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The Run diary
Story By ElChantajista
Revised by Defilen Rekker
Animated Gifs by Defilen Rekker

Part I - Deleted Scene


Chenault, a girl in her thirties from Connecticut, her boyfriend and some friends have gone to a Salsa party in a slum bar in Puerto Rico in the 1960’s. It is carnival they have all been getting drunk.

Chapter I

Chenault was a bit tired of her sometimes boring boyfriend. “Don’t drink so much” “Don’t be so friendly with Puerto Ricans” “I want to go home soon”. All this and more had bored her amid the marvellous festivity of Puerto Rico. He was really being a killjoy. The last straw was rejecting her for a dance and again, insisting on going home. With a grin, she even didn't answer him and just went to the dance floor. One of the things about salsa is that you donīt need a partner to dance. Every one dances with each other on the dance floor. Another thing is that salsa is a very sexy, passionate dance. And that made Chenault hot.

Chenault had a exhibitionist vein. She loved being observed and admired. She used to sunbathe nude on their private beach, even knowing that the locals used to spy on her from a distance, or wear white linen that let men guess about the body beneath. Today she was wearing a red summer dress. The skirt flew up nicely when she turned and just a pair of straps covered her shoulders. Her long, blond hair flung from one side to another with the frenetic rhythm of the music. Her white milky skin, blue eyes and red passionate lips made her stand out in the middle of so many tall, mostly young black men. In Puerto Rico the huge mix of races meant that here you could find any tone from black ebony to brown milky chocolate and to Latins. Only the fact that she was about a foot shorter than most of the men around hid her a bit.


Soon a tall, young, handsome, ebony black local with a perfect white smile began to show her some more attention that just dancing around. She felt it was time to make her boring boyfriend a bit jealous for not coming to dance with her. Soon the man began to take off his shirt, showing a muscled chest highlighted by the sweat and a flat belly with plenty of abdominals. She was flirting with him while dancing, something common with Latin dances. Soon two other men, black, strong and tall, surrounded her and joined the group dance. Most of men here were like this, mainly workers from the nearby sugar cane plantations. The dance was hot. Their great bodies moving only a few centimetres from hers, touching furtively. Her moves were somewhat clumsy since she was a bit drunk already.


That degree of admiration for her was something that Chenault loved – the way men flocked around her like moths around a light. She heard some shouting and fighting and turned around to see her boyfriend, angry, trying to reach her. Dumbass! she thought. Chenault just turned her back and kept dancing. She didn’t see him as he was punched and dragged out of the bar with the rest of her friends.

One of the dancers grabbed the zip on the back of her dress without stopping from dance he began to unzip her, slowly... Having a bare back just made her feel more sexy and exposed. Exposed - something that she loved. She made sure that the straps stayed on her shoulders while she danced but showing bare flesh made her hot. She loved that the rim of her panties was showing . She turned her head to look for see how angry her boyfriends was, hoping that this would teach him a lesson.


She froze for a second she frozen when she realized that her boyfriend and her friends were all gone. That bastard has gone and let her there alone! she thought. The man behind her unzipping the dress was a bit older, maybe early forties. With a look of a plantation worker his shoulders and waist had the same, large size and her neck was almost non-existent. She thought he looked like a bull. The alcohol was drowning her common sense.

She was not going to let being abandoned by her boyfriend spoil her fun. She turned toward Ebony and flirted with him.


He offered his hands to join palm against palm - a Salsa step. She took his and hands and began to move sexy, keeping them high to avoid the straps getting out of their place. For a moment Chenault thought that it would be hot if one of them slipped and showed one of her nice C shaped tits, just a little glimpse before covering it up immediately. But before she could think any more she felt the man behind get closer than usual against her, his crotch against her bottom, and his hands caressing her shoulders.

Whoa, wait a minute, she thought. It was one thing to let them admire her wonderful body. But this was too much. She was trying to move herself out of that sandwich of black bread when noticed that the man – 'Ebony' - that was holding her hands was not only stopping her escape also making her lower her hands while dancing. 'Bull' was running his hands down from her shoulders along her arms, bringing the straps with him. Chenault kept moving but felt more and more awkward. She felt like things were getting out of control.

