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The Picture.

Susan’s story unfortunately is a common story for many women, she married young and had her son, August, by the age of 20, to a man that physically and emotionally abused her.
During the course of her 15-year long marriage, Susan’s husband Mat had coerced her into having her 34-C-cup breast enlarged to 34 double Ds by making Susan feel like less than an adequate woman for a man of his social standing.

After her breast enlargement Susan’s Husband would invite his riding buddies over to their home to drink and watch football in the basement of their home, the basement was her Husbands playroom that had all the furnishings of a Tavern, a bar, neon lights, even a pool table and a pinball machine.

Her Husbands riding buddies were cut from the same cloth as her Husband, businessmen-want-a-be bickers who spent their weekends riding around town on their custom made motorcycles showing off and than going over to Mat’s house for a night of drinking and parting, at these parties Mat would make Susan dress in something revealing and play barmaid for him and his friends, and Mat would take great delight at seeing his riding buddies gawking at Susan’s big tits, or the way they would pat her on the ass after bringing them a beer, all of which made Susan feel cheap, she wasn’t Mat’s wife she was is property.

Susan had thought many times about divorcing Mat and taking their son August and moving far away from Mat. August was starting to act just like his father even to the point of showing her disrespect and disobeying her if she told him to clean his room or any other household chore, when August disobeyed her Susan would tell Mat to make August clean his room but Mat would side with his son telling Susan that cleaning was woman’s work and than Mat would make Susan clean the boy’s room which just reinforced August’s show of disrespect towards his mother.

One weekend Susan accompanied her Husband to a bike show so he could get a picture of her standing beside his bike, he wanted it to hang above the bar in his basement, for Mat was as proud of his custom make bike as he was his wife’s custom mat breast, and that picture would be the catalyst that would bring Susan and Mat’s marriage to an end.

It started out as a typical weekend night, Mat and four of his ridding buddies, Nat, John, Eugene and Joey were all setting at the bar in Mat’s basement drinking whiskey and getting shit faced, than Joey pulls out some cocaine and the men began snorting lines of coke.
Mat feeling full for himself points at the picture of Susan and his bike on the wall behind the bar and says, “Let me tell you boys something she is one hellva ride” talking about his bike, that’s when Nat, who all ways made sure to pat Susan’s ass after every drink she brought him asks, “Which one, your bike or your Bitch?” and Mat and the rest of the guys erupted with laughter.

“That’s enough damnit!” Susan yells slamming Mat’s drink down in front of him on the bar, “I put up with a lot from you guys because it strokes Mat’s ego, I even overlook your patting me on the ass making yourselfers feel like big strong men, but I’ll be damned if I will put up with you little boys calling me a Bitch in front of me in my own house!”

Susan’s little speech to him and his friends embarrassed Mat, how dare she humiliate him in front of his friends, who the hell did she think she was he thinks to himself as he reaches across the bar grabbing Susan by her long black hair and pulls his wife overtop of the bar and bitch slaps her with the back of his hand breaking Susan’s nose and knocking her to the floor, as she lays in the floor dazed and seeing stares Mat grabs her again by her hair pulling her up to her knees in front of Nat and demands that she apologize to his friend.

With blood now pouring from Susan’s broken nose and running down her neck and between her big tits Susan sobs, “I’m sorry Nat” and Nat chuckles saying, “Mat, man, this is making my fucking dick hard” and fueled by whiskey cocaine and anger Mat declares,
“Boys I would never let you ride my bike, but, tonight you get to ride my wife! Now get his cock out of his pants and suck it Susan, it’s about time that you learned your place in my house!”

“Please Mat! Please honey I told Nat I was sorry … Nat will you forgive me?” Susan asks with tears streaming down her face as she looks up at the man that has never shown her an ounce of respect, “Sure Susan sweet tits, I will forgive you, just as soon as you suck my cock! Ha! Ha! Ha!” and Nat begin unzipping his pants and pulls his hard cock out in front of her face, “Damn you Susan Suck it! Suck it right now Bitch or I’ll beat ya till you do!” Mat angrily tells his wife,

Susan had never felt so humiliated in her life as she did when she opened up her mouth and began to suck Nat’s cock, if Nat had spoken to or treated a barmaid in any bar the way that he had all ways treated her in her Husband playroom he would have been tossed out on his ear, but here in her own home her Husband held her by the hair while Nat raped her mouth, and poor little Susan couldn’t even breath, her broken nose filled with blood, her mouth filled with cock, and she choked biting Nat’s cock, and the coke snorting whisky drinking, womanizer pulled his cock from Susan’s moth and slugged her in the jaw as her Husband held her, and Susan went into shock as she felt her jaw break, and her arms hung limp by her sides as Nat grabbed Susan by her ears and crammed his cock down her throat, proclaiming, “”I bet the Bitch won’t bit me now!”

