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Schoolgirl rape by Captain Swing.

I was walking along one early evening. I̢۪d just had another fight with
my bitch, and I was tired of hearing the noise of all our kids (5 of
them, but I also have 11 from other women). Lately I̢۪d been thinking
about someone getting me some excitement. Maybe I̢۪m not too smart or
too successful or too handsome, but there sure is one thing I can do:
breed. Black men are always potent, and I̢۪m more than the rest. Once
I get my seed planted the babies always come.

It was dark. My feet had taken me to a high school in town. I was
walking along a path behind the bleachers and stopped to smoke.
Suddenly, in the distance I noticed a white high school cheerleader
walking out of the gym. She was wearing her uniform, a short
cheerleading skirt and sweater. I expected her to walk to the parking
lot, but instead she turned my way and began walking across the football

field. It looked she was going to take the path that started behind
the football bleachers.

I watched her, dragging on my cigar. I don̢۪t like white people, and
white bitches in particular. In my view a bitch is good for one thing,
and that̢۪s cooking and taking care of a man̢۪s babies. And here was this

yuppie white girl. She probably came from this white bread family,
would go to college and later marry some white guy. They̢۪d live in a
nice suburb, drive big fancy cars, and sure wouldn̢۪t want anything to do

with me. I really enjoy putting girls
like that in their place. And there is one really good way to do that.

Suddenly I noticed that this location was pretty lonely and dark. No
one was around. There was traffic from a nearby highway, but that was
the only sound. It was just me and this young short-skirted teenage
schoolgirl. My big black cock began to throb. I smiled to myself.

I ran down the path to the back of the bleachers, where she would be in
a few seconds. I hid behind a tree.
I took out knife out (I always carry a nice long one). In a few moments

she turned a corner and began to walk towards the bleachers. I sneaked

a look from behind my tree.

She was of average height and had long dark hair. She was very pretty,

with a young white girl̢۪s special innocent look. I guessed she was xx
or xx. She was wearing a heavy sweater, but her short white cheerleader

skirt showed nice shapely legs. She may be have been a very young
girl, but judging from those legs she was ready to be a woman. My cock
got super hard as I watched this schoolgirl walk innocently towards me,
her thighs moving gracefully within that short cotton skirt.

She got closer. I was still behind my tree and she hadn̢۪t seen me. I
checked to make sure no one was around. My black cock was just
throbbing by now.

She was now just a few steps away. I waited, like an African
predator. She passed the tree but didn̢۪t see me. She was carrying a
small knapsack, no doubt filled with books and homework. She walked
unconcernedly past me, her shapely legs moving softly together, her
virgin hips swaying back and forth within her short skirt, tapping along

on her little feet. Her dark hair was long and thick, and tied back
with a flowing pink ribbon. Growling, I leaped out her.

I sprang at her like an animal, cupping one hand over her mouth and
throwing her to the ground. She gave a high-pitched scream. Instantly
I was on top and holding my pocket-knife to her throat. For the
first time I could see her face. She was real pretty all right, with
big blue eyes, a small pouty mouth and high cheekbones with a few
scattered freckles. Those big blue eyes were full with fright as she
stared into my big black face, and she screamed again.

I slapped her and moved the knife so she could see it.

"Don’t make another sound, you little ‘ho!", I snarled at her.

"Oh please, don̢۪t hurt me, mister", she whimpered. She struggled
underneath me. I could feel her young hard body writhe. I wondered if
a man had used this body yet. It̢۪s writhing motion drove my cock
mad. I slapped her again - that sure felt good. Then I pinned her
arms back.

"You understand, don̢۪t make a sound! You got it, white bitch? You do
exactly what I want or I̢۪ll hurt you!".

She was crying but stopped struggling. She nodded her head. She
stared at me helplessly. I could smell her perfume and the soft girlish

curves of her student̢۪s body underneath me.