Bull got closer, skin on skin, his full body touching her back, and took her hands in his. Ebony let the straps were fall to the floor taking the rest of the dress with them. Chenault now stood naked except for a red pair of sexy lace panties and her sandals.

Keeping her dancing Bull raised her hands, joining them high above her head, while rubbing against her body along her back. At this moment she realized that she was more drunk that she thought. Although she tried to move her hands down, her slow reaction and being a bit frozen by the fear and the strength of Bull didn’t give her a chance. She started to feel scared. She kept dancing awkwardly with the rest of the men around her moving with her. Everyone could now see her exposed tits. Her half lemon shaped tits, crowned by pink nipples - and the fear on her face. She pleaded for some help with desperate gazes. What she saw were plenty of men, (maybe forty? maybe more?) enjoying the show. Even the women were excited. Just a few seemed really worried about what was going on but against the strength of the mob all of them decided to go with the flow and do nothing.

Like a sudden sting, seeing all those men with lust in their eyes, devouring her, made her feel proud and excited. But the fear overtook it quickly. Ebony took one step forward and now she really was in a tight black bread sandwich. With Bull's crotch of pressing against her ass, and her own nipples rubbing against the dancing body of Ebony, she stopped dancing and felt like she was trapped. Her nipples were clearly getting pointy and hard cause of being rubbed against Ebony's chest.

“Co... come on boys...this has gone too far... please stop”

The smile that just a few minutes Chenault has thought was so nice, drew into
an evil grin as Ebony enjoyed every second. He didn’t answer her, just placing his
hands on Chenault’s hips and making them move with the rhythm of the music. When she began to move clumsy and scared in a parody of dance, his hands began to climb up her body, giving a few rubs to her tits before going up all the way along her arms and finally her wrists. This time, with no dissimulation, he grabbed them firmly and stepped back while dancing. Bull had already placed his hand on Chenault’s belly and kept her in place so, while her upper body followed Ebony, she began to bend over.

“No.. no... please... stop... this is not funny any more” she whimpered. Grappled by two strong men, she felt like a rag doll with no chance to resist. All their movements were smooth but firm.

Bull put his free hand over her hips and ran his fingertips inside the rim of her panties. Chenault could feel it, big, huge and rough. Slowly the hand moved forward over her belly, always with the tips under the panties. When the hand was just over Chenault’s pubis it began to move down.

“Hey. What are you doing. Stop!”

Chenault could only move a few centimetres back trying to avoid the invasion. The more she struggled the more she rubbed her own ass against Bull's crotch – and she could feel a huge growing bulge. His fingers quickly reached her outer lips and with insulting ease he thrust inside her cunt.

“NO!” screamed Chenaults as tried to move her hips back, only to find again the bulge hard against her ass.

“Wow!” snorted Bull. He held up his fingers to the crowd. “This gringo whore is wet. Look at my fingers. It is just like I put them inside a pool”. It was true. Anyone could see the two big fingers clearly glistening and moist. The crowd began to laughed and cheered. “She is loving it. Give that white bitch what she's looking for!”

Chenault realized that it was true - she was really wet. Showing off her body to the men had excited her. But not now. Now she was scared to death but she could not help herself and she blushed brightly.

“Yeah” said Bull “Time for this cock teaser to get what she was looking for”. With no delay he grabbed the waist of her panties and pulled them down to her mid thighs. Ebony was already squatting and Chenault was clearly bent over. For a few seconds as she sobbed some soft ‘No’s' she could feel Bull manoeuvring behind her. She heard his pants drop then and without any warning felt a long, thick cock invade her cunt. She felt every inch was it was pushed in and, for a moment, a image of a train entering in a tunnel filled her head. The thrust was so hard she was nearly thrown to the ground. She didn’t know if all that cock had entered into her bowels but for sure it was thick. She could feel all of her vagina being stretched and filled. Every square inch was being rubbed by that manhood.

“Wow! This has been easy. She is so wet that my rod entered smooth.” Cheers and laughs from the public nearly drowned the music. Chenault began to sob “nonono....” It was true. She was wet. And these animals where taking this as a sign that she was enjoying this - but it wasn’t true.