By the time Nat shot his load down Susan’s throat, John, Eugene and Joey had their clothes off and John and Eugene grabbed Susan by her arms and dragged her over to the pool table, and lifted her up on it, laying her on her back with her legs hanging down off of the side of the table, Eugene pulled Susan’s low V-cut tank top off of her, exposing Susan’s big braless double D customized fake tits, and he and John held Susan down as Joey shoved Susan’s denim miniskirt up to her waist and ripped off her pink thong.

Mat realized that he had taken this to far, and that things had gotten out of hand, but he didn’t know how to stop it, and at the same time save face with his friends, so he just sat at the bar with his back turned towards the pool table and was pouring whisky down, snorting coke, and staring at the picture of his bike and wife that was hanging on the wall behind the bar, trying to shutout his screaming wife begging him as best she could with her broken jaw to stop this, and hearing his buddies chanting “Joey! Joey! Joey!” as Joey raped his Susan.

Joey was squeezing Susan’s tits as he hammered her tight little pussy and Mat heard him grunting in pleasure as he dumped his slimy load inside of his wife, saying, “I’d rather ride Mat’s Bitch than his bike any day!” and all four of Mat’s buddies laughed as Joey pulled his cock out of Susan only to have it replaced by Eugene’s, Eugene may have been Mr. Muscle and hot stuff in the gym, but he wasn’t hot stuff on the pool table and nearly shot his load before a half a dozen thrust inside of Susan, but John, Big John as his friends called him told Eugene and Joey, “Flip the Bitch over, I’m going to ride her like she was a dirt bike!”

“Please John! Please! Not there!” Susan begged her husband’s big friend as she felt him press his big fat cock up to her little asshole, but her words were verily understandable with her broken jaw.
Mat had only had anal sex with Susan one time and it hurt her so bad and caused her to bleed so it was Mat’s first time and last time up Susan’s ass, “You been shaking that ass in front of me for years Susan and now I’m gonna stick it to ya Bitch!” and Big John began jamming, cramming and stuffing his fat long cock up Susan’s rectum, causing it to rip around his rod for him to gain entry.

“MMMMAAAAATTTTTT!!!! HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP MMMMEEEE!!!!” Susan screamed like a wounded animal as Big John rammed his cock ball sack deep inside Susan’s butt hole, his big hairy balls bouncing off of her cum coated pussy lips, and Big John grunted loudly, “Time to kick start ya Bitch!” and he started pounding his fat cock in and out of Susan’s ripped and bleeding asshole, relentlessly raping Susan in the ass until he came up her butt hole.

Mat nearly overdosing on whisky and cocaine passed out at the bar as his so-called buddies who had known Susan for years brutally raped and sodomized Susan on the pool table repeatedly into the wee-hours of the night, as her Husband, and their friend, lay unconscious on the bar, Mat had proudly flaunted Susan in front of them every weekend for years and they were taking their years of pent-up lust out on Susan on that pool table.

Well Susan spent a week in the hospital, steel pins had to be used to replace shattered bones in her jaw, she had to have reconstructive surgery on her broken nose and her ribcage wrapped as her cracked ribs healed.
Mat, Nat, Joey, Eugene and John were sentenced to 10 to 15 years for what they did to Susan, seemed a light sentence she though for all that they had taken away from her, but she got the house and full custody of 15-year-old August her son, and she turned Mat’s playroom into a nice family room with a big screen television.

Despite Susan’s facial injuries the 35-year-old’s beauty was still undeniable, her Doctors had done a great job at fixing Susan’s pretty face. Alls well that ends well so they say, but that was not the case for Susan, her son August resented her for his Father being in prison and he was even more disrespectful and disobedient than before, and he fell in with the wrong crowd, in particular a black boy named Jerome who’s Father Troy was a drug dealer, and by the time August was 18-years-old he had been in and out of Juvenile Detention Centers, and owed a lot of money to Troy for drugs, money that he had no means of paying.

Despite the money August owed Jerome’s Father Troy he stopped by their house wanting Troy to front him more drugs, but Troy angrily said to August, “Fuck off white boy, you already owe me a bundle! If it weren’t for you being Jerome’s friend I’d pop a cap in your ass!” August was desperate for a fix, and he knew Troy and Jerome had a hard on for his Mother, they were all ways commenting on her big tits and big round booty, and August hated Susan for taking his Father away from him, so in his desperate need for drugs August says, “Would you take my Mom for all that I owe you and give me more drugs?” Troy looks at his son Jerome and they grin at each other, and Troy says to August, “You got my attention white boy, what you got in mind?”

When august heard his Mother get home he called her down into the family room, as soon as she got in the room Troy and Jerome stepped out of hiding, and you can just imagine Susan’s shock to see two big black men standing in front of her naked with their big stiff black cock standing strait up in the air, “Oh my Gawd August what are you doing!” Susan screams and turns to run from the family room but runs right into August who grabs her by her upper arms, shakes her roughly and says to his Mother, “This is going to happen Mom, so don’t fight it, it will go easier on you” and he turns Susan around and gives her a hard shove towards the center of the room.

