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Tonya was a sweet young southern girl, a petite 27 year old with sparkling big blue eyes and long blonde hair that hung down past her shoulders, and at verily 5 foot 4 inches tall and 100 pounds she looked more like she was 16 years old instead of her 27 years, she was as pretty as a picture, firm tits the size of grapefruits and a sweet little heart shaped butt, and Tonya knew she was the envy of every woman and the dream girl of every man, but she never let it go to her head, she had a down home country charm about her and always had a smile on her pretty face and a big howdy for anyone and everyone she meet.

Tonya moved north to Ohio with her fiancÚ Jason leaving her North Carolina home to make a life with the man she loved, it saddened her to leave her Momma and her Sisters, but Ohio was where Jason felt he could provide a better living for the two of them, he had family there that could help them till they got on their feet, but Jason was having trouble finding a good paying job and to help make ends meet Tonya had taken a job at the pizzeria in the small rural town that they moved to, she was working the 3 to 11pm shift by herself and was back in the kitchen cleaning when she heard the bell ring signifying that someone had come in the door, after looking at the clock on the wall and seeing it was 10:45pm, just a 15 minutes before closing she says quietly under her breath so that it was audible only to herself “Shucks darn it, who could that be this close to closing”

Tonya walked out behind the counter and seen two men, one appeared to be in his 40s a big white man every bit of 6 foot 3 inches tall and who must of been 260 pounds if he was a pound, with tattoos all the way up and down both arms who looked in need of a shave, the man standing beside him was a black man, not quite as tall as his companion but every bit as stocky with a shaved head and ear rings in both ears who looked to be in his mid 30s, she could see right away they were not from these parts, but she greeted them with her big bright smile saying “Howdy gentlemen welcome to Pizza Hut may I please take your orders?” and the big white man said “Yea sweetheart I think we would both like a furburger and thighs” the man’s rude comment turned Tonya’s bright smile into a nerves smile, but trying to defuse his rude remark she politely said in a joking manner “I’m sorry sire but that’s not on the menu hehehe”

But the big tattooed man didn’t find Tonya amusing as he put one hand on the counter and in one big leap had jumped over it to Tonya’s side of the counter saying to his partner “Lock the door Roy and put the closed sign up” as he grabbed little Tonya and lead her back in the back to the kitchen, “please don’t hurt me mister, just take the money from the cash drawer and go” … “All in good time sweetheart but first you’re going to get my odder of a furburger and thighs, now take your clothes off Bitch!” … “Please sire I’m getting married in less than two weeks, please don’t do this to me” Tonya said as her sexy little legs began to shake in fear, “Listen to me Bitch! You see that right there (Pointing to the tear drop tattooed under his eye) I got that for killing a man, killing a little cunt like you means nothing to me, now me and Roy just escaped from Attica Prison two days ago and we ain’t had a piece of ass in over five years, so you can believe me when I tell you we don’t give a fuck about your wedding plans … Now get your Fucking Clothes Off!!”
About that time Roy came into the kitchen saying, “The doors locked Jake”

Tonya’s little hands were trembling so hard as she fumbled around with the buttons on the front of her Pizza Hut uniform dress, trembling and shaking so hard that she was having a hard time getting them undone, so Jake the tattooed escaped convict grabbed the front of her dress ripping it open sending buttons flying everywhere yelling at Tonya, “Hurry up you stupid cunt we can’t hang here all night!” this all seemed so surreal to Tonya, she couldn’t believe this was happing, she’d never been in a situation where she had absolutely no control or say so and tears began to trickle down the cheeks of her pretty face as she slid the dress off of her shoulders and let it slide down off of her slender sexy body around her ankles on the floor, and as she stood there trembling from head to toe in just a pair of white silk panties, and tennis shoes, Tonya wasn’t wearing a braw, with firm melons like hers she didn’t need a braw.

