, 03:50 AM
I have amended the last to paragraphs - enjoy MG

05-21-2013, 08:40 AM
I have indeed. For all those who've wanted to arsefuck a policewoman, here is your dream!

Mad Gerald
06-14-2013, 02:41 AM
Child Minders surprise Inspection Part Three a.

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2013.

Child Minders surprise Inspection Part Three

A village in England around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Amanda look on with mounting arousal; her dark secret – one she had never revealed to anyone; was that she always used to fantasies about being raped, and these men were outstripping her fantasies. Her eyes were fixed on the copper on the floor, her eyes drinking in the scene before her, the poor pretty policewoman helpless while that handsome cruel black guy forced his thick hard cock up her virgin ass, his hands gripping her uniformed shoulders her helmeted head bobbing in time with his cruel rape all of it was a dream come true to Amanda’s vibrant imagination. Every pull of their hands, every slap, each swear word, added to her arousal.

Amanda’s breasts felt they would explode, their teeth gnawed at her erect teats, mouths clamping to her aureole’s and suckling her aching teats. Fingers teasing and plucking at her thick rigid clit, she stifled a moan, watching the copper squirm on the floor. Her bound legs working on her restraints; his big black cock slid out of her shitty ass and then was slammed deep up inside her so that she wailed into the gag in distress, her arms straining to snap the ties holding her arms tight. As he rammed her hips to the floor over and over faster and faster, deeper, harder, full up her heaving into her ass.

The others laughed and jeered cheering him on; “Fuck the pig! Fuck the pig! Fuck piggy! fuck piggy!” Sarah snorted in pain, gasping and grunting in agony as his meat forced it’s way up her rectum. “Ha-Ha! Grunt piggy grunt!” they taunted laughing as she wailed into the gag. Jolting with each brutal thrust the room filled with the noise of his hips slapping her ass. Until with him on tip toe, laid on her, body rigid his hands gripping her shoulders head back; he grinned and gasped flooding her shitter with hot cum - her face a picture of horrified disbelief under her hat as each heavy thump of hot seed was heaved up her poor ass. Sarah lay still sobbing in humiliation as he pulled out she farted loudly he laughed and cool air rushed into her freshly raped ass.

Another scrabbled to get on her straight away he was pushed back as her rapist gripped her big white ass cheeks and forced them wide, grinning down at her gaping asshole as his semen tumbled out to run down her neglected blonde haired cunt lips. “C’mon man I gotta have some pig!”

He relented and released her butt so that he could climb on her bound legs framing them with his strong legs he gripped and bent his meat to her gaping shitter, she struggled to turn aside shouting “nnnnhhooo” into the gag as his thick helmet dipped into her flinching ring and pressed in, he held the length of his meat strengthening it against the hot tightness of her butt hole as he made it go in. Sarah jolted and flexed as it slithered in groaning distressed as the awful pressure filled her just abused guts. He started to bugger her with deep slow strokes holding her hips, he leant forward and spat on Sarah’s weeping appalled face.

Amanda watched his spit hit her face and that was it her breasts began to flow into her assailants mouths her hips lifting and grinding the meat in her ass, her body arching as she stiffened and jolted releasing a huge squirt of juice from her cunt as she came like she had never done before, over and over her hips flexed as she released jet after jet of slick love juice to their laughter.

Enjoy MG :D

Mad Gerald
07-05-2013, 01:02 AM
Ho hum - lost my job - writers block struggling sorry all.

Mad Gerald
07-06-2013, 06:18 AM
Old but I found this I wrote on the back of a story a bloke told me about when he was a male nurse back in the 90's all the usual legal terms apply - Enjoy


Susan was one of the ward sisters quite an imposing figure very strict
and stood for no nonsense, I worked for her as a male staff nurse
in a general hospital on the orthopaedic ward. We had been out for
a leaving do and she was quite pissed she demanded to stay over on
the couch when we were going home. Susan was a big girl,
5'9" 40D, 32" 48" one big ass. When we got back I tried it
on with her, she told me to piss off. So pretty well fucked
off I went to bed. I left her to sort herself out with a sleeping
bag and the couch. I was woken in the early hours by her
crying out.

I went into the kitchen were the sound came from, across
the counter from me was Susan, by the fridge crouched her
face a mask of humiliation, face flushed red, eyes brimming
with tears.

"Are you all right?"

"Oh god I'm sorry . . I . I've had a terrible accident"

I walked around the counter quickly, she was naked, behind her on the floor

was a big circle of liquid shit.

"Oh god I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she stammered.

"Stay still don't move, I'll clean up!"

"Oh god what must you think!"

"Shit it stinks!" I voiced, she cringed

I quickly grabbed some dirty towels and covered it and scooped it up into
the washing machine. then mopped quickly, her ass was so big and white,
her cheeks quivered and shook stiffly. I used some kitchen towel to
clean up the back of her legs. she stood there hiding her face as I did.

"Well this should keep them amused at work!"

"You won't tell them will you, please"

"What that your a dirty bitch who shits all over peoples floors!"

"Oh god please don't!"

"Stay still! hold your ass open so I can clean it!"

"Please you don't need to!"

"Shut the fuck up and do it!"

She hesitated and then complied, her fingers gripped her big bum cheeks and

eased them apart. Her cleft was really deep, darkened around her wrinkled
asshole, shit smeared around it. I cleaned it up. She shuddered as I did.

"Susan, listen and listen good, you have a choice, you be a good girl stay
still and behave while I fuck you in the shitbox, or I tell everyone what
you've done here!"

"Oh god that's disgusting, please it was an accident, I couldn't help it!"

"I don't give a fuck, you let me fuck you in your fat ass or I tell

"But I've never . . well you don't really want to do you?"

"What fuck a butt as big as yours? shove my cock right up your filthy shit
box, make you cum while I pound your fucking mammoth ass? what you think
guys wouldn't love to fuck a big fat bitch like you huh?"

She buried her head in her arm now bright red, "OK" she said

"Sorry what did you say?"


"OK what?"

"OK do what you want"

"Say it how I did!"

"OH! fuck me in my ass"

In your big fat ass, say it!"

"Fuck me in my big fat ass!"

I stood up my cock was ridged I stroked it slowly, I felt her big cheeks,
hefting them and squeezing the hard flesh.

"You've got a fat ass haven't you susan, a big fat ass!"

"Please don't"

"A big wobbly fat butt!"


"You ever had a cock up your fat ass bitch?"

"No, don't call me that!"

"You got your uniform with you?"

"Y . Yes why?"

"Where is it?"

"In my bag . by the couch"

I went over got hold of it threw it to her.

"Put it on!"


"Because I like the way you bulge out of it yeah!
the way it's so tight around your big arse bitch.

She struggled her dark blue sisters dress over
her head, and pulled it down to her hips. Leaving
it scrunched up around her waist.

"That will do, leave it open and there. Get back
over the counter. Hold your ass open again."

"Please I don't want to"

"Do it!"

She looked away, swallowed and then
leant back over the counter, she put her
hands back to open her big cheeks up.

"Pull your cheeks wider bitch!"

"Please don't be so awful!"

"Do it!" She did stretching her deep crevice wide open

"That's a good fat bitch, hold those big cheeks wide so I can see your

"Oh god will it hurt, don't hurt me!"

"Hold still bitch", I told her, but she just kept on struggling.

"Let me go, you sick bastard", she yelled and tried to turn around.

"Fucking stay still! Shut up!" I threatened and slammed my thighs against

"Get them wider, WIDER!! that's it good girl"

She whimpered in terror as she her ass cheeks apart. God, was there no
end to this humiliation? Her little crinkly stained asshole was being
spread... and
she was spreading it and she couldn't do a damn thing about it.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to shove my prick right up your tight shitter bitch!"

And then, she could feel my massive cock sliding up towards her virgin
asshole. She was repulsed by my touch, but there was nothing she could
do to escape it.

"Oh, it's horrible, Please don't" She trembled with terror as she felt the
huge cock slide between her quivering buttocks and push up against
her anus, the fear of the unknown sending wave after wave of panic
through her.

"That's it Susan keep holding it wide open, I want to see it go in"

She knew it was going to hurt and she tried to brace herself for my
initial thrust. When she felt the head of my cock against her opening,
she clenched her ass as hard as she could, even if she, deep down,
knew it would do no good.

"That's a naughty girl Susan, are you going to be good, can you imagine
their laughter as I tell them how you covered my kitchen in shit, and
had to . . ."

"all right please just do it you dirty bastard, just do it!"

He would rape her no matter what she did. She felt so helpless.

"Kiss your virgin ass goodbye, Susan" I said to her as I pushed my
cock hard against her asshole. She heaved upward, her mouth wide
open, as the pain surged through her body. Lightning bolts of agony
were shooting up her back and down her thick, strong legs, a pain
like never before, as her sphincter gradually expanded and my cock,
with only it's own lubrication started to slide in little by little, until
entire head was inside her. Her sphincter snapped tightly closed
around my girth.


It felt like someone was taking a bat and shoving it up her ass, and that
was just the head. She dragged at her own cheeks trying to ease the pain.
She feared for what she knew would be a very painful ordeal. She wanted
to move away, or scream, do anything to make him stop. Clenching her teeth,

she jolted and gasped and tried to bear the pain, praying that it would
soon be over. But it wasn't. I spread her ass cleft with my fingers
cruelly and pushed my cock into the entrance to her no longer
virgin ass.

Susan tried to resist my entry with her ass-muscles, but she failed
miserably. When I forced my rigid cock pole into her still tight ass, a
sharp wave of agony weakened her body and her sphincter collapsed
helplessly under the impact.

"That's it fight it you fat cow, fight it! IT'S GOING RIGHT IN BITCH!!"

She screamed, once, when my head entered her, and then fell into a
steady rhythm of grunts as I started to push the rest of my thick
shaft deep into her bowels. As she felt the pain of the insertion
reaching higher into her ass, Susan had flashing images of a
fright train forcing its way into her, and started pleading pitifully.

"Please, take it out" she whined, "it hurts so bad, I can't stand it.
Pleeaasse, have mercy, your killing me."

But I didn't listen, and she fell silent again. It was no use. I
was merciless. I held her hips with both hands then kept on
pushing until I got about half of my dick in her and then

"Relax your ass bitch!"

She whimpered and just tensed her muscles even more.

"Suit yourself if it hurts then"

I said and I started to push again until my thighs were pressed
against hers and she could feel my pubic hairs nestled against
her ass cheeks. I held my position for a few moments, then
pulled out until only the head remained in her, then I rammed
my cock all the way back inside.


The pain was unbelievable. She went rigid arching her back.
Groaning and sobbing as I grabbed her shoulders and held
her there.


"You want it out? do you want it out of your fat arse cunt!"

"NNNUHHH YES, YES take it out!"

"Shit it out, shit my cock out bitch!" I breathed in her ear.

She was trembling with effort her big tits hanging on to the
counter top. Her teats were huge and stiff as fuck. Her fat hips
trapped against the top.

"SHIT IT OUT!" I ordered viciously. her rectum spasmed
around my meat.

"Oh god you dirty bastard, you bastard NNNNGGHHH!"

She bore back her big ass like two warm stiff cushions flexing
against my loins as I felt her shit chute clench and ripple.
Squeezing so hard and tight, my eyes rolled in bliss.

Her hands flailed, letting go of her cheeks, she grabbed at the
counter top, straining and pushing, her big butt cheeks pressed to
my groin like a velvet warm vice. My cock started to ease out.

"That's it shit it out, shit my cock out of your big fat ass whore!"

She gasped and farted loudly around my cock as she pushed
it slowly out. It felt wonderful.

"OH GOD NO!" she wailed

"C'mon push it out, shit my cock you smelly bitch!"

She sobbed and heaved, it rippled out like a big stiff shit.
She grunted in effort and relaxed. my cock was about half
way out. I grinned and rammed it right back in.


"Oh yeah take it you fat slut!!"

She bucked and shook in her bonds. Drool coursed from her mouth
as the pain caused another round of gagging and dry heaving.


"Oh yes you can darlin’…see, you can take it all" was my reply.

I kept pumping in and out of her, going faster and faster,
she jerked her ass backward to meet my brutal thrusts.
Susan's whole being became focused on the pain filled
ball of white fire that her ass had become, and she wasn't
even aware that she had begun to scream in pain with
each of my thrusts.

She screamed in absolute agony as the thrusting, raping
lance stretched her ring piece like a rubber band, her asshole
wrapped drum tight around the red hot poker that was buried
deep inside her. Her pubis rubbing continuously on the edge
of the counter.

"You going to cum for me you fat bitch, cum with my cock
up your shitter? that's it take it, TAKE IT!!"

Her rectum suddenly pulsed and throbbed, spasming around
my cock strange shocks of pain and pleasure shot up through her.
She went on tip-toe arching her back, I held on and began ramming
her ass hard.

Her belly released her empty cunt squeezing and contracting around
nothing as she came. Her whole body went mad fucking back at me
with her big fat ass I suddenly held still enjoying her helpless

The fire seemed to spread from the very centre of her bowels, sending
white hot bolts of lightening through her pain fogged brain. God, when
would this pain ever end? I rammed my cock deep into her tender rectum
until it could reach no further, By the time I was ready to shoot my
load she was screaming continuously. I suddenly shuddered and I
started to shoot my load into her, she was barely conscious. Her
fingers and toes curled and uncurled with pain as I stuffed her tight
ass with my fat cock, brutally sodomizing her poor tight anus.

She felt the sticky spurts jetting into her sore ass and cried out as the
salty load stung her ravaged asshole. Despite the lubrication
provided by semen and blood, it hurt terribly. She felt the hot
cum filling her ass and oozing back out around the sides of my
thrusting organ. Again and again, my balls pumped cum into
her rectum in thick, hot loads of fluid.

Wad after wad sprayed her ass tunnel with its sticky whiteness
until I had emptied himself inside her. I pulled my deflating
prick out of her ass and let her sink forward over the counter.

She could feel something warm trickling down her legs, it was
her blood mixed with my semen. Tears were flowing freely
down her face as I pulled out of her for the last time. But it
wasn't over yet.

I ran my hands over the twin mounds of her ass, caressing it softly,
then pushed her ass cheeks apart and , took a good look at her
still gaping ring.

"That's a nice tight ring you have there Susan. I don't know how long
it will be before I have to visit it again fuck I don't think I've visited
one which is tighter", I laughed and slapped her ass. Tears of pain
and humiliation where flowing down her face. Her big cheeks
wobbled stiffly.

The burning pain from her raped asshole and the humiliation that were
consuming her. There was nothing she could do but sob and whimper
in abject humiliation and wait while I watched my seed dribbled out
of her. Beneath it her cunt was a gooey mess.

"Finger your cunt bitch!"

I watched as she pushed her hand down underneath her belly and
cupped and spread it, her fingers sank in with practised ease, they
began to push and twist easing between her slick pouting cunt lips.

I felt my cock stirring again, as she sank them deeper and faster.

"Get on your face on the floor bitch!" she complied.

I straddled her fat thighs and sank my cock back up her slick asshole.
I really fucked her ass now while she writhed and groaned still fingering

"You gonna come you fat bitch? cum again huh? that's it cum you fat cunt!"

I lent forward and held her around the neck with my forearm as
I pummeled her jolting rolling ass cheeks.

"ARGHH YOU BASTARD! BASTARD!!" she began to buck.

Her asshole sucked and clamped my cock as she came over and over.

Now she's a very good girl I just have to say the word and she's bent over
in the sluice her dark blue sisters uniform dress up over her back.

Black tights and panties rolled down to mid thigh. Her fingers pulling
her big bum globes wide open so I can stuff my cock up her shit
box, while she finger fucks herself to orgasm. She still calls me a
bastard every time she cums, but she never says no.

MG Copyright 2013

Enjoy MG.

07-06-2013, 09:57 PM
Sorry to hear about the job MG. I've always loved you submissions. Hope you get another soon and get over the block.

Mad Gerald
07-07-2013, 02:25 AM
thanks for the kind words spacer - its like all the shit in the world is happening at once at the moment - if only i could get the NSA to pay for reading my stories life would be fine!

Mad Gerald
10-01-2013, 05:03 AM
Ayone got pictures of female coppers/army/big jugged childminders for insperation cheers :D

10-01-2013, 05:24 AM
Yes, I've got a few from the internet of genuine uniform girls but don't know how to post them here: it asks for the url and I don't have that31048

Hmm, this may have worked...

10-01-2013, 05:27 AM
And this...31049

10-01-2013, 05:33 AM
and this...31050

Mad Gerald
10-01-2013, 05:45 AM
Thanks matey

10-01-2013, 07:46 AM
Oh, and this good German (Turkish-German, I fancy, by the look of her)31051

10-01-2013, 07:53 AM
And this, if you'll allow the expression, mounted policewoman. By the way, any chance of reviving your riding policewoman being spied on story?31052

Mad Gerald
12-27-2013, 01:22 AM
Its starting to work - More more! A Merry Christmas to all my fans - Thank you all of you

12-27-2013, 11:10 AM
I couldn't resist posting this picture from a Dutch cartoonish but very interesting composition involving the rape of a policewoman by a druggie she searches. He tries to get away, she grabs him but walks straight into a massive punch. This one shows her recovering from the punch and trying, too late, to use her baton and get at her gun while he sorts her out rather easily. There are several touches here I love: her scared expression, her lovely bent arse coming very close to the bulge developing in his trousers, her delicate hands and painted fingernails, the contemptuous ease with which he pulls her arm away while lifting her gun - and once he's got the gun, she's had it and he's in.:skull-bee

Mad Gerald
12-30-2013, 02:39 AM
Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy new year to all my fans I hope you all get to frig/wank yourselves deliriously happy if you enjoyed it please say so Enjoy MG :D

Child Minders surprise Inspection Part Four.

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2013.

Child Minders surprise Inspection Part Three

A village in England around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Sam was pissed off now were had that stupid little bitch got to, all she had to do was go ask some wanker to move his or her car and come back and she had been gone ages now "Fuck why can't people just do a simple job and come back!" She switched the police van engine off and grabbed her hat and climbed out of the drivers seat. 5'11" Sam was a big woman tall and well built a bit chubby but strong, 36D tits that made her white uniform blouse tight gaping between the buttons at the front, a big firm ass that filled her police uniform trousers. She looked up and down the street 'which fucking house did she go in?' She set off leaving her equipment in the car. She went to the nearest house to the car blocking the narrow road.

