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05-15-2008, 10:47 PM
I see you walking to school missed the bus, so your on your way to school and my house is on of few on this road, only road you can take I sneak up to get a chance of taking you.

I'm 6' 160 pounds brown hair and brown eyes:skull-lov

05-17-2008, 05:33 PM
ooc: Kate, 5' 2", 102lbs, long blonde hair, blue eyes, well developed.

IC: Kate had fallen back to sleep when her Father had left for work. One call and one call only was the rule since her Mother died. Her Dad had no time to fool around in the morning. He had an hours ride to work and expected Kate to be as prompt as he was. She jumped up out of bed and put on her clothing and ran out the door. Of course the bus was just pulling away from her house as she stepped out of the door. She had to walk to school now or her Father would skin her alive. She kicked at a stone in her anger and slipped her arms into the back pack and hurried down the two steps to the ground and walked to the main road.

She began to walk rapidly down the road deciding whether to walk fast or run. She was a runner on the track team and could use the training. As she thought about this suddenly someone grabbed her and she began kicking her feet back at an obviously strong man.

05-18-2008, 10:40 PM
I pull you back to my house around back to the barn fighting all the way, but no madder no one can hear you we are miles from around one else, I watch you as I pull you your tits flying about from the tight top your wearing, I'd say was abit tight on you, no problem for me, as I'm injoying the view, I drag you into the barn get some rope and tie you hands tightly to a pole where there is a big hook where I pick you up and hook you to it then tie you legs spead open wide to to other ropes and hooks i have lower for legs already set up as you'r not the first i've used,as you look at me scared you notice blood all around near you from where others have been here I look at you and ask you what your name is and if you've ever had set i grab a big knife

05-18-2008, 11:11 PM
No matter how hard I fight I cant get loose and I cant see who is pulling me along. Suddenly we are in a barn and you tie my hands behind me and hook me somehow so I am stationary as you tie my legs wide open. You are in the shadows so I cant see your face but I see a knife glittering and blood on the floor. This wasn't good, "Are you going to kill me?" Stupid question but I needed to know.

05-22-2008, 09:09 PM
I Yel at you "anwser my questions BITCH!!" I walk upto you and say again "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" I take the Knife and cut your shirt open,

Thne I begin running the blade up and down and then fast as I can with out cutting you I cut your bra off, I then begin runing it around you tits in a figure eight:eek:

05-22-2008, 10:34 PM
I fought against my bindings as you cut open my blouse and yell, "STOP IT, STOP IT", but next you cut my bra off of my body and I see you looking at my breasts and in my panic I yell, "KATE, MY NAME IS KATE".

That did not stop the humilation I was feeling as you ran your huge knife between my breasts in the pattern of a figure eight.

05-25-2008, 07:51 PM
"THATS BETTER BITCH", I say, "I'm you daddy now bitch call me daddy from now on we gona play a game if you win you don't add to the blood on the ground if you loose you join the rest." I put my hands on your brest and squees them making them hard then I suck on them smiling wickedly at you.

I then put my hand up you skirt filling at your panties, and then pulling them and feeling you nice tight virgin cunt says "daddy is gona pop his lil girls cherry you want it don't you?" I ask, as i'm sucking and pinching on your brest then i cut at you skirt riping it off exsposing your panties:p :skull-big

05-25-2008, 10:33 PM
I listen to you as you tell me we are going to play a game and I truly want to win the game as I understand you would not think twice about killing me, the blood tells me that. All the while you are squeezing my breasts and I feel strange feelings in my body. After you threaten me your mouth begins sucking my nipples driving me into arousal. Wetness is between my legs as I groan. I wonder why you want me to call you Daddy as your hand goes up my skirt and you pull at my panties. You tell me that Daddy is going to pop my cherry and you want me to say I want it. This was a hard thing to say as I was afraid of the pain of that. “Yes Daddy, I want you to pop my cherry. Your mouth is still on my nipples going back and forth heating me up despite myself as you cut my skirt and then rip it off. Now all I have left is my panties and I know you are going to take them soon.

05-26-2008, 08:59 PM
:skull-evi my evil side grows as I see the fear showing, knowing you know you have no way out submitting to my desires I look deep into you eyes as if I was saying your mine I own you my slave, I kiss you deep on the mouth almost passionitly, deep, as I cut your panites off I remove my pants as I kiss you and then my underware. I say "now you will be totally mine completely I will take what no one else can...", as I feel your wetness I know your body as already took to my touch, knowing you can't control what your boddy wants I :skull-ton thrust my finger in hard and deep as to hurt you before my 10" cock to make it more painful as if it wasn't going to be already then i finger your ass playing with your holes taking turn fingering them and then i put my finger in youer mouth telling you "don't you dear bite it suck it clean bitch..":skull-big

05-26-2008, 09:20 PM
Your mouth comes over mine as you kiss me deeply and cut off my panties. Your pants come off and I know you are going to take me and I cannot stop you, if I try you will spill my blood and I will die before I have even lived. You take off your underwear but I can't quite see the thing that is between every man's legs. I have never seen one and was curious despite my perdicament.

Your words scare me as I know you are about to hurt me, I know that much from sex education. "now you will be totally mine completely I will take what no one else can...", I scream as you thrust into my channel and rip through my hymen and then I feel your finger in my ass. You are probing me front and back roughly and I am crying from pain and humilation both. I close my eyes and feel wetness between my legs, pain and discomfort and something else, a strange little pleasure to be used like this. I feel your finger by my moutand you warn me not to bite. I am alarmed that you want me to lick the blood off your finger but see something else on it to. You press harder against my lips and I open my mouth as you press in and I lick off your finger as you demanded, tasting myself for the first time ever.

05-26-2008, 09:38 PM
"how do you like the teast of your own ass and pussy bitch like licking daddy's finger?", I say:skull-evi , then with out word I look as deep as I can in to your tear filled eyes and i trust my cock all ten inches into your pussy as hard as i can deeply forcing you poor innocent pussy to be ripped open wide for my cock and I hold it in deep and I kiss you again then i pull it out and then wait a few sec. and i rip it back into you trusting hard at your walls making your pussy expand deeply riping it to sheads as i fuck you I begin trusting hard and deep as i can holding your arms hard grasping you from more trusting, I rape you hard and deep as i can on and on I rip at you banging youer un protected womb building up my balls full of cum telling you "I'm about to cum baby i'm gona bust my sacs hard into you cunt about to cum I say its time baby its time...":skull-roc

05-27-2008, 09:38 PM
I scream as you suddenly thrust your huge cock into my pussy. I look downand see it between my stretched lips and close my eyes as you pull out after holding it in there for awhile. I am relieved as I think it is over when you thrust so hard I thought you cock would go through me. You grasp me hard as you thrust hard and fast in my sore pussy. Over and over you rocket into me and they you yell you are going to cum and I am scared you will come in me and make me pregnant.

05-27-2008, 10:01 PM
With out warning I blow my load shot after large shot of cum into your pussy filling it full as I can stuffing you hard as I can saying "yeah bitch yeah, you mine now"

I keep going at it till I blow a few more loads then I say "Its time for you to choose how this game goes baby level 2 I am done for now you have a choice 1 I kill you, 2 you go into a room for the night in a cage, 3 I set the dogs on you to where you become there bitch with the help of some female dog heat cent.. the choice is yours... be careful of your choice only one keeps you alive anouther night, and takes you closer to winning see my favorite movie is saw and well we are playing a game like that now baby."

I smile awaiting your reply...:skull-ide

05-27-2008, 11:29 PM
I feel you feeling my pussy up over and over again and I cry out afraid you mean it when you say I am yours. Then you give choices to pick from and I think the obvious one is the one that will kill me. I cry out thinking I am wrong, "I go into a room for the night in a cage." I wait to see if I am right because I have seen saw too.

05-28-2008, 09:40 PM
I blind fold you and take you on a path into many rooms so as you don't find your way you came. when we get to the room with the cage, I trow you on a table ass up, and i begin to ass fuck you for a few mins as my time is shortly ending as I must retire to bed for work to morrow. thne I put you in the cage and lock it I also spray you with the scent of a female dog in heat.

