View Full Version : Special Audio Request for RapeDoll

01-20-2007, 01:59 AM
First, special thanks to everyone for a great board. Long time lurker, since I haven't had time to post or reply since just about everything I have, someone has posted :o A good problem to have.

Anyway my special request is for CLEAR female audio of rape scenes. This is for a special 'interactive' art project involving mp3's and dolls like http://www.dolldataroom.org/english-dolls.html

If any of you have played the RapeLay game (THANKS!) then you know can guess what I'm shooting for, just a 3D SexBox version. Think of it as a full bodied Wii controller !!!

Movies are great, but they tend to be too short, have lots of other noise like guys, vibrators, motors, cameramen, MUSIC etc. on the audio track. The same with most online audio which tends to not be 'victim' oriented. I'm looking for just her voice, and lots of it. I've tried using recodings from the RPL game which is good, but would like more variety.

Anyone have any ideas to help advance rape fantasy technology? Any good screamers or moaner files? Any lovely members with a microphone willing the fantasize for science? I'm sure any recodings would have "dual-use".

And of course the other question is if someone were to make a toy rape doll,(given that current dolls are kinda passive) what would you like to see or hear ? Would they satisfy anyones sleepy vicitim fetish? Or does the imagination require "REAL real meat" with no subsitutes?