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Pack of Wolves-The Gang Rape
by Riddler66
WARNING: This story is fairly GRAPHIC and VIOLENT. You have been warned.

She had been walking home after dark. She usually got a ride home after rehearsals from her Dad, but he was working late, and the neighborhood around the little community theatre she was rehearsing at was decent, so she didn't think twice about walking. That was her first mistake.

Her second mistake was not crossing the street or running away when she saw the group of boys standing menacingly in her path. She had been passing through a small industrial area between the theatre and her house lost in thought, thinking about her tiny part in the show she was performing in, and going over the lines and dance moves of the role she was understudying. She was only 18, so despite her dedication it was unlikely she was going to end up really doing the part, even if the woman she was understudying got sick or detained, but she would not let that stop her from being prepared.

They were a pack of predators, looking for a victim. Normally they preyed on women they had scoped out, or had a passing acquaintance with, but that night they recognized the demeanor of a young girl who was ripe to be victimized. By the time she noticed she was not the only one on the street, it was too late to do anything subtle to avoid them.

She had the fear of strangers imprinted on all young women, but she was also polite enough to not want to offend them by crossing the street, or looking like she was deliberately avoiding them. These boys could see that she would be pliable. She would rather risk her safety than offend a stranger. That was all the encouragement they needed.

They were young. Some as young as 18, the oldest looked no older than 21. But they had obviously done this before. Only one of them looked apprehensive. He was clearly the new one. Even before they spoke a word, anyone observing could have seen that the others were guiding him, instructing him. This was an initiation.

The girl had planned on just walking quickly by the boys, who were all standing outside an unoccupied storefront that looked like it was being renovated. Too late she realized that there was nobody else within viewing distance, and that these boys were not going to let her walk by.

"Come here bitch", one of them said as he grabbed her.

She tried to scream, but they had obviously been prepared for that, because before a sound had escaped her lips, one of the boy's hands was clamped tightly over her mouth. She was quickly dragged inside, into the dark interior of the storefront, where it was evident from the empty beer bottles what they had been doing here.

The group of boys surrounded her on all sides. She was being held in a standing position facing the majority of the boys. There were at least two boys holding her arms and legs, and the one covering her mouth was also holding her by her ponytail, which was very painful.

"This is gonna be FUN..." she heard one of the boys say. She was having difficulty seeing who was talking or making out faces. She was not sure whether this was because of the lack of light, or because she was so terrified that she was not able to take in any of the things she was seeing.

"Hold the little twat still" she heard one of them say. He had an authority to his voice that gave her the impression he was the leader of the little group. She felt his hand slip up the front of her T-shirt and cup one of her breasts. She had been naive enough to hope they were just playing a prank, but as his index finger and thumb pinched her nipple, and the grip of his friends tightened to keep her from pulling away, the cold reality of what was about to happen to her sunk in.

"You like that bitch?" the young man asked. “You want me to squeeze harder?" She tried to say no, but the other boy’s hand was still clamped solidly over her mouth.

"Why are you playing with those tiny little titties Randy?" one of the other boys said. “They’re hardly even a handful".

The girl had never been ashamed of her slim figure. She had a high metabolism. That and the hours of dance classes and rehearsals had kept her from developing much, but she had been grateful not to have to wear a bra.

"What is she, like an “a” cup?", another said.

"The little ones are more sensitive”, the leader said. As if to illustrate his point, he pinched her nipple hard and she cried out in pain.

"See, the little cunt likes it", the leader said.

"C'mon Randy, lets get this little slut out of her jeans and get some pussy already!" another one of the boys said.

If there had been any hope that the boys had just been trying to intimidate or mildly molest her, that hope was dashed with this comment. The young girl suddenly began struggling wildly, hoping to squirm free of their grasp. But her struggles were useless against the expertise of the boys holding her. They used the momentum of her struggle to lay her flat on her stomach. She felt something cold against her back, and only realized after the fact that they had just used a knife to slice the back of her t-shirt. She froze. Now she was terrified not only of being raped, but possibly of being killed as well.