"Oh yeah you price of shit Oh yeah!" He forced his cock with relish to the pubes up the community officers ass his fingers gripping her white hips hard leaving red marks. Fuck her ass was hot and tight she squirmed her restrained legs together between his trying to pull away but with nowhere to go, her teeth biting into the ball in her mouth hard as he cruelly sodomised her her nostrils flaring tears welling in her eyes as he made her take his whole meat up her ass. She fucked the floor with her hips in desperation trying to pull away from the awful pressure in her guts "Look the cunt loves it!" One of them burst out cruelly laughing as he videoed her rape on his phone."Nohhh nohh pleshsh!" She managed around the ball as her rapist powered up her ass slamming her buttocks flat as he neared climax. His meat stroking in and out almost full length, only the thick swollen head captured by her thinly stretched ring as he shoved it up into her helpless shitter, the thick veined length rippling in and out noisily as he sped up. He forced it full length up her ass making her grunt in shocked disbelief her legs straightening and jolting as he laughed and forcefully stirred it inside her aching guts. He threw his head back gritting his teeth eyes shut as he slammed once more into her trapped ass before he came shuddering as his hot seed jetted into her bowels. All eyes were on the community officer as she took another hot load up her straining ass her Restrained legs kicking as he snorted to shuddering stillness full up her poor forced asshole she jolted and grunted as she felt each heavy hot thump of spunk squirt up into her straining rectum.
Sam got to the door it wasn't quite on the catch she listened she could hear something, fucking? She pushed the door open and walked in she could see Sarah's boots on the floor framed by a mans trainers, she quickly went in "What the fucks going on!" She shouted

Suddenly there was this big policewoman in the room looking down on her raped colleague she reached for her equipment belt - it wasn't there! Vic rushed her, she backhanded him as Jed slammed into her from the side she turned bring her knee up into his groin, he tried to shut his knees but he was to slow and yelled as her knee slammed his nuts, he staggered back. Jed was straight back at her and swung his fist at her head she blocked it and turned, as Vic recovered and leapt at her, swinging his right arm around her neck, she ducked out of it and slammed her fist into his side smacking him away. Kev leapt up from the couch his chin slick with milk, and went straight into Sam's other fist which hit him in the neck he grabbed and held on to her wrist grinning as she tried to snatch it back, she wrenched him forward and head butted his leering face sending him reeling back. Jed jumped on her back his arms around her face as she staggered with the weight of him, she tried to elbow him and twisted and turned trying to lose him.

Vic went for her legs but she turned and deflected him with a kick, her foot came down legs spread she leant forward trying to throw Jed, he hung on as she grappled with his arms trying to free her face she forced her torso upright trying to throw him backwards off her. Kev surged up from the floor and kicked her as hard as he could in the cunt, Sam's legs were wide open her tight black trousers taut over her pubis, leant back her groin thrust forward against the material, his trainers toe viciously slammed into her exposed groin her legs reacted closing around it as her cunt was struck Sam shrieked in shock and agony as pain erupted from her cunt.

Kev laughed "pig cunt buster!" She gripped Jed's arms straining at them, his foot came away and she stumbled back the weight of him pulling her almost over, Kev laughed and viciously kicked her in the cunt again her ass leapt backwards "Ha and again!" and she was brought down sideways like a felled tree with Jed still holding on. Vic was on her grappling her flailing right leg and holding it fast, as she slammed her left foot into the floor and heaved, trying to dislodge her self. Lifting her ass off the floor as she did it Kev was there his left foot landed to the side of her right foot, and he brought his right foot up behind his knee, and delivered a hard cruel kick into her cunt again like a striker! Sam howled in agony and her legs went out straight his kick sending shrieking pain up through her cunt and abdomen they all laughed "goal!"Hugh shouted and leapt on her right leg pinning her down.

"You want it again? Huh? Be good or we'll kick your twat up into your throat you understand?" Beneath his arms she tried to nod yes gasping.
Tom was loving it he looked on holding Amanda by the hips his meat full up her ass on top of him as they beat on the police woman, he noticed as they fought her the bitch didn't try to flee she actually ground down on his meat almost making him cum, he threw her off and grabbed her hair dragging her on her knees to him and forced his cock ATM into her mouth "suck it fucking suck it!"Amanda did her eyes firmly on the fight, her tits dripping onto the floor.

Sam tried to drag her legs free straining against their strength, because of that the cameltoe of her cunt was hard against the taut material of her police trousers "I fuckin warned you!" Kev kicked her cunt again she shrieked into Jed's arms. He released her face and grabbed her tits squeezing them, Sam was still in agony her face twisted in pain as he manhandled her stiff jugs through her service blouse. "Please don't" she managed Kev rested his toe against her aching cunt "Don't you fucking dare bitch!"As Jed ripped open her blouse and wrenched and stretched her bra off her tits.

Sam tried to control her breathing her cunt was throbbing the fucker on her back was strong his big hands grabbed her breasts and forced his fingers into her stiff flesh. They were undoing her trousers, she wanted to fight, but he had his foot against her snatch, and she didn't want kicking in her cunt again. A hand went down the front of her pants and grabbed her twat fingers fumbling then delving between her smarting vulva to press into her she lifted her hips as they slid in.

They had her legs pulling and twisting them, pulling her over on her side, they wrenched her trousers down over her ass to mid thigh. They slapped her big white ass cheeks through her big sensible white pants and dragged them down, she cringed as they gripped her buttocks and forced them open looking at her asshole and pussy. Sam tried to struggle free slapping and pulling at them with her hands, two of them grabbed them and forced them behind her they quickly tywrap’d her wrists together she mwelled no as one of the fuckers traced his fingers down her butt cleft and pressed his finger tips to her anus, "man more pig ass we are blessed today!"

Ben pulled his cock out of the sobbing community officers ass as it slid free of her gaping shithole she farted loudly cringing with humiliation as they laughed. Ben gripped her shoulders and dragged her up off the floor with each movement she farted and cum tumbled out of her ass, her pretty face was a picture of humiliation as he forced her over to the couch and Amanda.
Amanda's breasts were now very engorged aching and hot, milk seeped from each teat and ran down her abdomen she needed to have them suckled or use her pump the bastard raping her face was watching the fight with the big police woman his cock choking her as he forced her head down its length as he egged his mates on, she choked around it again he kept her face impaled on it fucking her throat.

Sam shook her head free and yelled for them to "get fucked" she struggled and kicked wildly slamming her head back into Jed's face stunning him, surging free of his grip, her legs flailing, she got one booted foot under her and twisting pushed herself up off the floor struggling with her trousers around mid thigh trying to wrench her wrists free Kev grabbed her right arm and the hem of her knickers stretching them up trying to wrench them off her the gusset was yanked up into her aching cunt.

Sam swung around kicking and elbowed Kev in the face. Tom reacted immediately and punched her face hard and she stumbled, breasts bouncing stiffly through her gaping blouse. Jed jumped on her back the weight of him making her stagger he wrapped his big arms around her neck and chest his legs around her hips she tried to shake him loose twisting about screaming in defiance and rage.

Hugh grabbed Sarah and dragged her to stand in front of the fight he held the tazor to her neck "Pig!" He yelled at Sam, she swung around staring at him "You wanna see your friend dance to death?" He pressed it to her neck hard Sam stood there panting the weight of Jed still on her she mouthed "no" Hugh grinned "Then you need to be a good girl don't you?" Sam nodded once crest fallen. "There that's a good girl, Tom stuff these in her big mouth will you, he threw Amanda's cum soaked pants to him.

Tom caught them and stuffed them into Sam's mouth with his thumb until her cheeks were bulging and a corner of the hem stuck out between her swollen lips. "Ben check the car make sure we aint getting no mote visitors yeah"

Jed climbed off Sam and gripped her hair he grabbed her left tit and manhandled it roughly pulling and squeezing it. Hugh watched his mind racing then he took Sarah over to Amanda and hooked the ball gag out of her mouth he smiled at her tearful frightened face "thirsty?" He asked Sarah she looked at him scared of what her answer would bring.

Amanda was still being face fucked, Tom dragged her mouth off his meat as Sarah was brought over by Hugh he dragged her to her feet as Sarah was forced to her knees, Amanda's breasts were really engorged now her aurolea were wide coral tipped by her thick stud like teats foremilk seeped from each and dribbled down each fat breast to run down her abdomen,
"Time for some community service whore!" Hugh insisted pressing Sarah's face toward Amanda's right tit. Sam watched as Sarah was forced to suckle the poor woman's breast the perverts all engrossed in making her suckle the poor woman the fucker behind her had his erect cock pressed to her butt pushing against her big butt cheeks as he watched he had his hand around her throat and his other hand left her breast to move down her belly to her aching swollen pussy lips, he fingered her swollen vulva apart and was trying to find her clit as she shook her head and tried to pull away he gripped her throat viciously in warning and she had to stand there as he began to slowly frig her, quickly he found how wet she was her eyes transfixed on Sarah suckling Amanda's breast.

"Hey this fucker is a lemon man she's getting fucking wet watching her mate suckling her!" Jed announced, Sam was bright red Ben burst back in from outside he had Sam's handbag she cringed in horror as grinning he pulled out a plastic dildo on straps "Boss we got ourselves two lesbian pigs!"

Sam looked away horrified, Sarah her mouth swamped in milk shot a look at Sam which spoke louder than anything she could have said -she didn't know. Hugh laughed realising the truth of it and turned on Sam "fucking nice we got ourselves a lesbo rapist and her victim right here boys!"Sam went scarlet and tried to look away Sarah managed "it's not true" before being forced back to suckling Amanda. Amanda was in let down her cunt aching desperate for attention, they manhandled her tits squeezing and pulling them squirting milk all over Sarah's face laughing and sniggering. Kev got on the sofa and dragged Amanda over to straddle his legs he draggedher back and eased his meat up her sloppy ass, he put his arm around her throat and set to buggering her. Sarah was forced over and made to kneel and her milk sprayed face was forced into Amanda’s cunt. She struggled and moaned going cross-eyed when she saw Amanda's swollen thick clit "fucking lick it!" She grimaced and slowly started to lick her pouting pussy.

Hugh hurriedly put the dildo onto sam and pulled the straps tight they forced her over to her knees behind Sarah. Sam was manhandled behind her and she watched horrified as they dragged Sarahs ass slapping and holding her still as Hugh grinned and forced the thick fleshy dildo to Sarah’s still gaping asshole "Please don't no please!" She managed as Hugh forced it in he pressed the Tazer to Sam's left tit "fuck her ass pig!"Sam stared at him her mouth crammed with Amanda's pants all she could taste and smell was cum "fuck her ass!"She shook her head 'No' Vic was behind her "awww don't be shy big butch copper likeyou go on fuck her ass!"He forced his fingers into her butt cleavage and squirmed his finger in to nice tight bum hole Sam tried to pull away forcing the dildo deeper into Sarah's quivquivering ass .Vic and Hugh dragged Sam’s big ass cheeks wide and Vic got his cock againsther butt hole she shook her head pleading into the gag as he forced it slowly in she tried to clamp her cheeks shut around it but he was relentless and it slowly eased in.

Sam was aware they were filming them it was awful his cock felt huge and hot in her ass, she couldn't keep it out, she felt each thick vein as it rippled into her tightly straining smarting ring, he in turn slowly forced her dildo into Sarahs ass. Hugh laughed and put her hat back on her head then Sarahs back on her.

"What do you think boys you ever belive in the nick we would be raping two fucking pigs and a milk cow? What a fuckin party! Cmon give it her go on!"
He slapped Sam’s ass hard. Vic pressed harder feeling it slowly slide deeper into Sam's straining ass. Sarah was laping at Amanda’s clit as Kev fucked up into her ass. Her clit seemed to get bigger the rapist holding her hair pulled her face away "suck it! Fucking suck it like a cock you pretend pig cunt!" He forced her mouth to it and she sobbed and sucked on it hard, Amanda's hips spasmed and she tried to press it to her face squeezing her thighs around Sarah’s face, moaning her orgasm building with every stroke up her aching ass her eyes locked on the big policewoman's gagged faced as she looked down on her raping her colleagues squelching asshole.

Amanda could see Sam was aroused her teats were up hard on her big stiff tits and she was starting to fuck Sarah hard her hips giving solid grinding thrusts as in turn her rapist heaved against her ass making her take his cock he gripped her shoulders firmly, grinning over her shoulder. Her face said it all she had done this time and time again in her fantasies but without the rapist men abusing them.

Amanda was humping Sarah’s face gripping her head tightly between her thighs as Kev slammed up into her slick asshole. Sarah slurped and sucked on her clit feeling the hard engorged thing pulse as she lapped at it she pressed her ass back feeling the thick root of the dildo stretch her ring wide sending harsh thrills up through her making her groan. She felt like a whore never ever having much sex before now she couldn’t believe herself, how she felt as these rapist bastards (her cunt tightened as she thought the words) made her friend abuse her like this, forcing her to suck this poor woman’s clit as they videod it on their phones so their friends in jail could wank over it – all those men stroking their cocks as they watched her poor ass; forced to take this - oh GOD! Sarah came going stiff and humping back on the dildo their cheers and laughter ringing in her ears as she sucked on Amanda’s clit hard making her buck and grind her face.

Amanda saw Vic force his fingers into Sam’s gagged mouth pulling her head back watched her pained face as he went for it butt fucking the shit out of her like crazy slamming her ass for all he was worth as she in turn butt fucked Sarah as she came between Amanda’s thighs. Amanda gripped her face fucking at it in little hard humps as she watched the big police woman’s rape she came driving her ass down on her rapists cock as she squirted into Sarah’s trapped face feeling more seed thump up her butt as she deluged the poor community officers face in juice.

Sarah panicked she was going to drown her mouth quickly filled with what she at first thought was piss and in desperate need she swallowed and swallowed until it stuttered to a halt and she was able to drag in a gurgling breath as Sam humped her ass harder and harder. Eventually she had stuffed the dildo full length up Sarah’s slick butt hole forcing Sarah’s big white cheeks wide with her hips, as Sam’s rapist hammered his seed up her ass (to the whoops and cheers of his mates) until she shuddered to a halt groaning into her panty gag as he finished.

More to cum Enjoy MG


12-30-2013, 11:24 AM
Brilliant! Love the way she fights and they take her down through numbers.

12-30-2013, 11:32 AM
Great writing, Mad One. I've been reading your stories for several years. You are the best. Happy New Year...and keep writing

max hunter
12-30-2013, 06:06 PM
How about these two pics, the first some regular police / security looking to fall into harm's way, the second a resistance fighter that may have taken on more than she bargained for!! Happy New Year all!!

Mad Gerald
01-02-2014, 01:10 AM
Thanks Analfury1 for your support and good wishes matey happy new year to you too.
Nice pics max thanks for posting cheers MG

Mad Gerald
01-31-2014, 05:22 AM
Over 60,000 views Thank you people I really appreciate all those who have enjoyed my posts - I hope you Came! Hey some of you people have got to be female - let me know what you liked about the stories - ENJOY every one Oh who would like GI JANE posted here?

02-24-2014, 11:35 AM
The pained open mouthed expression changed to a look of disgust on her face telling them all outside that he'd cum. He pulled out moments later and pulled her pants back up into her crease. He dragged her skirt back down and pulled her up off the desk. He pushed her down on to the seat. He stood in front of her putting his cock away. She glared at him in hatred. He pulled her arms behind her back and cuffed her to the chair back. "Now don't go anywhere, someone else is sure to find a use for you !" he laughed and left the room. she was left there sobbing sat on her smarting ass his cum slowly dribbling out to pool in her panties.
In the cell across the corridor Sgt John Peters was interrogating the fat Sergeant.
Flt Lt Miles paced in another cell, desperate for a cigarette.

End of part one.

ENJOY MG :skull-bee

This is really a habit which makes a man desperate to take it. They know about the side effect but still they are taking this. Because they have no control in their mind. We have to create awareness for them to quite cigarette smoking.

Mad Gerald
03-01-2014, 05:33 AM
interesting bollocks? now could someone answer my question MG

03-02-2014, 11:58 AM
13 and 15 for me. I like arse up pictures and 13 looks credible. I like the uniform still on the top contrasting with her defenceless big, bare arse. 15 is so meaningful - an action picture which gives you a clear idea of what happens next - and the desert/arab context is clear.

max hunter
03-09-2014, 07:38 PM
I really love these stories. I wonder if anyone could help me? Many years ago the UK-based magazine "Mayfair", which, before Paul Raymond took it over and ruined it, ran high-class subtle rather than explicit porn and sometimes featured rape in pictures (not stories or photos) used to have a full-page picture feature called "The Modern Ms", a high-qualitycolour picture lovingly drawn plus a little text. In one issue the text ran: "I don't know what it is about women in uniform, but they really get me going. Remember when that lovely little copper slipped at the demo and we were looking right up her skirt? Talk about a fair cop!" (conversation overheard in a pub in Leicester).

The picture was gorgeous. A plump, blonde English policewoman was on the ground, a look of wide-eyed horror on her face as she stared at something we couldn't see. By her plump arse was a screwed-up lager can. Her chequered hat was stil on, but awry. Her nice crisp white shirt had been ripped open and her bra torn off so one big tit was sticking out. Her pretty hands were planted on the ground to steady her. One leg was flat on the ground but the other was raised, knee well up, as if she'd just been trying to get up. The result of this was to give us a view up her tight, rucked-up skirt. She was wearing black stockings and suspenders. There was a big hole in the stocking on her raised leg. Her panties were white and you could see the enticing little crease of her cunt in them.

You were left with no doubt that she was about to get well and truly raped by some triumphant yobs.

Now unfortunately I lost that mag in a house move and while I've been able to find some old Mayfair material on-line, especially the "Carrie" series in which she often got raped, I've never been able to find that picture! Anyone who could point me to it would be a hero (or heroine). Failing that, amybe someone would like to try to reproduce it!

Hi Ambush Predator, can you tell me where I can find the Carrie comic strip material on-line? Cheers

03-10-2014, 02:08 PM
www.carriestrip.com and it's called Carrie's Den. Carrie and the Valentine card and Carrie and the plane crash in the jungle are examples of what I have in mind.

03-10-2014, 02:09 PM
Sorry - forgot about not posting links. If this has to be removed, can the title Carrie's Den be left?

03-25-2014, 06:20 AM
Hi Folks,

I'm a big fan of Mad Gerald's work here and my favourite story of all was "British Army Captain's Language barrier ordeal". So with his permission I started writing a sequel to it. After a year of being distracted I've finally finished writing part 1. No sex in it yet, but I'll be interested in hearing what you guys think.