I no tell you "You have a choice my dear freedom is open if you are willing to go for the gold I say above the cage is a key, around the key is nails sticking up in every direction so when you try to get key you will almost everytime be cut by the nails, if you are careful you can get key if you know where it is that is, Happy hunting..."

I turn to talk away and As i go to the door I open it and then say "by the way this door leads you to a room I have 3 doors going from it one the floor is all wet and has wires hooked to a big battery, anouther door a room full of big dogs who will no way let you go as I've sprayed you ass and cunt with the scent of a female dog in heat and they will all want it all 10 of them. and the 3rd door is you way to freedom, but if you choose the dog door I can ashore you if you do not enter they will rip the door open and take you..":skull-eek

05-28-2008, 10:26 PM
As you blindfold me, I feel terror as I don't know what you are going to do to me now. You seem to be walking forever, I hear doors opening and closing and finally you stop walking and I figure you are going to put me in the cage but no you throw me on a table and mount me. I can't believe you can do that again so soon after the last time.

I scream as you enter my ass and pound away. By the time you are done with my ass, I am in deep pain and crying my eyes out. You throw me in the cage and begin playing your saw game. I was not going to fall into your trap and die or be used by dogs, I crawled up in a ball in the bottom of the cage until you left and then relaxed and went to sleep. Life was preferrable to death even a life filled with rape. I slipped into a fitful sleep with

05-28-2008, 10:37 PM
I wake up the next morning to see you still in your cage, I bring in some breakfest, 3 eggs, some toaste, and ham, I put it near the cage and unlock it "I see you want to be my girl now" I say to you as I let you out I kiss you with out word and play with your brest to use you a bit, "I have to leave for work this will be your room for now if you behave and show me you are mine I might take you to a nicer room, but for now you must learn respect and how to be a good girl." I say I am a bit more gental this moring seeing how you will respond, knowing you can leave knowing you are powerless todo anything.. then I Give you to out fits one a cheerleader the other a maid out fit, I tell you to pick one or the other one I want you to wear one I don't choose wisly the wrong choice will be a painfull one, but no worries, No Death will come your way unless you mis-behave to much.

05-29-2008, 12:01 PM
I woke to the smell of eggs, ham and toast and I looked at you gratefully as you open the door. You call me your girl and you seem pleased as you play with my breasts and I dont protest as the softness of your hands was way better then you hurting me. In fact it seemed to excite me. You tell me this is my room going forward and I see a bed and a door to the side open and small bathroom. I am hoping so that there is a shower in there. It seems you just want respect and obidence and I am more then willing to give that to you just so you dont hurt me. As I look at the food you draw my attention with two customes for me to chose from, a cheerleading custom and a maids. You tell me to choose wisely as a wrong choice would bring pain. I look at the two and think it over and pick the maid one being it is scanty and I think of servitude when I look at it. I believe that is what you want from me to serve your every want and need so it seems right. I close my eyes and pray that I am correct as you take your time letting me know if my choice was correct.

05-29-2008, 07:58 PM
I leave you and go away to work and come back and I say "the outfit you choose is correct, For you are to clean this room everyday." I gointo the bathroom where the tub is and I place a radio on a table next to the tub and I plug it in and turn it on I tell you "Next game you are to take a bath while I sit here with the radio on, you are to clean up and then get up and put your self a position you'd think I'd like to fuck you in, careful what you choose the out come could be shocking.":eek: :skull-eek :D

05-29-2008, 08:55 PM
Kate blushed as she walked into the bathroom and bent over the tub to turn the water on. She knew he was looking at her sex as she did this but she knew she had no control or choice but to do as he said. She didn't like the radio so close to the tub as she really didn't trust him not to hurt her.

She stepped into the tub and he watched her every move and even told her what to wash and how to do it. It was humilating to wash her private parts in front of him but she knew she could not refuse him.

05-29-2008, 09:26 PM
when you are done washing i take off my pants and shoes and underware and I begin to fuck your pussy while you are still wet i fuck you deep and hard tursting you knwoing you are more use to it and knowing you know your place I fuck you more and more at a nice pace, I say "you now know your place baby." I kiss you and tell you to dry off and lie in bed nakid ass in the air, and i wait for you to do so...

05-29-2008, 09:59 PM
I tremble a bit as I watch you undress and I get a look at your huge cock. I do not fight you but let you have your way as you fuck me deep and hard, I accept you with no trouble and you tell me I know my place. I walk to the bed and get onto my knees and lay on my chest so my ass is high up as you had ordered. I felt like your own personal fuck toy but I was not complaining as I was afraid to be left alone for hours upon hours. I hear you walking toward me and you grab my hips, I am afraid of what you are going to do.

05-31-2008, 09:17 AM
I lick my lips at the idea of your virgin ass I've not fucked yet, I say "time you break your ass in good." I force my dick in all the way making it painful, I trust hard and deep into it again and again pounding you ass seeing the blood on my dick from forcing my way in it excites me and sparking my trusting to go harded making my cock grow even more then normal lusting to make you mine even more I soon can't hold it and I say "I want all of you and you will take it all and come to love me" I say in a comanding voice, as I cum deep in your bowls. I kiss you on your neck as to say thank you for being my toy. then I get up and lie nect to you to go to sleep knowing you are lonly knowing you will not try to do anything I put my arm around you as I drift to sleep.

05-31-2008, 03:18 PM
I stay in the pose you order waiting for you to slam into my pussy when all of a sudden you tell me it is time to break in my ass. My eyes open wide but I do not have a chance to say something before your huge cock slams into my small cannel and I scream loud enough to wake the dead. You continue to pound my ass and I continue to scream until my screams turn into tortured whimpers as the torture continues. I hear your lust filled voice talking to me. "I want all of you and you will take it all and come to love me"

Right now I hate you for doing this to me, the pain and humiliation is beyond belief as you batter my ass with speed and hard deep thrusts that seemed to be ripping me apart. When you came I could feel my ass fill with your cum. As I cry you kiss my neck and thank me for being your toy. As you pulled out and lay next to me I lowered myself to the bed in great pain. Your arm goes around me and soon I hear the steady sound of your breathing, and I go sleep crying.

06-10-2008, 10:26 AM
next day i wake up your still a sleep so I deside to fuck you while your a sleep, I begin to fuck your pussy hard and deep hoping to wake you as you a wake i smile morning love I jsut had to look at the expression on your face waking up to cock in the morning I kiss you deep and tell you i love you with a bit of a evil grin :skull-evi :skull-big I get upto to go work and leave you with only a short skirt to where and a tight top and some tools for cleaning telling you I exspect a clean room when I get back

06-10-2008, 11:13 PM
I was sleeping soundly when I felt my body moving and as I open my eyes I am shocked to see you between my legs once more. Things were getting different as I was getting excited and feeling your cock inside of me made me get wet very wet. By the time you were done I had felt things that I did not know existed and I realized I liked what you just did to me. I fell silent as you give me clothing that bearly hides my nakedness and things to clean room with and give me orders to clean. When you leave the first thing I do is clean as I know if I don't my ass would paly the price of disobedience.

06-12-2008, 12:42 PM
I come home I see you cleaning i come up behind you and grab you kissing you and with my pants unziped I quickly force my cock up your ass fucking you softly moaning injoying your ass till I cum a few times then I say "heres some dinner eat well then take a bath call me when your ready to get out but do not get out we got a long night of fun ahead of us.. be ready" I sit down and wait for you toget done and call me

06-12-2008, 07:56 PM
I jumped a bit as you came up behind me and grabbed me and kissed me. I groaned as you entered my ass so gently and senually. I came with you several times and when you held me for a moment. You told me to eat the food you had brought home and then take a bath but dont get out of the tub. You had plans for the night. I was scared but also excited. It was amazing how much I now wanted your body almost as much as you wanted mine.