Row said, “WOW! She’s a beautiful little white Bitch!” and Jake voiced his approval as well saying “Yea she looks like a fun little fuck for sure … Now get over here in front of me on your knees you little Cunt!” Jake demanded snapping his fingers pointing to the floor in front of him, and the cold glare in Jake’s eyes and the harshness in his voice told Tonya this man was not a man to be tested, she knew when Jake said killing her would mean nothing to him he meant it, and she sank to the floor in front of the big man on her knees crying like a baby, “Look up here you Cunt!” and Tonya tilted her head back looking up at Jake her young pretty face soaked in tears, “Now Bitch, I want you to repeat to me what you said to me when I came in the front door” and Tonya’s soft southern accent stuttered in shame as she sobbed, “H-Howdy boo ho w-w-welcome t-t-to Pizza Hu-Hut m-m-may I-I-I take your odder p-p-p-leaseeeee Bo ho ho” … “Yes I would like for you to take my fucking dick out of my pants and suck it slut!”

Tonya started to raise her trembling hands to comply with Jakes odder until he said, “No No No, I expect first class serves from you ya little southern slut! Use your mouth to get my cock out of my pants” and the fear she felt was more powerful than her shame as Tonya started digging in the crotch of Jake’s jeans for the zipper of his pants with her pearly white teeth, soaking the crotch of Jake’s jeans with her tears as she did so, finally clutching the zipper and pulling it down, and Tonya let out a frightful little scream as Jake’s big half hard prick seemed to jump out of his pants at her, landing heavily in her face causing both men to chuckle, “Now put it in your mouth and suck it pizza girl” Jake demanded and Tonya had to open her mouth wide to wrap her plump lips around Jake’s big fat prick, she’d never seen a cock so big, it had to be 10 to 10 and a half inches long and nearly as big around as her wrist, but then Tonya had only ever been with two men in her life and had only ever sucked one dick and that was Jason’s who had an average sized dick, and she made him wear a rubber for that and she still thought it was to degrading of an act to ever do again, and so to have Jake’s big stinking grease cock in her mouth would have been more than she could have stood had it not been for her will to survive.

Once Tonya had sucked his cock till it was rock hard and at it’s full length Jake slapped her face off of his prick telling her, “Now stand up here slut!” and it was a struggle for Tonya to get up shaking and trembling as hard as she was, but she managed to stand up in front of the big convict, and he reached down and ripped off her panties telling her “Open you pie hole slut” and as soon as she did he stuffed her panties in her mouth “Now if you spit those out I’ll kill ya Bitch!” then he put his hands on her shoulders turning her to face Roy and gave her a shove in his direction, and she stumbled nearly falling until the big black man caught her in his arms, “Bend the Bitch over partner, I’m going to show her how we had to do it when we were locked up in the pin” Roy bent Tonya over, stuffing Tonya’s little head between his legs, squeezing it tightly between his thighs like a vice, then he grabbed her by her arms just above her elbows pulling them up towards him, forcing the little blonde up on her tiptoes to keep from having her shoulders pulled from their sockets.

Poor little Tonya was utterly terrified, she may have been blonde, but she wasn’t a dumb blonde, she had heard about the stories of what goes on in men’s prison, and she was sure that big convict’s cock would kill her if he tried to sodomize her virgin behind with it, anal sex was always a big no no with Tonya, she had made it known to Jason her fiancÚ right from the start that her asshole was for exit only, absolutely no entry, and she was just a wiggling that sweet little heart shaped ass of hers screaming a muffled scream of “Nnnuuu! Nnnnuuu! Nnnnuuuu!”