Bull began to pump her with the rhythm of the salsa and Chenault didn’t know what to do. She was utterly helpless. Struggling just mad her rub up more against her rapist. She tried to relax and close her eyes. But when she closed her eyes she suddenly felt dizzy, so she was forced to keep them open.

A few seconds after the rape began Chenault felt something incredible. Not having a brain her wet cunt sent waves of pleause without worrying that she was actually being raped. In another time and place she would have loved to cum hard on Bull's perfect cock but now it was jut a rape and. But her body betrayed her and she began to throb with pleasure.

Chenault tried not to moan. She didn't know where to look. Looking forward she would had the face of Ebony with that evil smile just about a few centimetres from hers. She desperately tried to not show him any pleasure. When she looked down she could see her own tits bouncing wildly, her panties around her ankles, and the legs of Bull with his trousers mid thighs fucking her. All for the joy of the crowd around. For some strange reason seeing her panties around her ankles and being fucked by a half naked man made her feel like a cheap whore. Worse than if both were completely naked. And she knew everyone could see her degradation..

Of course she could not avoid it. After a few minutes her first moan escaped inadvertently. But Ebony heard a murmur. Soon, while he was paying more attention, the second one followed. “Hahahaha. Hey amigos... this bitch is moaning!” he announced to the audience. Again laughs and cheers filled the air and Chenault blushed fiercely. She tried to bite her lip to stop making the shameful sounds.

“Hey? You don't want my friends to hear your moans?” he laughed. “Maybe I can help you” He offered her grappled wrists to other two men, holding them out to the side like a cross. Ebony took her by her hair and gagged her with a deep kiss. One of his hands began to grope her tits rough and hard. In other situation it would be passionate but now it was just violent.

She was held like this for countless minutes until Bull stopped ‘dancing’ and began to pound her frantically. Chenault eye's bulged in horror as she realized what was going on. His grunts announced that her vagina was about to be filled with black semen. She tried to escape and plead for mercy. “D-don't cum in me! Please!” she thought but gagged by the raping kiss of Ebony that didn't want to free his prey no one could hear her pleads. With a long “arrrgggghhhhhh” Bull filled her with hot semen and she could only let her shoulders fall in a sign of dejection. Although the pill was actually in the market it was not of common use yet, and it was forbidden to sell to unmarried women. So with no contraceptive Chenault was in plain risk of getting pregnant.

Completely broken, Chenault froze for a few seconds. Bull dragged her to a nearby table. On the way, her panties and sandals were lost leaving Chenault completely naked. He threw her onto the table like a piece of meat and before she could struggle she was pinned by two or thee men.

While she was being raped the bartender tied a pair of ropes to a joist from the ceiling. As soon as she was pinned, ‘The bull’ and the bartender tied her ankles with the other end of the ropes. Chenault barely could move on the table. They had placed her so her nape was right over the edge of the table and she had to make an effort to keep her head high.

In that position everyone could see her trimmed blonde pussy. People were not used to trimmed pussies in the 60’s. They made plenty of dirty jokes about her morals and reputation.

“Hey amigos. I set the ropes and now its my turn”. The bartender placed himself ready between Chenault’s high spread legs and began to unfasten his belt. Chenault could only sob. “Please. Stop. Let me go. I will tell nobody”.

“Of course you won't. Everyone here have seen you cock teasing the full bar and moaning while being fucked. Do you want us to believe that you are not enjoying this with that wet cunt I can see now? You are one of those fucking milk-white blondes that fantasizes about big black cocks and you are going to have what you was looking for”

It was true about her fantasies but worse he was true about her wet cunt. It was reacting in a way she didn't want it to. Soon the bartender was ready and placed the top of his cock right on Chenault’s anus. “Hey... no... not there! That's...that's the wrong... in the wrong... hole”

“Not a mistake whore!”

For the first time ever Chenault felt a cock invade her anus. She screamed in pain just to discover why her head was over the edge of the table. While she was making an “O” with her screaming mouth another man behind her grabbed her by the jaw and cheeks, pulled her head back and shoved his ready cock in her mouth. In this position they had a straight way to her throat. Her anus was on fire but she couldn’t scream with the cock buried in her throat. Not being a naive woman it was not the first cock in her mouth, but definitively was the first one down her throat. Both men took their time and enjoyed her holes, invading parts of her body that were never previously touched by a cock.