06-20-2008, 07:46 PM
I walk in to see you there in the tub I let it drain and then I get you up on your feet and I turn you around and start by unziping my pants and pulling out my cock I begin to fuck your pussy from behind again and again hard and fast trusting into you as much and far as I can moaning from the excitement, I soon begin to precum and then as I build up from trusting and raming at your hole I ram it deep as I can and let my seed deep into your womb, burying it in deep as I can, I then begin to pump at it again and again more and more till I cum again, then I go for your ass I begin to fuck it deeply trusting humping it hard burning at your anal walls, "Man you are soo tight and good even after all I've done you are so much better then the others soo much more better.." I say then I tell you to put on the cheerleader out fit i've gotten you and to lie on the bed:skull-big :skull-evi :skull-roc

06-20-2008, 08:04 PM
I knew what you were going to do when you drained out the tub and pulled me to my feet as my feet touched the floor you spun me around and rammed into my pussy. I was groaning loudly had you took me fast hard and deep. When you came I groaned but you did not pull out. You began to move in me again and this time you made me cum before you hot seed filled me again. I grunted as you entered my tight ass, it burned and hurt at first but soon it started to feel better and then you came again and told me to put on the cheer leader out fit and lay on the bed. I hurried to do your bidding as I trembled from all the times you had taken me already this time. I hurried to the bed and laid down wantering what you had planned for me now.

06-21-2008, 03:20 PM
I walked in nakid storkin my cock at you I say " I've always wanted to fuck a cheerleader you gona make all my wants and dreams come true baby I want you to get up and do a cheer" I sit on the bed, and watch I say also " when you done doing a few cheers I want you to dance sexy as you can try to make me want you better do a damn good dance to don't want me to make you hurt" I say with a evil grin:skull-evi :skull-big :D ;)

06-21-2008, 07:19 PM
I get up and give three good cheers with a lot of movement and then I start to dance. I surprised you by slowly stripping and you smile at me so I know I am doing a good job. Then I turn around and bend over and let my ass bounce around to delight you.

06-25-2008, 07:05 PM
I enjoy the show but then all of the sudden you see me go from a smile to a look of anger I yell "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!", I grab you by the hair and tell you "I SAID DANCE SEXY NOT NAKID I WANTED YOU TO KEEP IT ON!!!!"

I smack you so hard you fall to the ground with a red mark on your face, "WHEN I TELL YOU TO DO SOMETHING YOU DO AS I SAY AND NO MORE OR LESS YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE I AM!!!!"

I grab you by the hair and Say "Maby some Punishment is in Need!!"

I put you on a leash and bound you to a wall and I go get a big black Germin Sheaperd and then I say "hes looking for a good Bitch and if you need some lessions in what happens to a bitch that doesn't obey"

I then walk over to you and spay on some female dog head scent in your pussy as well as ass and around the areas while the dog is tied up...:skull-evi :skull-mad :eek:

06-25-2008, 09:46 PM
I am shocked when you yell at me and slap me so hard that I land on the floor. You drag me on a leash to a wall and tie me to it. When you leave I wonder why you are so mad but when you return I go into panic as you bring one of the German Shepards with you. I can't believe you are going to have the dog rape me but then you start to prepare me with spray that will make the dog take me. I cry and beg you. "Please don't let the dog do that to me." I can see the animal go mad as he smells the scent you have sprayed on me. "PLEASE DON'T, I DIDN'T MEAN TO UPSET YOU, I THOUGHT NUDE WAS SEXY. I WAS STUPID, PLEASE FORGIVE." I howl so afraid of what you plan to do to me.

06-25-2008, 10:08 PM
"THIS WILL HELP YOU LEARN THE DIFFENCE, when hes done with you, you'll not forget" I say as I unleash the dog, "you might as well not fight he will make you his.." He runs at you and jumps at you in a mad fit, his balls so full they almost drag the ground you can tell hes not released in a while, he start by pulling at you I yell "GET ON ALL FOURS YOU BITCH HE WANTS YOU FROM BEHIND DON't YOU GET IT" I grab you as the dog is in a rage trying to get in and put you up for doggystyle action the dog is feirce and growls wanting to mout and mark you good, "hes gona mark you good" I say with a smile evil as can be. he claws at you getting ontop of you finally getting his place he mounts and Hard is doggy cock exstined by 15" from be so full and so wanting to have your heat, he trust into you very hard I hear you scream saying "please I'm sorry I'll remeber sexy is no nude SEXY IS NOT NUDE"

The dog now going at you pumping at your pussy hard as he can with a rage forcing you down on the ground at the ferice fucking I can hear him grunting and growling and soon I hear him begin to howl as he cums for the first time, but hes not done not by a long shot confused by my spraying your ass He remount in your ass and begins to pound away at his hard and fast trusting tyou very ass almost like a rocket fireing up inside you you can do nouthing but take it, He soon howls louder then before as he cums he remounts again in your pussy so full of cum he jsut keeps going smelling of the scent raged wanting to make you his bitch for life he keeps pund you ass them pussy again and again soon 4 hours later he finally removes and gets off you I take him out of the room and come back "do you understand now that sexy is jsut danceing with clothing on in ways that tease me... I love you but if you are out of line even fi you don't understand bad thing can happen" I pick you up off the floor removing your collar and then placing you on the bed, I say "I tel you what that make me so fucking horny i gota have you now" I get on you evebn though you are warn out and ram my dick in you hard i trust fast deep and long on and on fucking your used pussy banging the shit out of it till I blow a large loud of my own cum into you I then kiss you and lie next to you saying "to morrow we will see if you have learned anything and maby you will get to have some more fun you know you want.."

06-27-2008, 09:01 PM
"THIS WILL HELP YOU LEARN THE DIFFENCE, when he’s done with you, you'll not forget" I say as I unleash the dog, "you might as well not fight he will make you his.." I couldn’t believe you were doing this to me. I screamed as the dog ran at top speed at me and jumps at me like he is a mad dog. I push at it but still her jumps up on me scratching my skin with his nails. He is pulling me across the room when you yell, "GET ON ALL FOURS YOU BITCH HE WANTS YOU FROM BEHIND DON't YOU GET IT" I shake my head wildly at you and you grab me and force me to the floor on all fours. I scream, “No No”, I was in a panic trying to get away and you hold me down helping the animal to have me. You speak to me almost as if you want the dog to hurt me. I scream as the dog’s claws dig into me and then the worst thing I could ever imagine happen when he mounts me as the dog slams into my channel, I scream out in pain and then I make promises to you, hoping you will get the beast off of me. "Please I'm sorry I'll remember sexy is no nude SEXY IS NOT NUDE". But you don’t, in fact you assist the animal by holding me still for him. After a while you did not have to hold me as the huge dog forces my chest to the floor with his huge upper body and then I feel his panting breath next to my ear as he grunts and growls. I am afraid he will bite me. Shortly he howls and I feel his hot seed fill my womb and I cry at this insult you have forced upon me.

I thought he was done as he rested for a few minutes but no, I felt his cock fill again and get as ridged as it was before. “No, no, no more, please help me”. But you don’t help me and the dog slams hard into my ass and I scream and keep screaming all through that entry. He was fucking me like a piston, the pain was unbelievable.
Another howl and I prayed it was over as cum filled my ass but no he was back into my channel ramming as if he never had me before. I was crying hard now, knowing this would never end and you just stood there watching the animal take me over and over again. I don’t know how long the animal had been using me as a fuck toy but even when he finally stopped I was out of it. I vaguely heard the door open and close and the open and close again. When I heard your voice, I could not respond "do you understand now that sexy is just dancing with clothing on in ways that tease me... I love you but if you are out of line even fi you don't understand bad thing can happen"

I felt your arms around me as you picked me up and removed the collar from my neck. The bed felt good under me and I curled up in a ball still in shock from what had happened. My eyes pop open at your next statement I thought you were kidding me. "I tell you what that make me so fucking horny I gota have you now” You straightened out my body and got on top of me. I groaned but not in pleasure as the dog had really hurt me. You did not care and I could see that as you thrusted into me deep, fast and for a long time. Using me as hard as the dog had. The only blessing was that you only needed to cum once and then you kissed me and rolled over next to me. "Tomorrow we will see if you have learned anything and maybe you will get to have some more fun you know you want...” I never wanted to fuck again but I wasn’t going to tell you that. I was hurting really bad as you laid by me so confident that I wanted it.

