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  1. She need taught humiliation
  2. hey i am the first!!
  3. Home Invastion
  4. Another Role Play Idea...
  5. Role Play
  6. Gang rape Role Play
  7. In the shadows
  8. Brek's RP
  9. GangBang video gone wrong
  10. wife + her father
  11. Home Invasion RP
  12. The Naughty Neighbor
  13. Nasty security guard
  14. Home Invasion (Maybe a GangBang)
  15. gang rape invasion anyone?
  16. UK and up for it
  17. any woman for rl play eastern USA
  18. woman seeking rl play?
  19. a hot night
  20. would like to start a roleplay...
  21. Let's Form a Rape Club
  22. going home
  23. Rape Partner
  24. New to the scene
  25. A little Game ^^
  26. New but let's try this-
  27. sodoman's break-in
  28. New but looking!
  29. My first thread
  30. 18 year old virgin - home intrusion! [gangrape a possiblity, but doesn't have to be]
  31. On the way home~
  32. A walk in the wood.
  33. Interrogation
  34. Racist Gangrape
  35. humilated at work
  36. A night on the town
  37. A private role play for Eos, Sodoman, and Throatdagger
  38. looking to get raped
  39. The last train home
  40. kidnap and rape
  41. Private role play for sex slave and throatdagger
  42. humiliation
  43. Blackmail (((Closed for somedude & Eos69671)))
  44. The Captive: for Ur Nex Victim and Sodoman.
  45. The longest night (Sodoman & eos only)
  46. new but...
  47. When CyberSex goes wrong....
  48. Working Late At the Office (Fireflights Only)
  49. The Good Gal
  50. new girl in town
  51. Girl on Girl rape! for Huni & Lou
  52. at home.........
  53. An Early Night (Squidley only)
  54. Zoek mannen
  55. Quiet Evening Alone..
  56. The First Date (Rogue and Innocent)
  57. A hot night (needs a guy)
  58. The hot nurse
  59. lets start..
  60. kidnap me
  61. pet store worker
  62. Vengance is a dish best served cold
  63. Forced sex with Friend's Wife
  64. who wants a 21 year old bitch? =]
  65. youngbitch
  66. Rape Roleplay Via Messenger?
  67. Rogue cop
  68. need someone to rp with
  69. libaray at night
  70. Nasty Big Dicked Nigger Seeks White Women With Rape Fantasies
  71. Okay, I got my courage screwed up...
  72. The party
  73. The Party
  74. The party
  75. ***invitation*** for a rape party!
  76. Continue...
  77. Hell Hath No Fury
  78. Third person roleplay
  79. The Party GUESTBOOK
  80. Dominate Me...
  81. he followed her home(for Tom8517 and Musette)
  82. Traveling around.....
  83. The Ride into Hell (please Sindyloo and Throatdagger only)
  84. roleplay on msn
  85. Role-Play Safety.
  86. after the party(for tom and Jasmine,aka Catherine Bell)
  87. My fantasy
  88. After The Party (Rogue and Musette, aka Ursula Andress)
  89. New
  90. Late arrivals to the party
  91. The party continues (overkill and gaggirl - aka demi and george)
  92. Chance encounter (Squidley?)
  93. The Party - Luke and roxie16 as Jojo
  94. HUNTING (WEIRD1976 and bebu)
  95. Hotel room fantasy ...
  96. The Party continues (Clan_Hunter and Klubo)
  97. Party aftermath (noplease and menace)
  98. Professor raped(beardy and dashrendar44 only)
  99. deutsches Rape Role Play...
  100. New Year's Party
  101. my first time
  102. Waiting and watching
  103. Alright then...
  104. cyber kidnap.yahoo im.
  105. Please Rape me privately or do gang rape here with me
  106. does anyone want to do a first anal RP with me, with bondage and S&M
  107. Gretchyn gets it good (gretchen only)
  108. Looking for victims
  109. "Playing with My Toy"
  110. When the Tiger Falls
  111. Breaking and entering (for stiffprick)
  112. All you got
  113. A special Invitation (For Laurie_1975 and Throatdagger)
  114. Rape Me
  115. after a long day (Muestre Tetas & mischa)
  116. A dark day (for my dark side)
  117. Upon a dark night (squidley and my dark side)
  118. RP for mydarkside and sodoman!
  119. Hitch Hiker ( Stumpy and My Dark Side
  120. rape of male prisoner,( hornybisexualbitch and inthelligent only)
