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11-20-2009, 01:08 AM
Internet arguments are hilarious, and I admit I have participated and had my fair share..haha...dont judge.

I was on YouTube the other day watching an instructional video on how to make eye make up primer and these uppity, Chanel wearing, crazy girls started a damn argument over it...which resulted in name calling. On YOUTUBE! Over MAKE UP PRIMER!

so I got sick of it and switched to a Aventura concert video. PEOPLE ARGUED ABOUT THEM TOO!!!! Ok, now the only legit argument would be to argue over whom is the hottest in the group, but their fighting was ridiculous, There where people arguing about songs, and there where hater comments from jealous guys (and girls).

I think the internet brings out the HATERS in all of us.

Keyboard + audience = the release of years of hatism.

(Excuse me, while I was making this thread, there was a girl on YouTube who called Romeo "ugly" so I had to check a bitch...:D)

I actually stopped my own hate, as I have become a much more relaxed person, so I have no reason to hate (except for my instance above, however it was excusable).

But anyhow. This is why nobody should pay attention to what anyone says over the internet. Including me. I'm full of B.S.

11-20-2009, 05:16 AM
people argue about anything i go watch my fav band videos on youtube theres always fighting on them, i just laugh at the idiots, therell be comments like 'my god no wonder he shot himself his music sucks'. if there music sucks why search for it..

11-20-2009, 08:35 AM
The IMDB forums are good for an arguemant or two. The people on there can get heated over the silliest thing.

I think its the old maxim 'Everyone is entitled to my opinion'.

Anyway, I know that a few days after any rows I have end, I catch sight of the thread and think 'Why did I let that person get to me?'

11-20-2009, 10:35 PM
Yup, if you feed into the arguments you start fighting more and more and act younger than what you really are.

I fell into that trap on youtube with conspiracy theorists.