06-27-2008, 09:18 PM
The next day feeling sorry for you thinking I'd went to far I got a card and a letter say I was sorry that i felt maby I had whent to far that i loved you and I also got you a nice dress to wear, I said I only want you to be the best you can and to be the best sometimes we have to get extreme I only do it becouse i care and want you to be the best for me, I know you want me I can tell..

Later when I come home I walk into see you in the dress I can tell you still upset I sit by you on the bed and say I think its time we talk about things help you know what I want by what I say so this doesn't happen again but first you need to tell me some truth I put you back pack on the ground after droping out clothing underwear and some few stuff animals, I say if you where going to school where are the books, and theres been no missing child alearts out tell me the truth your homeless or something else?

06-27-2008, 10:14 PM
I read the card and found it hard to believe that you were sorry but smiled as you said you loved me. You gave me a dress to wear and told me you wanted me to be the best that I could be. I did not say a thing when you said you knew I wanted you. I did not know how I felt about you now. I watched you leave for work and set about cleaning up my room or was it a cell, I was not sure any more.

I kept myself busy finding things to clean because I did not want to think about what had happened. Finally there was nothing more to do and I just put on the dress you gave me and sat on the bed trying not to remember the dog mounting me and hurting me. When you came home I was still upset. You sat down beside me and told me you would teach me what I needed to know. Apparently you realized I was unexperienced and was just making it up as I went along.

Then you told me you wanted some truth and dumped out the stuff in my back pack. There was my clothing and stuffed toys and you ask where are the books and where are the missing child alerts. I look down not wanting to relive a horror that you replaced with a new horror. I knew if I did not tell you soon you would get angry at me so I started to talk with my head bowed and my eyes on the blankets.

"My Mother died about six months ago and my step Father decided that he wanted to fool around with me last month. Well his hand would pat my butt or slip over my breasts and I decided it was time to get out of there. So I packed my backpack and purposely missed the school bus, I was walking to town to catch a bus out of this town and then you found me and here we are. He won't be looking for me, no one will."

06-27-2008, 10:24 PM
I tell you I'm sorry about your mom and I give you a hug and I say "I want to help you become a good woman, a good enjoyable woman to please me, I want to make you mine for ever, I will teach you for now on and you will learn to obay me, If you are not shore of what is asked of you, you will ask me how." I ask you "how you are feeling are you ok?"

I left up the dress alittle putting my hand on your leg.

06-27-2008, 11:07 PM
I look at you with tears in my eyes as you say you are sorry about my Mom. When you hug me I feel better and when you tell me you will help me to be a good woman, it makes me feel much better. I nod my head as you tell me I must obey you and I find that I really want to please you. I now know I must ask you when I dont know what you want and I nod my head once more. "I feel a lot better, now that you will teach me how you want me to be. When you lift my dress and put your hand on my leg I just sit there not assuming anything. I wait for you to tell me what to do. I would not ever do that again.

06-27-2008, 11:16 PM
seeing as you are not trying to stop me I pull your dress up and move it over exsposeing your pussy I then get on top of you and begin to fuck you hard and deep kissing you on the face and neck I fuck you hard my shaft going deep into your body fucking you but not to rip or tear the dress I then tell you to remove your dress and get on the grond infront of me looking at me on your knees and to begin sucking my dick I tell you when ever I tell you i want you to suck my dick this is how you will doo you will only be nakid if I tell you to, as you get o your knees I grab you head and force you deep to take it very deep and I begin tursting down your trought deep and hard "when I want you to suck or anything you'll learn to do it fast and good baby it will come easy for you you will learn to be a great cock sucker for daddy" I then trust deep and hard and cum in your mouth and down your tought "NOW swaalow baby you will always swallow any drop lost out of your mouth will be punished.."

06-27-2008, 11:32 PM
I was still sore but when you lifted my dress I did not try to stop you as you got on top of me and began to thrust hard into my channel. You kissed my face and neck and then told me to remove my dress and I did it quickly as I did not want to anger you. You tell me to get on the floor and suck your dick and I quickly get on my knees and let you push your cock into my mouth. You thrust into my mouth hard and I try to suck you as you thrust down my throat and tell me I will learn to be a great cock sucker for daddy. You slam your cock down my throat and thrust hard. When you cum you tell me to swallow and I do it quickly as you tell me if a lose a drop you will punish me. I don't want to be punished and swallow quickly.

06-27-2008, 11:40 PM
after that I get out the cheerleader out fit and tell you to put it on and dance sexy. "remeber sexy is not nude its jsut dancing in way as if you where having sex , move your body around do a little wiggle. lets see if you got what it takes to please me baby" I smack your ass lightly and push you to the center "Now dress and show me what you got baby.

06-29-2008, 02:04 PM
I tensed when you told me to put the cheer leader outfit on once more as that was how I got punished before. But you explain what you want and I nod my head. As I get up you slap my ass and remind me sexy, not nude. I had let out a little squeal but then I smiled as I thought I knew what to do. I went to the closet at put on the cheer leader outfit and came out wiggling, by now I knew the thrust action of sex so I did that for awhile and then wiggled. I moved around the room wiggling and thrusting as you watched me. I saw no anger on your face so I figured I was doing ok and kept my ass wiggling and mixed it with thrusts as I waited for your comments.

06-29-2008, 03:41 PM
I laughfed at you said it was ok for a first timer I'm gona buy you a few how to vid on dancing sexy so you can learn from them, I then grab you push you agenst the wall lifting the skirt of your outfit and pulling it off to exspose your pussy, and ass I begin to pump my cock up your ass hard trusting my hard long cock up your ass tight and hard trusting pumping it up your ass trusting till I cumm deep into you then I trow you on the bed and tell you to goto bed telling you your use for now is over, I leave you alone to night, going to bed some where else.

the next morning you awake to me fucking your pussy already full of cum but still going at it I say "good morning baby" as I fuck your pussy deep and hard.. "here are the vids to day hurry get everything cleaned up and then watch these a few times and learn from them be back after work bye, oh and there is some breakfest on the table" I leave you with nouthing to wear..

06-29-2008, 06:35 PM
You told me my dance was alright but that you would get me some video's to learn from. I nodded my head as you suddenly grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. You lifted my skirt and pulled off my panties and slammed into my ass. I howled at first but soon I was pressing back against your cock wanting more and more of you. When you came you threw me on the bed and told me you were done with me and left me. I was a little hurt as I wanted you to stay with me but soon I feel asleep.

I was groaning when I woke up and found you fucking me. I already felt full of cum so I knew you must have taken me at least once if not more times then that. I thrusted my hips to match your movements as you said good morning to me. I smiled and groaned deep in passion. When I came you pulled out and showed me the videos. You wanted me to clean up quick and watch them and before you left you took the cheerleading outfit and undies with you leaving me with no clothing to wear. You let me know that breakfast was on the table and then you were gone.

I ate and then cleaned and sat around the rest of the day looking at the videos and practicing the moves.

06-30-2008, 09:41 AM
I came home and sat on the bed and then I said show me what you learned dance for me nakid no clothing this time:skull-big

07-01-2008, 07:03 PM
I was surprised when you told me you wanted me to dance naked. The video was still going and I followed the dancer on the screen moving my body all different ways causing my breasts to bounce and turning around to shimmy my ass like some of the girls had done. When I turned back to you, you seemed to be getting horny as your cock was growing in your pants. I continued to dance, and could see your excitement building as you pulled out your cock and stroked it. The longer I danced the more lust built in you and when the music ended I continued to dance.

