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11-09-2008, 12:09 PM
I was doing my usually businesses in my gang hood, another typical day of watching my whores flashing their boobs to attracting new customer that pass by. However something unusually happen today, a car broke down across the street and a sexy hot lady get off the car and standing next the car making a phone call. From the disgust look on her face while she stare my bitches, I can tell its her first time to a such a dirty and lawless place. Of course Im not going miss the beautiful innocent prey that show up on my front door, I can have some fun with her or maybe even add some new blood into my whores.

As soon as I see her off the phone, I start walk across the street and approach her car, she start to look at me as I walk next to her. I can see the fear on her eyes as she look at the large scar on my face and my well builded huge body, and I enjoy the terror show up on my new victims beautiful face.

“Hi sexy, you got a problem with your car? Maybe I can help you.” When she is ready to answer, my muscular arms quickly reach behind her back and grab her tender soft ass.

11-10-2008, 11:01 AM
I release a curse, slamming my hands against the steerwheel once i pulled into the side of the road. The engine splutters and then dies completely, leaving me completely helpless in a rather rough side of town. Throwing open the door, i lowered a high heeled show upon the tarmac road and lift myself out of the car, slamming the door behind me. My day has gone from bad to worse, first i get fired by my perverted boss simply because i told him to take a hike when he tried to hit on me and now the damn car had broken down.

Thankfully my cell managed to pick up a signal and i dialled the number of the garage that i usually use. Reassured that someone will be there shortly, i hang up and drop my phone into my handbag, shivering slightly as i wrap my arms around myself. Too my alarm a rather rough looking male crossed the street and made his way toward me before standing just inches away from me. "N-no...that's alright.." i stammer quietly, "Someone is on their way to help me..."

Eyes widen in terror as your hand reaches behind me and grabs my ass, drawing a cry of alarm from my lips as i pull away from you. Without thinking i lash out, bringing my hand sharply across your face before scrambling around the car, putting some distance between us.

Using this time, i grab my phone out of my bag, "I-i'm calling the police! G-go on, get out of here!!"

11-10-2008, 02:56 PM
Feeling the burn in my face, I just realize that bitch has slapped me, never has a bitch dare to provoke me, and now this bitch is going to pay big time.

“You can call whoever you want to call bitch, I will be long gone by the time they got here!” Just when I try to catch the bitch and teach her a good lesson, a police car appears on the front section of the street.

“You got lucky this time, but don’t think this is over bitch!” Don’t want to cost any trouble in my own hood, I quickly disappear into one of the dark alley.

When she show a sign of relief, quickly gets back inside her car and unsuspiciously waiting for the pick up truck to come, I was sitting in my car parked in the alley, and watching her.

Soon the pick up truck come and tow her car away, I quickly start my car and follow the truck, after half an hour the truck stop in front of single family house and dropping her off. I quickly find a spot near her house and park my car there. While wait there till the sky went dark, I keep a close eye on her house.

Finally when night falls, the traffic of the street become less and less, I get off the car with my tool bag and walk to the back alley of her house. I sneak into the back yard and take a close look at the inside through the windows. After a few minutes of observation, it seem that she is the only person inside the house, so I decide to make my move. I quietly move to the backdoor, and take out my door lock pick from the bag to open her back door.

Once I sneak inside the house, I hide behind a couch and waiting for her to come. With my knife in my hand I waited quietly and when she finally walk pass the couch I jump up and grab her from behind.

“Don’t fucking make a sound bitch or I will slice your damn throat” With one arms warp tightly around her body from behind and my hand to cover her mouth, my other hand holding the knife to her neck, I shout the warning right next to her ear.

11-10-2008, 03:50 PM
I hum quietly to myself, moving around the house drawing the curtains and making sure the doors are locked. There is music playing from a stereo in the kitchen, an open bottle of wine sitting upon the work top next to a glass of wine. Bare feet curled against the tiles of my bathroom, turning on the water of my shower and allowing the water to warm as i turn and make my way back through the house.

Though i miss my husband, it is nice to have the house to yourselves sometimes. I'd already stripped out of my day's clothing and pulled on a bathrobe, ready to just slip out of it and into the shower. Black hair is tied behind my head, in stark contrast to my pale skin and soft brown eyes. Humming quietly to myself, i cradle my wine glass in my hand and take a sip, turning up the music so that i can hear it from the bathroom.

Moving back through the house, heading toward the now steam-filled bathroom, but i never made it that far. Suddenly i felt someone grab me from behind, in my alarm dropping the glass of wine i held, the glass shattering upon the floor, a scream ready to escape from my mouth. Your warning silences me, and my lips swiftly closed, preventing the scream from escaping as i try to remain as still as possible.