August shoved Susan so hard her neck whiplashes backwards and she stumbles and falls belly down on the floor and in seconds Troy had a hold of the waist band of her shorts and her panties, tugging and pulling them both down her long, tan, sexy legs, “I have to get away I just have to” Susan things to herself as she kicks her legs free of her shorts and panties and begins crawling bare assed across the family room floor trying to get to her feet, but Jerome is casing Susan with a belt in his hand and he is smacking her meaty buttocks with it SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Jerome brings the thick leather belt down across Susan’s butt causing her to scream out in pain.

Jerome chased his friend’s Mother around the living room laughing at her, smacking her ass with his belt as she crawled trying to get away, Susan crawled up to the feet of her son and began hugging his leg sobbing “Help me August! Help me baby!” but August did nothing as Troy grabbed a hold of Susan’s ankles and Jerome grabbed her wrist and they carried her over to the sofa where Jerome pulled her shirt off, than used her own bra to bind her wrist behind her back, and as Susan begged the two black men not to rape her Troy slapped her across the face dislocating her weakened jaw, yelling at her, “Shut the fuck up white meat! Or we’ll beat you to a pulp!” and that knocked the fight right out of Susan, she had been beaten into submission before by her Husband and his buddies, and she never wanted to be hurt like that again so she laid still and surrendered herself to Troy and Jerome.

Susan lay on the Sofa with her arms crushed beneath her, her head laying in Jerome’s lap with the belly of his cock pressed to the side of her tear soaked face, as Troy knelt between her sexy legs and snuggled the head of his big black cock between her soft pussy lips, and brutally using all his strength the big man plunged his prick deep inside Susan’s dry un-lubricated cunt, and without any lubrication to relieve his entry of her it felt like Troy had shoved a coarse log up her cunt and she screamed in extreme pain, and Troy just laughed at Susan and spat in her face as he withdrew his massive cock nearly all the way out of her just to ram in full tilt back inside of her all the way to it’s root, bottoming out into her cervix, again, again and again, over and over and over again Susan’s cervix was beaten by the head of that big black cock and her pain was mind boggling until finally she felt Troy’s warm seed flooding and spreading inside of her womb.

When Troy climbed up off Susan he pulled her up with him by her big Double Ds and forced her down in the floor in front of him on her knees, and with her jaw dislocated Susan was at Troy’s mercy as he stuck his half hard slimy cock into her mouth and began slowly pumping about a third of his length in and out of her mouth until it was fully hard, and than holding Susan’s little head in his powerful grip he began shoving it further and further down her tight throat, poor little Susan began choking and gagging around Troy’s thick solid man meat, it was so big and fat it was cutting off her ability to breath, Susan tried pulling her head off of the threatening hunk of man flesh, but Troy said “No! No! No! Hoe! Down you fucking GO!” and he crammed his whole cock down her throat, until her nose was buried in his wiry black pubic hair, and Susan’s lungs were burning for air, her almond colored eyes looking upward at him pleadingly.

“Oh Yea! Fuck! Here it comes Bitch! Here it fucking comessss! AHHHHH Yeaaaa!” and Troy shot glob after streaming glob of hot bitter sperm down Susan’s throat, grunting in pleasure as Susan’s constricting throat clutched tightly around his cock milking his big black balls dry.
After Troy pulled his cock out of Susan’s mouth she turned to the side gasping for air and bent over with the top of her head resting on the floor and her meaty booty pocking up invitingly in the air, and Jerome was on her like stink on shit, ramming his cock up her asshole before she even had a chance to get her breath back, Susan screamed in agony as Jerome stretched her asshole out until it ripped around his rod, her sexy body shaking, jerking, and quivering as her son’s friend hammered her hind-end until he came up her butt hole.

Over the next several hours Troy and Jerome made sure Susan paid dearly for every penny August owed Troy, the last words Susan could remember hearing from Troy before she pass out was him telling her is she even thought about going to the Police his homeboys would make sure she died a slow, agonizing, humiliating death, and she heard him tell her son that the next time he came to his house looking for drug he had better bring money or his Momma.

When Susan came back to she was in the floor, and looking up she saw August her own son straddling her and tit fucking her, grunting in pleasure, and in a devastated defeated voice Susan sobs, “Everything I ever did I did it for you, hoping to save you from turning out like your father, but your just like your dad” and August stoned on the drugs bought with the rape of his Mother grins and says, “Damn straight I am Bitch!” and than he bitch slapped Susan right across her nose like his father had, shattering her reconstructed nose all over her face, and than August ejaculated all over his Mother’s face, covering it in his slimy cum.

The next day Susan sat in her bed crying, she knew she couldn’t go to the Police for if she did not only would Troy and Jerome go to prison but so would her son August, and no matter what he had done to her he was still her son and she couldn’t bring herself to have him put behind bars for 10 to 15 year, and as Susan sat in bed she held the item that she felt lead to Mat and his buddies raping her and sending Mat to prison and her son hating her, and that was that damn picture of her standing beside Mat’s motorcycle, and Susan slung the picture against the wall and cried into her hands.

The End.

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Susan ....