Chenault could only sob, try to get some air when she could and get used to the agony in her ass..

The first to cum was the man in her mouth. She had never swallowed a sperm load before - and technically this time neither. The man's first cum went directly to her throat and then to her stomach. The rest of the load filled her mouth. The man grabbed her hair and kept her head up. “Don’t be impolite and swallow my present, bitch”. It was not the first time she had a load of sperm in her mouth but for the first time, with a gulp, all that load followed the first one to her stomach. Chenault was really scared and worried about being killed, and was not thinking clearly. She would obey anything as long as they kept her alive. “Good cocksucker” he groaned, while petting her like an obedient dog.

Another man replaced the first one that had just facefucked her, just in the moment the bartender filled her bowels with another load of cum. She could get a glimpse and saw that, next in the row (and it was a long row) behind the bartender, was Ebony, the handsome young man that first danced with her, with that smile that was no longer nice but evil and with a big black thick cock ready in his hands. The table was surrounded by an audience that were cheering, laughing, drinking and dancing. Even women were looking at her as if she were the lowest kind of whore.

Again her head was grabbed, pulled back and a new cock shoved deep in her mouth. This one was longer or maybe the rapist was less concerned about how far he buried it. While she was struggling to breathe. Yet another cock invaded her body. At least this time Ebony chose her pussy and gave his anus a rest.

It was a perfect cock, she was forced to admit. Again it was thick enough to stretch her pussy and made every surface of it rub hard against it. Again her pussy betrayed her and pleasure clouded her mind. Tears felt hot and fast as she felt herself strangled, heightening her pleasure. . Chenault had no idea about the effect that suffocation has in sexual pleasure and she was shocked to feel a orgasm coming – the biggest she had every had

She began to twist her back like a cat in heat and, even between the muffled whimpers, moans of great pleasure could be heard to joy of the audience. The mouth rapist at last came but, in difference from the first one, this one kept the cock buried shooting load after load directly to her throat, and not letting Chenault breath. At the same time she was scared of dying by suffocation, she was having the greatest, longest orgasm of her life. At last the cock in her throat left and she could get a long breath followed by a loud screaming of pure pleasure as she reached the most intense climax of her life.

Then she immediately she passed out.


The mind is wise. When it can’t endure something it simply turns off. But the body is stupid and from time to time Chenault awoke when her body announced another painful anal rape or another great orgasm. Chenault couldn’t decide which torture was worse. The painful or the pleasant. Every time she moaned in pleasure, the audience laughed mockingly and the next rapist tried to rape her harder arguing that she definitely loved being treated like a piece of meat. After some time eventually she passed out again... until the next awakening.

The party was going on and she was the main attraction. The queue was getting shorter and the light of the sun that leaked from the closed windows began to appear brighter between her bouts of consciousness. But she couldn't guess how many hours she were with her legs widespread and her cunt filled with black meat and semen..

Chapter II

At last Chenault came to and found that none of her holes was filled with cock. Looking around could see only about half a dozen persons sleeping on the floor and nearby tables. She recognized Ebony and Bull among them. She was still tied and she couldn’t get free. She tried to reach her ankles but she found that was exhausted. Ironic if you think that she was lying back for the last unknown hours. In one of the attempts to reach her ankles she found that she could see herself clearly through a mirror that was at the other side of the bar. She thought that she looked obscene. With her legs spread open all the rapists had a good look at her before thrusting their meat rods in her, mercilessly. And she could see not just stains but really a big spot of dry cum all over her pubis and bottom. Again her exhibitionist vein made her feel hot with the idea of so many men having seen her in such a dirty way. Immediately tried to clear that idea from her head. Was she crazy? She was just raped by a bunch of animals and she still could think that was hot being seen in such dirty way.

She tried some more times to get free without success. She couldn’t reach her own ankles. What will happen when this bastards wake up? She got scared again and tried one more time... no chance.

“Hey... the white whore woke up at last”

Chenault saw a person standing up. She was a girl. A latin. One of the few non black at that bar that night. She was sleeping next to Ebony. It seemed that not only white girls have fantasies with black men.

“Please, please...” pleaded Chenault. “Let me free. Untie me before they wake up!”