Anyway, here goes, my first bit of writing posted here...

Army Captain's Language barrier ordeal Part 2

Story by Richie

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


I left the UN soon after the incident with Captain Jill Sheldon. Things weren’t the same after that. For weeks I kept expecting her to turn up to confront me about what happened, I even thought she might accuse me of raping her, or at least ask me about who the men had been, but there was no sign. Luckily with the UN on my CV I had no trouble getting work and I was soon teaching English in a language school earning a decent salary.

Even after five years, there was something about that poor army officer that I couldn’t get out of my mind. I was so conflicted, it had been mostly her doing, I knew that. She was the one that wouldn’t leave the men alone, wouldn’t take my warnings, had insisted on making the men angry.

But I had led her down the alley way, I could have given her a warning, although what would we have done? Run? No they’d have shot us both down, she probably wouldn’t have run anyway. She was too defiant, she had probably thought she was invincible. Dammit, I even took two pistol beatings for her.

My guilt probably came from me getting turned on by watching her being fucked that way by those men. She was a stunning woman, big, strong and with huge breasts and butt. Sure, she was a stubborn woman, but she still hadn’t deserved what happened to her. She certainly didn’t deserve me fucking her the way I did. But they really had made me do it, that is what I kept reminding myself. They made me do it at gun point, and it had been one of the most erotic moments of my life.

“There you are!!” she yelled from the back of my class room shattering the silence. All the heads of my class turned round to see Captain Jill Sheldon in all her glory standing in her smart unifom at the back of my classroom. “Everyone in here leave now… I want to talk to him.” She yelled pointing at me. “class is over. You! Tell them to leave,” she demanded. I noticed she still thought she could communicate by shouting.

I gulped and did as she asked. Slowly one by one the class got the hint, they packed up their things and they all left my class room leaving me alone with her. The last time I had seen her was in the Medicine Sans Frontere tent when she was being treated, then she had looked at my thankfully as I left her there, she had been now she still looked amazing!

When we were alone she finally walked down the room towards me. She wasn’t smiling, and I already felt nervous.

“Did you ever tell anyone what happened, or file a report or anything?” she said firmly when she was about half way between us.

“You mean the…” I began stupidly.

“If you say it, I swear you’ll regret it!” she hissed a flash of anger in her eyes.

“Ok sure, I understand,” I said quickly, I just wanted her out of the way. “No, I never told anyone, never. What do you want?” I asked trying to turn the tables quickly.

“I want you to help me find them…” she said her voice trailing off as she bagan to walk around the room her eyes looking over all the displays. “You probably got a better look at them than I did, probably know where we can start looking for them.”

“But,..” I said shocked, these were the very last people I ever wanted to see again, “Is that wise, I mean they let us go, they should have killed us, what do you want to do when you find them?” I asked quickly.

“Let me worry about what I am going to do, you just have a think about where we can find them.”

“But Captain,” I began but she cut me off again

“It’s Major,” she said. “And it’ll soon be Colonel, which is part of the reason I’m here. In three weeks I start an advisory post to NATO, and I don’t want anything coming out of the word works, they didn’t record it did they?”

“No, they didn’t,” I said quietly.

“Good, I’m staying here, speak around and let me know what you find,” she said looking at me for an instant, “I’m staying at the Grand Hotel,” she added, I looked at her, that meant that whatever she was doing was on her own time, the British Army would never station an officer in that hotel, but what she thought she was doing walking around the streets in her full uniform I had no idea. By now she had looked away again. “Meet me in the bar at eighteen hundred hours. Let me know what you find.”

Without letting me reply she smiled at me with a confident smile and she turned around and walked out of my class room.


It was when I was walking home, my arms full of notes I’d made on the phone to old colleagues trying to track down who the bandits might have been that they found me. A large car pulled up in front of me, and two guys, I recognised them instantly as the men that had held me during Captain Sheldon’s ordeal. They were wearing Police uniforms, but real police uniforms this time. My heart sank, they grinned at me and hustled me into their car.

At that moment I thought I was dead, but there were no guns, the two men just climbed in to sit either side of me and sat in silence. Ten minutes later we arrived at a warehouse, the men hustled me into the building and sat me in a solitary chair amongst pallets stacked high all around me. It was then the leader of the gang appeared. He wasn’t dressed in Uniform but I could tell he was now an official of some sort.

“What did she want from you?” he asked me in the same thick accent he’d had five years before.

“Who?” I asked nervously, pretending I didn’t know.

When his fist hit me hard in the face I knew I had made a wrong move, these were the police now.

“That British whore who we raped back in the camp, that’s who. Her army was helpful enough to tell us she was coming, to look out for her. And yes, we will look out for her, just perhaps not in the way they were hoping, yes?” he said his lips full of laughter. “We know she came to see you, we know you spoke, what we don’t know is what you said to each other,” he said.

“She wanted to find you,” I blurted out. I knew this might make me seem a coward, but I certainly didn’t owe Major Sheldon anything. Plus what could I say to these people.

“Did she say what she’d do with us when she found us, maybe she’s desperate for more, eh?” the man laughed.

I shook my head, “she didn’t say.”

“Well you’ve found us, and now you can tell her where to find us, here, tomorrow nice and early. Shall we say 7am.” He smiled again and looked around at his men. “If you bring her then we’ll let you fuck her again,” he said looking at me.

I shook my head again, “Not again,” I say softly, “I’ll bring her to you, but you can’t make me do that again.” I said. Even though deep down it’s what I’d dreamed about for years.

“You’ll do what we say,” he simply said, and then without another word, the leader and his men turned and left leaving me sitting in the warehouse alone. I waited five minutes, unsure of what to do, and then I left. It was a long walk back to the city.

At six o clock I arrived at the hotel, it wasn’t hard finding the bar, it was even easier finding Major Sheldon. She was sitting on the bar with a whiskey in front of her. She didn’t turn as I approached. She must have noticed me though as she spoke.

“yours was the worst you know,” she slurred, she was obviously drunk. “You were worse than all the others, you made me enjoy it, do you know how bad that made me feel… Do you know how much that tore me up inside?”

“But you know they made me do it.” I said quickly and quietly.

“I know they didn’t make you touch me, I know that was you,” she said and took another sip of her whiskey. “weird thing is, no one has ever made me feel like that before or since.” With that she laughed and peered off into the middle distance. “Ironic, the best orgasm of my life was with some dumb translator in some shit hole back alley.” She said obviously not caring if she hurt my feelings or not. “You may have thought you were being nice, but you humiliated me worse than they did. Maybe that’s what you wanted to do,” she slurred.

I looked at her and shook my head, “You should probably go to bed Major,” I said my heart in turmoil, should I warn this drunk woman or not. What could she do against the men, what was her plan. Either way, with her in this state she was probably worse than useless.

“I should probably have reported you all for what you did. I didn't though!” she slurred again and swayed. “My career was more important, can you believe that?” she asked.

I turned and left her there. She was no threat to me, I knew where she was staying if I wanted to I could call her in the morning and get her to meet the men, or I could warn her, or I could leave town. All excellent options, and I’d have an evening to decide which I should do.

Mad Gerald
03-28-2014, 05:40 AM
Excellent Richie more more bravo thank you great work MG

Mad Gerald
05-27-2014, 09:02 AM
MIA’s of the 3rd Gulf war

Story By Mad Gerald, Conwic & Soprano84

These stories are from a newsgroup that is defunct

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2014.


The camp’s story is set in the near future in the aftermath of the 3rd Gulf war, in what had been Saudi Arabia, now referred to simply as Arabia. With the overthrow of the Saudi Monarchy and its replacement by a fundamentalist government, a violent confrontation erupted between the United States, which was still occupying Iraq, and the new Islamic government. As part of the Islamic inspired military coup which over threw the Monarchy, the Islamic revolutionaries had seized control of the remaining American bases inside Arabia. Though most American forces had been removed from the country following the Second Gulf War, there were still several hundred Air Force, Army, and Navy personnel in country - mainly pilots, ground crews, some security personnel, headquarters personnel, and logistical personnel.

Unfortunately none of these units were organized or equipped to resist such a large scale attack. The majority of these personnel, including a number of women, were captured before they had a chance to either flee or organized themselves for resistance. When demands for the release of these American personnel were refused, the U.S. responded by invading the new country of Arabia- ex-Saudi Arabia- using the troops occupying Iraq. Organized resistance was brief, even less than in Iraq. The units of the ex-Saudi military - mainly units of the tribal based National Guard- which had overthrown the Monarchy were quickly shattered by massive air attacks. Which resistance there was consisted mainly of Fayadeen style guerrilla forces composed of local fundamentalists stiffened by some military personnel and a number of foreign Jihadists.

Despite the success of the invasion, there were losses, most notably the capture of a lost logistical unit that blundered into a Fayadeen force. But the occupation of the eastern, oil rich portion of Arabia was completed in less than 2 weeks. Remaining Fayadeen fighters fled across the desert to the western coast of Arabia, the site of Islam's two holiest cities, Mecca and Medina. Fearful both of the worldwide Islamic opinion if American soldiers were to occupy these holy places and of the effect on domestic opinion of being forced to kill perhaps tens of thousands of civilians in order to occupy the cities, the President stopped the military’s advance and declared a cease-fire, leaving the western coast unoccupied and under the control of the now fragmented but still combative Islamic forces. He ordered the use only of naval and air forces against continuing attacks from the Fayadeen on the west coast. No ground forces were to be sent into that area.

Thus , there was no total victory. Though the war ended in an unsatisfactory defacto partition of Arabia and the continued existence of a loose fundamentalist alliance, the United States was at least for the moment satisfied, since they now occupied the oil producing and most modern areas of Arabia in addition to Iraq. A low level guerrilla war has persisted from the west coast bases of the Fayadeen directed against both Iraq and Eastern Arabia, but it has met with only scattered success. Soon things settled into a half war/half peace as guerrilla attacks against American personnel were met with aerial attacks on Fayadeen bases.

The one totally unsatisfactory aspect of the short war was the uncertainty it left about the fate of the American servicewomen captured by various Islamic groups during the revolution, the resulting invasion of Arabia, and the few captured after the American declared cease fire. The fate of the male captives was known. Though some were rescued by Special Forces operations, most of the male service members had been executed by the fundamentalists as they retreated in the face of the American forces’ approach. Their bodies had been found and identified. But no female bodies had been found. None! At least 20 females- both officer and enlisted ranging in rank from Lieutenant Colonel to private, airman, and seaman from the Army, Air Force, and Navy- were known to have been captured when their bases were seized in the Islamic Revolution.

At least three females- an officer and two enlisted women - were thought to have been taken prisoner when their Marine supply unit was ambushed during the invasion. Since the cease-fire, at least eight women have been reported missing, presumed captured- two each from the Air force, Army, and Navy, as well as two civilian women who were entertaining US troops. There are also rumors that an Israeli female officer involved in a covert operation was captured. Publicly, there was no word on the fate of any of these women. Attempts to negotiate with the Islamic fundamentalists to learn the women’s fate had failed. Essentially, the problem was that there was no one in authority to talk to. Numerous factions of fundamentalists as well as various tribal groups each held control of a certain area or city , but there was no central government capable of controlling them. Each faction waged their own Jihad or not as it suited them.

Unofficially, there were rumors, rumors about a special camp containing these women. The camp was thought to be in or in the vicinity of Medina, the second most holy city of Islam. Because of the city’s religious significance, no ground recon, even by Special Forces personnel, was allowed to investigate this rumor. Locals were sent into the city by the CIA, but they either never returned or they brought back conflicting information. An extensive aerial search of the city was made by Predator drones, but without results.

The rumors were indeed correct. A special camp containing all the female POW’s was located within the outskirts of the city of Medina. One of the Islamic groups into which the fundamentalists had split - the Islamic Brotherhood of the Jihad- held the women. Some of the women they had captured during the fighting. But most they had purchased or taken by force from other Fayadeen groups during the retreat West after the American invasion had shattered the original and short lived Islamic government. Most of the Fayadeen groups, who had originally taken the women as trophies of their Jihad, at that point saw the women as too dangerous to keep and were happy to rid themselves of them. The few that did not wish to part with them were no match for the Brotherhood’s surprise attacks.

Unlike the other fedayists, the all male Brotherhood put a special value on these captured Western women. It was part of their goal to reduce all women to servitude much in the same way the Taliban had attempted to do in Afghanistan. But they felt a special need to reduce Western woman. Even the existence of such emancipated women was an abomination to them. For such women to also be members of their enemy’s military- to be warriors like themselves- and to have beaten them in war provoked an almost pathological hatred on the part of the Brothers. That hatred made the captured women the focus of every humiliation and punishment that the Brotherhood could inflict upon them. Out of this intense hatred came a new purpose for the Brotherhood. The capture and punishment of these women became the real purpose of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood now waged their Jihad specifically against the foreign women occupying Arabia. It was their intent to capture as many of these women as they could. Once captured, the women were declared to be slaves under Islamic law. The booty of war. And thus excepted from the prohibition that all women were forbidden except one’s wife. They were then subjected to intense humiliation and abuse, particularly sexual abuse. The female POWs had become nothing more than the sex slaves of the Brotherhood.

This was a Jihad that had to be waged in secret least they attract an American counterstrike. Therefore, the camp was cleverly designed to escape attention, both intense aerial detection or careful ground observation, by being hidden within a functioning hospital on the outskirts of Medina. From the outside, the five-story building within its walled compound gave no indication of its secret purpose. It looked much like the other buildings surrounding it except for the large Red Crescent symbol painted on the tile roof. Officially, it was a hospital dedicated to treating wounded Islamic fighters of the Brotherhood. It was , indeed, a fully functional hospital which did indeed have several dozen patients, all wounded or sick members of the Brotherhood including many foreign Jihadists. But in the larger sense, it was the spiritual center of the Brotherhood by virtue of the camp’s mission.

The camp was hidden inside the hospital. The cells housing the female prisoners were located on the top or fifth floor of the building. Small private rooms had been converted into cells by securing thick metal plates painted black on the outside over the interior of each window, cutting off all light and any possibility of contacting the outside. From outside the hospital, the rooms simply appeared dark. The interior doors had been replaced with thick wooden doors, each containing a peep hole with which to watch the prisoners. Each cell contained only a metal hospital bed equipped with manacles at the head and foot and a plastic bucket. Overhead was an electric light which was never turned off, making it impossible for the prisoner to distinguish between night or day as well as turning each room into a sweat box. At one end of the floor there was a bathroom containing several commodes and a shower with four shower heads. The only access to the floor was through the sealed stairway from the basement located at the other end of the floor.

The floor below was also a part of the camp. It was , in fact, the most important part of the entire camp. This floor was used to motivate Brothers before they embarked on a suicide attack. Taking an idea from the cult of the Assassins which had flourished in the Middle East eight centuries before, the Brotherhood attempted to give its members a taste of the delights of Paradise while they were still alive. But instead of willing Houri’s, they used the captured female POWs they held. Taking up half of this floor was a large open room decorated like a decadent Western strip club. Here the female POWs were forced to perform for the Brothers, forced to perform as strippers while wearing their military uniforms or sexy costumes of the Brother‘s choice. The remaining half of the floor was given over to garishly decorated bedrooms where the POW chosen by the Brother was forced to satisfy him sexually. To the chosen Brother, already plied with hashish to heighten his pleasure and release his inhibitions, it did indeed seem like a paradise on earth, one well worth dying to experience. As a result, there was never any shortage of volunteers for the Brotherhood’s attacks.

Located one floor down on the third floor is the billets of the camp’s permanent guard force. As might be imagined, duty as a guard here was highly sought after. For, unlike the Jihadee who only experienced one taste of the camp’s women before his death, the guards were allowed almost unlimited access to the women. A posting here was given as a reward for special service to the Brotherhood. The senior members of the guard force had private rooms on this floor, The more junior member had to share a room with three or four others. As Brothers, they were used to sharing whether it was the room itself or the captive women they were allowed to bring back to it. The Camp had a guard force of a Camp Commander, thirty guards, eight interrogators, and five translators- although having lived in the United States for over a year, the Commander had a better grasp of the women’s English than all but one of his translators. All were sworn Brothers, chosen for this duty not only as a reward for their service but because of the depth of their hatred for their prisoners. Some held a military rank by virtue of previous service in the Saudi military, but formal rank meant very little in the Brotherhood.

Therese three floors were interconnected by a stairway which originated in the basement. The stairway was closed off where the stairway ran through the actual hospital area. The basement area itself had been divided up into a long corridor with makeshift concrete block rooms opening on each side. These formed the Camp Commander’s office and monitoring station and 4 large interrogation rooms, more properly torture chambers since the Brotherhood had little interest in what these women had to say. All the customary instruments of torture were kept conveniently at hand. A hook hung down from the center of the electric fan in each room, an arrangement allowing the unfortunate women to be suspended from the ceiling fan. When the fan was turned on, the woman's body would begin to rotate while the men formed a circle around her and beat her with belts.

On the wall and hanging from the ceiling supports were more manacles allowing women to be suspended either for torture or to watch the torture of another women. In one corner was a set of metal bed-springs. Beside it rested a truck battery and transformer to step up the amps. One wire ran from the battery's negative terminal to the metal bed-springs. A second wire ran through the transformer to a long metal probe hanging on the side of the bed-springs. A woman strapped to the metal bed-springs would be grounded by the bed-springs. The probe could them be pressed against the woman’s flesh or even inserted into an orifice while a painful shock of varying levels was administered. In the opposite corner of the room sat a wooden horse, four legs supporting a long triangular wooden piece. Overall, it was not that much different from what you would have expected of a medieval torture chamber, except that its darkness was relieved by the bright harshness electric lights rather than the softer light of torches.

But the camp as a whole did had one very modern touch. Each individual cell, the showers, each of the punishment cells, and torture rooms in the basement contained a very small closed circuit TV camera. All of these fed into a room containing 6 monitors along with sound and video recording equipment, a room located just off the office of the camp's commander located in the corner of the basement nearest the access door.

Below the basement lay yet one more level, the sub-basement. Dug out by the Brothers themselves, the sub-basement contained a series of punishment cells and an exercise area for the women. Against one wall stood a line of four punishment cells, each little wider than a wall locker. The inside of the cinderblock cells were too narrow to allow to allow an inmate to lie down. Instead, a pair of manacles hung from the ceiling inside each cell. Opposite these cells was the pit. When they had dug out the sub-basement, they had discovered an old , abandon cesspool. The Camp Commander had ordered this concerted into another, even more unique punishment cell by installing a top with trap door. He had then had his men run a pipe from the guard’s latrine on the 3rd floor into the cesspool /cell, forcing anyone confined there to sit in his men‘s filth.