Jake stepped up behind Tonya, grabbed hold of her hips with his big strong hands, gripping them firmly and holding them still as he pressed the velvety helmet of his big fat cock up to the little rubbery ring of her asshole and started ramming it in to her like a battering ram instead of trying to gently push it in her, and he wasn’t using any lube other than the slobbers her little mouth had left on his prick, and Tonya was so tight that it took some doing just to cram the head of his prick inside her asshole and when it finally busted it’s way into her asshole opening it snapped her rubbery little rosebud ring like an overstretched rubber band, and little Tonya’s pain was mind boggling, her buttocks were quivering and her little legs were trembling, and ole Jake just kept on ramming her butt hole, sinking his cock up her rectum inch by grueling inch, ripping and tearing her rectum inch by grueling inch, and little Tonya had kicked her legs up off the floor, kicking wildly in the air on either side of Jake, kicking so hard she even kicked her tennis shoes off of her feet, her muffled screams and the laughter of the two convicts filling the kitchen of the pizzeria, and finally Jake slammed his mighty manhood entirely up Tonya’s butt hole, then withdrew it a little over half way out of her ass only to slam it back home again, again and again he did this, as the tormented little Tony bucked kicked and screamed in agony, her tears falling to the floor between Roy’s legs making a big puddle of tears on the floor, until finally Jake flooded her bowels with his load of cum and they let Tonya fall to the floor, where she lay in a semi state of shock quivering and trembling all over.

Then they heard the telephone ringing and when no one answer it the answering machine kicked on and they heard a man’s voice on the line “Tonya this is Jason, just wondering why you aren’t home yet baby, give me a call, love you” Jake looked at Roy and said “we’re going to have to get the hell out of dodge man” and Roy said, “What? I want a piece of this little cracker Bitch to man!” Jake looked at Roy then down at Tonya and said, “Get what is left of her dress back on her and I’ll get the mini van, we’ll take the Bitch with us” Jake pulled up to the door of the pizzeria and Roy with an arm around Tonya’s waist carried her out and got in the side door of the van and they speed off in the night with her, headed west.

In the back of the van was a bench seat and an empty cargo area behind the bench seat, Roy was setting in the middle of the bench seat naked with Tonya on her knees naked between his legs, her wrist were tied behind her back with plastic zip lock ties and she was looking in disbelief at what had to be the biggest, fattest cock a mortal man ever had, every bit of 13 inches long and as fat as a baseball bat, and Roy could see the fear in the little white lady’s big blue eyes as she stared at his big black python, and it made him proud, and as Tonya knelt before him he wrapped his legs around her and took his big black hard cock in his hand and using it like a club smacked her hard across the face with it, again again and again, until she was seeing stares and bawling like a baby begging the big black man for mercy, “Pleaseee! Pleaseee! Pleaseee!” but Roy felt no pity for little Tonya, he loved hurting white women with his big cock, making them fear it, and he shoved it in her little mouth, gripping her little head in his big strong hands and started pushing her down on it, when it entered her narrow throat and he kept on pushing, she panicked as it cut off her air supply and was squirming around like a little worm so he squeezed his legs around her tighter and kept forcing his horse cock future down her throat, her big blue eyes bulging in terror, but down down down she went until her little button nose was buried in his pubic hair, “This is how I’m gonna die” Tonya thought to herself, “he is gonna murder me with his big black monster of a dick” and then she heard Roy say, “I’m going to let you back up you little honkie hoe, and when I do you have a choice, you can beg to tong fuck my asshole or back down you go, and you won’t be coming back up alive!” and on that note Roy yanked her hear up off of his cock with a popping sound from the suction.

Tonya looked up at Roy with the look of a frightened cornered kitten, “May I please lick your butt hole Roy Boo hoo hoo?” … “Only my friends call me Roy you hillbilly whore! White Bitches call me master!” and with all her pride and dignity raped from her the little southern sweetheart sobbed, “May I please lick your butt hole master boo hoo hoo?” and Roy scooted his ass to the edge of the van seat, putting his feet up on the backs of the front bucket seats, legs spread telling Tonya. “Now I want you to stick your tong as far up my ass as you can get it, with your lips pressed firmly around the rim sucking on my ass and don’t you dare stop till I tell you or you know what I’ll do” and ole Roy moaned in pleasure as Tonya’s warm wet tong slid up his hot shitty stinking asshole, her sweet lips pressed tightly around his hairy rim, with his black ball sack draped across the bridge of her little white nose like a saddle bag with his big hairy nuts on either side of her nose, and her big blue eyes crying tears all over his balls, and this was her plight for the next 20 minutes until Roy’s big black balls were aching to bust … to be continued.