I was breathing hard and my cock was pounding in my pants. But, I̢۪d
done this a couple times before to white girls, so I knew the drill.
Just keep in simple and get inside.

I reached my hand under her skirt and hooked my fingers under her
panties. She squealed again and her legs twisted. We struggled
together. I always like this part. I pulled her panties down and tried

to get them off her, but she used the opportunity to try to leap up and
run. I grabbed her again and threw her to the ground. As I did so I
made another tug and her panties went flying off into the surrounding

"No!", she cried and she fought all the harder. I was surprised how
strong this little cunt was. It took all my strength to keep on top
while I tried to get my cock out. But her resistance just made me
crazier. My cock had never been so long and hard in my life.

Finally, I popped it out. Her eyes got real big as she saw it fully
erect in the moonlight, a nigger cock in full glory. She knew what it
was going to do to her, I could see it in her eyes. I could also see
her hatred of me. Maybe she didn̢۪t like black people. Well, once I was

finished with her, she was going to be real familiar with what black men

could do. And, if I got my way, she was going to make her
own contribution to the growth of the black race.

I yanked her skirt up. Again she fought it, but finally I got it
wrapped far above her waist. This meant I couldn̢۪t easily get her
sweater off - I really wanted to see those little white young tits
bounce. I always like watching that. Well, can̢۪t have everything. I̢۪d

do that to the next girl.

I pushed her flat to the ground with my weight, and then settled on top
of her. I felt a big rush when my hot black cock first touched those
soft cool legs. Better than crack, better than whiskey. I had to fight
to keep from spurting right then. Of course, she clamped her thighs
tight as soon as she felt my hungry prick, eager to penetrate. The
little bitch, she wasn̢۪t make anything easy.

"Whats the matter, bitch? Don̢۪t want nigger seed inside you? Too good
for it?", I growled at her. I ran my hands down between her thighs and

tried to pull them apart.

For some seconds we fought, as I worked on prying her young shapely
thighs apart. Finally I forced an opening and inserted my organ. It
felt great being between those thighs, even if they were still resisting

me. I pushed hard but she squirmed a few inches and so I missed my
target. We did this several times as I gradually inched her thighs
apart. Finally, I was at her gate.

She thrashed and squealed, but at least knew better than to scream. I
was great seeing her innocent body twist in the dirt, her long black
hair spread out in a fan behind her. And then I discovered what I had
hoped: she was a virgin. Now, if this were a black girl, about 50
guys would have already driven through, and she already would have a
couple kids. But these white girls were too good for that, and white
guys are way too slow in getting them started. This is why someday
everyone is going to be black. Anyway, I was going to be the first in.
And once she̢۪d tasted black cock, I knew she̢۪d be converted for life.

She was really tight, but I kept pushing harder â€Â¦.

"God no, no, no!", she panted. Our bodies twisted and turned as she
tried to get out from underneath me, while I held on and pushed again
and again, harder and harder, in a breeding frenzy. Her eyes stared
into my mine, her little mouth worked, as she saw the animal lust in my
face. She was disgusted with me, I knew, but that was just tough
shit. I was going to be the one, no matter what she might have hoped.

With one vicious thrust, I opened her. She gave this funny girlish
squeal, that special sound of a young white virgin being forcibly
deflowered. I̢۪d heard it a number of times, but never got tired of
hearing it again. Her eyes flew open wide and she desperately tried to
heave me off. I was having none of it. I just pushed her back into the

dirt and thrust harder. I forced my way deeper inside her twisting
hips, pushing past her conquered gate.

"Oh Jesus, help me!" she squealed as I drove my shaft home. Inch by
inch I forced it into her virgin body, gradually impaling her on my huge

black manhood. She struggled and thrashed, as I slowly forced it in. In

a couple seconds my cock had completely disappeared between her cool
white thighs. Shit, she was tight, but still I was able to get the
whole thing in.