At the other end of he sub-basement was a huge millstone. Once this millstone had ground wheat for some village, its slow rotations powered by a donkey endlessly walking in a circle. Now that job was done by the female POWs. At almost any time of the night or day, there were usually four women at work here, their sweat covered nude bodies straining against one of the four wooden arms projecting from the base of the millstones platform. It was hot, hard work which placed heavy demands on the women’s arms and legs, as they struggled to move the heavy wheel in a circle encouraged in their work by one of the guards armed with a whip or cattle prod. Their labor accomplished nothing- except to keep the women in good physical shape and to further torment them by working them to exhaustion Already their bare feet had beaten a path into the dirt floor of the sub-basement that was at least 3 or 4 inches deep. For those women that the Commander desired to make even more muscular, there were further devices using weights and pulleys placed against the wall near the millstone, an arrangement allowing him to force the chosen women to lift progressively greater weights until she were literally suspended by the weight she was trying to lift..

The five levels of the camp had only one entrance. A tunnel ran from the compound garage against the west wall of the compound into the basement. This allowed material and personnel to be moved into the building unobserved. As a further precaution, another tunnel ran from a neighboring building used to house other activities of the Brotherhood to join with the tunnel running between the garage and the basement. This provides both a second secret access and an escape tunnel. To the casual observer, only the routine comings and goings out of the two functioning floors of the hospital were visible. Nothing of the women’s camp could be seen from either the street or from above.

Enjoy MG :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
05-27-2014, 09:10 AM
MIA’s of the 3rd Gulf war Part 2

Story By Mad Gerald, Conwic & Soprano84

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2014.

Another Day Begins

Methodically the camp Commander punched up the first six cells on the bank of monitors. Images of four women appeared on his screens. Two monitors showed only an empty room. One he knew he had assigned to the 4th floor the night before. The Commander frowned for a moment until he remembered that he had given instructions to put the fifth POW, Air Force LTC Dean, into the punishment cells last night. He smiled at the thought of her long night in that cramped cell. Lieutenant Colonel Diana Deans was, or rather liked to think that she was, his counterpart, the senior officer among the POWs in his camp.

He found her constant attempts to maintain military discipline and group solidarity among “her” women to be intolerable. The infidel women were slaves; they were no longer soldiers. Because of the brunette woman’s attempts to deny that fact, and because of her defiance of his orders that there would be no distinctions of rank among the prisoners, he had made Diana his own special project, one worthy of his efforts by virtue of her beauty and the strength, both physical and mental, which she had shown in resisting the re-education he was imposing upon the inmates of “his” camp.

He was determined to break this strong proud woman, to make her into the most properly submissive of his charges. It was becoming personal. Unable to resist the prospect of seeing his foe in pain, the Commander broke his usual routine to scan the punishment cells located deep in the sub-basement for her. He found her in the third of the tiny cells. To his regret, he could not see her face as Diana’s chin was resting on her chest, her thick dark, wedge shaped hair hanging forward to obscure her face. But he didn’t have to see her face to know the pain the mature beauty was feeling. From the tremors of her strong, nude body, he could see that she was in considerable discomfort. As he had instructed last night after she had defied him yet again, when the guards had stripped her and put her in the punishment cell they had tied her left foot and right arm together behind her back, then they had manacled her other hand above her head, forcing her onto her toes.

This left all of Diana’s weight resting on her extended right leg, assisted by what support she could muster from her from the hand secured in the manacles hanging from the ceiling of the narrow concrete room. Diana had spent the entire night in this condition, unable to sleep, forced to hang painfully from her left arm as her right leg periodically cramped and was unable to support her weight. For a few long seconds he watched with interest the sweat running down the white skin of the older woman’s back and sides, the glistening sweat clearly visible in the harsh light of the cell. The Commander had to force himself to return to his routine. He would leave her there a while longer before he sent his men for her. First he must do his duty. Then he would take his pleasure by breaking this overly arrogant woman.

He returned to the screens showing the five occupied cells. Four of the women was still lying on their bare mattress on their beds. The women all slept, or tried to sleep, in the nude because of the constant heat in their small rooms from the powerful light kept burning in the ceiling compound by the lack of ventilation. Even so, he could see that their nude bodies were shiny with their sweat and the bed cover dark from it. He was surprised to see that the fifth POW was not in her cell. Then he remembered. Last night he had ordered this women to be given to one of the brothers, a man who had been selected to carry out a suicide attack on the America infidels. He switched the monitor to show the fourth floor bedrooms. Yes, there they were. It was the Brotherhood’s policy that before embarking on such an enterprise, the brother ‘s resolve would be strengthened if he were shown the delights that awaited him in paradise , delights available only to those who die fighting in Jihad. For that purpose, the American women provide suitable, if unwilling, substitutes for the Houri’s of paradise. He had given this particular brother the red headed Navy Lieutenant, Paula something- an aide to an American Admiral before her capture if he remembered correctly. She was a favorite among the Jihadees for this purpose. Her exotic red hair color combined with the tomboyish appearance of her petite body never failed to arouse his men.

This brother must have been raping the boyish young redheaded Lieutenant since long before midnight, or for more than six hours His lust was fueled by the hashish he had consumed as part of the experience. The Commander watched as the tall dark brother stood towering over the smaller, pale skinned woman. Paula was on her knees, her arms handcuffed behind her back, as the tall man tightly gripped her red hair with both hands and slammed her head relentlessly up and down on his erect cock. When apparently satisfied that he was ready, the man pulled Paula to her feet and pushed her onto her knees on the bed, her face against the wall.

Without hesitation, he thrust his dark erect cock deep into the young redhead’s asshole. He penetrated her without difficulty, no doubt because he had already repeatedly used her ass as a fuck hole in this way for most of he night. Not that that helped the woman much. He could see her body being brutally buffered between the unyielding concrete of the wall and the iron hard flesh of the man’s cock as it plowed relentlessly in and out of her open asshole. The Commander could see the pain in Paula’s upturned face as he thrust into her ass; he saw her mouth open in a scream and heard the agony in her voice as the Brother’s cock invade her raw abused asshole for perhaps the four or fifth time.

While he could hear the sound of the woman’s pain, he took comfort in the fact that few others could. The thick steel over the windows plus the brick wall at street level and distance the building was set back from the street prevented any such tell tale sounds from escaping . And if some sounds did travel within the hospital, it was of no matter. All the patients and even the staff were members of the Brotherhood, sworn to loyalty. All were male: there were no weak and emotional women here to take pity on the American whores.

Smiling at that thought, the Commander switched the monitors to the other richly decorated bedrooms and checked on their inhabitants. He worked his way around the floor, noting which of the garishly furbished bedrooms were still occupied by sated Brothers sleeping the sleep of total exhausted empty and which had been vacated.. He looked for the other two women who had been detailed the night before to dance and perform for the 3 suicide bombers, finding them eventually in the shower room on the top floor, cleaning up after their long night of servicing the Brotherhood’s young zealots in every hole of their body.

He lingered for a moment on the twin monitors which showed the shower room and latrine. The two women were showering, watched by a half dozen of his jeering guards. The Commander made a mental note to correct this. While he encourage guards to humiliate their female prisoners in every way possible to include watching them as they showered or used the toilet - all part of his program to break their spirits- he found this many watchers to be a breach of security. There were too many guards away from their posts. Three of the six , he decided, would lose their nightly privilege to use the designated ten POWs he set aside each night to sexually service his guard force as well as the doctors and hospital administrator.

He had warned them about this before. However, even if they were defying him, he could not fault the guards’ choice of women. He too found both the women to be stunning examples of female beauty as they washed themselves under the thin spray of water. Even if they were infidel whores. These two were totally unlike the few women he had Known in the Islamic world. He had, of course, seen such women during his short and unhappy time in America, but he had neither the reason nor to be truthful the courage to approach those women. Now he had total power over many such women. The thought made his cock harden.

Nearest the first monitor was as tall and almost as strong as the men watching her, though no one could not have told that if she had been clothed. Her body did not show the bulk of a man; her body was tall and gracefully slender if obviously strong. That along with the beauty of her face and the presence of her waist length dark hair gave her a totally feminine appearance. It also made her seem all the more vulnerable for that femininity.

Especially with that hint of her fears there, clearly visible in her eyes as she tried not to look at the men surrounding her. She invited rather than challenged the dominance of a man’s cock. She was, if his memory served, a Navy Lieutenant. he remembered. A pilot like those who had killed so many of his fellow Islamic fighters. Men, and especially women like this one, who had killed like cowards from a distance, without facing their enemies.

He held a special hatred for these pilots. The other woman was a tall blonde woman with not quite shoulder length straight hair. She was, he remembered, a Navy Commander, Commander Kennich, one of their accused lawyers. More mature than the pilot beside her, the blonde woman nevertheless shared a similar image of vulnerability. These two shared a strength of body and spirit, yet each presented a unique challenge in breaking their spirits. It would have be interesting to see them as they were last night, as they danced like the shameless whores that they were , the three navy officers wearing fishnet stockings and their dress uniform blouses- open to show their breasts. And quite easily done. The Commander made a mental note to review the video tapes from last night when he had a moment.

From the shower he switched to the third floor, the floor occupied by the guard force. He briefly scanned each room, concerned only that the men on duty were not still lingering in their rooms and that the women they had taken out the previous evening had been returned to their cells in time for the start of the daily routine. One he noted had not. He noted the name of the room’s occupant for disciplinary action on his part.

The Commander paid little attention to the bruised, sobbing woman lying face down on the man’s bed, the cum still leaking out of her open asshole. Last night’s whore!

Having completed his survey of the top three floors, the Commander switched his monitors to show the four interrogation rooms in the basement where he was located. Room number 1 was occupied by five of his men and two female POWs. He instantly recognized the two, both Air Force Captains, both pilots. They had been captured together and had remained together for their entire captivity. Whatever their relationship had been before, when they came to him they were as close as sisters- or, perhaps, even closer, perhaps as close as only lovers can be. He had seen the opportunity this relationship offered and taken advantage of it.

Uniquely among the prisoners these two shared everything including the same room and even the same narrow bed. And if they had not been lovers before, they were now. He had given them no choice in that. They had first shared a gang rape, raped as a pair by the brothers, side by side. Then, afterwards the two female Captains were forced to suck the cum out of each other’s raped cunts and assholes and to lick each other’s face clean of the dried cum the men shot all over their faces , all for the Amusement of their captors.

They also shared the same punishments, the same pain. An infraction, a failing by one, meant punishment for both. The Commander smiled to himself at the cleverness of his plan. While each was brave- or prideful- enough to be willing to defy him, neither was willing to see her companion punished for her acts of defiance. This guaranteed their submission. It had in fact required some effort to find cause for this punishment. But find cause he had. The two women had been hung in manacles from the ceiling supports. They had been placed face to face, their nude breasts pressing against each other, their cheeks touching as they rested their heads against each other.

Each women’s feet had been tied to the opposite foot of her companion, pressing their lower bodies as closely together as their breasts and faces. They were a pleasing combination of contrast and similarity. Looking at their bodies they could have been sister. Each was about the same height, say 146 cm in height. According to their dog tags they were the same age, 27 years old. Both bodies were slender but strong with full breasts and flat stomachs along with gym toned arms and legs.

Even their faces were similar in that both had full lips and deep blue eyes. But there the similarity ended. One was dark haired, her not quite shoulder length hair a deep reddish brown the Commandant had rarely seen before. Her companion was very blonde; her hair had been cut fashionably short to frame what would have in better times have been a face that no doubt always wore a smile.

A woman eager to please and not, perhaps, too sure of herself. The dark haired Captain ‘s face was , if possible, more attractive with its line of what these Americans called freckles across her high cheek bones. But it was also quite different from the Blonde’s in that the face reflected the dark woman’s greater strength of will. She was the strong one of the pair. But her feelings for her blonde companion made her the most vulnerable one of the pair since she was trying to be strong for two.

By the stripes on both women’s backs and buttocks, he saw that the whipping he had ordered had already been completed. The men who had administered the whipping were now taking their reward. This was another custom he had begin. Sodomy always followed the whip. Two of his men were buried deep in the two women’s asses, the men’s thrusts alternately forcing the two women’s sweat soaked nude bodies closer together and then pulling them apart.

The commander watched transfixed as the two men raped the bound female POWs , his hand moving to unzip the fly of his pants and extract his hardening cock. He stared intently at the screen as he began to stroke his cock in time with the two men sodomizing the two female pilots while a third man grabbed a handful of blonde and amber hair and held their tear streaked faces together, forcing the two women to kiss as the other men sodomized them. He began to stroke himself as he stared at the images on the screen. Perhaps, he thought as he watched this unfold, duty could wait for a few moments.

Or could it? Wasn’t there a new prisoner who was suppose to arrive today?

Reluctantly, he continued on with his virtual inspection of the camp. He switched the monitor to the sub-basement. Rapidly he scanned the punishment cells and the dreaded pit. Then he shifted his attention to the millstone at he other end of the sub-basement. Normally he had the women exercised at the millstone in fours since it took a tremendous effort to put the heavy millstone into motion and keep it going throughout the normal 4 hour exercise period. But he did make the occasional exception to that rule. He watched as the guards finished manacling the hands of two women to a pair of the wooden bars. With a crack of his whip clearly audible in his monitor, the guard set the two women to work.

Their nude bodies strained to overcome inertia and make the huge millstone move. Desperately their bare feet dug into the dirt and the back and arm muscles of their strong bodies move under their smooth skin as they struggled against the weight. The two women were well matched in their size and muscular development with each presenting a fascinating combination of strength and femininity, of hard muscles and soft breasts.

Both were members of the famous America Marines.- one a short haired Caucasian major in her early thirties , the other an equally short haired Black staff sergeant in her late twenties. The contrast of their skins fascinated him. Already their bodies were covered in sweat , making each of their muscular bodies glisten in the hot, strong lights of the sub-basement. The Major’s body gleamed a pale white relieved only by the deep red of her twin nipples ; the Black woman ‘s skin shown as a deep shiny wet chocolate. He watched with interest as their bodies strained to move the heavy stone, their muscles becoming increasingly pumped as they warmed to their task.

Mentally, the Commander made a note to have the two women brought to him when they had finished their time at the millstone.. It would be interesting to see their pumped, sweat soaked bodies up close then as the two proud women knelt side by side at his feet.

However, he had other duties which required his attention right now. Reluctantly, he left the monitor panel and stood up to return to his office.

Enjoy MG :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
05-27-2014, 09:30 AM
MIA’s of the 3rd Gulf war Part 3

Story By Mad Gerald, Conwic & Soprano84

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2014.

Chains of Command

The “orientation” of the new prisoner, a Major Burke, had taken less than an hour of the Commander‘s day, a new record in brutal efficiency (see “Welcome to Hell“) . That was a very short time frame, but he had found through experience that such a direct approach worked well with these arrogant Western women. It had, in this case at least, proven more than sufficient time to establish his dominance over the new captive- as well as to enjoy the use of the new woman’s relatively unused cunt. But if the feel of that tight cunt gripping his cock had taken the edge off his constant hard on, it had also wetted his appetite for confronting the delicious Colonel Dean. But in Deans’ case, he desired to accomplish more than just rape and humiliation. He was determined to break the stubborn female officer. He desired to see this arrogant female colonel even more debased, more crushed, than the red headed Major he had just initiated into the camp. And made into a woman as compliant as that whore, the woman he had used to crush Burke’s spirit, Sergeant Butrow. The image of the proud, resilient LTC Diana Deans on her knees, nude, head downcast, giving the same description of what this camp had done to her to a new female POW as the Butrow whore had just given to the newly captured Major Burke began to form in his mind. It was an appealing vision.

Idly he flicked the monitor controls to give him a view of the punishment cell containing Diana. He saw that she had her head up now, giving him a clear view of her face. It was, he thought, much too beautiful a face for one so obsessed with her duty. Though he knew the birth date on her dogtags indicated that she was 38 years old , both her face and her body gave lie to this. She was, in his mind, rivaled only by the twins in desirability. She was, he decided, ripe, not aged. She was ready to be harvested, to become the handmaiden of a believer such as himself just as God had intended these infidel whores to be. But, so far, he had to admit to himself that he had failed to break her to his will- to show her the falseness of her pride and arrogance. He had dominated her body repeatedly in rapes and torture, but her will still eluded him. The memory came back to him of the last session he had held with LTC Dean. He opened the drawer below the console and searched until he found the tape from that session. He slid it into the monitor and waited impatiently until her image appeared on the screen. And his own. He normally was careful not to film sessions where he as a identifiable as a participant, but in Diana Deans’ case, he was willing to make an exception.

Diana was, as always, nude. The whiteness of her nude form was relieved only by her wedge shaped mass of dark hair and the intense red of the two swollen nipples capping her prominent breasts.. Her strong feminine body was shaven, exposing Diana’s mature sex with its prominent pouting inner lips to view, making the bound women appear even more nude and vulnerable than she would have if she had been allowed to maintain her pubic hair. . He had had Diana tied in a standing spread eagle under the harsh lights of the interrogation room, her arms held shoulder length apart by the chain manacles hanging from the ceiling supports and her bare feet held in a similar position by a metal spreader bar secured to each ankle. The lack of sound on the tape did not bother him. He remembered each word that had passed between them down to the exact tone and inflection. Her arrogance had enraged him. Her insistence on using her military rank along with her frequent whining about the welfare of the other prisoners- as if they were here for their “welfare”- had always enraged him. But it was her last attempts to encourage other women to resist his will which most enraged him, angered him beyond the limits of what he would accept from any women, let alone an infidel POW who was nothing more than a slave under Islamic law. He had, he admitted, lost his temper, if with ample justification. As a result, he had taken her much further on this journey into pain than even he had meant. to go at that time. He watched the interrogation progress on the tape, savoring again the clear signs of the pain that was consuming her- the pain he had inflicted upon her. The beauty of her face gave her suffering a certain..... majesty. Though the tenants of the true religion forbid the depiction of human images, there was undeniably beauty in these pictures of Diana’s face, a beauty reflecting the torment within, the pain overwhelming her.