11-20-2008, 04:53 AM
Part 2.

It had been years since Roy had a pretty little white girl sucking and tong fucking his asshole, and he was trying to hold back his load for as long as he could to savor every second of it, but finally he could hold it no longer, so he dropped his feet down off the backs of the front seats yanking Tonya’s little face out of his ass crack by the hair of her head yelling at her, “Open your mouth you little cracker Cunt!” and Tonya was now obeying orders without thought, she was in full survival mode, and Roy crammed his big cock into her mouth, grabbing hold of her little head with both hands cramming that big fucking horse cock of his all the way down her skinny little throat, and little Tonya’s chocking throat muscles were squeezing ole Roy’s cock, milking him dry even as she began to get light headed from no air, and starting to turn blue in the face, “Drain it or die Bitch! Drain it of Die!” and Tonya could feel her stomach being pumped full of the big black man’s warm thick cum as everything turned very fuzzy, she thought to herself this was it, he was going to kill her with his cock, then everything went black.

When Tonya awoke the van was not moving and she could hear the crickets chirping outside, she was in the cargo area behind the back seat of the van with her hands still bound behind her, with Jake laying on one side of her and Roy on the other, both men were sound asleep, and Tonya lay there she so desperately wanted to get away from these two desperadoes, she was certain they would just kill her when they grew tired of raping her, but how could she make a run for it with her hands bound behind her, she raised up to a setting position and could see nothing but corn stalks all around the van and realized that the convicts had pulled off the road into a cornfield to conceal the van so they could get some sleep, Tonya thought to herself, “If I could just get out side this van they’d never find me in this cornfield in the dark” it would be risky, if they caught her the price they’d make her pay would be worse than anything they’d done so far, of that she was sure, maybe even kill her, but they maybe planning on killing her anyways she thought, “I have to try” she thought to herself.

Tonya quietly and carefully got up to her knees, being careful not to nudge either man and carefully got to her feet, she had just hiked one leg over the bench seat when Jake suddenly bolted up in a setting position “Where the fuck do you think you’re going you stupid Bitch?” Tonya froze in fear, her escape had been a short failed one and she knew she was in trouble, Jake’s words awoke Roy who was still naked, Jake was angry, he had been driving for a long time and being on the run for almost 3 days now had him on edge, and he grabbed Tonya by the back of her neck and she began to cry and apologize, “I’m sorry I’m sorry please don’t hurt me boohoo, I won’t try it again I swear” … “give her to me Jake I’ll anchor the little hillbilly Bitch down” and Jake threw Tonya down on top of Roy, “Get that pussy up on my pole and get to sliding slut!” Roy commanded Tonya, and Tonya was so fearfully of that big black python which she could feel against her belly and could tell that it was already standing at attention, then she felt Jake cut the plastic ties off her wrist, freeing them, saying to her, “You heard the man Bitch! Get busy!”

Tonya was on her hands and knees straddling Roy as he lined his big black cock up for her little white pussy, “Push yourself down on it you little piece of white trash meat!” he commanded Tonya, and Tonya knew after her failed escape the only hope of prolonging her life was to rape her own pussy on Roy’s big black horse cock, she had seen the hatred in Jake’s eyes and knew he had murder on his mind, so she began gritting her teeth, and with her hands on the floor of the van on either side of Roy she began pushing herself backwards, arching her back and wiggling her hips, working herself inch by inch down on the monster cock that felt like a baseball bat entering her womanhood, “All the way down Bitch! All the way down!” and little Tonya was panting like a dog and squealing like a little piglet by the time she’d pushed herself all the way down on Roy, “Now get to sliding Slut!” he commanded, and poor little Tonya squealed “Please Master! May I just set for a minute to adjust to your big mighty cock ... Pleaseee!?!”