  121. cyberkidnap.w/rape
  122. Fiesty
  123. After the Party (Grimreaper and Fiesty)
  124. Roleplay for dreamgirl and sodoman
  125. my moms rape
  126. Gang rape me please
  127. Detour (Huni and menace)
  128. Hellbound (Throatdagger and Babu)
  129. This for the ladys.
  130. The Magess and the Warrior! (roleplay for Louise and somedude)
  131. My Lucky Night
  132. Rp anyone?
  133. Umm... first RP request on this site... >.>
  134. Break-in ( Lawless & My Dark Side)
  135. Never Again (For Holdyn Wolf and Wild Flames)
  136. never done this before so
  137. no limits, anything goes rp
  138. Holiday fun (Clan Hunter and mydarkside)
  139. First Descent (Babu and Holdyn Wolf pls)
  140. Loan to Lesson ( Muffler and My Dark Side)
  141. Anyone care...
  142. Alone in the woods
  143. Rp ?
  144. Anybody want to try this?
  145. Rape RP Anyone Can Join
  146. Rp?
  147. 18 year old virgin,first time out
  148. My Apoligies
  149. She looks into my eyes
  150. Self defence
  151. No Limits - Anything Goes RP
  152. Rp with me?
  153. Fantasy
  154. Alone in a crowd... for hornybisexualbitch
  155. Anyone Feel Like RPing?
  156. such a nice guy, or isnt he?
  157. Sweet little hottie (For drmephisto and summer1983)
  158. home alone
  159. BBW housewife wants rp rape
  160. PArking lot abduction
  161. Do you have a rape fantasy?
  162. Relaxing. (Anyone can reply.)
  163. kelly
  164. Run off the road
  165. hypnosis therapy
  166. come and get me...
  167. Anyone want to write an RP FAQ?
  168. rape degrade, and humiliate me!
  169. long term rp
  170. Trip to the Doctors! (Louise and Somedude)
  171. First Role Play....."Pinned down by his Huge Weight"
  172. serve and protect?
  173. False Romance (Jasmine and Rogue)
  174. Snowy Battlefield (Beastysakura and Squidley)
  175. The Massage (gaggirl & Mirror Crack'd)
  176. why is a nice girl like me alone tonight?
  177. The jogger
  178. my saturday night hunt
  179. rape porn
  180. Who's the boss?
  181. A good workout (menace and gaggirl)
  182. How/where could i..
  183. The Beach (One Male Rapist)
  184. Alone in the Darkness (One Rapist)
  185. Lost in the Bad Neighbourhood (On Male Joiner)
  186. My Desire (One female victim needed)
  187. after finals (for Hymenbuster)
  188. A fugitive for Sindyloo
  189. In the Safety of her Home (One male)
  190. The Changing Rooms at Night (One Male)
  191. Birthday~ (needs one)
  192. Home alone~ (needs one)
  193. One rapist seeking lone single female victim
  194. Waking to a Nightmare (needs one)
  195. The Business Trip(Need One Victim)
  196. Do you like it?
  197. SUPERBOWL! (Let's have a party!)
  198. 3 Luke’s B’day Gift/Party Games
  199. 2 Luke’s B’day Masquerade Ball Invitation (Gang Play Here)
  200. 1 Luke’s Birthday Ball - FAQ
  201. Forbidden attraction(one man only and has to play professor.)
  202. Some of new sites, containing the information about last news.
  203. We need Rapists for Luke's party!
  204. Running
  205. Our friendship is priceless(one victim needed)
  206. Needed- One SERIOUS Female
  207. The bet
  208. Havin' a ball at the Mall (My Dark Side and Mirror Crack'd)
  209. Night on the town (Menace & My Dark Side)
  210. She will be Mine (Deep Dark Desires/My Dark Side)
  211. Princess and the Stablehand! (for Louise and somedude)
  212. The Cubicle (needs a female)
  213. Man with new name and Angilina Jolie at Luke's
  214. Long Weekend (Holdyn and My Dark Side)
  215. FUN for Aeon and Marv!!
  216. Interrogation (DrMephisto and Jasmine)
  217. B´day ball The Mummy and Aishwarya
  218. The singles cruise (for all especially Squid)
  219. Night at the Opera(Fire and Phantom only)
  220. my sweet hot wife
  221. Dark Secrets (fire and Nightstalker73au only)
  222. His dark desires (fire and NightStalker73au
  223. The Long Walk Home (Join!)
  224. Rape Island for Shysnale and Sindyloo
  225. Rape of Sam (I need some one to be Sam)
  226. friends, right? (join :D)
  227. A bull market (Jasmine & ControlPhreak)
  228. Desires(fire and nightstalker only)
  229. The First Date [anyone?]
  230. A Taking In Carolina! (for Jasmine and somedude)
  231. Lawless wants RP
  232. The pastors wife (Tom and Jasmine)
  233. Daisy Dukes and tank tops (DrMephisto and Beardy)
  234. kidnapped, raped, thrown away (Luke & Beardy)
  235. Looking for a roleplay
  236. RP Partner's Thread
  237. Master
  238. The Lab (CP and the first person to post)
  239. College girls' locker room RP(open)
  240. gay rape
  241. A Fun-Filled Evening by i_am_me (and whoever posts first)
  242. Teaching the Bookworm a lesson. (fire and lawless)
  243. In the forbidden forrest(fire and goodboy)
  244. Chris's Punishment - Hellcat and I
  245. RP FeedBack Thread...
  246. easy job...(for nightwish and nightstalker)
  247. Highschool 'Love' Lawless/Aida
  248. The Theatre (open.. )
  249. Speedway (gaggirl and Phantom)
  250. Library