One boy grabbed her waist just above her jeans and pulled her hips a few inches off the ground. She suddenly found herself with her face and her knees contacting the cold cement ground. She felt another boy reach around and undo her jeans, but she was too terrified of the knife to struggle. Then, almost before she had time to think about it, she felt her jeans and her underwear pulled down to her knees. She was exposed.

"Look at that cute little ass!" one if them said, slapping her hard on her backside.

"Forget the ass, I want that tight little pussy" another said. As he spoke he reached in between her thighs with both hands and pulled them apart. She was acutely aware that she was partly on her knees, with her ass exposed, and her vagina pulled open, her lips slightly separated exposing the most intimate part of her sex to these boys who were about to violate her. She felt tears welling up in her eyes.

She was quickly lifted up, and the remnants of her shirt pulled away from her. They brought her over to an old desk that looked as if it had been left behind by the owners and bent her over it. She realized suddenly that she had not had a hand over her mouth since her shirt had been sliced off, but she had been too frightened to notice it. Now she was too scared to make a sound for fear they would cut her.

She found herself bent over at the waist over the desk. She felt a number of hands holding her expertly, and she knew that they had done this before, perhaps even in this place. Her bare breasts were pressed flat against the desk, and her arms were being held out straight at her sides. She could feel the hard wood of the desk against her cheek, and she could just barely make out the shapes of the boys leering at her from behind.

Her jeans were still around her knees and she felt one of them step up behind her and unzip his pants.

"Please, don't do this" she pleaded

"Shut the fuck up hole!" the boy behind her said, punctuating his comment with a blow to the back of her head.

She felt hot tears streaming down her cheek as the boy behind her spit on his hand and rubbed it on the tip of his penis as he prepared to violate her. She tried to steel herself for what was about to come, but she still jumped when she felt the head of the boys penis press against the opening of her vagina.

She had had sex before with two different boys (both her boyfriends) and she had even tried it once from behind before with one of them, but this was different. There was a burning sensation as his penis pressed against her. The spit provided sufficient lubrication though, and slowly but surely she felt the boys penis slide painfully into her until she felt his hips press against her ass.

"Ooohhh yeah", he moaned "take it all you little slut"

"all" was relevant. The girl had very little to compare it to, but even she knew that this boy was a little on the small side. Even so, it hurt to have him in her.

Once he was all the way in she felt him pull back out slowly, and then suddenly he shoved it in all the way quickly. She cried out, as much with surprise as with pain. The discomfort of having this stranger’s penis in her was intensified by the fact that he seemed to be trying to slam it into her as hard as he could. He continued the pattern of pulling out relatively slowly then slamming his penis into her. As he thrust in his hips would smack into her as and make a WHAP sound.


Then he began to speed up.

" Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah," He grunted, working himself into a frenzy.


"Fuck! Take that cock you...fucking...slut!"



And suddenly he was very still. She could feel his penis spasming inside her, and she knew he was cumming.

After he was completely finished he slumped over slightly and sat there for a few more seconds breathing hard, then he pulled himself out and moved on. The whole experience probably lasted less than a minute.

Unexpectedly she felt a hand grab her by the hair from in front of her and jerk sharply, Her head was lifted off the table and she realized as he spoke that it was the leader of the group.

"Did you like that little girl?"

"Please, just let me go now" she said, knowing that it would never really happen.

"Oh no, we're just getting started. We're gonna fuck you real good bitch."

Somewhere in the back of her mind the girl wondered why the leader had not gone first.

The leader had distracted her, so she had not felt the second boy sidle up to her and undo his pants. Before she even realized he was there, he had pushed his entire penis inside her.

Unlike the previous boy, this one was actually fairly large. Also unlike the previous boy, this one stuffed himself all the way inside her and then slowly pressed his hips against her, fucking her with very shallow strokes.

