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01-06-2007, 07:12 PM
There are Four guys at a locker an ugly 18 year old girl. A bunch of guys were standing around a locker and a ugly girl was walking down the hall and they guys were laughing look at that slut she herd them laughing at her she started to cry. She had to walk right by them she didnt want to of corse. They were all wispering to each other they wanted this ugly bicth. So one of the guys grabbed her. Before she screamed He put his hand on her the other two grabed her hands. They took her to the van parked out side no one saw since they were in class. The shoved her in the van one drove away the other tied her up tight. They drove to a place in the desert so no one could here her scream. They strated feeling her skin and taking off all her clothes first her shirt and bra. Please she said let me go. They laughed at her My Please dont do this I want to go home! They then took the pants off and underwear they pulled her legs apart she is crying stop it the boys for fun bite her boobs hard she is cryong out in pain the boys pull down there pants one of them lets her see what is going inside her she gasps No she trys to get away by kicking her legs around she hits one of the guys hard on his leg you are going to pay for that Bicth. They slap her face again and again she is crying and screaming she is getting a brused cheeck and lip. They stop slaping her around theguys prick is very hard so he goes up to her hole and jams it in her pussy AHHHHH! she yells out in pain he fucks her hole so hard and so deap then whlie he is fucking her tight hole another guy holds her nose tight so she will suck his dick she doesnt want to she holds her breath one good slap then she opens her mouth if you bite i will fucking kill you she is crying but she doesnt bite she has now got a diick in her pussy and one in her mouth the one in her pussy is going to cum soon she can feel it No in a muffel sound im going to cum in you slut he shots a load in her. The one in her mouth so getting so hard now she doesnt want it in her mouth but all of a sudden he grunts and it is in her mouth she gags and wants it out but has no choice to swollow then the other guy wants to fuck her tight ass no not my ass plz not that oh yes he says all of you holes must be ours. He starts slowy going to her hole then he shoves is dick in she Screams out in pain as he fucks such a tight hole it hurts its to big plez stop. God she is tight i fuck that ass of hers so much im about to cum inside her. No dont cum in my ass plz then he cums she can feel it going in and leaking out of her ass there so much cum. There is one more guy to go He fucks her pussy all over while the other cheer him on. she is all cryed out she lay limp she doesnt care anymore. They are finally threw with her so they throw her out of no where naked and cold and she has cum everywhere The guys sure had sun that day

01-06-2007, 07:15 PM
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