They had started out in an almost routine way. As he watched from in front of Diana, Whalid had used a long leather strap on Diana’s taunt round ass cheeks. At first Diana had been able to hold in her cries of pain and outrage. But after 7 or 8 blows from the strap, soft sounds began to escape from her tightly clinched lips. On the tape, he could see the tears began to trickle down Diana’s soft cheeks as well. After the beginning 12, he had instructed Whalid to pause. He asks her who she was, knowing the answer he would receive. He let her get only as far as “Lieutenant Col...” before his open hand slap cut her off. That was not the answer he wished to hear, and she knew it. They had been there many times before. It was the foolish woman’s soft response of “ BASTARD” to his casual , if powerful, slap which had ended his patience. And taken this interrogation to a new level, one he had not intended. This, he saw, had been a mistake on his part. He was an artist. His medium was pain. To use too much pain for his purpose was as grievous a mistake as to use too little. He vowed not to make that mistake again.

Instead of allowing the Brother to continue with Diana’s whipping, the Commander simply told him to take his pleasure from the woman right then. The huge, grinning Whalid knew exactly what he meant. He quickly freed his immense cock and stepped behind Diana’s tightly bound form. The Commander watched the tape as the grinning Whalid positioned his fire hose size cockhead at the puckered entrance to Diana’s asshole while he saw himself take the leather strap from Whalid’s hand and stand in front of Diana’s straining figure. He watched for a moment as the two fought a silent struggle- Diana fighting desperately in a vain attempt to hold her sphincter muscle shut as Whalid thrust his pile driver size cock against her tiny anal opening. As he watched, he saw himself double the strap over in his hand and swing the tip hard at one of Diana’s firm full breasts. It landed against Diana’s breast with a loud “smack” . The shock of the blow apparently distracted her for a second. That was just long enough to allow Whalid’s huge cock to force its way inside Diana.

The Commander watched transfixed as the women in the tape arched her back and let out a tremendous silent scream. He watched as he and the big hulking guard silently alternated their attacks on the helplessly bound female officer, one in front and one in back of her. the one slamming deeper and deeper into her ass with his cock while the other alternated between Diana’s large, bobbing breasts. He watched those twin breasts grow in color into bright, angry red pain globes as the leather strap flew between them, striking her again and again directly on her already swollen nipples. The tears streamed down Diana’s cheeks now. Her almost black hair flew around her face in a dark cloud as she wildly shook her head from side to side and silently screamed out the overwhelming pain that was now engulfing her. But no matter how she struggled, the pain only increased as did the agony so apparent in her face. And the pain he saw feed his hunger for more. The hot tightness of her ass drove Whalid on as well, on to more and more brutal thrusts into her depths.

The Commander smiled as he watched Whalid’s face in the tape. The man was incredible. A unique instrument, perfect for his function here in the camp. He gained pleasure by inflicting pain upon others- upon the women- but at the same time it was the infliction of pain upon himself, upon his cock which allowed him to achieve his own satisfaction. . It was hard to tell which of the two, the bound woman or the rutting man, was experiencing the greater pain. It was Whalid’s custom to torture his own cock in order to make it more sensitive as well as produce scar ridges on his cock to use as instruments of torture in themselves. Now the woman was doing that cock torture for him. As Diana’s well muscled body convulsed with each blow he landed on her sensitive breasts, her abdominal muscles were literally crushing Whalid’s cock like a steel vise. A lesser man would have been destroyed. Yet the pain drove him to even greater frenzies until he was thrusting so hard and fast into Diana’s open ass hole that he was lifting her an inch or two off the ground with each powerful stroke of his oversized cock.

He abandons his brutal beating of Diana’s red raw pain globes and discarded the leather strap. Instead he picked up a long cattle prod, an electrical device where a varying charge of high amp current is passed between two prongs at one end when a switch on the handle is pressed. Designed originally to be painful enough to control a raging 2,000 pound bull with a single jolt and yet leave no lasting marks, it was one of the Commander’s favorite instruments of torture. He set it to the maximum setting. He thrust the two pronged end against Diana’s already tortured left breast and pressed the button. On the tape Diana’s next scream was silent as well. But there, that night, it had been deafening.

Her entire body arched backwards onto Whalid’s impaling cock, burying that cock as deep inside her convulsing body as it was physically possible to go. To Diana’s tortured mind, it seemed as if her entire breast had been covered in molten steel. The pain filling her was incredible as hundreds of nerve endings simultaneously passed their message of pain directly into her brain, instantly overloading her mental capabilities. Diana could no longer reason or even think. Her mind was totally taken up by the pain. Without hesitation, the Commander then moved the prod to her right breast and repeated the process, sending another huge jolt of electricity coursing through Diana’s already red, raw breast.

As he watched the tape, he realized for the first time that she had not screamed that second time. He had been too deafened by the first scream to notice at the time. Diana’s body was unable to find the strength or the presence of mind necessary for a scream. It was as if she were frozen in time by the electricity coursing through her breasts. Her mouth remained open, her eyes were glazed; her strong, feminine body was moving up and down on Whalid’s buried cock, but by the force of his thrusts into her rather than by her own will. Wahlid’s face mirrored her’s in the raw pain they were both experiencing. His pain must have been intense, if not anywhere near the equal of Diana’s. But it only served to drive him into a more frenzied series of thrusts into Diana’s now slack body, plowing into her open asshole with all the force his powerful body could muster, making Diana‘s body jerk up and down like a hand puppet controlled by his cock. . As he raped her ass, the Commander used the cattle prod on Diana’s vulnerable breasts again and again, driving her deeper and deeper into a pain filled Hell. But it was a Hell that he feared would soon give her oblivion as their abuse exceeded what even her strong will and body could tolerate.

Then the Commander watched as on the tape he lowered the setting of the prod and began to use it on Diana’s soft, vulnerable exposed armpits. He was giving Diana time now to recover at least some of her facilities before he simply drove her into unconsciousness. That would have been... premature; he had not yet finished with his lesson in pain. What she felt now was not the raw, overwhelming pain she had experienced as he had shocked her, but it was, he knew from experience, a constant pain that perfectly complimented the brutal , invasive stretching she was receiving from that huge cock still sodomizing her. Her body began to recover a little. Though that only made the pain worse. This pain no doubt seemed to the exhausted and tortured Diana to be capable of continuing forever at this level. On the tape, the Commander could clearly see the fear in Diana’s beautiful face as the two men dominated her so brutally. The image on the tape was mesmerizing, Diana’s strong, intensely feminine mature body glistening in the harsh lights of the interrogation room from a coating of her own sweat as it moved seductively in response to his prod or to Whalid’s brutal thrusts into her asshole.

Seeing that she was slipping away again, was almost beyond the pain now, and fearing that Whalid could not last much longer, the Commander had regretfully realized that he had to end the session before Diana simply passed out from exhaustion. He knelt before the exhausted, sweat soaked, spread eagle form of the female POW and slowly inserted the end of the cattle prod into her cunt. There was little resistance; her sweat served well enough to lubrication the slick metal of the prod. He pushed it as deeply inside the struggling woman as he could- deep into Diana until the prods rested against her uterus.

Diana was double fucked, totally filled by Whalid’s immense cock in her ass and the cold hard steel shaft in her cunt. The pain was still a terrible living thing tearing at her, but it was less, almost .... tolerable now. She had endured worse before. No doubt, the Commander thought as he watched her body being battered by their twin assault, she was still telling herself that very thing, that she would not let this terrible man defeat her, that her girls needed her to be strong , and vowing that she would be strong for them. Well, he vowed, that would soon change.

At the same moment that Diana was vowing to endure, the Commander turned the switch back to maximum charge and pressed the button on the handle of the cattle prod. A jot of high amp electricity passed between the two poles at the end of the prod, traveling directly through her nerve system from Diana‘s uterus to her brain. But this time the electricity also reached , if in a considerably weaker degree , through the thin membrane separating Whalid‘s cock from the electric prod. He saw both Diana and Whalid convulsed together, locked together by the electricity, their bodies jerking wildly in unison. As Diana body went rigid, her mind was totally overwhelmed by the pain engulfing her. Pressed tightly against her sweat covered back. Whalid also went rigid as the pain hit his big cock. In response, he came- emptying itself of a pint or more of thick hot man cum in one long blast deep inside Diana‘s asshole. As he filled Diana’s ass chute with his hot cum, the feeling of his scalding hot cum filling her pushed Diana over the brink. Her mind reached a total overload and began shutting down, totally unable any longer to cope with the painful and humiliating sensations overwhelming her. The commander watched as her body slumped in her manacles, unconsciousness overtaking her. as the heat filing her bowels spread through her body.

The Commander sat thoughtfully staring at the monitor’s black screen for a long time. Slowly a smile came over his face. Loudly he called to the guard outside his door.

“Bring the whore from punishment cell 3 to me at once!”


The Commander did not look up from the papers he was reading when the guard knocked on the door. He simply ordered “ Enter” and continued to read as the guard marched LTC Diana Deans into his office. He continued to pretend to read the papers before him for several moments before he leaned back in his chair and silently stared at the women standing before him.

He saw that she still bore herself proudly, despite her nudity, her fatigue from the sleepless night she had just spent suspended in the punishment cell, and her bonds. If she had been a man, he might have actually admired her. But since she was not a man, since she was obviously all woman, he had neither admiration nor pity for her. He stared at her nude body, at the fascinating mixture of strength and vulnerability she presented as she stood before him. Diana stood proudly if stiffly in the position he had prescribed for female POW’s reporting to him- legs spread shoulder width apart, hands held behind her back by the handcuffs, her head up. Her body was totally exposed to his eyes in this position, a physical manifestation of her vulnerability.

Struggling to mask that terrible feeling of her own vulnerability, Diana had set her full red lips in a neutral expression and had fixed her blue eyes on a point on the wall behind and above the sitting man, determined to put on a brave face to hide her fears from this man she hated - and feared- with all her soul. Behind her, the guard sloughed in a slovenly imitation of the position of attention, his right hand still holding one end of the rope encircling Diana’s neck.

The Commander ran his eyes over Diana’s nude body, taking in the rise and fall of her firm, mature breasts. He noted the erect condition of her thick red nipples with satisfaction before lowering his gaze to her shaven sex. Diana’s bare sex was clearly visible to him as she stood there legs parted. The inner lips of her sex protruded slightly, giving Diana that freshly fucked look. The soft red of her cunt lips contrasted vividly with the paleness of Diana’s bare skin. He noted with some amusement the faint traces of whitish material on the insides of Diana’s thigh- traces of a man’s cum So, he thought, she had been freshly fucked. At least one of the guards had taken advantage of Diana as she hung helpless in the punishment cell last night. He smiled briefly at the thought of the humiliation that crude rape must have caused the proud female officer.

“I see that you had a fruitful night.”


“I see that a man used you . You fulfilled the purpose of your existence. “

“A guard raped me, if that is what you mean. “ Diana continued in a tired, cautious voice, wary of provoking another fit of rage like that she had endured two days ago, but determined to say what was in her mind. “But that is nothing new here. You and your men have raped us all, in violation of international law and all......”

“There is no law but Holy law. By that law you are slaves. It is God’s will that female slaves be used by their Masters. You are here to , in your words, be raped. The sooner you accept that, the ... less unpleasant your life will be. It is God‘s will.”

“I will never accept that I am a slave. I am an officer in the U. S. Air Force, a Lieutenant Colonel, and a prisoner of war, and I demand to be treated accordingly.”

To Diana’s surprise, the Camp Commander did not respond angrily to her words as he had so many times in the past. For some reason, this made her even more afraid than she would have been if he had reacted in anger. He was actually smiling as he replied.

“Your fantasies amuse me, whore. I wish to hear more about all these wonderful things which you THINK you are. But first, I shall have the Brother make you comfortable so that we can talk.”

The Commander spoke a few words in Arabic to the Guard. Before Diana realized what was happening, the Guard had taken her by her handcuffed wrists and bent her forward. Using his leverage, he frog marched her to the side of the Commander’s desk and bent her over it, her hips jammed hard against the desk, her face almost touching the papers on the top of his desk.

A second more and the loose end of the rope tied in a noose around her neck had been secured to a hook on the opposite side of the desk, forcing her to remain in her bent over position. As she tried to adjust to this, Diana felt her bare feet spread and tied to the legs of the heavy desk. In seconds, she was securely - and helplessly- bound over the Commander’s desk. She struggled against the ropes for a moment, but quickly found them quite unyielding. Then she heard the door close.

“Now, we are alone. We have plenty of time for a long talk. What shall we talk about? You perhaps?”

The voice was very close. She realized that he Commander was still sitting in his chair as he spoke. Her body shivered involuntarily as the man lightly ran his hand over her naked back as he spoke.

“Who are you? Or more correctly, WHAT are you? Are you the Brotherhood’s slave, its whore? Its cunt? Or are you Lieutenant Colonel Deans, infidel and officer, the giver of orders, the commander of men?

Diana remained silent, her eyes fixed on the desk a few inches from her face, unsure of what sort of game the man was playing with her. She was sure only that whatever her answer, she would be punished for it.

The Commander forced his hand between her hanging breasts and the desk top, capturing the thick, erect nipple of her right breast between his strong fingers. He began to crush that fat nipple as he spoke., cruelly digging his thumb nail into it as he squeezed it between thumb and forefinger. Pain shot through her as he crushed her swollen, sensitive nipple.

“Answer me! Which is it, are you whore....... or Colonel?”

Angrily Diana spat out “ Colonel! It’s Colonel. I am not anyone’s whore!”

“Indeed? “

With that the Commander got out of his chair and slowly walked around to stand behind Diana. He casually ran his hands over her strong, naked back and then down to her full hips and taunt buttocks. she heard the soft sound of a zipper being opened and then felt the warmth of his cock pushing against her shaven sex. He rubbed it against her cunt lips, lazily moving his erect cock up and down Diana’s bare cunt lips, rubbing himself against her sex

“Then , if you are not my whore, I cannot be doing this, can I?”

“I.. am .. Your .. Prisoner. I am tied up. You are...... raping me.”

The Commander slowly sank his cock deep into Diana well used cunt. Unprepared for his sudden penetration, her cunt tightly gripped his cock in an involuntary response. Diana struggled to eject his cock from her cunt. But his desire for her was too strong for Diana’s cunt muscles to deny. With a second and more powerful thrust, he sank his cock all the way into Diana’s exposed cunt, quickly burying himself up to his pubic hairs. Diana let out a cry of distress and tried to buck him off. He grabbed her by both hips and held himself against her as he savored the sensations produced by Dian’s struggles . His cock felt as if it were being crushed by the tight warmth of her cunt walls as it rode out the muscle spasms ripping through Diana’s cunt as she struggled against his penetration.. Only after the spasms had passed did he speak again.

‘This is the fate decreed for you. It is useless to fight against it You are the Brotherhood‘s slave and whore!!”


In response, the Commander slowly pulled his cock out of Diana’s cunt. It felt to Diana as if he were ripping her insides out as he withdrew. Then .. . she felt ..emptiness. Until she felt the head of his cock pushing against the tiny wrinkled oval of her sphincter, demanding entry. She felt him grip her butt cheeks with each hand and spread them as he pushed against her frantically clinching sphincter.

A cold sweat covered Diana’s body as she struggled with all her considerable strength to deny him entry to her ass chute. But she could not keep him out. Slowly, painfully, the head of his cock penetrated into her ass. He impaled Diana upon the living flesh of his cock . He used his own cock as a weapon against her, thrusting relentlessly into Diana’s ass as she lay on his desk, helpless to resist him. Brutally he forced his cock deep inside Dian’s ass, deep into the delicious heat of her churning guts. Then he paused, forcing himself to keep his cock still inside as Diana wiggled and grunted, trapped between him and the heavy desk.

“This is what you were meant to be. A whore. A woman is not capable of being a soldier, let alone an officer. War is no place for women. A woman cannot make the hard decisions that an officer must make. She- you- are too .. emotional. A woman like you can never be as hard as a man. This is what God intended you to be, a receptacle for a man‘s seed. Do not lie to me. I can feel your body respond to the power of my manhood”

The burning pain in her ass made Diana arch her back as she struggles to endure this new sodomy. Of all the things they did to her, the sodomy was the worst. Not the pain; she could endure that. It was the humiliation of being raped like this. In the ass. As she grunted and panted for breath, his words enraged her even further. In her anger, Diana blurted out her response.

“A woman is as good as any man. ahhmmmm.. Better than any rapist anyway. I was.. AM .. a good officer. I can make the hard ....decisions as well as .... any man. .”

Behind her the commander grunted and then smiled at her words. He began to thrust deeper into Diana’s ass, began to fuck her ass harder and harder. He bent over and placed his large hands on Dian’s strong, sweat covered back, bracing himself as he began to cruelly pound his hard cock into Diana’s impossibly tight, hot ass. Despite the number of times she had been taken in her ass, it was a struggle to penetrate her. Only after his cock was moving relentlessly deep in and out of Diana’s stretched asshole did he speak again.

“Indeed! Well, we shall see. A test of your words would amuse me. I shall test you on your ability to make a hard decision. If you are successful, I shall treat you as I would a male officer of your rank. If you are not successful, then you must accept that being the Brotherhood’s whore is indeed your true purpose on this earth. Yes, a test. I shall have you decide .......which of your women shall be punished today. And you shall also decide which of your women shall be given to the Brothers this day to service them. We shall see how well you make decisions.”

“UMMPHEE... AH...AH.. OH.... I won’t play your sick games, you .... BASTARD. “

He thrust his cock deep into her ass and held it there, motionless. Then he spoke again.

“Cannot make a difficult decision, Colonel? An officer must be able to decide which of his men he must sacrifice for the good of the unit. And that will be your task. To decide who will be sacrificed. For the good of the rest. Each time you refuse to make a decision, then, you condemn five of your women to suffer far greater pain. You will condemn them not just to the whip but to the electrical treatment and to the Brother you call “Crazy“ Hassan.. Ah, I see you recognize that name. Good. That is your choice. You name the one to suffer, or I shall name the five. I shall have no difficulty naming the five.

The question is... can you name the one. To be an officer is not easy. It requires a ... hardness that is not possible for a woman. I think that you will find it easier to be a whore. Because a whore doesn‘t have to make difficult decisions about who will suffer and who will not . A whore doesn‘t have to make any decisions. A whore only has to do those things which come naturally to a Western slut like yourself. In fact, Lieutenant Colonel Deans, I think that you will beg me to let you be a whore, my whore, before this test is over.“

With those words, the Commander began once again to brutally fuck Diana’s asshole, pounding into it again and again with al his strength, with pile-driver thrusts of his hard cock. Diana screamed in response to the power and suddenness of the renewed thrusts. The feelings of pain and humiliation again washed over her like waves over a beach. But those feelings were not all that she felt. Deep inside her, Diana began to realize the full implications of the Commander’s words. She had no choice. She must chose. The thought made her gut tighten in icy fear. As the Commander continued to plow into her ass, Diana gave voice to her agony.

