View Full Version : To set the record straight

12-08-2016, 02:38 PM
I'm getting very tired of the bitching, moaning and whining about what this board is or isn't supposed to be and why we cant make it better.

Well folks better is subjective, however we can do no more than the owner of the board allows. If your that unhappy with the board/mods or the Admin LEAVE. PM me I will happily ban your account and remove your posts. And as a bonus add your IP to the banned list as well.

And if you want to post a beef do it in the Rowdy Room where it belongs. The SPAM section is still for reporting spam. There is no other part of this board to file complaints at. Or do it in PM to a mod.

I have let much beefing go unchecked over the last several months in order to help let people vent. Some have used this opportunity to take cheap shots at this board the staff and other members.

This STOPS today. Post a bitch outside the rowdy room at your OWN HAZARD.