Even now she continued to fight, but of course it no longer mattered. I

was in and her resistance just made things better. Her legs were still
kicking. Her little feet fluttered around me. She twisted and turned
desperate to escape her fate, an innocent pretty white girl twisting on
the business end of my cock. What a fighter! Most white girls give up

at this point, but this one just kept struggling. But now it was too
late for her, no matter how much she fought. My good old nigger
baby-maker was safely tucked between her young white hips, doing what
it was designed to do, screwing her into the damp fertile earth.

I began the old in-and-out. Her pretty blue eyes looked desperate, as
she realized that now it was happening: she was getting raped by a
black man. With each thrust she twisted and moaned and squealed. It
was something, seeing that young innocent beauty squirm in the dirt,
getting forcibly fucked for the first time, as my cock pumped in and out

of her.

I tried to take my time, but there was no way I could keep my load
inside. So I increased the pace and
began to bone her. After a moment, I felt the surge grow in my balls
and then travel down my long black cockshaft. I could tell that she
felt it too, she gasped and kicked and struggled even harder. She knew

what was going to happen next and was trying to fight off that ultimate
conquest. The slap off my balls and her panting filled our little
world, and thenâ€Â¦

I exploded inside her. Like an animal in heat, I forcibly planted my
seed in her.

"No, no, no", she softly whispered. Her eyes got really big and a
creamy look filled them. I knew she felt my sperm gushing into her,
like an army invading a defeated city. She realized that it was all
over. She was defeated, deflowered, defiled and there was no longer
any reason to fight.. I fired my seed again and again, planting it
deep inside her fucked body. I thought it would never stop, as I
triumphantly mated with that pretty schoolgirl. She moaned and sank
back into the damp earth, and her whole body shuddered as she was
forcibly converted from an innocent white girl to a fucked white woman,
owned by a black man. Finally she just went limp and submitted to her
fate. Her sweet body lay there in the dirt, legs spread, allowing me
to do what I pleased. You better believe I took advantage of the
situation. I hoisted her skirt up even further and I continued to
thrust between her soft cool thighs as fast as I could, just enjoying
the sensation, and occasionally squirting a bit of sperm between them.

I dismounted. She just lay there, whimpering in the dirt, her little
skirt hoisted almost to her neck. I looked around but didn̢۪t see
anybody. I was still safe, so I decided to do a couple more things to
her. Give this little girl a good breaking-in.

I grabbed her by the hair and forced her on her knees. I always liked
having schoolgirls blow me, and now I figured my new ‘ho would be happy
to oblige. After all, she was already filled with my sperm where it
counted, so a little more in her brains wouldn̢۪t matter. She seemed to
know what was coming, but she made no effort to escape or resist.

My long black cock was hard again. I shoved it into her face.

"You know what to do, little girl", I laughed.

She hesitated, so I just grabbed my cock and pushed it against her
lips. For a moment she clamped her lips shut, but then she saw my
warning look. Her mouth opened.

"Yeh, mother-fucka", I gloated. It was just as good as always. I
shoved my organ past her soft tongue, rows of milky teeth and then down
her throat. She gagged a bit but made no effort to get away.

"Suck!", I ordered. "And you̢۪d better swallow at the end!".

A felt her mouth close around my organ and then the gentle pull of
suction, the rasping movement of her tongue. I grabbed her head and
began to move her face in the correct manner. It was an big turn on,
my big old ugly prick thrusting into that pretty white face. My hairy
black balls slapped against cheeks with each thrust. I told her to keep

her eyes open, so she could see all my huge nigger parts in action. I
loved watching her big eyes staring at my black hairy balls as they
slapped her cheeks. I ran my hands through her long silky hair, and
imagined my cock inside her head, just a few inches from my fingers,
fucking her brains out. Slowly I untied her pink ribbon, and then
ripped it off. Her long hair came loose and then fell around my cock.
All I could see was my black cock punching through the hair into her
face. I wish I could have taken a photograph of that. This is how all
white girls will someday end up. There was no sound beyond the warm
sucking and chewing noises my new girl made as she blew me.