“ OH GOD, NO!”

Enjoy MG :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
05-27-2014, 09:36 AM
MIA’s of the 3rd Gulf war Part 4

Story By Mad Gerald, Conwic & Soprano84

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2014.

Chains of Command continued.

To the humiliated Lieutenant Colonel Diana Deans it seemed as if her ass rape lasted for hours, for an eternity. Bound and helpless to resist him, all she could do was lie there and grit her teeth as he impaled her ass again and again with his hard cock. The burning, painful feeling of fullness as his cock opened up her ass overwhelmed her mind, driving even the prospect of the Camp Commander’s cruel game out of her consciousness. The brutal sodomy went on and on until the exhausted, sobbing Diana thought she would go out of her mind from the pain and humiliation. But her agony -along with her anal rape- only ended when the Commander finally reached his climax, finally dumped his hot load of cum deep into her asshole. Then he brutally ripped his still erect cock out of the tight grip of Diana’s asshole in one final degrading spasm of pain. He paused briefly to wipe his shit stained cock on her tear stained face, leaving a brown smear across one wet cheek, and then left the office.

He left Diana bound tightly across his desk, unable to rise. For a long time she simply lay there, her tears staining the Commander’s precious papers. Slowly, the sobs subsided, and Diana began to regain her composure despite the pain and the continuing feeling of emptiness that he had left in her brutally stretched asshole. Diana could feel her sphincter slowly tightening as it struggled to shrink back to its normal girth. She could also feel the disgusting wetness of his cum as it slowly dripped out of her still open asshole. Her mind returned to the Commander’s game, his “test” of her decision-making abilities. The thought of having to decide which of her girls would suffer torture or rape made her sick at her stomach, but at least it served to distract her from the humiliating feeling of his cum as it slowly ran out of her open asshole and down her thigh.

Diana had no idea how long she lay there before the Commander returned accompanied by one of the guards. He watched as the guard untied Diana from the desk and stood the still handcuffed woman up. The guard turned her to face the Commander and then passed his arms underneath Diana’s armpits and locked his hands behind her beck in a half Nelsen. After the guard had immobilized the still handcuffed woman, the Camp Commander stepped over to his desk and retrieved something from his desk drawer. He returned to stand in front of Diana and held up what she immediately recognized as a silver leaf, the insignia of rank for a lieutenant colonel. Her rank. She watched him slowly unhook the clasp on the back and free the long needle like arm, which secured the insignia on a collar or cap. He held it up to her face as he said:

“Since I am allowing you to play at being an officer, you will need to have an insignia of your rank. Here it is. Unfortunately, I see no uniform to pin it to. I shall have to, as you say, make do. But as far as I can see, there is only one appropriate place to pin on your rank.”

As he spoke, the Commander reached out and grasped Diana’s right breast. He weighed the soft warm globe in his hand for a moment as Diana held her breath in anticipation. Then he gently let the breast hang naturally as he took hold of its nipple. The thick red nub hardened in his fingers as he pulled gently on it, stretching her nipple far beyond its normal length. His right hand held the oak leaf, the pin extended. As a horrified Diana watched, he slowly pressed the pin against the stretched part of her nipple. She felt only a small prick as it entered the nipple. Diana stared transfixed at the pin as it slowly disappeared into her nipple. Then, suddenly, the tip of the pin reappeared on the other side, accompanied by a thick drop of bright red blood. She felt little pain even now. The shock of her piercing having left her numb. Diana watched helplessly as he closed the clasp on the pin, locking it in place in her nipple. Now the silver oak leaf rested in front of and tightly against the tip of her nipple in a crude parody of her rank.

The guard released her as soon as the pin was locked in place. He even removed her handcuffs. As Diana warily rubbed her wrists to restore the circulation in her hands, the Commander warned her not to attempt any form of resistance. Such resistance would, he warned, mean a severe punishment not only for herself, but for five of the other POWs as well. He gestured for her to follow him and turned to the door.

Resigned to her fate but with her head held high, the unbound Diana walked out of his office behind the Commander, followed by the guard. She followed him as he entered the nearest interrogation room. Diana stopped short just as she entered the room, caught by surprise at seeing the line of nude women against the far wall. Her hesitation prompted a sharp blow as well as a rough push from the guard behind her, propelling Diana the rest of the way into the room in a less than dignified manner. Diana came to attention and stood facing the Commander, and, behind him, the five women lining the wall. Feeling like she was on display in front of the other prisoners, Diana suddenly felt embarrassed by the way she must look to them, by the brown stain on her cheek, by the cum she could feel still dripping out of her asshole, an the oak leaf piercing her nipple. Somehow, she felt as if she were letting them down by allowing them to see her like this, with the traces of her anal rape still on her body. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see that the “twins”, Beate and Sheri, the brunette and blonde captains from her old squadron were there, standing on the right end of the line, looking very much like they had just been through Hell. She could see the whip marks curling around their ribs and the traces of cum on their inner thighs, badges of their suffering much like her own. Despite what she had just been through, her heart went out in sympathy to them. Their tear stained faces looked mutely back at her with what seemed to Diana to be sadness or perhaps even pity for her. Next to Sheri was a petite redhead , Navy LT Paula Corry, and beside her an equally petite Black woman who Diana recognized as Ensign Tasha Renwibe. Both looked terrified, their eyes imploring her to help them. At the far end of the line was another redhead, this one older and taller than Paula was. This woman was trying to put up a brave front, but Diana could see the fear in her eyes. She didn’t recognize her; but thought she must be the new prisoner Diana had heard about through the cell “telegraph“, the coded taps they used to communicate when they thought the guards were not paying attention. . Burke was her name, she remembered. Captain Burke. Like her, all five of the women were nude; each with their hands bound behind their backs. Each had one end of the rope noose tied around their necks secured to the hooks in the ceiling supports above their heads. And each had been gagged with the dildo shaped gags favored by the Brotherhood. Unable to come to Diana’s aid or even to speak, they could only stand mutely and watch as Diana was tested, painfully aware of the consequences to themselves if Diana failed to satisfy the sadistic Camp Commander. On either end of the line stood a pair of grinning guards. Diana stiffened as she saw that one of them was the guard the prisoners called “crazy” Hassan, a man known and feared for his extreme brutality.

“ These are the five I have chosen. I have explained the situation to them. They know what will happen to them if you refuse to choose. Hassan is waiting, as is the electric bed. It is up to you what happens to them.”

There was a knock at the door. At the Commander’s response, two guards entered, each leading a nude, bound woman at the end of a rope leash. Diana turned to face them as they were positioned side by side on the Commander’s left. Diana recognized them both instantly. The tall muscular short haired
Amazon on the right was Marine Major Sam MacCrossin. The slightly shorter, equally muscular woman standing beside her could easily have been MacCrossin’s twin -- except that this woman’s skin was a deep dark ebony color. Skin so dark that her nude, sweat covered body seemed to shine in the bright lights of the interrogation room. Ivory and ebony, Diana thought, the image suggested by the vivid contrast in their skin colors. She recognized the big Black woman as the Marine sergeant, Jones, Sergeant Desiree Jones. From the sweat pouring off their bodies and the pumped up condition of their muscular arms and legs, Diana knew that the two had come directly from working at the millstone. The two amazon Marines were still breathing heavily from their workout at the heavy millstone. Diana could not help noticing how their large breasts rose and fell noticeably with each breath. The prominence of those womanly globes was further enhanced by the way handcuffing their hands behind their backs. It seemed to force the two women’s breasts forward as if they were offering them to the watcher. Diana found herself staring at the two Amazon’s breasts; she was fascinated- perhaps even aroused- by those heavy globes. Her face turned red as Diana realized that she was staring, Hastily, she transferred her gaze to their faces. Both women looked back at her with a puzzled, but wary expression. They obviously had no idea about what was happening.

“I wish to see a whipping. You shall decide which of these two whores will be whipped. The other will pleasure you while you watch Hassan whip the one you choose. After all, rank has its benefits as well as its responsibilities.. I will not deny you the benefits ... if you can make the decisions. Now chose who will pleasure you, and who will suffer the whip.”

“I shall chose because you leave me no alternative. But there is no need to make the other ... ah.... pleasure me. Please, don‘t make her do that.”

“I insist. Now chose, quickly!”

Diana turned back to face the two puzzled women. Desperately, she tried to think of some just way to decide who would suffer. But there was none. She could not choose to spare the weak by choosing the strong to suffer. Both women were strong. Neither had done anything to deserve this punishment. The only difference between the two was in their respective ranks. And their races. Black or white; Major or Sergeant? Diana had only a second to decide. It did not help her that she found both the strong, butch Marines to be very attractive. Especially Sam. The thought made her very uncomfortable.

“Whip Major MacCrossin.”


“I’m sorry Sam. I..I don’t have a choice.”

“A splendid choice. Hassan! Prepare the White whore. Fifteen strokes with all the strength of your arm and of your faith. Then you may take the infidel whore in the ass.”

So experienced was Hassan in this task that it was the work of seconds to have the big Marine Major strung up with her arms above her head, her hands still handcuffed but with a rope secured to the chain between the cuffs. He then ran that rope through the hook in the center of the large ceiling fan in the center of the room. He hoisted her up until only her toes touched the concrete floor of the interrogation room. Sam began desperately kicking out at him with one foot, forcing him to call another guard to assist him. The guard held her legs together as Hassan tied Sam’s bare feet together with a rope. Once that was done, Hassan stepped away from her to admire his work, leaving the muscular Marine officer dangling helplessly from the fan, her long, tall body stretched to the breaking point as she struggled to keep at least a toe on the floor to help support her weight. Satisfied at the way Sam was positioned, Hassan picked up the three-foot long leather camel crop, which he used as a whip and faced the Camp Commander, waiting for his order to begin.

While Hassan was taking care of the big Marine Major, the Camp Commander directed Diana to lean back against a table. Then he seized Desiree and forced the big Black female Marine to her knees in front of the reluctant Diana. He took a thin cane from the table behind her and held it across his body as he stood behind Desiree, staring into Diana’s eyes as he spoke directly to her.

“ I expect this whore to do a good job of licking out her officer’s cunt. Anything less, and I shall use this cane to encourage her. And I expect to see you enjoy her efforts, enjoy having your subordinate using her tongue on your sex. If I do not see the pleasure from her tongue in your face, I shall use the cane on her as well. Hassan. Begin!”

Hassan nodded to the guard at the wall switch. The man flicked on the switch, starting the fan, making the bound Amazon begin to turn along with the fan. Hassan watched her rotate with the fan for a moment, the half smile the women had learned to fear beginning to form on his lips. Then he drew his arm back and lashed out at Sam as she slowly spun in front of him. The leather tip caught Sam across her taunt asscheeks, instantly leaving a muddy red streak across the pale flesh. A moan escaped from the big female Marine’s tightly compressed lips. Hassan drew back his arm and waited. He watched Sam spin for two rotations before he lashed out again. This time he aimed at her breasts, at the essence of her femininity. His lash landed across her left breast, leaving another red streak, this one exactly bisecting the center of Sam’s soft fleshy breast, right across the erect red nipple. This time it was a shrill scream that escaped from Sam’s lips.

Diana watched her friend being whipped with mounting horror. It was worse than she had imagined. And she was to blame; she had given him Sam. She had blurted out Sam’s name not because Sam deserved this, but because of her attraction to Sam. She was punishing the other woman for her own desires. Diana was so focused on Sam’s suffering that she had forgotten about Desiree kneeling at her feet. Diana jumped in surprise when she felt the muscular Black Sergeant’s tongue against her cunt lips. She looked down at Desiree. She saw that the tip of the Camp Commander’s cane was pressed against the back of Desiree’s head, forcing the muscular Black woman’s face into Diana’s cunt. The woman’s tongue licked over her cunt lips. It felt so warm and slippery as it moved up and down Diana’s cunt lips. Then the tongue began to concentrate on the top of Diana’s slit, searching for and soon finding the White woman’s clitoris. Diana looked down at Desiree’s broad muscular and very Black back and shivered at the feelings radiating from her cunt. The butch looking, young Black Sergeant obviously knew how to suck a woman’s cunt. Diana wondered how many times she had done this before. Diana had to lean back against the table to keep her balance, as her knees grew weak under assault of the other woman’s tongue. Desiree’s tongue felt so good. It was the first purely physical pleasure she had received since her capture. This was so good. A forbidden pleasures that she had denied herself all her life. Diana lost herself in it, forgetting for the moment all about Sam despite the sound of her screams echoing through the room, forgot about the Commander, forgot about everything except the other woman’s tongue.

“ Is she a good cunt licker? Does it please you to have this whore licking you while these other women watch? Is this what you made your sergeants do this to you before the Brotherhood captured you? Did you find pleasure then in the cunt licking of a Black whore? What a degenerate whore you are, Lieutenant Colonel Deans! Taking your pleasure from another POW while another of your women is being whipped before your eyes. Now you are the rapist!”

Diana’s face flushed an embarrassed red at the Commander’s cruel words. She had forgotten about the five women against the wall. Diana opened her eyes and looked over at them. She found the five staring at her as she stood there above Desiree, head back, legs spread, her face a clear reflection of the pleasure she was receiving. The disgust in their eyes hurt Diana deeply. She knew that she had been toppled from the pedestal they had placed her upon. It was not that she had wanted to be on that pedestal. But Diana had always been the strong one, the one the other women looked up to. Now they saw her in a different light; they saw her taking pleasure from the humiliation of another POW. Their idol had fallen. Hatred and contempt replaced the respect that they had once felt. Except for Beate and Sheri, the women who knew her best. In their eyes was only pain. Tears came to Diana’s eyes as she spoke to the other women as well as the Camp commander.

“I... I’m sorry. I’m sorry. So sorry.! PLEASE!. No more. Whip me instead of Sam.”

“No, that would be too ... easy. It is always easy for a real whore like you to accept being whipped or raped. That is her fate in life. But you are the one who has denied that she is a whore, the one who pretends that she is an officer, a Colonel. One who claims that she could make the hard decisions an officer must make as well as a man could. Was all that a lie?”

“There is nothing honorable or manly in having a woman whipped. Or in forcing this woman to lick my cunt. This has nothing to do with me as an officer. Please, I’ll... I’ll do what you wish. Please stop this. Please!”

“This is your test, Lieutenant Colonel Deans. A test to see if you are hard enough to be an officer. If you are not hard enough to use your subordinates without hesitation, not hard enough to ignore their suffering, how can you be an officer? Do you think any officer of the Brotherhood would care what happens to a subordinate? No, he would be strong; he would be hard. All that you are not. You are weak. Like all whores, you are dominated by your emotions, not your will. I will not stop until you admit to me that you are too weak, too womanly , too emotional to be an officer. Accept that you are indeed a whore ruled by her emotions and then this will stop. It is your choice.”

“All right! You win. I am a whore! I said it. Now stop, please.!”

“Foolish woman. Your words do not impress me. They are lies. You do not- yet- recognize the truth, that you are indeed a whore. You are still too proud. too full of your foolish western ideas.. I shall not stop until you recognize the truth of my words and accept the destiny God has chosen for you- a life as the slave whore of the Faithful.”

“Please. I beg you.... punish me, not Sam or Sergeant Jones.”

“You have chosen. Now you must live with those choices. Is that not punishment enough for a whore such as you are? ”

With those words, he delivered a hard stroke with the cane across Desiree’s upturned ass and commanded her to resume licking Diana’s cunt. Once again, Diana felt the Black woman’s wet, snake-like tongue caress her clit. Then the other woman’s full, soft lips closed over the sensitive bud as well, capturing and holding it as her tongue increased its speed, batting Diana’s clit back and forth with its tip. Diana felt the warm spreading through her body; she felt her knees began to go weak again. But this time she fought against it, determined to take no pleasure from Desiree’s forced caresses. Diana dug her fingernails into the palms of her hands, desperately trying to distract herself from the feelings flooding through her body as Desiree’s tongue flicked back and forth across Diana’s blood filled, ultra sensitive clit.

“Watch your friend, whore. See how Hassan is skinning the big whore’s backsides and breasts! See how her body moves under the caresses of his whip? Or does your foolish sentimentalism blind you to the beauty of another woman’s pain.”

Diana looked up at Sam. What she saw almost broke her heart. As Sam’s nude body slowly revolved in front of her, Diana could see the multiple muddy red stripes, the marks of Hassan’s whip, running across both of Sam’s breasts and ass cheeks as well as across the backs of her upper thighs. She saw that three of the cruel stripes had cut diagonally across both of Sam’s breasts, another three lay across Sam’s taunt butt cheeks, and two more deep red streaks ran in parallel lines across the backs of both of Sam’s thighs. The vivid red of the whip’s marks were in striking contrast to the paleness of Sam’s skin, making this violation of Sam’s body seem even more obscene in Diana‘s eyes. As she watched Sam‘s body moving under the whip, Diana found herself becoming aroused despite her horror at Sam‘s suffering. The combination of strength and femininity so evident in Sam’s nude body as she moved under the whip was so arousing that Diana had the fleeting wish that she were the one on her knees, not Desiree. She wished that she could be kneeling in front of Sam worshipping the majesty of the big Marine’s naked body in a sincere if masochistic apology for choosing Sam to feel Hassan‘s whip. As soon as the thought entered Diana’s mind, she fought to dismiss it. It was too perverse, too sick, to think of doing such a thing with a woman , especially one who was her subordinate. But she could not erase that erotic image from her mind Guiltily, she wished that she could take Sam’s pain upon herself, wished that she could at least share that pain with Sam. As Diana watched, another blow struck Sam, this one directly across her left breast. Diana recoiled in sympathy as she watched that whip sink yet again into Sam’s tortured breast with another meaty “ thump“, The force of the blow made the soft woman flesh bounce obscenely on the woman‘s chest. As Sam screamed, out her pain, her tear filled eyes locked directly into Diana’s. Diana felt a chill come over her as she saw not just the pain in Sam‘s eyes, but also an almost feral hatred there, a burning anger at those , including Diana, who had put her under the whip. Without the strength of that anger, Sam would have not been able to endure the terrible pain of Hassan’s whip. Without it, she would have long ago surrendered to the overwhelming pain Diana could plainly see in the tortured expression on Sam’s handsome face and in the tears running freely down her cheeks. With teeth bared, Sam fought, matching her anger against the whip’s pain . But it was a losing struggle. Sam’s body rotated again. All Diana could see now was the broad expanse of Sam’s whip stripped back. She watched in horror and pity as another blow landed diagonally across that strong back. She saw Sam’s body arch in response; she heard a new scream torn from Sam’s lips only to abruptly end. When Sam rotated back towards Diana a second later, she appeared to be unconscious. Her head was down, her chin resting against the top of her breast, her body hanging limply in her bonds. Hassan watched Sam for another slow rotation, trying to see if she had indeed fainted, or if she was faking. Then he shrugged and drew back his whip for another blow. This one landed across Sam’s well muscled ass cheeks. There was no response from the big Marine other than the way her limp body swayed slightly in response to the power of the whip‘s blow.