07-06-2008, 01:39 PM
as I'm lusting hard for you I grab you from behind knocking you on the floor me on top of you I grab your hips and begin to trust my dick into your pussy from behind trusting you hard and good faster and faster I slapp you with my big balls as I trust all the way in feeling you pussy with my cock hard and fast heating your oussy up inside and then as I'm at my end I blast you deep and hard with a large stream of cum flooding you I then put it up your ass and begin trusting you ass hard and good fucking you as hard as I can with all I got taking your body over and over trusting pounding you ass with my cock rockin you like a rag dollsoon cumin in your ass I then tell you to trun and suck my cock I say "suck it baby suck t good show me how a good girl sucks daddy off" I grab youput you head at my cock and sau "suck it"

07-07-2008, 04:12 PM
I squeal as you take me down to the floor and enter me hard from behind. You are pounding me hard and soon a shushing sound comes from my pussy to add to the music of your balls slapping against me. I am groaning loudly and I cum with you; I feel the combined fluids leaking out of me onto the floor. I groan ready to relax when you slam your huge cock into my ass. As always it hurts at first and I cry a little until it starts to feel better. It is a long time before you cum in my ass and I wish that you had started in the ass and ended in my pussy. I am like a rag doll when you finally cum and then you turn me around and tell me suck your cock. I look up at you exhausted but open my mouth fingering you would ram that too. I am confused and then I get it, you actually want me to do the work this time.

I put my mouth around your cock’s head and munch on it as if it is an ice cream cone. Using my lips and tongue I go around the circumference of it, flicking my tongue on the top ever so often. When you groan, I push my tongue to your little slit and then I open wide and take your shaft in. I lick down it and suck up it going faster each time. I hear you groan and I feel proud as I wrap my hand around your cock and stroke it, I dip my head and draw one of your big hard balls into my mouth and begin to lick it until it is soaked with my salvia. Then I let that one go and draw in the other hard big ball and suck it hard. You seem to like that so I keep it up and then finally I leave them both but hold them in my hand squeezing them gently as I moved to your cock once more and lick it all around as I go down on it and suck it hard as I go up, I hear you groaning and your huge cock begins to throb and I look at you wondering when you will ram it down my throat but you don’t so I take it deeper and when I feel it in my throat I swallow gently and look at you again.

07-07-2008, 10:03 PM
enjoying my slef as you work it I soon want to bang it like the rest I grab your head and trust hard into you mouth and soon already built up from all your work I cum deep and tell you to swallow and clean that cock, I then say how would you like to become my lil working girl? make me a lil money dancing for guys? I think its time you start pulling your weight around here don't you?

07-07-2008, 10:17 PM
I wasn't surprised when you started pounding in my mouth and soon you came and I swallowed quickly not losing a drop as I knew you would get angry. You order me to clean your cock off and I licked it clean making sure to please you. I swallowed hard as you suggested I be your dancing girl and dance for other guys, I knew what you meant and bit my lip when you mentioned that I should pull my own weight but I knew I did not want other men to use me as you did. I looked down at the floor close to tears.

07-07-2008, 10:42 PM
"Why the tears baby? you know I'd never let anouther man touch you your mine, it would jsut be a good show, and they would be sitting at a table you would be across the room." I say as i'm strokin at your brest playing with them, "you know if you make this work I'd be home all the time with you."

I think in the back of my mind "I'll get her to think its just a show soon I'll break her spirt and she will be workin the hard way" I think to my self

07-07-2008, 10:54 PM
I look at your relieved that you only wanted me to dance. "I would have on clothing too, right." I could not imagine myself dancing nude for anyone but you. I look at you hopefully as you sit quietly for a moment. I was worried what you would say but I knew now you would protect me from everyone else.

07-08-2008, 10:35 PM
"You would dance nakid and like I said it would be safe" I say trying to get you to see things my way, "Trust me I know best" I smile, then i tell you to get ready for bed and "think about whats best for us, not jsut your self."

07-08-2008, 10:42 PM
I looked at you confused, I was naked, they way you liked me and you wanted me to get ready for bed. "Aren't I ready for bed already, Daddy?" I looked at you again waiting for an answer.

07-09-2008, 03:48 PM
"Did you take a bath yet, No!" I say rudly, "Take your bath., I want a clean girl I bed not a dirty one." I smack you on your ass to send you on your way, I also place you a nice nighty to wear I tell you here is a gift its a top no bottom for you as it wouldn't last long anyways with your body I wink;)

07-09-2008, 06:52 PM
I nodded my head as you told me to take and shower and squealed as you slapped my ass. I turned to look at you and saw a pink nightly that was pretty short and then you explain I was to have no bottom as it wouldn't last long any way with my body. I was so happy with the gift that I kissed you and took the nighty into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the steamy water hit my body for a moment before washing myself throughly. Stepping out of the shower, I dried myself and then my hair. I shook my head and my hair fell in place and then slipped on the nighty. I blushed a bit as I saw my shaved pussy peeking at me and then I left the bathroom to join you in the bedroom.

07-09-2008, 09:35 PM
I grab you and pull you onto the bed I then turn and get on top of you and begin kissing you on the mouth and then the neck and then I bein to trust into you hard and deep not to fast but good and deep, till I cum in you I then tell you to morrow you will be dancing for 2 guys they are paying me $100 each, so study vids and be ready I expect you to be good for them, and to do as I tell you to morrow :skull-big

07-09-2008, 10:39 PM
As I walk to you your hand shoots out and grabs me and drags me to the bed and when you mount me and begin to stroke into me I groan loudly. When you came in me you tell me I will be dancing for two men tomorrow and I am to do whatever you say I should. I hold you tightly and nod my head.

07-11-2008, 03:59 PM
The next day I tell you to get ready you are going to where this school girl outfit for the cliants, you will greet them and say you hope you please them, you will then show them to there chairs, the chairs are in the middle of the room, you will be dancing near the chairs, shaking your ass and binding over to tease them abit and then you will goto the bed lie on it and begin to undress sex and then ge up and start dancing, there are hear,you hear a knock at the door, I say" anwser the door I will be here the whole time but keep your eyes and attions to the cliants only, if you are a good girl you'll get planty of attion from me, just make shore they are happy!"

07-11-2008, 07:30 PM
I nod my head as you tell me what I am going to do. I know better then to protest as you can snap at me so quickly. I don't like the idea of being nude in front of other men but I am confident you will keep them from touching me. I put on the school girl outfit and ask about panties and you say no. I nod my head and jump when a knock sounds through the room. You tell me to answer the door and I walked to it nervously biting my lower lip.

I open the door and smile and the two tall men standing there, they looked like weightlifters, they were so big. I show them to their chairs and I tell them I hope I please them. The music starts and I look at you for a moment and you look at me angry and I begin to dance close to the men, wiggling my behind and bending over. I know they are seeing my naked ass and probably my sex but I have my orders and I do the best job I can to satisfy you.

As the music changes to something slower I figure you want me to undress now. So I slow dance to the bed and strip off my clothing slowly, seductively. The music changes again to a fast beat and I begin thrusting my hips at the two men. My breasts bounce and I see lust in the two men's eyes. They were on fire and I looked at you and you frown once more. I continued to dance wiggling my bare ass and bending over knowing the two men were seeing more then I wanted to show. The music ended and I looked at the two men for approval. I stood between them as I waited.

07-11-2008, 09:38 PM
I watch as you dance and listen to the men make comments I laugh a bit, you stand there next to them nakid I say "guys you like what you see?" they say "yell how about a little fuck? we wanna give it to her" I say "sorry can't have any samples." they pay there fees and leave.

I walk over thinkin about how good your gona be as a whore soon enough as I slowly get you into it, I kiss you mmmmm "you where good", I push you into the wall kissing you grabing your ass I say "as for me your goods are mine always as I trust my dick into you hard and deep and fast "you like it don't you being used, I bet you got a kick out of showing off didn't you." I say as i fuck you deep and hard trusting into you pussy fast and deep as I can, "I bet you would be good at suckin cocks bet we could make an extra 50 if you sucked a cock what ya think hmm, they wouodn't be able to do anything but let you suck if they tried to go any farther I'd step in I can ashore you" I keep going at it till I cum then I trun you around and take it up you ass faster and faster pumping you ass balls slapin your ass cheaks"

07-11-2008, 11:13 PM
I am surprised as you encourage themen to go further but then when you tease them and stay they cant have me, I am relieved, they paid you for what I did and left. You walked up to me and kiss me and told me I was good.