In a moment I felt another surge of semen well up inside me. I grabbed
her head tight and pressed it down on my cock. She knew what was about

to happen, but bowed her head submissively anyway. Then I fired my load

right into her young white brains. She gasped and gagged but did as she

was ordered. She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could. But she

couldn̢۪t quite keep up with the flow, and a thin trickle of nigger sperm

flowed down her chin. It looked great, my cock filling her cheeks, my
seed dripping out of her sweet little mouth.

I pulled out and the girl sank back to the ground, coughing and
gagging. It was great seeing those leggy thighs and short skirt, that
pretty face, and knowing my black sperm was busy swimming inside her,
exploring her insides.

A white man would have been finished long ago, but being black, I still
had juice left. And my juice would stay inside her until an egg was
found. That was always the best part.

"Time to put my baby in your belly", I laughed .

She just looked at me with big blue eyes. There was still sperm
dripping down her chin, and her white thighs were still spread. She had

that raped schoolgirl look; the best look in the world. I knew I could

do anything I wanted now.

I pushed her down on all fours and mounted her dog-style. My new
girlfriend was now completely submissive and made no effort to fight. I

guess that blowjob had broken her spirit. I pulled her skirt up one
more time. I positioned my throbbing black cock and penetrated.

This turned out to be the best fuck I̢۪d ever had to that point. I took
my time and just boned the girl silly., I tell you, the sight of this
white teenage cheerleader getting pounded by my cock was just too
good. Her long dark hair hung around her, and she gave a little yelp
with each thrust. My long black cock now fit in her, and I kept firing

my load deep inside her. With each firing she̢۪d moan and her little
hips would twist, and then̢۪d I start again. It took me a lot more
thrusts before I was done, but finally I left loose with a final
injection of seed.

I pulled out. The girl was now on her stomach, softly crying. I put my

victorious cock back in his cage. I felt great, but now was time to go.

The best part came over a year later. I was walking in a shopping
mall and I spotted my girl. She was pushing a babycart, in which there
was a big balling black baby. I quickly checked him out. Yep, he was
mine for sure, black skin, thick lips and sloping forehead. The girl
herself still pretty, but had gained a lot of weight and now had a
vacant conquered look in her eyes. I guess nursing my black baby was
taking a lot out of her. Not my problem, I laughed. Then I saw
another white schoolgirl walk out of a store. Her blonde hair was done

in a ponytail and her nice legs looked mighty nice in her short plaid
skirt. She began to walk to the mall exit. I followed her.


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Captain Swing, a.k.a. "Spoonbender" has a whole bunch of classics like this, including and especially several bride rape stories!! I bet he's white, but who the fuck cares? They're great stories.

Good job, keeping them circulating, Grm!

Ya ever wonder what he'd do with gang-rape stories? He has a few. Check out:

Schoolgirl Rape #2 (http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/05/schgirl2.txt) , and,

Schoolgirl Rape #3 (http://www.asstr.org/~pervman/newsite/stories/stories/S001/SchoolgirlRape3.htm)

Asstr.org, for those of you not familiar with it, is a great place to explore. Do a site-specific advanced google search, and punch in the words you like, such as "teenager" "babysitter" "blonde" and serve up some fun!

02-05-2006, 08:08 AM
Captain Swing, a.k.a. "Spoonbender" has a whole bunch of classics like this, including and especially several bride rape stories!! I bet he's white, but who the fuck cares? They're great stories.

Good job, keeping them circulating, Grm!