Before Roy even had a chance to deny Tonya’s request she felt the business end of Jake’s heavy leather belt bite into her soft tender ass flesh as he whipped her with it, yelling, “Get to bouncing Hillbilly!” and she felt the burning sting of Jake’s belt again and again and again as Jake beat Tonya with his belt like she was a dirty ole dog, and she began hurriedly raping herself on Roy’s big rod, crying begging and screaming for mercy as Roy’s big cock tore her tight little pussy, up and down on his pole she slid with her tears falling down on Roy’s big barreled black chest like a warm southern rain, soaking him in her tears, as his man meat began swelling inside of Tonya and finally going off like a canon inside of her birth canal, and finally Jake, his arm tiring ceased his beating of her backside and she collapsed on top of Roy, and lay there with her quivering little pussy milking him dry.

“It’s done” Tonya thought to herself as she lay on top of Roy sobbing with his half hard cock still deep inside of her, but she soon found out that was not the case as Jake climbed on top of her, sandwiching her between the two of them and pressing his big 10 plus incher up to her butt hole, and with one mighty thrust of his hips buried it balls deep up her asshole, and poor little Tonya felt like she had just been ripped into, the pain she felt was indescribable, and her sexy young little body went into convulsions between the to big escaped felons, that poor little blue eyed blonde was flopping around like a fish, and Roy’s cock stated getting rock hard feeling Jake’s rubbing up against it through the then bearer of flesh that separated her two fuck holes, and they worked her for 20 minutes before she passed out into blessed unconsciousness, but they just kept raping Tonya’s limp body until they emptied their ball inside of her, laughing and high fiveing each other as their captive lay impaled between them.

When Tonya awoke the next day she was setting in the bench set in her Piz Hut uniform dress that was ripped open to the waist, with one wrist fastened to the arm of the bench seat with a plastic tie, and she must have been out for sometime for they were parked at a gas pump at some little country gas station in the heart of Kansas, and she seen the gas station attendant who was at the pump outside of her window glaring at her through the window with pure lust in his eyes, and she took her free hand closing her torn dress, and Jake could see the gas station attendant admiring his pretty little captive and Jake got out of the van and Tonya could see Jake and the attendant having a conversation, the attendant hung the gas hose back on the pump, and Jake went to the drivers side window of the van and told Roy to pull the van into the garage.

The Conclusion …

Jake had made a trade with the gas station attendant, he traded Tonya to him for a car, and a full tank of gas, the attendant would strip the stolen van down so that it could never be located.
Bubba was a fat grease nasty man with rotten teeth, and not the brightest man in the world, and to own a woman like Tonya was better than he could have ever whished for and he took her home to his shotgun shack were before going back to the station he put her down on her knees bent her over his bed and tied one of her wrist to the footboard and one of her wrist to the headboard and brutally raped her in the ass, then he stood up pulling his grease bib overalls back up, telling Tonya, “I think I’ll just leave you like that till I get back home from work” and Tonya begged, “Please let me go, I won’t tell no one what you’ve done to me, please I swear” but the vial man just laughed at her saying “You Bubba’s bitch now little girly” and he left to go back to the station.

Tonya lay there bent over the soiled bed of that vial man in a deep dark depressed state thinking her life couldn’t get any bleaker than this, when she suddenly felt something warm and wet lapping at her pussy all the way up the crack of her ass, and she looked over her shoulder in shock at Bubba’s big red hound dog, “Good doggy! Good doggy! Go away!” she said in a panicked voice, but the hound didn’t go away, it put it’s paws on the bed on either side of her and started humping her back side searching for a hole as Tonya screamed in horror, “Nooo bad dog BAD DOG!!! BA-AAAAAHHHHOOOO……..

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Loved the story,very well written.