I can hear your breathing, hot and heavy against my neck, your body held close to mine, preventing me from any movement and the knife threatening any movement with death.

11-10-2008, 04:07 PM
While holding onto your soft body, I can feel you are trying to remain as still as possible, but fear spread through the coldness of the knife onto your body, you start tremble. Getting so close to your hot body that I cant hold myself to press my nose against your to smell your long lock of Black hair and your creamy white neck. Your body shivers more as you feel my nose touching and smelling on you. The scent of your sweet smell makes my cock start to harden, and a huge bulge appears on the outside of my pant.

“You smell very nice bitch, now listen I want you to lean down and remove your panty under that sexy bathrobe of yours.” Slowly I start to rub my hard bulge onto your tender ass.

11-10-2008, 04:14 PM
I flinch at the sensation of your hardened corck against my ass, eyes closing tightly as i shudder and tremble within your grip. Suddenly i recognise the voice that speaks so coldly and cruely into my ear. "P-please...." i whisper desperately, unsure what to do for i am certain that i will receive no rescue, "I-i have money...please you can take all my money, i-i won't call the police...please..." I plead desperately with you, only to feel the pressure of the blade push against my soft flesh.

"A-alright...please..just take the knife from my throat...i can't move with it h-held so c-close...."

11-10-2008, 04:24 PM
"A-alright...please..just take the knife from my throat...i can't move with it h-held so c-close...."

“Did I say you can fucking talk, bitch?” I use my free hand to grip onto one of your tits, squeezing it as hard as I can, and making you try to scream loudly, but as my knife pressing closer to your neck, you hold your scream inside your lovely red lips.

“You better listen to everything I say, or else I will rip off that nice tits of yours! Now lean down and take off your panty as I said, I will move with your body so you wont get cut. Do it now bitch!” I continues to fondle your soft tits while rubbing my huge bulge harder against your lovely ass.

11-10-2008, 04:33 PM
My eyes close tightly as i feel your hand close upon my breast, wanting to cry out but managing to muffle it to a desperate whimper. I dare not speak again as you command me to do as i'm told and i reluctantly lean forward, feeling you shift with me. The position that it places me in has your body tightly pressed against my own and i grimace, trying not to panic as i reach beneath my robe and slide my panties off my hips and down my legs.

Feeling the fabric fall around my ankels, i kick them to the side before straightening, trying to keep my breathing slow and calm.

11-10-2008, 04:40 PM
Before you try to kick off your little cute white panties, I grab it with my free hand. While we stand up again, I put your little panty on my nose, smelling it then place it in front of your mouth.

“I like the smell of your little pussy, now open that sweet red lips of yours and put the panties inside it!” I pressing the panty hard against your sexy red lips and force you to open your mouth and stuff it inside.

11-10-2008, 04:45 PM
I have no option, the constant presence of the knife keeping me complacent and obedient, standing very still as you bring my panties to your nose, inhaling my scent deeply. Reluctantly i open my lip, a whimper escaping me as you force the cotton fabric into my mouth roughly, using it as make-shift gag.

The music is still playing, filling the silence between us, shifting slightly upon my tiptoes, careful not to stand upon the shattered glass.

11-10-2008, 05:07 PM
“That’s a good bitch, now I want you to place both hand behind your back and hold your hand together there.” I speak as I take out a pair of handcuff from my bag, and with the knife still in your neck you reluctantly do as I said.

“Now lets find some place comfortable so we can have some fun!” once your hands were cuff behind your back, I force you to walk with me into one of the room inside the house.

As I open the door, the first thing I saw was a wedding photo of you and your husband hanging in front of the bed well.

“Oh, we got lucky didn’t we, I just found the main bedroom. So you were married, I always want to see how wild can a wife goes on bed, guess we can see that for today.” I speak as I lock the door and look at how happy you were in the photo.

When we reach the bed I let go of the knife on your neck and push you down to the bed, then I walk up to the table just facing the bed and take out a camera and place it on the table.

“Well lets get the show started!” I laugh as I start to undress in front of the bed.

11-10-2008, 05:12 PM
I feel the cold metal snapped around my wrists, filling me with dread as i realise that my hands are completely immobilised. Without an option, i stumble forward as you push me through the building and into my bedroom. Your comment draws my gaze to my wedding photo and i sob shakes my body as i realise what you are going to do, eyes closing tightly in dread.

Suddenly shoved forward, i land hard upon the bed, rolling onto my back and digging my heels into the bed, shuffling backward and as far away from you as possible. While you are busy undressing, i've managed to work the piece of damp cotton from my mouth and spat it out onto the floor. "P-please...please don't...M-my husband will be home soon...please...just go...i..i won't tell anyone..." i stammer, with slightly more confidence now that the knife is away from my throat.