As she felt him grind hard against her she became acutely aware of the edge of the desk digging into her hips. She tried to adjust, but he was pushing hard against her, as if he was trying to push his entire body inside her. As he got more into in she felt him lean forward and put his hands on the desk on either side of her breasts and the pain in her hips got worse as he put his full weight on her. The burning sensation had subsided slightly due to the fact that the previous boy had left behind a fair amount of “lubrication”, but the pain of being pinned against the desk combined with his larger size made this a more painful experience than the last.. She had been trying to not make any sound, since that seemed to only egg them on, but she started to involuntarily groan in pain and clench her fists as he pushed into her.

"Oh yeah Danny, she's getting into it!" the leader almost yelled "Give it to her man"

As if he had opened a set of floodgates, suddenly all the boys were yelling out encouragement to her assailant.

"Pump that pussy Danny"

"Fuck her good"

"Make that little slut moan"

The boys continued to shout out encouragements as the leader leaned forward and spoke directly into her ear "I can tell you like this you little whore. I can hardly wait to feel you bucking under me".

Logically she knew that they could not possibly believe that she was enjoying this, but somehow the words were still humiliating. The comment was still sinking in when she felt the boy behind her start to speed up a little, and she knew from the grunting sounds he was making that he was close to finishing. The pain of him pressing against her become almost unbearable as he ground against her furiously, and then his whole body convulsed and he was done.

He quickly pulled out and was replaced by another boy who shoved himself into her and was done in less than thirty seconds. She was vaguely aware of the boys still shouting at her, but a numbness had started to creep over her and the whole room started to sound very far away.

They would not let her escape into herself however. She suddenly felt her shoes being pulled off, and her jeans and underwear followed moments later. She realized that the leader was barking orders. She was flipped over on her back without warning, and her head hit the desk hard. She reflexively struggled a little, but before she knew it she had been slid up onto the desk with a boy holding down each arm. Her ass was at the edge of the desk with her legs hanging off the end, and there was a boy holding each leg. As another boy approached the two boys holding her legs parted, taking her legs with them. She found herself completely vulnerable, with her legs spread so wide apart that she could feel her lips part slightly, exposing her lewdly. She was very aware of all the boys leering at her exposed vagina. Her legs began to tingle as the circulation returned, and the tingling spread to her entire body as she began to blush at the horrifying attention she was receiving. She tried to close her legs slightly, but the two boys holding her had grips like vice clamps, and they even pulled her legs slightly further apart in response to her struggles. She was more exposed than she had ever been in her life, and she found herself wishing they would flip her back over.

"Look at that pink little pussy"

"Shit man, she's hardly past puberty"

“ I wanna squeeze those pink little nipples”

"Look at that tight little body"

Most of the comments were accompanied by gropes or grabs of some kind. She found it the most humiliating when they would pull at her vagina and expose her inner lips and vulva, which seemed to be one of the things they enjoyed the most. She was not sure if they liked that part of her body, or if they just enjoyed seeing how much it embarrassed her when they did it. Around the room she could see some of the boys had taken out their penises and some were stroking themselves.

And then the timid boy was there. She had noticed how out of place he had looked when they were all out on the street, but now he was here, and she knew he was going to rape her just like the rest of them. There was a look of fear in his eyes, but also a look of longing and hunger. He had no concern for her feelings; he had just never done this before.

"Go on newbie", the leader said "stick it to the little bitch!"

The girl noticed then that the boy had already taken out his penis and that it was erect. This was the first time she had seen the face of one of her attackers, and she found she preferred being raped by faceless assailants. The look of hunger and lust on his face frightened her. She wanted to look away or close her eyes, but the urge to see what was about to happen to her was too strong.

He bent his knees a little and lined his penis up to her. She felt the head work in slowly. This was clearly a little awkward for him, but as his penis slid into her, she could see he was beginning to enjoy himself.