“Hassan. STOP! Use the smelling salts. I want her aware and able to feel each stroke. And you, Lieutenant Colonel Deans. You do not seem to be enjoying this Black whore’s efforts as much as you did before. She must not be doing a very good job. I shall encourage her for you.”

With those words, he swung the thin cane over his head and brought it down across the center of Desiree’s meaty ass. Diana felt as much as heard the scream that exploded from the Black Sergeant’s mouth directly into Diana’s cunt. Again and again, the Commander’s cane rose and fell, six times in all, creating multiple parallel lines of deep purple welts across Desiree’s hard Black butt cheeks. Then Diana’s screams joined with Desiree’s. Diana’s back arched in pain as Desiree’s teeth bit down into Diana’s clit in response to the pain of the cane. To Diana’s horror, she found the pain almost as arousing as Desiree’s tongue. She was so close to cumming. So close.

When the Commander finally lowered his cane, Desiree’s tongue immediately returned to work on Diana’s erect clit. She worked feverishly, and quite skillfully, at Diana’s clit, desperate to bring Diana off despite the other woman’s resistance. Determined to avoid another canning, Desiree applied her years of Sapphic experience and all of her considerable skills to Diana’s cunt. For her part, Diana no longer resisted the woman’s caresses. Anxious to spare Desiree another caning, and unable to ignore her own growing arousal, Diana let herself go. She relaxed and let Desiree’s tongue carry her along toward a climax. She felt disgusted at herself for the way her body was responding, but could see no way out. In her guilt, Diana wished again that the situation was reversed, that she was the one on her knees licking out the big, sweaty Black Sergeant’s cunt. Like the image with Sam, the image of her with her face buried in the Sergeant’s Black cunt masochistically aroused her. She felt that was what she deserved, to be humiliated and abused just as she had abused them. Her face turned a bright red from embarrassment at these strange thoughts filling her mind. As she tottered on the edge of her climax, Diana remembered that she was being observed. She became even more embarrassed by the realization that the other five women had seen her weakness, her betrayal of the other POWs. She was terrified of seeing the disappointment, even the contempt, that she knew must be in their eyes. The thought of what Beate and Sheri must think of her now was especially painful to Diana. She could not bear to look them in the eye. Instead she fixed her eyes on the grinning Camp Commander, trying to find the strength to endure this in her hatred of him.

The Commander used the tip of his cane to lift the silver oak leaf piercing her breast.

“Heavy weight to carry, isn’t it. Won’t it be so much easier to admit that you are but a whore. Then you could join the others and comfort them instead of inflicting such pain on them. Look! The big Marine whore is coming around. There are five more strokes to go for her. Strokes you ordered. Count them out for me. Count them, or I shall have Hassan continue whipping her until you do.”

Looking over at Sam, Diana saw that she was indeed again conscious. The fan had been turned off to allow them to revive her. she hung there in front of Diana, her head up, fear and confusion painfully evident in her eyes. Hassan drew back the leather whip and with all his considerable strength sank the top half of the whip into Sam’s well muscular back. Diana was struck by the pleasure on his face as he wielded his whip. Clearly, it was a sexual pleasure. For Hassan, using the whip on one of the POWs was no different from, and just as satisfying as , using his cock. It was their pain that aroused him. He cocked his arm for another blow.

“COUNT! Or he continues.”


Time seemed to stand still as Diana watched the next blow cut through the air. She watched it move through the air in slow motion. She heard it strike. She even flinched in sympathy with Sam as the whip sank deep into Sam’s back. But at the same time, the burning in her cunt grew more intense, distracting her from Sam‘s agony. She was split between the two conflicting sensations, between sympathy for Sam‘s suffering and her own intense need for sexual satisfaction.

“TWO... Oh God.. Please.”

Sam was staring her in the face, but her eyes were unfocused. Her pain was so evident in those eyes and in her tortured face. Diana’s heart went out to her as Sam screamed out her pain in an animal like cry, her body shaking from the force of that blow.

“THREE.. oh.. oh.. ... uhmm”

The tongue felt so good. Her cunt was on fire. She could not believe that she was about to cum while watching her friend being whipped. What was wrong with her? What must the other women be thinking about her, about her cumming as she watched Sam being whipped?

“FOUR... Oh GOD.. Oh GOD..”

Whether by chance or by Hassan’s timing, the last blow and Diana’s climax occurred at the same moment. Desiree’s hot, wet tongue rapidly moved across Diana’s swollen, aroused clit while her thick lips tried to suck it into her mouth . Diana climaxed just as the meaty sound of the last blow filled the room followed a split second later by Sam‘s scream.

“OH GOD..OHEE..OHEE.. FIVE... OHEEE... ...... GOD.. oh.. Please, let it be over now!”

“No whore, it is just beginning. Hassan! Revive her again. Then take your pleasure in her ass. And I shall take my pleasure as well with this Black whore. And so shall you, whore. Again!”

Prodding Desiree’s hanging right breast with his cane , the Commander set her back to work on Diana’s super sensitive clit. Diana’s body shook with a combination of pleasure and pain as Desiree’s tongue returned to work on her painfully sensitive clit. As she sucked on Diana‘s clit, the Commander used Desiree’s bound arms to raise and hold her in a half crouch, her ass just at the level of his crotch. He unzipped his pants and extracted his erect cock. As Diana watched, he positioned the head of his cock at the tiny star of Desiree’s sphincter . He used one hand to force his cock into that small opening. Brutally, methodically, he forced his cock deeper and deeper into Desiree’s ass. Diana felt the other woman’s strong but muffled moans vibrate against her cunt as he forced his way in. Then the Commander taped Desiree on the breast again and her tongue returned to Diana’s clit. Diana could see that the Commander had half sunk his cock into the Black woman’s ass. She watched in horror as he finished the job, sinking it up to his pubic hair in a series of brutal short thrusts. Then, still holding her in her half crotch with one hand, he let his cock soak in the warmth of the woman’s ass as she lay uncomfortably sandwiched between the two of them.

“Now. Shall we share this woman? Shall we both take our pleasure of her- I from her ass and you from her mouth? Shall we rape her together. “

“Please... don’t do this. Please... I’ll say whatever you want. Please! Don’t do this to her.”

“I am not doing this to her. You are. You selected her. You climaxed as she served you with her mouth. You have already raped her. I am just using her for my pleasure in the same way you have.”

“No. It’s not the same. I didn’t rape her. You made me do this! I didn‘t want to do it!”

“You took your pleasure from the Black whore. You raped her. What does it matter? Why do you feel guilty about using a mere Sergeant like that? Is it your weakness, your sentimentality again? You also chose your friend to be whipped. Look over at her. NOW! Do you see what Hassan is doing to her? That too is your fault. All of this is your fault. All because you will not admit to yourself that you are not an officer, but a whore.”

Briefly, Diana looked up to see that Hassan was preparing to sodomize Sam, just as the Commander was sodomizing Desiree. In desperation Diana cried out:

“What do you want from me? I told you what you wanted to hear. I am a WHORE! I AM A WHORE! Now, Please, stop torturing those women. “

“But you do not truly accept that you are a whore. Yet. I see the pride still in your eyes. But ask yourself, would you rather be in these two women’s place or where you are now. Would you rather be the one suffering than the one who inflicts the suffering? A whore would answer that she wants to be the one suffering. Is that not your choice as well? “

Diana could not reply. It was true that she wished that she was the one on her knees using her tongue on either Sam’s or Sergeant Jones’ cunt. Her role in selecting Sam to be whipped filled her with shame. The pleasure she had taken from Desiree’s cunt licking filled her with even more shame. But what else could she have done, she ask herself. Still, the seeds of self doubt had been planted in her mind. Diana began to question the one thing she had clung to throughout her captivity, her identity as an officer. What has been her greatest strength now became her greatest vulnerability.

The Camp Commander brought her back to the present by again using his cane on Desiree’s breast.

“Tell me what Hassan is doing to your friend. Tell me what he is doing to her or watch me strip the skin from this whore’s breast.”

“NO, don’t He’s.. he’s fucking her in the ass. He has his cock up her ... ass and is fucking her as hard as he can. Oh God. Poor Sam. He reached around her and has her breasts in his hands. OH.. Oh God. He’s trying to tear them off her chest. He’s .. he’s using them to pull her back onto his cock, stretching them, pulling them down. He has his hands sunk into her breast, her poor whipped breasts. It’s like he is trying to pull her nipples off. Please.. stop him. He’s killing her. Oh God... now he‘s .. he‘s using one hand to .. to fist her as he rapes her ass. He has his hand up her cunt. It’s like he’s.... punching her cunt. Her whole body is shaking from the way he’s pounding her. Oh God. Sam. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry! “

The Commander simply smiled back at her, intent on his own ass rape of Desiree. He was plowing into her ass with deep powerful strokes now, buffeting her body as it crouched trapped between his body and Diana’s. Much of the force of his thrusts was being transferred through Desiree into Diana’s own cunt. She felt a masochistic mix of pain and pleasure as tongue and teeth both played upon her clit, driving her closer and closer to yet another orgasm. Her mind was being overloaded by the conflicting emotions she was feeling- loathing for her captors, and herself, the shameful pleasure burning in her cunt, and her guilt over the pain being inflicted upon Sam and Sergeant Jones. All these feelings combined in the same instance with her need for release to drive Diana to the brink of madness. She felt her orgasm building, growing within her. It was becoming so intense that it was painful. She had to cum. She had to cum NOW, or the top of her head would explode.

Diana looked down at Desiree, seeing the muscles move under the dark shiny skin of her back and upper arms, seeing the other woman’s tightly clinched hands, her knuckles turning gray as she dug her fingernails into her palms until the blood flowed. But Diana no longer cared. Diana felt herself begin to cum now, felt the heat, the flames of her orgasm, cover her body just as her cunt’s secretions were covering Desiree’s face. She looked up to see the Commander thrust one more time into Desiree’s ass and then go rigid, joining her in orgasm. The two of them came at the same time, sharing a random moment of satisfaction in a coincidence which made her orgasm into a great obscene joke. How, she ask herself, could she share such a moment with someone like him. What was wrong with her? What must the other POWs think of her now. God, he was right. She was a whore.

Enjoy MG :skull-bee

Anal Fury 1
06-02-2014, 04:05 PM
WOW! Great new work, Mad One

Mad Gerald
06-04-2014, 11:14 AM
MIA’s of the 3rd Gulf war Part 5

Story By Mad Gerald, Conwic & Soprano84

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2014.

Our Brave Allies

Diana lay on the table in silence, her right arm thrown over her eyes to hide the shame she felt while the other women were led out of the room. She could no longer face them. Only when she was alone with the Camp Commander did Diana recover enough of her customary composure to get to her feet and face him. Deeply shaken by what she had just experienced, Diana did not speak, but stood waiting, knowing in her heart that there was more of this nightmare to come.

The commander regarded her carefully as she stood before him. He noted how the tall brunette no longer looked him defiantly in the eye as she had this morning in his office. Now she hung her head , her thick dark hair covering the sides of her face as she stared at the floor, the fear and uncertainty gripping her painfully apparent. The Commander could see that Diana’s entire attitude had changed. And, as he looked over her nude body, he found that this new attitude made her even more desirable. The fear and uncertainty he saw in her now drew him to her like a shark to blood. He stared intently at Diana’s full breasts, watching the twin globes rise and fall enticingly with each breath Diana took. He was tempted to take her now despite his plan and despite his recent ejaculation in Desiree‘s ass.

“Assume the position. “

Automatically, Diana spread her feet and clasp her hands behind her back. She still could not look him in the eye. Instead, Diana stared miserably at the floor, her skin crawling as she felt his eyes moving over her nude body. She could actually feel his eyes focusing on her shaven cunt and the insides of her thighs where as she was acutely aware the wetness of her cunt secretions covering the insides of her thighs would be quite visible in the room‘s bright lights. Her face flushed red in embarrassment. Diana had never felt so much like a whore as she did at that moment.

“Your second test is to choose the women to service the guards this day. Usually, the guards take these women in their rooms or the women’s cells. But today, they shall take them here. As you watch. If you are too weak to choose , then both groups of women will be given to the men. And afterwards, Hassan will be allowed to do as he wishes with them as well. If you defy me or resist me in any way, the women will suffer the same fate Do you understand?“

“Yes, Sir, I... I understand. “

The guards led in two groups of nude women, each with her arms tightly bound behind her back. Diana was surprised to see that she did not recognize the first three women From their unshaven cunts and general air of confusion, she assumed that they must be new prisoners. Her heart went out to them. The following three women were very familiar to her- the little redhead, Paula Corry who had been in the five hostages who had witnessed her earlier humiliation, Revlon, the long haired brunette Navy flyer, and, at the end of the line, a tall blonde, Allison Kennich . Diana stiffened at the sight of Allison. Commander Kennich, a Navy JAG lawyer before her capture, was everything Diana hated in another female officer. She had begun to despise Kennich for her manipulative and selfish behavior as soon as their captivity had thrown them together. She was the one POW that Diana would have no trouble watching suffer. Mentally, Diana had already made Kennich her first choice for gang rape.

“Your task is to choose between these two groups. You must chose one group to be gang raped by my guards. The second group will return to their cells, unmolested. The first three you do not know. They are new slaves of the Brotherhood. Three women from your Allies, the British, The survivors of a C-130 crash. You, woman. Tell Colonel Deans your name and rank!”

The first woman, a petite brunette with disheveled shoulder length hair, stared around her in fear for a moment before she stammered out:

“Simpson, Wendy, Sergeant RAF , Serial number S 8321430”

“And you. Next in line.”

The next women was taller and blonde- a real blonde judging by the match between her shoulder length hair and the vee between her legs. She looked fit, athletic even, with long legs and medium size breasts. She replied in a firm, if low , voice:

“Walls, Andrea, Sergeant RAF, Serial Number F6542367. “

“And you”

The last woman in the line, a tall brunette, stepped forward aggressively and demanded:

“What are you going to do with us? You can’t bloody treat us like this. It’s disgusting. Give us back our uniforms! We are prisoners of war and bloody well have rights. I demand to be .. UGHEE.. You Bastard! ”

As she spoke, the Camp Commander had nodded at one of the guards who responded by dragging the tall brunette back into line by her shoulder length hair. At the same time he used his rubber club to strike the woman twice across the big muscle on the side of her right leg. The angry young woman fell silent, but continued to glare at Diana and the Camp commander.

“The ill mannered whore is Sergeant Claire Thompson, formally of the RAF and now a slave of the Brotherhood. “

Diana had flinched as the young woman, whom Diana estimated to be in her late twenties, had spoken out. She had long ago learned that such outbursts were useless- and brought a painful response as Claire had just discovered. She feared that with her attitude, the British Sergeant was in for a lot of trouble. Diana looked closely at Claire Thompson. She saw the woman was slightly taller than her companions, at least 5’ 6”, maybe 5” 8”, and rather dark skinned.- the legacy of a Maltese mother. Unaware of her parentage, Diana was tempted, based on Claire’s British accent and skin color, to take her for a Westernized Arab. That Arab appearance would, Diana knew, bring Claire a very hard time from the guards. They reserved a special hatred for any Westernized Arab, let alone an Arab woman who joined their enemy’s military. But with her stocky build and muscular arms and legs, at least the girl looked strong enough to take a lot of punishment. Despite her apparent strength, Claire was obviously all women. Diana stared at Claire’s body in frank appreciation. Claire’s breasts in particular were quite spectacular- round, full and topped by prominent nipples. Diana could also not help staring at Claire’s thick bush of dark, almost black, pubic hair. It had been a long time since Diana had seen a woman with any pubic hair, let alone such a thick black bush. She had to force herself to look away from it. Her eyes returned to Claire’s face, where she took disapproving note of the remnants of the heavy eye makeup and lipstick remaining on the woman’s pretty round face. Diana couldn’t help thinking that if Claire had been in her squadron; she wouldn’t have let her get away with all that make up on duty.

“Now that the formalities have been concluded, it is time for you to choose which group will be given to the guards for their pleasure. Which shall it be , Lieutenant Colonel Deans? “

Before Diana could reply, Claire burst forth again.

“ BLOODY HELL! If you’re a Colonel, do something to help us. Don’t let him rape us!”

“ I..I’m sorry. I can’t help you.. I can’t even help myself.”

“YOU BLOODY SELFISH COW! Don’t give me that. You’re a COLONEL! You have to help me. Do something!”

To Diana’s distress, another voice chimed in as well. The voice of Commander Kennich.

“Diana! Don’t do this to us. We’ve had enough. Let the new women be their rape toys. Choose them Diana. Choose them. We‘ve suffered enough. ”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BLEEDING WITCH! Don’t listen to her, Colonel. You have to help me! You can’t let them rape me. YOU CAN’T! IT ‘S NOT FAIR!”

As he listened to the two women making their demands to Diana, the Camp Commander simply smiled and waved back his guards as they moved to silence the two women.


“Diana, think about poor Paula. I know you don’t like me, but if you give me to the guards, you’ll be giving them Paula as well. Give them the Brits!“


Diana hated herself for the decision she had to make. No matter what she did, they would hate her. And rightly so. But she had no choice. To do nothing would doom both groups to gang rape and then worse from Hassan. In the end, it was the thought of how much Paula had already been through that made the decision for her. Despite her desire to see that Kennich bitch suffer, Diana said:

“God forgive me. Give the British women to the guards.”


The guards moved quickly to remove the three American women from the room and to take control of the three British women. Wendy and Andrea were so horrified by the prospect of immanent gang rape that they did not resist. But Claire was not willing to go quietly to her own rape. She struggled madly against the hands grabbing at her strong arms and kicked out wildly with one foot.


