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02-14-2011, 06:14 PM
This is my first story that i've dreaming about for ages but never really has a chance to write but finally i've started it a week ago.It is still incomplete but dont worry the rest will be uploaded sometime later.If anyone doesnt like the story, i do apologise in advance.....here you go......

Sheila was a simple middle class girl who got married to Vikram. Sheila was a 23 year old girl and she dreams to become an actress in bollywood. Vikram was an accountant in a factory who works from 7 to 7 and sometimes do late overtime . They both married few months ago and was living a happy life in there new little house which Vikram got from the company.

One day Vikram came from work and tells his wife that he got promotion and the company wants him to go to the Mumbai to handle the new branch of their company which is opening from next week. When Sheila heard the name “Mumbai” she thought that this is her chance to fulfil her dream because she has never been to Mumbai and Mumbai is the only place where u can go to the showbiz industry. Sheila’s parents were so strict and they never let her go anywhere before marriage because she has got the kind of personality for which every man can risk his life to have sex with. She was the most beautiful girl which any man can only think about getting laid with. She was 5’8, pretty fair with body figure 36 24 34. You can compare her with Katrina Kaif.

Vikram told his wife that he will go first to Mumbai to rent a house and to know the lifestyle of Mumbai. His company told him that he is on his own for the first 3 months and in this period of time he needs to look for a cheap place because he didn’t have much money left. They spend a lot of money on their honeymoon. The company told him to stay positive and they will provide him everything he need. He has a good job and everything but the only thing that matters is the house. He talked to the property dealer about renting a house in some cheap place just for 3 months. The property dealer showed him 3 different houses and he agreed to buy one. He settled in and wasn’t happy because this wasn’t the type of place he may ever even think of staying. But he settled in and after some days he went out to know some of his neighbours and the people lives around him. There was this one guy who he think was a pervert. His name was Suresh and he was in his late 40’s. He was pretty dark in appearance with moustache and hairy chest. Suresh was Vikram’s neighbour and their houses were fully attached, kind of looks like one complete house but the landlord has separated it in 2 homes. This place is very disgusting from Vikram’s point of view as water is the big problem there. But his biggest concern is his neighbour as he was a B Grade movie actor and a pervert. People also told Vikram that Suresh is a filthy man who do all the disgusting acts in his B Grade movies. But after some weeks Vikram has adjusted himself in this new environment and was ready to bring his wife in Mumbai. He was more happy to let her wife stay in their old house but the company didn’t allow her to sty there alone as she was not the employee of the company. She was also very excited to move with her husband in their new house and start her bollywood career.

When she came to Mumbai and went to their new house she was surprised to see the filth in that area but when she thought about Bollywood she agreed to stay there. The next morning she woke up at 6’o clock to make breakfast, she found out the water is not coming. She went to her husband who was still sleeping and told him about the problem, he said “ Yes, it happens here sometimes, you’ll used to it”. There was no water in the house so she thought about going to her neighbours to ask some water for the tea. She went to Suresh’ house which is next to her house and knocked the door. When Suresh came out his tongue slipped from his mouth and fell on his hands because he has never seen a sexy girl like her before. He didn’t know who she is, he just know that there’s a most beautiful girl standing on his door and he wants to fuck her in every hole of her. Then suddenly Sheila said, “ hi, I am your new neighbour”, then Suresh asks, “ but my neighbour is Vikram”, she says, “ yes I am his wife Sheila” and if you don’t mind can I borrow some water. There’s no water left in my house. He said, “ yes why not, please come in”. As she went inside the house he was staring at her and dreaming about all the dirty thinks he wants to do with Vikram’s Young wife. But she didn’t notice him staring at her at all and actually she found him a very helpful and fatherly type man as he is double of her age and looks even more old beyond his age. As he gave her the water he touched her hands, Sheila thought it was an accident but he knew he was doing it deliberately and even he was trying to find reasons to touch her. He asked her to come visit him sometimes for a tea or coffee and she agreed.

After she left he started thinking about Sheila and trying to find ways to get on the bed with Sheila. He doesn’t like raping girls, he was more into seducing girls than raping and he doesn’t like give the girls beating if they don’t wanna do what he wants them to do. He knows that it’s too hard to seduce her because she is so damn sexy for him, so pretty for him and he knew she is too hot to handle. At last he lost all the hope to have his way with her and end up masturbating in the toilet with Vikram’s sexy wife Sheila’s figure on his mind.

When Sheila went to her house her husband was all dressed up and ready to leave for work. Vikram was all waiting for Sheila to come back home. He was thinking of telling Sheila about their pervert neighbor Suresh to stay away from him but he hesitated first of how she will react about the fact that he is the next door neighbor and their houses are attached even. He also thought that she will be frightened all the time when he will be at work. So he waited for the correct time to tell her. She asked him to stay for the breakfast but it was too late already so he said to Sheila “ koi bat nahin mein office mein breakfast kar loon ga, and where you get this water from?” she replied, “ our next door neighbor”, you mean Suresh, asked Vikram, “ I don’t know his name ahh how stupid I am! but he is a true gentleman and he even invited me on tea sometime” . Vikram thought to himself that this is not a good time to tell her anything about Suresh as he was already late for work and wouldn’t be able to tell her everything so he waited, gave Sheila a goodbye kiss and left for work.

After he left Sheila got busy in house cleaning and suddenly she hears a door bell, when she went to look who was it and no doubt it was Suresh, he was standing on the door staring at Sheila with his lustful eyes and then speaks, “ I just came by to see if u need anything as you are new here and you don’t know anyone around here”, it’s not like that, I know you!, said Sheila, “ haha you have nice sense of humor so what are you doing?” asked Suresh, umm nothing just cleaning the house, Sheila replied, then Suresh asked again, “ do you need any help I am a really good cleaner and I don’t have anything to do at home, Sheila then thought to herself that this man is getting too close and why is he being so nice to me? Then asked nervously why, don’t you have any job?” he replied, “I am actually a film actor but not a big star, I do little roles in the movies”. After hearing this she was in no mood of letting this man go away not before he told her everything about film industry and then suddenly asked, “Suresh, I do actually need some help of cleaning my bedroom walls as there’s a spider on the wall and I am very scared to spiders”. For Suresh this was a chance to seduce this beautiful sex of goddess but for Sheila this is a chance to know some things about how to get in bollywood and she was also eager to ask him some connections he might give to Sheila. When he came in he was too horny and his dick was ready to explode.
To be Continued………

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Please continue. Good so far.

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Yeah i'm working on it....just added some more stuff u might like..!!!

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So far so good keep going.