About halfway in he suddenly stopped and held very still. His face contorted into what looked like pain or deep concentration. After a moment she realized he was trying not to cum. The other boys seemed to realize this as well, because they started to shout out encouragement.

"Pop that cork newbie, give it too her!"

"Newbie's gonna blow his wad boys!"

The other boy’s encouragement seemed to change the new boy’s tactic. Instead of trying to prolong the experience, he suddenly leaned forward and began pumping furiously at her, smacking his hips against her thighs. His face was suddenly right in front of hers contorted with pleasure as he began to orgasm. This was too much for her to bear and she turned her head to the side and squeezed her eyes tightly closed as he finished cuming inside her and then collapsed on top of her.

After a few moments the other boys became restless and began demanding their turns. The new boy climbed off of her and was quickly replaced by another boy, who immediately began pinching her nipples and mashing her breasts under his hands as he fucked her. Then another who pushed her knees into her chest and drove his penis so deep into her she thought she was going to crawl out of her skin. She gave up any hope that this experience would be over quickly and just tried to endure the repeated violations. She tried to just zone out and leave her body behind, but very time she started to look as if she was not present the leader would reach out and pinch her nipple or reach under her and slap her ass hard. She began to sob softly, which seemed to excite some of the boys even more.

She could not tell of there were one or two more boys after that (they had started to blur together) and then she heard the leaders voice:

"Flip Her!"

And then she was on her stomach again. This time her jeans were not around her knees holding her legs together, so they planted her feet wide apart, exposing her ass and her vagina, but she was almost grateful to not be facing her assailants.

Her gratitude would not last long.

She felt the boys tugging at her thighs and buttocks, exposing her again, but she had almost gotten used to that. They seemed determined to leave her exposed this time though. For some reason they seemed to want to get an especially good view. She felt a boy who she assumed was the leader slide up behind her.
"Lotion", she heard him say, and then she heard the sound of a lotion bottle being squeezed. She barely had time to wonder what he was doing before she felt the tip of his penis pressing against her anus.

"No, no, please NO!" she said frantically.

"Shut the fuck up cunt", said the leader.

She struggled violently, but they were clearly prepared for that, and had already clamped down, completely immobilizing her. The leader pressed very slowly against her rectum, and as the head of his penis began to stretch her anus, she began to feel a burning sensation.

"Please, you're hurting me!" she cried out, not knowing what else to say.

"Shut the fuck up bitch, I haven't even got the head in yet", the leader said

She had not really been prepared for how painful the experience would be. She had panicked mostly because of the humiliation of being sodomized, and because she had heard it hurt. The slight burning quickly turned into a strong burning, and then the sharp pain began.

As the pain intensified she began to panic. She managed to lift her body a fraction of an inch off the desk before the boys slammed her back down again.

"Hold tight boys", the leader said.

The pain was getting more intense, and despite the fact that she was compleley immobilized, she continued to struggle desperately

"That’s it little girl, fight it" he said as she felt the head of his penis spread her anus open, and after what seemed like an eternity, pop past her sphincter. "I'm gonna ream your tight little ass good!"

"Please", she wailed "take it out, take it OUT!"

“Good girl” he said cruelly "I'm almost half way in now"

As he relentlessly continued to push his way into her asshole she began to scream.

With his penis in far enough to no longer require his hand to guide it, he put his hands on her shoulders and leaned into her. It was excruciatingly painful, but the lotion did its job and his cock slid deep into her bowels. She could just barely hear him moaning with pleasure over the sounds of her own squeals of pain.

"Fuck that's good!" He said "I may have to find out where you live and come do this to you every day."

The girl could not even respond to this terrifying threat. As she felt his thing slide slowly in and out of her ass, she squeezed her eyes shut. She gritted her teeth and tried to endure, but tears of agony were streaming down her face.

And then he began to fuck in earnest. Slowly at first, but quickly building up steam. At first it was almost more painful than the initial penetration, but soon she became numb to the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her ass. And then as if he could sense her pain subsiding he began to fuck her ass harder, and the pain washed over her again.