You reassure me that I will always be yours as you push me to the wall. I groaned as you entered me fast and hard and all the while that you are fucking me you say I liked it and after awhile I start to think I did. You worked yourself into my body and my mind. Your suggestion that we could make more money if I sucked some cocks seemed to make sense. I came as you did and then you turned me around as you shoved your cock up my ass and slammed into me. You tell me if they wanted to go farther you would step in so that I feel protected. The seed was growing in my mind that I liked men to look at me and that it would be alright for me to suck cocks. as you slammed into my ass harder and harder.

07-14-2008, 09:20 PM
The next day I tell you five guys are coming and all they want is sucked off good you got to suck them good and hard and to swallow all there cum every last drop, I tell you to put on the cheerleader out fit I have gotten for you as the cliants want a cheerleader.

The knock somes at the door and as you open you see 5 tall big and black men you tell them to have a seat a they sit and you start with the first one as you unzip his pants to find his large cock you begin to suck on it slowly a bit afrade at first the guys laugf at you saying come on baby suck that big black niggar cock we got lots of seed for you :skull-big He grabs you forces you to suck it I jsut watch as I feel there is no need to stop them, I say keep it up your doing a good job let them take control as they wish they should get there money's worth, anouther guy gets up and grabs your ass, I say "don't worrie baby they are jsut feelin your ass nouthing wrong with that"

the guy says "yea nice ass baby I could really bang you ass baby niggar seed all in ya"

I say "sorry guys none of that shes still a kid shes not ready for that kinda of actio":skull-evi the other guys take there turn over and over a few times cuming in your mouth a few times.

Then they ask "hey come on lets fuck her man let us get a lil bonus"
I stand there thinkin "I wonder if I could push her yet, I shoud probly wait"

07-14-2008, 10:33 PM
I was surprised when you said 5 guys were coming and I was to suck their cocks. I thought 2 was enough but did not say anything as you tell me to go put on the cheer leader's outfit. When I came out their was a knock on the door and when I open the door there is 5 big black men smiling at me. I take a quick look at you and then tell them to come in and have a seat. I had my orders to suck these men from you but they scared me a bit.

I go between the first man's legs and unzip his pants. He was huge and I was really scared now. I moved to slowly for them and they all laughed. One tells me to suck his big nigger cock and finally the one I was working on grabs my hair and forces his cock into my mouth. I nearly choke as he slams my head up and down on his huge cock. I want you to help me but you just tell me I am doing a good job and let them control me. I relax as my head is bobbed up and down and then he thrust deep into my throat and I have to swallow quickly to take all the cum he had. As I took the second man's cock in my mouth another one gets up and starts feeling up my ass, you tell me not to worry about that, there is nothing wrong with it as the second guy pounds into my mouth.

The man who was feeling my ass up speaks to me as I bob up and down and look at you. "yea nice ass baby I could really bang you ass baby niggar seed all in ya" I was happy that you stopped him but after I finished each guy you let them take my mouth at few times more. I thought it would only be one time but they were having a good time and you did not stop them.

When they were done with my mouth they wanted to fuck me and I looked at you scared as you seemed to be thinking about it. I prayed, please, please, not all of these huge cocks, they would hurt me, I just knew it.

07-18-2008, 10:18 PM
I say "$500 a each", they yell "Hell yeah", I say "no limits have at her" :skull-evi :skull-big.

THey all start grabing at here feeling her up all around "man let me feel her as me to man".

One man says I'm gona "break her ass good Oh yea", he starts by raming his dick as hard and fast as he can into you ass trusting violently into you, while anouther guy rams your pussy and anouther make you suck him they all take turns fucking youe ass and mouth, all caling you a dirty whore and all kindas of other names, they bang you for what seems like hours and hours, each of them tusting and yelling like a pack of dogs on a bitch in heat, then when they have seem to had enough they stop dropping you to the floor pay me and then take there leave. I walk over and help pick you up and take you to the bed I hug you and tell you how proud of you I am, even though you protested all the way though I am dispointed in that we will have to talk about your rudeness to customers, I said you need to help out in making money thats a lot of money in one night $2500 to be correct, and I was thinking about letting you be in a reg. house with me but now I'm not shore your completly committed to me I look sad at you and leave the room, I will not sleep with you tonight as I'm not happy with you...

07-18-2008, 10:55 PM
I say "$500 a each, Hell yeah, no limits have at her" .

I was shocked as you made the deal to have me used any way all these men wanted. They began grabbing at me and every way I turned to get away another man was there to grab what they wanted. I looked at you for help but you seemed to be enjoying the show as all the men touched me wherever they wanted to. I heard one say he was going to break my ass and before I knew it he had shoved his cock in my ass and I screamed. That seemed to excite the others and another man slammed into my pussy. I could hardly breathe as they worked together to thrust into me from the back and in the front. I flet like a sandwich as another rammed his cock in my mouth while two others waited their turn. They raped me for hours, doing things to me that I could not have ever imagined. And all the time whenever you were in the background you just stared at me.

When they finally had enough they let me drop to the floor and slapped you on the back as if they had used you instead of me. You picked me off the floor and hugged me and told me you were proud of me. You told me I was rude to the customers and I protested that they raped me. You told me how much money I had made and that you did not think I was committed to you. You made a sad face as you told me you were thinking about lettig me have access to the regualar house but now you would have to think about it.

I watched your leave the room and walked to the bathroom crying. Feeling terrible as you thought more of money then you did of me. I ran the water for a shower and stepped into it. I scrubbed my skin hard trying to wash away that terrible experience. Cleaning my sex was a painful ordeal as was cleaning my ass. I shook at the thought of being used like that again. The worse part was that you were mad at me.

07-18-2008, 11:09 PM
The next day I come in I don't say a word I just grab you by your hair and trow you on the floor I smack your face a few times I kick at your stomic and then beat your ass good, then I grab your hips and begin to fuck you hard and good in the pussy from behind "You gona learn to be a slut for me, and your are gona enjoy it, you will Learn to take any cock from any one at anytime,I make shore the customers are clean and with nouthing for you to catch they all see doctors and give me proof, if you want to be rude maby I'll find some guy off the street with god knows what, and let him use you how you like that" I smack you on the face as i trun you over, I grab your legs and push them agenst you hard and bend you up a bit and begin to ram your ass hard holding you tightly banging you with my cock, "maby I shoud trow you out into the street and call some guys to come find you and really tear you apart, when there done you'd not be alive for long." :eek: :skull-big :skull-evi

07-19-2008, 06:16 PM
I was sleeping deeply exhausted from the five man rape the day before when suddenly I am wrenched from the bed by my hair, I screamed loudly and raised my hands to try to stop the pain. Next I was thrown to the floor and I realized it was you punishing me. My face stung from the numerous slaps you gave me. I lost my breathe as you kicked me in the stomach and then beat my ass. All I could do was scream and scream some more as I did not know where you would hit me next.

I gasped as you grabbed my hips and slammed into my pussy. In spite of all the pain you gave me I groaned loudly from the pleasure of your hard, deep, strokes. You spoke to me letting me know what was expected of me. "Your gona learn to be a slut for me, and your are gona enjoy it, you will Learn to take any cock from any one at anytime,I make shore the customers are clean and with nouthing for you to catch they all see doctors and give me proof.

I was moaning loudly as you told me what would happen if I did not behave and do what you told me to. If you want to be rude maby I'll find some guy off the street with god knows what, and let him use you how you like that"

Anothe smack sent me realing as I screamed and tears ran down my face. You roughly turn me over and bend me so my ass is up in the air and my legs press into my breasts and slam into my ass. I scream and there is as cry at the end as I beg you to forgive me. "Please forgive me, I will do anything you want me to." But you are not listening to me or maybe you are but you continue to threaten me. "maby I shoud trow you out into the street and call some guys to come find you and really tear you apart, when there done you'd not be alive for long." I groaned as you fucked my ass and beg you not to do that to me. "I will be good, I promise". I feel miserable as I do not think you will ever forgive me. I know you will keep punishing me, maybe forever.