Ya ever wonder what he'd do with gang-rape stories? He has a few. Check out:

Schoolgirl Rape #2 (http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/05/schgirl2.txt) , and,

Schoolgirl Rape #3 (http://www.asstr.org/~pervman/newsite/stories/stories/S001/SchoolgirlRape3.htm)

Asstr.org, for those of you not familiar with it, is a great place to explore. Do a site-specific advanced google search, and punch in the words you like, such as "teenager" "babysitter" "blonde" and serve up some fun!
Mr T.Spoonbender now lives in Thailand and has his own web site.

05-27-2007, 07:47 PM
Mr T.Spoonbender now lives in Thailand and has his own web site.

Actually I live in Spain but yes I do have my own website. And I am not Captain Swing, although we do know each other. He wrote the first 6 stories and I wrote the next 6 using (with his permission) his character and I'm not black. I liked the genre because a lot of women like idea of a powerful black man overpowering them, anyway it winds up the good old boys ;)

Here is one of my stories in this genre

Church Dance (nc, Inter, M/ff)

************************************************** ******************
(c)2001 Spoonbender. A short story of an adult nature. Not to be read by minors. If you don't like stories where young ladies are taken advantage of or you are underage then don't read it. Contains descriptions of non consensual sex and corporal punishment.

Please email me with comments, constructive criticism, fantasies you want put into words etc. Don't flame me if you don't like the content or you don't like my style. (c)2001 www.tspoonbender.com if you wanna correspond. Ladies especially welcome.

This story is fantasy. In other words it ain't true. None of it. Ok. It is yet another pastiche in the series inspired by the sub genre of black man - white virgin rape stories that were circulating a few years ago. Hope you enjoy it.

*********************** (c)2001 www.tspoonbender.com ******************)

I'd just hit town. I had to leave my last place as one of the bitches I'd knocked up had screamed blue murder and the cops were on my tail. So I grabbed my crack stash and high tailed it out of town.

I'd seen a poster advertising a dance at a local hall down by the river and thought that'd be a good place to sell some gear while I got established. The hall itself was build close to the river with an alley behind that was about 20 feet at its widest and tapered down to a point as it merged with the wall of a warehouse behind. The front of the hall was on a main street but there was one door on the riverside, which was some sort of emergency exit.

It was just my luck that it ended up being some sort of Church Dance and so the pickings were slim. I doubted that they had more than fruit punch in there and no-one came out. I waited a couple of hours and only scored a couple of rocks to local black kids and was thinking about packing in and finding somewhere to crash when the back door opened.

It was a dark haired girl, late teens I guess, wearing a black miniskirt and a white spangled tee shirt over which she wore a bomber jacket with some shit teeny band's picture on the back. She was staggering a little and clutching her stomach and I moved towards her slightly in interest. The sight of her long firm legs was making my cock go rigid in my pants. I was still in the shadows as I watched her stagger over to the wall that separated the back of the hall from the river. It stood about 3 feet high and once she'd made it over there she leaned over and I heard the sound of her retching into the river.

I guess someone had something a bit stronger that fruit punch going the rounds in there.

She was leaning so far over that her little skirt hiked up to reveal her little white panties and my cock started to go wild.

What was I to do? It was a fucking invitation as far as my cock was concerned and it had two aching ball loads of creamy nigger seed that was desperate to find a new home urging it on.

It was quiet and no one had come out for over an hour before she made her appearance so I decided to take the gamble; I just had to breed this bitch. She was so engrossed in throwing up that she never heard me as I crept up on her and so her first instinct that something was wrong was when I suddenly reached under her skirt and started hauling her panties down.

"Hey," she cried feebly as I slid them down her long smooth legs. She tried to get up but I simply pushed her back down so her head was lower than the wall so she couldn't get a good look at me. I lifted her feet and pulled the panties clear then stuffed them in my pocket.

She started to struggle when I kicked her legs open but when she tried to scream her mouth filled with vomit and she started heaving instead as I prized my cock out and pushed it towards its new home.

"No," she muttered as she felt my cock push against her slit and tried to twist away but I had one hand pushing at the small of her back while I held her wrists with the other. I pushed experimentally against her a couple of times then started to insert myself. This time she really started to scream so I pulled her panties out of my pocket and pressed them against her face, which muffled the scream.