“Why should I do that, bitch? Cause of your fault my boyfriend let me unattended this night. He was too busy fucking the milky cock teaser. You know what I mean, bitch. I heard you scream like a fucking cat in heat when he made you cum. You know what I lost this night cause of your fault? I lost my orgasm”

“So... sorry... wasn’t my intention. I was raped!”

“Sure. Raped. You come here. You began to tease all the men. Letting them watch you with lust. Let them get you naked. When a woman says no it is clear. When a bitch like you just says some puny rejections. it is clear what you wanted, and you had it. Don’t play so naive now”

Could she have been more clear? Did she really work this out? No... no... not an idea she wanted in her head.

“Please. Sorry... but... let me free. Help me please”

“Hummmm...” The Latin girl looked at her with an evil grim. “Well.. you owe me something bitch. Pay it to me and you are free”

“Pay you? Money. Okay... I don't have it here but let me free and I will pay you as soon as I can”

“No. Stupid bitch. You owe me my lost orgasm. You want to be free? Give it to me back!”

“What? An orgasm? How could I give you back your lost org...”

Chenault shut up when the girl began to take his panties under her skirt. “Better you find out... or these men will wake up... and sure that are ready for more action”

Chenault looked around. “No! Okay, okay... how do we do this?”

The girl climbed onto the table, raised her skirt and knelt onto Chenault’s face. “This gives you a clue? Whore!”

Of course Chenault never had any lesbian sex before. Not an appealing idea and also she wasn’t sure about what she should do. Timidly she pushed out her tongue and slowly licked the vaginal lips of her blackmailer. Up and down, playing a bit with her clit. Too weakly..

“Really whore? This way I will never get my orgasm. Don't worry. We have plenty of time... actually until any of the men wake up. Then... party begins again for sure”

No way! Chenault really wanted to get free. She had the hands free. She shoved two fingers into the cunt that was now close to her face and began to work more frantically, her tongue all over the lips and clit of the Latin girl. She sucked the clit like she had never sucked a cock before. Being a woman, Chenault knew where the G-spot was and worked it with eagerness. Soon the Latin girl began to moan. “Yes bitch. That’s good. Keep working. Yesyesyes”

After some minutes of tongue work the Latin girl went wild. She grabbed Chennault's blonde head, pushed her cunt onto her face and began to rub it while moaning. Chenault kept her tongue out but couldn’t kept the fingers. She still worked as much as she could with her tongue but now the Latin girl was doing most of the work.

“YES!” Chenault felt a hot squirt right from the cunt to her face. She was raped by plenty of men and the first one that actually cummed on her face was a woman. “Yes” and she sat onto her face for a few seconds.

“Okay slut. We are even now” The Latin girl untied the ropes from Chenault’s ankles. As soon as she was free she tried to run to her dress that was still in the middle of the dance floor. She couldn’t. As soon as she step onto de floor and tried to walk she felt how much pain had in her lower parts when she tried to move. Immediately she slowed down and began to walk in a funny way. “Hahahahaha. Black rods are too hard for a skinny blonde?:” laughed the Latin girl, derisively.

At last she got her dress and sandals. She had no idea where the panties were but she didn't care. As soon as she got the dress she fled from the bar, not dressing until she was outside. And then moved as fast as her wasted body could.


Three days later and when the fear was gone Chenault could arrange her ideas and feelings. It was an explosive, crazy, insane and meaningless cocktail. She remembered and recalled all the feelings of the night of the rape. Pain, lust, pleasure, humiliation, obscenity, proud, exhibitionism, fear... without the fear things seemed a bit.. strange. Feelings were confusing. Adrenaline made her heart pound hard. For two days she barely could walk. And she had the biggest climax of her life.

Now she was a few meters of the same bar. She was wearing a white tight linen dress. Of that kind that any moist make it sticky to the flesh and translucent. Any moist like sweat for example. Risky if not wearing a bra... like this night.

Chenault heard that her panties reappeared and now are framed on one of the walls of the bar. As some kind of trophy.

Well. This time they will not take her panties off. She is wearing none. She began to walk toward the bar with a smile and a shiver.

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Not what I expected. Wanted to see a savage gang rape! Make her scream! She ain't supposed to enjoy it. But okay story otherwise.

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Great work dude! It was a pleasure to help.