The Commander waited until his men had the handcuffed women securely pinned to the ground before speaking. Claire’s resistance was playing right into his plan. He wanted this gang rape to be especially brutal in order to have a greater effect on Diana. This was an excellent opportunity to incite his men towards that end. The men already despised the British Sergeant because they thought she was an Arab traitor. Letting her fight them would turn that dislike into an intense hatred. The resulting violence in her gang rape would be something that would burn itself deep into Diana’s memory. He spoke to the dozen guards crowding into the room in his normal rapid Arabic.

“ The whore wishes to fight, does she. Let her fight then. Let the men who wish her earn their pleasure by overpowering her. It will be excellent sport. Surely you are not afraid of a mere woman? Release her and stand between her and the door. When she tries to escape through the door, beat her without mercy.”

One of the men unlocked her handcuffs. Then he and the other guards stepped back and let Claire get slowly to her feet. She stood there, looking suspiciously about her.

“Listen to me whore. If you can fight your way to the door, you will not be raped. We shall take your friends instead. “

Claire instantly bolted for the door, her two comrades already forgotten in her desire to escape. One guard came at her from her right. Claire slammed her fist into his face, knocking him aside. Another, larger guard jumped in front of her, facing her with both arms extended in a grappling position. Claire hardly broke stride as she brought her right foot up in a round house kick to the man’s groin. He yelped and folded over in slow motion, his surprise evident on his face. But the kick had slowed Claire enough to allow two more guards to rush her from her left side. One grabbed her flying hair, wrapping his fingers in it and jerking her head back. The second man went for her breasts with his fists, catching Claire’s left breast squarely in its center with his fist.

Claire screamed as his fist sank into the soft fullness of that breast. The man holding her hair swung her around and drove his fist into her other bouncing breast, sinking his fist up to his wrist in the soft female flesh as he smashed her full round globe. Claire screamed out her pain as she clawed at his face with her spread fingers, sinking her sharp nails into his face. Then it was his turn to scream as he let go of her hair and wrenched Claire’s hand away. Her nails left behind four parallel lines of blood down his cheek.

Another guard grabbed at her arm from her right side. Her knee slammed into this guard’s guts making him miss. He staggered sideways, temporarily out of the fight, as another guard leaped in and drove his fist squarely into Claire’s surprised face. Claire shook off the blow and turned toward him, thrusting her elbow into his face, blocking his next blow. He grabbed that arm and held on. Off balance now, she swung desperately at him with her other fist. The guard forced her left elbow down and butted Claire in the face with his forehead. Claire’s nose exploded in blood. A wave of pain washed over her as she pulled her head back in response to the surprise blow, making her punch go in uselessly over the man’s shoulder. Fighting for her life now, Claire brought her left knee up, slamming it into the man’s groin. He grunted and grabbed her thick thigh with both hands and held on, at the same time ramming his head into her belly as he tried to topple her. Claire staggered back off balance, her senses still reeling from the blow to her nose. She managed to wrench her left arm free and used it to try to punch the man holding onto her. But her arm was caught by another guard; he snatched it back to his chest and held in an iron grip. Claire strained against the hands holding her, screaming in her fury as she tried to pull her leg and arm free.

She glanced around her, terrified that all she could see was a wall of grinning guards lunging toward her. In desperation, Claire slammed her one free hand down on the back of the neck of the man holding her thigh. He gasped and fell to his knees, freeing her leg. But before she could do anything else, another guard‘s fist slammed into the side of her face. Blood and spit sprayed from her mouth. Stunned, she struggled to bring her one free fist around to reply. But as it wheeled through the air, another set of hands coming out of nowhere captured her arm. Now two guards held Claire between them, twisting her wrists to lock her now outstretched arms to their chests. Another hand came from behind her and gripped her by her hair, savagely yanking her head backwards. Caught between the three of them, Claire’s adrenaline charged and sweat soaked body struggled wildly to free itself, her chest arching upward as she struggled for leverage, her naked breasts bouncing wildly, slamming into each other as Claire screamed out her defiance.

The man whose face she had raked took one step toward her and, with an evil grin on his face, drove his fist deep into Claire’s stomach, knocking the air out of her. She tried to fold in two, but the man holding her by the hair jerked her head back up, back into position for another blow to her guts. This time the man in front of her took his time, smiling at her as he drew his fist back behind his shoulder and launched it into Claire’s mid section with all the force he could muster. It drove all the air out of her lungs with a loud “OOPH”.

Then he shifted targets. He began punching Claire’s breasts with short powerful jabs, alternating between her left and right breasts, pummeling her twin globes as Claire fought for enough breath to scream out her pain and rage. In seconds his fists had turned both of the full round globes a deep purple. The strong muscles in Claire’s arms stood out in big ropey bulges as she fought to free her hands and protect herself, but to no avail. He continued to use her breasts as punching bags. Desperately she tried to kick him in his crotch to get him away from her tortured breasts.

The guard easily dodged her attempt at smashing his balls. He stepped back out of the way and let the two guards holding her arms shove her forward until they rammed her into the edge of the table in the center of the room. They slammed her hard into the heavy table, knocking the wind out of her and bending her at the waist, leaving her torso stretched across the table.

Momentarily stunned, Claire could only lay there as the men wrenched her arms back behind her back and re-cuffed them there. A hand wrapped itself in her long hair from the other side of the table and pulled, forcing her head forward against the hard tabletop as her ankles were grabbed by unseen hands. Then they tried to spread her legs by pulling her feet in opposite directions. The muscles in Claire’s thick legs bulged and strained under her dark skin as she desperately fought the men’s hands. With a super human effort, she managed to drag her thighs back together, the power of her thick, muscled legs - and her fear- proving superior to the two men’s strength . But her victory proved short lived as more hard hands gripped her muscular thighs and her ankles. Their pressure slowly succeeded in forcing Claire’s muscular legs apart despite her frantic resistance. She wailed into the table’s top in her frustration as their hands slowly forced her hard muscled legs further and further apart. Then the guards tied thick ropes around her ankles and looped them around the table’s legs, slowing pulling them taunt. With the added leverage of the ropes, they were able to inexorably spread her legs, slowly dragging Claire’s ankles further and further apart. Finally they had her legs spread until they were almost parallel to the floor, her ankles actually touching the opposite table legs. Claire’s big leg muscles bulged under the sweat soaked skin of her legs as she continued to fight even as her ankles were tied tightly to the table legs. Her big butt flexed and clenched with her futile efforts to break the ropes holding her legs apart, but seceded only in giving the leering guards a clear view of her deep ass cleft and the tiny inviting star of her sphincter. Even then her upper body continued to struggle frantically against the hands holding her on the table. Claire’s slippery sweat soaked torso bucked and twisted frantically in and out of their grasp, but through it the entire iron grip on her hair kept her trapped on the table top.

As Claire struggled against the hands and ropes holding her, her big ass flexing and clinching so invitingly, one of the guards stepped behind her. He used his open hand against Claire’s big round butt cheeks, spanking the desperate young woman as if she were a naughty little girl. Each blow was a loud “crack in the closed room, the tremendous force of each blow enough to make even her round, muscular butt cheeks shake like jelly. As he spanked her, Claire fought desperately to break free. The big muscles of her strong legs strained futilely against the ropes holding her legs spread wide to the table legs. Her torso bucked and strained frantically trying to gain the leverage necessary to free her from the hand gripping her long hair. But there was no escape for the captured woman. Bound, helpless, her ass on fire, Claire began to weep bitter tears of humiliation and frustration as the now laughing man relentlessly spanked her firm ass. To add to her overwhelming feeling of humiliation, the guard began to scream at her in his poor English as he alternated between his powerful open handed blows and grabbing her firm ass meat in the palm of his hand and squeezing it until her flesh flowed like putty between the fingers of his powerful hand.

Enjoy MG :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
06-04-2014, 11:16 AM
MIA’s of the 3rd Gulf war Part 6

Story By Mad Gerald, Conwic & Soprano84

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2014.

Our Brave Allies


Diana had stood by silently as the guards had brutally reduced Claire to a bloodied, sobbing wreck. Now she finally found her tongue.

“Please! Stop him! They’ve hurt her enough. Please, get it over with before they kill her. “

The Commander looked at Diana and smiled.

“No noble, self sacrificing offers to take the English whore’s place? No? How disappointing.“

Diana looked at him with a resigned expression on her handsome face and asked

“Would an offer do any good? Isn't making me watch you do this..... This obscenity my torture? ”

The Commander just smiled as he turned his attention to the other two other still handcuffed British prisoners. Throughout Claire’s desperate battle, Wendy and Andrea had just stood by motionless, too shocked by the brutality unfolding before them to move a muscle to either try to escape or to help Claire. They stared in horror at the sight of Claire’s big meaty ass being beaten until it was a bright red, appalled by the brutality of the man’s spanking, but unable to look away.

“Put the two other whores on the table with that one. Put the Blonde beside the big one and the dark haired one on the opposite side. “

In seconds the guards had grabbed Wendy and Andrea and bent them both over the narrow table beside Claire. The blonde, Andrea, lay side by side with the screaming Claire, her head almost touching Claire‘s. Wendy lay over the table facing in the opposite direction, her head beside Claire’s abused ass. A guard held each down by forcing their handcuffed wrists high over the two women’s backs while a third man tied a rope around Andrea’s neck and ran it under the table. Then he secured it around Wendy’s slender white neck and pulled the rope taunt, joining the two women. When the guards released their arms, both women tried to raise their heads. Their attempt tightened the rope between them, choking both, forcing them to remain bent over the table, their heads just over one edge, their hips forced against the edge of the table on the opposite side, or in Andrea’s case, pressing against Claire’s outstretched leg. Between them lay Claire, still crying, still bucking madly, and still screaming as the grinning guard continued to flail away at her big red ass with his hand.

He quickly stopped his spanking when two other guards positioned themselves behind Wendy and Andrea, their fly's open to expose their erect cocks. Anxious not to be left behind, he stepped closer to Claire’s still quaking ass and freed his erect penis as well. The three men smiled at each other as they each took their cock in one hand and used the other hand to grip an ass cheek, wrenching it aside so they could position the thick glistening heads of their cocks at the tiny wrinkled entrance to each women’s asshole. Claire’s rapist held her ass cheek hard pinching up her big buttock, his thumb inside her crack levering it open. He tried to hold her big ass still as he looked down into her deep butt crease and saw her anus twitch and clench as the tip of his meat brushed against it. He looked up. The three locked eyes, awaiting some signal. Claire screamed “NOOOO!” at the top of her lungs and thrust her cunt against the table edge, clenching her big ass shut on his thumb, sobbing and screaming "NO" again and again as she pressed her cunt against the hardness of the unyielding table. Her guard grinned at the others and then in a swift motion he brought his knee up into her cunt with such force that Claire’s ass leapt up in the air, her big thighs straining against he ropes holding them as she screamed in agony. Her nude body sagged limply in her bonds. Now her big ass yawned open, the twin cheeks quivering. The largest guard nodded. The other two instantly thrust forward, each impaling his victim on his hard cock. Claire’s rapist rammed his fingers into the sot flesh of her big buttocks, squeezing and wrenching her ruddy cheeks wide open. Then he forced the head of his meat into her slack, unprepared orifice, dragging her ass back onto the head of his cock. He laughed as she hollered out her awful pain, laughed again when her hips bucked futilely back against him, unable to resist as his cock battered it’s way in. By now the three bound women were screaming in unison at the sudden, painful penetration of their asses. Desperately, each struggled against the cock so cruelly impaling her, their backs arching, their legs smacking into the table edges, and their muscles straining under that soft feminine skin. But there was no escape.



“ AHEEGee! NOeee... PLEASE.. PLEASE.. DON’T! I CAN‘T TAKE IT!! NOeee!!”, Agonized Andrea!

With their first thrust, each of the men had managed to sink their cock at least half way into their chosen victim’s butt hole. Each grimaced as their women’s hot, dry hole closed around their cocks, trying hard to crush it as the strong sphincter muscles at the entrance to each woman‘s ass tried desperately to eject the invader. But the three guards gathered their strength and thrust again. This time their cocks sank all the way inside their captive’s ass chute to an accompanying chorus of screams and curses from the three impaled women.

Each man stood there motionless, hunched over their chosen woman, their hands gripping that woman’s ass, their hard cock impaling her. For long moments, each man savored the feeling of his woman’s ass as it struggled to accommodate his cock’s penetration. He felt that ass alternated between struggling to shit out the invading cock and trying to expand to accommodate it. Then the three men began to actively sodomize the three captive women. They quickly built up the speed of their thrusts until each was plowing relentlessly into his victim’s ass hole, his cock a blur as it moved in and out of that tight hole, moved with the mechanical regularity of the piston on a steam engine.

The three women reacted differently to this brutal rape of their ass hole. Wendy’s virgin ass fought back desperately, even mindlessly, against the invader, determined to eject it no matter what the cost in pain. Her body arched and bucked as her ass closed around the impaling cock and fought to crush it and then shit it out, her face a rictus of agony, teeth gritted, nostrils flared. Andrea’s body fought back as well, but only briefly and without the intense desperation of Wendy‘s. As soon as her man’s cock had fully penetrated her, Andrea had groaned and lain passively on the table, her mind and body quickly surrendering to the cock invading her ass. Tears streamed from her tightly shut eyes, and her mouth lay open and panting as he mercilessly reamed her ass Through it all, the athletic blonde lay passively under the guard’s anal assault, her body moving in time with his powerful thrusts, soft pitiful moans escaping from her open mouth as he raped her ass.

Claire’s ass had readily expanded to accept the cock penetrating her. She was accustomed to, and even now was secretly aroused by the rough anal sex despite her protests to the contrary. Claire’s body had no difficulty in physically adjusting to the width and length of the guard’s huge cock. But while her body could accept the cock impaling her, her mind could not. Claire fought desperately against the penetration. Her thick, muscular body strained, frightening desperately to crawl out from under his impaling cock. Strong hands wrapped in her hair pinned her to the table. Her back arched and twisted, her big tits pressing against the tabletop, as she struggled to throw off the two hands griping her long brunette hair. The muscles of her strong arms flexed madly as she fought the unyielding steel of the handcuffs. Her thick, muscular legs bulged and flexed futilely against the ropes holding her ankles to the table legs. But, no matter how she struggled, she could not escape his impaling cock. All Claire could do was lie there on the table, her large breasts bulging out from underneath her, their soft flesh quivering, as her rapist relentlessly slammed his big cock up into her helpless butt, as he put all his strength into jack hammering her splayed ass with his hard cock. Streams of curses and threats of revenge, useless but all she had left to fight with, flew out of Claire’s mouth along with gobs of spittle. Through it all, Claire fought on despite the obvious futility of her struggle. In fact, it was that futility which drove her to fight even harder. Claire could not accept either her own helplessness or the inevitability of the sodomy. Her mind simply would not accept the humiliating reality that this was happening to her.

Even more humiliating to Claire than the fact she was being sodomized was that she knew that it would soon become glaringly obvious that her cunt was becoming aroused in spite of - or perhaps because- of the brutality of her forced sodomy. The fiery burning cock log being slammed in and out of her aching ass was beginning to arouse her! That cock had awakened her secret masochist desires, the ones she had hidden all her life even from herself. Her mind could not accept or understand how the burning pain and the intense humiliation she had just experienced- first the painful beating by these bastards and then that cock pistoned deep into her open asshole- could be making her cunt so wet. But it was. The pain and humiliation consuming her acted like fuel for the fire burning in her cunt. And the hissed cant of the guard as he hunched close over her back was adding to the humiliated excitement that was consuming her. His words cut cruelly through her, just as painful to Claire as the big cock impaling her ass or the way her ass burned as his open hand began to pound her meaty ass flanks again.

“Feel that meat whore. Feel it fuck that big, hot ass. SMACK! Feel it! Fuck your whore’s big fat hot ass. Fuck ass hard.....make you hot, whore. SMACK! All Brothers fuck big hot ass. Fuck your shit, Fill you up with man cum. Make you scream, make you bleed whore. SMACK! Make you cum too, big ass traitor whore! ! Make you cum as we shit fuck your fat bleeding ass”

Oblivious to the suffering of the two women lying there beside her, Claire was lost in her own Hellish world. Her strong body fought on against her degrading anal rape but her mind was totally absorbed in her own pain. Desperately she searched without success for an escape from the cruel reality of that hard cock raping her ass. His cock filled and dominated her. It felt huge inside her, far larger than any cock could possibly be. It felt as if he had thrust his arm up her ass instead of his cock. His big cock was moving so deeply inside her that Claire could hardly find the room to fill her lungs to scream or even to breathe. Instead, she was reduced to panting and growling like a dog. The burning painful itch of his penetration first had consumed her ass. Then it spread to her cunt, inflaming that as well with a burning itch which she could not scratch. The head of his cock was cresting the back of her cervix now. long hard thrusts moving inside her over and over again, making her belly tighten, her cunt contract. The tension build as the base of his meat stretched her ass hole, turning her once tight anal ring into a wide open "O" and sending white hot electric shocks throughout her body. In response, Claire started to move her ass back against the invading cock. She moaned in horror as she felt her body begin to respond to his cock, realizing this was the thin end of the wedge, that she was going to cum for these fucks. Cum and cum and cum.

Enjoy MG :skull-bee

Mad Gerald
06-05-2014, 02:39 AM
MIA’s of the 3rd Gulf war Part 7

Story By Mad Gerald, Conwic & Soprano84

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2014.

Our Brave Allies

Diana watched all this unfold before her eyes, helpless to interfere. Resigned to the inevitability of what was going on in front of her, Diana watched passively, her eyes filled with tears for the three women she had condemned to such suffering at the hands- and cocks -of the guards. She felt numb by now, mentally exhausted and increasingly detached from the reality of what was going on around her. Diana watched the three men brutally sodomize the young British POWs, seeing everything but feeling little. It was as if she were watching a very bad play put on for her benefit. She went passively when the Camp Commander took her arm and guided her around to stand at the side of the table by Claire’s and Andrea’s heads. Nor did she resist as he cuffed her hands behind her strong back. Diana did not even resist as he pushed her forward, gently shoving her hips against Andrea’s face while at the same time he held Andrea’s tear streaked face up by her blonde hair and ordered:

“Suck off your colonel, Whore! Lick her while Achmid rapes your ass. Pleasure your officer like a good little Whore, and perhaps, perhaps, I will stop anyone else from raping your ass after he finishes.”

Whimpering and terrified, the young blonde did as he ordered. She tentatively stuck out her tongue and made contact with Diana’s warm soft cunt lips. Humiliat