07-20-2008, 09:44 PM
I listen to you as I keep hurting and abusing you making you feel the pain of not being good I stop and say "Good I demand Respect, after all i've gaven you, a better life then what you had before, my punishment my be rough but the love I give is the best in the world don't ever forget, my love is hard to find.." I pick you up and hug you saying "Please don't make me have to do this again I don't like to punish you I'd rather give you good lovin all week long then to have to take time to punish you when i hurt nyou I feel the pain as if it was me and I go away and cry my self as if i was the one abused"

I kss you deeply and get a tissue, and then I hug you and like you on the bed I lie next to you thinkin to my self of all the use you'r gona be getting

I play with your brest sucking on them soon I put my cock in your pussy deep and lie on you as if you were a storage area for my cock "good night my love, keep my cock warm to night.."

07-22-2008, 11:27 PM
The beating was not as bad as how I felt when you told me you demanded respect that I did not give you. You let me know that your love was hard to find and that when you had to punish me it made you feel the pain, that it was like abusing yourself. I cried at the thought of hurting you so badly. Then you kissed me deeply and went and got a tissue so I could wipe my tears and blew my nose. You hugged me and put me on the bed and I held onto you as you put your cock into my pussy deeply and then you said good night and told me to keep your cock warm tonight. I feel asleep slowly afraid of what would happen tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and so on.
I kss you deeply and get a tissue, and then I hug you and like you on the bed I lie next to you thinkin to my self of all the use you'r gona be getting

I play with your brest sucking on them soon I put my cock in your pussy deep and lie on you as if you were a storage area for my cock "good night my love, keep my cock warm to night.."

07-29-2008, 09:34 PM
Today I come in a with some guys where all drunk I say "see what kinda action we can have for free", you see 2 guys one really skinny you can see where hes been doin drugs, anouther is a black guy with sores all over his body, "and shes already nakid, pick a hole and enjoy"

I grab you and kiss you a bit sloppy and take off my clothing I'm really out of it really messed up, I begin to fuck your pussy hard trusting and yelling in a way you've not seen, the guy looking sick and all tore up gets behind you, you can smell his bad odor coming from him smells like hes not had a bath in awhile or no telling what he mauy have takes you and begins to fuck your ass with out warning the other guy say "let make full use of here get her on the ground" we lie you on your stomic on top of me with the black sick guy get on top and the other guy fucks your mouth, the gang fuck is intese, fucking you hard and with out care for your well being banging and fucking you slaping you hitting on you from time to time for the fuck, then we toss you back and forth calling you a different name useing you for the object of many games, then we take turns fucking you tied to a door riping you apart almost everytime then I untie you trow you in the bed and leave you there.

Soon i come back a bit sorboring up I tell you "sorry baby met some guys at a bar they wanted some action and well i was abit out of it, and you are my own personal entertainer, my little plesaser, I'm shore you didn't have to much truble taking it all in, I know uit was a lot of cum but you can handle it", I kiss you and get on top and begin to fuck you someone more, "time for a little one on one loveing, I fuck you on and on in the pussy till i cum then I do it in the ass till I come and then again in the pussy. I say "man you shore do know how to take a load my little cum dumpster."

07-29-2008, 10:41 PM
You were late coming home and I was worried thinking you had an accident or were dead and then I heard your drunken voice and you staggered in with two guys. One was a skinny drug addict, I could see needle marks on his arms and the other was a black guy with sores on his body. I was shock and was about to beg you not to let them touch me when you gave me a sloppy kiss and took off your clothing. I could see how drunk you were so there was no way you weren’t going to use me.

You took off your clothing quickly and I looked at the door to the bathroom thinking I could get in there and hide from you and these filthy men you brought home. Then you grab me and slammed hard into my pussy and yelled loudly as you took me. The sick guy came up behind me and I almost puked as he stank. He rammed his cock up my ass. The other guy tells you to use me fully and you drag me to the floor still ramming my pussy as the dirty guy rams my ass, the pain was unbelievable but no one cared when I cried as the last guy rammed his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe that all three men were slapping and hitting me as they fucked me.

Afterwards the three of you tossed me around and called me filthy names. There were so many nasty things happening that I just shut down and refused to believe what was happening to me. Finally you threw me on the bed and left with the men as I lay bruised and crying. Later on you came and said you were sorry and called me your little pleaser. I did not say a thing as I knew you would get made at me again. I was so sore but you had no clue as you raped me hard in my pussy, as and then pussy again. I couldn’t believe how full of cum I was. You even called me your little cum dumpster which I didn’t take as a compliment. I really had no choice, whatever you wanted to do to me, you would do.

07-30-2008, 09:29 PM
The next day I came home and brong you some candy and flower and said I'd not use you as a whore again, I want you to be my own I toald you, I kissed you and then toald you to think about living with me in the main house as my gf and not jsut a toy, but still for my use as i wanted, I said I would not get mad if you said no, but i want a anwser."

07-30-2008, 09:45 PM
I was surprised to see candy and flowers in your hands. When you gave them to me I looked into your eyes and smiled. When you told me you would not use me as a whore and wanted me to live with you as your girlfriend I smiled happily. As an after thought you said of course you would use me. I jumped into your arms and gave you butterfly kisses all over your face.

"Yes, yes, I want to belong to you alone".

I was so happy I thought I would burst.

07-30-2008, 09:54 PM
Knowing I'd broken you and made you mine I toald you one more thing "you are going to have to fuck one more guy or else we can not be as one and I could not take you out for a movie or anything, you will fuck a cop and he will fix it so your are older and have yor Id changed if you love me you will understande and accept this favor for me."

07-30-2008, 10:01 PM
I was shocked that a cop would want to rape me. I had always thought of them as protectors. "I nodded my head in agreement, it was true I would have to appear older for you. After all you were a grown man.

07-30-2008, 10:20 PM
I made a Phone call to my contact who was a cop " I said yell hey budy I need a big favor of you, how about a good peace of ass for a id change?" waited "great! how fast can we get the deal going? to night great be waiting."

I toald you to lie on the bed "keep your mouth shut till after this is over, you make a sound or mess this up and we will be over!"

the cop came and there was a knock on the door, he was a fat guy kinda short, he said "well hello budy hows it going? I responded going great check out thing nice young bitch I've been useing, she a good fuck, the deal is she 16 I want you to take her id work your magic on the computer and bring me back a new id new name age 18 you know full deal full complete new Id, and you can fuck her now all you want anyway you want she wont compain or say a thing"

He looks you over and say "DEAL!!!"

He rushes over takes off his clothing and begins to lick your pussy, i leave you to alone saying "just come up to the house when your done."

he says to you "dont you dear tell anyone bitch I'll kill ya for no reason if i wanted I've fucked a lot of kids i've found around her bein bad jsut to keep from going to jail, he grabs your brest hard playing with them then he says "fuck it" and rams his fat short dick deep into you raming you till he cums, then he flips you over and rams your ass deep, then he gets his night stick and begins shoving it up you ass not to far then your pussy and says "how that for wood bitch you like it you know you do" he begins to trust his dick into your pussy as he uses the night stick in your ass then for kicks he hits are ass with the night stick a few times, and then gets up after hes done and re dresses and leaves as well, after a little bit I come back in and say " I know that was a bit like all the others but it will be the last baby no worries we will be to geather as one real soon I kiss you and leave for the night telling you to morrow you are to where this tennis out fit clean up then room and pack everything up all the out fits you've got, and things you have, be ready to be my gf, and soon wife.

07-31-2008, 06:43 PM
He rushes over takes off his clothing and begins to lick your pussy, i leave you to alone saying "just come up to the house when your done."
I looked at the fat cop as you made the deal and soon you left. You had told me not to say a word and I did as you said, even as he threatened to kill me. He took my breast in his hand and squeezed it to hard. He kept threatening me and then finally sank his cock into me pounding me hard until he came.

Then he flipped me over and rammed me in my ass and I almost screamed but kept myself from doing so. He grabbed his nightstick and shoved it in my ass and then into my pussy and tells me you know you like it. I kept my eyes and mouth shut as you had told me to. It was hard to not scream as he hit me with the stick but I kept thinking it would be over soon. I relaxed when he left and threw the blanket over my bruised body.