It didn't stop me hearing her screeching when I forced my way inside her tight little body though. Maybe my luck was ok after all as she turned out to be a virgin; I laughed, all her dreams of a romantic first time were turning into a nightmare as she felt the power and might of a huge nigger cock ramming inside her.

I kept banging away at her until she was fully impaled and my balls dangled below her wide-open legs like ripe fruit. I stood and savoured her squirming and the tightness of her virgin pussy but then came to. It was fucking dangerous here so I had better get a move on.

I started on the old in out as she wriggled around on the business end of my cock. Her screams had died down to panting moans as she tried her best to deal with the awesome power of a rampant nigger cock that was tearing her open ready for the planting of the seed.

It had been a long time since my last time, in fact the bitch that had tried to get me caught had been my last, so I was carrying a full load. And now she was about to take over the burden of hauling it round for me as I balled her faster and faster.

Her moans and struggling just drove me wild and I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Oh yeah, muthafucker!" I cried as I started to dump my pearly white seed deep inside her squirming virgin hips.

She tried to push herself off the wall as she felt the first lashings of pure unadulterated nigger cum start to spatter inside her but I just held her down in the mating position as I continued to jet into her. She croaked out something in anguish then again started to throw up.

It was a trip, with me pumping cum into one end while she was throwing up out of the other. It was like my cum was blasting its way straight through her body and out of her mouth. It certainly felt like that to me as I continued to jab my meat into her followed by another eruption.

I'd just finished and was tucking my victorious cock back into its cage when I heard the door behind me opening. Like a Black Panther I melted into the shadows just as this blond mini skirted girl came out.

"Jemma? Are you out here?" she called.

Jemma! I like to know the name of my baby's mother.

It must have taken her a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the dim light before she saw her friend with her legs wide open with her naked snatch dripping with excess sperm.

"Oh my god, Jemma what's happened?" said the blond as she ran over to her friend.

Personally I'd have thought that was fucking obvious but these whitebread chicks seemed to be pretty slow in getting the message, which is why they need black men so we can teach them properly.

I saw the blond in profile for a second when she reached her friend. She was even better looking than her friend if anything, with that cute innocent face that you only get with rich middle class white virgins.

I was thinking of making a run for it when she bent over the wall to help her friend and her panties winked at me and I felt my boner start to get hard again. Shit it was never satisfied but I didn't care, being a nigger stud I still had plenty of potent cream to go round and I suddenly got the urge to mate this pretty little thing.

She was still leaning over talking to her friend when I grabbed her hips.

This one was a fighter and she came up trying to claw at my face with her fingernails and screaming fit to bust. I rammed her friend's panties into her mouth then pulled out my knife and held its tip against her throat.

"One more fucking noise and you're dead, you got that?"

She stared at me with her big round eyes and my cock lurched once more, it had seed to plant and it was impatient to get started.

She tried to fight when I reached under her skirt to get her panties, she struggled so much that I had to nick her again with the knife before she settled down enough for me to cut the panties off her.

I spun her round and pushed her ass against the wall. "Open wide," I laughed as I jammed my knee between her legs. Tears were streaming down her face and her little fists were beating against my chest I lifted up her skirt and pushed the tip of my dick against her tight little slot.

She wriggled away and spoilt my aim and so I had to line it up again and again she did it. It was really fucking dangerous by now so the next time I got lined up I followed through by ramming upwards with all my strength which powered me deep inside her body in one long thrust.

She arched her neck back and howled at the moon as I tore through her cherry. I don't think teenagers were designed to lose their virginities like that. I laughed and continued to thrust inside using all my strength.

This bitch was dry and very fucking tight and it needed every ounce of my strength until I was able to ram it all inside her. I stood for a second admiring her as she stood splay legged with my cock plugged in, fired up and ready to breed.