My terrified gaze snaps to the camera and back at you, backing up until i feel the headboard against my back.

11-10-2008, 05:29 PM
When you spat it out the panties, I was already fully undressed, my huge monster cock was fully erected and rise high in the air. When I heard you were shouting, I quickly get onto the bed and try to put the gag back again. You were trying to get away from me but I was too quick, soon you were under my grip again. While grabbing your head by your long black lock, I use the other hand quickly bury the panty inside your sweet mouth again.

“Didn’t I tell you not to speak, you bitch just cant learn without pain!” I slap you face hard and let go of your hair as my palm hit your beautiful face, the force was so hard that your body thrown down on the bed again.

When you try to get up, I lean my whole body on top of you, and you were pin down and unable to move anymore.

“Did you say your husband will be back soon, then maybe he can still catch the show!” I laugh as I get the knife that was placed on the table next to the bed, and start to cut open the only button holding the two side of the bathrobe together.

11-10-2008, 05:41 PM
I release a scream as you launch yourself at me, trying to scramble off the bed and get away from you, but you are so much faster and stronger than i am. Your fingers tangle in my hair, making me cry out in pain as you pull my head back, forcing the material back into my mouth. The blow to my face throws me to the bed, causing me to cry out against the gag, cheek stinging painfully.

As i turn, i see you bear down upon me, your weight and grip forcing me down against the bed, preventing me from escape again. Eyes widen as i catch sight of the knife, instantly freezing as you bring the blade to my bathrob, cutting it open. The pieces fell apart, revealing the taunt pale skin of my stomach, the swell of my breasts and my pussy, despite the fact that i was quickly tried to curl up and hide my body from you.

11-10-2008, 05:54 PM
When bathrobe is cut open your ample breast and little pink nipple is expose to my lusty eyes, as you try to curl up and hide your body, your tits bounce up and down which cause my cock to go even harder.

Seeing you keep curling around, I press my hand onto your shoulder and keep you pin down on the bed. Then I can wait to lean down my head and feast on those lovely tits. While sucking and kissing your creamy white mounds of flesh, I swallow your little pink nipple into my mouth. Sucking and nibbling, sometime even bite down hard on it, making your whole body jump up in pain and let out a loud muffled squeal. As I continues my abuse on your cute little nipples, they become erected and perky.

“You like that, don’t you bitch? You nipples are all hard now!” I release my mouth from yours tits and no matter how I press and push them, they just keep bouncing back up.

11-10-2008, 06:11 PM
I squirm, twist and struggle against your grip, trying to stop you from forcing me flat on my back, your body forcing the rest of my body straight. Lying uncomfortably upon my arms, i close my eyes tightly as your lips close upon my nipples. Muffled cries of alarm escape into the gag as you nip and bite upon the sensitive peaks, causing me to squirm beneath you in a weak attempt of escape. At your question i desperately shake my head from side to side, telling you that i don't like it, that i want you to stop.

My heels dig into the bed beneath me, trying to push my body away from you, shoulders straining and pulling against the handcuffs that hold my arms behind my back.

11-10-2008, 06:30 PM
Seeing you desperately shaking your head and still trying to escape from my grip, I slap your face hard again. Watching you cry and squirm helplessly under my body, I pull your face up by your long lock of hair, licking the tear off your face then kiss the section of your lips that’s under the gag.

“Now lets see if your lips up there is telling the truth or is your lips down there!” I suddenly release my grip of your hair from the air and cause your head to fall down on the bed.

I remove my hand from your shoulder and get hold of your closed legs. You sense my hands onto you last defense, so you put your slim long legs together as tight as you can.
Even against your struggle I grab one of your leg and lift your whole bottom up from the bed. Now you closed legs and ass are in the air, only part of your back and head is on the bed. Although it’s a uncomfortable position for you but you still keep yours legs close.

“Fine, you want to play rough bitch, then lets see how long can you last!” I use my other hand to keep slap her pale tender ass in the air and see how long can she hold her legs together.

11-14-2008, 05:09 PM
The blow snaps my head sharply to the side, whimpering in pain as your fingers tangle with my hair, dragging my head backward sharply. Your grip slackens and my head falls upon the bed below with a muffled murmur, your hands moving down my body to grab my legs and i clench my legs tightly together, determined to keep you at bay.

A cry escapes me as your hand comes into sharp contact with my ass, causing my body to jolt and tremble as i fight to keep my legs tightly together. Jaw clenches tightly as i fight to hold my body upright as your hand slaps down upon my soft flesh, turning it red and tender. My muscles spasm and clench in desperation but eventually i am forced to relax, one leg falling down upon the bed.