When the door opened I was relieved to see you but you did not let me speak as you gave me a kiss. You promise that was the last and tomorrow I was to wear the tennis outfit. I was to clean the room and pack up everything in the room. Tomorrow I would be your girl friend and your wife. I gave you a sweet smile glad that I would belong to you alone.

In the morning I showered cleaning myself and then put on the tennis outfit. I cleaned the room so it was spotless and packed all my outfits and other things you had given me. I had just closed the suitcase you had given me when the door opened up.

07-31-2008, 08:55 PM
I gave you your new id and a licens and fake wedding papers you where mine in my name as if we had jsut gotten married as well there was a truck out side with stuff pack in the bed I toald you we where leaving and heading to tx where I had a new place as well as my main place of work I tell you I do a lot of traviling and you would be going to a lot of places and seeing many new sites, your mine you'd never be alone and you'd always do what I say as to be my slave, you my all in one wife gf slave and toy, remeber that, i am your master you are my slave.

we drive till its dark on are way then I stop at a hotel a very nice one top dollar the room as a hot tube as well as a bedroom living room almost as if it was a house, I let you go in first and then as you do I close and lock the door and grab you from behind I'm been waiting to get some of you now its time, that out fit is jsut right for you says fuck me all over you, I lift up the skirt pull it aside a bit and insert my dick up you ass and begin fucking you right there in the middle of the room holding to you holding on with a strong grip fucking you ass till I'm about to burst then I trust in very deep and cum in your pussy surprizing you exspceting it to be in the ass. I then tell you to call for room service to get some dinner.

07-31-2008, 09:24 PM
I nod my head as you tell me how it is going to be. I was excited we were going new places and I would be with you forever. I wanted to belong to someone and now I was use to your ways and I knew you wanted me only. It made me happy.

We drove for a long time and I excitedly watched the scenery go by. When you stopped for the night we went into a really nice hotel. I felt kind of special to be in such a place. As soon as we got into the fancy rooms, you locked the door but I was to awe struck by my surroundings to notice the glint in your eyes.

Suddenly you grabbed me from behind and hold me tightly as you lift my skirt and move my panties to the side, I groan as you begin to pound into my ass. I came serveral times as you use my ass. Then I feel your cock throbbing and know it will soon be over but as you start to cum you slam into my pussy surprising me and making me groan louder. As you let go of me you tell me to order room service. I ask you what you want me to order and you tell me and I pick up the phone and order our food.

07-31-2008, 09:35 PM
The food come I tip the waiter as he get done sitting ever thing up we sit coner to each other and eat and talk about my work and my bussness and how it takes me to many diffrent places then when we are done I hop in the hot tub and tell you to get in and then I get it start.

I say "your out fits getting all wet why won't you do something about that, take it off baby", I also take mine off and sit back down in it as you do I move in tward you and say "ever fucked in a hot tub":eek: , I then push you to the each and begin to fuck you in the pussy I trust very hard and deep even though I'm wet I am still about to erect and trust hard into you i fuck you inteselly banging my balls slaping them agenst your ass hard I keep going till I cum I then kiss you and begin to fuck you even harder saying take "it slut take it all."

07-31-2008, 10:52 PM
I got into the hot tub when you told me too. I thought it was strange to go into it dress but you had so I did too. Then you tell me to take my clothing off and you take yours off and as you asked me if I ever did it in a hot tub. I gigled of course I didn't.

Your arms wrapped around me and I felt your huge cock in my pussy. I groaned loudly as you pounded me roughly and I groaned enjoying what you were doing to me. The water splashed over the side from the intensity of your strokes.

08-01-2008, 09:14 PM
we had a nice breakfest and then travil till we made are destination a huge ranch full of horses, I toald you I was a horse rancher now your knew, as we got to the place "you'll need to get some new treads cowgirl style, to fit in and if you a good girl you'll get to learn how to ride a horse :skull-thu , you see many helpers about 35 horses 10 babys, ackers and ackers of land, lots of farming equiment, I'll also teach you how to use some of the farm equiment.

But first you gona be a mom its time to but a baby in the oven, you gona be having a baby ever year for 5 years, and you will be a mom, house wife, slave gf anything I say or ask, even dauther :skull-big

But for now you gona cook me a big dinner baby I'll be waitin and if ya need to learn how to cook i got books and remeber to get it right I'll go easy on ya the first few times but i hope you a fast learner :cool:

08-01-2008, 10:29 PM
I was so impressed with your horse ranch, I couldn't imagine being anywhere but here. I didn't understand why you would ever leave it. So many acres of land to be free in and so many horses and baby horses, it was like a paradise. You promised to teach me how to ride if I was good and even work some of the farm equipment I smiled broadly. The idea of cowgirl clothing excited me.

Then you surprised me by saying I was going to have babies, five of them, one every year. I nodded my head as if it was all right with me. I was to be everything for you, mom, housewife, slave, girlfriend anything that you wanted me to be even your daughter. I nodded my head again a bit surprised about everything you wanted from me.

I smiled as you told me that I was going to make dinner, I was good at that and you promised to be patient at first. I nodded my head as you lead me into the house and into the kitchen and showed me the pork chops you wanted cook. You wanted them with mash potatoes and peas and I nodded my head again.

When you left the room I went right to work and soon I had all the food on the table. It was perfectly cooked and the smell of it was wonderful. You came into the room and I smiled. I didn't have to tell you to sit, you did it quickly and began to eat. I sat down and put a little on my plate and watched you eat.

08-01-2008, 10:42 PM
"MMMMmmmmm nice and tasty very good baby Eat don't jsut sit watching me you gota be good and healthy if your gona be breeding my some kids" I said and then after you had got done eating I said time for Dessert, I grabed you took you on the floor and begin to ram my cock in your pussy hard and deep with out word I was fucking the dog shit out of you hard tense and fast useing you like a rag dog trusting into your pussy rough hard and tightly it was getting hot in the kitchen and no from the cookin, I was pounding your pussy till my nut sack was about to burst open then i cam in you like a storm cum thundering into your pussy I held my dick in you taking a break to kiss you pushing my toung down in you, kissing you more and more then I stoped and begin to fuck you some more trusting deep and hard as I could each time very intese "I'm gona fuck you more and more till you get preg. then I'm gona fuck you all the way till your readdy to drop, I know there will be a time of so long till you'll be able to fuck again so I'm gona use you as much as I can, and i might even jsut breed you 2 times a year and have 10 kids, just make you pop them out one after anouther, and if we have any little girls well they gona be on home school and when they are 13 daddys gona train them as I've trained you :eek: so they will know how to be a good wife as well understood?"

I kiss you deeply before you can say anything, then I say "I know you'll understand your being coming a bright girl and know daddy knows best you are in fact like my own dauther as for your real age and don't forget I broke you in"

08-03-2008, 10:38 PM
This Will be my last message I wanted to say goodbye to all who have read my roleplay I've been doing here, I am a christain, now I know your first responce may be A Christian here on a site like this well yes one of my biggest sins, and i want you to know I'm talking for my self I do not want anyone to think I am judging anyone jsut I want to talk to you about me and why I'm leaving and I know alot of you read this and I'm hopping that the one who are incharge of the letters will please let me post this as I goodbye, but for me I feel this time in my walk as a chirstian I need to stop this site, for one of my things I've been dealing with is sexual disires, MY name is Eddie Zigmann, and I'm 30 years old and the reason this is such a hard thing for me is that I am a virgin, but as I've been walkin with the lord I'm been working on diffrent areas in my walk and now i feel its time for me to quit this site And I wanted to say bye to all that have read and any friends I've made her you all are nice people, and I enjoyed roleplaying and trying to make this a role that everyone would like to read, but I hope that i haver no affended anyone with this good bye and that if anyone would like to e-mail me and talk more of my religion they may at kiaman06@woh.rr.com or even jsut to say hi or something feel free as I say I hope this message did not cause any problems and that it will be posted for all to see good bye to all and god bless you all.