I leaned forward and kissed her on the tip of her nose, "we're gonna make us a nigger baby," I laughed then started to do my job.

I couldn't keep it going for long, the situation was so fucking dangerous and she looked so cute as her mouth worked around her friend's panties that I felt my torrent start to bubble in my balls as it prepared to move to its new home.

She must have felt it too as she squirmed harder and tried to claw my fingers away from her waist as I got faster and faster.

I rammed it inside as deep as I could, jamming my cockhead directly into her womb.....

Tears were streaming from her eyes as shook her head frantically.

....... And I exploded, adding her to my list of conquests.

We both had our backs arched as I unleashed myself into her, me with the force of my orgasm and her with the horror and pain of it, as I pumped thick ropes of chunky cum deep into her innocent young body. Her whole body shuddered and shook as I lifted her high off the ground on the end of my pulsing cock as I continued to dump my potent seed deep in her womb.

Finally she wrapped her legs around mine and slumped against me as the final few spurts jetted into her. She had that vacant raped virgin look that I loved and she was completely defeated with no fight left in her whatsoever, I could do what I wanted with her now.

I lifted her off and sat her on the edge of the wall as I caged my victorious cock again. Then I got kind of inspired and turned her round and bent her over the wall next to her friend who seemed to have passed out.

They looked so damned cute lying there with their legs wide open and my cum dripping down their thighs that I wished I'd had a camera. Just then a group of Black kids came into the alley and stood across it facing me.

"What the fuck you doing in our territory man?" said the leader brandishing an Ingrams.

"Sorting my bitches," I said, it don't go to look scared in front of a street gang.

"You the Niggah that's been dealing on our ground?"

"Nah," I said as calm as I could, "he gone. I just down here sorting out my bitches like I said."

"Your bitches? You a pimp?" his eyes narrowed as he looked at the girls, which still lay over the wall.

I nodded and he smiled.

"If you want your bitches to work here then you got to pay rent. To us."


"Yeah and as you didn't ask our permission first you gotta pay a penalty, all in all I reckon you owe us a thousand bucks, so hand it over."

"I ain't got that sort of money on me, I need to get it out of my car."

"Ok you just do that. Knife will go with you while the rest of us will make sure your bitches are safe."

I walked up to him and was just about to pass him when he grabbed my arm, "you try anything nigger and you won't see these bitches no more, they'll end up working it off, with interest. You got that?"

I nodded.

I walked up the street and past my car then suddenly turned towards the teenager who was holding a knife pointing at me. I kicked the sucker under his knee then kneed him the face as he went down. I kicked his head a couple of times then leapt into my car and hightailed it out of there.

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I saw their pictures on the TV in the diner where I stopped the next day, out on the highway. They were even prettier than I'd thought, especially the blond. She had the looks and body of a fashion model and I was mighty proud to be the first to breed her.

I strained to hear what the newsman was saying. Apparently they'd gone missing last night and the Police were concerned for their safety, so there was massive Police hunt going on. There didn't seem to be any clues.

I bought a paper as I headed out and it was there on the front page complete with lots of photographs of them. I lapped it up, it was the first time that I'd got full colour newspaper pictures of my girls which, together with their crumpled and torn panties, would make good additions to my scrapbook.

The police investigation continued for a few weeks then it seemed to die away when they found nothing and the newspapers got interested in other stuff.

Then about 6 months after I'd emptied my balls into them I saw a news flash that said they'd been found when Police had raided a gang's clubhouse. They'd been found in a backroom, but neither the TV nor the newspapers gave any details as to what they were doing there. I had to go to the library and look on the internet before I discovered that they had been found naked and chained spread-eagle on filthy mattresses. So I guess I wasn't the only Nigger to have cum inside their tight little cunts. The best part was that both girls were pregnant and the gang were all sent down for raping and pimping them, no-one came looking for me. I doubt the white girls knew the difference we all look the same to them.