Up to this point the others had been watching silently, almost reverently as their leader worked his penis into the young girl's ass. Now as he sped up they began to shout encouragement again.

"Stuff that tight little ass dude!"

"Fuck that shithole!"

"Ream her good man!"

"Bury your cock in that asshole!"

The leader was pounding himself into her with brutal force. She felt a jolt through her entire body every time his hips slammed into her buttocks.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity he grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand and jerked her head back. He shoved every inch of his cock into her and began moaning and cursing as he orgasmed. She felt him releasing himself into her and then felt a sharp pain as an additional volume of fluid suddenly occupied the cramped space in her ass. She could no nothing but try remain limp and take it. Eventually he pulled out a little and gave one final violent thrust, and then let go of her hair. She laid her head down on the desk as gently as she could, exhausted from the ordeal.

A few moments later she felt his now partially limp penis slide out of her ass. She was so tired and had cried so much at this point that she found she had the hiccups. She lay on the desk, in shock, sore, and praying for this whole thing to be over.

"My turn" one of the boys said, and she felt another penis pressed against her asshole.

"Please, no more.." She said weakly.

But the boy did not listen and she once again found herself being sodomized painfully. The experience was not quite as bad as the first, and he only lasted a minute or two, but three other boys followed him.

Some of the boys seemed content to just use her. To them she was just a thing they used to get themselves off, so she was able to just lay there and take it. Others seemed to enjoys her suffering almost as much as they enjoyed fucking her.

“Do you know why we like fucking you up the ass so much?” One of them asked her directly after he was done.

He paused as if waiting for an answer and she winced as a new boy painfully stuffed his penis into her ass.

“..Because it feels better than a blowjob, and you don’t have teeth back there!”

He laughed and wandered off as his friend continued to ass rape her.

She began to loose track of time. She did not know if she had been there for an hour or three hours. She hardly even noticed when the boys started alternating between her vagina and her anus. It seemed as if some of them had come back to have a second turn. By the last boy she was almost numb to the pain.

When the last boy finally came in her ass there was a pause. She was let go and flipped onto her back, and the leader straddled her and held the knife to her throat. She felt certain she was going to die here amongst her rapists. They were all sitting in various places in the room, some with their dicks still hanging out of their pants, some even jacking themselves off. Most of them looked spent though.

"Listen closely bitch" The leader almost hissed "You can tell someone that this happened, you could probably even get a few of us thrown in jail, but the truth is, you could never recognize all of us. My buddies have already gone through your little gym bag and gotten all of your personal information, so if you EVER tell anyone about this, whoever is left will come and find you and rape you to death. Do you understand me?"

He pressed the knife painfully onto her throat to punctuate the last question.


"Good girl. Pray you never see us again" As he pulled the knife away from her throat he deliberately nicked her with it as if to give her something to remember him by. As the boys filed silently out of the building and she scrambled for her jeans and a spare shirt she had in her dance bag, she heard the echo of the leader's final words in her head: "Pray you never see us again".

And she didn't.

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Nice story

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Thanks Pachris, this is a first attempt, so I know it needs work, but I am working on other material now...

08-19-2008, 07:40 PM
Very hoooooot! If this is your first, I look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for the great story!

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Good story Riddler. Thanks for the ideas!

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that was pretty good for a first, keep up the good work.

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Riddler, amazing first story man!

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amazing story, please write more!

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great story, one of the betters ones I must say

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Really amazing, looking forward to read more such stories.

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great first effort
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pelase carry on

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Very hot story - you have a talent for this - keep up the good work!!!

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This was very good. Its interesting to me that you seemed really into telling the story for about the first 80% of it, but as it came to a close, it almost feels rushed compared to the rest of the story. Is this because you enjoy writing the build up more than the actual act? Or was this not intentional?

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great story, my friend. Really liked the anal rape scene, hope to see more.


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Excelent story riddler can't wait for the next 1.