It was the next year before I again cruised through the town and was feeling like copping a white girl to relieve the ache in my balls. I was down in the park when I saw them again. They were both pushing baby buggies and for an instant I got a bit panicky when I wondered whose kids they'd had. But I needn't have worried as both kids looked identical to each other and to me. I guess the strongest seed won through in the end.

They both looked exhausted especially the blond and she had to ask another girl who was with them to push the buggy. I guess they weren't getting much sleep looking after my babies. Well that's just tough shit.

The other girl, another blond who looked so much like my blond that they must have been sisters, looked so cute and natural pushing my baby that I got the urge to turn her from an aunt into a mother. She was so small and slim she'd have real problems birthing one of my huge babies. But that wouldn't be my problem; my problem was how to put it there in the first place.

I hid behind a tree as they walked by then my luck kicked in for me yet again. They all turned off the path and started towards the ladies restroom that stood way back from the path.

As soon as they went inside I looked around and seeing the coast was clear I followed them pulling out the snub nosed gun I'd acquired since my encounter with the gang. I also pulled some rope out of my pocket.

I intended to let my kids watch me give them some baby brothers, and probably a half brother too, and I couldn't handle 3 chicks on my own without some help.

I found an 'out of order for cleaning' sign and pulled it in front of the door as I went inside and locked the door.

And this time I had a camera.

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I have a question. If the new blond has a baby what is its relationship to the other two babies? Half brother? Cousin, half cousin what? What a conundrum eh? Lucky this is just fiction eh?

By the way don't ask me to write the sequel, use the following snippets to construct the story in your own mind:

He makes the most docile of them, the blond, tie up her friend and her sister.

He takes the virgin sister first. He makes the blond hold her sister's hands as she is impregnated while Jemma desperately tries to escape from her bonds.

The blond he saves until last. She doesn't fight him as he cums inside her, unlike the other 2, she might even have got off on it.

This time their church gets involved in the controversy of whether they should be allowed to have abortions even if it was rape.

By the time the controversy was over it was too late.

And they all had huge boys.

Now I'd have thought that was enough to go on with a mind like yours [grin], maybe you could even write it up for real using the snippets above and post it. Send me a copy if you do. Thanks.
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05-28-2007, 03:41 PM
I've been a real fan of your stories for a long time. I joined your forum, but it doesn't seem like there is much traffic there. I know that it would have a great following why not spread the word about it.

05-28-2007, 07:56 PM
I've been a real fan of your stories for a long time. I joined your forum, but it doesn't seem like there is much traffic there. I know that it would have a great following why not spread the word about it.

To be honest I've been waiting until I can get a credit card company that will accept a site like mine before I start advertising and/or kickstarting the site. But they don't like sites featuring anything harder than straight sex. Does anyone know of a friendly creditcard company?

I have written new stuff and done lots of artworks (see below) and I've even managed to drag Parker (Stacey's Senior year etc) out of retirement.

Meanwhile I sit and twiddle my thumbs. Anyone got any suggestions?


05-29-2007, 01:09 AM
;) I may suggest getting the site off the ground with a nice following then, once there is a lot of interest, start the charging. Of course I'm a cheap bastard and would rather have a free forum like the RB. But if you have any luck, don't forget us little guy fans, who were there from the start ;) :D ;) :D

05-29-2007, 06:52 PM
;) I may suggest getting the site off the ground with a nice following then, once there is a lot of interest, start the charging. Of course I'm a cheap bastard and would rather have a free forum like the RB. But if you have any luck, don't forget us little guy fans, who were there from the start ;) :D ;) :D

It is free

05-29-2007, 11:35 PM
Oh yeah I know it is free, i was just doing a litle firendly teasing. thanks for all the great posts.


oh damn...i think went to the wrong place when I posted that first message about "not much going on" i just went to your main sight and it is awesome. Thanks for the great site!